10 Best Designer Keychains

At this point in the pandemic, you may be looking for other ways to make a statement with your wardrobe besides wearing a brightly colored dress or toting a designer handbag around.

But did you ever consider spicing up your ensemble with a designer keychain?

The best designer keychains can be the perfect accessory for any fashionista looking to turn some heads. Sure, they’re a lot smaller than a handbag or purse, but designer keychains send a stylish message in their own unique way. 

Designer keychains can make a streetwear look personal and distinct. If you recently purchased a new car or bike, why not accessorize your most prized possession – the keys to your ride – with something flashy and fun?

Not to mention, the best designer keychains can be used to adorn your favorite handbag, purse or piece of luggage as well. 

How to Choose The Best Designer Keychains

Designer keychains can pack flair and personality, so you might be surprised at how long it takes to find a keychain that meshes with your sense of style. So, what does the process look like? Well, it’s twofold. 

First, you need to decide what the exact purpose of your designer keychain is going to be, since there are many different types between designer coin purse keychains and designer keychain wallets. Are you using it for your car keys or is it going on your handbag or a piece of luggage?

Second, you want to think about the overall look. Do you want something a bit more flashy and sparkly? Or would you rather have something understated and luxurious? So many questions, so little time, so many designer keychains to choose from! 

To help make your decision easier, also consider these factors:


One of the really fun things about shopping for the best designer keychains is that it is such a niche arena of luxury fashion. Each designer puts their twist on such a simple, everyday item, such as the Dior Oblique Designer Keychain which speaks to the elegance and timelessness of the brand. 

When you’re looking at an item such as the Celine Envelop Airpods Designer Keychain, that’s innovative and modern while still keeping true to the luxury label’s roots, it can make you realize that a brand’s overall aesthetic can come to life in even the smallest details.


One thing that you might notice about the best designer keychains is that since they’ve been brought to life by some of the world’s finest luxury brands, the materials used are sumptuous and special. With the list of the best designer keychains that we’ve put together, you certainly won’t find them made in substandard materials or lacking in design. 

For instance, you have the Louis Vuitton Cloche Cles Designer Keychain which is the perfect match for any piece of designer luggage you might have. The Fendi Key Ring Pouch features the label’s signature brown embossed leather, which helps establish the fact that just because you’re getting a small item from a designer brand, it doesn’t mean that they skip out on the finer details. 


You have to think about shopping for cute designer keychains as a small investment because some of them are no cheaper than a mid to full-size designer bag. For example, the Dior Oblique Designer Keychain sells for $747, but you can also find designer keychains on sale.

Right now, the Moschino Teddy Patch Lanyard Designer Keychain is $77.50 down from $155, which is practically 50% off the original price. In other words, there are deals out there if you’re willing to hunt them down. 

10 Best Designer Keychains 

Shopping for the best designer keychains can be equally, if not more fun, than shopping for some of the best designer handbags. Plus, purchasing a designer coin purse keychain or a designer keychain wallet won’t put the same dent in your account as a designer purse would, at least most of the time.

So, if you’re ready to score yourself a new go-to accessory, take a look at the 10 best designer keychains (in no particular order). 

#1 – Louis Vuitton Cloche Cles Designer Keychain

If you have been dying to add the classic LV monogram into your life, the Louis Vuitton Cloche Cles Designer Keychain ($374) could help make it happen. For a women’s designer keychain, this one comes with a menswear vibe.

Made in buttery dark leather with brass palladium features and the LV monogram across the front, this designer keychain pays homage to one of the Maison’s travel bags. Needless to say, it matches most of LV’s luggage options effortlessly.

#2 – Dior Oblique Designer Keychain

Dior is known to be on the cutting edge of fashion while still paying mind to traditions, and that is how we like to describe the Dior Oblique Designer Keychain ($747). 

Fashioned in a silver-finished brass, it’s one of the best designer keychains for the little twinkle. The crystal inlay gleams in shades from gray to white, and even the lobster clasp and key ring are engraved with the brand name. 

#3 – Moschino Teddy Patch Lanyard Designer Keychain

If you have kids or just like cute designer keychains, check out the Moschino Teddy Patch Lanyard Designer Keychain (currently $77.50, down from $155). The lanyard can easily be worn around your neck or thrown into your purse for easy access.

Although this keychain possesses so many great features, the miniature Moschino teddy bear is the big selling point. You just can’t help but smile when you see it!  

#4 – Prada Saffiano Leather Designer Keychain

Do you have a bunch of keys that are looking dull and worn? The Prada Saffiano Leather Designer Keychain ($397) can disguise them inside its classy little pouch. The sophisticated fold-out design is sure to impress whoever you open it in front of.

Made with luxurious saffiano leather and topped with a pristine bow above the Prada emblem, this designer keychain snaps closed and has room for at least four keys. 

#5 – Celine Envelop Airpods Designer Keychain

If you’ve been looking at designer coin purse keychains to store your most precious items in, (a.k.a your AirPods), the Celine Envelop Airpods Designer Keychain (price unavailable) is the cutest little compartment you can find. 

This designer keychain basically looks like a mini handbag, and it’s made of triomphe canvas with leather trimmings. It snaps into place to keep your AirPods safe and sound, and the extra fancy gold hardware adds a high fashion detail.  

#6 – Fendi Key Ring Pouch Designer Keychain

You have to appreciate the little things, like this designer keychain wallet from Fendi. The Fendi Key Ring Pouch ($418) has a distinct Fendi aesthetic, but it’s still practical, as it can fit your keys and change. 

Featuring brown leather and embossed Fendi logos across the front, it offers a subtle way to show your love for the brand. Inside you’ll find a gold-finished clip that can be pulled out for easy access too. 

#7 – Saint Laurent Logo Tag Designer Keychain

Have you been on the hunt for men’s designer keychains lately? Have a look at the Saint Laurent Logo Tag ($349), an uber masculine, black leather designer keychain featuring a dark metal YSL logo. 

Tuck this one away as an anniversary or Christmas gift and you’ll be sure to ‘wow’ your significant other. 

#8 – Gucci Ophidia Designer Keychain

Gucci has been having the longest fashion moment in history, so it’s unsurprising that so many people are falling in love with the Ophidia Designer Keychain ($233). 

The brand’s timeless stripe motif in red and green reflects back to Gucci’s equestrian roots, and the brown leather trim features the eye-catching double G logo

The ring itself is a gold-tone and it’s engraved with ‘Gucci’ at the top. For those with an appetite for Gucci items, it’s only a matter of time until this designer keychain calls your name! 

#9 – Bottega Veneta Woven-Effect Designer Keychain

Bottega Veneta’s padded, braided, and basketweave footwear has been booming on Instagram, and this Woven-Effect Designer Keychain from the brand plays off of those famous styles.

Ringing in at $282, the interwoven braided style comes in a loop of yellow lambskin. Thanks to its bright color, you’ll never forget your keys anywhere again.

#10 – Balenciaga Hourglass Mirror Designer Keychain

The Balenciaga Hourglass Mirror Designer Keychain (price available upon request) has to be one of the best designer keychains for the fact that it’s all about whimsy and fun. 

The Hourglass Mirror Keychain looks like a purse straight out of the anime world, made in a shiny calfskin. The tiny mirror feature on the back is the real difference maker though, especially for the times when you need to make touch-ups on the go. 

How should you use a designer keychain?

One thing to remember about sporting the best designer keychains is that they are made to be seen. You may lightly toss them in your handbag after you’ve made your way into the house or keep them in your pocket, but for the most part, cute designer keychains are fashion items that deserve the limelight. 

Of course, one of the best ways to utilize a designer keychain is to tote your house and car keys around, but beyond that, you can clip them to your handbag for decoration and easy access. Also, designer keychains are the perfect accessory to add to your luggage when you’re travelling because not only do they look chic, but they’re easy to spot coming around the conveyor belt.  

If you’re feeling bold, why not attach your designer keychain to the belt loop of your pants? Like any other fashion item, designer keychains are meant to be played around with to suit your style, and the possibilities are endless.  

Are designer keychains worth it?

For some people, the price tag attached to designer keychains is not worth the splurge. If you’re someone who is saving for a larger designer handbag, you might not experience the warm, fuzzy feeling that a luxury purse can bring on when buying a designer keychain. For others, designer keychains will seem like a more accessible luxury item, making them worth the purchase. 

Which designer keychain is the best?

In terms of tracking down the best designer keychains, there’s a little something out there for everyone. If your goal is to own the highest-priced luxury keychain, the Dior Oblique Designer Keychain is costly at $747
For something more middle of the road that still screams ‘luxury designer’, the bright, beautiful Bottega Veneta Woven-Effect Designer Keychain is $282. And for one of the best designer keychain sales, the Moschino Teddy Patch Lanyard Designer Keychain is currently $77.50, down from $155.

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