Best Dior Bags 2022

Dior, for me, was always a pipe dream. I wasn’t much for jewels or the elegant lifestyle, but I found their perfume ads refreshingly glitzy in between The Office and fast food promos.

From prairie-prancing Natalie Portman to stallion racing Adam Driver, Dior commercials served as an excellent example of what it meant to live lavishly. 

Since 1947, this Parisian designer brand has been led by the legendary Christian Dior, who pioneered the lavish, high-baller aesthetic that we all know and love today.

His designs were considered a love letter to classical art, which made sense considering that Christian was a museum curator in his formative years. 

Today, Dior is a universally recognized brand. Of course, it goes without saying that many celebs have sported and strutted this designer label in several runways and impromptu paparazzi shoots.  

Recently, there’s even been a resurgence of vintage Dior on Instagram, including some notable pieces like the Cloth Crossbody Purse and the iconic Saddle Bag

Perfumes are the bread and butter of Dior, but their bags serve as the complimentary olive on top. If you’re an avid purse collector, the question isn’t how to find the best designer tote but rather the best styles offered by the brand. 

We’ll provide the skinny for those who aren’t completely versed, and by the end of this article—you’ll know that the devil wears Dior instead of Prada. 

How to Shop for the Best Dior Bags:

Dior has been your mother’s, grandmother’s, and great grandma’s favorite designer brand.

There’s a reason why this Parisian label has a decades-long grip on the fashion world—it’s partially due to the company’s refreshing timelessness, degree of class, and level of elegance. Examples like the Lady D-Lite Bag and the Book Tote only speak to Dior’s strengths.

We could talk about the best of the best Dior bags for days, so let’s start out with a few highlights instead: 

  • Considered to be an acclaimed brand within the fashion world 
  • Classic, elegant designs that stand the test of time 
  • Comes with a hefty resale value depending on the item 
  • Offers a mix of minimalistic and statement pieces 
  • When properly taken care of, a Dior bag can be a forever piece in your closet thanks to the durable and sturdy build 


Contrary to popular belief, bigger isn’t always better. Opting for small comes with a bunch of advantages, and just to be super clear here—we’re talking about designer bags. Ultimately, it depends on how much you carry on a daily basis.

Do you prefer to bring your whole desktop set out on the town, or do you get by with only the essentials? Whatever the answer is, you can rest assured knowing that there’s a Dior bag fit for you. 

In our Best Dior Bag lineup, we’ll feature a variety of sizes—just in case you’re looking for an ample tote or an understated clutch. 


Material is the best indicator of quality. Seasoned resellers will know the difference between a Dior dupe and the real thing, and all it takes is some insider information. 

Fabrics like leather, calfskin, lambskin, tweed, and embroidered textiles are commonplace in Dior’s collection of carry-ons. They’re usually made in Italy and Spain, which you can find out by looking at the logo stamp stitched in the lining.

The best Dior bags can withstand the test of time. That is, if you care for them properly. 

Of course, material also entails pattern, print, and seasonality. Some designs embody a more summer or spring-type feel. For instance, Dior’s iconic Toile de Jouy fabric lends itself more to the warmer season due to its floral-themed textile. 


Functionality has a lot to do with versatility. As much as it’s popularized to have a bag for each occasion, there’s nothing wrong with finding a design that’s universally aesthetically pleasing.

The best Dior bags can match with any outfit, whether that is the iconic Book Tote or the coveted Saddle purse. 

This also extends to practicality as well. A good purse should just about hold the essentials, which include your phone, wallet, and keys. 


Here’s a big shocker: designer bags are expensive. Ultimately, you’re paying for the brand name alongside the quality. It’s important to consider your allotted budget, as our brand offers an estimated ballpark of $800 to $5,950 for its best Dior bags. 

Like always, customers should weigh its cost with its overall value. Is it worth paying $1,000 for a small clutch if you commonly carry your laptop everywhere? The decision is ultimately yours to make. 

Resale Value

You know what they say, wine tastes better with age. That also bodes true with handbags, as select designer purses will usually increase in value after they’re bought.

According to Forbes, the Dior Saddle bag has an increased consignment value of 89%. It’s definitely a factor to consider if you’re looking to trade in a vintage piece with something new. 

Whatever design you own, you can take care knowing  that the best Dior bags will entail a hefty price after some ‘fine wine aging.’ Of course, it’s best to maintain its quality to ensure the highest bid. 

10 Best Dior Bags of 2022 (So Far)

It’s time to channel your inner Anya Taylor-Joy. Dior handbags offer a fantasy of late-night Saturday extravaganzas and farm town flower prairies.

Depending on your overall vibe, this designer brand has a purse or tote made perfectly for you. Below, we’ll feature a few of the best Dior bags for your viewing pleasure. 

#1 – Dior Saddle Bag in Black Ultramatte Calfskin

The Dior Saddle Bag in Black Ultramatte Calfskin can be considered the ‘Disney remake’ of designer purses. It offers the same iconic silhouette pioneered by the legendary Maria Grazia Chiuri in 1999, but with a few twists.

Instead of the usual monogram design, this refreshing reinvention features a complete, monochrome wash paired with tonal metal hardware and the iconic CD logo on either handle. It’s *chef’s kiss* perfection. 

Part of the 2019 fall and winter collection, the Dior Saddle Bag in Black Ultramatte Calfskin can be further customized with an embroidered shoulder strap. But, to keep things subtle and chic, we suggest going the monochrome route and sticking to the old design. 

  • Dior Saddle Bag in Black Ultramatte Calfskin, $3,950 

#2 – Dior Mini Book Tote in Fuchsia Toile de Jouy Reverse Embroidery

The Mini Book Tote in Fuchsia Toile de Jouy Reverse Embroidery is the embodiment of springtime romance. Designed by Maria Grazia Chiuri, this petite-sized carry-on is enough to store your bodice-ripper novella, red lipstick, and phone as you spend your days in the flower field.

 Of course, it also makes for an ideal summer tote for beach days, but you’ll probably need to bring an extra bag to carry your towels. 

Considered a revamped take on the iconic house pattern, this adorable purse will definitely make a statement when worn out on the town. It’s worth noting that this print is part of Dior’s 2019 Toile de Jouy collection, and is also available as a dress, hat, and a pair of slippers. 

#3 – Dior 30 Montaigne Bag – Latte Box Calfskin

The 30 Montaigne Bag – Latte Box Calfskin is definitely something that Audrey Hepburn would wear during her formative years in acting.

Vintage-inspired in silhouette, this house-favorite comes with clean-cut corners, gold-finished hardware, and an adjustable shoulder strap with shining belt buckles. 

It’s opulent, elegant, timeless in design, which can be said for the rest of the 2019 Montaigne collection. Oh, and as an added touch, it also comes with a CD metal clasp that’s inspired by Dior’s perfume collection. 

Embossed with “30 Montaigne” on the back, this purse is considered a homage to Dior’s flagship boutique in Paris. With details as intricate as this, are you really all that surprised that the Latte Box Calfskin carry-on is branded as one of the best Dior bags to invest in?

#4 – Medium Lady Dior Bag in Black Ultra Glossy Patent Cannage Calfskin

Plush and sexy in appeal, the Medium Lady Dior Bag in Black Ultra Glossy Patent Cannage Calfskin is practically begging to be worn at an upscale penthouse party. 

This elegantly designed purse comes with intricate stitching details paired with black metal hardware for a touch of grunge. It’s also slightly reminiscent of the old-school charm bracelet, as it features D.I.O.R pendants on the front. 

Built with pockets in the lining, the Medium Lady Dior Bag in Black Ultra Glossy Patent Cannage Calfskin can definitely hold your phone, keys, and wallet in place. For added functionality, it can clasp onto an adjustable shoulder strap in case you prefer the on-shoulder method.

This stunning number is part of the Fall 2021 collection. Oh, and might I remind you that it’s one of the best Lady Dior bags on the market?

  •  Medium Lady Dior Bag in Black Ultra Glossy Patent Cannage Calfskin, $5,450

#5 – Dior 30 Montaigne Box Bag in Blue Oblique Jacquard 

The oversized trend is here to stay, but that doesn’t mean that petite silhouettes are out of the picture.

Case in point, the 30 Montaigne Box Bag in Blue Oblique Jacquard is as hot as ever, as it’s considered one of the best-selling Dior bags on the market. Part of the 2019 collection, this stylish purse is regarded as another homage to the brand’s flagship store in Paris. 

Finished with gold-stained hardware and monogram print, this suitcase-like carry-on keeps things compact by only providing enough room for the essentials. To offset its petite frame, it also comes with a chunky leather strap in the same, navy hue. 

  • Dior 30 Montaigne Box Bag in Blue Oblique Jacquard, $3,500 

#6 – Dior D-Bubble Bucket Bag with Multi-Colour Mesh Embroidery

The D-Bubble Bucket Bag with Multi-Colour Mesh Embroidery offers the spice and tang of summer thanks to its vibrant hues and interesting textures.

If anything, this purse should put you in a pina colada sort of mood, and I’m just saying—it offers enough room to fit a pineapple and bottle of rum the next time you go alcohol shopping. 

For added pizzazz, this carry-on comes with decorative tassels to really put you in that beach vacay attitude. The D-Bubble Bucket Bag with Multi-Color Mesh Embroidery also features a wide-brimmed shoulder strap to help prevent any unwanted shoulder digging. 

  • Dior D-Bubble Bucket Bag with Multi-Colour Mesh Embroidery, sold out

#7 – Dior Wicker Bucket Bag

In a weird sort of twist, the Dior Wicker Bucket Bag offers a juxtaposition of peasant vibes and high-society elegance—which is best expressed through its basket woven exterior and luxurious jacquard branding. 

It’s definitely the purse to opt for if you want to look like a rich housewife that lives in an Italian vineyard. If anything, this carry-on is a mix of old-school traditionalism and modern-day class. 

Don’t worry; your belongings are subjected to the hard, wood-like feel of wicker. Instead, this Bucket Bag comes with an oblique jacquard drawstring pouch on the inside. 

#8 – Small Dior Double Bag in Black Calfskin

The Small Dior Double Bag in Black Calfskin should only be paired with a little black dress, a set of stiletto heels, and a martini glass for office after hours.

Exquisite and classic in design, this refined number is set with a magnetic flap, the brand’s iconic CD emblem, and a handy zipper compartment to help store your lipsticks and phone in. 

If you’re not keen on clutches, you’ll be glad to know that the Small Dior Double Bag in Black Calfskin comes with a gold-stained chain for on-the-shoulder wearing. Mad points to versatility here; it’s no wonder why this piece is considered a contender within the best Dior bags 2021 lineup. 

  • Small Dior Double Bag in Black Calfskin, $2,700

#9 – Small Dior Cargo Bag in Gray Cannage Shearling  

It’s soft, winter-appropriate, and definitely sends visions of sugar plums in the air. More specifically, the Small Dior Caro Bag in Gray Cannage Shearling offers that warm and fuzzy feeling that you don’t often get with designer purses. 

This elegant number comes with quilted lining, a CD metal clasp, and an intricately embroidered strap for added detail. It’s also part of the 30 Montaigne collection, which is shown through the embossed lettering on the back. 

The best thing about the Small Dior Caro Bag in Gray Cannage Shearling is that it’s designed as a clutch and a crossbody purse thanks to the X-shaped notch on the chain. 

  • Small Dior Caro Bag in Gray Cannage Shearling, $4,700

#10 – Large Dior Bobby Bag in Warm Taupe Calfskin with Blue Oblique Embroidered Strap

If you want a simple introduction to this Parisian brand, I’d say that it’s best to start off with the Large Dior Bobby Bag In Warm Taupe Calfskin with Blue Oblique Embroidered Strap.

This simple purse features a quiet but beautiful silhouette composed of curved lines, intricate stitching details, and of course—the brand’s iconic CD logo clasp on the front. 

For a bit of juxtaposition, the Large Dior Bobby Bag in Warm Taupe Calfskin comes with a navy blue monogram shoulder strap to match. It’s a solid purse if you’re not a fan of asymmetrical shapes or loud prints. If anything, this purse serves an excellent subtle flex. 

  • Large Dior Bobby Bag In Warm Taupe Calfskin with Blue Oblique Embroidered Strap, $4,400

Which Dior Bags are the Best to Invest in?

Dior bags are expensive, but you should always remember that most designer purses are investment purchases. Depending on the year and collection, resale prices can go as high as $2,300.

In our opinion, the Saddle collection—namely the Black Ultramatte Calfskin, is definitely the option to go with if you’re looking to resell this bad boy in the future. 

According to our research, it also seems that monogram prints come with significant consignment value. Ultimately, you can rest assured that any design from the best Dior bags we’ve featured so far will promise a handsome fee if cared for properly. 

Which Dior Bags are the Most Versatile?

Versatility is largely dependent on shape, print, and size. Obviously, it all depends on your personal taste in bags, but I think it’s safe to say that black, medium-sized totes are definitely the way forward. 

In our Best Dior Bag line-up, these are the best all-arounders:

  • Saddle Bag in Black Ultramatte Calfskin
  • 30 Montaigne Box Bag in Blue Oblique Jacquard
  • Large Dior Bobby Bag Warm Taupe Calfskin with Blue Oblique Embroidered Strap

These three bags are simplistic in silhouette, muted in color, and offer an agreeable amount of space to help store your valuables. 

Which Dior bags are the Most Affordable?

From the best Dior bags we’ve featured in this article, the Small Dior Double Bag in Black Calfskin takes the cake in terms of affordability.

I’ll be blunt here, it’s still expensive, as this purse clocks out at $2,700. You should also know that this carry-on is considered one of the more petite designs on the website, which is probably the reason for its lower price. 

The Saddle Nano Pouch (a bag that we didn’t cover in this review) is also considered much affordable compared to its ‘brothers and sisters.’ It only retails for a friendly $800

How Should I Care for and Store My Dior Bag?

Like all designer bags, proper care and maintenance can do wonders in extending wearability. Unfortunately, there isn’t a specific section on Dior’s website regarding cleaning instructions, but we did find an arsenal of helpful websites on how to clean luxury purses.

The general rule of thumb is to use a slightly damp cloth to help clear out any debris and grime. Then you can go ahead and use a leather conditioner in order to bring out that coveted shine. 

Most experts agree that bags should be filled with paper or stuffing to help maintain their original shape.

In addition, purses should never be hung when stored as this can cause unnecessary excess strain and stretching. Like shoes, carry-ons should be placed in a dry and dark environment. 

If you follow these few simple steps, you can ensure that your best Dior bags keep looking, well, their best! 

Final Thoughts

Compared to brands like Gucci and Dolce & Gabbana, Dior acts as a friendly introduction to the designer-clad world.

Their designs aren’t totally in your face—styles like the Saddle Bag and the Book Tote are fairly ‘easy to swallow’ for any novice trendsetter. It’s a forever purchase, a closet staple, and a smart investment if you’re looking to resell an old bag in the future.  

Hopefully, you’ve managed to get a sense of the best Dior bags on the market. Whatever design you pick, I’m sure that it’ll last for years to come. 

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