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FITNATION Core Lounge Ultra with Rep Counter & 1 Month Fitpass

$231.00 USD

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Product Description

We've all heard about the importance of core strength, but when it comes to improving it, where do you start? (And when it comes to avoiding a hard, unforgiving floor, where do you go?) This is where: the FITNATION Core Lounge Ultra workout chair. The FITNATION Core Lounge Ultra is a full-body-supported chair that folds to simulate crunches and extends over 180 degrees. Think about that: 180 degrees are as far as you can extend on the floor doing traditional crunches, but the Core Lounge Ultra can help you stretch past that, all while cradling your head, neck, and back in comfy mesh supported by a sturdy steel frame. Plus, the chair's comfort handles and foot pedals help you maintain proper form as you work to strengthen, tone, and stretch your abdominal muscles (hello, confidence that you're doing it right!). There's even a rep counter -- because we all love our stats and tracking our progress! From FITNATION. Important Note: After your 30 day trial, you will be enrolled in a membership for $11.99 per month. Please note that your credit card will be automatically billed if you do not cancel your trial or subscription before the trial period has expired. To cancel, visit, log in to your account and confirm your cancellation in your account settings.