Best Dior Sandals

It was as early as 1947 that Dior, then run by founder Christian Dior, started making footwear. In those days, it was footwear for dressing up, as women mainly wore dresses and Dior shoes were made for special occasions. 

Now Dior makes dressy sandals as well as a couple of casual styles, updating their footwear collections regularly.

Although this article is about the best Dior sandals, it is also about finding the ones that work for you. On that note, let’s take a look at what you want to consider when finding the best Dior sandals.

Finding The Best Dior Sandals

Best Dior Sandals

Unlike Dior’s selection of slides, their sandals make up a smaller collection. Like the slides, you need to decide where you want to wear your Dior sandals before you buy them. 

If you are going semi to really dressy, the Dior Dway Sandals are something you should consider. If looking for something more casual, I like the Dior Act Sandal.

The other thing to consider is where you plan to buy your Dior sandals. I recommend buying only from reputable retailers but if you are going out on your own, you should note a few obvious aspects that tell you whether the ones that you are buying are real Dior or fake.

The 12 Best Dior Sandals

Best Dior Sandals

As noted previously, your selection of Dior sandals is limited but inclusive. The best thing about sandals though is that, unlike slides, they are more versatile

You can get dressy slides but they aren’t usually award-ceremony-worthy. Besides, heels without a strap are much less comfortable than those with a strap-like sandal.

The more casual styles even imitate slides, giving you the option to wear them anywhere, during any activity, all without the worry of them flying off your feet. While Dior slides say classy and relaxed, Dior casual sandals say classy and going places.

So, finally, here you are, the 12 best Dior sandals.

1: Diorquake Strap Sandals

Diorquake Strap Sandals
Diorquake Strap Sandals

The Diorquake sandal, designed by Maria Grazia Chiuri, reimagines the timeless shoe in the House’s couture spirit. Crafted in white calfskin, the upper features two ‘DIOR’-engraved buckle straps as well as silver-finish rivet detailing. The hybrid sole in wood and white rubber reveals the ‘Christian Dior Paris’ signature. The shoe will bring a stylish touch to any of the season’s looks.

Price: $1,290.00

2: Dway heeled sandal

 Dway heeled sandal
Dway heeled sandal

The Dway heeled sandal elegantly reimagines one of the House’s hallmark creations. Crafted in cotton embroidered with metallic thread and further adorned with gold-tone strass, it is distinguished by a play on delicate straps revealing an embroidered ‘CHRISTIAN DIOR’ signature on the upper. Completed by a 6.5 cm (2.5) heel, the exceptional shoe is ideal for formal attire.

Price: $1,790.00

3: Dior by Birkenstock Milano Sandal

Dior by Birkenstock Milano Sandal
Dior by Birkenstock Milano Sandal

For the first time, Dior teams up with Birkenstock to reveal the Milano sandal, embodying the exceptional savoir-faire behind this collaboration. The black nubuck calfskin upper is embellished with hallmark buckles and an adjustable back strap. The shoe is completed by an anatomically shaped sole in cork and smooth calfskin, and by a sculpted rubble outsole featuring the Dior Oblique and Bones gradient motif. The DIOR by BIRKENSTOCK sandal will bring a relaxed touch to any look.

Price: $1,100.00

4: Gold-Tone Cotton Embroidered with Metallic Thread and Strass

Gold-Tone Cotton Embroidered with Metallic Thread and Strass
Gold-Tone Cotton Embroidered with Metallic Thread and Strass

The Dway heeled sandal elegantly reimagines one of the House’s hallmark creations. Crafted in cotton embroidered with metallic thread and further adorned with gold-tone strass, it is distinguished by a play on delicate straps revealing an embroidered ‘CHRISTIAN DIOR’ signature on the upper. Completed by a 10 cm (4) heel, the exceptional shoe is ideal for formal attire.

Price: $1,790.00

5: Dior Aqua Sandal

 Dior Aqua Sandal
Dior Aqua Sandal

The Dior Aqua sandal offers an elegant style with relaxed appeal. The cross-strap design presents a new variation with black CD Diamond canvas, inspired by the House’s archives. Completed by a ‘DIOR’ signature and tonal notched sole, the sandal will pair easily with Bermuda shorts or jeans.

Price: $670.00

6: Dior H-Town Sandal

Dior H-Town Sandal
Dior H-Town Sandal

The new Dior H-Town sandal is a hybrid creation offering a new take on the trekking universe with the House’s couture spirit. Crafted in black technical fabric and natural nubuck calfskin, it is enhanced by a set of nautical-inspired utility cords on the front, accentuating its technical appeal. An ultra-lightweight rubber outsole, adjustable bands and an italicized ‘DIOR’ signature complete the style. The sandal can be worn with Bermuda shorts or jeans.

Price: $1,000.00

7: Dior Alfa Sandal

Dior Alfa Sandal
Dior Alfa Sandal

The Dior Alpha sandals are distinguished by their beige and black Dior Oblique jacquard, a motif originally introduced in 1967. Set on a sturdy bicolor rubber sole, the sandals are punctuated with black nylon bands and finished with the ‘Dior’ logo on the side, while a rubber panel on the front protects the toes. Try styling them with denim or trousers to elevate casual ensembles.

Price: $830.00

8: Black Smooth Calfskin

Black Smooth Calfskin
Black Smooth Calfskin

The Dior Aqua sandal offers an elegant style with relaxed appeal. The design presents a new adjustable strap variation in black smooth calfskin. Completed by a ‘DIOR’ signature on the buckle and tonal notched sole, the sandal will pair easily with Bermuda shorts or jeans.

Price: $850.00

9: Dior Illusion Heeled Sandal

Dior Illusion Heeled Sandal
Dior Illusion Heeled Sandal

The Dior Illusion heeled sandal is a delicate creation with sophisticated allure, inspired by the House’s codes of Haute Couture. Crafted in black satin, it is highlighted by a gold-tone laminated lambskin insole and strap that gently wraps around the ankle. A 10 cm (4) block heel and 1 cm (.5) platform lend an elegant and refined touch to the sandal that pairs effortlessly with formal wear.

Price: $950.00

10: Dior Abbesse Sandal

Dior Abbesse Sandal
Dior Abbesse Sandal

The Dior Abbesse sandal revisits the gladiator boot in a modern silhouette. Crafted in black calfskin, it features laced straps and an ultra lightweight and comfortable anatomically shaped leather insole. Completed by a gold-tone ‘CHRISTIAN DIOR PARIS’ signature on the side, the sandal will lend a contemporary touch to any look.

Price: $1,190.00

11: Dway Slide

Dway Slide
Dway Slide

The Dway slide has a timeless and emblematic silhouette. The slide’s upper features a black embroidered ‘CHRISTIAN DIOR’ signature and instantly stands out. The streamlined shoe slips on easily and offers effortless style.

Price: $730.00

12: Dior Gem Heeled Sandals

Dior Gem Heeled Sandals
Dior Gem Heeled Sandals

Maria Grazia Chiuri introduces the sophisticated and refined Dior Gem heeled sandal. Crafted in silver-tone cotton embroidered with metallic thread, it is further embellished with multicolor square strass and is distinguished by a play on delicate straps. Completed by a 10 cm (4) heel, the exceptional shoe pairs well with formal attire.

Price: $1,390.00

What Are the Most Popular Dior Sandals?

Best Dior Sandals

The most popular Dior sandals are the Dior Dway Sandals. These are heeled sandals that come in embroidered or metallic colors and also have smaller and larger heel sizes.

Emilia Clarke and Rachel Zegler wore these particular ones in silver to award shows.

Do Dior Sandals Run True To Size?

Best Dior Sandals

On the Dior website, they say that their shoe sizes run true to size, but they also suggest that you take a half size bigger, especially if you have wide feet. 

This may be of particular note for heeled sandals which often require a smidge more space and are worn in warmer weather when our feet are slightly larger.

How Can You Tell If Dior Sandals Are Real?

Best Dior Sandals

There are a few ways to tell if your Dior sandals are real. The first is that, if there is writing, it is absolutely symmetrical in the real version. No titling, odd spacings, nor fading. 

In contrast, the pattern, if there is one, is not symmetrical or consistent. These aspects are in the more casual styles of Dior sandals.

For all styles, the footbed of a real Dior sandal is defined, smooth, and rounded. Fakes are made of a grainier material and are less comfortable.

Are Dior Shoes Good Quality?

Best Dior Sandals

Dior shoes are one of the best quality women’s designer footwear available

They source the highest quality materials and use strong threads for stitching so all in all your Dior shoes should last you a long time. All of the brand’s footwear is made in Italy or Spain.     

How to Style Dior Sandals

Since Dior sandals have been popular at award shows, let’s take a look at how they were worn there. 

Firstly, it’s no big little lie that Rachel Zegler looks like a sassy princess in her Dior dress and sandals at the Critics Choice Awards. Her dress is so long that you can barely see the sandals but when they peep out, they look amazing.

Best Dior Sandals

Since you can barely see those beautiful Dior sandals in the last pic, I found “Mother of Dragons” Emilia Clarke wearing them to another award show.

With a midi dress, you can really see the sandals and Emilia’s beautiful legs. Short or long, any dress or skirt suits these sandals.

Best Dior Sandals

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10 Best Dior Slides

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Best Dior Slides

As one of the world’s top luxury brands, Dior has been fashioning feminine styles for the better part of a century. Although the fashion house regularly updates their footwear styles, they don’t concentrate on them in their advertising campaigns. 

Don’t get me wrong, they put a lot of effort into making great footwear, they just don’t advertise them like their other products.

In reality, they don’t need to pay a celebrity to endorse their slides, since the stars are wearing them anyway. In terms of the ladies, Gal Gadot, Sofie Richie, Jordyn Woods, and Lucy Hale all sport Dior slides. 

Before I list the 10 best Dior slides, let’s check out what you need to consider when buying them.

Finding the Best Dior Slides

Best Dior Slides

Well, the first thing to consider when finding the best Dior slides is whether you are buying from a reputable retailer so you don’t end up with fakes. 

When the price is too good to be true, you are almost guaranteed to be dealing with a dupe. While you want to be spotted in Dior slides, it would be embarrassing to be seen in fakes.

The next thing to consider is what you want the slides for, as in an occasion or daily wear. While the Dior Dway comes in a range of colors, it also comes in a few styles like flat-soled, cushioned sole, and fleece-lined. 

Some Dior slides have heels, while others look like sneakers. You get leather slides for dressing up and fabric slides for a more casual look.

So, now that you know what you are looking for, let’s take a look at the 10 best Dior slides.

The 10 Best Dior Slides

Best Dior Slides

As I mentioned, Dior slides come in varied styles and shapes. The Dior 30 Montaigne Slide is flat, leather, and has the CD logo as an attached metal piece in the center of your foot. 

This is one of the styles of Dior slides that dresses up an outfit, especially great with an LBD. The Dio(r)evolution Heeled Slide is another good choice for dressing up.

On the more casual side of Dior slides, you can check out the Dior Dway Slide, Dior Dtwist Slide, or DiorAct Slide. 

All go great with pants, shorts, or skirts but don’t really dress an outfit up. Perhaps it is better said that they make an outfit classier, without making it dressier. For really casual, you can even check out the sneaker-inspired Dways.

1: Dway Slide White

Dway Slide White
Dway Slide White

The Dway slide is offered in a chunky variation with sportswear appeal. The style features Pietro Ruffo’s white multicolor D-Constellation motif, inspired by Mr. Dior’s fascination with astrology. The upper, with its embroidered ‘CHRISTIAN DIOR’ signature, is completed by an anatomically shaped thick leather sole. Its design allows it to be slipped on easily and the style may be coordinated with other D-Constellation creations from the collection.

Price: $890.00

2: Dway Slide

 Dway Slide
Dway Slide

The Dway slide has a timeless and emblematic silhouette. The slide’s upper features a deep blue embroidered ‘CHRISTIAN DIOR’ signature and instantly stands out. The streamlined shoe slips on easily and offers effortless style.

Price: $730.00

3: Dioract Slide

Dioract Slide
Dioract Slide

The white lambskin DiorAct slide has a modern silhouette. The style features an anatomically shaped sole made with an ultra lightweight and comfortable leather. Scratch straps further enhanced by a gold-finish metal ‘DIOR’ signature on the upper band complete the design. The slide will lend a contemporary touch to any look.

Price: $1,050.00

4: Dway Heeled Slide

Dway Heeled Slide
Dway Heeled Slide

The Dway heeled slide has a timeless and emblematic silhouette. The slide’s upper features a deep blue embroidered ‘CHRISTIAN DIOR’ signature and instantly stands out. The slide, with its 4 cm (1.5) block heel, lends a modern touch to any look.

Price: $850.00

5: Black Embroidered Cotton and Shearling

Black Embroidered Cotton and Shearling
Black Embroidered Cotton and Shearling

The Dway slide is offered in a chunky variation and reimagined for the Dior Chez Moi capsule, one of the season’s central themes. Its anatomical sole is made entirely of black shearling and is embellished with a ‘CHRISTIAN DIOR’ signature embroidery on the upper that instantly stands out. Easy-to-wear, the slide has a hybrid rubber sole and may be worn indoors and outdoors, and will coordinate with other Dior Chez Moi creations.

Price: $1,150.00

6: Dior Chez Moi Slide

Dior Chez Moi Slide
Dior Chez Moi Slide

The Dior Chez Moi slide joins comfort and elegance. Fully crafted in white shearling, it features a double strap embellished with a black ‘CHRISTIAN DIOR’ signature embroidery that instantly stands out. The slide may be worn indoors or outdoors thanks to its thin leather sole and coordinates well with other Dior Chez Moi creations.

Price: $950.00

7: Black Quilted Cannage Calfskin

Black Quilted Cannage Calfskin
Black Quilted Cannage Calfskin

The Dio(r)evolution slide, in black quilted Cannage calfskin, has a refined silhouette. The adjustable ‘CHRISTIAN DIOR PARIS’ signature strap completes the elegant silhouette. The tonal rubber sole reinforces the shoe’s sophisticated allure.

Price: $850.00

8: White Quilted Cannage Calfskin

 White Quilted Cannage Calfskin
White Quilted Cannage Calfskin

The Dio(r)evolution heeled slide is a refined creation in white quilted calfskin that highlights the Cannage motif. The adjustable strap, featuring a ‘CHRISTIAN DIOR PARIS’ signature, and the square toe complete the elegant silhouette. An 8 cm (3) heel reinforces the shoe’s sophisticated allure, while the padded insole offers unparalleled comfort.

Price: $1,190.00

9: Dtwist Slide

Dtwist Slide
Dtwist Slide

The Dtwist slide is a hybrid creation with modern appeal. The black Cannage motif lambskin upper is embellished with an elegant twisted effect and a gold-tone ‘CHRISTIAN DIOR PARIS’ signature. The shoe is distinguished by its dual material outsole, made with notched EVA and rope while using traditional artisanal techniques. The comfortable and elegant slide will complete any of the season’s outfits.

Price: $1,090.00

10: D-Wander Slide

D-Wander Slide
D-Wander Slide

The D-Wander slide is a hybrid design combining both sneaker and sandal. Featuring a lightweight and comfortable EVA sole with adjustable scratch straps, it has an athletic and relaxed silhouette. Both the gray Dior Oblique motif on the upper and the ‘CHRISTIAN DIOR’ signature on the upper strap complete the look.

Price: $990.00

What Are the Most Popular Dior Slides?

Best Dior Slides

The most popular Dior slides are the Dior Dway Slides and the 30 Montaigne Slides

The 30 Montaignes are popular for their versatility in dressing up a look. They have a classic leather style with the iconic CD logo, making them timeless. This is the Dior slide that Gal Gadot wore while pregnant.

The Dways are really the most popular. Theirs is the classic story of the chicken and the egg. Do they have so many colors and styles because they are popular or are they popular because they have such a huge selection?

Either way, the celebrities have been spotted in different styles of Dways in their daily wear to their vacation outfits.

How Do You Clean Dior Slides?

Best Dior Slides

To clean Dior canvas slides, take a firm brush and some water with a bit of dish detergent in it and brush them clean.

This takes a bit of elbow grease but works well. For leather slides, a bit of baking soda diluted in water works to remove scuffs organically.

Are Dior Shoes Good Quality?

Best Dior Slides

It’s safe to say that Dior footwear is one of the best quality women’s designer footwear available

They source the highest quality materials and use strong threads for stitching so your Dior shoes should stick with you a long time. All of their shoes are made in Italy or Spain.                                                                     

Does Dior Run Big Or Small?

Best Dior Slides

On the Dior website, they say that their shoes run true to size, but they also suggest that you take a half size bigger, especially if you have wide feet

Other opinions, such as those from influencers, say that they found Dior slides, in particular, to run true to size.

How to Style Dior Slides

Since the Dway is the most popular slide with the celebs, let’s take a look at how they style them. This first pic is of Sofia Richie sporting them with a pair of jeans on a casual day out.

Best Dior Slides

Lucy Hale also goes casual by pairing them with shorts. In other words, they look great with no leg or lots of leg showing.

Best Dior Slides

Before I wrap up the ways to style Dior slides, let’s check out Gal Gadot wearing the 30 Montaigne Slide to dress up an LBD while she is far along in her pregnancy. That’s a good sign of how comfortable the Dior slides are.

Best Dior Slides

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 Best Gucci Rings For Women

While tons of celebs are known for wearing Gucci from the elegant Jessica Chastain to the young and fashionable Billie Eilish, it is Miley Cyrus and Harry Styles who brought the brand’s jewelry to the forefront in recent times. 

When Styles lost his iconic Gucci lion’s head ring at a concert, it was big news. When he got it back, fans and fashionistas alike were overjoyed.

It’s not that he couldn’t afford another but once a ring goes places with you, it is more about the memories than the object itself. 

Let’s take a look at the 20 best Gucci rings for women to see why this luxury brand is so popular with celebrities and common folk alike. But first, here are some of the things to watch for when buying your Gucci ring.

Finding the Best Gucci Rings For Women

 Best Gucci Rings For Women

When looking for the best Gucci rings for women, the first thing that you need to consider is what type of jewelry you are looking for. 

Gucci has three types of jewelry, each of which offers rings. The first is costume jewelry, high-quality and affordable to all, but only worth anything because they are made by the haute couture giant that is Gucci.

At the other end of the spectrum, there is their fine jewelry collection that is made up of expensive, real gold pieces. 

While spectacularly beautiful, this jewelry is delicate, dainty, and not really intended for daily wear for those of us who aren’t gentle on our accessories. The silver line, made from sterling silver, is the best bang for your buck and the most popular.

Although sterling silver will tarnish, it can be cleaned easily or, better yet, wiped clean regularly to keep it from tarnishing as quickly. 

There is a plus side to some of the tarnish. The darkening makes the rings look aged and helps the images pop, which is what the brand is going for with most of its rings in this collection.

If you are looking for an engagement ring, then the fine jewelry line is for you, but if you are looking for everyday rings that can take a bit of a beating, then Gucci’s sterling silver jewelry is your best option.

Once that’s settled, make sure that you are buying it through a reputable retailer as fakes and dupes are everywhere.

I’ll cover how to spot a fake later in this article but one thing to note now is that if the ring is from the sterling silver collection and looks new and shiny, then it is a fake. 

With this line, Gucci went for an aged look so expect the authentic ones to have blackening in the indents and a darker, matte shade of silver.

So, with no more ado, let’s check out the 20 best Gucci rings for women.

The 20 Best Gucci Rings for Women

 Best Gucci Rings For Women

In recent years, Gucci has put out several styles of rings that are now considered iconic.

They have spent time and money on marketing them to a younger audience of women, with ads using Miley Cyrus and an article where they dressed Celeste in their lion’s head collection of jewelry.

Miley wore the brand’s initial rings in a Gucci ad. These initial rings aren’t dainty pieces and in fact, require a finger for each letter. They are clucky and aged-looking just like the lion’s head rings.

Drawing from the Hip Hop style, big and chunky are now popular for everyone.

Whatever style you are looking for, you are bound to find something that grabs you in our list of the [number] best Gucci rings for women. Check them out:

#1: Gucci - GG-logo Chain-link Ring - Womens - Yellow Gold

Gucci - GG-logo Chain-link Ring - Womens - Yellow Gold

Brand: Gucci
Retailer: MatchesFashion
Price: $220
Color: Yellow Gold

Gucci's gold-tone ring is made in Italy from articulated chain links and hallmarked with the house's interlocking GG logo.

#2: Gucci - Lion Crystal-embellished Ring - Womens - Yellow Gold

Gucci - Lion Crystal-embellished Ring - Womens - Yellow Gold

Brand: Gucci
Retailer: MatchesFashion
Price: $285
Color: Yellow Gold

Gucci - The snarling crystal-embellished lion head engraved on Gucci's gold-tone brass ring is a house signature inspired by the hardware on archival bags.

#3: Gucci - GG-logo Faux-pearl Chain Ring - Womens - Pearl

Gucci - GG-logo Faux-pearl Chain Ring - Womens - Pearl

Brand: Gucci
Retailer: MatchesFashion
Price: $265
Color: Pearl

Gucci - The initials of Gucci founder Guccio Gucci on this gold-tone brass ring are surrounded by lustrous faux pearls and set on a wide chain band.

#4: Gucci - Icon Gg-logo 18kt Gold Ring - Womens - Black

Gucci - Icon Gg-logo 18kt Gold Ring - Womens - Black

Brand: Gucci
Retailer: MatchesFashion
Price: $490
Color: Black

Gucci - Gucci's black synthetic corundum Icon ring captures creative director Alessandro Michele's refined approach to branding. It's expertly crafted in Italy with engraved GG-logo motifs and 18kt gold inlay.

#5: Gucci - Icon 18kt Gold Gg-logo Ring - Womens - White

Gucci - Icon 18kt Gold Gg-logo Ring - Womens - White

Brand: Gucci
Retailer: MatchesFashion
Price: $520
Color: White

Gucci - Gucci's white studded Icon ring features an interlocking GG logo depicting the initials of the house's founder, Guccio Gucci. It's handcrafted in Italy from synthetic corundum offset with 18kt gold for striking contrast.

#6: Gucci - Icon Gg-engraved 18kt White-gold Ring - Womens - White Gold

Gucci - Icon Gg-engraved 18kt White-gold Ring - Womens - White Gold

Brand: Gucci
Retailer: MatchesFashion
Price: $755
Color: White Gold

Gucci - Gucci engraves this Icon ring with its emblematic GG motifs around the flat band - inspired by designs in the house's storied archives. It's Italian made from 18kt white gold that's polished to a high shine.

#7: Gucci - GG 18kt Gold Ring - Womens - Yellow Gold

Gucci - GG 18kt Gold Ring - Womens - Yellow Gold

Brand: Gucci
Retailer: MatchesFashion
Price: $575
Color: Yellow Gold

Gucci - The emblematic GG plaque defining this 18kt gold ring is a Gucci signature that dates back to the 1960s and pays homage to founder, Guccio Gucci. It's cast and crafted in Italy with defined squared edges - ideal for stacking with other personal relics.

#8: Gucci - Bee Crystal-embellished Ring - Womens - Crystal

Gucci - Bee Crystal-embellished Ring - Womens - Crystal

Brand: Gucci
Retailer: MatchesFashion
Price: $310
Color: Crystal

Gucci - Gucci's gold-tone brass ring is crafted a crystal-embellished iteration of the signature bee plaque, which was first introduced as a house signature in the 1970s.

#9: Gucci - Link To Love 18kt Rose-gold Ring - Womens - Gold

Gucci - Link To Love 18kt Rose-gold Ring - Womens - Gold

Brand: Gucci
Retailer: MatchesFashion
Price: $695
Color: Gold

Gucci - Crafted in Italy from 18kt rose gold, Gucci's Link to Love ring has an intersecting geometric 3mm design, inspired by complementing contrasts and an enduring sense of timelessness. It's polished to a high-shine finish and intended to be worn layered with other pieces in the collection, to curate your own modern edit.

#10: Gucci - Link To Love 18kt Gold Ring - Womens - Gold

Gucci - Link To Love 18kt Gold Ring - Womens - Gold

Brand: Gucci
Retailer: MatchesFashion
Price: $695
Color: Gold

Gucci - Gucci's distinctly modern Link To Love collection is characterised by clean-lined silhouettes which represent the infinite cycle of life. It's crafted in Italy to an octagonal 3mm shape from polished 18kt gold, which is subtly engraved with the house's logo, and intended to be worn layered with similar pieces in contrast metals.

#11: Gucci - Link To Love 18kt White-gold Ring - Womens - White Gold

Gucci - Link To Love 18kt White-gold Ring - Womens - White Gold

Brand: Gucci
Retailer: MatchesFashion
Price: $750
Color: White Gold

Gucci - Part of Gucci's Link To Love collection, which explores ideas of modern romance, this polished 18kt white-gold ring is characterised by a linear, geometric form. It's made in Italy to a slender 3mm band which is hallmarked by an engraved logo and designed to be worn solo or stacked with mixed metals.

#12: Gucci - Running Gg-charm 18kt Gold Ring - Womens - Yellow Gold

Gucci - Running Gg-charm 18kt Gold Ring - Womens - Yellow Gold

Brand: Gucci
Retailer: MatchesFashion
Price: $575
Color: Yellow Gold

Gucci - Gucci brings a playful note to this Running ring with an articulated GG-logo charm - the motif is an ode to the house's founder, Guccio Gucci. It's crafted in Italy from 18kt gold that's intricately accented with diagonal guilloché stripes.

#13: Gucci - Lion Head Crystal Ring - Womens - Red Multi

Gucci - Lion Head Crystal Ring - Womens - Red Multi

Brand: Gucci
Retailer: MatchesFashion
Price: $285
Color: Red Multi

Gucci - An emblem of strength and power for Gucci, this gold-tone lion head ring is made from aged-effect gold-tone brass and bears a red oval crystal between its teeth.

#14: Gucci - Icon Topaz & 18kt Gold Ring - Womens - Black Multi

Gucci - Icon Topaz & 18kt Gold Ring - Womens - Black Multi

Brand: Gucci
Retailer: MatchesFashion
Price: $760
Color: Black Multi

Gucci - Gucci creative director Alessandro Michele conjures up a whimsical mood with this black synthetic corundum Icon ring. It's expertly crafted in Italy with 18kt gold bee, heart, star and GG-logo motifs, then interspersed with round-cut multicoloured topazes.

#15: Gucci - Icon Gg-engraved 18kt Gold Ring - Womens - Yellow Gold

Gucci - Icon Gg-engraved 18kt Gold Ring - Womens - Yellow Gold

Brand: Gucci
Retailer: MatchesFashion
Price: $730
Color: Yellow Gold

Gucci - Bring a touch of Gucci's fine Italian craftsmanship to everyday looks with this Icon ring. It's cast from lustrous 18kt gold with a flat band, then engraved with the house's distinctive GG motifs.

#16: Gucci - Icon Zirconia & 18kt Gold Ring - Womens - White

Gucci - Icon Zirconia & 18kt Gold Ring - Womens - White

Brand: Gucci
Retailer: MatchesFashion
Price: $490
Color: White

Gucci - Gucci's white ring is trimmed with 18kt gold and part of the Icon collection, which pays tribute to the house's extensive history. It's made in Italy from lightweight zirconia to a chunky band, then hallmarked with a GG-embossed motif.

#17: Gucci - GG Crystal-embellished Ring - Womens - Crystal

Gucci - GG Crystal-embellished Ring - Womens - Crystal

Brand: Gucci
Retailer: MatchesFashion
Price: $285
Color: Crystal

Gucci - Gucci's antiqued gold-tone brass ring showcases the emblematic GG logo which pays homage to the house's founder Guccio Gucci. It's made in Italy with glistening round-cut crystals and a chain-link band. Style it as part of an opulent occasion edit.

#18: Gucci - Lion Head Crystal Ring - Womens - Green Multi

Gucci - Lion Head Crystal Ring - Womens - Green Multi

Brand: Gucci
Retailer: MatchesFashion
Price: $285
Color: Green Multi

Gucci - A statement cocktail piece, Gucci's gold-tone lion head ring is a symbol of authority and strength and clasps a faceted oval green crystal in its jaws.

#19: Gucci - Icon Zirconia & 18kt Gold Gg-logo Ring - Womens - White

Gucci - Icon Zirconia & 18kt Gold Gg-logo Ring - Womens - White

Brand: Gucci
Retailer: MatchesFashion
Price: $610
Color: White

Gucci - This white ring is designed as part of Gucci's coveted Icon collection which pays homage to the house's storied history. It's made in Italy with a smooth white zirconia band that's accented with 18kt gold GG emblems and braided trims.

#20: Gucci - Icon 18kt Gold Gg-logo Ring - Womens - Black

Gucci - Icon 18kt Gold Gg-logo Ring - Womens - Black

Brand: Gucci
Retailer: MatchesFashion
Price: $610
Color: Black

Gucci - Gucci nods to its storied heritage with this black synthetic corundum Icon ring. It's expertly crafted in Italy with 18kt gold overlay shaped to the label's GG-logos, a signature motif that was first introduced in 1933.

What Are the Most Popular Gucci Rings for Women?

 Best Gucci Rings For Women

While the most popular style of rings is Gucci’s sterling silver rings, it is thanks to Harry Styles, Celeste, and Miley Cyrus that the most popular Gucci rings for women right now are the lion’s head and the flat initials. 

Of course, the lion’s head rings are made smaller for women. Even before Styles, the lion’s head was an iconic Gucci image.

Initial jewelry has always been popular, but Gucci one-upped the fashion by making them large, chunky, and worn over two fingers.

Another popular Gucci women’s ring is the heart with Gucci and Made in Italy engraved in the center.

How Can I Tell If My Gucci Ring Is Real?

 Best Gucci Rings For Women

When it comes to figuring out whether your Gucci ring is real or not, there are three things that really stand out. The first is that authentic Gucci rings are darker than the fakes. 

There are two reasons for this. One, the photos on the brand’s website are lighter than reality and those are the ones that the forgers are using, and two, real sterling ages darker.

The second thing to look at is the Gucci logos, which are thinner and raised on the real rings and flattened on the fakes. They are also centered perfectly

The last thing to look at is Gucci markings inside the ring. The Gucci name is smaller on the real one and the serial number is hard to define and starts with AG, the fake starts with S and is large and obvious.

Are Gucci Rings Made In Italy?

 Best Gucci Rings For Women

Yes. Gucci rings are made in Italy. Goldsmiths handcraft them for superb quality. 

Can I Wear My Gucci Ring In the Shower?

 Best Gucci Rings For Women

Yes, you can wear your Gucci ring in the shower but because it is sterling silver, it will tarnish if you don’t wipe it off after getting it wet, whether in the shower, the ocean, perspiration, or a humid climate. 

Gucci rings are meant to look aged, but not green or highly tarnished, so wipe them down regularly and clean them when they start getting tarnished.

How to Style Gucci Rings for Women

So, let’s take a look at the most popular Gucci rings for women to see how they are being styled.

In this pic of Miley Cyrus from the brand’s ad, the initial rings are best styled as a pair over two fingers. Because they are pretty plain, they go well with other rings.

 Best Gucci Rings For Women

Both Harry Styles and Celeste sport lion’s head rings. Celeste wears small, gold-colored versions on three of her fingers in a Vanity Fair article. 

While they go well with each other, they are meant to be the centerpiece, so they go better alone or with smaller, less noticeable rings.

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What To Wear To A Country Concert

Concerts are back and rescheduled this year. If you’re a music and fashion lover, you might want to be dressed to impress for your next show. Country concerts are one of the best places to let loose and have fun, especially with your outfit. 

While there isn’t a dress code, there might be a few unspoken themes that you’ll want to follow to draw eyes towards you and get the perfect photo op for your Instagram feed. 

Stumped on what to wear to a country concert?  If so, no worries. After reading this style guide, you’ll be able to put together your own concert outfits and more! 

Here are a few things you can expect to learn while reading this article: 

  • What to wear to a country concert
  • How to style country concert outfits
  • Fashion tips to avoid with country concert outfits
  • Where to buy your attire

What Is A Country Concert?

What To Wear To A Country Concert

Country concerts are perfect for hearing country, honky-tonk, or country-pop tunes. Depending on the artist, country lovers can listen to a mixture of different genres inspired by country music, or you can enjoy pure Western twang.

Of course, no country concert is complete without acoustic guitars, incredible drums, and stomping feet. 

You can also expect tons of dancing and, of course, a drink or two. Plus, the flashing lights and crowds are definitely something to treasure, as people come together to celebrate their favorite artists.

Regardless, there’s no doubt that you’ll have fun, whether it’s at a Jason Aldean live event, Zac Brown Band concert, or any country concert for that matter! 

What To Wear To A Country Concert

What To Wear To A Country Concert

Now that you know what to expect, it’s time to dress for the occasion. If you’re wondering what to wear to a country concert, you’ll want to choose pieces you can jump around in and feel comfortable in. You can also expect to see farm-inspired attire in classic country fashion. 

Choosing cute country outfits will depend on your personal style. But, typically, at the concert, you’ll see lots of fringe-lined clothes, leather, cowboy boots and hats, denim, plaid, and comfortable graphic tees.

Plus, you’ll potentially see some patriotic symbolism as country fans can’t get enough of their hometowns.

So, when trying to figure out what to wear to a country concert, you can opt for jackets with tassels, distressed leather, and several other fun materials and textures.

To make planning your concert outfit ideas easier, we’ve compiled a list of six country outfits for women and men. 

6 Outfit Ideas For A Country Concert

#1 – Tassels & Fringe

What To Wear To A Country Concert

When we think of life out West or country living, fringe is definitely on our minds. While it might register as boho chic, this denim fringe jacket from Nasty Gal is perfect for your next country concert.

It captures a sense of adventure, creates a fashion statement, and pays tribute to what cowboys used to wear. 

If you ever run out of country concert outfit ideas, fringe and tasseled attire are truly a safe bet.

Partnered with denim, they can make a durable and comfortable outfit for indoor or outdoor venues. Denim will never leave the fashion scene and is one of the main materials worn at country concerts. 

Plus, you can even use the jacket for layering for any winter concert outfits. Of course, any graphic tee or flannel shirt would look chic enough for any country music jam. 

#2 – Cowboy Boots

What To Wear To A Country Concert

You can’t even think about what to wear to a country concert without considering cowboy boots. The versatile footwear doesn’t just follow a Western theme but will serve you well during outdoor country concerts.

Plus, styling them will be a cinch. For instance, you could pair them with a white dress for an effortless summer concert ensemble. 

As far as our selection of cute concert outfits goes, this one is the most simple. But that doesn’t make it any less stylish. You’ll be able to dance to your favorite song without feeling too restricted, all while looking chic and put together. 

Of course, white is a risky choice, especially if you’re headed to an outdoor show. So, you can always opt for a different color and still line dance your night away.

Black isn’t your only choice for cowboy boots either. If you really want to elevate your look, switch the monochrome kicks out for some beautiful brown, embroidered styles.

#3 – Plaid Shirt

What To Wear To A Country Concert

You won’t be able to attend any country concert without seeing plaid shirts in the crowd. It’s a quintessential country outfit pattern and will go with the vibe of the event perfectly.

In addition, wearing an oversized plaid shirt creates an adorable silhouette and is another laidback option that isn’t difficult to style. 

High-waisted denim shorts or jeans complement plaid shirts well. You can also dress plaid up or down for specific occasions. For example, a pair of black pants can dress up the outfit a bit if you’re headed to an indoor venue.

And if you want to show your favorite country star some love, you can sport one of their graphic tees in place of a simple shirt.

#4 – Cowboy Hats

What To Wear To A Country Concert

If you’re unsure about what to wear to a country concert, there are a few obvious choices for men. Of course, a cowboy hat is always a go-to option.

This cowboy hat from Willow Lane Hats is complemented by the double-denim ensemble, which allows it to shine as the focal point of the outfit. 

Besides the hat, the Western-style belt ‘ties a lasso’ around the outfit and brings it together. The brown finish breaks up the denim, preventing the outfit from looking too flat.

It’s clean and fashionable, with just the right amount of country inspiration. This ensemble will definitely impress a few onlookers at the next Luke Bryan concert. 

#5 – Boot Cut Jeans

What To Wear To A Country Concert

If you opt for pants, what would better match your best cowboy boots than some distressed bootcut jeans?

This pair of faded bottoms are staples for hardworking countrymen and, along with brown suede, make for a contemporary look for your next country concert. The fitted coat adds a modern twist while the denim maintains the country feel.  

Neutral suede pieces always pair perfectly with denim. You can never go wrong with the combination of textures and colors. A few buttons are left undone in this outfit, giving it a bit of an edgy vibe.

Regardless, you’ll still be able to make your fashion statement while pushing the country theme a bit closer to the big city.

#6 – Distressed Leather Jackets

What To Wear To A Country Concert

Now, we mentioned plaid earlier when discussing what to wear to a country concert. But, if you’re attending a show in the winter, you’re going to need a few layers.

The brown leather jacket provides the right amount of warmth while staying true to country music’s roots. The distressed detailing also gives it a ranch-inspired vibe that completes the no-fuss outfit.  

While attending summer country concerts is common, don’t be fooled. You could end up snagging tickets to a winter tour where a leather coat could come in handy. 

Because of the faded details, this jacket has a casual look and complements the orange and blue plaid well. Plus, the dark denim jeans finish off the autumn-appropriate attire.

If you wore this outfit to see Jason Aldean or Cody Johnson, you’d surely fit in with the crowd.

What Type Of Country Concert Outfits Can You Get?

What To Wear To A Country Concert

When figuring out what to wear to a country concert, you can’t go wrong with some ranch or Western-inspired clothing.

Many individuals down South can be seen wearing plaid shirts, denim, cowboy boots, and hats—as the farm sensibilities pour over into local fashion trends. 

You can also opt for bohemian styles with fringe details and sundresses. They still match the country aesthetic while also oozing a free-spirited vibe. Of course, you can’t go wrong with a graphic tee, especially if you’ve snagged some swag from the artists’ merch table.

Keep this in mind: attending concerts can be taxing and might end up uncomfortable. So, wearing something you can spend long hours in is key.

Any show can get a bit rowdy, too, but partying is common at country concerts. Basically, make sure you put together a durable concert outfit you’ll love to wear while the band plays all night. 

How To Choose The Best Country Concert Outfits

What To Wear To A Country Concert

As it goes with outfit planning, you might want to think about a few things before typing in your credit card info. When you’re trying to decide what to wear to a country concert, here are a few factors to consider.

  • Price

Of course, the price is always at the top of the list when doing a mall crawl. You wouldn’t want to break the bank on something you’ll only wear once. Luckily, many of our outfit options can help expand your wardrobe and double as everyday wear. 

If you’re not looking to spend a pretty penny, opting for one high-quality, versatile piece will save you some cash. So, you’ll be able to get your money’s worth for years after attending a show. And remember, outfit repeating is no crime. 

  • Quality

You’ll also want to consider the quality of the clothes. Depending on your abilities, attending a country concert will involve dancing and stomping to some catchy tunes. Of course, that means that whatever you’re wearing has to be able to withstand sudden movements

Ruining any item of clothing can be a hassle but might end up frustrating you even more while standing in a crowded audience.

In addition, you’ll want to avoid any accidental tears or snagging loose threads to keep your outfit looking good. So, we recommend shopping for attire from reputable brands that sell high-quality products.

  • Material

Material and quality often go hand-in-hand. In fact, the quality of the materials will make or break any outfit.

While attending concerts, your clothes should be both durable and flexible so you can enjoy the show. That said, cotton tees and well-fitting denim will pass the test. 

You’ll also want to think about the day’s weather forecast. For example, a full-on flannel shirt might be too warm for summer country concerts.

On the flip side, anything too thin won’t suffice during chilly seasons. Regardless, dress accordingly for any weather conditions! 

How To Style Country Concert Outfits

What To Wear To A Country Concert

Creating looks for country concert outfits can come down to your footwear and accessories. They can turn any plain ol’ ensemble into a farm-inspired, fashion-forward look.

Western belt buckles, fringe accessories, cowboy boots, and hats fit the bill for country concert attire. 

You can rock tassel embellishments if you want to elevate the usual country uniform. The cowboy aesthetic can make any outfit country concert ready and make a fashion statement at a more casual event.

In other words, it can set you apart from the sea of plaid shirts and denim shorts. 

Ornate Western belts can also tie your look together. They offer a touch of traditional farm aesthetic while remaining stylish and trendy enough to wear outside of your next show.

With neutral shades and mainly silver hardware, these chunky belts can be in your accessory arsenal for years to come. 

When choosing what to wear to a country concert, blue and brown shades are always a safe option. They’re reliable colors and are synonymous with ranch livin’ in the south.

But, you can always mix up the usual color palette with red, orange, white, and other vibrant tones. 

Fashion Tips To Avoid With Country Concert Outfits

What To Wear To A Country Concert

While country concert fashion is pretty straightforward and laidback, there might be a few faux pas that you’ll want to avoid so that you can comfortably enjoy a drink and some tunes.

Here are some fashion no-nos to steer clear of when planning what to wear to a country concert: 

  • Don’t wear heels: As cute as they are, you might want to put your favorite heels aside. There’s no doubt that you’ll be standing and dancing for most of the concert, and wearing uncomfortable stilettos will strain your poor feet.
    If you want to opt for a heel, block heels will give you the most support and are the most comfortable option. 
  • Don’t layer: Try to avoid layering up during outdoor summer concerts. Checking the weather forecast before driving out to the venue will save you from having to shed clothing layers.
    Plus, you wouldn’t want to carry items around with you if you’re planning to join a small tailgate before the set starts. So dress according to the climate! 
  • Don’t dress fancy: It’s best not to wear your most expensive items—especially for outdoor concerts. Looking glam is never wrong, but chances are you’ll be standing in some dirt alongside other rowdy fans at your next country concert. 
    It might be hard to avoid spilling drinks and falling over. So, wear stylish items that’ll be easy to care for once you get home.
  • Don’t neglect accessories: A cowboy hat doesn’t just complete the look, but it can also protect you from potential sunburns. You can also rely on Western belts to keep your pants in place while you’re getting into the music.

Best Places To Buy Country Concert Outfits

What To Wear To A Country Concert

Country concert outfits are similar to everyday casual wear. So, you’re bound to find items that are on theme at any of your favorite stores.

And if you’re having trouble finding the perfect ensemble, staying loyal to trusted brands is an excellent place to start. There’s nothing wrong with sticking with tried-and-true retailers.

As evidenced by our outfit selections, you won’t be able to turn a corner without seeing plaid and denim. You’ll definitely be able to find appropriate attire at stores like Levi’s, American Eagle, and H&M.

If you’re looking to push the boundaries a bit, you can discover flashier country-inspired clothes at Nasty Gal, Urban Outfitters, and Free People

Final Thoughts

What To Wear To A Country Concert

When planning what to wear to a country concert, you don’t have to go all out. Any country fan knows it’s all about the music and the people you love to enjoy it with.

Still, there’s no shame in indulging yourself with country-inspired items to help you feel confident enough to dance the night away. 

To recap, it’s essential to go with durable fabrics and items that are easy to care for, especially if you’re heading to an outdoor concert or country music festival.

That way, you won’t be too stressed about how you’re going to get some dirt stains off an expensive white suede coat. But, of course, the essential thing is that you’re comfortable and secure in your outfit. 

With this guide, you’ll be able to style your own Western-esque outfit based on your preferences.

While it’s easy to follow fashion advice to the tee, concerts are a great opportunity to explore your fashion identity. So, take what we’ve recommended and add your own country twist to it. 

Ultimately, your favorite country artist will be the highlight of your night. We can just picture dancing the night away to some acoustic jams, and who’s to say you can’t look good while doing it?

Country concert attire is the cherry on top of a good time, and choosing chic, comfy items will make that night even more memorable.

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What To Wear For A Passport Photo

With travel slowly becoming more available worldwide, it’s essential to be fully prepared. You never know when you’ll want to make some last-minute travel plans, after all.

Of course, the most critical document you’ll need is a passport. Whether you’re renewing or applying, you need to know what to wear for a passport photo op that follows your country’s requirements

If you’re unfamiliar with the process, you might be filled with questions, such as, what should I wear? And, can I wear my favorite pair of earrings or my new patterned top?

If this is the case, don’t worry. You’ve landed on the right article. Not only will we explain exactly what to wear for passport photos, but we’ll also show you some fabulous outfit ideas.

Keep in mind that you’ll be looking at your passport photo for the next ten years, so you might want to get a good shot for yourself and customs.

However, choosing what to wear for passport photos can be daunting. Of course, you’re only getting photographed from the chest up, but it’s still important to follow some guidelines so your application doesn’t get denied. 

Luckily, we’ve compiled a list of five outfit ideas for you. So, by the time you’ve finished reading this article, you’ll no longer be wondering what to wear for passport photos. Plus, you’ll know what color to wear for passport photos and more! 

Here are some of the things you’ll be learning if you read on: 

  • What color shirt to wear for passport photos
  • How to style your ensemble
  • Fashion tips to avoid with passport photos
  • Where to buy your outfit

What Is A Passport Photo?

What To Wear For A Passport Photo

A passport photo is a small picture of someone’s face from the chest up. It’s used for the purpose of overseas travel. Passport photo requirements will vary depending on your home country but generally follow similar guidelines worldwide. 

Some countries may accept photos taken at home. However, in Canada, passport photos must be taken in a commercial studio or by a professional photographer.

Most passport applications also need a color picture against a white background with proper lighting. Plus, you can’t have anything obstructing your face like glasses or jewelry.

Additionally, the image should be clear without any filters, and you should maintain a neutral facial expression. So, with all these guidelines in mind, what can you do to take the best picture possible? Well, maybe you can make a bit of a fashion statement!   

What To Wear For A Passport Photo

What To Wear For A Passport Photo

When choosing what to wear for passport photos, you can play it safe by wearing your regular everyday clothes. Something like a T-shirt doesn’t run the risk of getting rejected by your passport office.

But, if you want to kick things up a notch, there are a couple of factors to consider before the camera flashes. 

Here’s one of the most important things to consider: your clothes should contrast with the background of your picture.

So, if you’re against a white background, wearing a white top might make you look like a floating head. The same goes for pieces like tank tops since it might look like you aren’t wearing any clothes (awkward!). 

Of course, you’ll also want to wear something comfortable. There’s nothing worse than feeling insecure in your own skin, and a photo of your face might showcase that. We recommend wearing an outfit that’ll make you feel good so you take the best shot possible. 

5 Outfit Ideas For A Passport Photo

What To Wear For A Passport Photo

You can’t go wrong with a classic henley polo top. The collared shirt is versatile and offers a great colorway to contrast with your picture’s background.

The sage green color not only complements white backgrounds but most skin tones as well. It’ll also showcase the shape of your neck and shoulders for a picture-perfect passport photo. 

This polo from Gap is a safe option if you’re running out of ideas. It’s reasonably priced at $35 (down from $50) and can be a part of your everyday wardrobe aside from taking your ID photo.

It’s also simple to style with your favorite pair of denim pants. And even though you aren’t pictured from the waist down, it’s beneficial to wear an outfit you feel comfortable in! 

What To Wear For A Passport Photo

If you want to rock a smart, chic look, wearing a blazer might be the way forward. This beige jacket from H&M costs about $60 and can make your picture stand out. The oversized fit is ultra-stylish and will perfectly showcase your shoulders and neck. 

Opting for a blazer can be tricky, though. Anything too vibrant might not photograph well. So, stick with neutral tones.

Adding subdued shades to your outfit will make it look modern and tasteful while leaving harsh undertones out of the picture. You can even sport a high-neck tee underneath for a clean, contemporary look. 

What To Wear For A Passport Photo

As we mentioned, when thinking about what to wear for passport photos, comfort is key. A pullover hoodie like this $74 Nike option is perfectly acceptable.

It’s functional, fashionable, and versatile enough for any occasion. Plus, you’ll be able to stay cozy under the photography lights. 

Hoodies offer another clean look. Even though they aren’t considered ‘professional wear,’ they won’t disturb your passport photo. In other words, your hoody won’t be blocking what needs identifying: your face. 

And you’ll probably feel the most comfortable and be able to strike the perfect neutral pose when wearing it. It also acts as a safety blanket as the camera lens stares right at you.

What To Wear For A Passport Photo

A sundress is a perfect option to get your passport photo taken in the summer. It’ll also add a girly touch to your entire look, and this wrap dress from Boohoo is no exception.

It costs a cool $32, and the v-neck design accentuates your features for a great snapshot. In addition, the feminine floral pattern contrasts nicely against the monochrome background.

Wrap dresses are stylish and trendy for the summer season. They’re also simple to reach for and comfy to wear in the sweltering heat. So, an easy-breezy dress would keep you comfortable in all situations, including while taking your passport picture.

And even though you’re only pictured from the chest up, you’ll still get a flattering photo

What To Wear For A Passport Photo

Turtlenecks are a classic wardrobe staple. This black one from UNIQLO will end up looking timeless in your ten-year passport photo. 

Turtlenecks can also hide any imperfections or generally give you some length if you have a longer neckline. You can even layer other clothes over them for a trendy, professional look. For example, a cute cropped sweater vest will definitely make an adorable impression.

Additionally, an all-black outfit is super forgiving for passport photos. There really isn’t much to fuss about, and the shade will always photograph well. 

And don’t worry, passport offices will still accept your passport photo if you sport something similar. As long as your whole face and jawline are visible, however, you’re in the clear.

But, we’d avoid wearing a thick turtleneck since it might give the illusion of facial hair. 

What Type Of Passport Photo Outfits Can You Get?

What To Wear For A Passport Photo

As we said, when trying to decide what to wear for passport photos, it’s essential to choose something you’re comfortable in. But you’ll always be able to combine a chic and sophisticated look with cozy styles. 

Also, it’s important to note that you’ll only be seen from the chest up in a passport picture, so wear something that’ll accentuate this area without obstructing it.

Of course, neutral shades are always a great choice. Anything overly bright will stand out too much in a photo and might wash you out. It’s also important to consider how the image will be cropped.

So, as we mentioned, wearing a tank top or tube top might not be a good idea since you may look like you have no clothes on at all. 

If you want to elevate the photo that you and the customs officers will be looking at for the next ten years, opt for a business casual look.

A blazer or collared shirt will make you look professional and put together. They’ll elevate your look and make for a semi-glamorous shot. 

Of course, you can always reach for the ol’ faithful hoodie or T-shirt. While taking a passport photo is important, dressing to the nines isn’t required.

As long as you’re wearing something that makes you feel confident, it’ll show in your neutral facial expression. Besides, no one wants to look uncomfortable while taking any picture. So, why start with your passport?

How To Choose The Best Passport Photo Outfits 

What To Wear For A Passport Photo

Besides working out your travel plans and application details, figuring out what to wear requires some consideration. Of course, you’ll want to make sure you’re looking good and getting your money’s worth. 

Here are a few factors you might want to consider when shopping around: 

  • Price

First, you’ll want to think about the price. Buying something extravagant is always fun, but the whole piece won’t show up in your passport photo. So, choose something a bit more reasonable that will still be wearable and versatile outside of taking one picture. 

You could even opt for something you already own. But, if you’re shopping for the perfect passport photo outfit, make sure you can get your money’s worth out of the item later on. In other words, buy something that suits your style.

For example, something like the $74 Nike hoodie is a great option if you’re into athleisure, and you’ll get a lot of wear out of it afterward. 

  • Quality

When buying new clothes, you’ll always want to consider the quality of the pieces.

I’d suggest shopping with reputable brands that are known for their high-quality manufacturing so you can keep their items around long term. There’s nothing worse than wearing something once and having it ruined the next day. 

Even though you’re only sitting for the picture, ignoring quality might be a disadvantage in the long run. Comfort is important and will help you feel more like yourself when getting in front of a camera. 

  • Material

Lastly, you must think about the material of your passport photo attire. Anything too rough or itchy might make you squirm for your photo. Staying still and maintaining your facial expression is key to taking an acceptable photo, so opt for something soft and breathable when the camera flashes. 

It’s also important to dress according to the season. Besides, if you’re wearing a knit sweater in the middle of July, there’s a chance the photographer might capture a shiny face. 

On the flip side, anything too thin might result in a flushed face during the colder months. So, make sure to check your local weather forecast before heading to the photography studio. Being prepared is a must.

How To Style Passport Photo Outfits 

What To Wear For A Passport Photo

If you’re someone who wants to get a good shot, deciding what to wear for passport photos is a significant task. Styling an outfit for your photo will depend on your style, comfort, and the season. 

Getting your passport photo taken in the summer can be nerve-wracking. So, besides slathering on sunscreen to prevent a red complexion, reach for breathable clothing like sundresses, linen shirts, or shorts.

Regular T-shirts will even suffice and will pass the passport application requirements. Just make sure you’re comfortable, as photography lights can get warm. 

You’ll want to opt for warmer knits and hoodies in the winter. A turtleneck is also a great option since it’ll keep your neck warm for your commute to the studio. But, again, too many layers can add some sheen to your face, so dress according to your preferences. 

Additionally, accessorizing is acceptable for any glam lovers. Jewelry, such as earrings or simple necklaces, is proper if it doesn’t cover your face. But, shiny pendants might reflect the camera flash, so leave any statement necklaces at home. 

Keep in mind that passport photos are cropped, and you won’t have to worry about bottoms as much. Still, you could rock your favorite pair of denim jeans for a boost of confidence.

Fashion Tips To Avoid With Passport Photo Outfits 

What To Wear For A Passport Photo

Because there are certain guidelines to follow, it can feel impossible to choose what to wear for passport photos. So here are a few things to avoid when putting together your outfit:

  • Don’t wear glasses: Unfortunately, if you wear glasses, you’ll have to remove them when you sit for your picture. Not only do they block your face but there will inevitably be a glare when the photographer clicks the shutter. So, to avoid any rejections, pop in some contacts (if you have them) or remove the glasses once you sit down. 
  • Don’t wear military attire: Certain countries will reject your photo if you wear something similar to a uniform or camouflage attire. Standard passports are considered ‘tourist passports’ and should be used for personal travel, education, etc. So, any outfit that looks close to a military or government uniform will get rejected. 
  • Don’t wear a hat: Just like glasses, you can’t have a hat or head covering in your passport unless it’s for a religious reason. Otherwise, you should remove baseball hats or beanies so any customs officers or airport workers can identify you quickly.
  • Don’t wear too much makeup: It’s acceptable to wear makeup in your photos, but not anything too heavy. You need to be able to be identified in your picture. So, save any experimental makeup looks for nights out! 
  • Don’t wear large accessories: Lastly, you’ll also want to avoid sporting big accessories like headbands. Again, minimalism is key, and obstructing your face or hair is a no-go. 

Best Places To Buy Passport Photo Outfits 

What To Wear For A Passport Photo

When trying to figure out what to wear for passport photos, shopping at your favorite stores is the best option.

Being familiar with the quality and seasonal offerings can ease any anxieties regarding your passport picture. Besides, feeling confident in clothes you actually like is key to taking a good photo. 

Research stores that offer more business casual attire if you’re going for a refined look. You’ll also want to find a brand that provides more classic items so your photo can look timeless and put together. 

We suggest checking out brands like Gap, UNIQLO, Everlane, Nike, H&M, and Zara.

While these brands may offer more trendy items, they have selections that’ll serve you well for your passport photo and beyond. Of course, as we mentioned, you could always opt for your go-to stores to find clothes you know you’ll photograph well wearing. 

Final Thoughts

What To Wear For A Passport Photo

Before finalizing any travel plans, getting your passport in order is a must. With travel reopening globally, lineups at airports are longer and slightly busier, so you want to be identified easily and quickly so you can get to your gate on time. 

If you’re traveling soon, your passport photo will be the first thing on your to-do list. Choosing what to wear for passport photos can be a bit stressful, but planning it out beforehand will ease your mind and calm any worries. 

Getting the perfect snapshot requires the proper attire and environment. And as we said, you’ll be looking at the photo for ten years.

So, while you might not want to show up in your ‘Sunday best,’ you’ll want to look presentable and appropriate so you don’t risk getting rejected. Restarting the entire process will take even more time away from planning your travel itinerary. 

Ultimately, wearing something comfortable and chic that meets the passport requirements is key—and it’ll ensure you get your documents quickly.

Plus, you might be proud to show off your passport to customs officers for the next decade. There’s definitely no shame in that. 

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What To Wear To Jury Duty

Most adults are familiar with the process of getting ‘the letter’ in the mail summoning you for jury duty. Being chosen can be slightly nerve-wracking but a little exciting.

However, what does one wear in a courthouse? That’s a good question and I’m going to answer it for you!

Besides the decisions you’ll be making during the proceedings, picking an outfit is another thing to check off on your to-do list.

It’s essential to be comfortable and look appropriate in such a setting since you’ll probably be sitting in a slightly cold room for long hours. 

You might want to dress to impress as a lot of eyes will be on you. But, you’ll have enough on your mind already! So, I’ve compiled a list of outfits to wear when you’re summoned to court to help ease your racing thoughts. 

In this guide, I’ll share lots of styling tips, show you a few outfit ideas, and so much more, so that deciding what to wear to jury duty will be a piece of cake. Also, you’ll learn: 

  • How to choose the best outfits for jury duty 
  • What to wear to jury duty during different seasons
  • How to style outfits for jury duty
  • Fashion tips to avoid
  • Where to buy your ensemble

What Is Jury Duty?

What To Wear To Jury Duty

Jury duty is when you provide service as a juror during legal proceedings. Jurors are summoned to deliver an unbiased verdict to a court or decide on a punishment.

There are different types of juries, including petit, grand, and coroner’s juries. The type will depend on the legal proceeding. 

History of Jury Duty 

What To Wear To Jury Duty

Since the Middle Ages, jury duty has been part of the Anglo common law legal system. But, it evolved from ancient customs where men with good character would help investigate crimes and deliver a judgment for the accused. 

Of course, years later, courts began summoning women too. Depending on your location, jurors are randomly selected, and guidelines vary. In the United States, if summoned, jury duty is mandatory

What To Wear To Jury Duty

What To Wear To Jury Duty

When thinking about what to wear to jury duty, it’s important to choose comfortable and professional pieces.

Of course, you’ll want to read up on the court guidelines since some courts may require jackets and ties or just a collared shirt. Either way, familiarize yourself with the dress code

There are other things to consider, too, like the season, the environment, and your preferences. Generally, going for a business or a smart casual look is a foolproof option.

Realistically, bold clothing or beach attire isn’t acceptable. And since courtrooms tend to be on the cooler side, you can also wear a light coat or sweater to keep you warm. 

If you’re still wondering what to wear to court, we’ve compiled a list of five options to help you put together an appropriate and stylish outfit. 

First up, we’ll check out some options for women jurors. So, if you’ve been Googling, ‘what to wear to jury duty female,’ you’ve come to the right place.

5 Outfit Ideas For Jury Duty

What To Wear To Jury Duty

Simple and professional looks are nothing without a white button-down shirt. This silk top from ALEXIS is the perfect piece if you’re chosen for jury duty in the spring or summer. It’s loose, breathable, and will match any of your wardrobe staples. 

A white button-down is a foolproof option. You’ll definitely adhere to the jury duty dress code if you pair it with some wide-leg black pants for a contrasting look.

On the other hand, you could wear a pair of straight-leg khakis, but we’d stick to neutral colors to maintain the refined look. Plus, you can don a blazer if it gets nippy during the proceedings. 

What To Wear To Jury Duty

This ‘70s-inspired matching suit set is another outfit that meets jury duty attire guidelines. The wide-leg trousers complement the oversized suit jacket from Verishop, and the neutral shade of pink gives the suit the perfect ‘business chic’ vibe.

It’s not too flashy, but it will definitely make an impression on the attorneys and other jurors. 

Getting summoned for jury duty is a great excuse to purchase a sophisticated women’s suit and the Verishop soft pink matching set is elegant, refined, and classy.

The best part about it is that you can wear it again after serving as a juror. So from work to after-hours functions, you’ll be able to style this suit for many occasions. 

A matching set also expands your wardrobe. Plus, you can wear the jacket or pants separately and still put together an appropriate jury duty outfit. And who doesn’t love that kind of versatility?

What To Wear To Jury Duty

There’s a chance that you could get selected for jury duty during the colder months. In that case, a turtleneck is the perfect choice for brisk weather and offers many options for layering and styling. 

In this picture, the black turtleneck and beige pants combo are professional and appropriate for court proceedings. Plus, the additional accessories finish off the outfit beautifully and make it look put together and sophisticated.                                                                                           

Turtlenecks or ‘mock neck sweaters’ add a classy and elegant vibe to your outfits. And while black is easily matched with any color, a turtleneck is also a versatile garment.

Wearing it alone with some neutral pants is a safe option, but you can elevate a look by throwing on a cropped sweater vest or a white collared shirt on top.

Accessories can also make or break your ensemble. Again, wearing dainty jewelry is a great option, and a matching belt is a gorgeous finishing to many looks.   

When considering what to wear to jury duty, females aren’t the only ones struggling. Men also have trouble figuring out what to wear. 

So, of course, we have to look at a few masculine outfit ideas to help you put together a reliable and polished ensemble. After checking out these looks, hopefully, you won’t feel the need to write ‘what to wear to jury duty male’ in the Google search bar.

What To Wear To Jury Duty

When trying to decide what to wear to jury duty, males might have a more difficult time. There aren’t as many stylish or ‘out there’ options for males, but then again, jury duty is serious business.

Any look that’s too bold won’t be suitable for the proceedings. So, you’ve got to put that graphic tee aside when you’re getting ready for court. 

The layered dress shirt and knit sweater look is perfect for autumn court sessions. It can make you look qualified for jury duty and provide enough layers for comfortable wear.

Plus, if you haven’t heard, corduroy is making a comeback, and corduroy pants are superb fall bottoms. 

A look similar to the one pictured will impress anybody. Knit sweaters are a wardrobe staple and can be worn for many different occasions.

For jury duty, you’ll look like you have it all together and are perfectly capable of delivering a fair and just verdict. 

When it comes to bottoms, a pair of corduroy pants might not be your first choice. But, bear with us! 

As we said, brown corduroy is making a comeback, and for a good reason. It’s durable, comfortable, and will make you look dressed up no matter what you style it with.

And with a brown pair of shoes, you can put together an elegant and rugged look that will be suitable for jury service.  

What To Wear To Jury Duty

Of course, no one can be Ryan Gosling. But, his premiere outfits (as seen above), are some of the most celebrated.

A striped button-down shirt and tailored navy pants are the perfect combo for summer business casual looks. All in all, it’s an easy-breezy outfit to put together when called up for jury duty. 

Blues are really forgiving in a professional setting, especially when partnered with white. Shades of blue reflect a sense of calmness, stability, and trust when styled appropriately.

So, throwing on some navy blue pants will project a dependable image in a courtroom. 

Additionally, a matching short-sleeve button-down top is refined, comfortable, and cool enough to wear during the warmer months. You can also add some brown accents to take this look to a whole new level. 

What Type Of Jury Duty Outfits Can You Get?

What To Wear To Jury Duty

When figuring out what to wear to jury duty, keep this in mind: it’s essential to look professional and feel comfortable at the same time.

Of course, the type of outfit you choose will depend on the court guidelines, but a reasonable dress code to settle for is business casual

So, neutral shades should also be your first choice. An outfit with neutral colors will always look professional and put together compared to a brightly colored one.

Wearing neutral colors also means that you’ll look dignified and appropriate for the court proceedings. 

Plus, no one wants to wear a bold, vibrant outfit that could be distracting. Instead, you’ll want to help the attorneys, judges, and other jurors remain focused on the case at hand. 

We might sound like a broken record, but you’ll also need to feel comfortable. For instance, you can opt for dress pants with a straight or wide-leg design to prevent any discomfort.

Sweaters are another great option for layering if it gets chilly in the courtroom or if you’re summoned in the winter. 

The bottom line is this: you’ll want to dress as if you’re going into the office.

While jury duty isn’t a fashion show, it’s important to look appropriate, so putting together a smart or business casual outfit is a great place to start. 

How To Choose The Best Jury Duty Outfits

What To Wear To Jury Duty

When preparing to serve on a jury, it’s important to have a few things in mind before choosing or purchasing a new outfit. Here are some factors that might play into your decision: 

  • Price

You might not want to break the bank on a new outfit for jury duty. But, you can invest in pieces that’ll end up being in your wardrobe for events past your service.

So, something like the ALEXIS Astor Silk Top for $200 might be steep, but you can wear the white button-down for several other occasions. So, you’ll most likely get your money’s worth.

But, you can opt for more basic options in a lower price range. For example, a $15-$30 turtleneck from stores like Zara or Aritizia will definitely serve you well for many years to come. Then, you can layer up with other pieces from your closet. 

  • Quality

You’ll also want to consider the quality of the clothes. While you might be sitting in a courtroom for a few hours, you wouldn’t want to wear anything too tight or easily torn.

Of course, wear and tear are normal, but we’d suggest shopping at stores with a good track record for high-quality pieces. 

Aside from looking professional, comfort is a must when you’ll be spending hours in an outfit. So, breathable pieces are always an excellent option. 

  • Material

Lastly, when choosing what to wear to jury duty, you’ll want to think about the material. Of course, the materials you choose will go hand-in-hand with the season. For instance, lightweight fabrics, like cotton or linen, are more appropriate for the warmer months. 

Basically, you’ll want to look for an outfit that’s durable, comfortable, and that you can sit in for long periods of time. 

As we said, you’ll also be expected to follow court guidelines. For example, if the courthouse allows jeans, you could go for a pair with a relaxed fit.

But, make sure to choose denim that you’ll be 100% comfortable in, as you don’t want any discomfort to draw your focus away from the proceedings. But note that ripped jeans are a no-go!

How To Style Jury Duty Outfits

What To Wear To Jury Duty

Being in a courtroom is nerve-wracking as it is. So, when choosing what to wear to jury duty, you don’t want to come off as disrespectful or nonchalant. Essentially, styling your outfit will depend on three things: the season, dress code, and your own style preferences. 

We don’t recommend sporting anything too light or airy like a short-sleeve button-down if you’re summoned during the winter. Instead, you can go for something like a cable knit sweater, a pair of tailored pants, and dress shoes to stay cozy both inside and outside of court. 

Additionally, in the colder months, layering is your friend. For instance, wearing a button-down shirt underneath a knit sweater will elevate your outfit into something a bit more dignified, stylish, and warm all at the same time. 

There are a few dress code rules you might have to follow when you’re called up for service. Now, we’re not saying you have to wear a full ballgown, but as we said, you don’t want to look too casual.

So, we’d suggest choosing an outfit that’ll make you look dependable in a professional setting. 

Fashion Tips To Avoid With Jury Duty Outfits

What To Wear To Jury Duty

While focusing on performing your democratic duty, figuring out what to wear to jury duty won’t necessarily be on the top of your to-do list.

So, it might take a backseat until the day of the hearing. But don’t panic! Here are a few things to watch out for if you’re putting together some last-minute jury attire: 

  • Leave your go-to beach outfit at home: While shorts and flip-flops would be the most comfortable summer option, the courtroom might not be the right place for them. Anything too casual doesn’t suit the legal setting.
  • Don’t wear flashy accessories: Hats or blinged-out jewelry might be a distraction from the matter at hand. Small necklaces or minimalist watches are the best way to go when accessorizing. 
  • Don’t wear any shirts with graphics or an offensive slogan: Maintaining a business casual aesthetic doesn’t mesh well with graphic tees, and you might not look ready to deliberate during a necessary court proceeding. 

How To Take Care Of Jury Duty Outfits

What To Wear To Jury Duty

As with all clothing pieces, following the care instructions on clothing tags is essential. Also, while wear and tear are normal after having a piece for a long time, you can prevent any significant damage by washing your garments properly. 

Of course, court proceedings will have brief recesses. For jurors, food, snacks, and drinks are provided, and you’ll usually spend these breaks together. 

You’re also allowed to bring your own meal, but regardless, we’d suggest sitting while eating to avoid any stain mishaps. Jurors also get a chance to step out for air but avoid doing so during inclement weather to keep your outfit nice and pristine.   

Best Places To Buy Jury Duty Outfits

What To Wear To Jury Duty

Shopping for outfits when thinking about what to wear to jury duty can be challenging. Also, professional, court-appropriate clothing might be expensive if you look for high-quality pieces.

As we mentioned earlier, some people may not want to break the bank for jury duty. But, there are a couple of brands that’ll be kind to you and your wallet

Basically, before you get started, it’s a good idea to think about your favorite places to shop for business casual attire.

Trendy and casual retailers might not be the right place to go if you’re looking for something appropriate for jury duty. Stores like Aritzia, Zara, H&M, Old Navy, or Target have stylish and affordable in-store and online options. 

Final Thoughts

What To Wear To Jury Duty

Figuring out what to wear to jury duty isn’t usually the first thought that pops into your mind when you receive ‘the letter’ in the mail. Still, there’s no doubt that choosing an outfit might bring you some anxiety.

As we’ve stated, when it comes to the perfect juror ensemble, it’s vital to consider both the court guidelines and your own preferences

The way you dress can speak volumes about your character, and you’ll also want to maintain a sense of professionalism while doing your civic duty. With that said, looking stylish and dependable never hurts and is a great combination.  

While maintaining your sense of style, you’ll want to choose a comfortable outfit. You’ll be spending long days sitting and observing the proceedings, so it’s imperative to select appropriate attire that you’ll feel comfortable in.

So, if a suit or blouse is too tight or stuffy, it might be overly distracting.

By now, you should be able to easily answer the question, ‘what do you wear to jury duty?’ But if you ever need a reminder, refer to this handy guide.

And, at the end of the day, here’s our number-one tip: wear presentable pieces that won’t hinder your fair decision-making. If you keep this in mind, you’ll be all set.

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3 Best Prada Candy Perfumes

In 2004 Prada started making perfumes with an amber base, which was unusual at the time. Amber is a blend of fragrances that include pine and leather, balsamic, and smoke. 

This mix, along with tarragon for a licorice fragrance and bergamot for citrus, makes for a fairly strong-smelling scent.

They later made more subtle collections which all had musky tones from delicate hints to it being the base of the scent. They launched the Prada Candy perfume in 2011 and it now has some of the brand’s most popular perfumes

To that end, a few celebrities who are known for wearing Prada perfumes are Mary-Kate Olsen, Monica Rose, Natalie Imbruglia, and Renee Zellweger

The latest scent in the collection, Prada Candy Night, launched in 2018 and has the most unique presentation in the collection. It rounds out the (number) best Prada Candy perfumes. 

Finding The Best Prada Candy Perfume      

Prada Candy Perfumes

With the launch of their Prada Candy perfume collection in 2011, Prada continued to be adventurous, using a caramel base scent for some of the fragrances. 

The main theme of the collection is femininity with varying levels of vanilla and musky scents. Many Prada perfumes are basically unisex, whereas this collection is targeted at women.

When choosing from any of the (number) best Prada Candy perfumes you really want to decide what base fragrance suits you best, as each one is quite different. There are musky scents and sugar-sweet ones like caramel. 

None of the scents come off too strongly, blending, not overpowering. They all last for hours although some for a bit longer than others.

You may also want to consider when you are wearing the perfumes as a couple are heavier for the night and colder seasons. Although all have hints of muskiness, the ones that have more of it, have a stronger powdery, sweet, earthy scent.

The 3 Best Prada Candy Perfumes

As Prada’s second collection of fragrances, the Prada Candy perfumes are a variety of scents from fruit sweet to warm musky. 

The flagship perfume, Prada Candy, opted for a caramel base that, while sweet, is not there to overwhelm the senses. What seems to connect this collection is the use of vanilla, a particularly feminine scent. They also are not very floral. 

If you’re in need of recommendations, we’ve got you covered. Like a kid in a candy shop, feel free to peruse our list of the best of the best when it comes to Prada Candy perfumes.

#1: Prada Candy Night Eau de Parfum

Prada Candy Night Eau de Parfum

Brand: Prada
Retailer: Nordstrom
Price: $96
Color: No Color

What it is: An eau de parfum that takes its cues from neon-lit cityscapes and their kaleidoscopic delights. Fragrance story: Prada Candy Night captures the unbound freedom found after dark, introducing a world rich with possibilities. A distillation of Prada's refined sensuality, Prada Candy Night is a declaration of liberated indulgence and nocturnal intrigue. Against a backdrop of darkness, its vibrant energy shines. Bright, bitter orange and

#2: Prada Candy Eau de Parfum Set USD $105 Value

Prada Candy Eau de Parfum Set USD $105 Value

Brand: Prada
Retailer: Nordstrom
Price: $78
Color: No Color

What it is: A two-piece fragrance set featuring the scent of Candy in full- and travel-size sprays. Fragrance story: Candy is a playful and feminine perfume that blends notes of addictive caramel, delicate iris and elegant white musk. Style: Warm, spicy. Set includes:- Full-size Eau de Parfum (1 oz.)- Travel-size Eau de parfum (0.33 oz.)Notes:- Top: caramel- Middle: musk- Base: vanilla, benzoin. USD $105 Value Made in France

#3: Prada Candy Eau de Parfum Spray

Prada Candy Eau de Parfum Spray

Brand: Prada
Retailer: Nordstrom
Price: $30
Color: No Color

What it is: A sensual, sweet and warm gourmand perfume. Fragrance story: Rethink reality with Prada Candy Eau de Parfum, a joyful olfactory balance that combines caramel accord with warm benzoin resin wrapped in a cloud of white musk. A thrilling jolt to the system, Prada Candy is an exhilarating fragrance. Style: Gourmand. Notes:- Top: white musk- Middle: benzoin resin- Base: caramel accord. How to use: Fragrance is intensified by the warmth

What Are The Most Popular Prada Candy Perfumes?

Out of the list of the best Prada Candy perfumes, the original Prada Candy and Prada Candy Kiss, with their musky scent are the most popular fragrances.

What Does Prada Candy Kiss Smell Like?

Prada Candy Perfumes

Prada Candy Kiss is a musky-smelling perfume with its main scents of orange, white floral, and vanilla. There is also a hint of clean and soapy to add some light freshness.

What Is The Difference Between Prada Candy and Prada Candy Night?

Prada Candy Perfumes

The obvious difference is the color of their bottles, which for Prada Candy is a pink Prada band with gold writing and a gold bottle. 

For Prada Candy Night, its band is black and gold and the bottle is dark blue fading into pink. Kind of like late in the sunset after the orange is gone but there’s still some pale light in the sky.

In terms of scents, these perfumes are quite different. While Prada Candy is caramel-based, with hints of vanilla, Prada Candy Night has an unsweetened chocolate base and hints of powdery vanilla and tonka, a bean that smells slightly woody and musky.

Is Prada Candy Long Lasting?

Prada Candy Perfumes

Yes, Prada Candy lasts more than 6 hours so you can make it through most of the day or all the evening/night. Okay, most of it anyways for some who like to stay out really late.

Are Prada Candy Perfumes Worth It?

Prada Candy Perfumes

Yes, Prada Candy perfumes are well worth your money. As a luxury brand, they aren’t the least expensive options, but they are original fragrances and long-lasting, so a little goes a long way.

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What Shoes to Wear With Skinny Jeans

Slim fit and flare jeans are slowly making a comeback, but we don’t think they’ll ever push skinny jeans out of the spotlight. Since they burst onto the scene, these bottoms have become a closet staple among many people.

But even with a few years to figure it out, many still need the answer to what shoes to wear with skinny jeans. 

The challenge stands with figuring out proportions. Since skinny jeans are form-fitting all the way down to the ankle, you won’t want to wear shoes that make your foot look too big or small.

The ‘clown’ look definitely isn’t it. Instead, a more streamlined shoe will make your lower body look sleek and longer. 

Unfortunately, some people have trouble finding the right shoe because of the balance problem. But all is not lost. There are so many options available that can help you look your best.

So, we’ve compiled a list of the best shoes to wear with skinny jeans to help you find a solution to the conundrum. 

Choosing Shoes To Wear With Skinny Jeans: A Guide 

What Shoes to Wear With Skinny Jeans

Your choice of footwear to go with skinny jeans can make or break an outfit. You might end up looking fabulous and fashion-forward, but there’s also a chance that your feet could appear slightly clunky. 

Skinny jeans are flattering but might be a problematic silhouette to style for some people.

However, matching up a pair of shoes with these tapered bottoms can completely change your overall look. Plus, you don’t want items to clash, whether it’s in color or proportion. 

So, when you’re deciding on what shoes to wear with skinny jeans, you’ll want to keep a few things in mind. This includes things like your jeans color/wash, shoe height, and the occasion you’ll be wearing them for. 


When it comes to styling, you’re going to want to think about your jeans’ wash. The colorway is going to be important when deciding what shoes to wear with skinny jeans. 

Of course, black goes with everything, so black denim would pair well with any shoe you choose. Other blue washes or colors look great with black or neutral shoes like the low-cut Chuck Taylors


You’ll also want to think about the height of your shoes, both in the heel and ankle. Because skinny jeans taper at the ankle, you’re going to want to find a happy medium between your shoe and the hem. 

So, when choosing what shoes to wear with skinny jeans, you can wear pumps, flats, loafers, and even knee-high or thigh-high boots.

But, if you’re choosing to wear high heels, we would put those platforms away.


Lastly, you’ll want to think of the occasion you’re dressing for when deciding what shoes to wear with skinny jeans.

The tapered pants can work as business casual pieces depending on the color, so choosing a shoe that’s event-appropriate is a must. 

If it’s more of a casual gathering, some slip-on sneakers or combat boots. But, if you’re going to a more formal or professional affair, some flats, pumps, heels, or Mary Janes are great options. 

Here are some pairs to look out for in particular: 

  • Kate Spade Honey Flats, $128
  • Jimmy Choo Mahesa Knee-High Boots, $1,550
  • Balenciaga Sock Boots, $675
  • Kenzo Lace-Up Combat Boots, $610
  • Hermès Loafers, $1,025
  • Givenchy Slip-On Sneakers, $886
  • Chuck Taylor Low Cut Sneakers, $65
  • Amina Muaddi Ankle Strap Heels, $1,666
  • Stuart Weitzman Over-The-Knee Boots, $1,025
  • Coach Pointed Toe Pumps, $196
  • Maison Margiela Mary Janes, $880

11 Best Shoes To Wear With Skinny Jeans

What Shoes to Wear With Skinny Jeans

Finding what kind of shoes to wear with skinny jeans can be overwhelming.

There are so many options out there! Luckily, we’ve compiled a list of 11 different shoes to help make your decision a little easier.

The styles range from the classic ballet flat to the trendy sock boot, so you’re bound to find some footwear that suits your style. 

#1 – Ballet Flats

Ballet Flats

Ballet Flats are a popular classic shoe that will look so cute matched with some skinny jeans. The best style will be a thinner sole with a slightly rounded toe.

The Kate Spade Honey Flats are an attractive option, complete with a sweet string bow.

Black will be a foolproof and versatile way to go when choosing your ballet flats. It’s minimalist and Kate Spade’s iteration is 100% sheep leather, which will look professional and put together at your work-related events. 

In addition, if your jeans are too long, they won’t look as put together with a pair of flats. It’s best to get some skinny pants that hit between your ankle bone and the top of your foot. This will add to the polished and refined vibe. 

#2 – Knee-Highs


Who could say no to some leather knee-highs? Knee-high boots and skinny jeans just work well together.

Wearing snug bottoms with these boots is guaranteed to make your legs look sleek and slender. The Jimmy Choo Mahesa 85 boots in black are a great example of shoes that pair well with skinny jeans. 

Like the flat, knee-high boots add some elegance to your outfit. With a pair of jeans, they’ll be perfect for a casual or business casual setting. The Jimmy Choo boots have a slightly squared-toe shape, setting a modern mood. 

We’d suggest wearing tight skinny jeans to avoid any unsightly scrunching above the boot. You’ll also want to choose some darker wash jeans if you’re going for a black pair of boots. 

#3 – Sock Boots

Sock Boots

Now, if you’re looking to sport stylish sock boots, your jeans should be slightly looser around the ankles. Then, it can easily slip over your shoes since sock boots are tighter.

These two make a great pair simply because of the lack of a chunky sole. A beautiful designer option would be something like the Balenciaga knife knit bootie. 

These shoes are comfy and trendy, even with a skinnier heel. Luckily, the Balenciaga boots are shorter, so they might be more comfortable if you plan to be on your feet.

Plus, the shoes have a feminine and sleek vibe with the pointed-toe design. So, it looks like the Balenciagas that look like socks will have you looking gorgeous while strutting the streets. 

#4 – Combat Boots

Combat Boots

The combat boot will be a part of fashion for many more years. Skinny jeans look great with them because of the proportions. In addition, you’re able to tuck your jeans into a boot, making for a smooth line all the way down to your feet. 

You can even let your socks poke out a little to amp up the look. If you’re looking for a rugged lace-up option, the Kenzo combat boots are a stylish example.

The black leather adds a grunge feel to your outfit, but you could always tone it down by switching up your shirt choices. They’ll also be super comfortable to wear, so you know they’re made for walkin’. 

#5 – Loafers


Loafers are another great option when deciding what to wear with skinny jeans. Like the ballet flats, you would get the best result by wearing jeans that end around your ankles for a more refined look.

You could even get away with cropped styles. The leather Hermes Paris Loafers are a classy choice if you’re into the academic look. 

Showing off more of your ankle will maintain the balance between your jeans, bare skin, and a slightly chunky loafer. In other words, the shape of your legs will be proportioned and won’t be buried underneath scrunching layers of denim.  

#6 – Slip-On Sneakers

Slip-On Sneakers

If your style is more laidback during your off days, slip-on sneakers can be your go-to when you throw on your favorite skinny jeans. The Givenchy white & red sneakers give off a streetwear vibe that would pair well with some skinny black denim

Like the loafer, slip-on sneakers look best when they’re paired with shorter hems. But, if you’re petite, you could cuff the jeans for an even stronger chilled-out vibe.

With our example, though, something too snug might make your feet look bigger than they actually are. So, something that isn’t skin tight would make a great fit.

#7 – Low-Cut Sneakers

Low-Cut Sneakers

Another sneaker option is the low-cut style. The most common choice includes the classic Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star. You could also wear cuffed skinny jeans with these low-profile kicks.

They’d even look fabulous paired with some snug jeggings. If you’re not going to roll them at the hem, though, make sure they have an inseam that hits just past your ankle. 

Chuck Taylors are a perfect example of a stylish low-cut sneaker that’ll never phase out of the fashion scape. They’re comfortable, practical, and versatile.

Plus, they make for a balanced look when paired together. You could go for a completely white version of the shoe and a pair of jeans with any wash. You could even go for the classic black and white design styled with classic blue jeans. 

#8 – Ankle Strap Heels

 Ankle Strap Heels

Anticipating a fancy night out in some sleek black skinny jeans? The ankle strap heels can complete your outfit with no problem.

With a thin sole and block or stiletto heels, the ankle-strap heels will enhance your foot and leg. They’ll add some length and a whole lot of attitude. 

Something like the Amina Muaddi ankle strap heels are a great example. They’re minimal, with some additional flair in the crystal embellishments.

The heel is also sculpted, adding a unique and editorial look, so how could you say no? By rolling up the hem, you can even show the dainty heels off in all of their glory. 

#9 – Over-the-Knee Boots

Over-the-Knee Boots

Like the knee-high boots, over-the-knee boots will deliver the best results if they zip up over a tight pair of skinny jeans. They’re trendy and warm, perfect for looking chic during colder months. They’ll even look swanky with or without a heel. 

To give you some inspiration, the Stuart Weitzman over-the-knee boots would suit a snug pair of jeans perfectly. They’re suede and have a high block heel, adding just a hint of glamor.

They even come with an adjustable tie back for a more personalized fit. So, they’ll absolutely do well over a pair of skinny denim.

#10 – Pointed-Toe Pumps

Pointed-Toe Pumps

Pointed-toe pumps are staples when choosing what shoes to wear with skinny jeans.

With no platform and the pointed toe, the shoe creates a smooth line from your legs all the way down to your toe. Pumps also highlight the curve of your ankle while creating that balanced look. 

You could wear your jeans regularly or cuffed when styling with pointed-toe pumps. They’ll look on-trend, modern, and will definitely send off some boss vibes.

The Coach pointed-toe pumps are a beautiful option. They even feature some beaded embellishments along the side for some extra flair. You’ll definitely be turning heads with this look. 

#11 – Mary Janes

 Mary Janes

Are you still deciding on what shoes to wear with skinny jeans? We have one last option for you: the classic Mary Janes.

The darling strapped shoe works in the same way loafers and flats work with tapered bottoms. They’ll look academic and trendy, regardless of the style you end up going with. 

Mary Janes is a pretty broad term. The shoe can have heels or be completely flat. In our example, the Maison Margiela Hyperion Mary Janes have a pointed toe and a slight lift.

Now, more pointed-toe flats can work, but we wouldn’t recommend wearing them with skinny jeans if you have bigger feet. This will only accentuate them more. 

What Are The Best Heeled Shoes To Wear With Skinny Jeans?

What Shoes to Wear With Skinny Jeans

Heels are the ultimate shoe for dressing up. You’ll probably look more put together and elegant if you add a heel to an outfit. When paired with jeans, they can completely change the look depending on the wash. 

Pairing a heel with some skinny blue denim will look more casual, while a pair of black jeans will add more to a business casual look.

What you don’t want to go for are heels with platforms. This can make your feet look clunky and disconnect the balance we mentioned before. The sleekest and chic heels that go well with skinny jeans have thinner soles. 

How Can You Style Skinny Jeans?

What Shoes to Wear With Skinny Jeans

Styling skinny jeans is a head-to-toe effort. Each piece plays a part in maintaining balance and the proportions of the outfit. It can also change the aesthetic you’re going for.

So, when you’re thinking of what shoes to wear with skinny jeans, you’ll want to think about the rest of your outfit, too. 

For example, we mentioned that combat boots offer a rugged and tough vibe. This can be altered depending on the top you choose to wear.

If you go for a knit sweater, it’ll soften up the overall aesthetic. But, if you want to embrace the grunge look, you can throw on an oversized jacket of your choice. We’d go for leather to really drive it home. 

We also mentioned that skinny jeans can be part of a stylish business casual look. A pair of ballet flats or classy loafers are excellent options. It’s widely agreed that black denim is a good choice for office wear.

With the right shoe, they can transform into a professional outfit. They could even be semi-formal if you pair them with ankle-strap heels. 

Final Thoughts

What Shoes to Wear With Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans are a timeless and stylish pair of pants that’ll stay part of the fashion scene for a while. So, finding the right shoes to wear with them can be challenging as trends continue to change.

Ultimately, your final look will depend on your personal style when deciding what shoes to wear with skinny jeans. 

Of course, remaining fashion-forward is essential to many people. Still, if you’re wearing clothes and shoes that you enjoy, you’re already setting a fashion standard for yourself.

So, while these options are trendy and classic, they don’t have to be your must-haves. But they’re great to keep in mind if you want to maintain that skinny jean-shoe balancing act.

Looking to up your fashion game? We’ve got you covered:

What To Wear With Green Pants

How To Wear Wide Leg Jeans

What To Wear To The Airport

Stores Like PacSun

If you’re looking into affordable and trendy clothing options then you probably need little introduction to PacSun. They are one of the go-to companies for clothes that capture the here-and-now. 

Shopping from PacSun is akin to diving headfirst into the zeitgeist pool. They have their finger so tightly on the pulse of modern trends that they’re nearly controlling it. 

However, it’s possible that you slipped onto this article looking to learn more about the clothing brand. 

If that’s the case then keep reading to find out which stores like PacSun are out there. We won’t be covering rip-off, discount brands ala SunPac, PackedSun, or even Packs of Sun. No, this article will examine other clothing stores like PacSun that sell hypnotic apparel at modest prices.

Overview of PacSun

Stores Like PacSun

PacSun boasts over 40 years of experience in the fashion industry. Their name is most commonly associated with skater culture and streetwear due to their humble beginnings in California.

The brand has grown into a more affordable alternative to other high-price point fashion companies. Their products include t-shirts, sweaters, hoodies, flannels, jeans, trousers, sneakers, and so much more. 

They’ve earned quite an impressive following too. Their Instagram page boasts over 2.5m followers. Many of their items carry the laidback yet high culture vibes of Los Angeles.

Speaking of high culture, PacSun reached a level of unmatched cultural relevancy when they collaborated with sisters Kylie and Kendall Jenner in 2012 to produce and distribute a fashion line.

But if you’re looking for stores like PacSun it’s probably because you want more companies with some of their pros and less of their cons. What are we talking about? Keep reading and we’ll fill you in on some of the company’s highlights: 


  • Wide range of trendy clothing items for men and women
  • Offer international shipping to many countries 
  • More than 400 stores across the United States
  • Constantly rotating selection of discounted items available
  • An extensive list of celebrity collaborators like A$AP Rocky and the Jenner sisters

How We Chose The Best Stores Like PacSun

Stores Like PacSun

You probably want us to reveal the process behind our selection of the best stores like PacSun. Luckily for you, we’re not magicians. We’ll happily reveal our tricks.

Selecting which clothing stores like PacSun were best suited for our list came to a few criteria points. It wasn’t enough for a store to simply sell clothes similar to PacSun’s. Just like how you demand more from what brings you joy in life, we demanded more from our selections.

Our list expands beyond simply online stores like PacSun or cheap stores like PacSun or even cheap, online stores like PacSun. That’s because there’s more that goes into a brand than novelty and clothing. 

Here are the criteria behind our inclusions in this article.


It wasn’t enough for us to include cheap stores like PacSun, otherwise, we’d link to several different Alibaba accounts and call it a day.

We selected stores that orbited similar price ranges to PacSun with similar product qualities and materials. That way your dollar would be going similar distances whether it was spent at PacSun or elsewhere.


PacSun draws influence from modern fashion trends like streetwear, skater culture, workwear, and surfer wear. These diverse inspirations mean that there are plenty of stores like PacSun but none that are the exact same as them.

Keep in mind that many of the brands we’ve included in this article usually err towards a singular component of PacSun’s signature style without outright aping it.


Clothing quality goes deeper than thread counts and well-woven fabrics. It also includes how the fabrics are manufactured, where they come from, and how ethically they are sourced.

With those components in mind, we opted to select stores that produced clothing of similar quality and practices as PacSun.


Some of the brands we’ve included (like Vans, for example) are chiefly known for a certain product. However, we didn’t select any brands because they had one item that was similar to one item that PacSun sells.

The stores we deemed worthy of inclusion here all produce a wide range of clothing items and accessories. Each brand’s offerings are distinct yet can scratch a similar itch that PacSun does.


One of PacSun’s largest advantages is its convenience. The brand is available in over 400 stores in America and offers international shipping.

It’s difficult to match that level of customer outreach, but the stores like PacSun that we’ve selected go the extra mile for their clients. That includes features like quick delivery times, free shipping, or wide product distribution.

Diversity & Inclusion

It’s about time that the corporate fashion world recognizes that not everyone is a white, skinny, able-bodied fashion consumer. More brands are adopting diverse policies both in front of the camera and in the board of directors.

You should keep your ears perked for any company that goes the extra mile to include diversity in their approach or that redirects their profits towards groups and services that act to improve corporate inclusivity. The best way to be an ally is to give back, and some of these brands allow you to do so by supporting their businesses.

Now that we’ve taken care of those considerations, it’s time to begin our list of the best stores like PacSun.

13 Best Stores Like PacSun

These are our picks for the best retail clothing alternatives to PacSun. Each of them captures at least one of the key components we just mentioned. 

The lesser person would quickly glance through these stores and think, “Wow, cool,” then shut their brains off. However, we invite you to think deeper about each entry on our list. Think about the differences and similarities you find between these stores and PacSun.

Remember, it’s only through reflection that we grow and learn. Many of these companies have learned, grown, reflected on themselves, and improved over time. 

#1 – Tillys


Our first entrant on this list is Tillys. This is a streetwear-focused company that has the same affinity for skater culture as PacSun.

Their products are something the world’s largest Tyler, the Creator fan would sport. That means they sell skateboarding shoes, bold graphic tees, and lots of floral prints. Tilly is also notable for their collaborations with brands like Vans, Nike, and Brixton.

Their prices orbit a similar range as PacSun’s, but what may sway some would-be purchasers is their sustainability shop. This is the section of their website that only features products from companies with sustainable practices.

That alpha mindset is what makes Tillys a great modern proxy for PacSun fans.

#2 – Forever 21

Forever 21

Forever 21’s inclusion here might surprise some readers, but hear us out. Yes, their pieces aren’t as flashy as PacSun’s, but their rapid adoption of modern shapes, wide availability, and agreeable prices designate them as a fine alternative.

This company’s items are more timeless in design (pun intended). You won’t find as many bold graphics as you will interesting patterns, daring shapes, and well-selected fabrics. 

Forever 21, like PacSun, was born in Los Angeles but their style is closer to The Hills than The Lords of Dogtown. They’ve extended their breezy California aesthetic across the world through their numerous international outlets.

In terms of sustainability, they just wrapped up their holiday collaboration with Tree Canada in which they planted a tree for every $50 customers spent on online orders. That’s definitely a step in the right direction in terms of giving back to the environment.

#3 – ASOS


This company is an online marketplace that produces their own clothes as well as items from Nike, Dr. Martens, Carhartt WIP, Tommy Hilfiger, and more. Their huge selection of clothes ranges from minimalist basics to maximalist flexes.

That’s partially due to how large their product line is. They boast one of the biggest available wardrobes of all the online stores like PacSun. Their prices can skew a bit higher because of their numerous collaborations, international shipping options, and selected fabrics.

ASOS’ biggest advantage is their lines of clothing that are tailored for specific body types. These offerings set them apart from other stores like PacSun. They put diversity front and center by promoting their ASOS Tall and ASOS Plus Size men’s collections with POC models.

This body diversity is even larger for their women’s clothing. These are the different body fits they sell:

  1. ASOS Petite
  2. ASOS Tall
  3. ASOS Maternity
  4. ASOS Curve & Plus Size

#4 – Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters

If we’re talking style then Urban Outfitters is the closest analog to PacSun. They’ve forged their name in the fashion game by quickly adopting emerging trends and delivering them to customers.

Urban Outfitters is more expensive than PacSun but their pieces tend to last a good amount of time. The only downside is that because they’re in touch with modern trends, their garments may survive longer than the style.

You can take comfort in the fact that they also sell wardrobe essentials of noteworthy quality. 

These pieces are available through their brick-and-mortar stores as well as through online orders. Oh, did we mention that Urban Outfitters ships internationally? We should probably tell you that too. 

#5 – Aeropostale


When we say that Aeropostale’s catalog is safer than some of the other stores like PacSun, we mean it as a compliment. They have the requisite graphic tees, distressed denim, and athleisure that are all the rage these days, but their shapes and fits are conventional.

That makes them a good choice for people who want a contemporary look without diving too deep into oversized clothing. Their prices are worth mentioning too, as they’re one of the most affordable brands on this list.

Aeropostale’s graphic designs frequently feature recognizable characters like Rick and Morty, Reptar from Rugrats, and Spongebob Squarepants. As charming as these collaborations are, we can’t speak much for the brand’s sustainable practices.

They don’t seem to publish much about how they’re striving to keep their manufacturing green or how they’re promoting diversity, which can be a knock against them.

#6 – Abercrombie


If you’re looking for the basics done right then there’s no better store than Abercrombie. Actually, they’re in the midst of a cultural renaissance at the moment. Their simple yet reliable clothes are earning praise for being some of the best minimal offerings around.

Abercrombie has come under fire in the past for their prices, but nowadays their price tags aren’t too different from other stores like PacSun. 

Speaking of culture, Abercrombie has been making bold moves to increase their corporate diversity and inclusivity. They strive for open communication between all parties in areas of cultural sensitivity, representation, and community activity.

They also publish their gender pay gap online so you can study how evenly they distribute compensation.

#7 – Hollister


Hollister often gets lumped in with its sister company Abercrombie but this bird flies on the strengths of its own wings. They aim for a younger demographic and deliver less expensive clothing.

The company has an entire collection dedicated to celebrating LGBTQ+ pride. Their Pride is Power line features pieces from GLSEN, an organization striving to make schools a safer environment for young queer people. 

Hollister covers plenty of bases with their offerings. They sell everything from jeans to outerwear, lounging clothes to undergarments, and athletic wear to gaming wear. They’re a youth-focused company that empowers adolescents by providing them the style to express themselves. 

#8 – Roxy


While many stores like PacSun sell clothes that are great for outdoor activities, none of them quite capture the feeling of the great outdoors like Roxy. This brand develops garments for all walks of nature, from beaches to snowy mountaintops. 

Roxy is a women’s fashion company that produces all manner of garments, even pieces PacSun dare not make, including the following:

  • Rompers
  • Bodysuits
  • Purses
  • Swimwear

The folks at Roxy further distinguish themselves by offering discounts for military personnel and first responders. It’s nice to learn about a company that makes women’s clothing that rewards female enlistees in programs where women were oftentimes shunned. 

#9 – American Eagle

American Eagle

You only have to look at this brand’s name to know their style. We could spell it out for you but that’d rob you of the gift of inference!

American Eagle is best known for their affordable and reliable jeans – a classic American item. They’ve also earned praise as one of the best producers of women’s undergarments with their Aerie line.

But if you think that this brand only sells jeans and panties then you’re missing the forest for the trees. Their line-up includes thick flannels, activewear, delectable tops and bottoms, and more. All their items have a varsity attitude, separating this brand from others on this list.

Price-wise, American Eagle is in good company here. They frequently have sales on their website and their in-person locations. You can find American Eagle stores throughout Canada and the United States.

#10 – Vans


Skater-this, skater-that, you’re probably wondering how many times we’re going to mention stores like PacSun and Zumiez before we highlight the Mecca of affordable skateboarding garments, Vans.

Well, wait no longer! This company has flourished in the past decade thanks to their Vans Old School’s incredible popularity as well as collaborations with Tyler, the Creator, Fear of God, and Supreme.

Since they’re primarily a skateboarding brand, their products are tough. They’re built to endure the falls, scrapes, and bruises that come with the sport’s territory. However, they also have the laidback vibe associated with skateboarding.

A solid pair of Vans sneakers can last you years. Actually, their best products improve the more they get beaten. There’s something about the canvas top and gummy bottoms that looks better the more punishment it endures.

Is that a metaphor for how the human soul can only grow through pain? Don’t ask us, we’re just here to recommend our favorite stores like PacSun, not philosophize about the nature of man.

#11 – Zumiez


Zumiez products are so loud that your ears can hear them. This is the PacSun alternative to turn to if you want bold graphics, bombastic designs, bright colors, and youthful patterns.

That’s the best thing about Zumiez, actually. Every one of the items, which mostly cost less than $100, has a youthful vigor. There’s a blend of adolescence, freedom, and energy behind the items hanging on a Zumiez rack.

That adrenaline extends into their prosocial actions too. Zumiez partners with organizations like Rock the Vote and Voto Latino to not only encourage young people to voice their opinion but to dismantle barriers that prevent BIPOC people from registering to vote. 

They also established the Zumiez Foundation to inspire local action in their shoppers. The foundation donates winter clothing to those in need and urges their workers to find ways to support their communities. 

#12 – Billabong 


Billabong supersedes the stereotypical caricature of the average surfer. You know what we’re talking about: the perpetually zoned-out dude with sandy blonde hair and aspirations to spend their entire lives buried in the sand. 

The type of guy who says, “that’s rad” when you tell him about your new job promotion, or says “cowabunga” before diving into an extra-large pizza. We’re definitely not verging on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle territory here.

They make refined clothing ideal for outdoor sports like surfing, skiing, and snowboarding. They imbue all their items with the wanderlust nascent to these outdoor adventurous activities. 

There’s a degree of maturity to Billabong’s clothing that other stores like PacSun sometimes lack.

Billabong has been increasing their environmental and equality awareness over the past decade. More and more of their products are made with recycled materials. They also ensure that all their beach products are eco-conscious.

What does that mean? It means that they use fibers and fabrics that are safer for the environment, sometimes even reusing plastic water bottles.

They do all of this while keeping their prices affordable. A standard Billabong tee costs $26, which is about the same as you’d pay at most other stores like PacSun.

#13 – Romwe


The last store we’ll cover in this list is Romwe, which has quite a distinct branding. They promote coolness and uniqueness over everything. And what’s cooler than cool? Ethical business practices.

On that note, Romwe holds their suppliers to binding agreements wherein they must adhere to the strictest of fair treatment standards. 

We’d normally admonish any company that cracks a whip this hard, but it seems Romwe ensures that nobody is doing any whip cracking in regards to production values.

But back to the clothing. Cool is the name of the game here. Romwe’s designs include rambunctious tie-dyed designs, high-waisted jeans, and punk attitudes. Romwe definitely aims for a younger demographic, evidenced by how zany some of their products are. 

We’re talking shirts with designs of aliens smoking weed, Japanese kaiju monsters, and edgy gothic prints. 

They ship internationally, meaning you can grab one of their brash products from most countries. 

What Age Groups are Stores like PacSun for?

Stores Like PacSun

The more minimally-designed stores like PacSun are great for any age group. Teens, young adults, and parents can find products that’ll only improve their wardrobe through brands like ASOS, Abercrombie, and American Eagle.

The great thing about stores like PacSun is that some are best-suited for the most fashionably minded of all demographics: teens. 

Hollister, Zumiez, and Romwe are all our top picks for those who aren’t old enough to drink, drive, or vote (and certainly not all three at once). That’s because these stores cater to younger markets through their designs and lower price tags.

Which Stores like PacSun are the Most Affordable?

Stores Like PacSun

None of the stores featured on this list will have you debating whether you can afford next month’s rent. They’re all decently affordable at the very least. Many have deep catalogs of discounted clothing while others regularly have sales and savings opportunities.

ASOS is our recommendation for the most affordable brand here because of their products’ quality per dollar. Looking at the numbers may not reveal that they’re the quote-unquote “cheapest” available option, but you can’t knock the integrity of their clothing.

If you’re looking for stores like PacSun that have the lowest price points in general then turn your eyes towards Romwe and Forever 21. The latter is especially affordable if you consider that most of their products are relatively basic. That means you can get more versatility and wear out of them.

Which Stores like PacSun have the most Inclusive Size Ranges?

Stores Like PacSun

Again, ASOS is the most obvious answer here. They have multiple lines dedicated to specific body types. These lines incorporate multiple fits, lengths, and fabrics.

In fact, while conducting research for this article, some of our writers were upset that they were too short or too small for the items ASOS develops for plus-sized customers.

Vans is another solid selection for inclusive size ranges. This is partially because skater culture as a whole skews towards baggier fits and oversized shirts. That means that people with larger bodies may feel more at ease sifting through Vans’ clothing racks.

Many stores like PacSun are slowly widening their offerings to be more inclusive towards people who don’t fit conventional clothing standards. Some brands are slower at integrating this practice than others, but the ones who adopt this mindset often do so subtly.

We’re saying that instead of developing an entire collection for plus-sized customers they’ll use strategies like elongating the pieces or using more relaxed fabrics.

Final Thoughts

Stores Like PacSun

While there are no stores like PacSun that 100% capture the brand’s appeal, that’s not the point of this article. If you wanted to shop at a store that was exactly like PacSun then you could just – crazy idea here – shop at PacSun.

The beauty of finding alternatives is not seeing the similarities between companies, but discovering the differences. Some people are drawn to PacSun because of their designs but don’t like their practices. In that case, there are plenty of online stores like PacSun that may better suit that customer’s ethical requirements.

We can’t decide which of these stores is perfect for you, dear reader. You have your own tastes, biases, and desires, and we celebrate that. Our goal with this article was to inform you of the best stores like PacSun.

Picture this like a parent packing a lunch for their child; we’re not forcing you to eat the food, but we’re providing you with the healthiest options so that you can make your own decision.

You can spend your lunch money on pizza and fries, or you could eat the delicately-prepared kale orzo salad we slaved over.

When looking into each of these brands consider how their prices, social practices, styles, accessibility, and overall aesthetic align with your desires. 

We’ve got plenty more where that came from. Check out some of our other articles on store alternatives:

Stores Like Shein

Stores Like Forever 21

Stores Like Brandy Melville

Does anything ever really go out of style? You may have to put trendier pieces away for periods of time but you will always be able to dig them up and wear them again, or at least that’s what we tell ourselves to justify our spending habits.

Y2K fashion is no different. Its origins trace back to the year 2000, which is known for being kitsch and well, extra.

That’s probably why Gen Zs are loving Y2K bedazzled cropped tops, mini skirts, low-rise jeans, baguette bags, and fun hats. 

Thanks to TikTok and Instagram, these styles were given new life and many of the brands that were popular in the Y2K era have now resurfaced.

However, you can also shop from new Y2K-inspired etailers that are taking social media by storm, and we’ll give you the rundown on the best brands to shop for Y2K fashion in this review. 

How to Shop for Y2K Fashion

Best Brands to Shop for Y2K Fashion

While Y2K clothing and accessories are considered to be ‘excessive’ and a far cry from the minimalistic trends we’ve observed over the past few years, the pop culture and hip hop influence is something we can get behind. From Sean John to True Religion, Y2K fashion brands were responsible for dressing some of Hollywood’s biggest stars. 

Before shopping for Y2K fashion, we recommend you take a look through the must-have pieces below. Hint: you’ve seen them on the likes of Gwen Stefani, Jay-Z, Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, and more. 

Playful Craft Accessories

Craft accessories are everywhere this year. From bauble rings to beaded friendship necklaces and bracelets, they remind us of our time at summer camp. The more colors the better, and of course, the more accessories the better. Playful craft accessories are all about embracing your inner child, and we like to look to Lizzie McGuire (a.k.a Hilary Duff) for inspiration.

Velour Tracksuits

In the early 2000s, every celebrity was wearing a velour tracksuit but the most iconic and notable version was designed by Juicy Couture. Made popular by Paris Hilton and the Kardashians, velour tracksuits were always worn with the matching pieces paired together. In 2021, we’re seeing these cozy, monochromatic looks come back in style. 

Mini Skirts 

Although Clueless came out in 1995, its iconic fashions were so groundbreaking that they remained in style and inspired the Y2K mini skirt trend. 2000s mini skirts were low-waisted and made of terry cloth, denim, or they were sewn with pleats. 

And the shorter, the better! Celebrities such as Britney Spears made mini skirts popular and even though the styling could have been better, we still love mini skirts today.

Low-Rise Jeans 

Mariah Carey claims to have started the low-rise jean trend in the early 2000s, though Mariah lays claim to a lot of things. The trend was popular among young celebrities such as the ladies behind Destiny’s Child, Avril Lavigne, and Lindsey Lohan.

Low-rise jeans were also worn with tops that were extremely cropped. Essentially, the more stomach you showed, the better. Today the trend can be seen on the likes of supermodel Bella Hadid.

Mini Graphic Tees & Tanks

‘Princess’, ‘babe’, and ‘don’t be jealous’ are just some of the slogans we’ve seen on graphic tees and tanks of the 2000s, including Britney Spears’ iconic ‘dump him’ shirt. There were some more scandalous options as well, but the cute ones have our hearts. 

If slogans weren’t your cup of tea back ten, there were always the exotic graphic designs of Ed Hardy. Everyone from Tara Reid to T.I. to Jessica Alba to Fergie was decked out in the brand’s leisurewear. 

  • Juicy Couture
  • Baby Phat
  • Pretty Little Thing
  • Fashion Nova
  • Lisa Says Gah
  • Lacoste
  • Von Dutch
  • Ed Hardy
  • ASOS
  • Urban Outfitters
  • Sean John
  • True Religion
  • Rocawear
  • Tommy Hilfiger
  • Kangol
  • Fila
  • Adidas

18 of the Best Brands to Shop for Y2K Fashion

You may be wondering where to shop for these nostalgic items now that Y2K fashion is ‘in’. Whether you want to fully commit to the trend or mix a few pieces into your wardrobe, the 18 best brands to shop for Y2K fashion have got you covered.  there’s something for everyone.

#1 – Juicy Couture

Best Brands to Shop for Y2K Fashion

Founded in 2001 at the height of Y2K style, Juicy Couture was once a go-to resource for clothing and accessories, even for children. That said, Juicy was best known for creating some of the best tracksuits, especially when it came to matching velour sets. 

Paris Hilton’s name became synonymous with Juicy’s velour tracksuits. Today, the brand continues to produce increasingly modern, up-to-date versions such as tie-dye and tucked jogger sets.

Some Juicy joggers are currently on sale from $59 to $29.50, with the brand’s most expensive sweaters ringing in at $80.50. If you’re OK with buying something used or vintage, try finding true 2000s Juicy items on resale apps like Poshmark

#2 – Baby Phat

Best Brands to Shop for Y2K Fashion

Kimora Lee and Russel Simmons were a power couple of the early 2000s and together they founded Baby Phat. With model and fashionista Kimora as the creative director, she was able to create collections that appealed to high and low-end buyers.

Everyone from Tyra Banks to Lil Kim to Missy Elliot was wearing the brand that teens were lusting after. Baby Phat was all about excess and its hip hop and streetwear influences gave it a feminine edge that no other brand had. 

We can’t forget Baby Phat’s bedazzled cat emblem logo. You can now shop Baby Phat clothing for as low as $23, only if you can get your hands on the often sold-out items.

#3 – Pretty Little Thing

Best Brands to Shop for Y2K Fashion

Pretty Little Thing is not a brand that was founded in the 2000s but it has embraced Y2K trends and sells everything you need to look like a walking throwback. PLT is best known for selling affordable clothing for younger women who want to be on top of trends, from playful craft accessories to graphic tops. 

The e-commerce giant’s baguette bags and low-rise jeans are quite popular, and with items priced as low as $10, you can go on a shopping spree without feeling guilty.

#4 – Fashion Nova

Best Brands to Shop for Y2K Fashion

Fashion Nova is one of the most popular e-commerce sites for trendy and affordable clothing. Between womenswear, kids, and menswear, there are endless Y2K-inspired options to choose from Fashion Nova’s collections.

What we love most about this etailer is their inclusive sizing for curvy girls and plus-sizes. You can spot Fashion Nova clothing on celebrities such as Cardi B, Nicki Minaj, Kylie Jenner, and YouTubers such as Trisha Paytas. And even though these media personalities have unlimited funds, they still love Fashion Nova’s $5 pieces. 

#5 – Lisa Says Gah

Best Brands to Shop for Y2K Fashion

San Francisco-based women’s brand Lisa Says Gah has gained immense popularity in the last few years thanks to its perfectly curated website. If it is your first time shopping for Y2K fashion items, Lisa Says Gah is a great place to start.

The site carries their own collection as well as brands they love. You can browse everything from wide leg pants to platform sandals, bandanas, fun necklaces, and cardigans

Unlike many of the brands on this list though, clothing from Lisa Says Gah will cost you a bit more. Most items come in around the $100 mark, but prices go up to $300

#6 – Lacoste

Best Brands to Shop for Y2K Fashion

Lacoste is known for its preppy tennis player aesthetic, which never really goes out of style. The brand’s polo shirts had a star moment in the early 2000s, offering a major juxtaposition to some of the more scandalous items being worn by celebs.

However, Lacoste polos were often styled with the smallest of mini skirts which formed the ‘good girl’ style that was donned by reality TV sweethearts like Lauren Conrad. 

Most Lacoste items still ring in around the $100 mark, and with tennis skirts being all the rage this year, Lacoste is the place to look for a polo shirt to match.

#7 – Von Dutch

Best Brands to Shop for Y2K Fashion

Remember trucker hats? Von Dutch offered some of the best. There is something about a Von Dutch trucker hat that is cool, yet cringe-worthy, making it a must-have for completing all of your Y2K looks. 

Ashton Kutcher and Justin Timberlake were just a couple of celebrities that helped the brand skyrocket to fame. Today, Kylie Jenner and Madison Beer are bringing Von Dutch back into the spotlight.

You can get a Von Dutch hat in just about any color you like, from sparkly pink to black. Even in 2021, one will cost you $89.

#8 – Ed Hardy

Best Brands to Shop for Y2K Fashion

Ed Hardy is a brand that really encapsulates over-the-top Y2K style. If you were wearing a crystal-encrusted hat and top in the 2000s, it had to be Ed Hardy. Inspired by the designs of the tattoo artist himself, celebs including Fergie and Pauly D wore Ed Hardy almost everywhere they went. 

Today the brand still makes women’s and men’s items including hats, jackets, bottoms, and tops with the same gaudy look that made them so popular. With face masks as low as $20 and leather jackets up to $3,000, there are items at all price points.

#9 – ASOS

Best Brands to Shop for Y2K Fashion

British retailer ASOS was actually founded in 2000. The etailer has its own product range but it also carries hundreds of other brands that target young adults. Adidas and Fila are just two of the many brands that are sold on the site.

ASOS is currently selling some very Y2K collections such as the Space Jam collection. They also have a Revolution x Bratz collection that is everyone’s 2000s makeup inspiration (because who didn’t want to look like a Bratz doll?!). 

You can shop everything that you need for a Y2K look on ASOS, from bucket hats priced as low as $9 to wide-leg jeans as high as $199.

#10 – Urban Outfitters

Best Brands to Shop for Y2K Fashion

Urban Outfitters has become one of the trendiest stores to shop from that somehow doesn’t feel trendy. UO carries vintage clothing, new clothing from brands like Fila, and their in-house brand, as well as records, makeup, and of course, the best unisex graphic tees. 

The website even has a ‘2000s Nostalgia’ section that’s been curated to include everything from mini dresses to sandals. UO’s graphic tanks and t-shirts are made from high-quality materials, which is why they often sell out. 

On the other hand, UO is known to get pricey with items up to $400, but their products do vary greatly in price depending on the brand and item.

#11 – Sean John

Best Brands to Shop for Y2K Fashion

If you hadn’t noticed, rapper-founded brands were very popular during the early 2000s and Sean John was no different. Founded by Sean Diddy Combs, Sean John created caps, tracksuits, and everything else that was essential to Y2K style.

Puff Daddy’s superstar status had every celebrity wanting to wear something by the brand and J.Lo even wore it to the MTV awards, which was one of her most replicated looks. P Diddy has also won numerous awards including a CFDA menswear designer of the year accord. 

Today, Sean John focuses on menswear and accessories, and with prices as low as $35, the brand offers an affordable way to try out Y2K trends. In 2020, Sean Jean collaborated with fast fashion brand Missguided on a collection that was inspired by both J.Lo and Rihanna.

#12 – True Religion

Best Brands to Shop for Y2K Fashion

Brand-name jeans were the most desired designer fashion item of the early 2000s. If you wanted people to envy you, all you had to do was pull on a pair of True Religion jeans

Of course, the jeans were low-rise and loose, with the Joey flares being the most stylish pair you could get. Oh, and don’t forget the brand’s horseshoe emblem and back pocket embellishments that screamed Y2K.

Jessica Alba and Jessica Simpson were huge fans of True Religion, while the Black Eyed Peas even referenced them in their songs. Bella Hadid has been the face of True Religion since 2018 and if that can’t revive a brand, nothing will.

#13 – Rocawear

Best Brands to Shop for Y2K Fashion

Jay-Z created NY-based streetwear company Rocawear with Damon Dash. The hip-hop inspired brand was worn by everyone in the music industry, from Beyonce to even the poshest singers like Victoria Beckham.

Though Rocawear sold all kinds of clothing and accessories, their signature bomber jacket in a juxtaposing satin print was a standout item. 

Just like many of the popular Y2K brands Rocawear made a comeback and you can now shop their products for as little as $6.

#14 – Tommy Hilfiger

Best Brands to Shop for Y2K Fashion

Tommy Hilfiger is known for its classic Americana style and for producing some of the best mainstream jeans. The brand’s preppy aesthetic has stood the test of time but their 2000s pieces were what started a lot of Y2K fashion trends.

With Destiny’s Child wearing Tommy’s cropped bandeau tops and overalls, just about every girl wanted a piece from the brand. Ever since, TH has been intertwined with the hip-hop world and it recently came out with a Space Jam collaboration too.

If you’re looking to shop for some unisex Y2K pieces, try a pair of Tommy’s unisex overalls ($149).

#15 – Kangol

Best Brands to Shop for Y2K Fashion

Hats were one of the key accessories of the early 2000s. With rap culture being so popular at the time and so many people looking to their favorite musicians for fashion inspiration, Kangol became a staple.

Celebs like LL Cool J, Missy Elliott, and actor Samuel L. Jackson rocked Kangol hats. The brand has it all, from their iconic 504 and 507 styles to bucket and even army hats. With streetwear and bucket hats being back in style, Kangol is even more relevant today. 

On the low-end, you can find a Kangol hat for $23, while on the high-end, you can pay up to $165

#16 – SHEIN

Best Brands to Shop for Y2K Fashion

If you are a TikTok user, you probably see about 50 Shein hauls on your FYP per day. That’s because the affordable Asian fast fashion brand creates trendy pieces that are accessible to all. 

There’s even a Y2K section on Shein’s website that makes shopping trend-specific items easy. With adorable kitsch jewelry for as low as $1 and jeans at $39, you can wear your favorite Y2K fashion trends for a shockingly low price.

#17 – Fila

Best Brands to Shop for Y2K Fashion

Italian sportswear brand Fila is recognized by its iconic navy, red and white logo. The brand designed some of the most popular men’s and women’s items of the period, including shoes and apparel. Fila even has a section on its website dedicated to ‘heritage apparel’ which includes polo shirts and joggers.   

Today celebrities such as Emily Ratjkowski, Sophia Richie, and Gigi Hadid are showing their love for the brand on a weekly basis. You can shop their popular chunky sneakers for as low as $52 and their tracksuits for $60 (per piece). They even have a section of their website dedicated to heritage apparel which includes polo shirts,  joggers, and everything in between that you would need to get the Y2K look.

#18 – Adidas

Best Brands to Shop for Y2K Fashion

Adidas is a sportswear brand that may be more famous now than ever, but it had its moments in the early 2000s. With the rise of hip-hop culture, the Adidas Superstars became popular. Although they weren’t designed during the 2000s, they were still very relevant and celebrities such as Missy Elliot loved wearing the shoes.

The Superstars came back into style in recent years with modern updates, including a design collaboration with Pharell Williams. If you love the tracksuit trend, Adidas is a great place to shop. Gwen Stephani sported an iconic bright green tracksuit with baggy bottoms from the brand that would still look great today.

You can purchase the Adidas Superstars for $85 or a tracksuit for $75 (per piece).

Which Y2K fashion brands are the most affordable?

Best Brands to Shop for Y2K Fashion

One of the best parts about wearing Y2K fashion trends is that you don’t have to break the bank to be in style. Many of the brands featured on this list are fast fashion brands that are very affordable, such as Fashion Nova, Pretty Little Thing, and Shein

Luckily, BabyPhat, Sean Jean, Rocawear, and Kangol have all come back at much more affordable price points than they originally were sold at. To make the most out of a Y2K outfit, try shopping for some fast fashion pieces and some from ‘original’ brands.

How can I style Y2K fashion?

Best Brands to Shop for Y2K Fashion

When it comes to styling Y2K fashions, it depends on how committed you are to the overall look. You can always throw on a mini graphic tee with some wide-leg, high-rise jeans for a more relaxed look, but if you want to go full Paris Hilton in the Simple Life, you can do that too.

If you’re taking it to the extreme, try out a velour tracksuit from Juicy Couture with platform sandals and a Von Dutch hat. For a modern take, look at celebrities such as Bella Hadid who don mini graphic tees with low-rise jeans on the regular. 

If you need added tips on how to style Y2K fashion trends, refer to your TikTok feed. Just like any other fad, the tackiest of Y2K fashions will come and go, but overall, we’re happy to see that many of them have made a comeback. 

What to Wear with Striped Pants

Getting dressed every morning is always a feat. There’s so much that goes into planning a cohesive outfit from head to toe. Staple pieces are great, but we all know that it’s the trendiest styles and coolest patterns that turn a simple outfit into a great one.

And what’s one pair of bottoms that are a crowd-pleaser? Striped pants that come in all sorts of shades, silhouettes, and styles. Yet, like most bold pieces of clothing in your wardrobe, you may not know where to start when it comes to how to style striped pants.

All that being said, we’re here to guide you through what to wear with striped pants; all with pieces that are probably already in your closet. From outfits with striped pants to simply shirts to wear with striped pants—we’ve got you covered. 

We’ll detail all the dos and don’ts, tips and tricks, and cutest fits to give you inspiration so you can start wearing your new favorite bottoms.

What Goes With Striped Pants – 15 Best Outfits Ideas

What to Wear with Striped Pants

You’ve got plenty of choices in your closet, yet when it comes to what to wear with striped pants, you’re drawing a blank. Why?

Because the design is bold and it feels like a lot to work with. Especially when you have to put together an entire outfit around the loud accent piece.

Luckily, it’s not only what to wear with striped pants, it’s how to wear striped pants. Consider this—what do you already have in your closet? What pieces can you pair with them to create a look that’s true to who you are?

With all that in mind, we’ll share our tips on what to wear with striped pants with 15 different outfits down below. We selected different silhouettes, colors, styles, and more, to help you find a look that feels right for you. 

1. Classic Striped Pants

What to Wear with Striped Pants

The classic striped pants, which you probably already own, are black and white with vertical stripes. And to finish off the classic style? A straight leg fit.

For a chic and well-styled look, pair this pair of striped pants with a plain scoop neck tee, a warm leather jacket, and simple black chunky heels.

This look is simple, but that’s what makes it so great. The pants are bold, while the top, jacket, and shoes are closet staples. All the best looks are made up of 3 essentials and one unique item!

2. Colorful Striped Pants

What to Wear with Striped Pants

If you’ve got a wardrobe chock full of color, chances are you’re going to want a pair of striped pants that match. Hey, go hard or go home, right?

Since a rainbow set of stripes has an eclectic look, it only makes sense to lean into the flowy, bright vibes with a loose silhouette. 

On top of that (literally), try on a pale pink wrap top for a lighter look. Then, pair it with heart-shaped glasses and strappy heels that feature matching peach hues.

To finish off the cheery look, slip into a bright yellow blazer—pulling tones from the pants and bringing out the brightness of all the colors. 

3. Wide Leg Striped Pants

What to Wear with Striped Pants

Bootcut bottoms have always been known for being born from Western styles. And if you love warm tones and those classic chunky boots, this look is likely speaking to you.

The striped pants feature deep rust tones and a soft white, both of which are matched by the knotted graphic tee. With a hat on top and boots on the bottom, this look screams cowboy vibes.

4. Vintage Striped Pants

What to Wear with Striped Pants

Colorful and eclectic tend to go hand-in-hand. These structured straight jeans are printed with patterned stripes in a range of colors reminiscent of the 70s.

With a pair of mustard-colored socks to bring out the warm tones and an ivory tee patterned with colorful butterflies, this look is vintage at every turn. 

5. Palazzo Striped Pants

What to Wear with Striped Pants

If you’re most comfortable in loose, flowy, oversized pieces, a pair of palazzo striped pants is exactly what you’ve been looking for. The super-wide leg calls for tall heels to create plenty of height while the baby blue stripes pair seamlessly with the balloon sleeve navy top.

The oversized wide brim hat finishes off the effortless and trendy look.

6. Sophisticated Striped Pants

What to Wear with Striped Pants

When you’re heading to the office, striped trousers are a go-to. With a flattering slim fit and a stylish color, these bottoms add a light and airy touch to an otherwise moody look.

The fitted blazer and dark mock neck, when paired with the leather loafers, have a dark academia vibe. The light-colored bottoms add a more natural vibe for the perfect blend of business casual. 

7. Bohemian Striped Pants

What to Wear with Striped Pants

All boho chic looks are born from loose designs, light colors, and comfortable pieces.

A loose pair of linen bottoms with a subtle beige and white striping is an essential—especially paired with another classic: a plain white tee. A chunky pair of sunnies, messy bun, and matching beige headband pull the whole look together.

8. Casual Striped Pants

What to Wear with Striped Pants

For a day out and about, jeans and a comfortable tee are always the top choice. Elevate the casual look by swapping those blue jeans for striped bottoms.

This subtle change turns this everyday look into something a little more unique, while still being super casual. 

Paired with a brown leather belt, matching purse, and round sunnies, you’ll be feeling cool and fashionable wherever you go.

9. Matching Set with Striped Pants

What to Wear with Striped Pants

A blazer and pants matching set is a must-have for any office environment. But why not add a unique touch with a pinstripe design?

This look perfectly marries the two pieces together with a chunky belt—adding structure and shape to the waist—while turning the blazer into a wrap top.

The bold red bag adds a bright touch to the dark and muted look, while the stark white sneakers create a more laid back and chic vibe.

10. Fall Day Striped Pants

What to Wear with Striped Pants

As the cooler weather falls upon us, we start pulling out our cozy sweaters and chunky boots.

But don’t put your striped pants away just yet! These fitted striped bottoms pair seamlessly with the chunky, oversized knit, while the black boots and round hat are the perfect cool-weather accessory. 

And if it’s especially chilly, swap for a beanie and you’ll be nice and toasty. And look good too!

11. Beach Vibes Striped Pants

What to Wear with Striped Pants

We’ve mentioned that stripe pants fare well in cool weather. As it turns out, they’re ideal for warmer days too.

Made from a super soft linen with a wide, flowy leg, and bolder stripes, these neutral bottoms have the warmest vibes while keeping you cool. Paired with a one-shoulder cropped tank, sun hat, and a drink in hand, you’ll be ready for the beach ASAP.

12. Grunge Striped Pants

What to Wear with Striped Pants

Deep and moody vibes are brought to life with black and gray striped bottoms with a straight leg fit.

Completed with a classic pair of combat boots, a black crossbody bag, and an oversized graphic crewneck sweater, this look is everything that grunge 90s style is made of. 

13. Feminine Striped Pants

What to Wear with Striped Pants

For a more girly, June in Santorini look, a pair of baby blue striped jeans is the move.

These bottoms have a wide-leg fit, which is complemented by the tight fitting white top featuring balloon sleeves and a strappy detail. The black heeled espadrilles feel summery and fresh, paired perfectly alongside the net market bag. 

14. Neutral Striped Pants

What to Wear with Striped Pants

Those of us with capsule wardrobes tend to follow a specific color palette—more than likely a neutral one. But that doesn’t mean we have to avoid patterns!

These bottoms feature a straight fit and a beige and white striping that is subtle yet warm. Paired with brown boots and creamy sweater topped off with a matching leather bag, this look is sweet and simple. 

15. Mixing Patterns with Striped Pants

What to Wear with Striped Pants

Just because your pants are striped doesn’t mean you can’t wear a patterned top. Fashion is all about playing with what you’ve got, and why not pair a few polka dots with stripes?

The secret here is the simple black accessories and the blending of a neutral black and white pattern; all tied in with some vertical green and white stripes.

Shirts To Wear With Striped Pants

Now that we’ve shared all the details on potential outfits, you may be wondering about our list of shirts that go with striped pants. Below, we’ll outline our favorite tops that truly bring out the eccentric style.

1. Plain Tee and Striped Pants

What to Wear with Striped Pants

The number one top on our list? A plain one. It’s hard to go wrong with your classic plain white tee, especially if your name is Delilah and you live in New York City.

But a simple color doesn’t mean you can’t have texture, so little pockets and frills will definitely add a unique touch. 

This is something you most definitely have in your closet, but the striped bottoms will elevate the look. This means you don’t really have to think about what you’re grabbing as you head out the door. 

2. Oversized Sweater and Striped Pants

What to Wear with Striped Pants

Another seamless option, especially for cooler days, is an oversized chunky sweater. It’s already hard to go wrong with this fan favorite, and it only makes the striped pants look more sophisticated and styled.

Plus, there are so many different types of sweaters to choose from that will create a different vibe depending on color, silhouette, and pattern.

3. Bold Color Top and Striped Pants

What to Wear with Striped Pants

If you’re looking to match your bold bottoms with a bold top, go for an eye-catching color like a firetruck red or hot Barbie pink. This way, your outfit will look like it took a lot more thought than it really did.

There’s nothing easier than finding your go-to bold top and pairing it with striped bottoms—but the unique pairing looks fully styled and trendy.

4. Button Up Shirt and Striped Pants

What to Wear with Striped Pants

A button-up shirt can be cool and casual or sleek and professional depending on how you wear it. The same goes for striped pants.

With an oversized fitting pair of striped bottoms and a knotted button-down, you’ll be ready for a walk in the park. Tuck in the shirt and roll the hem of the pants, and you’re suddenly prepped for a day in the office. 

5. Graphic Tee and Striped Pants

What to Wear with Striped Pants

Simple yet fun, a graphic tee adds even more visual interest to your look, while still feeling comfortable and casual. Whether you want to match the colors of your bottoms or rep your fav band, this look will have a grunge and comfy vibe.

And if you want to make things a little edgier, opt for black Chelsea boots. If not, try on some white sneakers to lighten the look.

6. Blazer and Striped Pants

What to Wear with Striped Pants

Last but not least, a blazer is a seamless pairing to your striped bottoms, especially if they’re matching. And if they’re not, the look will still feel pulled together and business casual.

For a more cohesive look, try matching the color of the blazer to one of the stripes in your pants, while choosing an undershirt in a color similar to the other stripe.

How to Style Striped Pants?

What to Wear with Striped Pants

Despite the fact that the bold design may seem overwhelming, striped pants really aren’t all that difficult to style.

If you’ve got a plain top, you’re all set. And if you’re looking to mix patterns, the options are endless. All that’s really left are accessories. (Plus staying true to the color palette.) 

All that being said, we hope that our list of outfits and shirts to wear with striped pants helped you pick out a few pieces from your wardrobe or discover options you didn’t know you had. Got a few more questions? Check out some of our answers down below!


When it comes to styling, a key detail to remember is balance. If you’ve got something tight on the bottom, it makes sense to pair it with something loose on top, and the same goes for the other way round.

This rule remains true with colors and patterns: a bold pattern is easily paired with a solid color. 

That being said, mixing patterns, silhouettes, and colors can be a lot of fun. So, if you’re comfortable pairing oversized tops with oversized bottoms, no one is going to stop you—and it will always look good if you rock it with confidence.

The same goes for mixing patterns and bold colors as your outfit will always make an impression.

And if you’re wondering what to wear with striped pants that will make them look most beautiful, the answer will always be something plain on top.

Why? Because a plain tee, textured blouse, or neutral blazer will let the bold stripes do all the talking, while you still let your personality shine through with your choice of top and accessories.

The truth of it all is that striped pants will go with anything in your wardrobe. And whether you’re into some wide-leg bottoms, a flowy silhouette, or a tight fitting skinny, you’ll find a pair for any style that can easily be dressed up or down, from casual to business chic.

What Not to Wear With Striped Pants – Fashion Tips to Avoid

What to Wear with Striped Pants

When you’re wondering what to wear with striped pants, it helps to consider what you should avoid. And now that we’ve shared our list of what to wear with striped pants, here’s our list of fashion faux pas when it comes to the classic bottoms:

  1. Vertical striped t-shirts
  2. Plaid
  3. Opposing colors
  4. Knee length boots–you don’t want to cover up the cool style!

What Colors Go With Striped Pants?

What to Wear with Striped Pants

So, what colors look best in terms of striped pants? The answer is all of them. If you’re looking for a more cohesive, put-together look, it helps to pair your bottoms with a top that complements the colors. I

n other words—if you’ve got blue and white stripes going on on the bottom, a solid blue or white top will pair seamlessly with the design.

In saying that, if your pants are black and white and you don’t want to look edgy, try a pop of color for a more preppy look (a bright red or cool deep green might work). On the other hand, shades of black and white will never let you down.

So, if you’re wondering what to wear with striped pants when it comes to color, your options are basically endless. Just remember that pulling shades from the main piece of your outfit is always a great call!

Are Striped Pants in Style?

What to Wear with Striped Pants

As you have flipped through our list of what to wear with striped pants, you may be wondering ‘Are striped pants in style?’ If you flip through a few magazines, no matter the year is pasted on the cover, you’ll find at least one pair of striped pants.

Why? Well, the bold design is also quite simple. And the truth is, which we hope our list of what to wear with striped pants has revealed, is that they pair quite well with anything. And, as we mentioned, they blend seamlessly into any style, from boho to neutral to grunge. 

Does a more versatile pair of patterned bottoms exist? We think not! They’ll always be at the front lines of the trendiest looks.

Can You Wear a Striped Shirt With Striped Pants?

What to Wear with Striped Pants

If you’re wondering what goes with striped pants, the answer isn’t a vertical striped shirt. The reason? You might look a little like Beetlejuice. Or you’ll look like you’re in pajamas. There’s something about too many straight up and down lines that just clashes.

But what do we suggest instead? Try pairing those vertical stripes on the bottom with some horizontal stripes on top, with different colors preferably.

This will create a little more visual interest, widening your hips and lengthening your legs for an especially eye-catching silhouette.

Keep in mind that we’re not talking about the blazer bottom combo, in this case, since it has a chic and put together look. Especially if you’ve got a different top underneath to break up the design a bit.

Do Striped Pants Make You Look Taller?

What to Wear with Striped Pants

Ever noticed how models point their toes in pics and poses? What about stretching one leg in front of the camera? Basically, those moves make their legs look more elongated, making them look taller. And funnily enough, the same goes for striped pants. 

If we’re talking science, it’s the vertical lines that create the illusion. This is only enhanced by silhouettes like skinny and wide legs as they draw the eye downward.

So, now that you know what to wear with striped pants, try on a pair. Especially if you want to look like you’ve got legs for days. 

Final Thoughts

What to Wear with Striped Pants

When it comes down to it, picking your outfit doesn’t have to be hard. You’ve got plenty of items in your wardrobe to choose from, especially considering that striped pants look good with almost anything. 

There are so many different styles and silhouettes to choose from that will match seamlessly with your vibe. And if you’re not sure, simply revisit our list of what to wear with striped pants, and what not to wear with striped pants!

For more clothing-related do’s and don’ts, check out some of our other guides:

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How to Wear Socks With Loafers

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Can You Wear Black Shoes With a Navy Suit and Look Amazing?

Since the early 2010s, online shopping and the number of e-tailers available have seen a significant boom. Stores like Princess Polly, an Australia-born womenswear brand, have popped up and popped off with trendy clothing and accessories for the fashion-forward millennial and style-obsessed Gen Z. 

Since its launch in 2010, Princess Polly has established a celebrity following with the likes of Ariana Grande, Charlie D’Amelio, and Kendall Jenner all mixing the brand with their favorite luxury pieces. This guide will take a detailed look at Princess Polly and other stores like the Australian fashion giant 

Overview of Princess Polly

Stores like Princess Polly

Founded in an Australian beachside apartment in 2010, Princess Polly prides itself on being the “go-to place for the newest looks” with a commitment to providing the best shopping experience for their “gals all over the globe.”

Since moving out of its apartment, Princess Polly has employed over 200 staff members and opened offices in Gold Coast, Australia as well as West Hollywood, USA. 

But how can we best summarize all the best parts of our featured brand? With a neat list, of course!


  • Offers a stunning variety of clothing to fill your wardrobe
  • United Nations Global Compact participant 
  • 10% discount for students 
  • Rewards program available 
  • A modest price range of $7 to $200

How We Chose the Best Stores Like Princess Polly

Stores like Princess Polly

There are quite a few online and physical stores like Princess Polly. However, this guide will only cover the stores that offer similar price points, products, consumer audience, and, most importantly, style. 


Stores much like Princess Polly have young millennial women as well as Gen Z women at the forefront of their minds. Expect to see buying initiatives, rewards programs, and free shipping incentives.

This creates inclusion for their consumers who are just starting out in the career field or are shopping for new threads for school. 


The general style of stores like Princess Polly heavily lean on the popular styles of the moment. Think trendy in every way with a close eye on runway trends and a strong hand on micro trends.

Here is where you’ll find pieces to fulfill the Tik Tok famous ‘avant basic’ look while also spotting an affordable dupe for those shearling Marni slides you’ve been coveting. 


Although the pieces look their best, Princess Polly and co. do operate on a fast-fashion basis. Meaning you are getting what you pay for in terms of quality.

However, Princess Polly does provide ethical sourcing and a collection of products made from sustainable materials. 


Stores like Princess Polly often offer a full range of collections including apparel, footwear, and accessories. Though some stores may take their range further by incorporating home goods as well as skincare and/or beauty.

The stores on this list offer the same Princess Polly lineup of apparel, footwear, and accessories. 


Oftentimes, stores like Princess Polly operate solely online. While this removes the in-person experience, Princess Polly makes up for it with a points system that rewards its users with early access to sales, gifts on their birthday, discounts, and more.

The neatly designed layout makes it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for or just endlessly scroll for inspo. The e-tailer also offers exchange, store credit, or a refund 30 days from delivery if your Princess Polly piece just doesn’t work out. 

Diversity & Inclusion

A quick look through the Princess Polly website or Instagram will tell you that the brand favors the white, thin and blonde archetype with a few models of color sprinkled in.

Stores like Princess Polly will often include a “curve collection” where all the brand’s plus-size clothing lives. Our featured brand, however, offers extended size ranges – up to US size 20 – on several pieces yet plus-size models are a rarity on the brand’s site. 

18 Best Stores Like Princess Polly 

Princess Polly isn’t the only one-stop-shop for the latest trends in apparel and accessories. In fact, there are a variety of stores like Princess Polly offering the newest looks, hottest trends, and most sought-after pieces.

With fashion and style far more mainstream than it’s ever been, it’s good to keep this brand and other e-tailers like our trendy giant on your radar. Thankfully we’ve compiled a list of the 18 stores most like Princess Polly so all you have to do is scroll and take it all in. 

#1 – White Fox Boutique

Stores like Princess Polly

Founded in 2013, White Fox Boutique is an online e-tailer offering apparel, footwear, and accessories. Like Princess Polly, White Fox Boutique was also founded in Australia, but unlike the Gold Coast native, White Boutique Boutique exclusively designs and produces its products in-house

With its HQ in Sydney and showrooms in L.A, White Fox Boutique started small but has since boomed in business with celebrity endorsements and over 1.8 million followers on Instagram

While Princess Polly provides pieces for the youthful and poppy millennial and Gen Zer, White Fox Boutique hones in on the baddie aesthetic with messaging and products geared towards women in their early 20s to early 30s.

The White Fox woman is often shopping for a few pieces to accent their 9-5 wardrobe but is largely shopping the brand’s cheeky mini dresses for their after 5 or sexy swimwear for a vacation. 

Pricing at White Fox Boutique is a bit lower than Princess Polly. Where Princess Polly has a price range that climbs to $250, White Fox Boutique offers pieces for as low as $10 and as high as $150.

This could be because – unlike Princess Polly – White Fox Boutique does not offer outerwear, an oftentimes more expensive apparel piece. 

When it comes to diversity and inclusion, White Fox Boutique utilizes more models of color in their campaigns than on their social media and website. While sizing is offered up to XXL, there isn’t much body diversity in the marketing or on the website.

#2 – Beginning Boutique

Stores like Princess Polly

The year is 2008 and the economic crisis is at large. While many businesses were coming undone, Beginning Boutique was founded and has since risen to be a global go-to destination for fashion-forward festival fits and trendy pieces for the weekend. 

Beginning Boutique was built on a boundary-pushing system with a mission to positively impact the world and provide top-notch customer service.

Its commitment to always put the customer first is woven throughout the brand from the literal statement on the brand’s ‘About Us’ page to the rave reviews from customers themselves.

The label’s “next -level customer service” is even mentioned in a Forbes article

Beginning Boutique is transparent about the steps the brand is taking to ensure it positively impacts the world (as its mission statement proclaims).

A full sustainability pledge is available to view on the brand’s website, which is updated with any new practices the brand begins using. The pledge also states that the brand’s Australian headquarters meet the Fair Work Australia requirements. 

Marketed to women 16-30, Beginning Boutique offers a vast selection of dresses, crop tops, bottoms, and more from $20 to $165. Students are also given a discount to further create a more price-inclusive experience. 

Beginning Boutique has an extended size range including up to size US 16. This does provide some body diversity on the company’s social media but rarely on the company website.

The same can be said about racial diversity. Models of colors are utilized in marketing and on the website, but nowhere near as much as should be the norm nowadays. 

#3 – Hello Molly

Stores like Princess Polly

Wave hello to Hello Molly, an Australia-born fashion hub for the diva on a dime. This brand first launched in 2012 with the belief that every woman should be able to enjoy the must-have styles of the moment without tearing their finances to shreds. 

Hello Molly’s extensive list of fans spans over 130 countries and includes celebrity endorsements from the likes of Kylie Jenner and Emily Ratajkowski

The brand’s vast selection of high glam party dresses, cute crop tops, body-hugging bottoms, skincare, and even intimacy products, ranges from $10 to $200 with plenty of products in the $20-$150 range. 

It’s not hard for Hello Molly fans to find styles they’re typically drawn to alongside trends they’ve never thought to try themselves. With over 100 new releases every week, this company keeps its inventory up to date and of the moment regularly. 

Though Hello Molly sells to a variety of women, their marketing could use a bit more diversity. On the plus side, we are happy to see that pregnant women have graced the pages of the brand’s website. 

#4 – Nasty Gal

Stores like Princess Polly

Once an eBay store selling second-hand vintage clothing, Nasty Gal is now one of the most popular online destinations for festival-friendly fashion as well as trendy womenswear, footwear, and accessories. 

This brand exists online and has supported a slew of pop-ups in California as well as London since its launch in 2012.

The Nasty Gal woman is in her late teens to mid-20s and has an appreciation for the easy breezy west coast aesthetic as well as London street style. On their website, you’ll find crochet crop tops, star print flared trousers, sheer cardigans, and lots of fringe. 

Typically, items on Nasty Gal are priced between $15-$150 making this yet another brand for the fashion fan looking to build their wardrobe on a budget.

With maternity, petite, and plus-size collections, Nasty Gal showcases a variety of bodies on its website and in its marketing, alongside a variety of racially diverse models. We love to see it.

Stores like Princess Polly

Founded in 2010, & Other Stories is an all-encompassing store for the modern woman. Working from L.A, Paris, and Stockholm, this brand provides its customers with the latest in womenswear inspired by European street style and designers of the moment. 

& Other Stories retails a wide selection of apparel, accessories, and footwear. Priced around $10-$300, this brand speaks to a plethora of women in their early 20s to around 35 (but don’t let that stop you from buying something that catches your eye).

& Other Stories is where a shopper may find a cute knit for a cabin getaway, work essentials, must-have basics, and a slew of dresses for formal and semi-formal events. 

Racial diversity is something the brand welcomes in its marketing and on its website. However, with a size range that does not exceed XL, body diversity isn’t something you may see from this brand. 

While & Other Stories does have storefronts in the USA, Asia, and all over Europe, this brand also provides international shipping to better convenience shoppers out of the store’s reach. 

#6 – H&M

Stores like Princess Polly

Originally called Hennes, H&M is might just be of the most widespread retailers to come out of Europe in the last century.

Born in Sweden, and now spanning the globe with stores and an online presence, H&M has been contributing to the accessibility of fashion for over 70 years. 

H&M started as a womenswear brand but has since grown to include menswear, childrenswear, and even a plus-size lineup. 

Due to its large selection, the H&M customer can be a small child to an adult in their late 30s. This store is where shoppers will find casual wear, special occasion looks, denim, knits, and everything in between.

Offering products for all genders and ages, this brand prices its items to the tune of $10-$300. 

The convenience of H&M not only comes from the international shipping and storefronts all over the globe but also its selection. Its wide target market and price range make it a veritable paradise when it comes to shopping for everyone in your family. 


Stores like Princess Polly

Founded in the U.K, Missguided is a womenswear brand targeting women 16-30 looking for the hottest styles. Since going live in 2009, Missguided has grown substantially and cultivated a massive following which includes celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Megan Fox

The Missguided woman may have a penchant for pink, adoration for glam, and doesn’t mind showing a little leg or a lot of cleavage.

Missguided is also where you’ll find affordable dupes of the hottest heels, dresses super similar to the designer threads you saw on your favorite It Girl, and, of course, a Playboy collab. 

This brand is notorious for its everyday promotions ranging from 30%-80% off. This makes its regularly priced goods – which start as low as $7 and reach as high as $320 – more affordable than other retailers. 

With a modesty collection, maternity collection, and products made shoppable by fit (tall, petite, plus-size), body diversity is something you are going to see from the Missguided brand. We’re also happy to note that racial diversity also abounds at Missguided.

#8 – Sabo Skirt

Stores like Princess Polly

Sabo Skirt has humble beginnings as a fashion blog before turning into a Brisbane-based online store with a massive following.

Offering light fabrics, cute florals, and soft touches, Sabo Skirt designs with the 15-25-year-old woman in mind, inspired by a love for the modern, fresh, and feminine wardrobe. 

Sabo Skirt’s collection of apparel and footwear, which includes sleep and swimwear, are all designed in-house and exclusively sold on their website. 

Though this brand features lush collections of beautiful fabric, you won’t be spending more than $150 on a wide variety of the brand’s products.  

While the company works hard to bring its customers new styles weekly, Sabo Skirt is still smaller in scope than most fast-fashion brands and even most brands on this list.

However, there are still quite a few pages with a plethora of styles made available for the longtime Sabo Skirt fan or new customer.

As an aside, plus-size isn’t a market Sabo Skirt caters to, so, unfortunately, body diversity isn’t really their forte at the moment.

#9 – Stelly

Stores like Princess Polly

Stelly started as a small Sydney boutique in 2005 and has since grown to multiple locations across town and a booming online business. 

The Stelly woman is 16-30 and knows this brand is where she can find a dress for any occasion alongside trendy tops, bottoms, accessories, and footwear. Stelly commits to its aesthetic of easy-breezy fashion finds for $10 to $150

Stelly’s selection is at its most plentiful in its dresses categories with a fair amount of options in other apparel categories. We also must note that the brand limited international shipping options, which isn’t as convenient as most of the other stores like Princess Polly on this list. 

#10 – Meshki

Stores like Princess Polly

Meshki is the online store for the neutrals-loving baddie who likes her simplicity with a dash of sexy. 

The Meshki brand is primarily for women 16-30 with Insta-worth styles from cozy separates to show-stopping swimwear.

Only a select few of Meshki pieces are priced above $150 with a variety of the brand’s selection offered below $100. This allows the savvy shopper to stock up their favorites without breaking the bank. 

Meshki’s sizing is only offered up to US size 12 but the Persian owners do ensure racial diversity is present within the brand’s marketing. 

#11 – Boohoo

Stores like Princess Polly

Since being founded in 2006, British retailer Boohoo has seen rapid growth. Hosting over 40,000 products on its site, the brand offers apparel for children as well as teens and adults aged 16-30. 

Boohoo is known for its daily promotions, most commonly promoting the 50% off sitewide sale. The clothing is diverse, featuring basics and casualwear alongside party essentials, workwear, and formalwear. It’s not hard to find something for everyone on the brand’s flashy website. 

While pricing can be anywhere between $5-$300, the constant promotions coupled with student discounts (if applicable) will have customers easily shopping in the $160 and below range. 

With multiple fit collections from petite to plus-size, body diversity is something the brand welcomes and advertises. Racial diversity is also a part of this brand’s ethos. 

For UK shoppers, Boohoo offers next-day delivery, which adds extra convenience to the online experience, while international shoppers are treated to duty-free shopping as Boohoo covers all duty charges. 

#12 – Lulus

Stores like Princess Polly

What began as a small vintage clothing store in the ’90s is now a completely digital fashion hub for women who love luxury that won’t break the bank. LuLus is that fashion hub and has been in booming business for over two decades. 

Since selling all its physical stores and going exclusively online in 2005, the brand has cultivated a following of women aged 16-30. LuLus is where the modern woman finds bridalwear, casualwear, cute and cozy knits, durable denim, and shoes, all bought or designed by the brand. 

With an entire wedding collection offered through the brand, the LuLus price point can climb up to $300 but rest assured most products are around or below the $120 range.

Extended sizing is offered at LuLus which prompts the body diversity you can see on the brand’s Instagram.  

#13 – Garage

Stores like Princess Polly

Garage is a Canadian retailer creating trendy clothing primarily for women aged 16 to 25. The Garage woman is oftentimes a student in high school or undertaking post-secondary education, but their clothing can be appealing to all. 

The brand prides itself on offering the latest in casualwear as well as seasonless products its shoppers can wear all year long. With a target market largely in school, you’re looking at $10-$150 when shopping at Garage.

With a loyalty program, in-store exchanges, and regular sweepstakes, Garage makes its shopping experience not only convenient but also much more enjoyable than some of its competitors. 

#14 – Dynamite

Stores like Princess Polly

Operating online and in-store, Dynamite is one of Canada’s most popular retail brands with over 300 stores across North America. 

The Dynamite woman is a little older than the Princess Polly shopper as the brand targets women 25-30. However, just as Princess Polly, Dynamite offers a wide selection of fashionable apparel and accessories. 

The brand offers style-forward workwear, semi-formal events, and 14K gold plated jewelry. While shopping Dynamite, you’ll notice that while the target market has aged up, the prices are still fairly affordable, with pieces priced from $10-$150.

With its headquarters in Montreal, Canada, Dynamite takes advantage of its multicultural surroundings by showcasing racial diversity on its website and in its marketing. As for body diversity, you’ll find more of that in the brand’s marketing than on the website. 

The website editorials add a layer of convenience for shoppers looking for inspiration on how to wear a Dynamite piece or simply do not know what to wear. 

#15 – Mango

Stores like Princess Polly

Not just a tropical fruit, Mango is an online and in-store fashion destination for women, men, teens, and kids’ clothing. Founded long before online shopping was even conceptualized, Mango was born in Catalonia, Spain nearly four decades ago. 

Since launching its online store in 2000, Mango has grown to over 16,000 employees servicing e-comm as well as the number of physical stores across Europe.

The Mango look is heavily influenced by ready-to-wear seen during fashion week with a penchant for basics and more minimalistic pieces. 

Compared to Princess Polly, Mango offers a wider selection of styles as it does cater to men, teens as well as children.

The price range at this brand is also quite different from the Australian giant as Mango pieces are priced up to $600 though there is a variety of pieces offered within the $20-$200 range. 

In August 2021 it was announced that the brand would be extending its size range while also integrating its plus-size lineup into its general women’s collections.

#16 – Showpo

Stores like Princess Polly

Previously known as Show Pony, Showpo is a woman-owned fashion brand committed to inspiring and empowering its customers.

Founded in 2010, Showpo offers its customers a variety of trend-focused styles from its very own in-house designs – crafted with care in Sydney – to the 80+ local and international brands it also offers.  

Since 2013, Showpo has operated as an online-only platform though it does hold regular sample sales in Sydney. The brand caters to women 16-20 years old with products designed to appeal to students, the working woman, and even brides and their bridal party.

Style savvy ladies of all tax brackets are sure to find something within Showpo’s $20-$250 price range. 

With pieces that go up to US size 16, body diversity is something you are going to see on the Showpo website and Instagram. Compared to other stores on this list, Showpo welcomes racial diversity in its branding by often utilizing models of color. 

#17 – Tiger Mist

Stores like Princess Polly

Coming to the scene from Melbourne in 2007, Tiger Mist is your favorite It Girl’s favorite fast-fashion brand.

Birthed out of a garage and now an online hot spot for women 16-30, Tiger Mist owners and sisters, Stevie and Alana Pallister, used their social media savvy to turn this at-home boutique into a fashion empire with a celebrity following and outstanding social media presence. 

Tiger Mist built its aesthetic off It Girls of the moment like Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner.

Marketing to festival-going, rooftop cocktail-having party girls, Tiger Mist’s selection of body-hugging dresses, contouring corsets, sexy swimwear, and more are outfitted with details only the boldest of us would love. 

Tiger Mist is one of the more affordable brands when compared to stores like Princess Polly. With prices starting at $10 and climbing up to only $100, it’s clear this brand knows its market and does its best to cater to those within it. 

While Tiger Mist has partnered with several influencers and celebrities of color, models of color are rare on the brand’s website and marketing. With no plus-sizing offered, body diversity is also lacking from this brand. 

In addition to its own website, Tiger Mist is also sold at other popular retail stores such as ASOS, Urban Outfitters, and Nordstrom.

While these stores don’t carry the full range of the brand’s products, the whole selection can be found in the physical Tiger Mist Store in Melbourne.

#18 – DISSH

Stores like Princess Polly

DISSH is a women-owned –and led– fashion destination with roots and headquarters in Australia. DISSH caters to the cottagecore woman who enjoys feminine silhouettes without all the fuss. This brand delivers an effortless cool with a specialty in natural fibers and modern design. 

Offering apparel, accessories, and shoes, DISSH’s price range starts at $10 sale price to $330 regular price, though products priced above $300 aren’t plentiful. The brand states that while the design is done by the in-house team in Australia, production takes place in China. 

DISSH is a brand that places the longevity of its product at top of mind.

The brand has made an effort to have a majority of its collections be made of natural fibers as well as other low-impact materials. This company wants their customers to know they can wear their pieces again and again due to the outstanding quality. 

While the brand does have a size range that includes XXL, you won’t find many non-thin models on the company’s website or socials.  

Back to the positives. DISSH is an online fashion destination that ships around the globe, it also has 8 storefronts in Australia. This offers the convenience of being able to return online items in-store for a quicker turnaround. 

Stores like Princess Polly

Stores like Princess Polly are popular for the accessibility provided. 

Each brand offers the hottest trends for a fraction of the luxury fashion price. With the economy always changing in ways that do not benefit most young people, trendy e-tailers like these allow fashion fans of all tax brackets to enjoy and try the styles of the moment. 

Which Stores like Princess Polly are the Most Affordable?

Stores like Princess Polly

White Fox Boutique, Beginning Boutique, Garage, and Dynamite are the most affordable stores like Princess Polly as the products sold at these boutiques do not exceed the general $170 price range.

However, with frequent sales, student discounts and loyalty programs, stores like Missguided and H&M also fall under the more affordable umbrella. 

Final Thoughts

Stores like Princess Polly

Princess Polly and other e-tailers like the brand offer a selection of en vogue styles at prices that won’t break the bank.

While fast fashion is barely a new concept, stores like Princess Polly expand the fast fashion horizons to create an even more inclusive industry.

With a variety of stores like Princess Polly, consumers can shop the aesthetic and style they love at different price points. This variety also gives more choice to the consumer who may like the product being offered but not the brand itself. 

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How to Wear Cologne

Here’s the thing about cologne: it’s supposed to smell great. So why do so few men know how to wear it properly?

Whether the scent is non-existent, overpowering, or wrongly layered, it turns out that how to wear cologne isn’t as simple as it seems. Don’t worry, it’s easy to master when you follow just a few steps.

The subtle art (yes, it’s supposed to be subtle) of wearing cologne has been destroyed by commercials on which body-spraying galoots coat under, over, and everywhere in between.

We know you get smelly, but a guy bathed in fragrance isn’t exactly on the spectrum of what others find appealing. Cue the signature breath-hold here.

So if cologne by design smells good, then it must mean that somehow, somewhere, the proper way to wear it got lost in translation. That’s exactly what this guide on how to wear cologne is here to correct.

Up ahead, we’ll walk you through the best way to put on cologne, including where, how, and when you should apply it, so you can stop wondering if you’re doing it right and others can breathe a sigh of relief.

What is Cologne?

How to Wear Cologne

First things first, cologne is not body spray. Repeat, cologne is not body spray and it should not be used as such.

With a water to oil concentration of about 2-4% (perfume has 20-30%), cologne, by nature, doesn’t last as long as perfume does, and thus, many men struggle with knowing how much of it to wear.

If you’re here wondering how to wear cologne, it’s cool, we’re going to teach you exactly how much cologne to use in the coming sections. Hint: it’s a lot less than you think.

When it originated in Cologne, Germany, eau de cologne was made from a blend of herbs and citrus. Today, the men’s fragrance formula has taken a turn into thousands of different scent combinations. that typically use a few different types of scents including floral, oriental, woody, and fresh.

There are four main scent types but thirteen different offshoots. For example, the fresh category contains four subcategories of water, aromatic, green, and citrus.

Let’s take a look at one of the top-selling men’s scents, Chanel Bleu.

The iconic cologne has top notes of citrus and pink peppercorn, middle notes of spices and white jasmine, and base notes of patchouli, musk, and cedar. Citrus falls into the “fresh” category while cedar would fall into “woody,” and so on.

Usually formulated with top, middle, and base notes, the top notes are what you’ll smell as soon as you spray on your cologne. As it wears off throughout the day, you’ll be left with mostly the base. Now that we’ve got that covered, let’s get into exactly how to wear cologne.

How To Apply Cologne for Maximum Effect?

How to Wear Cologne

If you’re wondering how to apply cologne for maximum effect, then this is the section you’re really going to want to pay attention to. “Maximum effect” has to do with two things—first, longevity, and second, the overall scent experience.

By now you know that cologne is more watery than perfume and that means by its nature, it’s only designed to last a few hours, though, how long a cologne lasts depends on the type of cologne itself. Those with higher alcohol contents tend to last longer.

With that said, whether you have a cologne that lasts a long or short amount of time, there are ways to elongate the time your scent is present for, defying nature and with any luck, your natural aroma.

Even if you’re new to the whole fragrance thing, you still probably have some basic knowledge about how to wear cologne and where to spray it. Maybe you already spray it on your wrists or at the base of your neck as you head out the door for your day.

If so, you’re on the right track but the process of how to properly apply cologne starts way before you ever think about grabbing your keys.

Now, we’re talking about maximum effect here, not a suffocating cloud. There’s a big difference between the two and it has everything to do with the amount of cologne that you spray.

But before you ready your finger on the nozzle, let’s dial things back to the start of your day.

To get the most out of your cologne, it’s suggested that the right process of how to apply cologne is actually as soon as you get out of the shower.

Since scents last longer on moisturized skin, we recommend lathering up with an unscented or complimentary lotion before you spray on your favorite cologne.

Pump one spritz of cologne onto 1-2 of your preferred pulse points. That could mean the inside of your elbows or on the base of your neck. Basically, you’re looking for the warmest parts of your body, and by nature, pulse points tend to have the most heat.

Instead of rubbing the cologne in, let it air dry. This simple switch in technique will help it last longer.

You’ll find that no matter what you do, some colognes just aren’t built to last, and that’s ok. Take your bottle along with you if you care to reapply throughout the day. If you’d rather have a cologne that doesn’t need constant reapplying, choose one with oriental, woodsy, or musky notes.

How To Properly Apply Cologne: Things To Keep In Mind

How to Wear Cologne

Applying cologne may seem like a no-brainer to you. You spray it on and it makes you smell good. Simple, right? Well, it’s not always so cut and dry. If that’s what you’re doing, you may want to consider switching things up to get the most out of your scent.

For those who want to make their cologne last or are trying to avoid leaving a mile-long scent trail, proper application is important. After consulting a slew of scent experts from around the web, we put together a few tips about how to use cologne to help ensure you get the process right.

Apply It After the Bath

How to Wear Cologne

Like many men, you may apply your cologne as you walk out the door in the morning. And like many men, you may find that it wears off quickly throughout your day. Experts say that the best time to apply your cologne is immediately after you step out of the shower or bath.

Here’s the clicker though, don’t keep your cologne in your bathroom. To prevent your cologne from losing its scent profile or going sour, store it in a cool, dark place.

We’re not talking about that tiny black box beneath your bed, a bedroom dresser will do, or better yet, a drawer.

After you hop out of the shower and towel off, head right to your cologne stash. The idea here is to apply it when your pores are still open, letting them suck in and hold onto the scent for longer.

But as it turns out, scent particles prefer moisturized skin. For even longer wear, consider moisturizing with an unscented body lotion before you apply your cologne.

Rubbing It Into Your Skin

How to Wear Cologne

Ah, now this one is really interesting. From the dawn of time, the cologne application sequence has looked like this: One spray at the base of your neck, one spray on each wrist, then you rub your wrists together. It’s a classic formula we all can picture clearly.

But guess what? Rubbing cologne into your skin isn’t doing you any good. In fact, it makes us question why people ever did it in the first place. Rubbing your cologne can break down top notes as soon as you apply it. That’s a no-go for anyone who wants to make their scent last.

Instead of rubbing, lightly dab your wrists and then let the cologne air dry. Alternatively, you can just let it air dry. The less you touch it, the better since it gives the alcohol a chance to settle on your skin.

Don’t Use Too Much

How to Wear Cologne

When it comes to scent, a little goes a long way. We all know that one guy who smells like he bathes in cologne. And if that’s you, then, welcome, you’re in the right place.

Cologne pros say that all you need is one spritz on 1-2 of your pulse points (wrists, base of neck, inner elbows, etc.). Any more than 2 sprays can make the scent too overpowering, plus, at that point, you’re just playing with it.

There’s absolutely no need to spray your entire body with cologne. Even though the fragrance is more watered down than perfume is, it still packs a punch.

Consider Placement on the Body

How to Wear Cologne

Whether you’re new to wearing cologne or have been spritzing it on for years, you may be surprised to read that there are more than 1-2 places you can spray cologne. You know the classic spots, your neck and wrists are no-brainers, but you may not know why.

The neck and wrist are both pulse points on your body. That means they’re warmer than, say, the top of your knee since blood is running through them closer to the surface.

Now, we won’t get all Dexter here on you, so all we’ll say is that your pulse points are key to wearing cologne properly and for longevity.

The inside of your elbows and behind your knees are also pulse points, and though those are less frequently-sprayed locations, choosing them may give your scent new life.

Spraying cologne behind your knees will give off a nice little trail as you walk and it won’t be as heavy or noticeable as if you were to do it on your neck.

If you’re still asking yourself, “where should I apply cologne?” Knowing where to spray cologne has as much to do with your personal preference as it does the science.

Don’t Mix Cologne with Another Scent

How to Wear Cologne

Scent confusion is a real thing. What do you think will happen when you wash with a light, fresh scent, use a herby, citrus lotion, and douse yourself with a peppery, musky cologne? A real mess.

In fact, there are brands out there that were created to stop scent confusion by offering an entire line of cohesive products. Smart thinking.

Each fragrance is already made with an intended mix of top, middle, and base notes, and when you start combining those with another set, they get completely muddled.

To avoid this, try using unscented soap or lotion, or matching your cologne to your personal care items. That’s one of the most recommended ways of how to wear cologne.

Most designers and perfumers often release lotions alongside their signature fragrances. Now you know why they do it.

Do You Put Cologne on Skin or Clothes?

How to Wear Cologne

There’s a little debate about the question: do you put cologne on skin or clothes? Aside from the fact that some alcohol-based scents can ruin your favorite suit jacket or silk tie, if it’s longevity and a personal scent experience you’re after, spraying cologne on your clothing is a definite no.

When you apply cologne to your skin, it seeps into your pores and intermingles with your own personal you-ness. Though the scent may be similar, when two different people wear the same cologne the result can be completely different.

Spraying it on your skin also means it holds on for longer. Clothing is made up of fibers, but they don’t hang onto scent the same way that skin does.

As for spraying your cologne in the air and walking through it, well, come on, now you’re just wasting it. We don’t consider this a good suggestion about how to wear cologne.

Walking through a cloud of cologne means that your clothing will get a very, very small amount of fragrance. It won’t last long either.

How Long is Cologne Good For?

How to Wear Cologne

There’s no one answer to the question of “how long is cologne good for?” Often, it depends on the chemical makeup of your cologne. Some brands will put an expiration date on the box itself. But even then, there’s a little wiggle room in how long you can use it after it expires. 

In general, colognes can last anywhere from 1-10 years, though the average is 3-5 years. After a certain date, your cologne will start to oxidize. This may mean that some scents in the blend are muted or are no longer present.

Like your toxic ex, your favorite cologne can become something it isn’t really—sometimes acidic, metallic, or even sour.

We mentioned before that the worst place to store cologne is in a humid, hot, and bright place, like your bathroom. These conditions can cause it to break down faster, so to slow the process, reverse the conditions. Some perfume experts even say to stash your cologne in the fridge.

The rule of thumb seems to be: the more oxygen in the bottle, the worse it is for your cologne. To get the most out of it, transfer it into a smaller travel-sized bottle.

If it still smells good, using an expired cologne isn’t the end of the world, but it can cause skin irritation and possibly ruin clothing.

If you decide to spritz on your favorite after it’s officially K.O’ed, do a test patch first.

Where To Buy Cologne?

How to Wear Cologne

One of the best things about cologne is that there are so many options out there. Scent is a personal thing, and discovering a fragrance that you identify with can be a lengthy process.

It’s not all complicated though, there are tons of retailers and experts to help make the process easy and enjoyable.

Now that you know how to wear cologne, if you don’t have a particular brand in mind, the best place to buy cologne is from a store that sells a selection of brands.

For this, we love department stores like Macy’s, Nordstrom, and Sephora that you can visit in person to try out an array of scents.

Want to find your new favorite fragrance without the headache? FragranceNet has a massive selection of discounted scents, while LuckyScent is all about finding unique fragrances.

If you’d rather try out a cologne before you commit to a larger bottle, check out Scentbird. The subscription service lets you try out a 15ml bottle of a variety of popular and lesser-known brands every month.

Final Thoughts

How to Wear Cologne

Even though wearing cologne is something made out to be super complicated (how many sprays, where, and when?), it’s definitely not. For a lot of men, using cologne is all about covering up certain scents, but for others, it’s about expressing their individuality.

Whatever your reason for wearing cologne, good hygiene is at the base of smelling great. That may be why the first recommended step of how to wear cologne is taking a shower, but we’ll buy into the whole pore-opening thing if you will.

Jokes aside, the science behind making your favorite cologne last a long time is simple. And that’s exactly what it comes down to, science.

Because cologne, at its base, is a mixture of elements (sometimes natural, sometimes synthetic), how long it lasts in the bottle and on your skin depends on how you treat it.

We hope that as you’ve learned how to wear cologne here, you’ve also discovered what cologne is and how to get the most out of a bottle.

At the end of the day, the more you know about something, the better your experience is with it. Happy spritzing.

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What to Wear with Black Jeans

Opting for classic blue is never a bad idea, but black’s a traditional closet staple. There’s a reason why most of us reach for our charcoal pair. It’s safe, straightforward, and relatively easy to style

Plus, our go-to black jean is considered a more ‘dressed-up version’ than the lax set of sweats. Celebrities like Hailey Bieber, Selena Gomez, Dakota Johnson, and Kendall Jenner have all been caught wearing dark washes during their off days.

Outfit inspo is an instantaneous moment—and chances are that you’ve clicked on this article for some styling ideas. Here, we’ll offer up some ideas on what to wear with black jeans.

From runway-ready to chill athleisure, we’ll touch upon a few core aesthetics to ensure we include every type of trendsetter. 

20 Best Outfits That Go With Black Jeans

What to Wear with Black Jeans

If we’re going to discuss what looks good with black jeans, we need to go back to the basics.  First, choosing the type of wash and silhouette is a critical point to consider. Opting for full dark no stars usually denotes a cleaner and more conservative look. 

On the other hand, faded hues typically signify soft-grunge aesthetics and classic streetwear. Of course, these are just general observations attributed to jean washes, but it’s a good starting point for novice fashionistas. 

Silhouette is usually an after-thought, considering that some of us are still stuck in the 2010’s skinny jeans era. But, with the rise of social media, we’re seeing an influx of various cuts and shapes. 

There’s bell-bottoms, cigarette-style, balloon, mom jeans, boyfriend jeans, high-waist, and low-waist, to just name a few. Of course, body shape is another point to consider when choosing a distinct silhouette. 

So, with these two style pointers in mind, what are some things to wear with black jeans? Consider us your temporary fairy godmother, as we’ll gloss over some classic ensembles, as well as some non-traditional ones, to help stir up your fashion game. Let’s get started! 

What to Wear with Black Jeans

Neil Barrett has an eye for old-English menswear, as obviously showcased in his Fall 2020 collection.

Uniformity, an aesthetic in which he prevalently dips his toes in, can be expressed through sharp lines, distinct silhouettes, and color-blocking.The result? A completely wearable look that can work on and off the runway. 

While this look is intended for men, we see no reason why it couldn’t serve as an iconic androgynous look. All you need is a color-blocked sweater, a baseball hat, chunky loafers, and a silver-grommet belt. It’s undeniably school-boy chic. 

What to Wear with Black Jeans

Kendall Jenner loves a controversial pair of pants. From snakeskin prints to sheer black leggings, this girl knows the meaning of avant-garde. 

Here, she plays it relatively safe. Donning a white bustier, collared shirt, and a pair of classic black jeans, Jenner manages to elevate the classic dark fade. Given that she wore this galavanting in New York, we say it’s synonymous with classic NYC glam. 

Corsets and jeans offer a refreshing juxtaposition of feminine and hardcore-grunge.

To further offset the look, we love that she paired it with a 2000’s style brown bag and some dad-approved sneakers. There’s a reason why Instagram influencers are taking inspo from Kendall Jenner. 

What to Wear with Black Jeans

Opting for cute and quirky is the go-to for many Tik-Tokers, given that e-girl core is still all the rage. Lazy Oaf, a streetwear brand located in North London, is at the heart of generation z fashion.

Known for its unconventional prints, relatable quotes, and relaxed silhouettes, this clothing boutique is anything but ordinary. 

If you want to jump on the “I’m a pretty boy, I’m stunnin'” aesthetic, we suggest going for Lazy’s Oaf’s white printed wide-leg jeans with a gingham top. Socks and sandals are always a dodgy choice, but hey, it’s at least a look. 

What to Wear with Black Jeans

Go on, ask every girl you know; they’re bound to own at least one item bought from Aritzia. Best known for their Super Puffs and Babaton knitted tops, this uber-popular clothing brand is a favorite among the Instagram crowd.

It’s a great place to buy clothing basics, as they provide simplistic silhouettes and closet staples that are bound to stay forever in your wardrobe. 

Speaking of which, this outfit draws some inspiration from Aritzia—as featured in the cream-colored white trench coat and turtleneck. To help slim down your figure, a pair of black cigarette pants are essential to wear.

Topped off with a set of sunnies and some loafers, you’re all set for a mid-afternoon coffee run. 

What to Wear with Black Jeans

The oversized men’s blazer is coming in full force in 2022. Considerably an homage to the shoulder-padded era of 1987, this office-chic aesthetic draws power from the exaggerated silhouette of the coat.

Here, Bella Hadid does the look justice by opting for a more lax look composed of a white graphic tee, dusty shoes, sunnies, and a pair of statement earrings. 

Instead of opting for a classic pencil skirt, Hadid wears a pair of dark wash jeans for a more streetwear-appropriate look. They’re slightly too long, but it helps break up the monotony of straight lines already provided by the blazer. 

What to Wear with Black Jeans

It’s Harley Davidson, but make it runway. That’s at least the general inspo for David Koma’s Pre-Fall 2022 collection, as showcased in bike helmets, leather jackets, and a love for Guy Fieri-style flames.

We’d say that it’s a love letter to old-school Americana mixed with 1950s greaser. 

In this look, Koma plays it relatively safe by going back to the basics. Paired with a white graphic tee and a cropped denim jacket, the real star of the show is the set of silver-studded black jeans.

Not only does it accentuate the waist, but it also provides a bit of height. Plus, when matched with the stiletto shoes, this look is just *chef’s kiss.*

What to Wear with Black Jeans

Typing ‘things to wear with black jeans’ into the search engine will usually result in grunge-inspired outfits. 

While some play it safe with a flannel collared shirt and a graphic tee, some advanced stylers provide a bit of juxtaposition by marrying ultra-feminine with dark and brooding.

Take, for instance, Marzia Kjellberg, an Instagram influencer known for playing around with various colors and silhouettes. 

In place of a tee, a striking ruffled blouse acts as a more suitable replacement. The black jeans feature white stitching, which helps blend the whole look together.

You can opt for a pair of regular Converses, but we think a set of ballet flats will do wonders in highlighting the simplicity of this ensemble. 

What to Wear with Black Jeans

Ashley, an emerging fashion influencer, is commonly known for coining the ‘picnic bitch look.’ She’s also a pro in blending various aesthetics together.

By fusing masculine and feminine silhouettes together, you get a visually striking outfit that’s bound to startle the public. It may earn you a couple of likes on Instagram as well. 

In answering the ‘what to wear with black jeans’ question, Ashley responds with a see-through bustier top, a cream cardigan, and a set of white sandals. Her choice of pants is a pair of wide-legged jeans, which do wonders in elongating the legs. 

What to Wear with Black Jeans

It’s giving us major Bella Swan vibes, but minus any teenage angst. Best Dressed makes a second appearance in our ‘how to style black jeans’ lineup, but honestly—we can’t help ourselves.

She’s a seasoned pro in fashioning dark washes. In this look, Ashley pays homage to vintage Portland, as shown in her oversized sherpa jacket. 

Since the upper half is ‘top-heavy,’ Ashley decides to opt for a classic pair of wide-legged jeans to avoid losing her silhouette. Matched with a white crop top and platform sneakers, you automatically get legs for days. 

What to Wear with Black Jeans

The skinny jeans era is finally coming to a close. As wide-legged pants and bell-bottoms are now embraced with open arms, our fellow emos are left wondering what to do with their skin-tight pair.

We suggest holding onto your 2000s-style denim and opt for something less ‘Hot Topic.’ 

In the sea of oversized silhouettes, black jeans are key in maintaining your body shape. It prevents you from getting lost in the sea of fabric and layering.

Here, a pair of dark wash works intrinsically well with a top-heavy overcoat and a massive blanket scarf. Opting for black is also a great choice if you like a bit of pattern. 

What to Wear with Black Jeans

Naturally, black on black is usually a safe bet when it comes to styling. You won’t run into any clashing colors here, but there’s a risk of looking too bland. The key here is to play around with different textures. 

In an effort to address the pivotal question, ‘what goes good with black jeans,’ you’ll need to be familiar with various cuts and fabrics.

This means opting for leathers, linens, jerseys, furs, and even sequins. Here, a standard pair of dark wash denim works beautifully with a glossy motorcycle jacket and a matte oversized hoodie. 

What to Wear with Black Jeans

There’s an unspoken rule that high-waisted black jeans pair well with turtlenecks. It’s an excellent look if you want to look more poised and put together.

The addition of an oversized leather jacket and platform shoes work together in emphasizing the overall silhouette. The sunnies are a nice touch as well. 

What to Wear with Black Jeans

Black jeans don’t automatically equate to full-length pants. They can also apply to shorts and cut-offs.

While some trendsetters scoff at the idea of knee-length bottoms, we suggest you give them a second try. Nili Lotan’s Pre-Fall 2022 collection manages to elevate the elementary school capri into an elegant, horseback-riding moment. 

Instead of the usual skin-tight capri, we recommend a wide-leg option for a bit of room. This allows you to wear more slim-fitting garments, such as a pair of riding boots and a turtleneck.

The gold-tinted belt is a must-have unless you prefer to blend in with the background. 

What to Wear with Black Jeans

Head-to-toe denim is a hard look to pull off, but Rihanna can definitely do it. Her iconic tuxedo look was fashioned at a New York dinner party.

Ri Ri is not the first to wear all-jean material, as showcased in the ‘Four Five Second’ music video. But, instead of opting for a slimmer silhouette, Instagram’s ‘Bad Gal’ chooses a more laxer shape for supper. 

In order to not lose her figure, there are some intricate stitching details along the front of the shirt. It provides a sort of ‘corseted’ look to help cinch in her waist. The jeans, while baggy, blend well with Rihanna’s oversized top. 

What to Wear with Black Jeans

With the onslaught of Kpop peeking through the Western billboards, it shouldn’t be surprising that Seoul-based streetwear is becoming a popularized trend. 

If you’re looking for BTS-inspired outfits that go with black jeans, we highly recommend wearing a long-sleeve short-sleeve top with a cool graphic. Bonus points are rewarded if you pair them with Converses. 

The wide-legged jean is a must if you’re wearing a super-long sleeve. Not only does it elongate your figure, but it also provides a more ‘demure’ look to the outfit. 

What to Wear with Black Jeans

Simplicity will never go out of style. If you’re on the hunt for something a little less avant-garde, casual Parisian fashion is definitely the way forward.

We admit that the classic beret is stereotypical to classic French style, but it adds a touch of elegance that no other accessory provides. 

Here, Tania Sarin wears a simple v-neck long sleeve matched with a relaxed set of black jeans. For accessories, she dons a petite bag and some sunnies. Since she’s opting for a more sophisticated look, a pair of closed-toe heels do well accentuating this entire ensemble. 

What to Wear with Black Jeans

Need some casual outfit ideas with black jeans? Striped button-downs and tees are usually the go-to options for many novice stylers.

This urban-chic fashionista plays it cool by wearing a red and white stripe to counterbalance the black pants. Ultimately, it acts as a pop of color to help you stand out amongst the crowd. 

Of course, black and white stripes are also a solid choice. We suggest adding a colorful bag or accessory for a bit of juxtaposition. 

What to Wear with Black Jeans

For most, the answer to “what goes well with black jeans’ is the coveted crop top. If you’re not a fan of tucking things in, it’s always a good idea to show a bit of skin.

Photographed at Shanghai Fashion Week 2022, this super-chic model is wearing a pair of wide-legged pants with a quilted jacket. To keep things light and refreshing, a high-cut top is worn underneath. 

The black face mask is not only essential in the wake of COVID-19, but it pairs beautifully with the different hues of black shown in the outfit. Plus, the addition of the green flower brooch and white bag is also a nice touch. 

What to Wear with Black Jeans

Baggy tops and bottoms go together like a PB and J sandwich. Not only is it super comfortable to wear, but it can look super chic if styled correctly. For this look, we’re drawing inspiration from 2022’s Paris Fashion Week. 

Opting for old-school boho is never a bad idea, but there are ways to modernize it by implementing a few style choices. For instance, the knitted scarf paired together with a bucket bag helps to elevate the entire look. 

The baggy black jeans match well with the breezy white blouse over top. It’s a super laid-back look that gives off major ‘earth mama vibes.’ 

What to Wear with Black Jeans

For some, opting for all-black is intrinsic to the ‘super serious’ look. If you really want to channel your inner Miranda Priestly, we suggest going all out in pattern for the top.

Black jeans go well with bright designs, such as the cheetah and zebra print pictured on the model. The platform heels are a great addition to help match the fit’s ‘boss babe’ attitude. 

The distressed jeans are a direct contrast to the intimidating look of the animal print. Instead of opting for fashion editor chic, it’s more streetwear appropriate. 

How to Style Black Jeans?

What to Wear with Black Jeans

From Vogue-inspired fits to more casual ensembles, social media can act as your personal styler in times of need. 

But, We’re sure that some novice trendsetters don’t have time to scroll through their Insta or TikTok feed for fashion advice, which is why we’ll break down the science of outfit composing to help you answer the question: ‘what to wear with black jeans.”

From the outfits we featured so far, playing with differing silhouettes is key in creating a cohesive fit. This usually entails oversized blazers, exaggerated tops, longer-than-life sleeves, or crop tops. 

Experimenting with various shapes helps in breaking up the monotony of ‘straight-legged black.’ It can also provide you with a different body shape, whether that be rectangular, hourglass, or pear. 

Jeans with intricate details, such as prints and contrast stitching, are relatively easy to style. For instance, white contrast seams on top of all-black denim work well with cream-colored tops.

In addition, unusual patterns, such as Lazy Oaf’s iconic sad print, blend together with quirky colors and cheesy-looking tops. 

And, as for some basic styling advice, black jeans require a pop of color. This also applies to monochrome outfits, as fashionistas usually pair statement accessories for added contrast.

In conclusion, you don’t want to end up in all-black that doesn’t play around with any textures or hues. There’s a good chance that you’ll end up looking plain. 

Fashion Tips to Avoid With Black Jeans

What to Wear with Black Jeans

Black jean-based outfits rarely come in contact with the fashion police. Why? Because it’s such an easy garment to style!

With that being said, there are some general no-nos that novice stylers to consider. Below, you’ll find a summarized list of things to avoid:

  1. Super distressed jeans: this applies to all denim washes. Basically, you don’t want to opt for a pair that’s bound to fall apart. Not only does it have a shorter lifespan, but it also draws attention away from the rest of your outfit 
  2. Poorly fitted jeans: Just to be clear, baggy pants are not considered a no-no within our list. Instead, we’re referring to skinny jeans and cigarette-style bottoms that fit poorly around the butt, waist, and thighs 
  3. The ankle-cuff roll-up: It was hot in 2010 but not anymore. Rolling up your jeans looks quite bizarre if you opt for something more elegant, i.e., the Parisian-inspired fit we mentioned previously. We suggest tucking it in instead of cuffing your pants 
  4. Fake faded jeans: Apparently, it’s a lot easier for companies to paint on ‘fake wash’ rather than resorting to old-school bleach. In our opinion, it looks tacky and unnatural. Bonus points if they add fake wrinkles and creases as well 
  5. Flip Flops: socks and sandals are another topic to cover, but here, we’re focusing on the classic thong. Marrying the $1 beach sandal with black jeans was never a good look to begin with 

So, there you have it: 5 of the worst fashion tips provided for dark denim. Hopefully, by the end of this segment, you’re at least closer to deciding what to wear with black jeans. 

When To Wear Black Jeans?

What to Wear with Black Jeans

For some, the question isn’t so much ‘what to wear with black jeans,’ but instead, more of ‘when to wear black jeans.’ Since the coveted dark wash is considered the foundation of basic styling, you can wear them on multiple occasions.

And, considering that most designs are full-length pants, it stands to reason that they’re commonly worn during the cold season. 

Of course, you’re welcome to wear black jeans during the spring and summer too—but dark hues tend to absorb lots of warmth. You don’t want to wear a sweaty pair of jeans during 30-degree heat. 

In terms of occasions, black jeans can be styled up and down depending on the event. Casual ensembles usually entail a simple graphic tee and a leather jacket. If you’re looking for something fancier, a blouse and a pair of heels do wonders in elevating your outfit. 

Which Color Combination is Best With Black Jeans?

What to Wear with Black Jeans

If you’re asking what to wear with black jeans, the type of color must be included in the answer. Black is a universal shade, meaning that it will blend well with any hue.

Some swatches that come to mind are creams, reds, espresso browns, and pinks. Silver and gold-toned jewelry can either make an outfit more ‘warm’ or ‘cool’ depending on your choice. 

Do Black Jeans Go With Blue Shirts?

What to Wear with Black Jeans

Yes, but not any kind of hue. Jet-black pants marry well with bright NASA blue. We’re thinking more of jewel tones rather than pastel washes. For those asking ‘what to wear with black jeans that are faded,’ we suggest muted blues for a softer look. 

What to Wear With Black Jeans on a Night Out?

What to Wear with Black Jeans

For those adding ‘date night’ to their ‘what to wear with black jeans’ search, you’ll need to specify the occasion. If you’re opting for something sultry and sexy, we’re sure that a bustier top with leather accents will help spice up the look.

Casual outfits, such as those worn to brunches or malls, may entail a simple sweater and a pair of streetwear sneakers. 

Can You Wear Black Jeans To The Club?

What to Wear with Black Jeans

You can definitely wear black jeans to the club. It’s a great alternative if you’re not keen on showing too much skin. Plus, it’s a go-to for trendsetters partying in colder climates.

If you’re wondering what to wear with black jeans, we suggest a plunge-style top with some strappy heels. Of course, diamonds are a must if you want to stand out in the darkness. 

Final Thoughts

What to Wear with Black Jeans

Black jeans should never be difficult to style. They’re the bread-and-butter of fashion. No matter your preferred aesthetic, you’ll end up an ensemble worth Instagramming. From Bella Hadid-inspired outfits to runway-friendly looks, we’re confident that you’ll never have to wonder what to wear with black jeans by referencing our top 20 guide. 

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Best Men’s Duster Coat: Our Top Picks for Fall/Winter 2022

Best Duster Coat

Even though Game of Thrones wrapped up a few years ago, winter is still coming. That means it’s time to start thinking about which jacket you’ll be sporting during the season.

While there’s nothing wrong with a good puffer jacket or a parka, let’s look at a more timeless piece: the men’s duster coat.

Style is as important as purpose with men’s duster coats. Forward-thinking designs by the likes of Yohji Yamamoto and Balenciaga’s Demna Gvasalia make the best men’s duster coats stand out compared to peacoats and other formal winter jackets. 

With so many options, let’s discuss which men’s duster coats are among the best for pricing, materials, and overall vibe.

First of All, What’s a ‘Duster’ Coat?

Best Duster Coat

Men’s duster coats have more in common with trench coats than they do Jon Snow’s fuzzy fur jacket. They are full-length coats with a slit up the back bottom half originally worn by horsemen.

This slit made it easier for cowboys to straddle their steeds. The long duster coat kept their clothes safe from dust and debris.

Although we’ll be focusing on menswear, the best duster coats are so versatile that historically both men and women have adorned them. This versatility is reflected in their aesthetics.

You’ve probably noticed that trench coats are roaring into style again, and not just because of the recently-announced Matrix Resurrections movie.

The difference between trench coats and the best duster coats is that the latter is better suited for colder weather. They can be worn on most occasions, but they function best when you need extra warmth or protection.

While the jackets were once made from linen or canvas, today’s picks are made up of a variety of materials. You’ll find cotton, leather, wool duster coats, and more.

How to Choose the Best Men’s Duster Coat

Best Duster Coat

You won’t have to worry about a good quality men’s duster coat fitting too long or too short because they are designed to run the length of the body.

That means you’ll look just as good on horseback as you will grabbing your morning coffee on the way to work. 

How you plan to use your men’s duster coat effects which one is the best for you.

Whether it’s a long duster coat made from cotton or a heavier wool duster coat, think about how it’ll function in your environment. You don’t want to be a sweaty mess underneath layers of thick alpaca wool, do you?.

Lifestyle notwithstanding, here are a few things to consider before purchasing a duster coat.


Brands like Burberry and Acne Studios feature classic men’s duster coats designs, whereas others like Alexander McQueen host sleeker models. Consider the brand’s image, whether it’s flashy, sophisticated, or traditional, and how their vision will fit into your wardrobe. 


Depending on the brand and material a long duster coat costs anywhere from $655 (on sale) to over $5000

If that price tag appears steep, remember that these jackets were designed for protection. These tough boys are built to last multiple seasons, so the best men’s duster coats are worth the investment. 


The two most common materials you’ll find on this list of the best men’s duster coats are cotton and wool. That’s because both of these materials are great insulators, although each one has its advantages and disadvantages. 

Some of the men’s duster coats featured are lined with cupro, acetate, or viscose. These linings preserve the jacket’s shape and add an additional layer of warmth.

They can also benefit people with easily irritated skin. If you’ve got thin skin then look for the best men’s duster coat with lining.


Most dusters are suited for every occasion, but the variances between them make some more formal than others. Additionally, some of the best men’s duster coats are highly stylized.

You should opt for these when you want to turn some heads at the bar.

The majority of men’s duster coats don’t try to stick out, but some are designed for ubiquity while others have elegance in mind. You’ll be looking sharp as long as you keep them synergized with the rest of your outfit 

Resale Value

Many of the best men’s duster coats are just as good as fashion pieces as they are resale investments. That’s because some of the coats featured on this list, like the Yohji Yamamoto Long Single-Breasted Coat, are unique yet difficult to obtain through retail. 

Dusters are designed to last, so if you pick up a designer men’s duster coat, keep in mind that you could be sitting on a solid return on your investment down the road.

10 Best Men’s Duster Coats

Now that you know what to look for, let’s run through our picks for the 10 best men’s duster coats. 

Each of the jackets reflects different price points, fits, and aesthetics, so you’re sure to discover one that’ll have you looking forward to a cool winter.

#1 – Horseferry Print Cotton Gabardine Car Coat, $2,578

Burberry has a long history with the trench coat. In fact, the company’s founder Thomas Burberry designed his first trench coat over a century ago.

That history gives this long duster coat a classic vibe, along with a modern splash from the bold black print that wraps around the sides.

The intricately designed cuffs and collars are emblematic of Burberry’s attention to detail. The Horseferry Print Cotton Gabardine Car Coat is made of 100% cotton with a soft cupro lining. So this long duster coat looks as smooth as it feels.

The honey color is a distinctive touch, setting it apart from most other duster coats for men. Dusters usually feature darker colors and blacks, but the Horseferry Print Cotton Gabardine Car Coat’s lighter finish highlights its clean design.

#2 – Hugo Boss Coated-Cotton Coat with Tonal Stripe, $936 (on sale for $655)

This Hugo Boss duster is a collaboration with Russel Athletics, so it comes with the laid-back confidence of an NBA player stepping off the court after sinking a game-winning basket.

This jacket makes our list as one of the best men’s duster coats because of its contemporary design. It’s rare to find a long duster coat that pairs well with sneakers and shorts, but the Hugo Boss Coated-Cotton Coat with Tonal Stripe looks smashing with them. 

If you’re all about the athleisure vibe then this is the best men’s duster coat for you.

This jacket is ideal for casual nights out because of the bisecting diagonal stripe, as well as its loose outline and lightweight cotton materials. That being said, you could get away with wearing it during soccer practice. 

The biggest advantage this duster holds is its low price point. It’s more affordable than the other dusters on this list, especially if you want a lighter men’s coat.

#3 – Bottega Veneta Double Face Check Wool Coat, $3,495

The Bottega Veneta Double Face Check Wool Coat has Sherlock Holmes energy. Its dark brown and black plaid pattern, relaxed fit, and horn buttons come together in a tame men’s duster coat, especially compared to Bottega Veneta’s usual designs.

You could pair this wool duster coat with a pipe and a deerstalker hat for a truly classic look.

The Bottega Veneta Double Face Check Wool Coat runs close to the body without suffocating the wearer. That’s because the combination of wool and elastane ensures the duster retains a tailored fit. 

The jacket’s heavy wool and high durability designate it as a coat you’d toss on when the temperatures drop below zero.

#4 – Acne Studios Pecan Brown Long Tailored Coat, $1,100

Now this is what we call a comfy contender for best duster coat. The Acne Studios Pecan Brown Long Tailored Coat may come off like a homely wool duster coat, but when styled with a smart pair of jeans it’ll make you appear both trendy and effortless.

As one of the few highly successful Swedish fashion brands, Acne Studios’ designs chart their own path. That’s obvious from how the wool and mohair materials embellish the notched lapels and tie belt.

This coat combines these with a generous fit for a coat that’s not afraid to kick its feet up and relax.

The pecan brown color pairs amazingly with the wool and mohair blend. Since the Acne Studios Pecan Brown Long Tailored Coat runs particularly long, wear it when you want your outfit to look as relaxed as possible.

#5 – Balenciaga Parka Tailored Coat, $2,860

Leave it to Balenciaga to release not only the boldest, but also one of the best duster coats for men.

Given their propensity for boundary-pushing designs, it’s no surprise that the Balenciaga Parka Tailored Coat is loud. Everything, from its dimensions to the colors to the details, makes a statement.

This coat exudes modernity. It sits widest at the shoulders, then tapers downwards as it reaches the knees. This long duster coat also boasts drawstrings from the neckline and an off-center opening on the front.

Its brown dogtooth pattern contrasts heavily with the brash blue collar. Even though you might not notice it, the jacket is surprisingly soft because it’s made of 100% virgin wool.

While the Balenciaga Parka Tailored Coat isn’t the most versatile jacket, it is one of the best men’s duster coats because of its flashy design.

You’d certainly have to arrange your footwear and bottoms to fit this piece, but if done correctly this wool duster coat will make you look like the future of fashion. 

#6 – Max Mara Brown Madame Icon Coat, $3890

The Max Mara Brown Madame Icon Coat balances comfort and class. Thanks to the large double-breasted closure, notched collar, and huge, bold buttons, this lined duster coat will be an elegant addition to your wardrobe. 

You can easily dress this duster up or down thanks to the detachable tie belt.

When worn open, you can show off the Max Mara Brown Madame Icon Coat’s smooth satin lining that highlights the smoky tobacco color of the wool exterior.

It’s an understated winter duster coat, but one that provides plenty of opportunities to express yourself depending on how you choose to wear it.

#7 – Saint Laurent Chesterfield Wool Coat, $3,225

If you’re looking for a simple, no-nonsense jacket, then the Saint Laurent Chesterfield Wool Coat is the best men’s duster coat for you. There are no bells and whistles on this bad boy. The three button-fastening is hidden, the pockets are understated, and it fits modestly.

This is the best men’s duster coat for more formal occasions. Its reserved collar and wool exterior give it a business-ready vibe. You wouldn’t want to take this guy out with you on horseback.

What’s even better is that the Saint Laurent Chesterfield Wool Coat is as comfortable as it is classy thanks to its cotton and cupro inner lining.

There’s also a variant of this men’s duster coat made of cashmere if you want to feel even more like a gentleman.

#8 – Dolce & Gabbana Belted Checked Overcoat, $3,254

It’d be impossible to discuss the best men’s duster coats without one contribution from Dolce & Gabbana.

They are powerhouses in the fashion world and their Dolce & Gabbana Belted Checked Overcoat speaks to their pedigree.

The exterior of this men’s duster coat is 45% wool and 45% alpaca, distinguishing it from the rest of the winter-ready jackets on this list.

The bold checkered pattern of browns and greys is particularly eye-catching. It’s striking without screaming in your face that it’s trying to be. Imagine it as a subtle flex, which, if you’re wearing Dolce & Gabbana, is the point.

Even though the exterior is mostly wool, the viscose lining adds to the long duster coat’s breathability. The combination of the outer materials and inner lining make it a great fall nighttime dinner jacket.

The Dolce & Gabbana Belted Checked Overcoat is a loose fit, but you should buy true to size according to the website.

#9 – Alexander McQueen Double-Breasted Wool Coat, $4,753

You should walk around with a “tripping hazard” sign if you wear the Alexander McQueen Double-Breasted Wool Coat because this men’s duster coat is dangerously smooth.

Composed of a wool exterior as well as a cotton and viscose interior, this jacket was designed for all occasions. 

This is one of the best men’s duster coats because of its versatility. It’s a mid-length duster so the fit isn’t too egregious. The double-breast button fastening and the peak lapels communicate that you put some thought into your look.

The combination of materials and its sleek design makes this men’s duster coat a great addition to any outfit.

The Alexander McQueen Double-Breasted Wool Coat can be the main piece in your outfit or complement another flashier garment. You can make it more casual by pairing it with combat boots, or spice it up with an off-color pair of trousers.

#10 – Yohji Yamamoto Long Single-Breasted Coat, $3,800

Yohji Yamamoto is a fashion icon for his innovative designs, but this offering as one of the best duster coats is more reflective of his strong design fundamentals.

It’s simplistic, favoring a pleasing cut over excessive details. If you prefer your jackets long, then this is the best men’s duster coat for you, as it runs longer than any other coat on this list.

It is 100% wool, single-breasted, and only available in black. That’s all that’s discernable upon first glance, though a careful eye will notice the two front pockets.

That being said, you will notice that this is the most expensive of the best men’s duster coats. It also lacks any lining, which could sway your decision if you want added warmth.

The beauty of the Yohji Yamamoto Long Single-Breasted Coat is its minimalism. The single breast makes this duster even sleeker. It will pull together the entire outfit instead of calling attention to just the jacket.

Which Men’s Duster Coats are Weatherproof?

Best Duster Coat

If you want to honor the best of the best duster coat’s heritage then consider a cotton duster. It’ll be better for the warmer days when the jacket’s originators would’ve been riding their horses.

Cotton absorbs more moisture than wool. So, it’ll keep you dry if you’re prone to sweaty armpits.

If you don’t want to deal with the smell of horses, or you intend to wear the jacket more in the winter, then you should invest in a wool duster coat.

Wool can repel more water than cotton, but you’ll want a wool jacket with lining. That’s because the lining helps keep its shape. Also, wool is scratchy, and you don’t want to be itchy if you’ve got your hands in some mittens.

Which Men’s Duster Coats are the Most Affordable?

Best Duster Coat

The Hugo Boss Coated-Cotton Coat with Tonal Stripe boasts the lowest price tag. However, it’s designed with an athletic look in mind, limiting the long duster coat’s versatility.

If you want the best men’s duster coat without sabotaging your savings then hop for the Hugo Boss Coated-Cotton Coat with Tonal Stripe.

The Acne Studios Pecan Brown Long Tailored Coat is, in this list’s opinion, the most affordable jacket (but no less worthy of being one of the best duster coats). It clocks in at $1110 but its tame colors and materials make it suitable for many applications.

You won’t have to rack your brain trying to base an entire outfit around the piece. Plus, the combination of wool and acetate makes it a cozy investment. 

How Should I Style a Duster Coat?

Best Duster Coat

Most of the best duster coats are flexible. You can pair them with most styles, and you’ll be able to touch your toes while wearing one. Talk about bang for your buck!

The best men’s duster coats pair well with slacks or chinos as bottoms. You can vary your footwear too. Chelsea boots will highlight the men’s duster coat’s sophistication, whereas combat boots or Doc Martens will lend your outfit some edge.

The wool duster coats function better with comfier materials. A pair of wool trousers and Blundstones would make the perfect compliment for a heavy wool duster coat like the Max Mara Brown Madame Icon Coat.

You’ll want to skip out on sneakers or sandals because the jackets are, for the most part, designed for the colder months.

You can pair the more timidly-designed best men’s duster coats with clean white sneakers, but the combination will be too jarring with more experimental dusters. 

If all else fails, think of the origins of the men’s duster coats. How many cowboys have you seen wearing shorts and open-toed sandals while on horseback? Follow their example; stick with long pants and sturdy boots.

How Should I Care for a Duster Coat?

Best Duster Coat

It doesn’t matter how much coffee you spill on your duster, you should never throw one in the washing machine. It’s standard to take all men’s duster coats to the dry cleaner, regardless of the fabrics. 

Thankfully, the best men’s duster coats are durable because they’re designed to protect you from the weather. These aren’t delicate flower petals, they’re dense jackets meant to keep your clothes safe from dirt and debris.

If you do find a stain on your men’s duster coat and don’t have the time to take it to a professional dry cleaner, then pat the debris off with a hand towel.

Don’t rub it, as you might cause the material to pill. A quick dap with a damp towel should tide you over until you can take the coat to the dry cleaners.

Final Thoughts

Best Duster Coat

The best men’s duster coats are no longer built for cross-country horseback journeys, though they are great at keeping you fashionable and safe from the weather. Their purpose is both style and function. Some designs lean more towards one rather than the other.

The most important thing to consider with a duster coat is, “how will this piece fit in with my wardrobe?” All of the dusters featured are great options, but you’ve gotta know whether you want your men’s duster coat to be for walking, or if you want it to do the talking. 

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Best Designer Wallets For Men

Best Men’s Boots

What to Wear with Brown Boots

There’s a lot that lies behind the question of what to wear with brown boots. Brown boots can be the sturdy rock with upholds a flamboyant outfit or they can be the centerpiece.

They can even exist somewhere in-between, working in tandem with every other item in your wardrobe. So, if you’re looking for outfits that go with brown boots, allow this article to show you all the ways you can style them.

20 Best Outfits That Go With Brown Boots

What to Wear with Brown Boots

Before we dive deeper and tell you what to wear with brown boots, we want to tell you some guiding principles that should inform each of your outfits. That way you’ll surpass the need to copy each of these outfits verbatim and can instead look to them for inspiration.

While reading through this article keep an eye on these principles:

  1. Material
  2. Shape
  3. Occasion
  4. Season
  5. Attitude

Each of these can impact what matches with brown boots. Store them somewhere in your subconscious so that, if you’re lucky, the fashion fairy will bless your dreams tonight with fashion inspiration.

We’d much rather have her show us what to wear with brown boots than have the tooth fairy come to tell us we’re too old to put dentures under our pillows.

What To Wear With Brown Boots: Outfit Ideas For Women

What to Wear with Brown Boots

Allow us to begin this list of brown boot outfit ideas for women with a bold suggestion. This outfit might seem like heresy if you were to look at all the pieces by themselves, but they have a confident allure when combined.

That’s mostly due to the commonality between the colors. The brown high-heeled boots are the same tone as the ankle-length skirt. They’re offset by the puffer jacket’s lighter brown color and the matching clutch.

The shapes might be big, but the intelligent tonal pairing makes this outfit a winner.

What to Wear with Brown Boots

This outfit proves that one of the best ways to wear brown boots is by using them to accent another piece in your outfit. Namely, a floral skirt.

As you can see, this entire fit is designed around drawing one’s eyes to the skirt. The brown boots are a paler color and have a less reflective texture while the white lace shirt is cute but doesn’t try to stand out.

That gives the red and pink skirt all the space it needs to shine. This is what we mean when we talk about balance.

What to Wear with Brown Boots

Speaking of balance, you can achieve a trapeze artist’s level of it by using this outfit for inspiration. The bright white sweater dress is catching enough, but it’s bolstered by the ubiquity of every other item.

Notice how the belt, clutch, and boots are all slightly different shades of brown. These different shades keep the spotlight on the fetching sweater dress without making it look like this is your first time pairing colors together.

What to Wear with Brown Boots

Now it’s time for a look where the boots do the walking and the talking. These crocodile-skin brown boots arrest the eyes with their shape and height. However, they’d be nothing if the brown blazer wasn’t carrying its weight.

There’s also synergy in the similar colors of the skirt, shirt, and clutch. These tame pieces ensure that the boots will walk all over you if you don’t pay them their due respects.

What to Wear with Brown Boots

Leather on leather… what is this, a heavy metal concert? No, dear reader, it’s just another great way to play with the materials of your brown boots.

This outfit employs an ingenious off-color pairing of light browns and dark browns. There could be some conflict between these colors were it not for the leather material that the boots and the dress share. 

What to Wear with Brown Boots

Our next outfit entry might stretch the definition of brown just a bit but fashion is all about breaking the rules. This outfit, comprised of a matching blazer, trousers, and boots, is a lesson in symmetry.

Every aspect of this outfit is carefully considered. It has to be, otherwise, it wouldn’t make our list! A key element is the white undershirt which provides a necessary contrast to the suit’s bright brown color.

What to Wear with Brown Boots

Boots and trenchcoats are a match made in heaven. This outfit shows just how far you can push that romance while still looking chic. 

What we mean is that this outfit shines by using the rarely-seen above-the-knee trenchcoat to conjure a dangerous image. The matching brown boots are key in this outfit. They provide a streamlined look that’s daring and fashionable.

What to Wear with Brown Boots

This brown boots outfit proves you don’t need to be Kim Possible to rock a pair of cargo pants. This is a classy interpretation of a typically workwear combination of brown boots and cargo pants.

What to Wear with Brown Boots

What would this article be if it didn’t include at least one entry featuring Uggs? These comfy classics persist to this day thanks to their inherent laid-back vibe.

This outfit works because every piece carries that same mindset. The fitted jeans and large camo jacket are as casual as water-cooler conversations at the workplace, but it’s the brown boots that make this outfit seem well-composed.

What to Wear with Brown Boots

The final outfit we’ll include in the women’s section of this article is for the people wondering what to wear with brown boots in the summer. 

Allow this simple combination of a bright jumpsuit and light brown boots to guide you to summer paradise. It keeps things easy and breezy so that you can align your mind towards similar thoughts.

What to Wear With Brown Boots: Outfit Ideas For Men

What to Wear with Brown Boots

Our first entry into the men’s category of this article is a bit out of the ordinary. However, fashion is all about operating outside of the norm.

For this look, you’ll pair a monochromatic suit with a darker brown boot. In this example, the model opted for a full navy suit and a slightly-roughed-up shade of brown boots.

This example works because it has solidarity thanks to the uniform color of the suit. The brown boots are a great addition because they break up the color without disrupting the suit’s unity.

What to Wear with Brown Boots

Here’s a more simplistic way to style brown boots. This look is an easy combination of a beige t-shirt, dark wash jeans, a baseball cap, and pair of brown boots.

It’s sealed together by the outfit’s slim figure. Every item rests firmly on the body, including the tame shape of the boots. It’s not the most-catching outfit, but clearly, it’s not striving to be. That’s what makes us think this one firmly deserves its place on the list of great brown boots outfit ideas.

What to Wear with Brown Boots

All this mention of boots might make you feel a bit chilly. In the case that you’re curious about what to wear with brown boots in the colder months then check out how this outfit combines warmth with layers of color.

The brown boots in question are bulkier, but that pairs well with the jacket, knitted sweater, undershirt, and a beanie on the top half. Additionally, they allow you to select a wider-fitting pair of pants. That’s more space for longjohns underneath if things get frosty!

What to Wear with Brown Boots

This is a brown boots outfit for the explorers. It’s a so-simple-we-can’t-believe-it-works cocktail of dark green trousers, a loose beige long-sleeve top, a shoulder bag, and a smart pair of brown boots.

What pushes it to the next level is the canvas bucket hat. In a less intentional outfit this could be a dorky addition, but here it communicates intelligence and an adventurous spirit.

What to Wear with Brown Boots

Gosh, wasn’t last year’s new Parquet Courts album great? This is a get-up to throw on if you frequent hipster music bars and chug IPAs.

The brown boots and jeans are both tame enough that the flannel varsity jacket and the mustard t-shirt don’t seem as loud as they could. Plus, that black beanie works to tie everything together on the upper body.

What to Wear with Brown Boots

Don’t be so surprised that we’re telling you that sweat pants belong in an outfit. Indeed, this controversial item has a place in our What to Wear With Brown Boots article.

The sweats and varsity crew neck promote a comfy vibe. What makes this outfit noteworthy are the outer layers – the flannel shirt, the brown beanie, and the brown boots. These elements elevate this outfit from “lazy freshman” to “that’s one crazy fresh man.”

What to Wear with Brown Boots

If you thought our last outfit was cozy then you haven’t seen anything yet. It’s time to highlight an item we believe was scientifically engineered to go well with brown boots.

We’re talking about the fleece jacket. Nothing radiates comfort and confidence like this killer combo of a light brown fleece jacket, dark chinos, dark brown suede boots, and a dollop of white thanks to the beanie.

The earthy tones are doing plenty of work to show off that this outfit is one with nature.

What to Wear with Brown Boots

Many people get confused when wondering what to wear with brown boots in the summer. Let this color-blocking outfit act as your guiding shepherd. 

This fit is all about proportions. It employs a tight-fitting t-shirt to balance the casual brown boots and wide-legged trousers. Also of note is how this outfit uses color to tie itself together. The maroon shirt contrasts with the beige pants and beanie while the boots underscore everything.

What to Wear with Brown Boots

Boots, and shorts, in this day and age? Yes, dear reader, you can even slap on a pair of khakis shorts and channel your inner Indiana Jones with the right pair of brown boots.

This outfit is as functional as it is fashion-forward. It proves that you can wear tall boots even in the summer by balancing them with an understated pair of knee-high shorts and a fetching flannel.

Will you look like you’re ready for a hike at a moment’s notice? Potentially, but a little exercise is good for the body.

What to Wear with Brown Boots

Our final entry in the men’s section is a lesson on how to optimize materials to your advantage. Though it may not seem like it, this outfit is perfect for summer afternoons that bleed into summer patio nights.

That’s all due to the fabrics at play. The dark leather brown boots, fitted denim, and draping linen-shirt provide a modern aesthetic. They each have their own suave nature. When put together like this they form a deadly classic outfit.

How to Style Brown Boots?

What to Wear with Brown Boots

There are oodles of fashion noodles with which you can adorn your brown boots outfit pasta with. By that, we mean that brown boots can fit into most fashion mindsets.

The obvious styles are looks like Americana, workwear, and minimalist, but we’ve seen some techwear experts boldly answer the question of what to wear with brown boots.

It’s less so about the style and about the attitude. Don’t ask do brown boots go with everything? Instead, ask yourself if brown boots go with you.

What Not to Wear With Brown Boots – Fashion Tips to Avoid

What to Wear with Brown Boots

We know you have a soft spot for rugged workwear, much like us. There’s something charming about brown corduroy pants that communicates toughness and dependability.

However, take it from us, steer clear of pants that match the shade of your brown boots. You might’ve wondered what matches with brown boots. Well, we can say that the same browns on your feet and your legs do no match.

The reason we mentioned workwear is that products from companies like Carhartt tend towards brown colors. They’re not impossible to wear with brown boots, but they’re tough. 

You want to look like you woke up thinking, “what color goes with brown boots,” not “I want to look like a tree stump.”

What Colors Go Well With Brown Boots?

What to Wear with Brown Boots

Due to the numerous shades of brown available in most boots, the simple answer to the question “what goes with brown boots” is most colors!

Denim fits very well with brown boots. Pairing these two colors – particularly a light blue – provides a dashing contrast. Consider implementing this color combination with either a denim jacket or a solid pair of jeans.

Additionally, earthy tones naturally go well with one another. And what color is the earth? Take a look outside, Einstein, and you’ll notice there’s plenty of brown out there!

Look to colors like dark greens, burgundies, and greys to pair effortlessly with brown boots.

Finally, the dynamic duo of black and white always looks good with brown boots. What’s even better is that they eliminate thoughts like, “do brown boots go with everything?” 

That’s because all-white outfits, all-black outfits, or fits orbiting somewhere in between these two spectrums all slay when topped off with a good pair of brown boots.

When To Wear Brown Boots?

What to Wear with Brown Boots

Here’s when not to wear brown boots:

  • When you’re sleeping
  • When you’re inside someone’s house
  • When you’re already wearing another pair of shoes

The point is that you can think about how to wear brown booties regardless of the time, place, or season. Free boots from their preconceived notion of being heavy footwear. Allow them to flourish in your imagination!

Drink in the liberty of knowing that you can wear brown boots whenever you please, so long as you are intentional in your decision and forthright in your execution!

Can You Wear Brown Boots in Winter?

What to Wear with Brown Boots

Of course you can! Brown boots may actually work better than black boots in the winter because they’re less likely to accumulate salt residue.

Just make sure you’re selecting a pair that’s built to keep your feet warm while you’re trekking through the arctic tundras of your local city center.

Can You Wear Brown Boots in Summer?

What to Wear with Brown Boots

Summer is often considered the season for relaxation. Sadly, many people adopt that approach when it comes to their outfits too. You already know what we mean: tacky cargo shorts, lazy athletic tops, and open-toed flip flops. 

The good news is that you can wear brown boots in the summer. In fact, donning a pair will help you stand out among the Jersey Shore extras coasting through life with sedentary styles.

You don’t need to scratch your head and wonder what to wear with brown boots in the heat either. Think of the outfits we covered earlier in this article but use looser-fitting clothes or lighter fabrics.

Do Brown Boots Go With Everything?

What to Wear with Brown Boots

Conceptually there’s little you can’t wear with brown boots. Heck, you could even look to some of Harry Styles’ gender-bending get-ups as inspiration for brown booties outfit ideas. 

Honestly, depending on the color, style, and season, the best answer we have for “what to wear with brown boots,” is nearly everything. That is, so long as you consider what purpose your boots are serving in the fit. 

We mean, besides the fact that they’ll be serving up looks. Think about whether you want to flex with a unique and pricey pair from a brand like Yves Saint-Laurent or if you want something less flashy like a Timberland brown boot.

Can You Wear Brown Boots With Black Tops?

What to Wear with Brown Boots

You’d be an absolute fool to believe you couldn’t wear brown boots with black tops. In fact, our number one remedy to the centuries-old dilemma of what to wear with brown boots is a black top.

They work together like peanut butter and jelly. By that, we mean that there are so many variables that get thrown by the wayside when you combine a good pair of brown boots with a nice black top.

Just like how it doesn’t matter if your peanut butter is smooth, crunchy, organic, or loaded with sugar, it doesn’t matter what style of black top you wear so long as you pair it with a smashing brown boot.

Final Thoughts

What to Wear with Brown Boots

As you reach the end of our guide, you’ve probably learned that it’s not so much about the “what” but the “how.”

With that in mind, think less about what to wear with brown boots and instead ponder how to style brown boots. Changing your line of thinking, even that subtly, will redirect you towards total fashion freedom.

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Can You Wear Black Shoes With a Navy Suit and Look Amazing?

Looking fashion-forward without breaking the bank has never been easy. Shein, an online fashion retailer that launched in 2008, has been doing just that and becoming quite popular in the past few years.

Shein has trendy and high-fashion pieces in store for men, women, and even children. If you’re looking to make a fashion statement without hurting your wallet too much, this brand is a good choice with the variety of styles they have on tap. 

With a whopping 22.6M followers on Instagram and 3.3M on TikTok, Shein has turned into a veritable sensation! Maybe that’s why they’ve already been covered by the likes of Vox and Business of Fashion has covered Shein a few times.

Shein has also collaborated with the best in the business including Katy Perry, Nick Jonas, and Addison Rae. Well, we believe the best is still yet to come!

This article will cover everything you need to know about Shein including the styles they offer, the quality of the pieces, the price points as well as alternative stores like Shein you should consider to broaden your fashion horizon.

Overview of Shein

Stores Like Shein

Shein was founded in late 2008 in China by Marketing Specialist Chris Xu to sell high-end wedding dresses.

In 2012, the site started collaborating with fashion bloggers and influencers due to which it gained popularity amongst the style-conscious youth of the world. Today, Shein is known as the largest online-only fashion retailer in the world.

Let’s dig deep into the best features of this fashion brand and discover many more stores like Shein to help us stay fashion-forward on a budget.


  1. Affordable and trendy pieces
  2. Free Shipping on all orders that are $49 or more
  3. Large variety of clothing, accessories, shoes & more
  4. Seasonal budget-friendly clothing 
  5. Prices starting from $10 up to $400 

How We Chose the Best Stores Like Shein

Stores Like Shein

The start of a new season always calls for new wardrobe additions. Well, there are plenty of stores like Shein where you can do just that!

Shop for athleisure wear, activewear, business-casual, or loungewear on these sites and stay updated on the latest styles of the season.

Before digging into these leading fashion retail sites, here are the distinguishing features that put them on our list:


All of these fashion retail sites have trendy styles at affordable price points starting from $10 up to $500. Some also offer frequent Flash Sales or Seasonal sales with up to 75% off certain pieces.

The next time you’re looking for an inexpensive yet Instagram-worthy garment, our featured sites are worth a look.


One of the biggest draws of these stores is that they have a veritable smorgasbord of styles to choose from.

No matter if you’re into the classic, chic and timeless styles or are into the Y2K clothing that’s recently made a comeback, there’s something for everyone.

Find styles including plus-size clothing, wedding dresses, office wear, party wear, activewear, swimwear, and so much more.


You don’t always need to be iffy about everything you buy online. These popular sites reportedly have the quality aspect on lock.

Plus, some of these stores like Shein also offer environmentally friendly and sustainable pieces that are made ethically, valuing social welfare and worker rights.


While most of the stores offer a wide variety of clothing, there are some stores that specialize in certain areas more than others.

Uniqlo is well-known for its basic statement t-shirts whereas H&M is known and praised for its ‘conscious’ clothing line in the past few years.


Apart from that, most of these stores offer worldwide shipping, have amazing reward programs, and offer free returns. 

Some of these stores also offer exclusive discounts to students with an opportunity to be a part of the ambassador program with additional perks.

Diversity & Inclusion

There is no norm when it comes to fashion and beauty and these brands are helping people celebrate their diversity. Most of these brands carry plus-size clothing and offer various options for varied body shapes and sizes. 

If you’re looking for stores like Shein but with perhaps a tad more ethical sourcing and production, there are many options including H&M and Boohoo.

These brands also offer sustainable pieces that are made using environmentally friendly fabrics and techniques.

13 Best Stores Like Shein

Here are some stores like Shein that offer similar or sometimes even better fashion pieces. All of these stores are available online but some have brick-and-mortar stores as well.

Here are our 13 best stores like Shein that carry the season’s must-have pieces and various designer-esque garments at fair and budget-friendly price points. 

#1 – Modlily

Stores Like Shein

Modlily is an online women’s fashion retailer offering trendy fashion pieces at affordable rates worldwide. This online store specializes in swimwear and offers the same in a variety of patterns, styles, and sizes.

The best part about this online fashion retailer is that you can pre-order certain items at a discount! This feature makes the store stand out all the more.

The brand offers clothing starting from $13 to $150. This is significantly cheaper than Shein.

The online e-tailer has various women’s clothing pieces including tops, bottoms, dresses, outerwear, and swimwear. 


Stores Like Shein

Missguided is another leading fashion brand that you must consider if you’re into affordable yet chic street style clothing.

Founded by Nitin Passi, a fashion aficionado who started his career in New York Fashion Week, the brand aims to empower young women to be confident and be themselves. 

The brand makes it a point to source fabrics ethically and works with in-house talent from all around the world. They also have strict rules against factory malpractices. Kudos to them.

Missguided has also collaborated with leading brands and personalities including Playboy, Carli Bybel, and Sean John.

The brand offers clothing within the price range of $10 up to $500.They cover women’s clothing including tops, bottoms, dresses, outerwear, shoes, and we have to mention the Collaboration collections, of course.

#3 – ROMWE

Stores Like Shein

Romwe is a very popular brand right now that offers trendy streetwear at affordable rates. Fun fact: Romwe and Shein are currently sister companies as Romwe was bought by Chris Xu in 2014.

This brand adds 200 new products daily and provides exclusive deals every day, a definite plus in our books. The price range is from $5 up to $250, but they offer free returns and an extra 10% off of the first order to sweeten the deal.

They have clothing including tops, bottoms, dresses, outerwear, loungewear, and much more. Another point worth mentioning is that this brand is significantly cheaper than H&M, Boohoo, and ASOS.

#4 – Chicwish

Stores Like Shein

Chicwish is a popular online retail store that offers similar products as Shein at modest prices. If you find yourself scrolling through the website, make sure to check out their dresses. They’re truly something special. The price range is from $20 up to $700.

The site offers over 5000+ blogger-approved looks, which is an absolutely staggering amount of options.

The next time you find yourself running low on outfit ideas, check out this brand for a quick outfit inspo! 

#5 – Fashion Nova

Stores Like Shein

Apart from being the #1 Searched Fashion Brand on Google in 2018, Fashion Nova is also a pop-culture favorite.

Their collection has been worn by Hollywood icons including Cardi B, Kylie Jenner, and Tyga.

With thousands of new arrivals every week, Fashion Nova is a great place to find high-end clothing and still be within your budget. The price range of their clothing is between $20 and $250.

The brand aims to be ahead of the fashion curve and caters to varying body shapes, sizes, and silhouettes. Fashion Nova has trendy collections similar to stores like Shein and is especially popular on Social Media with over 20 Million Instagram followers.

#6 – Uniqlo

Stores Like Shein

Uniqlo is a popular Japanese retailer that offers affordable yet high-quality basic styles of clothing for men, women, and children.

The brand is most popularly known for its innovative fabric designs including their HeatTech and AirRism fabrics.

The brand’s main focus is on well-made materials that are worth the price tag, if not more. Speaking of which, the price range of their clothing is between $20 up to $200.

As a bonus, the brand ships almost to most locations worldwide within 1-2 weeks.

#7 – Forever 21

Stores Like Shein

Forever 21 is another option that never fails to surprise anyone who loves trendy items at a discount.

The brand carries fashionable, high-street clothing including tops, t-shirts, bottoms, jeans, outerwear, swimwear, makeup, and shoes, all online or in-store for your viewing pleasure.

Since opening up in 1984, the brand has turned into a household name and is well-known for its youthful fashion collections priced between $5 to $200 on average. While Forever 21 primarily caters to women, they also have stock for men and children as well.

#8 – H&M

Stores Like Shein

H&M is a clothing brand that believes in making great design available to everyone. The brand is popular due to its well-made and sustainable high-street collections and its popular celebrity designer collaborations.

H&M caters to men, women, and kids and their price range is anywhere between $15 to $300. The brand has also stopped retouching its models and showcases models belonging to different ethnicities and backgrounds, which is a big reason why we’re fans!

This company promises the best combination of fashion, quality, and price. With all of that in mind, we’ve found that this modern fashion staple does live up to the hype.

#9 – ASOS

Stores Like Shein

ASOS (As Seen ON Screen) is a British online women’s retail store that offers a collection of brands all under one roof, Some of these brands include Nike, & Other Stories, Bershka, TopShop, and New Look

ASOS also has its own clothing label that creates stylish garments at a discount when compared to the other brands. The best part is that the brand offers its clothing in over 30 sizes meant for varied body shapes and sizes. 

This company has now partnered with GLAAD, an organization that supports the LGBTQIA+ community, and is working on a new gender-neutral collection. This is a big step and has garnered positive responses for the part and their initiative all over the world.

As the uttermost cherry on top, you can check out their clearance and outlet sections for extra discounts to save, save, save.

#10 – PrettyLittleThing

Stores Like Shein

PrettyLittleThing is a popular online retailer with a great selection of clothing to choose from. Their 17.4M Instagram followers have only great things to say and eagerly await each new fashionable post.

We will say that the site was known for its trendy and affordable street-style clothing similar to the other stores like Shein on our list, however, they have been receiving some negative reviews lately. We hope their various issues are resolved and they can get back to supplying the people with trendy fits and utterly gorgeous lewks.

#11 – Nasty Gal 

Stores Like Shein

Nasty Gal, an all-American retailer, was founded by Sophia Amoruso in 2006 after her eBay business selling vintage clothes skyrocketed in popularity. The brand still remains true to its roots and aims to exist for ‘the girl in progress.’

Oh, the things you’ll find at Nasty Gal. Despite what the name implies, the brand carries a lovely variety of women’s clothing. Tops? check. Bottoms? You betcha. Outerwear? Galore. They even have some cute accessories to round out your outfit.

The price range for this brand is around $20 to $400.

#12 – Zaful

Stores Like Shein

Zaful is another women’s online retail store like Shein that offers affordable fashionable styles that are updated every week (so we always have something new to scroll through while we try to forget our responsibilities).

Although this brand’s products are quite similar to our featured brand, the prices can be relatively high on select styles.

The price range of Zaful’s products lies between $20 to $400 on average. The brand is especially known for its swimwear collection on social media but don’t let that stop you from browsing all that they have on tap.

The brand also caters to plus sizes through their Curve category, so anyone can comfortably partake in the brand’s fashion offerings.

#13 – Boohoo

Stores Like Shein

Boohoo is another British online fashion retailer that is nailing it when it comes to high-street affordable clothing. This brand believes in giving back and has made significant donations to various charitable organizations including the Red Cross fund. 

Their website offers a huge variety of trendy fits for affordable prices to the tune of $20 to $300. Boohoo caters to various shapes and sizes, with categories including plus size clothing, maternity wear, and petite clothing. Customers can easily shop by fit on the website.

Students, if you’re out looking for some dapper looks, make sure to look out for the Boohoo student discounts and free delivery upon graduation. Plus, their Student Ambassador program is a fashion lover’s dream and gives students access to incredible products, events, and exciting trips!

Which Stores Like Shein are Closest in Comparison?

Stores Like Shein

Romwe, Forever 21, and Fashion Nova are the closest to Shein when it comes to the price range, shipping, as well as the quality and variety of the collection. 

Plus, products get delivered within 1-3 weeks at a maximum, so you’ll never be waiting long for your next stellar outfit.

Which Stores Like Shein are the Most Affordable?

Stores Like Shein

Chicwish, Zaful, Romwe, and Forever 21 are the most affordable stores like Shein with most of their products priced under $50

All the brands are known for their online Flash Sales and Seasonal discounts that sometimes seem too good to be true, but are nonetheless, legit!

Which Stores Like Shein Offer the Best Quality?

Stores Like Shein

ASOS, Boohoo, Uniqlo, and H&M offer the best quality and will seldom let you down in that regard.

ASOS and Boohoo are multi-brand online retail stores that offer a variety of options, all with high-quality standards. They are your best bet if you don’t want to compromise on the quality and durability of your new fits.

All of these stores also offer different sizes and fits for various shapes, so it’s safe to say that they cover the stores like Shein for plus sizes category too.

Final Thoughts

Stores Like Shein

To sum things up, there are many more sites that have a look and feel similar to Shein apart from the few we mentioned above, however, they each have a few qualities that make them unique.

Each store has its own perk and you have to know what you’re looking for to make the best choice.

So, the next time you’re looking for a guilt-free fashion purchase, check out all of these stores and find your ideal match. Need a bit of direction? No worries, we’ve got you covered.

We recommend the Uniqlo essentials with HeatTech and AirRism fabrics this winter, ASOS for its fashion-forward clothing label that has been hitting the charts with its youthful collections, and H&M for its exclusive celebrity collaborations that happen once a year.

Happy Shopping!

Looking for some more store alternatives? We’ve got you covered:

Stores Like Anthropologie

Stores Like Ikea

Anthropologie makes lifestyle products and clothes for smart, creative-minded women who have a sense of spontaneity about themselves, what they purchase, wear, and the space they live in.

The products include clothing, accessories, and home décor—Anthropologie is a hub for a homebody.

The store has more than 100 locations worldwide—its first international store opened in London, the UK in 2009. The brand is part of URBN, a community of globally established stores like Anthropologie, such as Urban Outfitters, Free People, and others. 

In this post, we’ll take a closer look at this brand as well as other stores like Anthropologie and present you with more options that perhaps fit your personal aesthetic and preferences. 

Overview of Anthropologie

Stores Like Anthropologie

Empowering women to stay curious, adventurous, and their own has been Anthropologie’s mission since its opening in 1992.

The first standalone Anthropologie store opened in Wayne, Pennsylvania, in a space formerly a car dealership! The headquarters are now in Philadelphia.

Currently, Anthropologie offers many neat perks to its shoppers: 

  • Worldwide shipping
  • It offers a 60-day return policy
  • Collaborations with both new and established designers and artisans are frequent
  • Many stores like Anthropologie have very frequent display rotations.
  • Anthropologie has auctions and the money is donated to charity (e.g. the store donated all the proceeds collected on Earth Day to American Forests).

How We Chose the Best Stores Like Anthropologie

Stores Like Anthropologie

Anthropologie and its products know how to speak to both the adventurer and the homebody—the entire home décor section says “get everything here”, plus it looks like someone well-traveled designed it, maybe someone you trust to design your space.

At times, we bring the products home and our living room feels like a happy place. On certain occasions though, the price might fall just outside our budget or the style doesn’t hit quite right, so it’s good to check out stores like Anthropologie, but cheaper or stylistically more in tune with what we need. 

As shoppers, we naturally tend to focus on a few aspects that inform our shopping preferences, like what to look for and where to purchase it—whether at our featured brand or stores like Anthropologie. 

In the next section, we break down those questions to further consider price range, style, quality, selection, and how well aligned the brand is with your own personal values, which makes a difference.


Admittedly, Anthropologie prices can at times feel a bit out of reach, but it all depends on what you’re looking to shop for. If you’re looking to invest in something long-term, then paying more is usually the name of the game.

Buying a towel you’ll only take to the beach two times this summer might leave you feeling like you’re overspending. Or not, if you know you’ll hit the beach a bunch, so it’s worth it! 

Stores like Anthropologie sometimes take time to figure out—what works better in the short or long run and what’s in line with how much you’re comfortable spending might be a spur of the moment decision.


Stylistically, stores like Anthropologie capture everyday life in their brand aesthetic. Maybe it’s for someone who is stylish and comfortable in their skin, likes to stay home, and ventures out when they feel like it.

The fits are sometimes form-fitting, sometimes baggy to maximise coziness. Their home décor has a bohemian flavor to it. 


Quality standards came back into focus when fast fashion started raising questions surrounding its environmental and social impact. Anthropologie and stores like Anthropologie started creating policies, after pledging their commitment to improving their practices.

Production is at the core of the problem and so, stores like Anthropologie are in the process of recognizing the importance of maintaining a standard of quality that is in line with their mindful shoppers.


Our featured brand offers a lot of variety! They have a big wedding section, garden and outdoors, as well as home and furniture. Other stores like Anthropologie offer a lot to choose from as well.


Anthropologie’s website is easy to navigate and it makes online shopping enjoyable. You can track your order directly on the website and the sale of the week shows right at the top banner.

Stores like Anthropologie make an effort to foster good relations with their shoppers and use social media to solicit feedback, improve customer service, and revise their policies.

Diversity & Inclusion

Anthropologie supports artisans of different ethnicities. They recently created a scholarship program for Black students pursuing a fashion design degree.

They have an extensive list of charities they’ve contributed to support marginalized communities and they facilitate Diversity and Inclusion training sessions similarly to what other stores like Anthropologie have done.

10 Best Stores Like Anthropologie

Anthropologie is a feel-good brand. It offers a range of feel-good, look-good products. It is accessible and great for shopping for yourself or buying housewarming gifts for others (or for yourself, why not).

They offer more than just house décor, but a homebody will immediately be drawn to Anthropologie Home. The apparel and accessories also stand out. 

Since stores like Anthropologie can feel like a much-needed self-reward, it’s worth taking a look at the list of other stores like Anthropologie that also have that feel-good ring to them. 

#1 – J. Crew

Stores Like Anthropologie

J Crew has consistently managed to create an equilibrium between classic and trendy without compromising their signature brand styles. The brand promotes neutral colors that are quite prevalent, but you can also spot a pop of color, stripes, and other prints. 

The price is suitable for a working professional, but also for someone about to go on maternity leave, as J Crew offers a great maternity line that isn’t often incorporated by other brands. 

Sourcing great materials sustainably is at the center of their values and they carry cottons, linens, and cotton-linens. 

#2 – Amour Vert

Stores Like Anthropologie

Amour Vert has figured out how to put a fashionable spin on basics and essentials. It features both form-fitting and baggier fits. The color palettes are bold and they offer great sale deals. Well, that just about checks all of our boxes.

There’s an accent on sustainable loungewear at Amour Vert. And with that, it’s easy to notice that sustainability is at the brand’s forefront with an initiative like Tees for Trees— a campaign to promote environmental consciousness.

Stores Like Anthropologie

If it was a TV show genre, & Other Stories would be a feel good sitcom. Something about this brand says “we are a fun group of friends—your friends!” They create apparel and accessories, give sound style advice, and share fashion stories on their website. 

Also, their prices are accessible. The brand’s designs feature embroidery, lace, and knits—the attention is on details at & Other Stories.

Now, it’s not enough to simply say that they offer a great selection of bags. What stands out the most are their vegan bags and shoes! One of the brand’s main goals is to continue to use vegan and recyclable materials, with an intention to be 100% vegan by 2030. Right now, they use 100% sustainably sourced cotton

#4 – Urban Outfitters

Stores Like Anthropologie

Urban Outfitters sells lifestyle products and apparel with a huge accent on alternative fashion. The brand is popular amongst the younger crowd, but there’s something for everyone here. 

Their selection is wide—as wide as Anthropologie’s. They carry graphic t-shirts, vinyls, and wall art at decent prices (to name a few categories of goods). The brand also ships worldwide and has a solid delivery time. 

They feature a diverse group of models and they support young and emerging artists and designers, which is extremely important and we can’t talk about it enough, but alas, we must shine the spotlight on our next brand too.

#5 – Reformation

Stores Like Anthropologie

Feminine figure is the main muse of Reformation’s creative minds. They seem to be moving towards making sustainable fashion accessible to women everywhere.

Their sizes include petite and plus size. The brand is great for shopping staple pieces, which is why the prices can feel high at times. 

They stand for creating a safe and fair working environment for workers throughout their supply chain and they partner with organizations such as the Fair Labor Association to achieve that.

They are a certified Climate Neutral company and they pledge to be Climate positive by 2025. 

#6 – Farm Rio

Stores Like Anthropologie

Farm Rio originated in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (quite fitting, we know). Local culture is at the center of their creative decisions. They are about details and are the ultimate feel-good brand.

Their collections are colorful, well-curated, and the price seems to match the “one-of-a-kind” intention behind their products. They offer free returns and free shipping for bigger orders. 

The brand is in touch with nature and their land and it informs their sustainability practices.

They’ve formed a partnership with the Yawanawa people living in the middle of the Amazon Rainforest to work together on reforestation projects, inclusion, and cultural festivals.

It looks like Farm Rio has a firm grasp on how the fashion industry affects the environment and is committed to continuing to introduce more responsible fibers into their collections. 

#7 – Sezane 

Stores Like Anthropologie

Sezane is a French luxury brand that carries tops, bottoms, dresses, and neat accessories. Its founder, Morgan Sezalory, infused her love for vintage into a wide range of products.

The brand’s cable knit sweater line gives off nostalgia and slight cottage-core energy. They offer free deliveries and free returns for larger purchases. 

Sezane has great recycling programs and policies. 100% of their shipping boxes are made from recycled materials, their store locations are powered by renewable energy, and they have reduced the carbon footprint of their garments by 22% in the last year. Great news for the planet!

#8 – Madewell 

Stores Like Anthropologie

Laidback and relaxed, Madewell is great if you’re shopping for jeans and things you can pair up with denim, like bags, tees, jewelry, and shoes. Their prices vary on each product (for example, jackets are more expensive), but they offer great deals as well. 

They value their community and show love to their collaborators and supporters through their Humans We Heart page they have online. This kind of commitment to fostering relationships with their community makes the brand feel that much more genuine! 

They also promote sustainable fashion through selling second-hand jeans on their sister website Madewell Forever and through this initiative, they try to reduce each pair’s environmental impact by 82%.

#9 – Christy Dawn

Stores Like Anthropologie

Christy Dawn offers a great selection of staple pieces starting from boho dresses, jumpsuits, to shoes. They also sell things we haven’t seen on this list yet, like books!

The connection to nature is at the root of Christy Dawn’s values. Their fits look cozy and effortless and although priced quite high, there’s a huge reason behind it: longevity.

The brand puts a huge emphasis on using long-lasting fabrics. All of their garments are made from upcycled fabrics and organic cotton. 

Their Farm-to-closet initiative focuses on forming and maintaining partnerships with cotton farms and local craftsmen who engage in organic techniques to produce materials. High-quality is prevalent all around with this brand. 

#10 – Free People

Stores Like Anthropologie

Last on our list is Free People, a brand known for its streetwear. The brand’s vision has always been to connect to people who are looking for something new and contemporary and live through music, fashion, and art.

Their collections are accessible to working professionals who are looking to experiment or add something new to their wardrobe at an affordable price—be it basics, jeans, or intimates. 

In the past year, Free People has been vocal about highly condemning any discriminatory behavior at their stores and they have implemented mandatory Diversity and Inclusion training for all of their employees. 

It’s been a long ride, but we’ve reached our final stop. Before we go, there are a few things we want to cover. Anthropologie and stores like Anthropologie have a lot to offer and it wouldn’t be fair to leave without sharing these next few details.  

Which Stores like Anthropologie are the Closest in Comparison?

Stores Like Anthropologie

Stores like Anthropologie that best compare to the brand would have to be Free People, Reformation, and Christy Dawn.

Reformation matches Anthropologie’s overall aesthetic well. Both brands offer clothes you can dress up and down. Anthropologie does have a wider selection, just like Free People, for example.

Anthropologie and Free People have a range of products that cover everything from blazers to intimates. Free People does have two separate categories for activewear and then loungewear like the former, but Anthropologie’s loungewear feels more like something you can wear both indoors and outdoors. 

Christy Dawn’s loungewear compares better to what Anthropologie offers in this category. Both brands feature styles that could be worn to a summer party or a night in with friends.

They are a great addition to any wardrobe regardless of whether your style is maximalist or minimalist. The perk of loungewear is that it could be dressed both up and down. 

Which Stores like Anthropologie are the Most Affordable?

Stores Like Anthropologie

& Other Stories and Urban Outfitters offer products at prices that are a bit more accessible than other stores like Anthropologie we have on the list. 

& Other Stories’s sales go up to 70% off and you can find coats and shoes at a decent price. They even have a section of curated pieces to help you style their products while staying within a reasonable budget for what they offer. 

Urban Outfitters runs frequent sales in-store and online. They often reduce the price of their pants while the style is still in season! It’s great if you’ve looking to add a new pair of pants or accessories as well.

You can often find their shoulder bags as well but even the regular priced ones come at an affordable rate. 

Which Stores like Anthropologie are the Best for Home Goods?

Stores Like Anthropologie

The URBN stores like Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters, and Free People have home décor figured out (if you’re looking for a small home transformation). They offer a lot of variety and decent prices. 

Urban Outfitters has bedding, pillows, lamps, planters, plus they come in many striking colors and beautiful color patterns and could often be purchased at a great price.

Urban Outfitters is known for its collaborations with artists and regularly featuring prints and posters from emerging talent. Urban Outfitters is definitely one of the go-tos for home goods. 

Free People is also great for finding home products. They have a crystal shop! They’ve tapped into something niche here and it speaks to the way they are constantly coming up with new ideas.

The books and games section is pretty sweet—did you know you can purchase a leather ping pong set from Free People?

Final Thoughts

Stores Like Anthropologie

Shopping mindfully is definitely a huge part of the ultimate feel-good shopping experience.

There’s a notable step forward towards being more eco-friendly, developing more ethical practices, and paying more attention to everyone who’s participating in bringing the product to the shopper.

Our featured brand and all the stores like Anthropologie are taking the necessary steps to improve their selection because their shoppers are invested in knowing exactly what they’re getting when they shop at Anthropologie or stores like Anthropologie. 

Shopping mindfully doesn’t always mean that we can afford to buy a lot, but spending sensibly can still allow us to purchase sustainable products that suit our style and material preferences. We just have to spend some time looking and narrowing options. 

Recycled fabrics, preloved garments, and quality over quantity are all more present in the mainstream and a big part of the conversation, so it’s become increasingly easier to make more educated choices when shopping at stores like Anthropologie.

Best Smelling Hair Pomade

Smell is a critical factor for choosing your hair products. It expresses your mood and reflects that image to the people around you.

Choosing a fragrant pomade can make a huge difference in how you impress a room, or how you feel on a day-to-day basis.

Back in the day, the original pomade didn’t come with any fragrances. That means the product came smelling like whatever ingredients went into it. For most early users, pomade was made from lanolin or wool grease.

Lanolin didn’t have a uniquely terrible smell, but it generally resembled the odor of sheep’s milk–not exactly an attractive idea for most urban dwellers.

These days, most brands put a little fragrance in their pomade to give their product a pleasant aroma for the user, and the people around them.

Some of the most common scents include mint and other shampoo-like varieties, but many companies are getting creative with their branding.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the top-performing pomades brands with fantastic-smelling products.

Choosing the Best Smelling Hair Pomade for Men

Best Smelling Hair Pomade

The smell is a critical factor to the success of a good pomade, but it doesn’t tell the whole story. In reality, people approach pomade brands with many requirements in mind.

Let’s consider it from the perspective of a hairstylist. If you’re dealing with many different types of hair in one day, the professional hairstylist might choose the cheapest option because they’re using so much.

On the flip side, the professional could be offering high-end services, and therefore needs more expensive options.

Now, imagine the average user is looking for a reliable pomade. If they don’t have any experience buying hair products, they might go with a brand recommended by a friend, or one that they recognize.

This type of word-of-mouth advertising is very powerful in the world of marketing and can be the deciding factor on why somebody chooses a certain product.

At the end of the day, many people are looking for a pomade to perform its job. The truth is that some brands are more powerful, or versatile than others. This is why strength and benefits are key factors that determine why somebody purchases one brand over another.

The next few sections will dig into the details of what to look for when choosing a pomade.


Money is always a factor when it comes to someone’s purchase. Pomade is important, but it’s not exactly an essential item. For that reason, many people look for budget options when buying hair products.

The good news is that those people are in luck because there are plenty of low-end hair styling products for them to choose from.

On the other hand, high-end pomades are certainly not in low supply. People choose the higher-priced products for two reasons: quality, and pride.

Firstly, a higher price tag usually comes with better overall results, whether you’re talking about shine, strength, or smell. Second, people take pride in the brands they support, so having an exclusive or high-end hair product can help with one’s self-esteem.


With so many brands like Nike and Dove becoming ubiquitous in today’s consumer world, it should come as no surprise that people put a lot of trust in brands they recognize.

It’s simply human to put your money or trust into a company or product with a proven record of consistency or reliability. It’s the reason why so many people eat at McDonald’s or go see Disney movies.

It’s the same with hair pomade brands, people do gravitate towards brands they recognize or something their friend is willing to recommend.

Companies like Aveda or L’Oreal are perfect examples of these types of brands; they are practically household names because they’ve been around for so long.

While brands don’t always provide the best possible performance, they provide the user with the comfort of choosing something they’ve seen before.


This section is for the people who are performance-based when it comes to making a purchase, and for good reason.

People who buy their pomade with purpose are looking to solve a specific problem: they want a specific look, or they need the product to hold for a very long time. What’s the point of purchasing if the product doesn’t finish the job?

There are several considerations in terms of hair pomade benefits. Some products offer hair coloring treatment or even promote hair growth. Someone with greying or thinning hair might look into these options before setting out to purchase their pomade.

Whatever the reason, whether it’s strength, durability, or otherwise, pomades can have a variety of benefits, it just depends on what you have in mind. 


As with other hair styling products, people are looking for a product that holds their hair the strongest and the longest. There’s nothing worse than a hairstyle coming loose halfway through an important function.

Hair products must maintain their efficacy long after first applied, otherwise, they can bring great embarrassment for their user.

When choosing between different brands, buyers should check the labels to determine how long each product will last. Some products only work properly for a few hours before losing their strength.

That’s why many people opt for cement-type pomades, which are generally more effective at holding hairstyles together for a long period. 


The look of one’s hair says a lot about a person. In many cultures, shiny hair is assumed to correlate with good health or good genes.

Many people purchase their hair shampoos and conditioners to get this glossy look. In contrast, some people prefer to give themselves a matte-type finish to make their hair look fluffy or windswept.

Luckily, pomade producers anticipate different types of hair when manufacturing their products. Many products give people the classic slick look, almost like it’s straight out of a Hollywood movie.

On the flip side, matte-style products give hair that beach-dried look, almost like a surfer would have. Whether you’re in the city or taking a beach vacation, there’s a pomade right for every occasion. 


The original format for pomade has changed over the years. In the early days, options were scarce, and it was common to get pomade out of a small metal tin, which would be applied using a small comb.

As the market developed, companies invented new recipes, many of which were less messy than the original products. These days, people can apply creams and pastes with their hands, and even with a stick.

If someone’s traveling and they’re looking for direct touch-ups on their hairstyle, pomade sticks can be an excellent option. The other side of this is that many people want a full pomade experience, not just in one isolated location.

Choosing between a cream, a paste, a stick, or cement can make a big difference in how much product must be used to achieve the desired effect.

The Best Smelling Hair Pomade for Men: Top 12 Picks

It’s time to get into the finer details about pomade products, which means we’ll be looking at individual products and the specific features they deliver. No more beating around the bush, this section is where the dollar drops for the best smelling hair pomade.

What’s surprising is that the pomade market isn’t dominated by just one brand. Actually, there’s a fairly even spread between common brands and lesser-known companies just establishing their names in the pomade game.

There’s an increasingly broad market for different fragrances that range from masculine to aromatic

#1 – Aveda Men Pure Performance Pomade

Aveda Men Pure Performance Pomade
Aveda Men Pure Performance Pomade

The Aveda Men Pure Performance Pomade is a non-greasy formula perfect for everyday use. The water-based formula boasts all-day performance while adding texture and definition to hair.

Aveda is famous for its reliable product and its easily recognizable rich and spicy smell. Their recipe contains hints of citrus, spearmint, vetiver, and lavender to give that special scent when using their products.

This hair product is recommended for people with short to medium length hair to keep it in maintainable shape. It provides a moderate amount of shine for a natural look.

The product comes in a 2.5 fl oz container for $37 per unit.  This is some of the best-smelling water-based pomade you can find.

#2 – Cocoon Apothecary Pomade – Muskoka

Cocoon Apothecary Pomade - Muskoka
Cocoon Apothecary Pomade – Muskoka

Cocoon Apothecary Pomade – Muskoka offers a wax styling product that gives hair a slick, darkened shine. The formula is 100% plant-based, mixing a variety of natural ingredients to create an unforgettable woodsy aroma.

Nature lovers are sure to recognize the hints of shea butter and coconut oil as they spread this amazing pomade through their hair.

The pomade comes in a small glass jar containing 1.76 fl oz, costing $20 per unit. Providing a long-lasting hold, the product is perfect for styling mustaches and beards. It also comes out easily with shampoo, which is perfect for keeping your hair clean and fresh. 

Looking for a sustainable option? You’ve found it. All ingredients that go into Muskokas Pomade are certified organic, plant-based, and packaged in reusable containers.

#3 – Layrite Original Pomade 

Layrite Original Pomade
Layrite Original Pomade

Layrite has the perfect amount of shine with extra hold for a long-lasting hairstyle. The user will be pleased to experience the classic, signature vanilla scent that comes with Layrite’s original pomade.

Founded in 1999, this product is said to hold like wax while washing out like gel. It comes in an old-school metal tin and works perfectly on traditional haircuts.

One bonus about the Layrite Original Pomade is its versatility in packaging. The pomade comes in two sizes, 4 fl oz and 1 fl oz, priced at $26 and $14 oz, respectively.

The smaller option is perfect for people who need a smaller option for traveling, or possibly a hairstylist that needs a backup container of pomade in case of emergency.

#4 – Brickell Strong Hold Texturizing Pomade for Men

Brickell Strong Hold Texturizing Pomade for Men
Brickell Strong Hold Texturizing Pomade for Men

Brickell’s product is perfect for people looking for a matte finish, or something with less shine. The wax-like pomade is scented with a refreshing mint fragrance that simply awakens the user’s senses. It’s made with Argan Oil which helps condition and refine the hair.

This is also the right product for someone in search of hair-boosting properties. It’s perfect for everyday use and comes out easily with shampoo. All the ingredients are natural and organic, making it an awesome option for eco-conscious buyers.

The Brickell Strong Hold Texturizing Pomade for Men comes in a 2 fl oz container, costing $29 per unit.

#5 – American Crew Pomade

American Crew Pomade
American Crew Pomade

The American Crew Pomade is a no-nonsense product that can work with any type of hair, so it’s possibly one of the more versatile products on this list for that reason.

It provides a medium hold with a high amount of shine, perfect for those classy hairstyles from the ’50s and ’60s. 

The pomade has a gel-like texture, which is easy to rub into your hair, even if it’s super curly. It ships in 52 ml containers, now on sale at $11 per unit.

This is a fairly neutral-smelling pomade. If you’re looking for something without any offending odors, it’s a good option.

#6 – Hanz de Fuko Claymation Pomade

Hanz de Fuko Claymation Pomade
Hanz de Fuko Claymation Pomade

Are you looking for a super tight hold? How about quicksand tight? Look no further, Hanz de Fuko has the product for you. Their Claymation Pomade has a super-high hold for all the hair-sculpting you can dream of.

The hand-applied pomade leaves a semi-matte finish for a natural look. The product washes easily and has a neutral odor. Hanz de Fuko’s Claymation Pomade comes in a 56g container and is priced at $29.

#7 – L’Oreal Professional Matte Sculpting Pomade 

L’Oreal Professional Matte Sculpting Pomade
L’Oreal Professional Matte Sculpting Pomade

The L’Oreal Professional Matte Sculpting Pomade  gives hair a flexible hold with a laid-back, matte finish. It’s perfect for creating a messy or textured hairstyle for all lengths of hair.

The application is done by warming a small amount between the hands and then sculpting through the hair. This product is sure to bring a long-lasting and natural-looking sheen to your hairstyle.

The pomade comes in a 2.7 oz container and is currently on sale for $18. The cylindrical shape of this product’s container makes it a perfect travel option for people with luggage restrictions. 

#8 – Unisex Bed Head Hair Stick by TIGI

Unisex Bed Head Hair Stick by TIGI
Unisex Bed Head Hair Stick by TIGI

TIGI’s Bed Head Hair Stick is made for people who can’t get rid of their runaway hair at the start of the day. For people struggling with the morning cowlick, or the patch that won’t go down at the back of the head, this is the solution.

The formula creates texture and holds the hair without any product buildup.

Coming in a 2.57 oz container, this pomade is currently priced at $19 on Amazon. It comes in a simple metal container and applies easily to people with shorter hair.

Customers love the stick format because it saves them from getting their hands sticky. Also, this product has a fairly neutral smell.

#9 – John Masters Organics Hair Pomade 

John Masters Organics Hair Pomade 
John Masters Organics Hair Pomade 

John Masters Organics Hair Pomade is made from a heavenly mixture of mango butter, essential oils, and beeswax.

The blend of natural aromas gives this product a definitive edge over its competition. This product is perfect for people taming frizzy hair or treating their hair with a curling iron.

The pomade adds a little bit of shine and helps nourish the hair shaft. It comes in a 57 g container and costs $27 per unit

#10 – Aveda Brilliant Anti-Humectant Pomade 

Aveda Brilliant Anti-Humectant Pomade
Aveda Brilliant Anti-Humectant Pomade

This product offers users a creamy solution to frizzy and flyaway hairs. It’s perfect for giving hair a polished look, even in the most humid weather.

Rubbing Aveda’s Brilliant Anti-Humectant Pomade between the hands and applying it sparingly, the effect gives hair a fresh, satin finish.

The pomade comes in a 2.5 fl oz container and costs $37. Aveda also offers discounts on refills and free shipping with replenishment services. This is a great option for people looking to reduce their plastic consumption. 

#11 – Phillip Adam Stick Pomade 

Phillip Adam Stick Pomade 
Phillip Adam Stick Pomade 

This formula consists of Abyssinian Oil, Natural Beeswax, and Jojoba oil, combining to create an unforgettable aroma. The natural ingredients also work together to achieve a subtle hold and enhanced shine after every use.

Application of this pomade is easy, just swipe onto your hand and apply evenly until you reach the desired look. 

The Philip Adam Stick Pomade comes in a  plastic container of about 1 oz, priced at $19 per container. It’s an unscented pomade, which is great for people who don’t like fragrances with their hair products.

#12 – Bumble and Bumble Semisumo Pomade

Bumble and Bumble Semisumo Pomade
Bumble and Bumble Semisumo Pomade

If you’re looking for flowing hair that holds its shape, look no further. This finishing pomade will help perfect and define luxurious hairstyles with a high-shine finish. It’s made with a balance of oil and waxes, giving a classic and comforting aroma.

The cream is easily distributed through hair and comes in a glass container. One unit of 1.5 oz Semisumo Pomade costs $36. It’s perfect for all hair types and gives a normal amount of texture.

Which of these Pomades Provides the Longest Hold?

Best Smelling Hair Pomade

Out of all these contenders, a few stand out as having the highest hair holding potential. To start, the Brickell Strong Hold Texturizing Pomade for men is notable for its high hold level with all-day effects. 

Next up is  Hanz de Fuko’s Claymation, which is a “clay-wax” type formula that never gives up. The high-caliber pomade is perfect for sculpting with durability in mind. 

Which Pomades are Unisex?

Best Smelling Hair Pomade

Most of these products are flexible in terms of use between different genders. Only a few of the listed products are advertised strictly for men, such as those offered by Brickell and American Crew. There are a few options for both genders, however, including TIGI’s pomade.

Which Pomades are the Most Affordable?

Best Smelling Hair Pomade

From all the options on this list, Hair Pomade American Crew has the most affordable hair pomade for men.

Final Thoughts

Best Smelling Hair Pomade

Well, it’s time to conclude this journey through some spectacular scented hair pomade. Some of them are manly-smelling pomade, some of them are more fragrant. But in the end, it doesn’t just come down to smell.

People look for several qualities when choosing their pomade. It could be natural ingredients, high-hold for long periods, or other effects like root nourishment or hair darkening. Whatever the task, there’s a pomade out there to suit your specific needs.

Cheers, lads. Here are some more guides to spice up your hygiene routine:

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Best Body Washes For Men

Best Gucci Cologne For Him

You may be swayed to look into Gucci now that Ridley Scott’s House of Gucci has reached cinemas. The Italian fashion brand has been a giant of luxury fashion for a century to the point that their logo alone can surge prices.

But you’re not here to read about handbags or slippers. We know those aesthetic flourishes bore you. You’re a person of royalty and you want others to recognize that without having to remind them. 

While you could pick up the classic Gucci Guilty Pour Homme scent or their new Guilty Love Edition MMXXI pour Homme, you want a more personalized scent that’ll transport people to a particular place.

Boy, do we have the best thing to satisfy your inquisitive mind. Our list of the best Gucci colognes for him will run through our picks for the most fragrant, impactful, and useful products the brand offers.

How to Choose the Best Gucci Cologne for Him

Best Gucci Cologne For Him

Selecting the best Gucci cologne is a more involved process than choosing a good deodorant.

Whereas with the latter you’d typically want something that’ll stop you from smelling like a gym locker room, there are more factors that will affect your final decision about which cologne is best for you.

The four main things to keep in mind while looking through our list of the best Gucci colognes men’s edition are as follows (and don’t worry, we’ll take you through the details of each):

  1. Scent profile
  2. Formula
  3. Versatility
  4. Price

Scent Profile 

Colognes combine and layer multiple ingredients into fragrance cocktails. That means you won’t find anything as basic as “lemon zest” among the best Gucci colognes.

Instead, think about what vibe you want to exude. Here are some examples of moods that these colognes can give off:

  • Masculine
  • Fresh
  • Loose
  • Authoritative
  • Playful

There are definitely others, but each product intends to deliver a specific profile that reacts uniquely with your skin.


You’ll find that not all colognes use the same formula. They use different oil, water, alcohol, and extract ratios. 

Colognes with higher oil contents like perfumed oils and Eau de parfums are stronger than water-based scents like Eau de toilettes. That means that oil-based fragrances typically come in smaller bottles.


In a perfect world, any cologne would be suited for any occasion. That’s definitely the case with some of the products on our list but let’s not discount the use of particular colognes.

While some items might be better suited to particular vibes over others, that doesn’t lessen their quality. It just means you need to be more thoughtful about when to use them. 

We love a good oak-infused cologne, but does that really suit a cramped subway car as well as a lighter, refreshing, zesty cologne? Ultimately, it’s up to you to be the judge.

Furthermore, some of the best Gucci colognes can work together with other products to create personalized scents. That can affect a product’s versatility as you’re no longer boxed in by their particular fragrance profile.


Remember, colognes are powerful. You must wield them like how Thor wields his trusted hammer Mjolnir. Only those who are worthy can use Gucci colognes to their fullest potential. Other weaker mortals will burn through an entire bottle in a week.

That explains why many colognes come in such small sizes for their prices. They deliver a high ratio of power per volume, meaning you can prolong their usage. You might be able to get plenty of mileage out of a small bottle.

What we’re saying is that a lower price doesn’t always dictate a more affordable option. Even though products like the perfumed oils come in meager containers of 20mL, you could still be getting a grand return on your investment. A little goes a long way, especially with fragrances. 

Look beyond the price tag. It’s just a number, though how heavily that number weighs on you will depend on how you use your cologne. 

12 Best Gucci Colognes for Him

Now that we’ve sorted through all of the things to ponder before purchasing a perfume, here’s our list of the best Gucci colognes 2022 edition. In no particular order (besides how we’ve listed them), check these tantalizing options out:

  • Gucci Mémoire d’une Odeur Eau de Parfum: $120
  • Gucci The Alchemist’s Garden 1921 Eau de Parfum: $330
  • Gucci A Midnight Stroll – Incense – Eau de Parfum: $330
  • Gucci The Voice of the Snake – Oud – Eau de Parfum: $330
  • Gucci Hortus Sanitatis – Papyrus and Cedarwood – Eau de Parfum: $330
  • Gucci The Last Day of Summer – Woods – Eau de Parfum: $330
  • Gucci The Eyes of the Tiger – Amber – Eau de Parfum: $330
  • Gucci Fading Autumn – Woods – Acqua Profumata: $240
  • Gucci A Winter Melody – Cypress – Acqua Profumata: $240
  • Gucci Ode on Melancholy – Woods – Perfumed Oil: $410
  • Gucci A Nocturnal Whisper – Oud – Perfumed Oil: $410
  • Gucci Guilty Pour Homme Eau de Parfum: $128

#1 – Gucci Mémoire d’une Odeur Eau de Parfum

First up on our list of the best Gucci colognes for men is one that doesn’t hem to any masculine notions. Its strong inclusion of Roman Chamomille is a unisex choice, making this product universally applicable.

The Gucci Mémoire d’une Odeur Eau de Parfum sets its sights on trying to conjure wistful memories through fragrances. Alberto Morillas is the genius behind this product as he used it to explore how scents can take us back to better times.

Speaking of which, the bottle evokes the designs of other ‘90s Gucci products, rekindling embers of a peaceful memory that’s burned into our subconscious.

  • Gucci Mémoire d’une Odeur Eau de Parfum: $120

#2 – Gucci The Alchemist’s Garden 1921 Eau de Parfum

The next item in our list of the best Gucci colognes for him is this delightful piece. The Gucci The Alchemist’s Garden 1921 Eau de Parfum highlights the neroli flower, one of the most popular perfume ingredients due to its bitter citrus hints. 

However, this eau de parfum is sweet like fresh orange and as vibrant as the Garden of Eden. It has presence but doesn’t impose upon others. 

Since this cologne is part of Gucci’s The Alchemist’s Garden collection it comes with an exclusive green and gold regal pouch.

#3 – Gucci A Midnight Stroll – Incense – Eau de Parfum

The third product among the best Gucci colognes in 2022 is the most romantic one yet. It’s an incense-informed cologne that swaggers instead of sits. 

Yet the incense isn’t the only ingredient pushing the Gucci A Midnight Stroll – Incense – Eau de Parfum into the realm of high romance colognes. 

Cade wood and cypress round out the product’s scent. Together, the three ingredients stir up the lustful sentiments we attach to a late-night jaunt around the city.

We’re not talking about rats and gutters. We mean deep moon shadows and longing street lights. So give yourself a good spray of this stuff, loverboy.

  • Gucci A Midnight Stroll – Incense – Eau de Parfum: $330

#4 – Gucci The Voice of the Snake – Oud – Eau de Parfum

Gucci The Voice of the Snake – Oud – Eau de Parfum is the third fragrance we’ve included that’s a member of the brand’s The Alchemist’s Garden line. You could say we have a weakness for their illustrious bottles. Or that we love gardens.

On the topic of gardens, this Gucci cologne captures not the floral hints of a garden but instead the snake that slithered around the Garden of Eden. its seductive allure comes from the hybrid of oud, patchouli, and saffron.

This sultry one can draw in those around you as it will wrap you in a mysterious air. Plus, it layers well with other Gucci scents. That gives you more options to experiment with your scent-de-jour.

#5 – Gucci Hortus Sanitatis – Papyrus and Cedarwood – Eau de Parfum

The god of the sky Horus smiles down upon any prestigious gentleman who evokes Egypt’s sands with the Gucci Hortus Sanitatis – Papyrus and Cedarwood – Eau de Parfum. The titular ingredients bring forth majestic memories of pharaohs.

Ginger rounds out papyrus and cedarwood to make this item one of the best Gucci colognes of 2022. 

Its exclusivity should appeal to buyers looking to embellish their individuality. The Gucci Hortus Sanitatis – Papyrus and Cedarwood – Eau de Parfum is a collector’s item and thus only available through the brand’s website and select Gucci boutiques.

  • Gucci Hortus Sanitatis – Papyrus and Cedarwood – Eau de Parfum: $330

#6 – Gucci The Last Day of Summer – Woods – Eau de Parfum

Summer is the most nostalgic season of the year, especially in its closing days. The dying light of the late-season sun hints at periods between youth and young adulthood. July’s carelessness and August’s moments of reflection are whisked away by impending scholarly commencement.

The Gucci The Last Day of Summer – Woods – Eau de Parfum bottles that particular sentiment into one of the year’s best colognes. It makes use of cedarwood, nutmeg, and cypress to cultivate a woody aroma.

This scent invites us to reflect on our personal development and our life’s story. It makes us think about how we’ve grown like a mighty oak in the forest of time.

  • Gucci The Last Day of Summer – Woods – Eau de Parfum: $330

#7 – Gucci The Eyes of the Tiger – Amber – Eau de Parfum

We will not tolerate any references to Rocky, guitar riffs, or boxing as we cover the Gucci The Eyes of the Tiger – Amber – Eau de Parfum. This item will not make you smell like an Italian athlete drenched in the sweat of a hard training session on his way to his part-time job at the salami counter.

Instead, this item is for those seeking a Mandarin-infused scent. Its profile is made up of amber, vanilla, and Ciste resin. Together, they conjure up the tiger’s association with China.

That’s a unique scent profile and not one we often come across. The Gucci The Eyes of the Tiger – Amber – Eau de Parfum can have you standing out in a crowded room due to its idiosyncratic fragrance.

  • Gucci The Eyes of the Tiger – Amber – Eau de Parfum: $330

#8 – Gucci Fading Autumn – Woods – Acqua Profumata

Our next inclusion among this list of the best Gucci colognes is so floral-forward that it should be illegal. No one man should be allowed to smell as magical as the Gucci Fading Autumn – Woods – Acqua Profumata can have you smelling. 

Defiantly, the product doesn’t care. It’s focused on delivering a fresh scent by infusing cedar, Cypriol, sandalwood, and patchouli with strengthening oils.

The Gucci Fading Autumn – Woods – Acqua Profumata also boasts a gorgeous bottle. Its white exterior is coated with draping flowers and vines. It reminds you that you can be smelling like the freshest man on the planet. 

  • Gucci Fading Autumn – Woods – Acqua Profumata: $240

#9 – Gucci A Winter Melody – Cypress – Acqua Profumata

Let’s not forget all the joys that winter brings. Gucci didn’t, and they bundled up those exciting feelings into this fragrance.

The Gucci A Winter Melody – Cypress – Acqua Profumata’s porcelain bottle may strike up more images of a bouquet than a Christmas tree, but its ingredients call snowy vistas to mind.

A cadence of cypress, bergamot, and rose dance in a lovely waltz. It can have you ready for the winter as quickly as Bing Crosby’s “White Christmas” has you hanging up the stockings.

  • Gucci A Winter Melody – Cypress – Acqua Profumata: $240

#10 – Gucci Ode on Melancholy – Woods – Perfumed Oil

Perfumed oils can perform well on their own but signify themselves as among some of the best Gucci colognes for their ability to highlight other eau de parfums.

In the case of Gucci Ode on Melancholy – Woods – Perfumed Oil, it can liven up any reserved parfum. By itself, this item chuckles with cedar, patchouli, sandalwood, and Cypriol – all staple items among Gucci’s catalog.

Those components evoke naturalistic notes. They can give you a rustic vibe by themselves, but seem best used in tandem with sweeter Gucci scents.

  • Gucci Ode on Melancholy – Woods – Perfumed Oil: $410

#11 – Gucci A Nocturnal Whisper – Oud – Perfumed Oil

The bass guitar guides the music in a rock song. It dictates the rhythm, providing a backboard that the guitars, vocals, and drums can prance around. The Gucci A Nocturnal Whisper – Oud – Perfumed Oil acts much like a bass guitar.

Its purpose is to add fullness to other Gucci scents. This product is one of the best Gucci colognes because it balances the zestful fragrances other colognes provide. The blend of oud, benzoin, leather, and saffron can give a robust shape to other smells that need some extra oomf.

  • Gucci A Nocturnal Whisper – Oud – Perfumed Oil: $410

#12 – Gucci Guilty Pour Homme Eau de Parfum

The final entry in our list of the best Gucci colognes flaunts the most affordable price tag. The Gucci Guilty Pour Homme Eau de Parfum reinterprets rose and chili pepper scents that caused a ruckus in the 1970s. 

It brings those vintage scents into the 21st century by spicing them with vinegar and salt. If your mouth is watering reading that then imagine how serene it’ll be on your olfactory senses. 

The Gucci Guilty Pour Homme Eau de Parfum doesn’t just use kitchen essentials. It also adds lavender, patchouli, cedarwood, and neroli to provide quite the robustness. 

This item is a masculine, all-purpose cologne. Its diverse ingredients list could solidify it among anyone’s regular scent rotation.

  • Gucci Guilty Pour Homme Eau de Parfum: $128

Which of the Best Gucci Colognes Could Be Considered Unisex?

Best Gucci Cologne For Him

Many of the best Gucci colognes for him promote and heighten masculine scents. They add an earthiness that we usually associate with manliness.

If you want a cologne that steps away from that approach, then we recommend the Gucci Mémoire d’une Odeur Eau de Parfum. Yet, all of the colognes are good enough to please anyone’s noses.

In that case, unisex and masculine are both relative terms. Each of these colognes could be considered unisex if they carry the notes you enjoy. There’s no need to limit how great you can smell with arbitrary labels.

Which Gucci Colognes are the Most Affordable?

Best Gucci Cologne For Him

If we just look at the price of the best Gucci colognes then we’d find two obvious answers to this question: 

  • Gucci Mémoire d’une Odeur Eau de Parfum: $120
  • Gucci Guilty Pour Homme Eau de Parfum: $128

Both eau de parfum products cost less than any of the perfumed oil products. However, perfumed oils are made to last for a long time as complementary pieces. Thus, they can also be considered affordable if you use them in small doses.

Final Thoughts

You’d have to push your luck to try and go wrong with any of the best Gucci colognes. While some fragrances are more defined than others, each offers a bespoke austerity. They’re all dignified.

You should use these colognes to highlight your physical presence. Allow your deodorant and your personal hygiene to cover the bases so that these colognes can sing your praises to all surrounding ears (noses would probably be more appropriate, actually).

You’ve now got the cologne on lock, but what about the accessories and other fragrances to go with it? Here are a couple of options to pull everything together:

Best Designer Wallets For Men

Best Smelling Hair Pomade For Men

Best Body Washes for Men

Best Gucci Sneakers

Shoes are both a necessity and a statement in today’s world. Protecting your feet in comfortable shoes is one thing, but they also can make or break an outfit.

A simple pair of shoes can elevate your tracksuit into something that could belong on the front of a magazine. How we dress not only serves as a commentary on how we want to present ourselves to the world but also what we value when we choose where to shop.

Gone are the days in which sneakers were pushed to the sidelines, gracing only gym floors and wet pavement in the early morning.

It has been decided: fashion is for fun and comfort is key, and Gucci has developed different types of sneakers that focus on protecting your feet and maintaining style.

In other words, the brand has made shoes that get you exactly where you need to go and make you look good while doing it.

Gucci is known for its classic polished black loafers with a shiny gold buckle front and center, which have been in production since 1953.

They have since adapted their style as they stray away from traditional and simple and move towards bolder styles of today.

So, if you’re on the hunt for a pair of designer sneakers for yourself or as a gift for someone you love, allow us to show you the best of the best when it comes to Gucci sneakers.

How to Shop for the Best Gucci Sneakers

Best Gucci Sneakers

Choosing a new pair of sneakers can be difficult. They have to fit right, look how you want them to, last a long time, adapt to different outfits in your wardrobe, and come from a brand that speaks to you.

Plus, it all has to fit within the budget you have set for yourself.

It’s important to keep your expectations high when shopping for shoes, especially since sneakers belong in the “wear daily” category of your closet. So, before we run towards the best Gucci sneakers, let’s walk through how to go about choosing the right pair for you.


All the best Gucci sneakers have some sort of logo or emblem that brands them as Gucci. Most come with embroidery, patches, or studs that outline iconic Gucci symbols.

This can, of course, play a role in which pair you choose, depending on whether you want something that is a little more low profile and neutral or something that is more fun and flashy.

While logos are present in all pairs of Gucci shoes, they are tasteful nods to classic and timeless pieces produced by Gucci. While they may be flashy if that’s the route you choose, they are never gaudy.

If you do prefer a more minimal look, there are plenty of options, such as a small emblem on the heel of the shoe or a subtle striping of the iconic green and red on the sides.


Gucci shoes are often constructed from genuine leather, canvas, or cotton, with rubber soles, all materials of which Gucci claims to use only the best.

The description of each pair states whether or not they have been made from animal materials, which is important as society moves towards a more sustainable future.


The brand’s sneaker styles range from tennis shoes, high tops and low tops, to laceless slip-ons. There are also plenty of different color options to match your wardrobe.

Many of their sneakers come in neutral colorways, which means they are adaptable to different outfits and looks.

The best Gucci sneaker is the one that is best suited for you and your everyday life, as some pairs are more casual than others.

Gucci advises against getting the sneakers too hot or wet, which can be problematic if you live in a warm or wet climate.

The shoes would likely need to be put away during the winter and spring seasons to avoid becoming wet or dirty. Otherwise, they would need to be swapped out for a different pair of shoes when going outside.


Another important feature of every pair of shoes, especially ones that get daily wear, is how long they will last. The best Gucci sneakers need more maintenance than a regular pair of shoes.

The company suggests that the shoes be filled with paper to hold their shape and kept in a box to protect them when not in use.

While owning a pair of Gucci shoes may require a bit more care, it is important to note that following these suggestions can extend the life of any pair of shoes.


The best Gucci sneakers are definitely on the higher side of the price range when it comes to casual shoes.

If you are willing to splurge and invest in quality shoes that are versatile and will last with the proper care, then a pair of Gucci sneakers could be the ones for you. Below is a list of the shoes we will be taking a look at, in order from least to most expensive:

Men’s Gucci Tennis 1977 slip-on sneaker, $580
Men’s GG embossed slip-on sneaker, $620
Men’s Gucci Tennis 1977 sneaker, $630
Men’s Ace GG embossed sneaker, $680
Men’s Ace sneaker with elastic Web, $680
Men’s Ace sneaker with Interlocking G, $680
Men’s Gucci Tennis 1977 GG high-top, $790
Men’s Screener GG sneaker, $870
Men’s Rhyton sneaker with ’25,’ $890
Men’s Gucci Basket sneaker, $950

The Best Gucci Sneakers

Having considered which type of sneaker would be right for you based on your needs, we’ll go through the ten best Gucci men’s sneakers (in our humble opinion).

We’ll take a look at the design and aesthetics of each shoe, as well as what sets them apart from a regular pair of sneakers. One of these options could be your sole-mate!

1 – Gucci Men’s Tennis Sneaker 1977 in Butter Cotton

If you are looking for a great pair of everyday shoes, the men’s Gucci tennis sneaker in butter cotton is for you. They are neutral in tone and yet also bring a pop of color to your wardrobe.

These shoes are a perfect pairing for your favorite shorts on a summer day or for a friendly match on a tennis court, dressing up any casual look for a cool $630.

The classic red and green stripes are showcased on the side of these cream-colored low tops, paired with green trim to juxtapose the white striping throughout.

The shoes are a hybrid of 70s style and today’s fashion: the vintage Gucci Tennis 1977 label and retro color palette are featured on a sporty and modern sneaker.

2 – Gucci Men’s Ace GG Embossed Sneaker in Black Leather

The Gucci men’s Ace GG embossed sneaker is a monochromatic take on the classic Ace sneaker, which is based on the vintage style of the 90s.

With shiny black leather, the GG is embossed all over the shoe, giving a subtle nod to the Gucci name. The heel of the shoe is printed with ‘Gucci’ in a brushed gold finish, interrupting the continuous shade of black and enhancing the luxurious appearance.

The texture of the shoe leans towards vintage, while the all-encompassing black coloring pulls contemporary, creating the perfect blend of classic and timeless.

As the perfect addition to any look with their monochromatic and yet intricate design, these sneakers would run you $680.

3 – Gucci Men’s Rhyton Sneaker with ‘25’

If you are on the hunt for more of a traditional running shoe with ample cushioning for the forefoot and heel and support for the arch of the foot, the Gucci men’s Rhyton sneaker with ‘25’ is a strong contender.

These sneakers are great for exercising, running errands, or pairing with your favourite athleisure wear, all for $890.

The entire shoe is a warm cream-colored material that is crafted from sustainable materials, while the sole of the shoe is a light tan rubber. The right side of each shoe is printed with a navy blue ‘25,’ which is Alessandro Michele’s favourite number.

On the left is ‘Gucci Eschatology 1921,’ eschatology being a doctrine that explores destiny, and 1921 being the year Gucci was founded, linking the past of Gucci to the future of fashion.

4 – Gucci Men’s 1977 Tennis Slip-On Sneaker in Beige & Ebony

Not interested in time wasted tying up your shoes when you’re in a rush?

The men’s Gucci tennis 1977 slip-on sneaker is an ideal shoe for those days when you wake up late and never have the time to tie your laces, or if you prefer something a little more low maintenance that only requires you to slip them on and go.

The warm beige coloured canvas shoe is printed with the GG emblem in a darker shade of brown, with off-white and navy blue accent trim.

The sole of the shoe is a fiery red, adding a pop of color to an otherwise neutral palette. For $580, these sneakers are perfect for spicing up any classy dress wear or even pairing with loungewear, matching perfectly with any neutral-toned items in your wardrobe.

5 – Gucci Men’s Basket Sneaker in White Demetra

The men’s Gucci Basket sneaker in white Demetra is Gucci’s take on a 90s basketball shoe, continuing the trend of sportswear-made-leisurewear-made-fashion.

They are a bright white, wide-mouthed high top sneaker with a contrasting sea blue sole. The shoe is also made from mostly upcycled materials, meaning that they are a great sustainable and renewable option.

The padding around the ankle makes them a great genuine pair of basketball shoes, but they can be worn casually as well, whether you are playing sports or going for an evening stroll.

For $950, the basketball sneakers could be a great addition to your closet, as the neutral white and comfortable design would bring a casual and sporty look to any ensemble.

6 – Gucci Men’s Ace Sneaker with Elastic Web

If black sneakers tend to be your preference due to their durability and longevity, but you are looking for something a little more unique, then the men’s ace sneaker with elastic web could be the right shoe for you.

They would pair well with any casual look but can be dressed up as the luxe details enhance the simple style.

At $680, the shoe offers a twist on a classic black sneaker, implementing an elastic that crosses over the laces. The elastic is the brand’s iconic green and red stripes painted with a row of golden interlocking G’s.

Black is a simple staple in every wardrobe, but Gucci likes to spice things up by challenging traditional styles, rewriting a plain black shoe into a statement.

7 – Gucci Men’s Ace Sneaker with Interlocking G in White Leather

Gucci has been known for their Aces since they came out in 2016, becoming the best-selling Gucci sneakers.

The style isn’t going anywhere any time soon as the brand only continues to reinvent the shoe, as evident through the $680 men’s Ace sneaker with interlocking G in white leather.

The vanilla white low top pair of sneakers feature a rose-red interlocking G patch and a contrasting sapphire blue heel. The shoe is a canvas, painted with streaks of red and blue that make the classic sneaker feel a little more adventurous, bold, and exciting.

The shoes would be a great match for a closet seeking a little pizzazz for the everyday outfit.

8 – Gucci Men’s GG Embossed Slip-On Sneaker

Gucci merges the Gucci men’s Ace GG embossed sneaker and the men’s Gucci tennis 1977 slip-on sneaker, as the men’s GG embossed slip-on sneaker exists as a hybrid of the two.

It has the same appeal as any slip-on as there is no need to spend any time lacing the shoes up, and yet also has the same sleek monochromatic look as their Ace embossed sneaker.

At $620, this shoe is the best of both worlds and would be easy to pair with almost anything. The black tonal leather can match any outfit, while the ease of slipping them on and off would make them a go-to pair in your closet.

9 – Gucci Men’s Screener GG Sneaker

If a perfect new pair of shoes makes you nervous, then the pre-distressed white leather men’s screener GG sneaker might just be your saving grace!

These sneakers look like they are straight out of the 70s, with the enamel double G on the toe of the shoe and the subtle, vintage style interlocking Gs on the navy blue fabric sections of the shoes.

These shoes, totaling $870, are a unique statement piece as they merge sportswear with an old-school silhouette. They would pair well with cigarette trousers and a sweater vest to pull together a classic look or match well with a more modern pair of jeans and sweatshirt.

10 – Gucci Men’s High-Top Ace Sneaker in Black Leather

If distressed vintage isn’t your thing, but you are looking for a pair of 70s style high tops, the men’s Gucci tennis 1977 high top sneaker has a leather finish that promises durability.

These sneakers are a reinvention of the classic high tops from the brand’s archive. Once again, Gucci’s vision of a hybrid of the past and present is evident.

The charcoal black leather shoe is juxtaposed with the bright and cheery green and red striping synonymous with the brand, completed with red and green trim. Ringing in at $790, the high top tennis shoes are perfect for spicing up anything from wide-leg jeans to corduroys.

Which Men’s Gucci Sneakers are the Most Versatile?

Best Gucci Sneakers

For your needs, the best Gucci sneakers to buy may likely be the one that works with most of your outfits.

It’s important that you can slip them on for a trip to the mall, and yet also wear them on a night out that same day to get your money’s worth.

The most versatile Gucci sneakers are the men’s Ace GG embossed sneakers. The monochromatic black is timeless and goes with anything, whether it be an all-white or all-black ensemble, your pajamas when you run to the grocery store, or your favorite jeans and t-shirt.

No matter what you wear, these sneakers will elevate your look and make you feel put together.

Which Men’s Gucci Sneakers are the Most Affordable?

Best Gucci Sneakers

The best Gucci sneakers if you are looking for the most affordable pair are the men’s Gucci tennis 1977 slip-on sneaker, coming to a grand total of $580.

As casual dress has become more mainstream, the price of sneakers has gone up. However, for a designer label and quality materials, Gucci matches the prices of other sneaker brands without sacrificing the quality of their products.

While Gucci may not sell a truly affordable pair of sneakers, if you are looking to invest in a fashionable designer pair of shoes, the men’s Gucci tennis 1977 slip-on sneaker may be the right choice for you as they bridge casual and vogue.

What’s the Best Way to Clean Gucci Sneakers?

Best Gucci Sneakers

When deciding how to go about bringing your shoes back to life, the brand recommends that the best way to clean their sneakers would be with a dry cloth and a soft-bristled brush.

It’s important to avoid getting the best Gucci sneakers (or any sneakers, really) wet to maintain the quality of the fabrics, so the cloth should polish and shine, while the brush should remove any dirt or debris.

If you do happen to step in a muddy puddle, then a mixture of water and detergent should do the trick. Simply dip the cloth and brush in the soapy water and gently scrub the dirt from the shoe. Let the shoes air dry and they should be good as new.

Final Thoughts

Best Gucci Sneakers

At the end of the day, the best Gucci men’s sneakers are the pair that works for you and fits best with your wardrobe.

Gucci offers plenty of options when it comes to style, color, fabric, and design. This creates a selection of shoes that could easily fit in anyone’s wardrobe.

No matter what you wear, a pair of the brand’s sneakers will likely make you feel like you’re in something a little different, more special, enhancing every item in your wardrobe as soon as you walk out the door.

This esteemed fashion house has sought to merge the classic, vintage pieces and colors with today’s style. They have successfully created a selection of hybrid shoes in which fashionable meets functional.

With quality materials and a vision that pulls the past and present together, Gucci sneakers are a timeless option for feet everywhere.

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Best Bar Soap for Men

Forget keeping the heart and soul clean, most of us will settle for scrubbing the body at a regular schedule.

The number of soaps on the market right now can easily overwhelm anyone, so it’s incredibly easy to just stick with what we already know. However, we’re saying now that just because something is familiar doesn’t make it the best.

There’s more to cleaning than smell and cost. We’ve compiled all about the best bar soap for men in the hopes of helping one or two guys out there who are willing to give something new a shot. Your partner and family will thank us later.

Choosing the Best Bar Soap For Your Skin Type & Shower Routine

Best Bar Soap for Men

When it comes to getting clean, most of us will admit to having a quick routine for that time of day. What may be a standard selection isn’t necessarily the best soap for men.

In fact, oftentimes we’re swayed by cheap prices and bulk deals to avoid purchasing too often, but there’s a lot more to factor in than just price.

Choosing from the best men soap brands on the market, it’s important to look for what will work best with individual skin types. While the cheaper stuff may work for friends and family, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll work for you. 

Those with sensitive and dry skin especially have to be careful with their choices when it comes to chemicals in soaps that can actually make the drying even worse.

We’ll be honest, a lot of cheaper bar soaps actually tend to provide a deep clean that is known to dry the skin out more than body gel options.

A lot of this comes from parabens found in common bar soaps and the additional ingredients thrown into gel soaps to moisturize while cleansing. 

With that being said, those who shop for natural bar soaps are far more pleased with the product as it lasts longer, cleans better, and ultimately is better for the environment.

But rather than list it all out here, let’s dive into the things everyone should know about men’s soap before buying.


We’ll be honest here, bar soap for men is definitely the cheaper option compared to gel soap. A lot of the cost issue comes down to packaging and ingredients.

As bar soap is smaller and denser, the plastic packaging is minimized, and oftentimes bar soap can be bought in bulk rather than one bar at a time, ultimately saving money on hygiene costs.

As for costs among bar soap competitors, all-natural soap for men will come in at a higher price than others on the market. Again, this comes down to ingredients.

Incorporating natural oils for fragrances in addition to environmentally friendly practices for the creation and production of these soaps will up the cost every time. 

We believe it’s well worth the added dollars for a natural product with transparent ingredients and practices.


We’re all guilty of knowing at least a few popular brands on the market when it comes to soaps. Of the biggest names out there, we’d have to list Dove, Kiehl’s, Oars + Alps, and Dr Squatch as some of the top names that have been tossed around.

While Dove is one of the top brands out there for men and women regarding skin products, their products don’t quite fall into the all-natural category. 

Known for using parabens, this company is working towards the removal of harsh chemicals in their products but hasn’t yet hit that mark for all of their inventory. With that being said, they are popular for a reason with their soothing smells, deep cleaning, and moisturizing elements.

As for natural remedies, Kiehl’s, Oars + Alps, and Dr Squatch take pride in being open and transparent regarding ingredients and practices.

While their names may not be as well known as Dove, they have been making headway in their own area of the market, recognized on quite a few lists for their wide selections and healthy manufacturing.


Ingredients may be the component that we want to highlight most when it comes to the best bar soap for men (or anyone, really).

We must note that it’s incredibly important for those with dry or sensitive skin to take note of the chemicals being used in their soap, but it’s a factor that applies to us all when it comes to deep cleaning.

Parabens are often found in soaps (especially bar soaps) and we’ll be honest, they’re not what you want to find listed as an ingredient. Parabens can actually dry out the skin, which is why many popular cheap bar soaps are known for drying in comparison to gel soaps.

We’re happy to see that there are paraben-free bar soaps on the market, many of which cross over in the natural soap industry. For those cautious about their skin types, this is the way to go. 

Natural bar soaps utilize grown ingredients and natural oils for a more subtle fragrance (or in some cases are fragrance-free).

Free from harsh chemicals that do harm to the skin, many of these natural bar soaps instead moisturize or exfoliate the area and lead to a healthier glow.

The bottom line here? Read the ingredients and shop naturally.


Let’s be honest with this one – we aren’t all consistent in our soap use. Some people go for too much, some barely scrape by. This can play a big part when it comes to purchasing.

Those who use a lot of soap can rest easy as that doesn’t automatically make for a more expensive purchase. We’ve got quite a few items on this list of the best bar soap for men that come at an affordable price with options for subscriptions to make it cheaper. 

If you don’t want an ongoing subscription, many times bar soaps can be bought in bulk, or, in some cases, brands may sell a larger size.

But let’s get down to the real issue: no one wants to drop the soap. Those who really have issues holding onto the slippery eel should take a look at soap on a rope. An odd name, sure, but ultimately incredibly helpful in keeping a grip on the soap bar for lathering up and washing out.

It really comes down to cleaning practices here. There’s a type and size of bar soap for everything. It’s all about preference and practice to find that perfect balance in your routine.


Alright, we need to touch on this topic before getting into some solid options. While many believe the functionality of a bar of soap is solely to clean the body, we would argue that the best bar soap for men does more.

The simple fact is, there are so many options on the market right now that it’s quite rare to find a bar soap that only cleans the body. One of the most common appearances in the industry is an exfoliant bar that doubles up to remove dry skin before cleansing and moisturizing the body. Two for one is never a bad deal, right?

In addition to exfoliants, there are shampoo bars, all-in-one bars, some that are only for the face, some that shouldn’t be used on the face. 

Basically, there’s a bar for everything, so it’s important to read up on the usage before buying. Figure out what you’re looking to gain from the product and work from there.

Everyone needs a starting point when it comes to shopping. Why should soap be any different? Think function first, then form.

We don’t just want to leave readers with information here. We also want to highlight a few of our favorite options to kickstart the process and show off the range of what’s available in today’s market:

  • Kiehl’s Ultimate Man Body Scrub Soap, $15
  • Herbivore Bamboo Charcoal Detoxifying Soap Bar, $12
  • Oar + Alps Blue Charcoal Bar Soap, $10
  • Grown Alchemist Body Cleansing Bar Geranium Leaf & Bergamot & Patchouli, price unlisted
  • Caswell-Massey Centuries Almond Bar Soap, $12
  • Dr Squatch Alpine Sage Bar Soap, $7
  • Cetaphil Gentle Cleansing Bar, $6
  • Alaffia’s Authentic African Black Soap Bar – Unscented, $5
  • Jo Malone Lime Basil & Mandarin Soap, price unlisted
  • Harry’s Stone Bar Soap, $4
  • Aesop Body Cleansing Slab, $23
  • Hermès Eau d’Orange Verta Perfumed Soap, $30
  • Claus Porto Soap On a Rope, $29
  • Ursa Major Morning Mojo Bar Soap, $14
  • Diptyque Paris Tam Dao Perfumed Soap, $35
  • Baxter of California’s Vitamin Cleansing Bar – Italian Lime & Pomegranate, $19

16 Best Bar Soaps for Men

Ready to discover the best bar soap for men? We’ve tried to avoid bias (though it’s always bound to happen in any article) by offering a wide range of 16 different brands and bars. 

Hitting different functions, forms, and fragrances, these best-sellers will give a glimpse into the world available when it comes to keeping clean.

#1 – Kiehl’s Ultimate Man Body Scrub Soap

When it comes to scrubbing down and getting clean, Kiehl’s Ultimate Man Body Scrub Soap is one of the top contenders.

This bar not only cleans the surface, but also uses a combination of oatmeal, pumice, and bran to create an exfoliating surface. That means old and dry skin is broken down and washed away, leaving space for new and softer areas to take over. 

The use of oatmeal not only works to break down old skin but also comforts and soothes new skin for a moisturized start in that post-shower world.

We will say, this one isn’t for a full-body experience. While most skin is up for grabs with this bar, the face is best left washed and treated with a smoother soap. Other than that, go wild with this one and start getting clean.

One bar from this brand costs $15.

#2 – Herbivore Bamboo Charcoal Detoxifying Soap Bar

Let’s go cruelty-free, fragrance-free, and keep it all-natural with the Herbivore Bamboo Charcoal Detoxifying Soap Bar.

The title alone calls out this bar’s main feature – charcoal. More common in the media these days, charcoal remedies are coming to light for their use with toxins and oils in the body. 

Cleaning pores on both oily and combination skin, this is the bar to check out for those who greatly suffer from the plague we call acne.

Due to the properties of charcoal, toxins are drawn away from the skin, leaving a healthier glow without any overwhelming fragrances taking over the process. 

Add in the tea tree and Bergamot oils to balance and neutralize infections and that acne should be taken care of in no time.

Grab a bar or two of the Herbivore Bamboo Charcoal Detoxifying Soap Bar for $12.

#3 – Oars + Alps Blue Charcoal Bar Soap

As mentioned earlier, one of the most popular in the category of best bar soap for men, Oar + Alps Blue Charcoal Bar Soap came out with their own charcoal solution to clean living.

This bar is all about that deep clean. The charcoal aspects of removing toxins still remain, but Oar + Alps combines that element with exfoliant aspects as well.

Using volcanic sand as one of their main ingredients, this gentle bar not only cleans out the acne, but also the dead skin.

Sounds good so far, right? Add in some soothing and balancing measures to really treat yourself. Blue-green algae and witch hazel extract work to reduce the remaining oils and find that perfect balance for a healthy and wholesome appearance.

One bar of this soap costs $10.

#4 – Grown Alchemist Body Cleansing Bar Geranium Leaf & Bergamot & Patchouli

The brand name alone was a reason for including this one on the list. Who doesn’t want to buy from a company called Grown Alchemist? Especially when they offer a Body Cleansing Bar Geranium Leaf & Bergamot & Patchouli.

The name really lays it all out with their three key ingredients listed right in the title. Does it smell great? Of course (bergamot really is an underrated scent we need more of). But scent alone doesn’t steal the show for this one.

Geranium leaf is a new one, so we have to lay out exactly how this can help the hygiene game. Working similarly to charcoal, this extract is all about detoxing the skin and building up a clean base layer for the face and body. 

Patchouli, another new addition to this list, calms the senses via hormones (it’s scientific and we won’t draw out the whole chemical equation, but you get the idea).

Getting clean and calm in one go? Well worth one bar of soap. Unfortunately, prices aren’t currently available for this product.

#5 – Caswell-Massey Centuries Almond Bar Soap 

We’re coming up on a best-smelling soap for men that had to be highlighted for the scent alone. The Caswell-Massey Centuries Almond Bar Soap is all about a natural base with a bit of salty and sweet that offers a lasting subtle scent.

Let’s start with the smell because we really have built that one up. This soothing bar offers a sweet cherry and almond fragrance that couples with hints of salt to ground the sweetness the other ingredients offer.

Why the heavy almond scent? Due to the almond oils and aloe vera. Rather than being included for the fragrance alone, these elements make this bar incredibly soothing for the skin, providing a great solution to moisturize dry skin. 

The real fun fact about this bar? President Eisenhower was a big fan, and it made its way to the White House.

Smell like success (or a previous president) for $12.

#6 – Dr. Squatch Alpine Sage Bar Soap

Also mentioned earlier as a candidate for best natural soap for men, Dr Squatch joins the market solely as an all-natural company that’s determined to keep communication open when it comes to ingredients and manufacturing.

One of their best-sellers, the Alpine Sage Bar Soap, is a favorite we needed to highlight for a reason.

The ingredients and fragrances really combine with this bar as the stunning “mountain” scents all play a role in what makes this a contender for the best bar soap for men.

So, what makes this soap whisk you away to the Himalayas, the Appalachians, or, dare we say it, the Alps? A heavenly combination of cypress, sage, and lavender.

The real feature of Dr Squatch is that all bar soaps can be used not only on the body but also on the hair

Rather than breaking it down into new products to purchase, one simple bar gets the whole job done. Utilizing clary sage and cypress for softer and oil-free hair, this bar also contains sea salt to soak up the toxins and leave a clean body, head of hair, and conscience in knowing that the ingredients are all-natural.

Bring that mountain smell into the valley for $7 per bar.

#7 – Cetaphil Gentle Cleansing Bar

Those looking for a quick and medically approved cleaning solution, look no further than the Cetaphil Gentle Cleansing Bar.

On the market for over 70 years, this brand knows how to make a lasting product. Due to their medical backing, this product is all about a fragrance-free and hypoallergenic experience. 

Perfect for children or those with sensitive skin (or anyone with average skin who likes to be cautious), this bar of soap is all about an ultimate clean to gain a healthy glow.

Perfectly balanced on the pH scale, this mild solution locks in the moisture, reducing dry and scaly skin. Simple in size and smell, this bar is easy to grab and use as you go for any shower.

Cleanse those toxins and balance out the body for $6.

#8 – Alaffia Authentic African Black Soap Bar – Unscented 

Working on the basis of home remedies, Alaffia’s Authentic African Black Soap Bar – Unscented works those natural ingredients for a soothing skin solution.

Mixing up shea butter and palm oil in one sub-dried soap, this bar is all about calming irritation and hydrating the skin with ease. Moisturizing while reducing toxins, this black bar soap offers a deep clean that works with all skin types (including the most sensitive).

Its unscented solution is great for everyone. We realize this is an article on the best bar soap for men, but we’ll be honest and say that this is a soap that works for any gender and any age. 

Doubling as a shampoo, this is one all-natural cleanser that the whole body will thank you for.

Give one bar a try for $5.

#9 – Jo Malone Lime Basil & Mandarin Soap

Luxurious in scent and soothing in touch, the Jo Malone Lime Basil & Mandarin Soap plays to all of the senses in one simple bar.

Created with shea butter for an ultra-soft and moisturizing result in the shower, this bar is gentle on the skin and on the nose. Lighten the room with the subtle citrus scents of lime, basil, and mandarin to really cleanse the palette. 

The addition of white thyme grounds the lightened fragrances with earthy tones that will call back memories of vacations, crashing waves, and a refreshing drink by the water.

This soothing soap currently has no listed price available.

#10 – Harry’s Stone Bar Soap

We need to clarify here that Harry’s Stone Bar Soap isn’t actually made of stone. Instead, its fragrance is meant to remind the user of a cool and refreshing natural element that stands strong against all it faces. Or maybe that’s just our interpretation.

The scent is actually reminiscent of citrus through its use of yuzu and bergamot in addition to the charcoal (for clearing out toxins). 

Each bar, no matter the scent, is a natural soap for men that moisturizes the skin through a luxurious lather meant to boost hydration.

The cooling minerals and oils in the stone bar pull out the harsh oils plaguing skin and instead offer clean pores that are immediately hydrated with a refreshing balance of natural ingredients.

Cruelty-free and soothing in its smell, you can grab a bar for $4.

#11 – Aesop Body Cleansing Slab

Aesop may have been all about fables before, but now they’re a brand selling only facts. Their Body Cleansing Slab makes work like a fairy tale, but we promise the effects are real.

We need to start with the size for this one as it comes in at a whopping 10.9 oz bar (the average is around 4oz). That’s more cleaning, lifespan, and room to grip all in one purchase.

At that rate, you’d better hope to be a fan of the scent as it’s truly an investment of time and money to make it through one of these.

As for the other elements of this bar, a combination of bergamot, ylang-ylang, and Tahitian lime keep things light and citrusy for users. 

Balancing the skin and reducing toxins, this bar is all about a refreshing experience in scent and sensation as leaving with cleansed skin is promised after each use.

One bar does go for the higher cost of $23, but its lasting time is at least doubled compared to the regular-sized options on the market.

#12 – Hermès Eau d’Orange Verte Perfumed Soap

While Hermès does provide some health benefits, we’ll be the first to admit that fragrance is a bit part of their Eau d’Orange Verta Perfumed Soap.

When it comes to high-class names on this list, Hermès is probably at the top. Or at least close to the top anyway. Combining citrus and mint notes in an all-consuming fragrance of refreshment, this bar soap is meant to provide a positive and soothing experience.

This subtle and calming scent encompasses the skin while cleansing it of any dirt and grime. Careful to avoid any drying out of the body while in use, it simply lathers, washes, and leaves behind soft skin with a delightful smell that others will adore.

This brand-name bar is available for $30.

#13 – Claus Porto Soap On a Rope – Classic Scent 

We’ve all heard the term “Soap on a Rope” before, but how many of us have actually used it? The Claus Porto Soap On a Rope offers up that opportunity to give the classic a try while providing some rich fragrances that add to any cleaning experience.

We first want to break down the rope thing because not everyone may know the purpose. While it does often function as an arts and crafts project for kids to give families, there is a greater purpose at play here. 

The rope typically loops around the wrist to provide a solid grip that prevents the user from dropping the incredibly slippery soap that loves to try and escape all grasps.

So, Claus Porto’s selection adds some elastic to this selection to ensure a good grip on the soap during shower time. In addition to that, this bar combines citrus and earthy scents that both refresh and ground the user in a warm and soothing fragrance. 

Add in the moisturizing element of walnut extract and vegetable oil, and this bar of soap will keep customers clean and cuddly with soft and soothing skin.

One bar of this brand is $29.

#14 – Ursa Major Morning Mojo Bar Soap

Another bar pulling double duty on this list of the best bar soap for men, the Ursa Major Morning Mojo Bar Soap is dedicated to those who appreciate a morning clean to get the day going.

Why is this marketed towards morning people? Because peppermint puts some pep in your step. Scented with peppermint, eucalyptus, and rosemary, this exfoliating bar is all about waking up the senses with earthy oils that get the brain running at full speed.

Where does the exfoliant come in? From the sea fennel and volcanic rock. That’s right. A volcano was formed to provide smoother skin. Or something like that anyway…

All dead skin is immediately soothed by the inclusion of honey, shea butter, and coconut. Softening the new skin and calming any irritants, these ingredients hydrate and nourish every inch for a pleasing feel and a delightful scent.

Start off the morning with mojo for $14 per bar.

#15 – Diptyque Paris Tam Dao Perfumed Soap

Those who want a bit of luxury in life can check out Tam Dao Perfumed Soap.

This Diptyque Paris piece is all about the riches in life from soothing sensations on the skin to a fresh fragrance that calms the soul with each use. With a scent based around sandalwood forests, it’s easy to understand why these soothing natural notes are found in this bar.

Grounded in woodland smells, this bar doesn’t forget about the skin in its creamy and lathering nature that works to prevent dry skin. 

Soft almond oil coats the body with hydration, moisturizing with every sweep of the soap bar to ultimately bring an end to patchy skin and scratching.

Each bar of this luxurious soap goes for $35.

#16 – Baxter of California Vitamin Cleansing Bar – Italian Lime & Pomegranate 

Health and happiness are found with ease when it comes to Baxter of California’s Vitamin Cleansing Bar – Italian Lime & Pomegranate.

As you can likely tell from the name, this one does come in a variety of scents. Why go with lime and pomegranate for this best bar soap for men article? We’re suckers for citrus. 

In addition to these fresh ingredients lightening the load of every shower, this bar also includes hints of bergamot, cucumber, and musk for a grounded earthy fragrance.

Ready for the vitamin facts? This soap bar is full of them. Soaking in Vitamins A (good for the immune system) and E (great for healthy skin), this bar goes beyond the scope by adding in seaweed and aloe to really hydrate the skin. 

Soothing natural dryness and irritation with a moisturizing mixture, this paraben-free bar is great for full body use (not including hair, but it’s a definite yes for the face).  

Due to its health and hydrating properties, this one is available for $19.

Which Bar Soaps Could Be Considered Unisex? 

Best Bar Soap for Men

When it comes to buying any gendered product, we’re highly reluctant to limit the buyers due to scent.

The simple fact is while we have this listed as the best bar soap for men, no cleaning product is actually only for a specific group of people and it all comes down to preference for scent.

While it’s stereotyped for women to prefer light and floral fragrances while men get the natural outdoor scents, the simple fact is the soap will do the same thing no matter the gender. It’s all made to clean, hydrate, and reduce toxins from the skin for a healthier glow. There’s nothing gendered about that.

For those who liked the notion of some items on this list but aren’t a fan of smelling “like a guy” (can we insert an eye-roll here? It feels necessary), then check out the unscented options available for a soothing clean with a neutral scent.

Which Bar Soaps Have Multiple Uses?

While it’s not all products, we have highlighted some items on this list of the best bar soap for men that do double duty. We aren’t saying they’re better or worse than basic soaps, but they are worth checking out.

For those who are fans of a one-stop-shop idea, the multi-use bars that double up for body and shampoo are the way to go.

Be sure to read the usage before trying as no one wants to dry out their hair, but many all-natural soap bars can double up for softening hair and healthy solutions to reduce oils and leave stunning locks swaying in the wind.

The real winner for us is the exfoliant bars. They get the prize every time. Not only are they moisturizing and cleansing skin, but a layered element removes dried and hardened skin for a smoother and cleaner experience (especially great for heels and elbows). 

While they aren’t necessarily great for shampooing hair, we think an additional purchase for hair is well worth the cost when using one of these for the rest of the body.

Which Bar Soaps Are Best For Dry, Sensitive Skin? 

Here’s where we really need to highlight the importance of checking the label and doing research. While bar soaps are a great idea for a number of reasons, cheap options built around parabens can dry out the skin and make matters worse for those already dealing with sensitive issues.

We’re recommending natural bar soaps for this one. Bar soaps based on natural ingredients often utilize shea butter, aloe, or coconut oils to soothe the skin as they clean. 

In addition to other natural oils working to balance oils, toxins, and more, many natural bar soaps use the hydrating factor as the base ingredient and work outwards from that.

So, we aren’t saying you have to go expensive in order to get something that works with sensitive skin. On the contrary – look at the above list and check out how many of those all-natural options come at a low listed price. 

We are suggesting that users carefully check ingredients before buying. Anything with parabens should be an automatic no.

The cleaner (environmentally speaking) the better in terms of what these soaps can do for the skin. Just equate green production and ingredients to a healthier glow and you’ll be good to go.

Final Thoughts

We know there’s a lot going on in this article and that it’s hard to comprehend all the facts that have been tossed out while reading it. So, we’ll give a simple summary of the top facts to remember:

  1. There’s no such thing as gendered soap
  2. Paraben-free is always the way to go
  3. Why get a cleanser when you can double up with an exfoliant as well?
  4. Ingredients and function are key to every purchase

Ultimately, it comes down to preference for fragrance, size, and even function. The thing we wanted to get across here is that bar soaps don’t just dry out the skin like those harsh chemical ones we all grew up with.

There are solid choices available that help the skin and the environment with each use – so always read the ingredients and read up before buying.

Best Japanese Clothing Brands

We all have one friend who’s fallen down the rabbit hole of Japanese fashion. It seems like you can’t talk to them without them mentioning some new avant-garde designer that is making a name for themselves among fashionistas.

Japanese fashion rewards that enthusiasm with the advent of resellers and limited capsule drops, allowing the most dedicated of fans a slice of exclusivity. However, that doesn’t mean that Japanese clothing is only for the select few.

In reality, the best Japanese clothing brands make products that could fit into anyone’s wardrobe regardless of how invested they are in the fashion game. Allow us to educate you about some of the brands that are either pushing the medium forward or making the best all-purpose garments around. 

How to Shop the Best Japanese Clothing Brands

Best Japanese Clothing Brands

You might feel nervous about shopping for the best Japanese clothing brands online due to the sheer variety of prices, looks, and products.

Thankfully for you, we’ve isolated the three things you should take into consideration when looking for clothing to make your shopping experience as easy as making your morning Keurig coffee or matcha tea if you really want to get into it.


Every brand in this list of the best Japanese clothing brands has their own particular vision, meaning you’re guaranteed to find one that suits your needs whether you like to play it safe or go all out.


Some of the companies we’ve covered produce luxury pieces, so prices can range from “oh, I may as well get it,” to the price of a new mortgage.

With that in mind, we will tell you about some of the best affordable Japanese clothing brands too, so don’t you worry.


What solidifies a company as one of the best Japanese clothing brands is how their items can fit into your daily life. Some of the brands we love can suit any situation because their designs and shapes are rather tame. 

On the other hand, Japanese fashion has a penchant for challenging people’s perceptions of what can even be considered “clothing.” Some companies are as much about making artistic statements as they are about making shirts or pants.

With all of that in mind, we’ll take you through the best of the best when it comes to Japanese clothing brands. In no particular order, here they are, ready to walk the virtual runway:

  1. Asics
  4. WTAPS
  5. Comme des Garçons
  6. Suicoke
  7. Junya Watanabe
  8. Sacai
  9. Yohji Yamamoto
  10. Noi Kei Ninomiya
  11. Ambush
  12. Undercover
  13. Issey Miyake
  14. Needles
  15. Wacko Maria
  16. Uniqlo
  17. Human Made
  18. Blue Blue Japan
  19. Kapital
  20. Adeam

20 Best Japanese Clothing Brands

Join us as we take you through a journey of the Land of the Rising Sun’s best fashion offerings. We’re certain you’ll discover at least one company that’s bound to become your new favorite.

#1 – Asics

Best Japanese Clothing Brands

Asics may primarily be known as a sportswear company, but that doesn’t limit their fashion options to the tennis court. Their products often exude a degree of athleticism like they’re subtly hinting “yeah, I work out” without needing to scream the statement into everyone’s face.

They’ve been putting feet into shoes since 1949. They cultivated a fervent fan following with their esteemed Asics Onitsuka Tiger Mexico 66 court shoe. 

Chances are, if you’ve heard of Asics, it’s because of this shoe. It helps that Bruce Lee helped advertise the item by wearing it while he kicked people’s teeth in.

What makes Asics one of the best Japanese clothing brands online is the versatility of their products. Their well-crafted designs are multi-functional and reserved in design so that they can suit the athlete, the stylish bookworm, or the would-be Instagram-sponsored gym bro.

Here are some of our favorite Asics pieces:


Best Japanese Clothing Brands

MIYAGIHIDETAKA is one of the newer companies among our list of the best Japanese clothing brands. This company was founded in 2017 by Miyagi Hidetaka and carries his eccentric spirit.

There’s plenty of Americana lining the MIYAGIHIDETAKA product lines. 

Flannel patterns, bandana flirtations, and bold color choices all distinguish MIYAGIHIDETAKA from other Japanese clothing brands. However, their availability is narrow. The company only releases a few items at a time and their prices are quite high.

With that being said, the garments’ quality and rebellious designs are what earn them their spot as one of the best Japanese clothing brands online.

Check out these two pieces that really caught our attention:


Best Japanese Clothing Brands

You can’t make a list of the best Japanese clothing brands without delving into the country’s overwhelming streetwear culture. NEIGHBOURHOOD is a premiere streetwear brand with punky designs and a particular taste for dark colors.

Many of their pieces tap into workwear as well. Lead designer Shinsuke Takizawa embeds many of the brand’s best items with a degree of sturdiness that captures what defines so much of modern streetwear.

NEIGHBOURHOOD items are tough both in aesthetics and in manufacturing. These pieces give off an almost confrontational vibe as if they’re not going to take disrespect from anyone. That stubbornness slots them as among the best Japanese clothing brands online.

Here are some items that exemplify Shinsuke Takizawa’s ethos:

#4 – WTAPS

Best Japanese Clothing Brands

Tetsu Nishiyama’s streetwear brand is timely in their designs. They’ve been around since 1997 but their workwear-meets-streetwear designs seem like guiding lights in modern fashion sensibilities. 

Their product drops frequently cause massive line-ups outside of their Japanese retail locations, and we’re not surprised. They exhale coolness thanks to relaxed fits, tame color choices, and a measured eye towards sturdy fabrics.

All these decisions reflect why WTAPS makes our list as a leader among the best Japanese clothing brands.

Feast your eyes on some of their gorgeous offerings:

#5 – Comme des Garçons

Best Japanese Clothing Brands

Although Comme des Garçons have only entered the modern mainstream fashion consciousness thanks to the ubiquity of their collaboration with Converse, they’ve long sat on the throne as one of the best Japanese clothing brands. Rei Kawakubo’s company has been setting trends since 1969.

The brand combines Kawakubo’s punk fascinations with a high fashion mindset owing to their Paris location.

While punk and fashion runways may seem like an odd pairing, one quick glance over the Comme des Garçons offerings will convince you that they two couldn’t be sold any other way.

Here are some of our favorite pieces from the company:

#6 – Suicoke

Best Japanese Clothing Brands

If you’ve ever maligned sandals as being “ugly,” then Suicoke will convince you otherwise. Their eccentric footwear interpretations are some of the most creative sandals available today. There are few companies that can capture comfort and ingenious style like Suicoke.

Suicoke mainly dabbles with sandals above all other products, but they do also manufacture slides, boots, and shoes that all carry the brand’s penchant for disregarding the rules.

These are the products that solidify Suicoke as a top Japanese fashion company:

#7 – Junya Watanabe

Best Japanese Clothing Brands

If you liked what you saw from Comme des Garcons then you’ll want to check out what company protege Junya Watanabe offers. His designs take a more technical approach to modern wear but still have Comme des Garcons’ rule-breaking attitude. 

While many Junya Watanabe pieces may appear tame at first, the more you look at them the more you’ll realize how they subtly defy conventions. Drooped shoulders and bulky pants only cover a portion of the company’s interest in the process behind garment production.

We believe these items are worth your while:

#8 – Sacai

Best Japanese Clothing Brands

Sacai blew up as one of the best Japanese clothing brands for their bonkers (we say that as a compliment) collaboration with Nike known as the Sacai x Nike Waffle

That item exemplified so much of what sets this brand apart from others: bold colors, non-conformist designs, and eye-catching shapes.

Founder Chitose Abe took the lessons he learned working for Comme des Garcons and Junya Watanabe to push the envelope in regards to conventional fashion. Sacai products are for people who want to show up at any location dressed to show up.

Here are some products that best showcase Sacai’s design sensibilities:

#9 – Yohji Yamamoto

Best Japanese Clothing Brands

We’ve spoken plenty about boundary-pushing in this list about the best Japanese clothing brands online, but nobody smashes conventions and turns heads like Yohji Yamamoto. Yamamoto himself carved out a distinct philosophy that can be summarized as black and angular. 

Though the company does produce garments in line with more reserved tastes, their best products are the ones that will have you reconsidering whether fashion has any limitations at all. Their pieces are almost always black and favor interesting shapes and fabrics over everything.

The pieces we’ve included here have us foaming at the mouth:

#10 – Noir Kei Ninomiya

Best Japanese Clothing Brands

You can tell that Kei Ninomiya loves black just from the company’s name (noir is French for black, reflecting both Ninomiya’s weakness for black as a color and the inspiration he draws from French fashion). 

There’s a playfulness behind every Noir Kei Ninomiya piece like they’re seeing how far they can step outside the norm without breaking down the entire fashion industry.

The brand prioritizes craftsmanship in their item production. They would rather play with the process that goes into garment manufacturing instead of worrying about whether the final product looks “in-style”. That curiosity gives each Noir Kei Ninomiya item admirable confidence.

Look at some of these avant-garde Noir Kei Ninomiya wares:

#11 – Ambush

Best Japanese Clothing Brands

Ambush evolved from a jewelry line into one of the best Japanese clothing brands for unisex garments. Much like how the best jewelry is as tasteful as it is opulent, Ambush products tip-toe towards the cutting edge of fashion without overstepping into parody.

While many of their products are unisex, it’s in their gendered designs that Ambush distinguishes themselves. That’s when they really see how avant-garde they can get without disrupting the fabric (pun intended) of design sensibilities.

These are some of the items that caught our eyes:

#12 – Undercover

Best Japanese Clothing Brands

Undercover is designer Jun Takahashi’s creation, combining his love for urban-level design, rebelliousness, and a measure of class. Their products are more elegant than a typical snot-nosed punk would be seen wearing.

With that being said, there isn’t an inch of compromise in any Undercover piece. They all burn with Takahashi’s desire to push streetwear into the future through their designs that err between traditional and dangerous.

Check out these great Undercover items:

#13 – Issey Miyake 

Best Japanese Clothing Brands

This brand has a plethora of clothing lines that the founder Issey Miyake oversees, meaning that although each one serves a different purpose they’re all guided by Miyake’s astute textural eye.

This attention to textures plants Issey Miyake as one of the most interesting brands on this list. Their items frequently balance unmatched comfort with uncompromising shapes. They often use wool and linen to craft some of the softest products available composed of sharp angles and unexpected decisions.

We could dedicate an entire article to our most-beloved Issey Miyake pieces, but we’ll include just a few here:

#14 – Needles

Best Japanese Clothing Brands

Needles have been defying conventions since 1995. Keizo Shimizu began the company as a way to create what he felt the fashion industry lacked. The result: nearly 30 years of his unbridled creative vision.

Nowadays, the brand is best known for their reinterpretations on classic designs and patterns, as if they’re remaking new products out of old frameworks. This is most evident in their famed Needles 7 Cuts Shirt.

See how experimental Needles can get with these interesting choices.

#15 – Wacko Maria

Best Japanese Clothing Brands

Would it be corny to call Wacko Maria’s designs wacky, because that’s the adjective that best describes their rousing pieces. Unabashed leopard prints are the brand’s calling card. 

If that doesn’t line up with your preferred look then fret not! They also integrate decadent color schemes and larger-than-life patterns with whimsy.

Wacko Maria is best suited for people who favor challenging styles over out-of-the-ordinary shapes. Their patterns and schemes are all eye-catching but Wacko Maria intelligently contrasts them with reserved clothing shapes. 

Here are some of our favorite Wacko Maria items:

#16 – Uniqlo

Best Japanese Clothing Brands

Uniqlo oozes simplicity and elegance unlike any other brand. They’ve earned their prestige as one of the most reliable modern fashion companies due to their esteemed quality for affordable prices.

In fact, Uniqlo is arguably the best affordable Japanese clothing brand because of how well their products are manufactured. They don’t experiment too much with their main clothing line, meaning their pieces are always in style.

They do have a creative streak that comes out in the Uniqlo U line and JW Anderson collections, but their best products are their quietest, like the ones we’ve included below:

#17 – Human Made

Best Japanese Clothing Brands

There’s a degree of charming kitsch to Human Made. They are an offshoot of the giant streetwear brand A Bathing Ape, but founder NIGO uses Human Made to explore his fascination with American workwear.

This brand combines the fun of A Bathing Ape’s outlandish designs with rigid designs and sturdy materials. That means you’ll find tough work-ready clothes adorned with cute hearts, quant graphics, and an air of relaxation. 

These items show what we’re talking about:

#18 – Blue Blue Japan

Best Japanese Clothing Brands

We’ll invoice you our next paycheck if you can guess which color is most prominent in Blue Blue Japan’s products. The company gives off a nautical vibe, both relaxed and meditative, due to their use of blue tones and soft textures

Their aesthetic is unique among other Japanese fashion brands as it heavily relies upon traditional Japanese garments and updates their free-flowing shapes to suit today’s tastes. 

Dive into Blue Blue Japan’s sea of offerings with these products:

#19 – Kapital

Best Japanese Clothing Brands

Kapital breaks away from the urban feel of most Japanese clothing companies by integrating naturalistic patterns and materials. They’re a breath of fresh air amongst their competitors. 

While they tap into workwear elements with denim materials, most of their items combine the free-spirited 1960s hippie movement with giddiness and glee. Kapital is alluring without being too pedantic or too serious. 

Check out these items to see how they forge their own identity:

#20 – Adeam

Best Japanese Clothing Brands

This bespoken clothing brand is the brainchild of Hanako Maeda. For the last decade they’ve been crafting some of the most luxurious women’s clothing in all of Japanese fashion. 

They’re the brand for you if you favor gentle garments that flow like a swan taking flight out of the water. Adeam is the only brand we’ve included among our list of the best Japanese clothing brands that focuses mainly on women’s garments. 

Preview some of their premiere productions here:

Which Japanese Clothing Brands are Unisex?

Best Japanese Clothing Brands

Since the best Japanese clothing brands often challenge gender norms through their exuberant fits and bold color choices, there’s often little that differentiates a male product from a female product.

Footwear brands like Suicoke would look great on anyone while WTAPS’ bulkier fits are in-line with streetwear’s divorce from traditional gendered sensibilities. 

Which Japanese Clothing Brands are Best for Everyday Wear?

Best Japanese Clothing Brands

Everyday wear can refer to a product’s aesthetics – i.e. ‘“could I lose my job for wearing this in the office?” – or its durability. A piece of clothing is only worthwhile if it doesn’t disintegrate in the washing machine.

That’s why we feel that NEIGHBOURHOOD is among the best Japanese clothing brands for everyday wear as they combine fashionable designs with high durability.

Which Japanese Clothing Brands are the Most Affordable?

Best Japanese Clothing Brands

As with many artistic endeavors, often the best Japanese clothing brands can wallop your wallet. 

However, there’s no reason to fret if you want to dress nicely without dipping into your child’s college funds. Companies like Uniqlo and Asics produce affordable and attractive pieces.

Final Thoughts

There’s plenty to learn from the Japanese approach to fashion. For many of the best designers, fashion is a vessel for expression. It’s a way for people to promote their personality, to shine a light on their individuality, and to probe deeper into one’s values.

Whether those values are minimalist or outrageous, the best Japanese clothing brands can all adorn you with garments that reflect your inner self.

Your fashion-conscious journey doesn’t have to stop here. Check out some of our other top picks:

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Best Leather Jackets For Women

Best Designer Men’s Slides

Most Expensive Purse Brands

From handbags to totes, bags are an essential item for women everywhere. There are so many to choose from, and they each come in different styles, colors, and shapes.

It can be more challenging to find the right purse for your needs than it is to find your lipstick in said purse. 

Some of the most expensive purse brands are treasured by prominent celebrities, influencers, and trendsetters. These renowned fashion labels create the most iconic pieces that have shaped the overall fashion scene. 

So, which purse brands are the most expensive? We’ve compiled a list of the most prominent fashion houses whose bags come at hefty price tags. Each designer has something to offer, from vintage exclusives to new collections for those looking to make the pricey investment. 

How to Shop the Most Expensive Purse Brands:

Most Expensive Purse Brands

Buying a designer bag is an investment, especially if they’re selling for higher prices. So you’ll want to think about a couple of things before checking out. This includes the company you’re buying from, the size, material, functionality, price, and resale value

After taking these things into consideration, you could get your hands on a beautiful bag that’s worth the cash you put into it. Of course, the most expensive purse brands won’t take craftsmanship, quality, or design choice lightly. And that might make your decision difficult.


You’ll want to think about the company you’re purchasing from in order to land the right aesthetic for you. Each brand offers different characteristics—this can range from Chanel’s Double Flap bag to the iconic and pricey Hermès Birkin

The company name of the most expensive purse brands will influence high or low price tags. This also has to do with exclusivity and rarity. The Birkin is an example of rare and luxurious pieces and can be priced up to $10,000


The sizes of the most expensive purse brands of 2022 do vary, but your choice will depend on what you need. If you need a bag for everyday use, something like a Louis Vuitton Carryall will literally hold everything you need. It’s practical and, of course, stylish. 

But if you’re looking for something less bulky and totally hands-free, you could opt for a classic Fendi Baguette bag for all of your essentials. Ultimately, you’ll want to choose a size that works for your lifestyle. 


Depending on the fashion house, the expensive bags’ materials will differ. The most common among our most expensive purse brands are genuine leather.

You might also be able to find recycled materials like Pradas Re-Nylon Re-Edition mini bag. It’s also important to remember that a bag’s makeup can impact the total price. 

Evidently, color designs and patterns will change across brands, too. All of our featured labels have distinct aesthetics that you could recognize from a distance. Something like Louis Vuitton’s signature monogram pattern is not hard to spot.

Another example would be Chanel’s CC logo or a bold Hermès Birkin. Keeping things like this in mind might help you better understand the longevity and wearability of the piece.  


If you’re going to drop a lot of cash on a fancy handbag, you’ll want to weigh out its versatility. In other words, can it be worn for any occasion and in how many ways?

For example, something like a Dior Wicker Bucket Bag might not be practical for the office or class. Still, it would be great on nights out if you’re just running errands and need something hands-free.  

When you’re shopping for the most expensive purse brands, you’ll want an item that suits your lifestyle.

If you’re frequently attending events for work or socializing, a bold Judith Leiber clutch might work for you. But regardless of your choice, you should be able to put your investment to use (if you want to, of course!). 


Cost is a significant aspect behind any purchase, and cashing out with expensive designer brands will most likely make a dent in your wallet. The most expensive purse brands have varying prices that should go up to 5-figure numbers depending on the collection and label. 

As we mentioned, this is dependent on the brand, materials, and more. But whichever beautifully crafted piece you choose, it’ll be worth the cost. 

Resale Value

You may not think about re-selling your item once you’ve purchased it. I mean, come on, it was your investment. But, we definitely think you should consider your bag’s second life.

Depending on the collection, the most expensive purse brands will most likely go for equal value or more.

There might come a time when the bag isn’t getting as much use, and re-selling could help you earn back the cash you spent on it. In addition, knowing your bag’s resale value will definitely make your investment a little easier should you choose to put it on the market. 

Before getting into the most expensive purse brands ranked, here’s a list of our featured labels with their bags’ price ranges. Note that these prices can change annually: 

  • Hermès, $3,700–$400,000+ (depending on the rarity)
  • Chanel, $4,000–$9,000 
  • Louis Vuitton, $200–$14,000+ 
  • Dolce and Gabbana, $165–$13,000
  • Fendi, $1,190–$38,000
  • Loewe, $440–$14,690
  • Prada, $950–$3,300
  • Dior, $800–$5,950 
  • Bottega Veneta, $990–$8,900 
  • Valentino, $1,750–$7,000+ 
  • Judith Leiber, $499–$92,000 

The 11 Most Expensive Purse Brands

We’ve talked about all crucial things to consider when purchasing luxury bags. Now it’s time to rank the 11 most expensive purse brands.

There’s something for everyone; from fancy, high-end statement clutches to the timeless classics, you’re bound to find an accessory worthy of your investment. 

#1 – Hermès


Hermès began as a leather goods shop in Paris in 1837. In the following years, they expanded upon their stitching skills to create couture apparel and accessories in the 1930s.

They’re now considered one of the most luxurious French fashion houses and most recognized by their bright orange and black packaging

The Kelly and the Birkin bag are the most famous in the brand’s collection. The Birken tote was released in 1984 and became a luxury status symbol upon its introduction.

In recent years, the Birkin has become a collector’s item among the fashion elite. Prices can start at $11,000 and could eventually reach six-figure numbers. 

#2 – Chanel


The House of Chanel is widely known for its women’s clothing, luxury goods, accessories, and fragrances.

It was founded in Paris in 1910 by Gabrielle ‘Coco’ Chanel, who’s credited with turning traditionally masculine garments into feminine women’s attire. Since the Chanel Suit’s inception, the high-end brand has been a leader in innovative fashion

If you can get your hands on a genuine Chanel handbag, you’ll definitely be a subject of envy. They’re one of the most coveted accessories worldwide and feature a chic, Parisian aesthetic that’s glamorous yet subtle.

The brand is known for their Double Flap Bag designed with their signature quilting, chain strap, and CC monogram. These bags also come at a hefty resale price

#3 – Louis Vuitton