The Best Bar Soap for Men 2022

Best Bar Soap for Men

Forget keeping the heart and soul clean, most of us will settle for scrubbing the body at a regular schedule.

The number of soaps on the market right now can easily overwhelm anyone, so it’s incredibly easy to just stick with what we already know. However, we’re saying now that just because something is familiar doesn’t make it the best.

There’s more to cleaning than smell and cost. We’ve compiled all about the best bar soap for men in the hopes of helping one or two guys out there who are willing to give something new a shot. Your partner and family will thank us later.

Choosing the Best Bar Soap For Your Skin Type & Shower Routine

Best Bar Soap for Men

When it comes to getting clean, most of us will admit to having a quick routine for that time of day. What may be a standard selection isn’t necessarily the best soap for men.

In fact, oftentimes we’re swayed by cheap prices and bulk deals to avoid purchasing too often, but there’s a lot more to factor in than just price.

Choosing from the best men soap brands on the market, it’s important to look for what will work best with individual skin types. While the cheaper stuff may work for friends and family, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll work for you. 

Those with sensitive and dry skin especially have to be careful with their choices when it comes to chemicals in soaps that can actually make the drying even worse.

We’ll be honest, a lot of cheaper bar soaps actually tend to provide a deep clean that is known to dry the skin out more than body gel options.

A lot of this comes from parabens found in common bar soaps and the additional ingredients thrown into gel soaps to moisturize while cleansing. 

With that being said, those who shop for natural bar soaps are far more pleased with the product as it lasts longer, cleans better, and ultimately is better for the environment.

But rather than list it all out here, let’s dive into the things everyone should know about men’s soap before buying.


We’ll be honest here, bar soap for men is definitely the cheaper option compared to gel soap. A lot of the cost issue comes down to packaging and ingredients.

As bar soap is smaller and denser, the plastic packaging is minimized, and oftentimes bar soap can be bought in bulk rather than one bar at a time, ultimately saving money on hygiene costs.

As for costs among bar soap competitors, all-natural soap for men will come in at a higher price than others on the market. Again, this comes down to ingredients.

Incorporating natural oils for fragrances in addition to environmentally friendly practices for the creation and production of these soaps will up the cost every time. 

We believe it’s well worth the added dollars for a natural product with transparent ingredients and practices.


We’re all guilty of knowing at least a few popular brands on the market when it comes to soaps. Of the biggest names out there, we’d have to list Dove, Kiehl’s, Oars + Alps, and Dr Squatch as some of the top names that have been tossed around.

While Dove is one of the top brands out there for men and women regarding skin products, their products don’t quite fall into the all-natural category. 

Known for using parabens, this company is working towards the removal of harsh chemicals in their products but hasn’t yet hit that mark for all of their inventory. With that being said, they are popular for a reason with their soothing smells, deep cleaning, and moisturizing elements.

As for natural remedies, Kiehl’s, Oars + Alps, and Dr Squatch take pride in being open and transparent regarding ingredients and practices.

While their names may not be as well known as Dove, they have been making headway in their own area of the market, recognized on quite a few lists for their wide selections and healthy manufacturing.


Ingredients may be the component that we want to highlight most when it comes to the best bar soap for men (or anyone, really).

We must note that it’s incredibly important for those with dry or sensitive skin to take note of the chemicals being used in their soap, but it’s a factor that applies to us all when it comes to deep cleaning.

Parabens are often found in soaps (especially bar soaps) and we’ll be honest, they’re not what you want to find listed as an ingredient. Parabens can actually dry out the skin, which is why many popular cheap bar soaps are known for drying in comparison to gel soaps.

We’re happy to see that there are paraben-free bar soaps on the market, many of which cross over in the natural soap industry. For those cautious about their skin types, this is the way to go. 

Natural bar soaps utilize grown ingredients and natural oils for a more subtle fragrance (or in some cases are fragrance-free).

Free from harsh chemicals that do harm to the skin, many of these natural bar soaps instead moisturize or exfoliate the area and lead to a healthier glow.

The bottom line here? Read the ingredients and shop naturally.


Let’s be honest with this one – we aren’t all consistent in our soap use. Some people go for too much, some barely scrape by. This can play a big part when it comes to purchasing.

Those who use a lot of soap can rest easy as that doesn’t automatically make for a more expensive purchase. We’ve got quite a few items on this list of the best bar soap for men that come at an affordable price with options for subscriptions to make it cheaper. 

If you don’t want an ongoing subscription, many times bar soaps can be bought in bulk, or, in some cases, brands may sell a larger size.

But let’s get down to the real issue: no one wants to drop the soap. Those who really have issues holding onto the slippery eel should take a look at soap on a rope. An odd name, sure, but ultimately incredibly helpful in keeping a grip on the soap bar for lathering up and washing out.

It really comes down to cleaning practices here. There’s a type and size of bar soap for everything. It’s all about preference and practice to find that perfect balance in your routine.


Alright, we need to touch on this topic before getting into some solid options. While many believe the functionality of a bar of soap is solely to clean the body, we would argue that the best bar soap for men does more.

The simple fact is, there are so many options on the market right now that it’s quite rare to find a bar soap that only cleans the body. One of the most common appearances in the industry is an exfoliant bar that doubles up to remove dry skin before cleansing and moisturizing the body. Two for one is never a bad deal, right?

In addition to exfoliants, there are shampoo bars, all-in-one bars, some that are only for the face, some that shouldn’t be used on the face. 

Basically, there’s a bar for everything, so it’s important to read up on the usage before buying. Figure out what you’re looking to gain from the product and work from there.

Everyone needs a starting point when it comes to shopping. Why should soap be any different? Think function first, then form.

We don’t just want to leave readers with information here. We also want to highlight a few of our favorite options to kickstart the process and show off the range of what’s available in today’s market:

  • Kiehl’s Ultimate Man Body Scrub Soap, $15
  • Herbivore Bamboo Charcoal Detoxifying Soap Bar, $12
  • Oar + Alps Blue Charcoal Bar Soap, $10
  • Grown Alchemist Body Cleansing Bar Geranium Leaf & Bergamot & Patchouli, price unlisted
  • Caswell-Massey Centuries Almond Bar Soap, $12
  • Dr Squatch Alpine Sage Bar Soap, $7
  • Cetaphil Gentle Cleansing Bar, $6
  • Alaffia’s Authentic African Black Soap Bar – Unscented, $5
  • Jo Malone Lime Basil & Mandarin Soap, price unlisted
  • Harry’s Stone Bar Soap, $4
  • Aesop Body Cleansing Slab, $23
  • Hermès Eau d’Orange Verta Perfumed Soap, $30
  • Claus Porto Soap On a Rope, $29
  • Ursa Major Morning Mojo Bar Soap, $14
  • Diptyque Paris Tam Dao Perfumed Soap, $35
  • Baxter of California’s Vitamin Cleansing Bar – Italian Lime & Pomegranate, $19

16 Best Bar Soaps for Men

Ready to discover the best bar soap for men? We’ve tried to avoid bias (though it’s always bound to happen in any article) by offering a wide range of 16 different brands and bars. 

Hitting different functions, forms, and fragrances, these best-sellers will give a glimpse into the world available when it comes to keeping clean.

#1 – Kiehl’s Ultimate Man Body Scrub Soap

When it comes to scrubbing down and getting clean, Kiehl’s Ultimate Man Body Scrub Soap is one of the top contenders.

This bar not only cleans the surface, but also uses a combination of oatmeal, pumice, and bran to create an exfoliating surface. That means old and dry skin is broken down and washed away, leaving space for new and softer areas to take over. 

The use of oatmeal not only works to break down old skin but also comforts and soothes new skin for a moisturized start in that post-shower world.

We will say, this one isn’t for a full-body experience. While most skin is up for grabs with this bar, the face is best left washed and treated with a smoother soap. Other than that, go wild with this one and start getting clean.

One bar from this brand costs $15.

#2 – Herbivore Bamboo Charcoal Detoxifying Soap Bar

Let’s go cruelty-free, fragrance-free, and keep it all-natural with the Herbivore Bamboo Charcoal Detoxifying Soap Bar.

The title alone calls out this bar’s main feature – charcoal. More common in the media these days, charcoal remedies are coming to light for their use with toxins and oils in the body. 

Cleaning pores on both oily and combination skin, this is the bar to check out for those who greatly suffer from the plague we call acne.

Due to the properties of charcoal, toxins are drawn away from the skin, leaving a healthier glow without any overwhelming fragrances taking over the process. 

Add in the tea tree and Bergamot oils to balance and neutralize infections and that acne should be taken care of in no time.

Grab a bar or two of the Herbivore Bamboo Charcoal Detoxifying Soap Bar for $12.

#3 – Oars + Alps Blue Charcoal Bar Soap

As mentioned earlier, one of the most popular in the category of best bar soap for men, Oar + Alps Blue Charcoal Bar Soap came out with their own charcoal solution to clean living.

This bar is all about that deep clean. The charcoal aspects of removing toxins still remain, but Oar + Alps combines that element with exfoliant aspects as well.

Using volcanic sand as one of their main ingredients, this gentle bar not only cleans out the acne, but also the dead skin.

Sounds good so far, right? Add in some soothing and balancing measures to really treat yourself. Blue-green algae and witch hazel extract work to reduce the remaining oils and find that perfect balance for a healthy and wholesome appearance.

One bar of this soap costs $10.

#4 – Grown Alchemist Body Cleansing Bar Geranium Leaf & Bergamot & Patchouli

The brand name alone was a reason for including this one on the list. Who doesn’t want to buy from a company called Grown Alchemist? Especially when they offer a Body Cleansing Bar Geranium Leaf & Bergamot & Patchouli.

The name really lays it all out with their three key ingredients listed right in the title. Does it smell great? Of course (bergamot really is an underrated scent we need more of). But scent alone doesn’t steal the show for this one.

Geranium leaf is a new one, so we have to lay out exactly how this can help the hygiene game. Working similarly to charcoal, this extract is all about detoxing the skin and building up a clean base layer for the face and body. 

Patchouli, another new addition to this list, calms the senses via hormones (it’s scientific and we won’t draw out the whole chemical equation, but you get the idea).

Getting clean and calm in one go? Well worth one bar of soap. Unfortunately, prices aren’t currently available for this product.

#5 – Caswell-Massey Centuries Almond Bar Soap 

We’re coming up on a best-smelling soap for men that had to be highlighted for the scent alone. The Caswell-Massey Centuries Almond Bar Soap is all about a natural base with a bit of salty and sweet that offers a lasting subtle scent.

Let’s start with the smell because we really have built that one up. This soothing bar offers a sweet cherry and almond fragrance that couples with hints of salt to ground the sweetness the other ingredients offer.

Why the heavy almond scent? Due to the almond oils and aloe vera. Rather than being included for the fragrance alone, these elements make this bar incredibly soothing for the skin, providing a great solution to moisturize dry skin. 

The real fun fact about this bar? President Eisenhower was a big fan, and it made its way to the White House.

Smell like success (or a previous president) for $12.

#6 – Dr. Squatch Alpine Sage Bar Soap

Also mentioned earlier as a candidate for best natural soap for men, Dr Squatch joins the market solely as an all-natural company that’s determined to keep communication open when it comes to ingredients and manufacturing.

One of their best-sellers, the Alpine Sage Bar Soap, is a favorite we needed to highlight for a reason.

The ingredients and fragrances really combine with this bar as the stunning “mountain” scents all play a role in what makes this a contender for the best bar soap for men.

So, what makes this soap whisk you away to the Himalayas, the Appalachians, or, dare we say it, the Alps? A heavenly combination of cypress, sage, and lavender.

The real feature of Dr Squatch is that all bar soaps can be used not only on the body but also on the hair

Rather than breaking it down into new products to purchase, one simple bar gets the whole job done. Utilizing clary sage and cypress for softer and oil-free hair, this bar also contains sea salt to soak up the toxins and leave a clean body, head of hair, and conscience in knowing that the ingredients are all-natural.

Bring that mountain smell into the valley for $7 per bar.

#7 – Cetaphil Gentle Cleansing Bar

Those looking for a quick and medically approved cleaning solution, look no further than the Cetaphil Gentle Cleansing Bar.

On the market for over 70 years, this brand knows how to make a lasting product. Due to their medical backing, this product is all about a fragrance-free and hypoallergenic experience. 

Perfect for children or those with sensitive skin (or anyone with average skin who likes to be cautious), this bar of soap is all about an ultimate clean to gain a healthy glow.

Perfectly balanced on the pH scale, this mild solution locks in the moisture, reducing dry and scaly skin. Simple in size and smell, this bar is easy to grab and use as you go for any shower.

Cleanse those toxins and balance out the body for $6.

#8 – Alaffia Authentic African Black Soap Bar – Unscented 

Working on the basis of home remedies, Alaffia’s Authentic African Black Soap Bar – Unscented works those natural ingredients for a soothing skin solution.

Mixing up shea butter and palm oil in one sub-dried soap, this bar is all about calming irritation and hydrating the skin with ease. Moisturizing while reducing toxins, this black bar soap offers a deep clean that works with all skin types (including the most sensitive).

Its unscented solution is great for everyone. We realize this is an article on the best bar soap for men, but we’ll be honest and say that this is a soap that works for any gender and any age. 

Doubling as a shampoo, this is one all-natural cleanser that the whole body will thank you for.

Give one bar a try for $5.

#9 – Jo Malone Lime Basil & Mandarin Soap

Luxurious in scent and soothing in touch, the Jo Malone Lime Basil & Mandarin Soap plays to all of the senses in one simple bar.

Created with shea butter for an ultra-soft and moisturizing result in the shower, this bar is gentle on the skin and on the nose. Lighten the room with the subtle citrus scents of lime, basil, and mandarin to really cleanse the palette. 

The addition of white thyme grounds the lightened fragrances with earthy tones that will call back memories of vacations, crashing waves, and a refreshing drink by the water.

This soothing soap currently has no listed price available.

#10 – Harry’s Stone Bar Soap

We need to clarify here that Harry’s Stone Bar Soap isn’t actually made of stone. Instead, its fragrance is meant to remind the user of a cool and refreshing natural element that stands strong against all it faces. Or maybe that’s just our interpretation.

The scent is actually reminiscent of citrus through its use of yuzu and bergamot in addition to the charcoal (for clearing out toxins). 

Each bar, no matter the scent, is a natural soap for men that moisturizes the skin through a luxurious lather meant to boost hydration.

The cooling minerals and oils in the stone bar pull out the harsh oils plaguing skin and instead offer clean pores that are immediately hydrated with a refreshing balance of natural ingredients.

Cruelty-free and soothing in its smell, you can grab a bar for $4.

#11 – Aesop Body Cleansing Slab

Aesop may have been all about fables before, but now they’re a brand selling only facts. Their Body Cleansing Slab makes work like a fairy tale, but we promise the effects are real.

We need to start with the size for this one as it comes in at a whopping 10.9 oz bar (the average is around 4oz). That’s more cleaning, lifespan, and room to grip all in one purchase.

At that rate, you’d better hope to be a fan of the scent as it’s truly an investment of time and money to make it through one of these.

As for the other elements of this bar, a combination of bergamot, ylang-ylang, and Tahitian lime keep things light and citrusy for users. 

Balancing the skin and reducing toxins, this bar is all about a refreshing experience in scent and sensation as leaving with cleansed skin is promised after each use.

One bar does go for the higher cost of $23, but its lasting time is at least doubled compared to the regular-sized options on the market.

#12 – Hermès Eau d’Orange Verte Perfumed Soap

While Hermès does provide some health benefits, we’ll be the first to admit that fragrance is a bit part of their Eau d’Orange Verta Perfumed Soap.

When it comes to high-class names on this list, Hermès is probably at the top. Or at least close to the top anyway. Combining citrus and mint notes in an all-consuming fragrance of refreshment, this bar soap is meant to provide a positive and soothing experience.

This subtle and calming scent encompasses the skin while cleansing it of any dirt and grime. Careful to avoid any drying out of the body while in use, it simply lathers, washes, and leaves behind soft skin with a delightful smell that others will adore.

This brand-name bar is available for $30.

#13 – Claus Porto Soap On a Rope – Classic Scent 

We’ve all heard the term “Soap on a Rope” before, but how many of us have actually used it? The Claus Porto Soap On a Rope offers up that opportunity to give the classic a try while providing some rich fragrances that add to any cleaning experience.

We first want to break down the rope thing because not everyone may know the purpose. While it does often function as an arts and crafts project for kids to give families, there is a greater purpose at play here. 

The rope typically loops around the wrist to provide a solid grip that prevents the user from dropping the incredibly slippery soap that loves to try and escape all grasps.

So, Claus Porto’s selection adds some elastic to this selection to ensure a good grip on the soap during shower time. In addition to that, this bar combines citrus and earthy scents that both refresh and ground the user in a warm and soothing fragrance. 

Add in the moisturizing element of walnut extract and vegetable oil, and this bar of soap will keep customers clean and cuddly with soft and soothing skin.

One bar of this brand is $29.

#14 – Ursa Major Morning Mojo Bar Soap

Another bar pulling double duty on this list of the best bar soap for men, the Ursa Major Morning Mojo Bar Soap is dedicated to those who appreciate a morning clean to get the day going.

Why is this marketed towards morning people? Because peppermint puts some pep in your step. Scented with peppermint, eucalyptus, and rosemary, this exfoliating bar is all about waking up the senses with earthy oils that get the brain running at full speed.

Where does the exfoliant come in? From the sea fennel and volcanic rock. That’s right. A volcano was formed to provide smoother skin. Or something like that anyway…

All dead skin is immediately soothed by the inclusion of honey, shea butter, and coconut. Softening the new skin and calming any irritants, these ingredients hydrate and nourish every inch for a pleasing feel and a delightful scent.

Start off the morning with mojo for $14 per bar.

#15 – Diptyque Paris Tam Dao Perfumed Soap

Those who want a bit of luxury in life can check out Tam Dao Perfumed Soap.

This Diptyque Paris piece is all about the riches in life from soothing sensations on the skin to a fresh fragrance that calms the soul with each use. With a scent based around sandalwood forests, it’s easy to understand why these soothing natural notes are found in this bar.

Grounded in woodland smells, this bar doesn’t forget about the skin in its creamy and lathering nature that works to prevent dry skin. 

Soft almond oil coats the body with hydration, moisturizing with every sweep of the soap bar to ultimately bring an end to patchy skin and scratching.

Each bar of this luxurious soap goes for $35.

#16 – Baxter of California Vitamin Cleansing Bar – Italian Lime & Pomegranate 

Health and happiness are found with ease when it comes to Baxter of California’s Vitamin Cleansing Bar – Italian Lime & Pomegranate.

As you can likely tell from the name, this one does come in a variety of scents. Why go with lime and pomegranate for this best bar soap for men article? We’re suckers for citrus. 

In addition to these fresh ingredients lightening the load of every shower, this bar also includes hints of bergamot, cucumber, and musk for a grounded earthy fragrance.

Ready for the vitamin facts? This soap bar is full of them. Soaking in Vitamins A (good for the immune system) and E (great for healthy skin), this bar goes beyond the scope by adding in seaweed and aloe to really hydrate the skin. 

Soothing natural dryness and irritation with a moisturizing mixture, this paraben-free bar is great for full body use (not including hair, but it’s a definite yes for the face).  

Due to its health and hydrating properties, this one is available for $19.

Which Bar Soaps Could Be Considered Unisex? 

Best Bar Soap for Men

When it comes to buying any gendered product, we’re highly reluctant to limit the buyers due to scent.

The simple fact is while we have this listed as the best bar soap for men, no cleaning product is actually only for a specific group of people and it all comes down to preference for scent.

While it’s stereotyped for women to prefer light and floral fragrances while men get the natural outdoor scents, the simple fact is the soap will do the same thing no matter the gender. It’s all made to clean, hydrate, and reduce toxins from the skin for a healthier glow. There’s nothing gendered about that.

For those who liked the notion of some items on this list but aren’t a fan of smelling “like a guy” (can we insert an eye-roll here? It feels necessary), then check out the unscented options available for a soothing clean with a neutral scent.

Which Bar Soaps Have Multiple Uses?

While it’s not all products, we have highlighted some items on this list of the best bar soap for men that do double duty. We aren’t saying they’re better or worse than basic soaps, but they are worth checking out.

For those who are fans of a one-stop-shop idea, the multi-use bars that double up for body and shampoo are the way to go.

Be sure to read the usage before trying as no one wants to dry out their hair, but many all-natural soap bars can double up for softening hair and healthy solutions to reduce oils and leave stunning locks swaying in the wind.

The real winner for us is the exfoliant bars. They get the prize every time. Not only are they moisturizing and cleansing skin, but a layered element removes dried and hardened skin for a smoother and cleaner experience (especially great for heels and elbows). 

While they aren’t necessarily great for shampooing hair, we think an additional purchase for hair is well worth the cost when using one of these for the rest of the body.

Which Bar Soaps Are Best For Dry, Sensitive Skin? 

Here’s where we really need to highlight the importance of checking the label and doing research. While bar soaps are a great idea for a number of reasons, cheap options built around parabens can dry out the skin and make matters worse for those already dealing with sensitive issues.

We’re recommending natural bar soaps for this one. Bar soaps based on natural ingredients often utilize shea butter, aloe, or coconut oils to soothe the skin as they clean. 

In addition to other natural oils working to balance oils, toxins, and more, many natural bar soaps use the hydrating factor as the base ingredient and work outwards from that.

So, we aren’t saying you have to go expensive in order to get something that works with sensitive skin. On the contrary – look at the above list and check out how many of those all-natural options come at a low listed price. 

We are suggesting that users carefully check ingredients before buying. Anything with parabens should be an automatic no.

The cleaner (environmentally speaking) the better in terms of what these soaps can do for the skin. Just equate green production and ingredients to a healthier glow and you’ll be good to go.

Final Thoughts

We know there’s a lot going on in this article and that it’s hard to comprehend all the facts that have been tossed out while reading it. So, we’ll give a simple summary of the top facts to remember:

  1. There’s no such thing as gendered soap
  2. Paraben-free is always the way to go
  3. Why get a cleanser when you can double up with an exfoliant as well?
  4. Ingredients and function are key to every purchase

Ultimately, it comes down to preference for fragrance, size, and even function. The thing we wanted to get across here is that bar soaps don’t just dry out the skin like those harsh chemical ones we all grew up with.

There are solid choices available that help the skin and the environment with each use – so always read the ingredients and read up before buying.

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