10 Best Womens Peacoats

Classy and comfortable, nothing protects against those harsh winter winds with as much grace and style as peacoats.

From timeless traditional styles to luxurious new designs, it can be so hard to find the right look for your winter wonderland. That’s why we chose to fill you in on all the best women’s peacoats for 2021.

First of All, What’s a ‘Pea’ Coat?

Best Women’s Peacoats

It’s easy to get lost when it comes to peacoats. There are so many different designs, styles, fabrics – how do you even begin to choose? Do you want a side vent? No vent? Double-breasted front or single-breasted? It’s best to break it down to basics. What makes certain styles the best?

The peacoat design dates back to the 1800s with its first use coming from the Dutch navy. The name comes from the Dutch word ‘pije’ which describes the thick wool material of the coat. The British, and later the Americans, took notice of the warm coat and stole the style for their own sailors. Who wouldn’t want a coat perfectly designed to keep you warm and fend off the winds at sea?  

The coat’s original design featured flaring at the hips, ulster collars, vertical slit pockets, and plastic or metal buttons – all elements still seen on peacoats today. So, if it’s not broken, why fix it? There are some variations of the peacoat that have hoods and ruffles but when it comes down to it, the best women’s peacoats provide warmth and style.

How to Choose the Best Women’s Peacoat:

Best Women’s Peacoats

Choosing the best women’s peacoat for you can be difficult. There are so many elements to consider before making your purchase, so it’s important to understand what each coat will do for you. Though many follow a traditional naval design, there are variations in color, style, material, detail, and more.

While some prefer wool peacoats, others may prefer a lighter material for their fall wardrobes. On the other hand, some people may only be interested in buying a designer peacoat to resell it later on. All of these elements play into what peacoat design works best for you and luckily, we laid out all the specifics in the following sections.


Peacoats have gained and maintained popularity over the years as one of the most stylish coats to wear in cold weather. They have moved beyond their naval history and into a space for fashion designers with their traditional design. Some of the best women’s peacoats now come from brand-names that bring flare to the ordinary, such as: 

  • Victoria Beckham
  • Dolce & Gabbana
  • St Laurent
  • Valentino
  • Coach
  • And more!


When looking into buying the best women’s peacoat to keep you warm in the fall and winter, price is a major thing to consider. There is a large variation in cost depending on brand and material. Some brands use lighter and more common materials combined with wool for their coats, which bumps the average price to around $500

If you’re looking to spend a bit more and invest in a hand-spun wool peacoat, the cost can range from $1,000 to $4,000 depending on the brand. That said, keep an eye out for sales as prices can drop as low as $200.


What makes the best women’s peacoat? The material. Wool may be the most classic option, however, many peacoats on the market have switched to lighter or mixed materials. You need to consider what’s most practical for your needs.

For example, women’s wool peacoats are preferable in harsh winter temperatures, as they tend to block out the wind and shield off snow and rain to keep you dry. If pure wool isn’t your jam, then there are other options available. Many use cotton or polyester as a base, providing water resistance on even the stormiest days.


Are you thinking casual or formal? Thankfully, the neutral styles and colors of peacoats lend themselves to a variety of occasions. The best women’s peacoats are suitable for a casual stroll in the park as well as an important dinner date, but that’s not always what you have in mind when buying. 

When it comes to design, some peacoats have taken on a less militaristic style for a more casual trench look. Other brands have added fine detail work to their peacoats, making them worthy of wearing to the finest restaurants.

Resale Value

Buying a quality women’s wool peacoat can be an investment. While some options offer lower prices, high-quality materials sewn together by big brand names come with tags north of $3,000. That said, designer pieces offer a higher resale value. 

In other words, a well-maintained peacoat can feel like a hit to your bank account at first but when you decide to sell it one day, the benefits will outweigh the initial sticker shock. 

  • Victoria Beckham Short Double-Breasted Peacoat, $2,957
  • Saint Laurent Black Felted Wool Classic Peacoat, $2,990
  • Theory Utility Peacoat in Recycled Wool, $815
  • Coach Trench Coat, on sale for $192.50 – regular $550
  • See By Chloé Double-Breasted Short Peacoat, on sale for $552.62 – regular $701.33
  • Dolce & Gabbana Basketweave Peacoat with Decorative Buttons, $2,545
  • Valentino V-plaque Double-Breasted Jacket, $3,490
  • RED Valentino Button-Embellished Corduroy Peacoat, $940
  • Louis Vuitton Wool Peacoat, (price currently unavailable)
  • Kate Spade Cotton Classic Double-Breasted Peacoat, on sale for $314 – regular $448

10 Best Womens Peacoats

The list of considerations grows longer and longer with all of the key elements to consider, and that’s why we’ve rounded up the 10 best women’s peacoats, just for you. No matter your budget, there’s bound to be a style that suits you. 

#1 – Victoria Beckham Short Double-Breasted Peacoat

Best Women’s Peacoats
Victoria Beckham Short Double-Breasted Peacoat

Made with a blend of 90% wool and 10% cashmere, the $2,957 Victoria Beckham Short Double-Breasted Peacoat uses the traditional naval style to fuse fashion with function.

This jacket is cut with a loose fit to block out the cold without closing you in too tight. The gold embossed, double-breasted buttoning brightens up the dark navy blue that matches those dark winter nights. 

While the outer wool layer shelters you from the cold, the inner polyester lining aims to stop that classic winter wear overheating. You’ll be cool, comfortable, and looking classy all winter long.

#2 – Saint Laurent Black Felted Wool Classic Peacoat 

Best Women’s Peacoats
Saint Laurent Black Felted Wool Classic Peacoat

Saint Laurent designed the sleek Black Felted Wool Classic Peacoat with four-button surgeon cuffs, graphic engraved buttons, and a notched lapel collar. No matter the occasion, all eyes will be on you in this mid-thigh length number that costs $2,990

In addition to the luxe virgin wool material, the body of this coat contains an ever-warming angora blend that will keep you toasty. The fully lined design offers four pockets, two welt pockets at the waist, and two on the interior to give you space for all of your essentials.  

#3 – Theory Utility Peacoat in Recycled Wool 

Best Women’s Peacoats
Theory Utility Peacoat in Recycled Wool

Theory mixes things up in material, style, and design with their Utility Peacoat in Recycled Wool. Crafted entirely from recycled wool, this jacket aims to present style in a way that leaves a positive environmental impact behind.

The relaxed fit of this $815 dark thyme jacket inspires a utilitarian style. The tonal design has detailed topstitching, welt pockets, and metal buttons that are sure to come in handy on chilly winter walks.

#4 – Coach Trench Peacoat

Best Women’s Peacoats
Coach Trench Peacoat

Coach offers an affordable, stylized take on a Trench Peacoat that comes in a variety of color choices that other brands on this list do not provide. The Trench Peacoat comes in four different colors: black, classic khaki, rosewood, and quartz. No matter your style, there’s a color to match your closet.

This water-resistant coat is made from a cotton and polyester blend with sharp leather details that will make you stand out amongst the crowd. An adjustable belt allows you to alter the fit of the jacket as you desire while the buttoned pockets alongside the closure provide extra security. 

The Trench Peacoat from Coach is currently 65% off, ringing in at $192.50 – a major price drop from the original $550 price tag. 

#5 – See By Chloé Double-Breasted Short Peacoat

Best Women’s Peacoats
See By Chloé Double-Breasted Short Peacoat

Looking for natural coloring? Something brighter than the typical black and blue of classic peacoats? See By Chloé offers their Double-Breasted Short Peacoat in both brown and grey for only $552.62, down from the regular price of $701.33.

Made of wool, viscose, and polyester, this jacket is fit for a walk in the woods or a walk in the winter. The large chocolate-coloured buttons clasp this peacoat tight enough to block out strong winds. Plus, the thicker fabric keeps you cozy in the snowiest conditions.

#6 – Valentino V-Plaque Double-Breasted Jacket

Best Women’s Peacoats
Valentino V-Plaque Double-Breasted Jacket

Looking to make an entrance? Valentino helps you do just that with the V-Plaque Double-Breasted Jacket. Made of 100% white wool with accents of golden hardware, you’ll look like a winter queen in this loose-fitting jacket.

Valentino raises the standards for all designer peacoats with this sleek, formal, and fashion-forward silhouette. Coupled with vertical side pockets and a notched lapel, this wool and viscose jacket will keep you looking and feeling hot through any season.

However, the V-Plaque Double-Breasted Jacket comes with a weighty price tag of $3,490

#7 – RED Valentino Button-Embellished Corduroy Peacoat

Best Women’s Peacoats
RED Valentino Button-Embellished Corduroy Peacoat

If you’re looking to put your own twist on the quintessential peacoat, RED Valentino can help you do so with their Button-Embellished Corduroy Peacoat. Unique in its material, the corduroy peacoat brings forth an antique feel to the traditional naval design.

Cut for a loose fit with a central vent, this navy blue jacket aims to bring you to the maritimes with its vertical corduroy stripes. Embossed gold-tone buttons shine from the navy material and heighten the formal nature of this jacket to keep you warm and looking elegant.

Even better, unlike the V-Plaque Double-Breasted Jacket, the Button-Embellished Corduroy Peacoat from RED Valentino comes in at a much more affordable $940.

#8 – Dolce & Gabbana Basketweave Peacoat with Decorative Buttons

Best Women’s Peacoats
Dolce & Gabbana Basketweave Peacoat with Decorative Buttons

Dolce & Gabbana brings a little fun to the design of the classic silhouette with its Basketweave Peacoat with Decorative Buttons. The leopard print stretch silk lining will teach anyone not to judge a book by its cover.

Adding onto the fun of the inner silk are double rows of branded buttons, letting the world know just who you’re wearing wherever you go. The Basketweave Peacoat with Decorative Buttons is sophisticated, comfortable, and has personality for days. It rings in at $2,545

#9 – Louis Vuitton Wool Peacoat

Best Women’s Peacoats
Louis Vuitton Wool Peacoat

Louis Vuitton raises the bar with their new Wool Peacoat (price currently unavailable). Made of double cashgora wool, this timeless design is lined with 50% viscose and 50% cupro, providing extra comfort for everyday wear.

The coat comes with leather trimmings as well as a martingale belt at the back. The buttons are subtly monogrammed with LV anchors to tie both brand and history together in this take on tradition.

#10 – Kate Spade Cotton Classic Double-Breasted Peacoat

Best Women’s Peacoats
Kate Spade Cotton Classic Double-Breasted Peacoat

Kate Spade’s Cotton Classic Double-Breasted Peacoat is the most affordable option on our list at the sale price of $314 (regular $448). Made with coated cotton twill fabric, this denim holid-colored jacket steals the show.

Inside, a flower jacquard lining gives this peacoat a unique flair, and with gold dome buttons on the outer shell, the colors of the fabrics make an impression. The three-button sleeves put their own twist on the naval cut of this jacket which is casual, comfortable, and classier than ever.

Which women’s peacoats are weatherproof?

Best Women’s Peacoats

Style is one thing, but function is another. These jackets look stunning but what are good looks if they can’t withstand the weather? No need to worry if you’re buying a wool coat. Wool is highly water-resistant and extremely warm. Rain or snow, it’ll save the day.

Thinking of buying one of the non-wool jackets? No worries there either. Corduroy is incredibly water-resistant for a cotton blend material. Other cotton coats are often mixed with polyester, another water-resistant material. 

Out of all the jackets on our list, the women’s wool peacoats will provide the strongest shield against wet weather. The top weatherproof jackets would be: 

  • Victoria Beckham’s Short Double-Breasted Peacoat
  • Saint Laurent’s Black Felted Wool Classic Peacoat
  • Theory’s Utility Peacoat in Recycled Wool
  • See By Chloé’s Double-Breasted Short Peacoat
  • Valentino’s V-Plaque Double-Breasted Jacket
  • Louis Vuitton’s Wool Peacoat

Which women’s peacoats are the most affordable?

Best Women’s Peacoats

Price is a big consideration when buying the best women’s peacoats on the market. The range depends entirely on material, and you’ll notice that the 100% wool jackets are bigger investments. If you’re willing to spend the money, the 100% wool peacoats will offer higher resale value too.

If you’re looking to save money on your purchase, the best options under $1,000 are:

  • Coach’s Trench Coat, on sale for $192.50 – regular $550
  • Kate Spade’s Cotton Classic Double-Breasted Peacoat, on sale for $314 – regular $448
  • See By Chloé Double-Breasted Short Peacoat, on sale for $552.62 – regular $701.33
  • Utility Peacoat in Recycled Wool, $815
  • RED Valentino button-embellished corduroy peacoat, $940

How should I style a peacoat?

Best Women’s Peacoats

The great thing about the traditional design of the peacoat is how easily transferable it is to everyone’s personal style. The cut and neutral colors of most peacoats allow you to dress them up as you wish. 

Here are a few ideas and helpful hints to make the most out of your new jacket: 

  • Do not layer over top of your coat. Scarves and other accessories can be layered loosely underneath with the jacket partially open to provide warmth. 
  • Pair your peacoat with skinny jeans, leggings or a jumpsuit to make the most out of the lengthy design.
  • Try some contrast! Peacoats are designed to look militaristic, so adding a floral pattern, bright color, or flowy material underneath can break up the straight-cut look. 

How should I care for a peacoat?

Best Women’s Peacoats

How you care for your coat depends on the material. Like many winter jackets, dry cleaning is the best option. Whether the material is wool, cotton, or corduroy-based, the recommendation for cleaning is twice a year.

When it comes to storing wool or corduroy jackets, some precautions should be taken. Use a wooden or plastic coat hanger between uses rather than hanging it on a peg. This maintains the integrity of the jacket’s shape. To prevent moths or other creatures from infesting the material, use garment bags to store it in the off-season.

Finally, to maintain a women’s wool peacoat, take time to brush the outer layer after you wear it. Using a soft suede or lint brush will remove any dirt or lint from the outer layer. Just a few minutes a day will go a long way in maintaining your jacket.

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