10 Best Dior Slides

As one of the world’s top luxury brands, Dior has been fashioning feminine styles for the better part of a century. Although the fashion house regularly updates their footwear styles, they don’t concentrate on them in their advertising campaigns. 

Don’t get me wrong, they put a lot of effort into making great footwear, they just don’t advertise them like their other products.

In reality, they don’t need to pay a celebrity to endorse their slides, since the stars are wearing them anyway. In terms of the ladies, Gal Gadot, Sofie Richie, Jordyn Woods, and Lucy Hale all sport Dior slides. 

Before I list the 10 best Dior slides, let’s check out what you need to consider when buying them.

Finding the Best Dior Slides

Well, the first thing to consider when finding the best Dior slides is whether you are buying from a reputable retailer so you don’t end up with fakes. 

When the price is too good to be true, you are almost guaranteed to be dealing with a dupe. While you want to be spotted in Dior slides, it would be embarrassing to be seen in fakes.

The next thing to consider is what you want the slides for, as in an occasion or daily wear. While the Dior Dway comes in a range of colors, it also comes in a few styles like flat-soled, cushioned sole, and fleece-lined. 

Some Dior slides have heels, while others look like sneakers. You get leather slides for dressing up and fabric slides for a more casual look.

So, now that you know what you are looking for, let’s take a look at the 10 best Dior slides.

The 10 Best Dior Slides

As I mentioned, Dior slides come in varied styles and shapes. The Dior 30 Montaigne Slide is flat, leather, and has the CD logo as an attached metal piece in the center of your foot. 

This is one of the styles of Dior slides that dresses up an outfit, especially great with an LBD. The Dio(r)evolution Heeled Slide is another good choice for dressing up.

On the more casual side of Dior slides, you can check out the Dior Dway Slide, Dior Dtwist Slide, or DiorAct Slide. 

All go great with pants, shorts, or skirts but don’t really dress an outfit up. Perhaps it is better said that they make an outfit classier, without making it dressier. For really casual, you can even check out the sneaker-inspired Dways.

1: Dway Slide White

The Dway slide is offered in a chunky variation with sportswear appeal. The style features Pietro Ruffo’s white multicolor D-Constellation motif, inspired by Mr. Dior’s fascination with astrology. The upper, with its embroidered ‘CHRISTIAN DIOR’ signature, is completed by an anatomically shaped thick leather sole. Its design allows it to be slipped on easily and the style may be coordinated with other D-Constellation creations from the collection.

Price: $890.00

2: Dway Slide

The Dway slide has a timeless and emblematic silhouette. The slide’s upper features a deep blue embroidered ‘CHRISTIAN DIOR’ signature and instantly stands out. The streamlined shoe slips on easily and offers effortless style.

Price: $730.00

3: Dioract Slide

The white lambskin DiorAct slide has a modern silhouette. The style features an anatomically shaped sole made with an ultra lightweight and comfortable leather. Scratch straps further enhanced by a gold-finish metal ‘DIOR’ signature on the upper band complete the design. The slide will lend a contemporary touch to any look.

Price: $1,050.00

4: Dway Heeled Slide

The Dway heeled slide has a timeless and emblematic silhouette. The slide’s upper features a deep blue embroidered ‘CHRISTIAN DIOR’ signature and instantly stands out. The slide, with its 4 cm (1.5) block heel, lends a modern touch to any look.

Price: $850.00

5: Black Embroidered Cotton and Shearling

The Dway slide is offered in a chunky variation and reimagined for the Dior Chez Moi capsule, one of the season’s central themes. Its anatomical sole is made entirely of black shearling and is embellished with a ‘CHRISTIAN DIOR’ signature embroidery on the upper that instantly stands out. Easy-to-wear, the slide has a hybrid rubber sole and may be worn indoors and outdoors, and will coordinate with other Dior Chez Moi creations.

Price: $1,150.00

6: Dior Chez Moi Slide

The Dior Chez Moi slide joins comfort and elegance. Fully crafted in white shearling, it features a double strap embellished with a black ‘CHRISTIAN DIOR’ signature embroidery that instantly stands out. The slide may be worn indoors or outdoors thanks to its thin leather sole and coordinates well with other Dior Chez Moi creations.

Price: $950.00

7: Black Quilted Cannage Calfskin

The Dio(r)evolution slide, in black quilted Cannage calfskin, has a refined silhouette. The adjustable ‘CHRISTIAN DIOR PARIS’ signature strap completes the elegant silhouette. The tonal rubber sole reinforces the shoe’s sophisticated allure.

Price: $850.00

8: White Quilted Cannage Calfskin

The Dio(r)evolution heeled slide is a refined creation in white quilted calfskin that highlights the Cannage motif. The adjustable strap, featuring a ‘CHRISTIAN DIOR PARIS’ signature, and the square toe complete the elegant silhouette. An 8 cm (3) heel reinforces the shoe’s sophisticated allure, while the padded insole offers unparalleled comfort.

Price: $1,190.00

9: Dtwist Slide

The Dtwist slide is a hybrid creation with modern appeal. The black Cannage motif lambskin upper is embellished with an elegant twisted effect and a gold-tone ‘CHRISTIAN DIOR PARIS’ signature. The shoe is distinguished by its dual material outsole, made with notched EVA and rope while using traditional artisanal techniques. The comfortable and elegant slide will complete any of the season’s outfits.

Price: $1,090.00

10: D-Wander Slide

The D-Wander slide is a hybrid design combining both sneaker and sandal. Featuring a lightweight and comfortable EVA sole with adjustable scratch straps, it has an athletic and relaxed silhouette. Both the gray Dior Oblique motif on the upper and the ‘CHRISTIAN DIOR’ signature on the upper strap complete the look.

Price: $990.00

What Are the Most Popular Dior Slides?

The most popular Dior slides are the Dior Dway Slides and the 30 Montaigne Slides

The 30 Montaignes are popular for their versatility in dressing up a look. They have a classic leather style with the iconic CD logo, making them timeless. This is the Dior slide that Gal Gadot wore while pregnant.

The Dways are really the most popular. Theirs is the classic story of the chicken and the egg. Do they have so many colors and styles because they are popular or are they popular because they have such a huge selection?

Either way, the celebrities have been spotted in different styles of Dways in their daily wear to their vacation outfits.

How Do You Clean Dior Slides?

To clean Dior canvas slides, take a firm brush and some water with a bit of dish detergent in it and brush them clean.

This takes a bit of elbow grease but works well. For leather slides, a bit of baking soda diluted in water works to remove scuffs organically.

Are Dior Shoes Good Quality?

It’s safe to say that Dior footwear is one of the best quality women’s designer footwear available

They source the highest quality materials and use strong threads for stitching so your Dior shoes should stick with you a long time. All of their shoes are made in Italy or Spain.                                                                     

Does Dior Run Big Or Small?

On the Dior website, they say that their shoes run true to size, but they also suggest that you take a half size bigger, especially if you have wide feet

Other opinions, such as those from influencers, say that they found Dior slides, in particular, to run true to size.

How to Style Dior Slides

Since the Dway is the most popular slide with the celebs, let’s take a look at how they style them. This first pic is of Sofia Richie sporting them with a pair of jeans on a casual day out.

Lucy Hale also goes casual by pairing them with shorts. In other words, they look great with no leg or lots of leg showing.

Before I wrap up the ways to style Dior slides, let’s check out Gal Gadot wearing the 30 Montaigne Slide to dress up an LBD while she is far along in her pregnancy. That’s a good sign of how comfortable the Dior slides are.

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