5 Leather Skirt Outfit Ideas

Material plays an important role in imbuing a certain aesthetic. While most trendsetters focus on the silhouette, fabric composition is integral to the garment’s durability, comfort, and overall vibe.

For instance, linen is associated with summer while tweed is interlinked with Coco Chanel. It’s an essential factor to consider, especially if you’re on the lookout for leather skirt outfit ideas. 

Whether it’s synthetic or genuine, leather is often regarded as edgy, bold, and daring. Synonymous with Harley Davidson and Insta-baddies, it’s the type of fabric to wear for when you’re feeling extra.

So, with that in mind, can I interest you in a few leather skirt outfit ideas? I’ll be sure to cover various ensembles, which just might include:

  • Black leather skirt outfit 
  • Brown leather skirt outfit 
  • Night out black leather skirt outfit 
  • Summer leather skirt outfit 

What Makes Up a Leather Skirt Outfit?

Whether it’s an edgy leather skirt outfit or a white leather skirt outfit, all ensembles should hold a commendable degree of styling prowess.

You can’t skimp on accessories or matching garments, as this particular clothing piece requires an arsenal of clothing basics. 

As previously mentioned, this wardrobe essential is found in many core aesthetics, ranging from grunge to Insta-baddie. I recommend settling on a vibe first before composing your final fit. 

History of Leather Skirts

Leather skirts are considered a semi-new commodity, given that they only gained popularity during the 60s and 70s

From Mary Quant’s iconic mini skirt to the rock revolution headed by Led Zepplin and The Who, this particular garment was seen as an act of rebellion against traditional societal norms.

Over the years, the classic leather skirt outfit was donned by several celebrities, including Madonna, Cindy Crawford, and the Spice Girls

What Are Some Popular Leather Skirt Outfit Ideas?

In the mood for some black leather skirt outfit ideas? If not, you can take care knowing that this particular garment is offered in various colors and cuts.

Naturally, there are several different core aesthetics to base your OOTD on, ranging from dominatrix to 2000s-style rocker. 

Below, I’ll outline some popular leather skirt outfits that are definitely worth considering. 

5 Leather Skirt Outfit Ideas

Funky in aesthetic, this leather skirt outfit ideas contender features a black mini, a marbled crop top, a matching jacket, and a pair of go-go style boots.

It’s the perfect OOTD to don for a girl’s night out, wintertime, or at a quaint brunch spot with friends. I highly recommend adding a cute purse to help top off the look. 

Out of the many leather skirt outfit ideas floating around the internet, you have to give this ensemble a go.

The cream turtleneck paired with the brown mini does wonders in elongating your figure. Of course, the trenchcoat and the knee-high boots help to tie the whole look together. 

If you’re tired of traditional leather skirt outfit ideas, this bold mini features an interesting floral decal for some added texture.

Accentuated with a matching button-down and a pair of strappy stilettos, this is the perfect OOTD to don during the summer

Most leather skirt outfit ideas entail a cropped mini, which isn’t the most winter-friendly option if you’re stuck in the cold. As a better alternative, I recommend this midi-cut number.

Dyed in green, this gorgeous garment is paired with a white tee, a puffer jacket, and a pair of dad-type sneakers. 

Almost cheesy in aesthetic, this leather skirt outfit ideas contender is considered a glamorous take on the classic nerd look. It features a brown midi, a striped polo shirt, and a black jacket for extra pizazz.

Complemented with glasses and boots, it’s the perfect blend between geek and greaser

Fashion Tips to Avoid With Leather Skirt Outfit Ideas

Fashion sins come by the thousands. Of the trendy leather skirt outfit ideas I showcased, there are a few controversial ensembles that are worth avoiding. To help save you some regret, I’ll share some styling no-no’s to consider. 

  • The low-rise skirt: susceptible to accidental butt crack peeps, this particular cut is flattering on no one. 
  • Belts: most leather skirts don’t feature belt loops. If you experience sagging, perhaps it’s time to visit your local tailor. 
  • Flip-flops: this is the one shoe that doesn’t pair well with leather skirts. I recommend boots, heels, or even sneakers as a better alternative.

Best Places to Buy Leather Skirt Outfits

Looking for a winter leather skirt outfit? If not, how about a pink number? Regardless of your tastes, I’ll share some store recommendations that are worth checking out. 

  • Nordstrom 
  • Dynamite 
  • Aritzia 
  • Urban Outfitters

Final Thoughts

Of the thousands of leather skirt outfit ideas littered all over the internet, I’m fairly confident that my top 5 list features the best of the best.

You shouldn’t have much difficulty in composing an ensemble, especially with a garment so simple in design.

From greaser to 80s-rock, there are dozens of core aesthetics to consider. Without further ado, I wish you luck in your leather skirt-related endeavors. 

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