How to Wear Joggers

Let’s be honest; nobody works out in joggers nowadays. Synonymous with loungewear and the couch potato aesthetic, they’re now considered the peak of athleisure. I’m sure that some athletes don a pair of sweats for reps, but a majority of us choose to ‘exercise’ via slouching and slumbering. 

I mean, can you blame us? They’re comfortable, super snug, and much more soft in feel compared to the regular pair of jeans. If you’re a veteran homebody, chances are that your closet is full of joggers. 

Most opt for the classic hoodie, a white tank top, and a pair of streetwear sneaks when it comes to styling sweatpants. It’s the basic go-to for many casual dressers, but I’m certain that some trendsetters are up for the challenge. With that in mind, you’re probably wondering how to wear joggers fashionably. 

Fortunately, we developed this helpful style guide for readers to reference. From off-shoulder crop tops to slim-fit turtlenecks, we rustled together 12 jogger outfit ideas to consider. Let’s get started!  

What Are Joggers?

Before we dive head-deep in this ‘how to wear joggers’ guide, we thought it best to define the garment to mitigate any confusion. Relaxed in silhouette and comfortable to wear, joggers are typically worn for exercising and lounging. 

They offer a high degree of mobility compared to jeans, which makes them ideal for workouts. In terms of construction, they’re typically made out of jersey knit, fleece, cotton, and polyester. They usually feature an elasticated waistband, a drawstring, and pockets for added convenience. 

When to Wear Joggers

Joggers aren’t just defined as clothing. They’re a state of mind. There’s a reason why homebodies prefer sweats over trousers, as they offer a looser fit. Perfect for lounging and casual use, joggers are commonly worn as an homage to athleisure or streetwear. 

You can wear them at any season, as some are built with thinner fabric for a more breathable alternative for the summer. 

Of course, it’s considered poor taste to wear joggers during formal events. This also includes office spaces, meetings, and other ‘high-profile’ occasions that require a bit of professionalism. In short, you should never don a pair of sweats during conference calls and weddings. 

How to Wear Joggers

Joggers are the bread of fashion: it acts as the perfect foundation for ‘tasty spreads.’ In our case, jams and butter are redefined as specific clothing pieces, whether that be crop tops or leather jackets.

If you’re in need of OOTD inspiration, we’ll show you how to style joggers using 12 outfit ideas. 

6 Outfit Ideas with Joggers for Women

Don’t get me wrong; hoodies are cute, but they’ve been done to death. For those wondering how to wear joggers in a more elegant way, we suggest a monochrome fit composed of a tube top, matching sweatpants, and a beige blazer. 

It’s definitely on trend with what’s popular on TikTok, as it features the iconic oversized coat. Paired with socks and white sneakers, this OOTD is giving me coffee-girl realness. Don’t forget to top this women’s jogger outfit idea with a venti white mocha. 

You can never go wrong with a classic collegiate sweatshirt. Next in this ‘how to wear joggers’ lineup is this simple outfit, which features a pair of baggy pants, white shoes, and a graphic long-sleeve with the words New York written in red. 

It’s giving off major ‘ugh, whatever’ vibes due to the oversized fit, making it ideal for casual city walking. We suggest topping this joggers outfit off with a black Prada bag and a set of sunnies. 

Puffy silhouettes pair well with sweatpants. For instance, this casual outfit features a monochrome set with a quilted vest over top. The oversized hoodie and the baggy bottoms are the perfect accouterments to the plush nature of the garment. 

It’s definitely something to consider if you’re Googling ‘how to wear joggers women,’ as it’s the ideal blend of comfort and style. This outfit requires zero bling, but we do recommend wearing a beanie and tote bag to match. 

In the mood for something more Barbie-approved? If so, why not try this outfit on for size? Composed of pink sweaters and a slim-fitted long sleeve, it’s considered the perfect blend between romance and subtle flirtation. 

While you’re free to wear this out on the town, we recommend donning this as an indoor Valentine’s Day look. Best paired with truffles, chips, and Love is Blind on Netflix, this is how to wear joggers stylishly and comfortably. 

While it’s considered ill-advised to wear sweats to the office, this outfit manages to keep things clean and professional. Composed of purple drawstring joggers, a lavender turtleneck, and a plaid blazer, it’s the ideal number to fashion for semi-casual Tuesdays. 

The matching heels and the beige clutch bag help to blend the whole look together. This, ladies and gentlemen, is how to wear joggers to work. 

Athleisure is still one of the hottest trends of the century, and for good reason. It’s an easy way to look fashionable without the added effort. For instance, this laid-back look consists of a pair of white sweats, an off-shoulder crop top, a beige jacket, and a matching crossbody bag. 

Obviously, we don’t recommend wearing this look to the gym, but it’s an excellent look to consider for casual lunches, city walking, and shopping. We recommend topping the look off with a pair of shades and dainty jewelry. 

6 Outfit Ideas with Joggers for Men

If we were to break this outfit into its bare components, we’d say it’s a mish-mash between ‘cold ones with the boys’ and ‘vintage-record’ hipster. 

Synonymous with the San Francisco scene, this stylish number comes with a yellow jacket, a tobacco-stained sweatshirt, dark green pants, and a matching beanie.

It’s considered a go-to in our ‘how to wear joggers men’ lineup, as it features more than one wardrobe basic. For accessories, we suggest a graphic tote bag to really imbue those city boy vibes. 

If you were to plug in ‘how to wear joggers’ on the good ol’ search engine, you’d probably find multiple hoodie-centric fits. There’s nothing wrong with the traditional sweatshirt, but we do recommend that you jazz things up a little. 

For instance, a well-fitted trench coat can do wonders in elevating an outfit. If you intend on pursuing this route, it’s important to choose colors that go well together, such as green, cream, and black. 

Is it just me, or does this outfit scream ‘Brooklyn in late autumn’ vibes to you? Ideal for casual use, this laidback ensemble keeps things light and fresh with gray sweats, a flannel button-up, and an olive green vest. 

It’s a great outfit to wear for grocery store errands and hangouts with friends. Considered a must-have in our ‘how to wear joggers’ listicle, we suggest finishing off the look with a stylish tote and a bucket hat if you’re feeling extra. 

Part of the Lacoste Spring 2020 collection, this stunning OOTD is certainly a more elegant take compared to our “how to wear joggers’ contenders. 

This ensemble comes with loose beige sweatpants, an off-white collared shirt, and a decorative neck scarf dyed in yellow. It’s slightly safari in aesthetic, which makes it the perfect outfit to wear for summer-bound vacays. For shoes, we recommend swapping your streetwear kicks with brown boots instead. 

Still wondering what to wear with joggers? If you prefer to stay clear of hoodies, we recommend a loose button-shirt, a white tee underneath, and an oversized sherpa jacket to tie the whole look together.

It definitely screams Wes Anderson vibes due to the shaggy silhouette of the coat and the quirky nature of the ensemble. Paired with black sweatpants, white trainers, and shades, it’s certainly a more hipster take in our ‘how to wear joggers’ top 12. 

Sweats can definitely look elegant if styled correctly. Take, for instance, this outfit, which features a pair of black joggers, a cream-colored cable-knit, and a matching trench coat over top.

 Finished off with white sneakers, this is certainly something to consider for coffee and study dates. It’s elegant, sophisticated, and undoubtedly more chic compared to the hoodie and white tee combo.

In our opinion, this ensemble doesn’t require accessories, as the simplicity of the fit speaks for itself. 

What Type of Joggers Can You Get?

Joggers require no styling know-how, but you should be familiar with the varieties offered. There are dozens of cuts, colors, and designs to choose from—which is definitely exciting for any veteran homebody. If you’re looking to stack up on your sweatpants collection, we’ll discuss some popular styles to consider: 

  • The slim-fit Insta-baddie: If you prefer Kim-K silhouettes, we suggest wearing a pair of form-fitting sweats. Don’t worry; you don’t have to sacrifice comfort in order to look sexy, as there are hundreds of designs made out of soft fabrics. 
  • The loosey-goosey: Can’t be bothered to accentuate your ‘assets’? If so, there’s nothing wrong with wearing a pair of loose sweatpants. There’s a reason why they’re a popular choice among couch potatoes. 
  • The drop crotch: It’s still considered a controversial choice to wear out in public, but you can’t deny the comfort it provides. 
  • Branded sweatpants: Hypebeasts prefer joggers that feature their favorite fashion labels, such as Adidas and Supreme. If you want to flex on your ex, this is the choice to opt for. 

How to Choose The Best Joggers

Let’s say you figured out how to wear joggers. After brainstorming some cute outfit ideas, you finally created a cohesive fit that’ll look great on Instagram. Unfortunately, the pair you own is nowhere near the quality standardized by the Girlfriend Collective or Adidas.

Quality can make or break the ensemble, and let’s be honest—Photoshop and Facetune aren’t going to help much. For those in the market for a good pair of joggers, here are some ways to differentiate the best of the best from the shamelessly cheap. 

Responsible shoppers judge clothing on four separate criteria: price, quality, material, and fit. A good pair of joggers should be made out of durable, premium fabrics such as jersey knit, cotton, fleece, and polyester. 

They shouldn’t be stiff to wear or completely shapeless either. Stretch, resilience, and thickness are important points to consider, as they help ensure a flattering fit. In addition, buyers should steer clear of abrasive textiles, as nobody likes to wear an itchy set of sweatpants. 

While most prefer baggy silhouettes, we recommend opting for a pair of sweats that compliments your figure. This bodes especially true for form-fitting joggers, as you’ll want a set that accentuates your butt, legs, and waist. 

In terms of price, you don’t have to spend an excessive amount of money on a pair of high-quality sweatpants. If anything, a decently-made set should retail for around $50 to $100, depending on the brand. 

How to Style Joggers

So, do you know how to wear joggers? We’ve imbued you with enough outfit inspiration to last for months, ranging from simple crop tops to sherpa jackets. As mentioned before, sweatpants don’t require any styling know-how, but it takes a visionary to deviate from the regular hoodie and sneakers combo.  

For those wondering how to dress up joggers fashionably, we’ll share some styling tips worth considering: 

  • The monochrome set: Nothing looks more expensive than a matching hoodie and sweatpants combo. We suggest opting for neutral tones, such as beige, cream, and off-white. 
  • Socks and sneakers: There’s a reason why most trendsetters prefer sneakers over stilettos. Sweatpants and trainers are the bread and butter of athleisure fashion. We suggest jazzing things up by tucking the cuff of your joggers into your socks. 
  • Crop tops: high-waisted bottoms are all the rage this season. Arguably, the best way to style rib-cage cut sweats is to wear a crop top. Trust me, it does wonders in elongating your legs. 
  • Oversized sweatshirts: Baggy silhouettes don’t seem to fall out of popularity any time soon. We recommend pairing your joggers with an extra-large tee or a long sleeve on top.

Fashion Tips to Avoid With Joggers

Describing an outfit as ‘jaw-dropping’ comes with different connotations. For one, it can mean a super fashionable moment. On the other hand, it can also induce a gut-wrenching reaction. 

If you prefer to stay clear of the latter, we’ll share some fashion tips to avoid with sweatpants. Hopefully, by the end of this article, you’ll be one step closer to addressing the ‘how to wear joggers’ query.

  • Stilettos: Don’t get me wrong; I’ve seen a couple trendsetters on Vogue sport this look. If paired with the right garments and accessories, it can definitely be an Instagramable moment. But, we recommend leaving this styling tip to the professionals
  • Statement jewelry: Unless you prefer the ‘rapper’ aesthetic, we suggest avoiding chunky Cuban chains and chandelier earrings at all costs 
  • Blouses: Often decorated with frills, ruffles, and patterns, blouses require jeans or skirts rather than sweats
  • Thigh-high boots: There’s nothing more frustrating than stuffing your sweats into a pair of thigh-high kicks. Save yourself the trouble by opting for sneakers instead 
  • Super drop crotch pants: As mentioned before, the drop crotch cut is undeniably comfortable. With that being said, you should stay clear of exaggerated silhouettes, as it leans toward ‘saggy diaper’ instead of fashionable

How To Take Care Of Joggers

If you’re buried in Cheeto dust and leftover pizza, chances are that your joggers are overdue for a cleanup. Fortunately, there’s no need to send off your coveted pair to the dry cleaners, as most designs are machine-friendly. Below, we’ll share some ways to take care of your sweatpants at home:

  • Turn them inside out: This helps to protect any added embellishments or graphics added onto your joggers
  • Tie up the drawstring: There’s nothing more irritating than a super long right-end and a uber-short left-end. To prevent this from happening, we recommending knotting the drawstring super tight
  • Wash in mild detergent in cold water: Hot water is usually the main culprit of color bleeding. You can mitigate fading by opting for a cold rinse instead 
  • Dry on the lowest setting: You don’t have to air dry your sweatpants. If you wish to toss them in the machine instead, we suggest affixing the settings to its gentlest cycle 

Best Places to Buy Joggers

Once you’ve figured out how to wear joggers, it’s time to cop a pair. For those in need of recommendations, we’ll feature some reputable stores to consider the next time you shop:

  • Everlane 
  • The Girlfriend Collective 
  • Uniqlo 
  • Skims
  • Nap Loungewear 
  • Nike 
  • The Frankie Shop

Final Thoughts

You don’t need to be a veteran fashionista to style sweatpants. The traditional tee, hoodie, and sneakers combo can never go wrong. With that being said, I’m sure that most of you clicked on this article looking for more innovative OOTD ideas. 

So far, we’ve featured 12 different outfits, ranging from crop tops to oversized coats. They’re relatively casual in silhouette, but remember—it takes a level of confidence and sass to elevate an ordinary look to an Instagrammable moment. 

Hopefully, you figured out how to wear joggers. Whether it’s for casual hangouts or Netflix binging, you should never take sweatpants as an excuse to dress horribly. 

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