14 Best Lingerie Brands

Lingerie is often something you buy for special occasions, but every day should be considered special enough to dress up in your favourite confidence-boosting set, in our eyes. It’s time to stop neglecting your undergarments and start treating them how you would any other purchase. 

Gone are the days of boring, uncomfortable underwear that have been in your closet for 10 years. There are so many options to choose from when it comes to lingerie brands, such as Fleur du Mal, Agent Provocateur, and Savage X Fenty. The number of lingerie trends continues to grow too, from peekaboo styles to one-piece bodysuits. 

If you aren’t a frequent lingerie shopper, you may be wondering which lingerie brands are the best to shop from. Luckily, we’ve got you covered with our list of the best lingerie brands so that you can fill your drawers with all the fun stuff. 

How to Choose the Best Lingerie

If you’ve decided that it’s time to buy some new lingerie, you’re probably curious about which of the best lingerie brands offer the highest quality, comfortability, and style. In the next few sections, we’ll go over what makes these factors so important to consider when purchasing lingerie.

Of course, our list of the best lingerie brands features the classics, like La Perla, that have an amazing reputation. However, this roundup also features lesser-known brands such as Mary Young. Nevertheless, be sure to think about: 


There are so many brands selling lingerie right now that it can be hard to navigate which ones are best. Some brands are clothing brands that sell lingerie and others focus solely on selling intimates. 

Agent Provocateur and Savage X Fenty are the most popular. Agent Provocateur was founded in 1994 and has made a name for itself as one of the sexiest in the industry. It is often one of the busiest stores on valentines day. 

Savage X Fenty is a newer brand founded by singer, fashion designer, and pop culture icon Rihanna. Savage X Fenty that gained popularity thanks to its affordably priced, high-quality pieces. 

La Perla and Carine Gilson are also known for producing quality lingerie. These brands use the best materials and they’re recognized for the artistic designs they come up with, making each item feel like more of a keepsake than a piece of underwear.  


The prices of items from the best lingerie brands mainly depend on the company’s reputation. Although brands like Coco de Mer offer pieces that are priced as high as $12,000, the majority sit within a more moderate range. For example, a white cotton bodysuit from La Perla will cost you $195

Many lingerie brands are beginning to promote the use of sustainable materials and processes, but this only increases the price of items. Take, for example, Dora Larsen and Only Hearts. If sustainability is important to you, then their price points won’t shock you. A simple sheer bodysuit from Dora Larsen will cost you a cool $155


Purchasing lingerie online may be hard if you don’t know your size. A 32C from one brand may not fit the same as a 32C from another. Thankfully, brands like Savage x Fenty show each of their products on models of multiple sizes to help you get a better idea of the way things fit.

Generally, we recommend comparing and contrasting the details of every brand’s size chart to see what may fit your body best.


Lingerie has a reputation for being uncomfortable, but it doesn’t always have to be that way. Some brands have attempted to become the solution to this issue, such as Savage X Fenty. 

Rihanna’s namesake label has created collections that are focused primarily on comfort, whereas Liberté and Mary Young make lingerie that is meant to be worn everyday, where comfort is key. 


When it comes to picking out a style of lingerie, your choice really depends on the occasion you’re shopping for or the aesthetic you’re looking to vibe to. If you have a more sensual look in mind, opt for a set with a matching garter belt, corset, and bra with cut outs. If you’re looking for something more conservative, go for a plain bodysuit. bodysuit or something more casual. 

Most of the companies featured on our list of the best lingerie brands are known for their signature style. For example, Agent Provocateur is recognized for its range of steamy, sophisticated, luxury bridal lingerie and hosiery.

  • Agent Provocateur
  • La Perla
  • For Love and Lemons
  • Savage X Fenty
  • Carine Gilson
  • Coco de Mer
  • Liberté
  • Mary Young
  • Anya Lust
  • Only Hearts
  • Dora Larsen
  • Kiki de Montparnasse
  • Fleur du Mal
  • Love Stories

14 of the Best Lingerie Brands to Shop

Now that you know what to look for in the best lingerie brands, it’s time to choose the best fit for you. Whether you’re scoping the scene for a matching black set or a fun colorful bralette, there’s something to fill the need your lingerie drawer hasn’t met in years. Happy shopping! 

#1 – Agent Provocateur

The name Agent Provocateur even sounds sexy. Founded in 1994 by Vivienne Westwood’s son Joseph Corré, the boudoir-inspired intimates brand is one of the most critically acclaimed British fashion companies for a reason.

Agent Provocateur celebrates the female body and sexuality by creating playful, seductive, sexual, playful, and romantic pieces. They make lingerie, swimwear, nightwear, accessories, and clothing. You can purchase beautiful matching sets, iconic corsets, and barely-there bras in sizes 32A-38F.

With a price range that starts at just $24 and climbs up to $1299, this brand appeals to the many fans of high-low fashion, as well as big spends. If you love daring pieces that show off your assets, Agent Provocateur is for you. 

#2 – La Perla

Italian luxury brand La Perla has been a top of the line source for lingerie since 1954. Made of the highest quality materials that are perfectly tailored to the body, La Perla is the place to shop for lingerie meant for extra special occasions.

Their sexy yet feminine styles are made for the modern woman who cares about the details. If you are looking for a gift for yourself or someone else, their silk slips look like a dream and can even be worn out of the house as a dress (we won’t tell anyone). 

There is a large size range available between 32A- 42C. With price tags set between $60 and a steep $1,930, La Perla lingerie is an investment worth spending your money on.

#3 – For Love and Lemons

For Love and Lemons is known for creating unique, ladylike lingerie designs. But, lingerie is not the only thing that this brand specializes in – L&L also makes stunning clothing, swimwear, accessories, and nightwear. 

The company’s lingerie collection is made in collaboration with Victoria’s Secret, the most popular lingerie brand to ever exist. There are slip dresses available that you’ll want to wear on your next date, as well as bustiers that would look great with a pair of pants.

For Love and Lemons products come in sizes XXS-XL. Their prices range from $16.98 (for a sale item) to $159, however, the intricate, dainty details on each piece make them look like they should cost a lot more. 

#4 – Savage X Fenty

Rihanna’s Savage X Fenty line has been revolutionary in the worlds of fashion and lingerie, and we would expect nothing less from her. Not only are RiRi’s products breaking boundaries when it comes to inclusivity, but her trendy, colorful, and risqué designs are being applauded around the world too. 

Savage X Fenty is one of the most size-inclusive brands out there as well, making products for bodies of all shapes and sizes in range between 32A-44DD. The brand offers everything from casual, comfortable pieces to sexier items like corsets and crotchless panties.

Plus, Savage X Fenty linger is affordable. There’s currently a 65% off sale that boasts items that cost as little as $6.76, but hurry, before everything’s gone!

#5 – Carine Gilson

It is rare that you see lingerie reach a haute couture level of craftsmanship, Belgium-based Carine Gilson creates refined lingerie that can be classified as so. Known for using silk and lace in her designs, Gilson incorporates these materials into lingerie, pyjamas, swimwear, robes, kimonos and nightgowns. 

Available in sizes S-L, any one of Gilson’s pieces will set you back between $255 to over $3,000. If you are looking for a standout piece that screams luxury, this brand is for you.

#6 – Coco de Mer

Coco de Mer is a London-based boutique specializing in high-end couture and designer lingerie brands. The boutique sells everything you need to express and explore your sexuality, including its own line of romantic, elegant, vintage-inspired pieces that show off your femininity. 

All of Coco de Mer’s lingerie comes in sizes 32B-36D, and each piece is made of luxurious silk, lace and embroidery. The items retail between $23 and north of $18,000 (the $18,000 product is actually made of gold!).

#7 – Liberté 

Liberté is a premium lingerie brand founded by model Amber Tolliver. Liberté creates elevated essentials that can be worn every day thanks to their supportive, yet comfortable construction. 

Tolliver’s brand model also honors the craftsmanship of seamstresses and each piece is made the same way original lingerie was, out of luxury italian fabrics. Liberté pieces feel special, giving you a confidence boost when you need it the most.

The company has narrowed in on selling 4 bra designs and 6 underwear designs in 3 wearable colorways. Each piece is virtually undetectable underneath clothing, and the size spectrum ranges from 32C-38H. Best of all, Liberté’s price point is more accessible, starting at just $40.

#8 – Mary Young

Mary Young is an up-and-coming intimates brand known for its mission of empowering women of all body types and sizes. From day one, designer Mary Young has voiced her passion for helping you love yourself in the skin you’re in, and it shows in her designs.  

Minimalism and comfort are the names of the game at Mary Young, and all of the brand’s products are produced ethically in Canada using environmentally safe materials. There are bras, undies, bodysuits, loungewear pieces, and even candles available. 

Mary Young bras come in sizes XXS-2XX and prices range from $36 to $104.

#9 – Anya Lust

NYC-based Anya Lust provides everything you need to feel divinely feminine and empowered in your body, all while looking sensuous and romantic. Even better, Anya Lust curates the best lingerie brands so that you don’t have to search for them yourself.

Whether you are looking for something ultra-sexy or playful, you can find it on Anya Lust’s website. The retailer carries swimwear, lingerie, robes, pajamas, and pleasure items in sizes 32C-36DD. Anya Lust is also an excellent place to look for gifts for your girlfriends. 

#10 – Only Hearts

Only Hearts in an NYC-based company that was founded in 1978. Famous for creating ‘inner outerwear’ that has been seen on the likes of Hailey Bieber, Jennifer Aniston, and Kate Moss, Only Hearts products intimates, sleepwear, and apparel that is sexy, yet sweet. 

Wear one of the brand’s lingerie tops with a pair of jeans and heels for a night out, or one of the cropped tanks with a pair of your favorite joggers around the house. Offering a bridge between undergarments and street clothing, Only Hearts items come in sizes S-L.

Plus, items are priced between $28 and $275, meaning you can pick up something unique for an affordable price. Did we mention there are sustainable and ethically made pieces as well? 

#11 – Dora Larsen

If you want to express your fun and playful personality, wearing Dora Larsen lingerie is a great way to do so. This contemporary British brand comes out with two whimsical collections a year that toy with color and shape, and we look forward to the release of each one.

Dora Larsen bras, underwear and bodysuits come in innovative color combinations that are bold and statement-making. They’re also made of local materials to reduce waste, refabricating things like recycled yarn to make lace.

With a smaller range of sizes from 32A-34F, take caution with Dora Larsen pieces if you have a large bust. Items are priced between $32 and $255.

#12 – Kiki de Montparnasse

If you are a fan of Gossip Girl, you probably remember the episode that took place at a Kiki de Monteparnasse show. Yes, the drama was hard to miss but the lingerie is what really stood out. This brand is the perfect blend of high fashion, streetwear and delicate undergarments.

Created by the former design director of Victoria’s Secret, Jennifer Zuccarini, Kiki de Montparnasse creates sexy, sophisticated lingerie that is meant to be seen. For a flirty look, wear a Kiki M bralette under a blazer or white shirt and feel comfortable and confident the whole time. 

The designer’s lingerie, loungewear, ready to wear, and accessories range rings in between $45 to almost $2,000. Kiki M bras come in sizes 32A- 36DD as well.

#13 – Fleur du Mal

NYC-based luxury brand Fleur du Mal understands that lingerie should evoke feelings, and that’s why they took their name from the poem collection by Charles Baudelaire called Les Fleurs du Mal. The brand is inspired by chic, feminine, sexual women and elicits feelings of desire and provocation.

Their wearable designs are as decadent as it gets and everything is made of the finest fabrics. Fleur du Mal makes luxe silk PJs, ornate lingerie sets, clothing, loungewear, swimwear, pleasure and bridal items.  

A major bonus is the company’s large range of bra sizes, even in their intricate and delicate designs (and if you have a large bust, you know this is not easy to find). Fleur du Mal designs come in sizes 32B-38G and cost between $12 and $795.

#14 – Love Stories

Dutch-born Love Stories describes itself as ‘sexy but not sex’. Its luxurious, comfortable, and elegant intimates are casual and wearable, and they come in fun prints and colors. 

The brand does not create matching sets but has mix-and-match pieces that can be purchased separately. Love Stories has also made a point of carrying no underwire bras; only bralettes for the coziest fit. 

Love Stories bralettes come in sizes A-D and the rest of the brand’s items, including briefs, swimwear and accessories, ring in between  in a price range of $35 and $136

Which lingerie brand has the highest ratings? 

Of all of the companies featured on our list of the best lingerie brands, Fleur du Mal has the highest ratings. Customers love their sexy styles and amazing size range, which is only one reason why the brand has acquired a reputation for being one of the best in the business.

Which lingerie brand is the most affordable?

Up until now, it was difficult to find beautiful lingerie at an affordable price point. For Love and Lemons is one brand making the category more accessible with its budget-friendly range, while Savage X Fenty is even more affordable and has some of the lowest priced items we have seen. The brand prides itself on being for everyone, so surprises here. 

Which lingerie brand offers the most diverse size range?

Many of the brands featured on this list have a very diverse range of sizes, but the ones below have the most diverse size ranges. If you have a small bust or a large bust, there are options to fit you. 

  • Savage X Fenty, 32A-44DD
  • Liberté, 32C-38H
  • La Perla, 32A- 42C

The brands with the smallest size ranges are Carine Gilson and Only Hearts.

How should I wash lingerie?

Lingerie can be extremely delicate, especially if it’s made out of silk or lace. If it’s made out of cotton and has no underwire or padding, you can machine wash it on a delicate cycle. No matter what, always leave your lingerie out to air dry.

If you need to wash something delicate, you can send it to the dry cleaners or follow these steps:

  1. Put the items in a sink full of lukewarm water and laundry detergent. 
  2. Let them soak for 10 to 15 minutes. 
  3. Gently rub areas that appear dirty or smell. 
  4. Drain the sink. 
  5. Refill it with clean water.
  6. Soak the items for 5 more minutes.
  7. Gently squeeze all of the water out of the lingerie.  
  8. Lay them on top of a dry towel and allow them to air dry.

We hope you enjoyed this and are able to find the lingerie brand for your needs.

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