How to Wear a Blanket Scarf

A blanket scarf is a cozy accessory for any outfit. It combines style and practicality on those colder days when you don’t want your outfit to get lost in layers. 

The size and shape of the scarf can intimidate people, though, leaving them unsure how to style all the fabric without getting tangled. But have no fear, we’re here to teach you tips and tricks on how to wear a blanket scarf. 

After reading this guide, you’ll understand the following:

  • What a blanket scarf is 
  • How it evolved into the trend it is today
  • The occasions and appropriate times to wear it
  • Examples of how to best style the accessory 
  • Important factors to consider before purchasing the scarf
  • Where to buy a blanket scarf 
  • Average costs

What is a Blanket Scarf?

A blanket scarf is exactly what you think it is—it’s a scarf big enough to be a blanket. Who doesn’t want to wear a blanket as a fashion statement? Especially when it can keep you oh-so-cozy on cooler days.

Square or rectangular in shape, the scarf can easily be draped over your shoulders for comfort, or folded in different ways around the neck. The flannel or cotton material offers the perfect amount of warmth on those chilly nights. 

The blanket scarf is an expansion of your average, basic scarf. The accessory has been modified throughout history to accommodate different trends, and also different climates around the world.

It can be used for practical reasons, like keeping your neck and face warm during colder seasons. It can also be worn as a bold fashion statement or thrown on to compliment almost any outfit.

Plus, a blanket scarf can enrich your torso if a basic necklace isn’t doing enough.

History of the Blanket Scarf

Scarves have been worn since the earliest centuries, but the reasons for the trend have evolved over the years. How to wear a blanket scarf has changed and new styles are being thought of constantly. 

The scarf was traditionally worn by men for working purposes. The first known account of the blanket scarf was way back in Ancient Egypt when it was worn by Queen Nefertiti. She took a woven scarf and wrapped it around her jeweled headpiece, showing the accessories femininity and elegance.

In the past, rather than keeping toasty with a blanket scarf, the accessory was used as a tool to keep clean. Lighter in material, the shawl’s delicate cloth would wipe sweat from the face on a hot day. 

It was in the nineteenth century that scarves were tied into the fashion industry. Designers began customizing prints and using a variety of fabrics to create styles as unique as art. The blanket scarf was an item of luxury that kept the wealthy warm while still showing off their extravagant dresses. 

Since then, scarves have become a versatile staple found in closets of men and women across the globe. Even though how to wear a blanket scarf has changed as time passed, it truly is a timeless accessory. Trends may come and go, but the blanket scarf is here to stay. 

When to Wear a Blanket Scarf

If they were thinking about adding a fifth season, ‘blanket scarf season’ would be our recommendation. It’s the perfect transitional accessory to welcome those cozy autumn months and peaceful winter days. 

Not warm enough? Add another layer. Is your body temperature getting a little hot? Remove a layer. Your whole look can be styled around the scarf without your comfort being at stake. 

If there weren’t enough perks already, the blanket scarf can be worn to almost any occasion. It can be dressed up with a formal dress or added to a casual look with your favorite jeans. When and how to wear a blanket scarf is totally up to you!

How to Wear a Blanket Scarf

Knowing how to wear a blanket scarf will be easy after reading these tips. Soon you’ll learn how to reuse the accessory while making it look like a different outfit. 

The most important tip for how to wear your blanket scarf is learning how to fold it. You’ll get the cleanest look by ensuring the edges are folded evenly and lined up perfectly. The best way to do this is by laying the scarf on a flat surface—it makes all the difference!

There’s a basic way to style a blanket scarf: fold two corners together to create a triangle shape. Then, take the bottom corners of the triangle and wrap them around your neck. Once wrapped, you can tuck the two corners in for a polished look, or let them hang loosely in front of you.

Another way to wear a blanket scarf is to simply drape it over your shoulders. Think of it like a snuggly cardigan that can be taken off hassle-free. Tie a belt around your waist if you want to accentuate your figure and avoid getting those curves lost in the cloth. 

Here’s another trick: take the time to fluff up the scarf as it’s being worn. This adds some extra volume and comfort. Doing this also makes sure the scarf doesn’t appear as if it’s wrapped too tight. 

8 Outfit Ideas to Wear with a Blanket Scarf

Remember that corner fold we told you about? Well, now you’re able to see the final product. This model showcases how the blanket scarf can accentuate your favorite leather or denim jacket.

This outfit has an edgy vibe—which shows us that blanket scarves can be found in looks that suit everyone’s style. 

Not to have favorites, but we absolutely adore the look of the scarf against the leather jacket. Mixing textures is the best way to separate each part of the outfit and let each have their own moment. 

As we suggested, the scarf has been fluffed and loosened for a more full, relaxed fit around the neck. But, zip up the jacket, tuck in those loose ends and watch your look transform into a more polished style. 

This model definitely took our advice to add a belt on top of her blanket scarf, and she looks incredible! By wearing the belt, she maintains her petite figure. The blue plaid design and the contrast of the black, thin belt make her look stand out against the muted gray jacket. 

This model is not intimidated by the size of the blanket scarf and passes in the challenge of styling it. She also stepped away from the traditional triangle folding technique. Instead, she folded the scarf onto itself to create a long, thin rectangular shape. 

This outfit has a classy feel while adding a modern vibe with the blanket scarf. It also highlights her waist and separates the length of the items. 

This model uses the burnt orange flannel to elevate her white, monochromatic attire. The fraying at the end of the scarf adds extra texture and makes this layering seem more obvious. The longer size of this scarf flows well with the coat’s length, complementing it perfectly. 

The average person wears the same jacket the entire winter season. Think about how easy (and cheaper) it is to spice up your daily jacket by swapping scarves in and out! Choose a bolder tone if you feel like standing out, or pick a darker shade if you want a lowkey vibe.

This chunky, rectangular blanket scarf is the perfect way to showcase how the accessory can brighten up an outfit with a pop of color—and every detail about this look is working for us!

Give a nod to blanket scarf history by wearing it like a shawl for an ultra-classy look. This model uses the scarf’s reversibility and keeps the plaid pattern on the inside, creating a more subtle pop to her minimal, nude outfit. 

For casual outfits with jeans, shirts, and boots the blanket scarf can be a quick-grab item on your way out the door. During those months when the temperature can change by the hour, the scarf is your extra guarantee for warmth. 

Hide your face from the cold with this look. A tight fit around the neck makes it easy to tuck your chin in and protect your neck from those brisk chills. The mosaic print on this scarf adds fun depth against a solid-colored coat or shirt. 

The cotton material of this scarf allows it to be carried through all the seasons. It can be made warm with some extra wrapping and bundling techniques. But, it could also be lightweight with a drape behind the neck. 

The model breaks up the leather texture of her coat, pants, and boots with the cotton material. But, she keeps her outfit cohesive by wearing nude colors. 

Who said you can only wear a blanket scarf around your neck? This model took that corner trick but tied it around her chest instead. The silk material is soft and gentle on the skin. And this outfit leaves her looking glam with no effort. 

This is a prime example of ‘thinking outside the box.’ So, no more tucking away those scarves into your winter storage boxes. Keep them around and you might just think of the next new trend. With a little ingenuity, you could figure out ways to rock this scarf year-round.

A silk scarf with an ancient, artistic design will have you looking like you were pulled straight out of the art gallery. 

This one’s for the girls who quite literally want to wear the scarf as a blanket. And yes, it’s possible! This model chose to cuddle up with her plaid, flannel blanket scarf. She showcases the perfect autumn look with her slouchy beanie. 

This style takes no time to create and is as easy as grabbing a blanket off the couch. So for your next campfire gathering, or stroll through the fallen leaves, grab a blanket scarf and stay cozy!

For those formal events that might be outdoors or scheduled on a cooler day, a blanket scarf is the best option to wear without covering up the dress you paid good money for. We guarantee you can find a scarf to perfectly compliment the color and style of your fancy attire. 

This model can showcase the silky fabric of her golden dress and still keep warm. Also, the solid, light-colored scarf draped over her shoulders won’t steal the show. 

What Type of Blanket Scarves Can You Get?

Aside from the endless ways of how to wear a blanket scarf, there are different styles to consider too. Blanket scarves can vary in shape, material, and design. 

The accessory comes in a variety of textures and materials:

  1. Flannel- the warmest option
  2. Cotton- a lightweight tangible option
  3. Silk- the sophisticated soft option
  4. Cashmere- the expensive elegant option
  5. Knitted- the coziest option

For maximum warmth, a larger flannel scarf will be your best friend. The plaid patterns will also add a bright contrast to your outfit during the duller months. And a silk blanket scarf can bring timeless elegance to any formal outfit. 

A blanket scarf can be a simple solution for a formal outfit if the temperature may slightly drop as the hours pass or your dress is feeling a little lackluster.

Instead of covering up your evening attire with a jacket, browse through silk or cotton blanket scarves to drape across your shoulders (it won’t even be a hassle to carry throughout the night).

If the folding of large, square blanket scarves seems like too much work for you, then a rectangular version is a simple solution. With this scarf, just one or two wraps around the neck and you’re good to go—easy right? 

How to Choose the Best Blanket Scarf

We think you’re probably getting the hang of how to wear a blanket scarf by now. So, it’s time to help you find the best one. 

If you happen to live in a cooler climate then quality, thick material is necessary to provide warmth. Some blanket scarves even offer a water-resistant feature for those rainy or snowy days. The thicker fabrics like flannel, cashmere, or wool are best suited for this type of weather.

Blanket scarves are commonly priced affordably, averaging between $10-$15. There are, of course, designer versions of the scarves that will ring up a higher total.

Brands like Dior and Burberry have an array of sophisticated options. But, you’ll be able to buy one at whatever price point you’re comfortable with. 

Since you’ve been taught how to wear a blanket scarf, you’ll likely be wearing one more often.

Unlike most accessories, they’re easy to maintain and keep clean by quickly throwing them in the washing machine. And by choosing a high-quality style, and following proper washing instructions, your blanket scarf will live a long life. 

Fashion Tips to Avoid with a Blanket Scarf

Now that you know how to wear a blanket scarf, we want to warn you of some mistakes that can happen while styling the accessory. 

Avoid overcrowding patterns and prints. If your blanket scarf has a pattern or print try pairing it with solid colors. Also, try to coordinate the colors of the scarf into the rest of your outfit.

This will create the most cohesive look. Otherwise, the different designs may take away from each other or even clash. So, when matching different pieces it’s all about balance!

Don’t let the blanket scarf wear you. You don’t want a blanket scarf to overtake your whole look. Make sure to adjust the scarf to the length and size that suits your body type best. This can be done with extra folds, tucks, or wrapping the scarf a few more times. 

While the blanket scarf may become your favorite accessory, it doesn’t have to be your only one. Don’t limit yourself by wearing just one accessory. For instance, these scarves can pair well with a matching hat or a stunning pair of earrings. 

Best Places to Buy a Blanket Scarf

Some stores to keep in mind while shopping for your blanket scarf are:

  • Boohoo
  • ASOS
  • Shein
  • Banana Republic
  • Aritzia
  • Anthropologie
  • Target
  • Macy’s
  • Kohl’s

There are many online retailers that have a variety of blanket scarves to scan through. Boohoo, ASOS, or Shein have unbeatable prices and sales. Their websites feature scarves available in every color and include distinct designs made of decent material.

Banana Republic, Aritzia, and Anthropologie are options for an in-store shopping experience. At these stores, you can expect high-quality products at reasonable prices. The scarves found here will keep up with the seasonal trends and colors. 

You can also check out your local department store like Target, Macy’s, or Kohl’s if you’re eager to get your hands on one at a low cost. Truthfully, you can find the blanket scarf just about anywhere at any price point. 

Final Thoughts

Clearly, blanket scarves aren’t going anywhere. They’ve traveled through many eras already, and we’re pretty sure they’ll be carried through many more. The versatility and reliability of these scarves are what make them such a staple for your closet. 

Blanket scarves are a truly versatile and functional fashion accessory that can be worn almost any time of year, no matter what season it is. Which makes them a perfect item to add to your wardrobe. So let’s stay cozy, friends!

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