10 Best Designer iPhone Cases Of 2023

Whether you are texting your bestie, shooting that last grocery list item to your SO, calling that long-lost cousin on Whatsapp because your mom will not stop badgering you to do so, or checking apps, you count on your phone for a lot of stuff. That is why phone cases are functional statement pieces. 

Think of it like this: people without clothes are pretty much made of the same organic materials, but when we can add things to the canvas and decorate ourselves, that is how we make a statement. Just like clothing and accessories, phone cases are the adornments of phones. 

Whatever your needs are when it comes to a phone case, there are options out there for you at all kinds of price-points. This list provides you with the best designer iPhone Cases of 2022, helping you make an informed shopping decision about how to protect and style your favorite gadget. 

How to Choose the Best Designer iPhone Cases

There are a handful of considerations that must be addressed before you endeavour to buy an iPhone case, such as: 


When it comes to brands, there is really no secret formula for determining which of them to go with. It is entirely dependent on your personality, your tastes, and your budget

If you have a rugged, functional-type of style, you may align with a brand that embodies that. On the other hand, if you have an upscale sophisticated kind of style, you might want to look for something in that area. 

On the other hand, budget does determine the brand you go with to a significant degree. You do not want to put yourself in debt for an iPhone case, so it is best to determine what exactly you are willing to dish out before you seek it.


On the other hand, budget does determine the brand you go with to a significant degree. You do not want to put yourself in debt for an iPhone case, so it is best to determine what exactly you are willing to dish out before you seek it.

As mentioned, the price depends on the brand of the case and the materials used. A case from Gucci is going to cost more than a case from Walmart, while a case from Versace will probably cost more than a case from Gucci. 

If you buy a plastic case, chances are that it won’t send you wailing to your local ATM. However, if you purchase a solid-gold case, that will burn a bigger hole into your pocket than plastic would.  

In other words, if you feel like splurging, look for high-quality materials such as metals and gems, but be prepared to pay the price warranted by the quality. 


Believe it or not, there are ways to spot a fake case. There are also ways to avoid accidentally purchasing a fake case if authenticity is a big thing for you. In order to avoid buying fakes:

  1. Buy online directly from the company. 
  2. If that is not your thing, buy from reputable locations such as Best Buy.
  3. If you decide to buy from independent sellers, check that the price of the case matches what you’d expect of the brand, and that the seller has some credibility. 


Many people do not just rely on their phone cases to protect their phones. Phone cases have evolved to be card holders, mirrors, and stands, so knowing exactly what you want and need from your case is a significant step in the buying process.  

  • Prada Logo Plaque Case, $395
  • Louis Vuitton Eye Trunk Case, $925
  • Bottega Veneta iPhone 11 Pro Case, $150
  • Christian Louboutin Logo Case, $300
  • Gucci Ophidia iPhone 11 Case, $435
  • Fendi Smartphone Case, $520
  • Versace La Medusa Phone Case, $175
  • Saint Laurent Paris iPhone 11 Pro Chain Case, $965
  • Loewe Elephant Leather Case, $492
  • Kenzo XI Pro, $85

10 of the Best Designer iPhone Cases to Shop Now

We are about to take you through a list of the 10 best designer iPhone cases available right now. All of these cases are aesthetically pleasing, unique, and vary in what they offer. All in all, each one of our top picks provides options for individuals of diverse tastes. Happy shopping!

#1 – Prada Logo Plaque Case 

Made out of 100% calf leather, this case embodies luxury. It only comes in one colour (black) and fits an iPhone 12 Pro Max. The cool thing about this beautifully designed case is that it is reminiscent of the most popular Prada bags, which also feature the enamel logo on a black canvas.

This product is available on Farfetch for $395.

#2 – Louis Vuitton Eye Trunk Case

This case is a nod to the brand’s iconic trunk design that features the S-lock, leather trim, and metal rivets. The detailed features of this case are the monogram coated canvas, calf-leather trim, calf-leather lining, and gold hardware

It comes in three materials – monogram, autres toiles monogram, and EPI (which comes in two different colours) – and it fits the models X and XS of the iPhone brand. 

You can purchase this case on Louis Vuitton’s website for $925

#3 – Bottega Veneta iPhone 11 Pro Case

The notable thing about this case is the intrecciato design, which is the signature weaving technique of Bottega Veneta. The same design can be found on other items by the brand such as the Jodie bag or the Lido shoes.

Instead of leather, this case uses 100% silicon, making it easily cleanable and protective. It fits an iPhone XI Pro and comes in 5 different colours, including tomato (red), plaster (beige), and mirabelle (yellow/mustard). 

Bottega Veneta offers this luxurious statement case for $150.

#4 – Christian Louboutin Logo Case 

You can’t think of Louboutin without thinking about those signature red soles, which are reflected on this iPhone case. The case itself is a 100% plastic cutout of the brand’s logo that comes in one colour, ‘loubi’ (red, of course), and features an easy clip-on application method. 

This case is compatible with an iPhone 11 Pro. Get some red soles for your phone on Selfridges&Co for $300

#5 – Gucci Ophidia iPhone 11 Case

Another nod to the heritage of a label, this case features Gucci’s GG logo which is an evolution from the original design established in the 30s. Notable product details are the beige and ebony GG monogram canvas, and the oval enamel detail with a metal double G

This product suits an iPhone 11 and it’s available on Gucci’s site for $435

#6 – Fendi Smartphone Case

This sleek Fendi case has the same look as the brand’s wallets, which feature the signature interchanging F’s. Made from 100% calf leather, 60% polyamide, 28% polyester, and 12% resin, it is a true high-quality piece. 

The flip-open style comes in one colour (brown) and fits the iPhone 11 Pro. 24S is offering this case for $520.

#7 – Versace La Medusa Phone Case

If you are looking for a case that screams ‘Versace’ and looks more like an art piece than a phone case, this is the one for you. It features the brand’s La Medusa plaque, which is a nod to the decor of its first headquarters in Milan, Italy. 

The exterior is made from 44% polyvinyl chloride, 38% polyurethane, and 18% polycarbonate, while the interior is 100% leather to protect your phone. This case fits the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro. It’s also available in 4 different colors: black, red, blue, and pink. 

Buy this case on Versace’s site for $175.

#8 – Saint Laurent Paris iPhone 11 Pro Chain Case

Is this a case, or a purse? That is the question you will be asking yourself after a first glance at this gorgeous design. This iPhone case is truly a testament to Saint Laurent Paris in virtue of its sensual, sultry print. 

It is made from 100% calfskin in the color ‘leopard’, and it’s accented with gold-toned metal hardware. It also comes with a detachable shoulder strap and fits the iPhone 11 Pro.

Purchase this case on Saint Laurent’s website for $965

#9 – Loewe Elephant Leather Case

This case is adorable: it looks like a tiny elephant peeking out from behind your phone! In our minds, that is exactly what the designers at Loewe were thinking when they created this case as an homage to the brand’s iconic elephant bag.

Aside from its unique aesthetic appeal, this case has a leather exterior and a suede interior, meaning that it also scores high in the quality of its materials. It is also functional, with a handy wrist-strap for comfortable carrying. 

Even better, you can get this tan-coloured beauty for your iPhone 11 Pro for just under $492 on MyTheresa. 

#10 – Kenzo XI Pro Case

Featuring Kenzo’s infamous tiger motif, this case is sleek and fierce all at once. Made from 50% silicone, 40% polycarbonate, and 10% polyamide, it’s incredibly lightweight, resulting in a barely-there feel.

The XI Pro Case comes in two colors: black and navy. You can grab it for yourself on Kenzo’s website for $85

Which designer iPhone case is the most affordable? 

When you are shopping for designer phone cases, you ought to realize that your pockets will (probably) feel the burn. However, there are a couple of items on this list that offer you the chance to reap designer case benefits without paying luxury prices.

By far, the most affordable case on the list is the Kenzo’s, coming in at only $85. Next in line would be Bottega Veneta’s case, which also is a massive steal at $150, given the aesthetic appeal of the design.

Which case comes in multiple iPhone formats?

There are two items on the list that fit more than one iPhone format: the Louis Vuitton case and the Versace case. The LV case fits both iPhone X and XS models, while the Versace case fits the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro models. All of the other brands offer a one-size-fits-all experience. 

That said, the point of having a designer phone case is that you want it to match your personality and style, both of which are unique to you.

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