15 Most Comfortable Womens Sneakers

With our lives headed back to a somewhat normal state, you are likely to find yourself running from the gym to work to a back-to-back booking with different friend groups.

With that comes needing the most comfortable womens sneakers on the market,  because hobbling along to all of your activities will only do one thing: slow you down.

How to Choose the Most Comfortable Women’s Sneakers

Shopping for the most comfortable women’s sneakers can be serious business. The market is vast and it can be difficult to know what brand or style to choose. 

Let’s say you want a pair that are cute and stylish, but most of all, you want them to feel good on your feet. They’ve been through enough, (remember heels?), but finding this type of balance in a show can be harder than you think. 

The search only becomes more of a hassle with store closures and pandemic restrictions in the way, and online shopping eliminates the try on process. Nonetheless, getting a feel for a pair of sneakers is key to securing the right pair for you, and we’ll take you through all the factors to consider when making your purchase below. 


When it comes down to choosing the most comfortable women’s sneakers, you’ll want to look towards some of the most reputable brands that suit your personal taste. You might enjoy something like the Air Force 1 Sage Low Platform, a classic silhouette with a cushioned sole and ankle support.

Or maybe the New Balance Fuel Core NERGIZE Sneakers will be a good fit for you, considering their sleek, modern design. If you’re looking for a comfortable women’s sneaker that’s environmentally friendly, Allbirds Tree Runners are worth checking out. 


A lot of the most comfortable women’s sneakers tend to be made of leather. Take, for example, the Nike Airmax 97’s. Breathable materials made out of natural, plant-based resources have also become popular sneaker materials, such as Allbird’s SweetFoam midsoles that are made from Brazilian sugarcane.

Besides foam and rubber, sneaker design is gravitating in a more sustainable direction, with some of the most popular brands putting all of their efforts into creating durable materials that will last and perform just like animal leather. 


A good pair of comfortable sneakers can be seen as an investment, since it’s normal to spend upwards of $200 on a solid pair. But if you’re on a budget, check out New Balance’s Fuel Core NERGIZE Sneakers that are currently on sale for $59, down from $65

If grazing the $100 mark is fine by you, then the Allbirds Tree Runners sit at $95. On the other hand, if you’re looking to get a bit spendy, the Nike Airmax 97’s are priced at $170, but they’re well worth the price in terms of comfort and support. 


An adaptable pair of sneakers just makes things easier to go from day-to-night or from the gym to work. The most comfortable women’s sneakers are not only supportive and cozy, but they can also be worn with any outfit. 

Versatile sneakers can also be worn at virtually any time of the year, from early spring to winter. For example, Adidas’ Stan Smith Sneakers can be worn throughout the entire year. Also, the Asics Gel-Pulse 11 Sneakers are a nice pair of black women’s sneakers to wear during any season.  

15 Most Comfortable Women’s Sneakers 

If you’re looking to make things a lot easier for yourself when you go shopping for the most comfortable women’s sneakers, this list is a good place to start looking for the best of the best. Use the following information as a comprehensive guide to the most comfortable sneakers available for women, and you’re golden. 

#1 – Air Force 1 Sage Low Platform Comfortable Women’s Sneakers

It was the early 1980s when Nike introduced a new shoe that took the world by storm. All these years later, they’re still going strong with the Air Force 1 Sage Low Platform Sneaker ($100). 

This model is considered to be a reiteration of the original, as it goes back to its basketball roots. Featuring specialty Nike Air cushioning, the comfort level of these lace-up sneakers reigns supreme. 

#2 – Allbirds Tree Runners Comfortable Women’s Sneakers

Do you ever put on a pair of trainers and your feet immediately start to sweat? If that’s the case, you might want to check out Allbirds Tree Runners ($95). They’re fashioned with a super breathable fabric and feel extra light on the feet

Plus, these sneakers are made in a stretchy, flexible material that moves with you. Available in an assortment of colors, Allbirds makes these women’s sneakers in an eco-conscious manner by responsibly sourcing fibres from eucalyptus trees. 

#3 – Adidas Stan Smith Comfortable Women’s Sneakers

If tradition is something you like to turn to when picking out your sportswear, then check out Adidas’ Stan Smith Sneakers ($90) – they’ve been around for 50 years! However, some big changes have happened to this shoe, including the addition of a product called Primegreen, which is made from recycled materials.  

But what makes the Stan Smith the most comfortable women’s sneaker? Their simple design and recycled rubber features on the outsole make them standout, plus, they’re available in 21 different colors. 

#4 – New Balance Fuel Core NERGIZE Comfortable Women’s Sneakers

If going on walks has been your main source of motivation this year, then the New Balance Fuel Core NERGIZE Sneakers may be calling your name. Classified by many as the most comfortable slip on sneakers, they feature a special REVlite cushioning in the midsole and a memory sole that keeps things feeling weightless when you’re on the move. 

These women’s trainers come in various colors and the no-fuss upper portion features supportive lace detail. Even better, they’re currently on sale for $59, down from $65.

#5 – Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Comfortable Women’s Sneakers

As one of the most iconic pairs of shoes on earth, Converse’s Chuck Taylor All Star Sneakers ($55) are up there on the list of the most comfortable sneakers for women for a reason. Funnily enough, they’ve been worn as a basketball shoe since the early 1900s. 

Made with a long-wearing canvas upper and Converse’s classic Chuck Taylor shape, these sneakers never fail at feeling weightless on the feet. They also go with anything in your closet, which makes them an even bigger steal for the price. 

#6 – Madewell Sidewalk Slip On Comfortable Women’s Sneakers

There’s just something about a great pair of slip-on sneakers that makes us think of our childhood. The Madewell Sidewalk Slip-On Sneakers (price unavailable) are a bit more sophisticated and are made from recycled cotton.

In addition to an eco-conscious rubber sole, these babies are detailed with a MWL Cloudlift cushioning that makes walking a dream. Plus, the tie-dye print offers you a fun way to spice up casual ensembles.

#7 – Asics Gel-Pulse 11 Comfortable Women’s Sneakers

Are you having a hard time tracking down the most comfortable women’s sneakers for running? The Asics Gel-Pulse 11 were specially designed with the avid runner in mind. And if support is top-of-mind for you, these sneakers were made with what’s called an AMPLIFOAM cushioning in the midsole, which molds to your feet as you glide on the trails. 

There’s a technology made from gel that sits near the heel and a sockliner that aids in various orthopedic and sweat functions. Bonus: these women’s comfortable sneakers are priced at $59.95 down from $90

#8 – APL TechLoom Pro Comfortable Women’s Sneakers

Effortless and responsive to each move your feet make, the APL TechLoom Pro Women’s Sneakers ($147) use Propelium technology to provide the most comfortable fit possible. 

Made in a woven knit that breathes and forms to your feet as you move, you receive a little extra toe room in the front as well, which makes this pair of sneakers a great unisex option. 

#9 – Brooks Revel 4 Comfortable Women’s Sneakers

Brooks has been around for over 100 years now, and the Brooks Revel 4 Sneakers ($79) have a classic, fundamental look to them. Wearable with jeans or your workout gear, they’re a strong nominee for the most comfortable women’s sneakers on the market. 

With reactive cushioning that allows your foot to move seamlessly with every step, these trainers feature a knit upper portion with a convenient lace-up detail that’s hassle-free. 

#10 – Nike Airmax 97 Comfortable Women’s Sneakers

If you’re into a trainer that looks contemporary and cool, the Nike Airmax 97’s ($170) are for you. Available in seven unique hues, including flooded orange, the iconic visible Air unit in this sneaker and the cushioned midsole help to keep the feet comfortable. 

Made in synthetic leather with a mesh upper, you’ll never feel weighed down as you walk (or run!) to your next date. 

#11 – Cole Haan GrandPro Rally Court Comfortable Women’s Sneakers

If you’re on the hunt for the most comfortable white sneakers, check out the Cole Haan Grandpro Rally Court Sneakers ($135). Available in four variations of white, these handsewn sneakers are basic (in a good way) and uber cozy.

Made with an Ortholite foam footbed and light outsole, they’re the shoes to pull on when you’re in a rush and don’t want to worry about matching something to your outfit. 

#12 – Everlane The Forever Comfortable Women’s Sneakers

The Forever Sneaker from Everlane ($74) is easily the most comfortable women’s platform sneaker of this bunch. Available in 8 different colorways, The Forever Sneaker is an extremely versatile option to throw on when you’re headed out the door. 

Besides being the comfiest platform sneaker, this shoe is incredibly eco-conscious as well. The upper portion is made from organic cotton and the laces are made from recycled materials, which are major bonuses for the ethical shopper.  

#13 – Reebok Princess Comfortable Women’s Sneakers

There are countless ways to wear Reebok’s Princess Sneakers ($70). Pair them with jeans for an errand run, pull them on for a quick game of tennis, or lace them up with a little sundress in the summertime.  

The Princess Sneakers are light as a feather on the feet even though they are cushioned to the nines inside. With the addition of a padded sockliner, these low-cut comfortable women’s sneakers come in five different hues, but the black is the top everyday choice. 

#14 – Crocs LiteRide Pacer Comfortable Women’s Sneakers

Did you think Crocs were a thing of the past? Think again! The Crocs LiteRide Pacer Comfortable Women’s Sneakers ($59 – $131) have nearly nabbed the title of Most Comfortable Women’s Sneakers with their cushy, streamlined design

You can find this pair of shoes in just about any color of the rainbow and the LiteRide foam insoles make these Croc-sneaker hybrids the most comfortable environment for your feet. Plus, the specialized Crocs outsole allows for optimal support. 

#15 – Soludos Rainbow Wave Comfortable Women’s Sneakers

The Soludos Rainbow Wave Comfortable Women’s Sneakers ($139) may very well be the cutest women’s sneakers in all the land. Manufactured in buttery soft leather with a sponge-like insole, these shoes win bonus points for aesthetics and comfort.

A big selling point is the creative design. These sneakers were made in collaboration with a Hawaii-based artist (note the beautiful embroidered rainbow and the sun!). They make you want to step outside no matter the weather, don’t they?  

What is the most comfortable material for sneakers?

In terms of what makes the most comfortable material for sneakers, it really depends on who’s wearing them and what their feet feel good in. For some, a basic leather sneaker can feel most comfortable because it’s sturdy and durable. 

For others though, knit and mesh materials are more comfortable because they allow the feet to breathe. And for some, a foamy, cushioned insole can make or break a pair of shoes. So, again, it all depends on the wearer. 

Do you need custom insoles?

That seems to be a big question for a lot of women who are trying to get the most out of their new trainers. For some people, custom fit insoles can be a good investment because they can put your feet at ease on long walks or at work, where you might stand for the majority of the day.

Most people that wear insoles find that their back feels better overtime, but if you’ve taken your time finding the most comfortable women’s shoes on the market, you may not need a custom insole. 

Which pairs of sneakers are the most versatile?

At the end of the day, when you’re shopping for the most comfortable women’s sneakers, you want a pair that will make the most sense with what’s already in your closet. If you want a pair of sneakers that will go with absolutely everything, the Reebok Princess Sneakers ($70) and the Everlane Forever Sneakers ($74) are your safest bets.

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