10 Best Designer Apple Watch Bands

At this point, smartwatches are another daily staple accessory just like the clothes you wear, the jewelry you adorn yourself with, or the fragrances you spray on yourself. Your watch is a part of your signature. Your style. 

Typically, there isn’t much to do to personalize the look of a watch interface, so the band offers many more personalization options. Unsurprisingly then, it has become increasingly common to see people with watch bands that compliment their style.

Regardless of whether your style is edgy, rugged, preppy, sleek and sophisticated, or sparkly and ethereal, there is a band out there for you. And if you feel like splurging, you might just find what you need on this list of the best designer Apple watch bands.

How to Choose The Best Designer Apple Watch Band

There are three major things to consider when you are choosing the best designer Apple watch band

  • Brand 
  • Material
  • Price 

Although we will expand on these factors in a moment, we must point out why it is so important to have an idea of what you are looking for before you shop. First, it’s good to do some research because then you can avoid wasting your time. Instead of browsing through endless options and potentially overwhelming yourself with choice, use this guide to streamline the process. 

Doing research is also important so that you can avoid wasting your money. When it comes to making a designer purchase, smart spending is imperative. Instead of running the risk of return fees or other unnecessary losses, spend only how much you you want to. 


Brands typically have personalities, just like we do. For example, when we think of Christian Louboutin, we think red, sexy, sleek, sharp. On the other hand, when we think of Lagerfeld, we think of bold, gutsy, intense, high-fashion. This is why it is good to have an idea of what kind of vibe the brand embodies, so that you can determine whether you are more likely to find something for yourself amongst its products. 

Another thing to think about is whether the brand’s values align with your own. If you live a cruelty-free lifestyle, you might want your designer Apple watch band to be cruelty-free as well. The same goes for if you follow a vegan lifestyle or promote ethical labor


There are two major things to consider when deciding on a material for your designer watch band: aesthetics and comfort. In terms of aesthetics, certain materials will provide you with different looks: a chunky leather band might be more rugged, while a neon plastic band might be more youthful and whimsical.

On the other hand, if comfort is a priority for you, you might want to look into which materials are easiest on the wrists and wearable for long periods of time. Leather might be heavier and tougher on the skin, while a softer flexible plastic might be gentler and easier to wear all day. 

Nobody wants their favourite accessory to wreak havoc on their body, so choosing a comfortable material that suits your needs is an important consideration.


The price of the band depends mostly on the brand and the material. Given that we are in the realm of designer brands, it is a given that the prices are going to be higher than your department store band prices. That said, the prices are still largely variable depending on the brand itself, as some are more luxurious than others. 

Once you’ve found a brand that you are interested in, the next step is to consider the materials the band is made from. A band that is made of solid 14k gold will be pricier than a band that is made with genuine leather and has gold accents. Likewise, a leather and gold band will be pricier than a plastic band. 

All in all, if you are concerned about price point, it is important to have an idea of what your budget is and what kinds of labels and materials fall within it. 

  • Hermès Fauve Barénia Leather Double Tour Designer Apple Watch Band, $489
  • Kate Spade Rose Gold Pave Scallop Designer Apple Watch Band, $148
  • Hermès Saphir Jumping Single Tour Designer Apple Watch Band, $319
  • Lagos Smart Caviar Stainless Steel Designer Apple Watch Band, $595
  • Hadley Genuine Crocodile Designer Apple Watch Band, $133
  • Coach Designer Apple Watch Band, $150
  • Tony Burch Miller Designer Apple Watch Band, $115
  • Shinola Leather Designer Apple Watch Band, $150
  • Michele Gold- Plated Designer Apple Watch Band, $595
  • Rebecca Minkoff Mesh  Designer Apple Watch Band, $79

10 Best Designer Apple Watch Band 

The rest of this article will present you with a list of the top 10 best designer Apple watch bands. Whether you are looking for high-fashion luxury or chic designer simplicity, this roundup has an item for you. 

#1 – Hermès Fauve Barénia Leather Double Tour Designer Apple Watch Band

‘Double tour’ means ‘double turn’, which is exactly what this band does around your wrist. You can wrap this elegant and classy Barenia leather band from Hermes twice around your wrist, which makes it look less like a watch band and more like a sophisticated piece of leather jewelry. 

The Double Tour is a one-size fits all 40mm band that is compatible with most versions of the Apple watch. You can purchase this piece in one of two colors – noir (black) or fauve (deep tan) – on Apple for $489.

#2 – Kate Spade Rose Gold Pave Scallop Designer Apple Watch Band

If you are looking less for a watch band and more for a piece of bling, then this is the band for you. Made with rose-gold-tone metal with pavé-set scallop links, this 38/40mm band gives us major luxury jewelry vibes.

Kate Spade also offers a version of the scallop link band without the pavé accents ($118), but it doesn’t sparkle quite the same as the pavé band. It comes in one colour – rose gold – and is compatible with the 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 Apple watch series. You can purchase it on Kate Spade’s site for $148. 

#3 – Hermès Saphir Jumping Single Tour Designer Apple Watch Band

Just as ‘double tour’ means two turns, ‘single tour’ means one turn, so this band wraps around your wrist once, but that is not the only difference between this band and the previous band by Hermes. This designer watch band is a sportier alternative, made of a nylon textile woven with a cool diagonal stripe pattern. It’d also swim-proof!

You can purchase this band in one of two sizes, 40mm and 44mm, and five colorways for $319 on Apple. 

#4 – Lagos Smart Caviar Stainless Steel Designer Apple Watch Band

If the Kate Spade watch band was the queen of boujee, this is her sister. Made from stainless steel and featuring a double-button wide clasp, this piece gives us sophisticated, city-slicker vibes.

The appeal behind this band is its pattern of straight links, framed by stainless steel pearlesque beads. Furthermore, Lagos offers free engraving if you intend it to be a special memento for yourself or a gift for someone else. 

It is compatible with the series 1-6 Apple Watch models, thus making it available to a wide variety of users. You can purchase this product on Lagos’s site for $595.

#5 – Hadley Genuine Crocodile Designer Apple Watch Band

Take a walk on the wild side with this genuine Caiman crocodile designer watch band. Featuring a stainless steel buckle and a quick-release pin, this svelte band from Hadley is certainly a piece of eye candy, and what’s more, it is fully customizable.

You can choose the color of the band, the buckle and adapter in three different sizes: regular 20mm, regular 22mm, and long 20mm. You can also mix-and-match your way through 4 different buckle colors and 7 different band colors for the price of $133

#6 – Coach Designer Apple Watch Band

This piece is modern simplicity done right with its sleek glovetanned leather design. It is, however, the most limited item on the list thus far, available exclusively in one color: ‘waterfall’, a light baby blue.

It is also only for use with the 38mm Apple Watch. Luckily, it’s on sale for $90, which is a significant markdown from the original price of $150.  

#7 – Tory Burch Miller Designer Apple Watch Band

The Miller Band, inspired by Tony Burch’s logo collection, is made of black leather accented with gold double-T hardware and a gold buckle. It is designed for 38mm and 40mm case sizes and is compatible with the Apple Watch series 1-6 models. 

The thing that really makes this piece unique is the intricate logo design that is characteristic of many Tory Burch pieces. You can find this piece on the Tory Burch site for $115.

#8 – Shinola Leather Designer Apple Watch Band

Handmade in the US and crafted with simplicity, this modern addition to your timepiece is a subtle flex of your style. The band is made of leather, accented with a stainless steel or gunmetal-toned buckle that is meant to bear resemblance to the Apple watch cases that come in either silver or space gray. 

You can get this band in two size ranges, 38mm-40mm and 42mm-44mm, two buckle finishes – silver or space gray – and several different band colours, including bourbon, black, and stone.

It sells on Shinola’s website for $150.

#9 – Michele Gold-Plated Designer Apple Watch Band

There is nothing more satisfying than a good combination of high-quality precious metals. That is exactly what you get with this two-toned, 18 karat pink gold-plated stainless steel band from Michele.

It is designed for use with the series 1-6 Apple Watch models and it includes two interchangeable end pieces compatible with both 38mm/40mm and 42mm/44mm styles. If pink or rose gold is not your thing, Michele also offers this beautiful band in a yellow gold/stainless steel combination for the same price. 

Both are equally stunning, but the rose gold has more of a dainty, ethereal feel, while the yellow has more of a classic wristwatch vibe. Get yourself one on Michele’s website for $595. 

#10 – Rebecca Minkoff Mesh Designer Apple Watch Band

This product is truly a nod to Rebecca Minkoff’s fun, cool, sophisticated, and edgy flair, which is seen in her stretch bracelets and tasseled multi-bead earrings. One look at her products makes it easy to fall in love with her easygoing style. 

Featuring a modern basketweave band made of stainless steel, this polished link bracelet-style band is perfect for those looking for subtlety. You can get this Apple watch band in two tones, silver or rose gold, and it is compatible with series 1-4 Apple Watch models. 

The safety clasp closure provides optimal security for $79.

What size of designer Apple watch band do I need?

Luckily enough, Apple offers assistance when it comes to measuring your wrists on their site. You can choose between the printable measurement tool, or you can take a look at what they suggest for at-home tools. 

For the former method, you download the tool, cut it, then position the wider end as you would if you were wearing a watch. Wrap the tool tightly around your wrist so that it is nice and snug, then note the number that the arrows on the paper watch face point to. If the arrows are on a line, Apple suggests choosing the smaller number. 

For at-home watch fitting methods, Apple suggests you grab a tape measure. However, if you do not have that, then you can cut a strip of paper, wrap it around your wrist, draw a line where the end meets the paper again, and measure it using a ruler. 

Of course, these instructions are a lot easier to comprehend if you are looking at the graphics on the site, but it is helpful to know that these tools and suggestions exist. 

Which designer Apple watch band has the material?

The best material for your watch band will depend on your needs, but there are a few characteristics of some of the most popular materials that might offer guidance. 

A couple of the classier options are metal or leather. Metal is timeless and durable, especially if it is a precious metal. However, it is heavier and can get quite cold in the winter. Leather is the next most durable option, and also can be quite classy, but it has a tendency to crack and age quite poorly.

Two of the more casual, common options are nylon or silicone. Nylon is lightweight, smooth, and rugged-looking, but it can fuzz after a while and it also is not waterproof. Silicone is waterproof and it is sleek and smooth-looking, but it needs to be cleaned regularly, as it gathers all kinds of dust and dirt. 

Ultimately, the material that is ‘best’ depends on what you need and want. Perhaps the best option is not to limit yourself and get yourself a few bands for all occasions. 

Which designer Apple watch band is the best?

Again, the word ‘best’ here is hard to qualify because there are so many different tastes and needs out there, but there are certainly items on the list that fall under categories like most affordable, most luxurious, and overall coolest

The most affordable band on the list is the Rebecca Minkoff Mesh Designer Apple Watch Band. Available in silver or rose gold, this stainless steel band is stylish and cost-effective, making it a good choice for those who want to have the sophisticated bracelet band, but do not want their wallets to hurt because of it. 

The most luxurious item on the list is either the Lagos Smart Caviar Stainless Steel Designer Apple Watch Band or the Michele Gold- Plated Designer Apple Watch Band. Both have a price tag of $595, so they are on the higher-end.

Overall, the coolest watch on the list is the Double Tour by Hermes. The double-wrap look is explorer-meets-city chic, and we love that it functions as a smartwatch band and a hip, bohemian piece of jewelry.

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