14 Best YSL Bags

Yves Saint Laurent, founded by Yves Saint Laurent himself and his partner, Pierre Bergé, 

has been one of the biggest names in fashion since the 60s. The French luxury fashion label is known for designs that are more like wearable art than just clothing and accessories. 

The brand is committed to creating sophisticated, empowering, and sexy statement pieces that anybody can feel like their best self wearing. And one of the most important accessories many of us use on a daily basis are bags of various kinds: handbags, wallets, purses, and pouches.

Of course, YSL has created some fantastic takes on the classic staple item over the years, and that is why we put together a list of the 14 best YSL bags, which contains the most iconic items the brand offers. 

How to Choose The Best YSL Bags 

There are many options for you to choose from when it comes to sorting through YSL’s inventory, but there are some important things to consider before you begin to shop, such as:


Obviously, you have decided that you want a YSL bag, so that’s out of the way. However, have you thought about what style of bag you’d like? Some styles include backpacks, clutches, hobos, saddle, bucket, quilted, flap, tote, wristlet, satchel, and doctor bags, and that is just to name a handful. 

Also, have you decided whether you want a solid material or a pattern, plain or accented? There are so many different options to choose from, so thankfully, many of the bags on our list are multi-functional and adjustable

Either way, it is still important to have a working idea of what kind of bag you want.  


You will see a lot of animal leathers on the list of best YSL bags, but it is incredibly important to think about what kind of material you’d like your bag to be made of since it has an effect on its performance and its durability

For instance, leather is incredibly hard-wearing, but it requires a lot of care and it tends to be heavier. On the other hand, something like nylon is not nearly as stylish, but it is lighter, easier to care for, and possibly just as durable.


The price of the bag will depend on the materials used, the size of the bag, and whether it is an exclusive or special item. Regarding materials, if the bag is made from a rare or more precious material, think snakeskin instead of cow leather, then it will probably be reflected in the price. 

The size of the bag also plays a major role in determining the price. A wallet, depending on the materials, will generally cost less than a clutch, which will generally cost less than a bigger bag like a tote or a backpack.

Lastly, if the bag has something unique about it, if it is a limited edition item, offered for a limited time, or is made of rare materials, then this will also be reflected in the price. 

  • Manhattan Shoulder YSL Bag, $4,250
  • Sunset Chain Wallet YSL Bag, $2,050
  • Lou Quilted Leather Camera YSL Bag, $1,350
  • Cassandra Monogram Clasp YSL Bag, $3,750
  • Kate 99 YSL Bag, $1,750
  • Le Carre Satchel YSL Bag, $3,190
  • Envelope Medium Bag YSL Bag, $2,390
  • Daily Cabas Small Shopping YSL Bag, 
  • Jamie Mediume “Carre Rive Gauche” YSL Bag, $1,890
  • Niki Baby YSL Bag, $4,250
  • Solferino Small Satchel YSL Bag, $2,890
  • KAIA Medium YSL Bag, $1,950
  • Classic Sac De Jour Baby Medium YSL Bag, $2,750
  • Becky Chain Wallet YSL Bag, $1,750
  • Loulou Small YSL Bag, $2,090

14 Best YSL Bags 

This list contains our picks for the 14 best YSL bags that are currently available for purchase. Each bag is unique and reflective of the signature French haute couture feel of Yves Saint Laurent. The listed products come in a variety of styles and price points, so there is bound to be something for every aspiring YSL bag owner.

#1 – Manhattan Shoulder YSL Bag

14 Best YSL Bags

Saint Laurent has been giving us French sultriness at its finest since the 60s, and this bag is a testament to the subtle sophistication of the brand. It is made with 100% ostrich leather featuring a clip buckle closure on its small delicate flap. It also comes with an adjustable, detachable shoulder strap so that you can wear it as a purse or use it as a clutch, depending on your needs. 

You can purchase this silhouette in a wide variety of styles on Saint Laurent’s site, but just to give you an idea of the price range, the bag is being sold in the colour ‘brick’ (a deep tan colour) for $4,250.

#2 – Sunset Chain Wallet YSL Bag

14 Best YSL Bags

A much smaller and strappier option than the last, the Sunset Chain Wallet is made with 100% calfskin leather and metal hardware. It features both an upper handle in leather and a leather-reinforced removable shoulder strap chain.

Some other notable features of the bag are its 8 card slots, bill slot, central compartment, zippered coin purse, and pockets on the front and the back, making this dainty-looking bag quite the functional piece. It can be yours for $2,050. 

#3 – Lou Quilted Leather Camera YSL Bag

14 Best YSL Bags

The aspects that make this YSL bag special are the quilted leather pattern and adorable baby tassel that hangs from the side of it. This monogram shoulder bag is made of 100% calfskin leather and features an adjustable leather strap

The metal YSL logo is dead-center on the quilted body. It also features a zip closure, bronze-toned metal hardware, and main compartment. The bag comes in a variety of colors, including navy, merlot red, slate gray, and saffron yellow, among several others.

You can find this designer bag on the site for $1,350.

#4 – Cassandra Monogram Clasp YSL Bag

14 Best YSL Bags

There is something so aesthetically pleasing about snakeskin, which is exactly what this YSL bag gives us. The 100% python skin monogram bag comes with external features such as bronze toned metal hardware, a leather lining, a pivoting YSL closure, a front flap, and a double curb chain strap.

The internal features of the bag are two main compartments, one zip pocket, one flat pocket, and one dossier pocket at the front. The notable thing about this bag is that the chain link strap can be adjusted so that you can wear it on the shoulder or as a cross-body bag. 

Saint Laurent offers this versatile and wild lil’ number on their site for $3,750.

#5 – Kate 99 YSL Bag

14 Best YSL Bags

This YSL bag offers up sleek sophistication with it’s 100% lambskin monogram body, accented with a front flap, metal YSL initials on the front, and a chain tassel. It features an interchangeable chain strap and an adjustable suede strap that can be removed to transform the bag from a purse into a clutch.

The interior has one main compartment that is protected by a magnetic snap closure. YSL offers this silhouette in other materials such as tweed, suede, and raffia, among others. The black lambskin Kate 99 bag is priced at $1,750.

#6 – Le Carre Satchel YSL Bag

14 Best YSL Bags

“It’s not a purse- it’s a satchel!” says everybody who has the pleasure of carrying this bag with them wherever they go. Le Carre is made with 90% woven calfskin leather and 10% brass, which composes the bronze-toned metal hardware. It has a magnetic metal clip buckle that is engraved with the Saint Laurent Paris signature, and it has an adjustable shoulder strap too. 

Inside, you can find one main compartment, one zip pocket, and one flat pocket. The sleek-looking bag is exclusively sold in black and can be purchased online for $3,190.

#7 – Envelope Medium Bag YSL Bag

14 Best YSL Bags

The unique feature about this bag is the combination of the vertical, chevron, and diamond quilted overstitching that gives it dynamism and movement. The 100% calfskin leather body is accented with a front flap and magnetic snap closure adorned with metal YSL initials. 

You can carry this bag two ways, thanks to the metal and leather chain link strap that slides to give you either a double strap, or one long strap. In terms of storage space, there is one external pocket at the back, one main compartment and one flat pocket inside

Get this bag in either black or deep green for $2,390.

#8 – Jamie Medium Carre Rive Gauche YSL Bag

14 Best YSL Bags

Not sure whether this bag is a nod to the southern bank of the river Seine in Paris, but the overstitching of the same name is absolutely stunning. This 100% wool bag has a front flap, a pivoting metal YSL closure, and a convertible chain strap that can be doubled up or worn across the body. 

The bronze-toned metal hardware and leather lining accent the body of the bag so well. Inside, you will find one main compartment and one flat pocket. The color options for this designer bag are black, light gray, bleu majorelle (royal blue), and light beige. It can be found on YSL’s site for $1,890.

#9 – Niki Baby YSL Bag

14 Best YSL Bags

What makes this bag a ‘baby’, you might ask? The small, delicate design. This monogram purse features a front flap, leather YSL initial monogram at the front, a chain and leather convertible shoulder strap, a central compartment, and an open back pocket.

Made of 100% ostrich leather and accented with bronze-toned metal hardware, this bag is truly the choice for somebody who wants a decent amount of storage space in a relatively petite package. This dainty little number comes in two colors: navy (deep blue), and brick (deep tan). 

You can purchase the Niki Baby YSL Bag online for $4,250.

#10 – Solferino Small Satchel YSL Bag

14 Best YSL Bags

When I first heard of this bag, I asked myself, “What is ayers?” Then I found out that ayers is snakeskin; in fact one of the most popular snakeskins aside from python. This bag is fashioned with 100% ayers, featuring bronze-toned metal hardware, leather lining, a pivoting metal YSL closure, and an adjustable strap

There is lots of storage in this small bag, as it has one main compartment with one card slot, one collapsible flat pocket, and one collapsible dossier pocket at the front. You can buy it in prairie green, dark magenta, or dark navy for $2,890.

#11 – KAIA Medium YSL Bag

14 Best YSL Bags

The curvaceous body of this bag resembles a pouch of sorts, and it’s made of 100% calfskin leather. Accented with a metal YSL knocker and an adjustable/detachable shoulder strap, the vegetable-tanned materials develop an individual patina (gloss or sheen) over time. 

This product is exclusively offered in black and is sold for $1,950. 

#12 – Classic Sac De Jour Baby Medium YSL Bag

14 Best YSL Bags

YSL’s Sac de Jour is a lovely taupe-colored ‘day bag’ that, honestly, you can wear either day or night. It is 100% calfskin leather and has two top handles, accordion sides with compression tabs, an adjustable and detachable crossbody strap, and a detachable leather pouch

The interior has tons of storage, perfect for carrying around all of your daily essentials. Inside, there are two main compartments separated by a zip pouch, and a detachable snap-button key ring tab.

Make the Sac de Jour your daily bag for the price of $2,750.

#13 – Becky Chain Wallet YSL Bag

14 Best YSL Bags

If you want to carry your cash in style, then look no further than the Becky Chain Wallet. This beautiful lambskin design comes in black or white and features gold-toned metal hardware, a magnetic closure, two main compartments separated by a zip pouch, one bill sleeve, ten card slots, and a leather-reinforced handle with a double chain

The texture on the body of this bag truly stands out. The quilted lambskin adds dimension and flair to the product. Snag it for a cool $1,750.

#14 – Loulou Small YSL Bag

14 Best YSL Bags

Given that quilted designs are so aesthetically pleasing, it is no surprise that yet another would show up on this list of the best YSL bags. The Loulou Bag, named after jewellery designer Loulou de Falaise, features a Y-quilted calfskin leather

The front flap comes adorned with the interlaced YSL signature and an adjustable leather and metal chain strap that is worn doubled-up on the shoulder. The variety of colorways for this product are where the real money is: black, brown, taupe, dark beige, and a gorgeous merlot, among a few others. 

Given that the Loulou bag is small, you can grab one in a neutral shade and another in a more intense colorway, if you please. This product sells on YSL’s site for $2,090.

Why did YSL change their name?

In 2013, ‘Yves Saint Laurent’ was officially changed to ‘Saint Laurent Paris’ when Hedi Slimane took over as the brand’s creative director. Reportedly, the change was inspired by the brand’s move in the 60s to create a ready-to-wear fashion line under the name ‘Saint Laurent Rive Gauche’. The name change was supposedly intended to take the brand into the next era, while respecting its original values, style, ideals, and character. 

Many were left wondering whether the name change would mean that the signature logo would then change, given that the ‘Y’ in ‘YSL’ would be no more. Apparently, that was not the case, as you can tell by the products being sold by the brand today.

How can you spot a fake YSL bag?

There are a few ways to authenticate your YSL bag. Here are some of the top tips on how:

  • Check the materials: YSL bags are made from many materials, but usually they are made of calfskin or lambskin leather. Real leather is strong, but somewhat soft and flexible. Fakes will feel more rigid.
  • Look at the logo: Compare it to a real YSL intertwined logo. If you need to, look at pictures.
  • Look at the label: The label on the inside of the product, if there is one, should be clear and well-aligned. It should not contain any typos or appear smudged. 
  • Look at the quality in general: Is the stitching clean? Is the material polished and proper? The new product should not be djanky in any way. 

Which YSL Bag is the Best?

The question of which YSL bag is the best is incredibly hard to answer because ‘best’ depends on the needs and wants of the buyer. However, there are a couple of items on the list that would earn the titles of most functional, most luxurious, and overall most aesthetically pleasing

The most functional bag on the list is the classic Sac de Jour. It is a decent sized bag that has tons of storage, with two main compartments separated by a zip pouch and a detachable snap-button key ring tab. 

The most luxurious items on the list are the Niki Baby YSL Bag and the Manhattan Shoulder YSL Bag. Both of these purses are priced over $4,000, which is no surprise given the quality of the materials and overall design. Both of them are made from 100% ostrich leather, which is exotic and therefore rare and sought-after. 
In terms of which of the options are the most aesthetically pleasing, we’re torn between the Sunset YSL Wallet and the Envelope YSL Bag. The Sunset Wallet is stunning with its sleek exterior and double handle, while the Envelope bag is undoubtedly artistic with its combination of textures and patterns.

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