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Finding The Best Stores Like Windsor

Windsor was founded in the late 1930s by two brothers who originally branded it as a lingerie and hosiery store. Now, the company focuses on designing and selling dresses you can wear to upcoming special occasions.

This brand has been loved by avid shoppers for many decades and their products are sold online and across their two hundred national stores

The more options you have, the better your anticipated shopping adventure will be. That’s why we’ve compiled a thoughtful list of stores like Windsor for you to venture out to at your mall or through your screens. 

Also, check out the list of highlights about Windsor which gives you a snapshot of what the brand is all about.


  • Wide variety of products including casual or formal clothing, shoes, jewelry, and other accessories
  • Affordable formal wear, including prom dresses (ranging from $90 – $110)
  • Consistent sales found throughout their website
  • Ships internationally while constantly offering free shipping incentives online
  • Shop by occasion on their website, including bachelorette or girls night out
  • 200 in-store locations across North America
  • Sizes ranging from extra small to extra large
  • VIP Rewards Program to give dedicated customers exclusive offers and perks
  • Website organizes products based on color for easier browsing experience 

How We Chose The Best Stores Like Windsor


For the clothing Windsor sells, especially their formalwear, they keep their prices reasonably low in comparison to most retailers. As we’ve mentioned, the cost for a stunning prom dress ranges from $90 – $110, and that’s not even considering their sale rack. 

Aside from their elegant dresses, the prices for their latest tops cost about $20 – $40 on average. That’s why we’ve made sure these stores like Windsor stay within your budget too—because more money means more shopping!


Windsor is constantly releasing new styles and designs in their stores and online. So you won’t be scrambling for your coveted prom dress in last season’s tones and boring styles.

They do an efficient job keeping up with the latest trends, cuts, and colors. Seasons and trends pass by quickly and Windsor recognizes that.

These stores like Windsor are also always designing new options for their customers. Some even vowed to release hundreds of their latest options weekly online. Let’s just say you’ll never be left unimpressed by their selection.


Windsor’s quality is reputable, especially considering their affordable prices. They offer dresses and formalwear made out of good-quality fabrics including chiffon, cotton, polyester, lace, and more.

Their high-quality items will have your fancy ‘fit looking fresh, and you won’t have to spend a pretty penny on a piece you won’t wear often. 

In the list of stores like Windsor, all will have a decent level of quality. Some are known to offer better materials than others and, of course, that may cost some extra cash. 


Windsor’s wide selection, especially for formal wear, will have something for everyone. They offer the same designs in almost every color you can think of.

So, if you don’t like the style of a dress in black, they’ll probably have it in your favorite color too! When it comes to dress styles, they have long sleeves, halter, cocktail, sequins, and options with sassy cutouts. 

If you’re ready to search for ‘stores like Windsor dresses’ because you need a dress for prom or another formal event, these retailers have a wide selection of items to choose from.

Pretty much anything you can think of can be bought at these stores. These stores like Windsor will also have you scrolling for hours, in the best way possible. 

Plus, formal wear can be hard to tailor to suit all fashion tastes, but Windsor and these other stores make it look easy.


Since Windsor ships to even remote parts of the world, their products are accessible to almost everyone.

Our North American fashion lovers even get the chance to step foot in the stores to try on and buy the clothing in person.

Let’s be real, people from all cities need a special, dazzling outfit for an upcoming event. Thankfully, these stores like Windsor are easily accessible for shoppers.

So, whether it’s a quick one-stop-shop at your local mall or expedited shipping on these retailers’ sites, your purchase will be in your hands as soon as you need it. 

Diversity & Inclusion

While Windsor’s morals are headed in the right direction, there is still some work to be done. Just by glancing on their site you’ll see models from all backgrounds—and we love seeing everyday people we can connect to while shopping.

Windsor’s sizing could be more inclusive. As of right now, the store only offers sizes up to extra large. 

In this upcoming list of stores like Windsor, we’ve made sure there are retailers that go above and beyond when it comes to inclusivity.

A selection of these brands will offer plus-size options, and their sites will have models from different backgrounds, so everyone will feel well-represented. 

10 Best Stores Like Windsor

#1 – Tobi

Like Windsor, Tobi lets you shop by occasion on their website (for events like prom or graduation for example). Plus they even sell wedding dresses! They make sure you’re buying the proper dress for the occasion. 

The list of countries they ship to is extensive. When they’re not holding one of their sales, their regular prices range from $100 – $120.

Tobi’s selection of formalwear is on the more basic side. Their formal attire features lots of muted colors and sophisticated cutouts.

So, if the loud and bold look isn’t really your style, then check out the timeless, elegant designs Tobi carries.

#2 – Boohoo

Boohoo’s clothing is considered ‘polished urban street style.’ This is an online retailer that releases weekly designs following the latest trends.

Along with their weekly releases, they’ll have weekly sales where you can find your new favorite items for about $20 – $40

Boohoo is totally inclusive. They offer products for men and women because we know guys have formal events to prepare for too! On top of that, the brand goes the extra mile by having a plus-size section on their site. 

#3 – ModCloth

This California company carries everyday styles, formalwear, and even swimwear for a wide range of sizes. This store like Windsor also lets you shop based on the occasion.

They also have specific sections in their collection, such as printed dresses. Their price points are identical to Windsor’s, averaging around $90 – $110 per item. 

While you’ll still be able to find the basics here, ModCloth has a knack for creating styles that playful fashion lovers will adore. Many of their designs feature feminine colors and funky throwback prints.

They pay homage to many former decades in their designs, so you can feel like a style ‘time traveler’ when you wear their clothes. 

#4 – House of CB

House of CB is the definition of sophistication. It’s one of the best options for stores like Windsor for prom since they follow seasonal trends and curate designs made from high-quality materials.

This retailer’s reliable fabrics make it one of the more expensive stores on the list, with dresses averaging from $250 – $300

House of CB can be found online and at select locations in the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia. It has an outstanding reputation and is praised by your favorite fashion influencers. So it’s safe to say, this store will not disappoint. 

#5 – PrettyLittleThing

Pretty Little Thing is an online retailer known for its minimal, girly designs. While looking through their constant sales, you can shop for your daily styles and special formalwear (a two-for-one type of deal).

The newest glam clothing can be bought for $40 – $60 on average. But, their weekly deals always keep you wanting more.

This store like Windsor ships their products, including plus-size options, internationally. This brand is also entirely inclusive since they offer weekly releases to shoppers of all shapes, races, and genders.

#6 – Simply Dresses

Simply Dresses is an online store that sells exclusive styles for prom, homecoming, and wedding events. Their designs suit their target audience and definitely reflect what you’ll see people wearing the most on prom night. But, don’t worry, they also have lots of unique styles too. 

This company has a plus-size section so every girl can feel like a queen. Since their clothing is made from durable fabric, the costs on the website will be higher than most on this list.

If you want a piece that won’t lose its sparkle over time, their dresses can be bought for $200 $400 on average.

#7 – Oh Polly

Oh Polly is a UK-based company that releases new styles of dresses and loungewear weekly. The brand sells sexy ‘fits featuring bold cutouts at an affordable price range of $30 $50 on average.

Like Windsor, this store lets you browse their collections based on color or length. 

Oh Polly is one of the sites like Windsor that embraces femininity. The online retailer focuses on designing dresses for more flirty, informal events like a girls night out or birthdays.

#8 – Lulus

Lulus is perfect for the girly, bohemian fashion addicts. Their online store is filled with relaxed, organic styles. The company loves to play around with textures and colors in their dress designs.

Any of our laid-back girls can shop here since they offer extended sizing options. 

Selling items at average affordable prices ($50 $80 per item), Lulus has playful prints and basic solids throughout their collections. If you like Lulus, fortunately, they likely ship to your country with their worldwide shipping options. 

#9 – PromGirl

This brand sells exactly what you think it would—prom dresses. What makes this company stand out from the websites like Windsor is their specific shopping sections.

PromGirl has tabs for plus-sized customers, a cheap prom dress option, and even prom shoes to finish off your look. And if you’re looking for dress stores like Windsor, this is a great choice.

They carry colors and styles tailored to everyone’s preferences. Their dresses are sold from $250 $400 on average—which is a great price range for a high-quality prom dress! 

#10 – Pixie Market

Out of all the stores similar to Windsor, Pixie Market has its own vibe. It appeals to those that like the modern, minimal lifestyle.

Pixie Market sells plenty of basics that can become staples in your closet. Their dress collection is dedicated to our classic, conservative fashionistas. 

Quality is valued at this online company. Their pieces are made from thick, high-quality cotton, knitwear, and more.

As always, the long-lasting fabric comes with a higher price tag. Pixie Market sells their casual essentials for $100 – $200 on average. 

Which Stores Like Windsor Are Closest In Comparison?

To save you some time that can be better spent shopping, we’ll tell you which companies on this list of shops like Windsor are closest by comparison.

If you’re shopping at Windsor, chances are you’re in need of a chic formal item. While all the stores on this list sell formalwear, Tobi and Boohoo’s styles are very similar to Windsor’s styles. 

Not only are the color schemes, trends, and designs alike, but all these brands’ price points are easily comparable. And all these brands are unique in their own respects.

For instance, Tobi showcases more sophisticated styles while Boohoo favors an urban vibe. 

Which Stores Like Windsor Are The Most Affordable?

If you’re looking for a trendy dress to hug your curves but want to save some money for your special night out, there are some bank account friendly options on this list of stores like Windsor.

Boohoo and Pretty Little Thing are the most affordable sites like Windsor.

Both companies vow to keep up with the latest trends and desired styles while also offering weekly sales you can take advantage of. And watching our purchase subtotal drop gets us so excited! 

Which Stores Like Windsor Offer The Best Quality?

If the quality of your clothing is one of your top priorities, then we’ll tell you which of these stores like Windsor will meet your quality standards.

Simply Dresses and House of CB’s higher prices definitely reflect their choice of excellent fabrics. So you can rest assured that your purchase is made with the best quality materials you can buy for the cost. 

Final Thoughts

Fancy events only occur every so often. So it’s important to take advantage of the formal occasion and let your inner diva shine. If you need to find a perfect outfit for one of these events, these stores like Windsor have more than enough options to choose from. 

Some of the more affordable retailers on the list will also leave you with extra money to buy even more items. While other retailers sell higher-quality items that will last in your closet forever (well, almost).

So, we apologize in advance for all the happy scrolling and spending you might be doing soon. 

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