Stores Like Dolls Kill

Stores Like Dolls Kill

In the early 2000s, band tees and studded belts ruled the Avril Lavigne scene. This was an alternative and rebellious trend amongst youth, and oh-so-exciting amidst the conservative wave of cargo shorts and polos that dominated this time period.

This youthful crowd has grown up since then, but that defiant teenage spirit hasn’t withered away in the slightest bit. 

Dolls Kill is a retailer for grown-ups that re-interprets the grunge and rock n’ roll scene more as a fashion statement and less as a rebellious, teenage phase. Thousands of femme fatales and alternative dressers flock to this online boutique to find unique fits. And there are many stores like Dolls Kill that offer similar styles.

Aside from carrying hundreds of brands, Dolls Kill also collaborates with several other companies and artists, such as Betty Boop and Emily the Strange. 

If Dolls Kill isn’t enough to satisfy your alternative appetite, there are some retailers that sell apparel with the same core aesthetic. From BlackMilk to iHeartRaves, and more we’ll count down 10 of the best stores like Dolls Kill.

If you haven’t yet heard about these awesome retailers, you’ll want to check them out immediately. So, let’s get started.

Overview of Dolls Kill

Stores Like Dolls Kill

eBay, the Craigslist of online marketplaces, served as a back-alley side hustle for founder Shaudi Lynn. She was a teenage entrepreneur who made money selling clothes during her off-hours. 

Her approach to style was never on the safe side: she interpreted her core aesthetic as a middle finger to conformists. And this attitude was the direct inspiration for Dolls Kill, which is a gen-z targeted brand known for its alternative fashion. 

With the help of her husband Bobby Fahari, Dolls Kill launched in 2012. This San-Francisco brand operates with a defiant IDGAF attitude and swagger, and it caters to those looking for unusual silhouettes and styles. 

The company is home to hundreds of acclaimed labels, including Lazy Oaf and Sugar Thrillz. Dolls Kill also collaborates with several pop-culture brands, such as Hello Kitty and The Powerpuff Girls, and they all have a similar aesthetic.  

Before we list off some stores like Dolls Kill, let’s go over a list of highlights about this company. 


  • A wide selection of alternative clothing to choose from 
  • Home to hundreds of acclaimed labels 
  • Collaborates with several pop-culture brands 
  • Collections are organized by ‘doll’ (which is a type of aesthetic)
  • Offers Afterpay as an alternative payment option 
  • Provides international shipping 

How We Chose the Best Stores Like Dolls Kill

Stores Like Dolls Kill

Dolls Kill is a million-dollar business loved by the likes of Vanessa Hudgens and Millie Bobby Brown. With a company that famous, they must be doing something right. If we’re going to delve into stores like Dolls Kill, we need to dissect what makes this online boutique so iconic in the first place. 

From prices to the company’s values (such as inclusion), we’ll provide some info worth considering the next time you shop. 


I’ll be honest: the number of times I left Dolls Kill empty-handed is one too many. It wasn’t because they have a limited selection but, instead, their prices were quite high.

Compared to retailers like ASOS and Forever 21, Dolls Kill isn’t ‘killing’ it in terms of affordability. Their prices range from $3 to $625, but most products retail between $30 to $50

Despite their hefty markups, we can definitely say that Dolls Kill items are well worth the price. That’s because all their garments are made out of premium materials.

And at the end of the day, to be a popular and well-loved brand, stores like Dolls Kill don’t have to be surprisingly cheap. But they must offer a balance between quantity and quality to keep shoppers coming back. 


Dolls Kill is known for its alternative approach to fashion. They’re definitely not for the faint of heart, since they feature lots of unusual color combos and asymmetrical cuts.

Naturally, stores like Dolls Kill should offer a similar aesthetic: they should all be maximalist, fun, and bold. You can rest assured that the boutiques we chose check all three boxes. 


Unfortunately, Dolls Kill gets a low rating for sustainability, according to sites like Good On You. To the brand’s credit though, they do provide eco-friendly options for customers to choose from. This mainly includes using recycled materials, such as cotton and polyester, to help reduce waste. 

In terms of other fabrics, the company typically uses vegan leather, spandex, nylon, and elastane for its clothes. 

Stores like Dolls Kill don’t have to necessarily source the same variety of materials, but they should offer a considerable amount of fabrics to choose from. Regarding sustainability, shops that provide a responsibility report are always a plus. 


While Dolls Kill caters to a very specific aesthetic, their inventory is unlimited when it comes to options. This type of alternative fashion can be interpreted and defined in many different ways, including grunge, vintage, rave, and Lolita.

In terms of clothes, their selection includes dresses, lingerie, costumes, sweaters, jeans, shoes, beauty products, and accessories. 

Naturally, stores like Dolls Kill must provide the same amount of options for shoppers. We’ll be sure to discuss this in detail below. 


So, what are the perks associated with shopping at Dolls Kill? Well, there’s Afterpay, fast standard shipping, the convenience of international delivery, and a number of promotions active on their website. Plus, they have a great rewards program. 

Stores like Dolls Kill should offer the same degree of accessibility and convenience for customers because it only adds to the shopping experience. 

Diversity & Inclusion

In the past, Dolls Kill has run into some controversy involving Black Lives Matter. Since then, they’ve made a few changes to help fight racism and inequality. This mainly includes donating a portion of their profits to NAACP Empowerment programs while highlighting black-owned brands. 

Dolls Kill also states that they partner with hundreds of independent artists and brands. According to their company mission, ‘Inclusivity is core to our values.” 

Their sizes are relatively inclusive as well (ranging from XXS to XXL), and they also provide a plus-sized section for customers. Of course, stores like Dolls Kill should also have inclusivity as a core value, and implement some degree of diversity in their company practices. For instance, they could promote body positivity or racial equity. 

10 Best Stores Like Dolls Kill 

So that was enough serious talk. Now let’s take a look at some of the best stores like Dolls Kill. From Urban Outfitters to Tilly’s, there’s bound to be a boutique that piques your interest. We’ll also inform you about prices, style, quality, selection, convenience, inclusion, and more. Let’s get started! 

#1 – BlackMilk


Do you remember the early 2000s trend of galaxy print? In the wave of space-themed dresses and tees, the BlackMilk leggings were at the forefront of this fantastical fad.

The hype has died down over the years, but this brand continues to surge in popularity. Known for its unusual prints and alternative clothing, BlackMilk is typically considered the go-to alternative to Dolls Kill. 

This online boutique was born out of creativity, boredom, and some free time spent at the sewing machine. More specifically, owner James Lillis spent his remaining $6 at his local fabric store only to develop a newfound passion for fashion. 

Since 2009, BlackMilk has grown exponentially as a business. Today, customers can purchase a wide assortment of vibrant dresses, tops, bottoms, and jackets for a decent price. 

Since BlackMilk is included in our stores like Dolls Kill lineup, what’s there to say about pricing and convenience? We’ll share the deets down below:

  • Prices: $21$115
  • Style: alternative, grunge, and goth 
  • Quality: polyester, elastane, viscose, and vegan leather
  • Selection: dresses, leggings, bottoms, tops, jackets, jumpsuits, activewear, and bedding (also features collaborations with Hello Kitty, The Matrix, etc.)
  • Convenience: offers international shipping and has a rewards program 
  • Diversity and inclusion: Provides sizes XXS – XXL, and is considerably diverse given its cast of models 

#2 – Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters is a fashionable boutique that’s like a money-pit, but most shoppers don’t seem to mind this and have zero regrets shopping there. This online retailer boasts a large selection of trendy styles and home goods. Aside from its independent collection, UO is also home to several brands, including Smoko, Adidas, and Whole Milk. 

The company has been in business since 1970 and owns over 200 stores that operate across the United States. Naturally, since this retailer is so big, it only makes sense for UO to keep expanding and launch other company ventures, such as Free People and Anthropologie. 

In terms of style, Urban Outfitters leans towards maximalism, Y2K, and boho vintage as its core three aesthetics. Their options are as varied as sequined dresses to color-blocked throw pillows. Tempting product photos aside, how does UO rank based on our six-point criteria? Let’s find out. 

  • Prices: $2$2,099
  • Style: urban boho, modern contemporary, and maximalism 
  • Quality: cotton, spandex, polyester, denim, and faux leather 
  • Selection: offers clothes for men and women (including vintage tees, jeans, jumpsuits, jackets, and shoes), and also sells lifestyle goods and beauty products 
  • Convenience: has physical stores, provides a mobile app, offers Afterpay, shipping takes 5 – 8 days 
  • Diversity and inclusion: provides sizes XS – XL, and has established a Diversity & Inclusion Committee to help implement future changes 

#3 – PacSun


Breezy, casual, and intrinsically L.A, PacSun does its best to represent the beauty of Californian streetwear. It’s definitely a hit with the gen-z crowd, and this online boutique carries a boatload of trendy brands, ranging from Vans to Brandy Melville. 

Honestly, it’s not surprising to know that PacSun was originally a surf shop circa 1980. Sticking true to its youthful roots, the company has undergone some changes and development over the years. Recently, founders Jack Hopkins and Tom Moore have passed the torch onto current CEO Gary Schoenfeld. 

PacSun is also relatively active when it comes to philanthropy. For instance, they’ve contributed to multiple charities, including Stem to the Future, the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, and Girl Up. Talk about a company that cares. 

Aside from its good deeds, how does PacSun fare in terms of quality, selection, and price? We’re so glad you asked. 

  • Prices: $2$385
  • Style: California streetwear (mixed with Venice beach aesthetic) 
  • Quality: cotton, polyester, denim, and knit material 
  • Selection: offers clothes for men, women, and kids (including sweaters, vintage tees, jeans, shoes, and accessories), and home to several other trendy brands (such as Vans) 
  • Convenience: international shipping is available, standard delivery takes seven days, and they offer a style subscription service 
  • Diversity and inclusion: provides sizes XXS – XL, states that 53% of its associates identify as POC or of minority descent, and initiates PacTalks to discuss topics concerning diversity and inclusion

#4 – Hot Topic

Hot Topic

Alternative fashion? Please, Hot Topic was here before Dolls Kill was even a thing. Founded in 1989 by owner Orv Madden, this grunge-themed boutique was a hit among the Chemical Romance crowd. 

There’s a good chance that you’ve encountered them before at your local mall since Hot Topic is known for selling pop-culture-themed merch. From Funko Pops to band tees, their collection is anything but limited. 

For those looking for stores like Dolls Kill for Halloween, Hot Topic offers a wide selection of costumes in time for October. Plus, they collaborate with several artists and brands, including Ariana Grande, Billie Eilish, BT21, and Disney. 

In encouraging news, HT has donated a portion of its sales to notable charities such as Mental Health America. For a company that caters to brooding teens, they sure do have a big heart. 

Hot Topic is, by definition, hot in terms of trends. With that in mind, how do they rank in regards to convenience, selection, and quality? Let’s find out.

  • Prices: $3$431
  • Style: teenage pop-culture, goth, and alternative  
  • Quality: cotton, spandex, polyester, and rayon
  • Selection: offers clothes for men and women (categories include tops, bottoms, home goods, accessories, and Funko Pops)
  • Convenience: provides Klarna, offers in-store shopping, has a mobile app, and shipping takes 3 – 8 business days 
  • Diversity and inclusion: provides sizes XS – 3XL, but could do more in terms of diversity and inclusion

#5 – Darkside


They can’t promise cookies, but Darkside can help satisfy your fashion appetite. Based in Birmingham, England, this fashion retailer caters to several different aesthetics, ranging from goth and punk, to classic streetwear.

They’re mainly known for their graphic tees, which typically depict pop culture icons such as Scooby-Doo and Jason Voorhees. 

Co-owned by Marcus Corson and Patrick Ford, Darkside has been in business since 1977. They’re relatively affordable compared to Dolls Kill, as their prices range from $5 to $80. In regards to quality, convenience, and selection, we’ll describe Darkside in detail in point-form down below:

  • Prices: $5$80
  • Style: urban streetwear, goth, and alternative 
  • Quality: fleece and cotton (doesn’t provide many details in terms of materials)
  • Selection: offers clothes for men and women (categories include graphic tops, leggings, hoodies, dresses, and accessories) 
  • Convenience: shipping takes 7 – 10 business days, and there’s a sale outlet on its website 
  • Diversity and inclusion: provides sizes S – XXL, but could do more in terms of diversity and inclusion

#6 – Spencer’s


Couldn’t find much at your local Hot Topic? Why don’t you give Spencer’s a try? Considered a rival to HT, this trend-driven retailer offers an impressive collection of pop culture-themed merch. 

Customers can find a wide selection of in-season products at this boutique, including Anime graphic tees and Disney-themed clothing. They cater to an older crowd, as Spencer’s also sells lingerie, sex toys, and other adult novelties. 

Price-wise, they’re considered similar to stores like Dolls Kill but cheaper. Surprisingly enough, Spencer’s is way older than Hot Topic, as they debuted in 1947. They’ve never wavered from their loose, fun, and imaginative company vibe though, which makes them so iconic as a brand. 

The company is also involved in several charities, including its partnership with the Young Survival Foundation and Stupid Cancer. 

By now, you’re probably wondering, “what makes Spencer’s so different from Hot Topic and other stores like Dolls Kill?” Well, we’re here to answer this question. Check out the facts below. 

  • Prices: $4$130
  • Style: punk, alternative, and urban streetwear 
  • Quality: cotton, French Terry, polyester, and spandex 
  • Selection: offers clothes for men and women (categories include graphic tees, pajamas, hoodies, lingerie, sex toys, drinkware, and accessories) 
  • Convenience: offers in-store shopping, and shipping takes 4 – 8 business days 
  • Diversity and inclusion: sizing range is S – 3XL, provides a plus-sized section, and their product photos are somewhat diverse 

#7 – Zumiez


Zumiez acts as your one-stop-shop for skater-chic clothing. Best known for carrying brands such as Lord Nermal and the Anti Social Social Club, this teenage hot-spot offers the latest pop culture trends.

Zumiez started off as an independent boutique located in Seattle’s Northgate Mall. 

Since its debut in 1978, the company has grown massively in popularity. Need proof? They boast over 1.2 million followers on Instagram. 

For those searching for stores like Dolls Kill shoes, we suggest giving Zumiez a shot. They have a huge shoe collection. A majority of its footwear caters to a certain aesthetic, as the brand carries dozens of reputable streetwear brands such as Vans, Adidas, and Converse. 

They also sell sportswear and gear for outdoor enthusiasts. Do you require a pair of roller skates, a snowboard, and a set of goggles? Don’t worry— Zumiez has your back. 

Without further ado, let’s assess Zumiez based on our six-point checklist. 

  • Prices: $1$730
  • Style: skater-chic, classic streetwear, and sportswear 
  • Quality: cotton, tech fleece, modal, and spandex 
  • Selection: offers clothes for women, men, and boys (categories include tops, bottoms, sportswear, accessories, and skateboards and parts) 
  • Convenience: offers in-store shopping, provides a rewards program, and shipping takes 4 – 8 business days 
  • Diversity and inclusion: provides sizes XS – XL, offers a plus-sized section, and is somewhat diverse (as referenced in product photos) 

#8 – Forever 21

Forever 21

Despite filing for bankruptcy in 2019, Forever 21 manages to keep true to its company name by staying relevant. You can find a few of their physical stores littered across North America, but they’re often a rare find. 

Nonetheless, this clothing boutique is still one of the most popular fast-fashion retailers within the industry. From athleisure-style hoodies to casual denim, it’s relatively easy to find a piece for just under $20

With items for men and women, Forever 21 provides hundreds of stylish fits for $5 to $77. If you’re worried about its environmental impact, you’ll be glad to know about the company’s ForeverGREEN initiative.

For every purchase over $50, the brand will replant a tree through its partnership with Tree Canada. And to this date, they’ve helped grow over 83 saplings. 

Need a refresher on what Forever 21 is all about? No worries… we’ll outline the specifics down below.

  • Prices: $5$77
  • Style: modern contemporary with a touch of classic streetwear 
  • Quality: spandex, fleece, polyester, and cotton 
  • Selection: offers clothes for women and men (categories include tops, bottoms, dresses, jackets, loungewear, shoes, and accessories) 
  • Convenience: offers in-store shopping, and shipping takes 3 – 5 business days 
  • Diversity and inclusion: provides sizes XS – L, offers a plus-sized section, but could do more in terms of diversity and inclusion

#9 – Tilly’s 


Headquartered in sunny California, Tilly’s offers the vibrance of L.A-centric streetwear no matter where you live. 

It’s an excellent brand to opt for if you’re looking for something chic and breezy since this fashion retailer is all about embodying the downtown vibe of Hollywood. In terms of selection, they offer jeans, graphic tees, loungewear, intimates, accessories, shoes, and beauty products. 

Tilly’s is one of the many stores like Dolls Kill for plus-size customers. Its sizing options range from small to XXL. As an added bonus, they also offer a sustainability shop full of ethical alternatives.

This typically includes brands that utilize eco-friendly materials such as RSQ, Levi’s, and Volcom. 

If you need more intel on Tilly’s, we’ll provide an in-depth summary for readers below.

  • Prices: $3$600
  • Style: L.A streetwear 
  • Quality: viscose, cotton, polyester, and nylon 
  • Selection: offers clothes for women, men, and kids (categories include jeans, dresses, tops, jackets, shoes, accessories, backpacks, and sports gear)
  • Convenience: offers Afterpay, has a rewards program, and shipping takes 5 – 8 business days 
  • Diversity and inclusion: provides sizes S – XXL, offers a plus-sized section, but could do more in terms of diversity and inclusion

#10 – iHeartRaves


The clubs are currently closed, but you can at least stock up on party clothes with iHeartRaves. Known for its scandalous fits and flirtatious designs, this online boutique is catered towards the daring and bold. 

The origin story behind this brand is one based on friendships, humble beginnings, and a shared love for raving.

Founded by Brian and Christine Lim in 2011, iHeartRaves started off as a passion project run by a series of ‘unicorns’ (translation: a super cool team of party-centric employees). 

So, what does iHeartRaves have to offer? Besides clothing, they sell harnesses, jewelry, pasties, light toys, and other festival accessories. Aside from their love of partying, this company is also a force for good.

The brand is involved in several philanthropic organizations, including its partnership with To Write Love On Her Arms. 

To wrap things up, let’s discuss some highlights associated with shopping at iHeartRaves. 

  • Prices: $5$150
  • Style: rave wear and festival clothing 
  • Quality: polyester, spandex, and vinyl 
  • Selection: offers clothes for women and men (categories include tops, bottoms, dresses, one-pieces, accessories, and shoes)
  • Convenience: offers Afterpay, and shipping takes 5 – 8 business days 
  • Diversity and inclusion: provides sizes XS to XXL, offers a plus-sized section, and implements some level of diversity (as showcased through the brand’s Live Out Loud collection)
Stores Like Dolls Kill

It’s easy to get bored with the same old pair of jeans and a tee. Dolls Kill, a boutique unafraid of the unusual, offers customers a refreshing alternative in the world of fashion.

It’s an excellent option for those diagnosed with ‘styling slump.’ With their diverse collection, this online retailer reminds us that we’re allowed to have fun dressing up. 

Stores like Dolls Kill, such as BlackMilk and Hot Topic, continue to grow in popularity because of their rebellious stance towards style, which is attractive to many shoppers.

Plus, they offer a thrill for customers that are looking for something unique, since they have plenty of one-of-a-kind options to choose from. 

Which stores like Dolls Kill are the closest in comparison?

Stores Like Dolls Kill

Aesthetics-wise, shops like Blackmilk, Hot Topic, and iHeartRaves are the closest to Dolls Kill. They offer the same type of clothing styles (that being punk, alternative, goth, and partywear).

All three companies vary in inventory size, but they still sell a good mix of vintage tees and indie brands nonetheless. 

If we were to pick only one store like Dolls Kill— the one most similar to the boutique— we’d say Hot Topic takes the cake. The number of collaborations and brands under its belt is on par with DK. 

Which stores like Dolls Kill are the most affordable?

Stores Like Dolls Kill

Affordability is not one of Dolls Kill’s stronger points, so it’s reassuring to know that customers have other alternatives. 

Out of the stores like Dolls Kill we’ve featured, Urban Outfitters, PacSun, Hot Topic, Zumiez, and Tilly’s are the most cost-effective. Together, on average, their lowest fees range from $1 to $3.

It’s worth noting that the lowest prices typically apply to accessories instead of clothing. ‘Pricier’ items, such as tees and jeans, are still affordable and usually retail for $20 to $30

Final Thoughts

Stores Like Dolls Kill

Whether you vibe with alternative fashion or not, we can at least agree that brands like Dolls Kill have a place within the fashion industry. From brands like Tilly’s to Blackmilk, we’re practically spoiled with hundreds of alternative style options. 

Dressing up has never felt so fun, and thank God we’ve moved past the ‘conformist’ fashion phase. At the end of the day, many of us desire a bit of adventure when it comes to our clothing choices.

And when the craving hits, stores like Dolls Kill are there to satisfy your need for adventure with their abundance of avant-garde, alternative fashion options.  

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