What Color Socks Go With a Blue Suit and Brown Shoes – A Style Guide

What Color Socks To Pair With a Blue Suit and Brown Shoes?

Both blue suits and brown shoes are must-have for any man, on top of having a black suit and a pair of black dress shoes. You need variety in your wardrobe and if you are a suit wearer on a daily basis, the more suits, blazers, and pants you have, the easier it is to mix and match them throughout the year. You do not have to break the bank or own every single suit under the sun, but having a handful of blue suits will keep you covered for any occasion and any weather. And the same applies to brown shoes. Having a few pairs will allow you to rotate them throughout the year, from summer days to winter nights.

Suit and shoes are what people at the top of the list when you are looking to refresh your wardrobe and you may end up having some great choices along the way. But it is not all about the clothes and shoes, but also the accessories. And some of the most underrated accessories, that so often are just an afterthought, that do not receive much attention, are the socks. Socks are not only black and white, but they come in so many colors, patterns, and textures. They can not only change your outfit but also your life! Paying closer attention to socks makes you become more aware of how you are dressing and eventually, more into experimenting with fashion.

We will start from the beginning and look at what blue suits are must-haves and whatbrown shoes are out there, then seeing how they all pair and how socks truly help put everything together.

How to choose your blue suit?

When you think of the blue suit and brown shoes combination, are you picturing an ill-fitting navy suit paired with chunky brown shoes? Fear not, for that you can erase this out of your mind! Blue suits can be incredibly stylish, and especially when worn with brown shoes. Let us have a look at what kind of blue suits you can find:

  1. Light blue
  2. Bright and medium blue
  3. Dark blue
  4. Patterned

In general, light-colored suits are usually suitable when the weather is warm, so from around the middle of spring until the beginning of fall. You should have a light blue cotton suit if your office allows for a more casual approach to business attire. If on top of that the summer days are very hot, get a pastel blue linen suit instead, as it will allow you to stay cool and your skin to breathe.

The spectrum of bright and medium shades of blue is vast, from ultramarine and steel blue to cobalt and Egyptian blue. Depending on the occasion or how you style the suit, you can get away with a bright suit in almost any environment. A royal blue suit can go great for date night or your friend’s wedding.

Usually, the darker the color, the more formal the outfit is. And this applies also in the case of blue. If you want to take a break from your black suit, you can replace it with a dark blue suit, such as navy, midnight blue or Oxford blue. Whereas black suits are mandatory for black tie events, for any other formal or business meetings you can go for dark blue. If you are shying away from trying blue suits, starting with a darker one might make it easier. How about a Prussian blue or an Oxford blue to get you started? They are dark enough to be worn in formal settings, but they are still blue and you will still stand out in the crowd.

Patterns are always a great way to break the monotony and make a statement and this applies in the case of suits. There are many patterns for men’s suits but the most common are stripes, plaid, paisley, and floral. For all these patterns, the medium to dark shades of blue go great. A great fall suit is a plaid cobalt wool suit, to keep you looking dapper and stay warm. But if the weather is warm and you are heading out for a casual event, you can go for a patterned light blue suit for sure!

You do not have to own a suit in every blue shade out there. Rather, have a close look at your lifestyle and needs. If you are looking to add blue suits to your wardrobe, a medium or dark blue cotton suit should be at the top of your list, as it may be worn all year round. If you are looking for a winter suit, go for a darker blue wool suit and if you are looking for a summer suit, light blue cotton or linen suit should be your next addition.

How to style your blue suit with brown shoes

Brown may seem like a boring color for some of us but it is, in fact, a very exciting one when it comes to shoe fashion! Brown comes in lots of shades, and with so many types of men’s shoes out in the world, there are infinite choices. And you are bound to find your favorite pair of brown shoes.

  1. Light brown
  2. Medium brown
  3. Dark brown
  4. Burgundy brown

Styling light brown shoes with a blue suit and socks

Light brown is best worn on spring and summer days when the weather is nice and you are heading for a casual-chic event. From beige and camel to tan and khaki, wear your light brown shoes with you light blue linen or cotton suits!

Pairing a medium brown shoe with a blue suit and socks

Medium brown shoes are what works all year round, and with lots to blue suits. You can wear copper brown dress shoes both at the office and for a night out, and in both cases with a royal blue suit! Medium brown shoes are your go-to pair of brown shoes if you want to show that you have a fashion sense, but also look professional.

Rocking dark brown shoes with your blue suit 

Dark brown shoes can be used almost interchangeably with black shoes, but a chocolate brown shoe will definitely give you a sleeker vibe. Pair them with a navy suit and you are ready to rock your next business meeting.

Being adventurous with burgundy brown shoes 

For an extra layer of style, opt for a pair of burgundy brown shoes. Brown shoes already adding a special touch to the outfit, but having them in with a hint of red, in a burgundy brown, will make you look sharp and stylish. You can wear burgundy shoes with a medium or a dark suit. But it does not end there – as this color can be sometimes tricky to style, you should try to complement it with other accessories in a similar shade, be it a pocket square, a tie or a bag.

Getting in to seriously choosing your outfits and matching your blue suits with the right brown shoes can seem overwhelming and challenging. Check out this table with possible combinations, so that you are sure to have the right outfit at the right time.

WeatherOccasionType of blue suitType of brown shoes
Spring / SummerFormalMedium blue suits made of cotton, light wool, polyester-cotton blendMedium brown/burgundy dress shoes
Casual / Casual-chicLight or medium blue suits made of cotton or linenLight to medium brown shoes (boat shoes, loafers, espadrilles)
Fall / WinterFormalMedium and dark blue suits made of cotton, wool, tweed, polyester blendsDark brown/burgundy dress shoes or Chelsea boots
Casual / Casual-chicLight brown Chukka boots, Medium brown lace-up boots

Upgrade your blue suit and brown shoe outfit with socks

Now that we got a blue suit and brown shoes combination, we should not stop here. Matching the suit and the shoes does not mean you are done creating the full outfit. On top of the obvious shirt or t-shirt, there are also accessories that you have to pay attention to. And the most fun accessory to style is the socks! You are literally wearing socks all the time, for every outfit, from indoors to going out for a run, from going to the office to attending a fancy gala. Socks are omnipresent in our lives, yet we give them the least attention. The purpose of the socks is multifold:

  • They keep your feet warm in winter and fresh in summer
  • They protect your feet against the friction from the shoes
  • They add color and fun to your outfit

Wearing blue suits and brown shoes does not have to be boring and it can be even more fun if you try other sock colors beyond black. When wearing a light-colored suit, the color or shade of the socks can be slightly darker than the suit, but lighter than the shoes. That is, if you are wearing a baby blue suit with tan-brown shoes, the socks can be a slightly darker blue, but not a medium / dark blue.

If you are wearing a dark blue suit, such as navy, the socks should match. If you do not have that exact color, you can for any other dark color such as black or an even darker blue. If you do not have any blue socks, then you can match them to the color of the shoes. So if you are wearing brown shoes, you can go for brown socks.

Let us start from plain-colored socks that you can wear with blue suits:

  • Black
  • Neutrals (off white, beige, grey, khaki)
  • Bright and medium colors

Black socks are the first socks you are getting your hands on. They are a staple and every man has too many pairs of black socks to count. Because they just go with everything, all year round, from elegant suits to casual jeans outfits. When talking about suits, wear your black socks with medium or dark blue suits, and medium or dark brown shoes.

Neutral colors such as shades of white, beige, but also darker colors such as shoes of grey or khaki can go with blue suits. The lighter neutrals are usually paired with light blue suits. If paired with medium or dark blue suits, you may want to have another accessory the same color as the socks (perhaps a pocket square?). As far as the darker neutrals are concerned, they can excellently go with medium and dark blue suits. How about a cobalt blue suit with khaki socks and cognac brown shoes?

Bright colors like red, yellow, green and purple are great colors to contrast both the blue suit and the brown shoes. For an all-blue outfit, wear a pair of bright blue socks. If you love color but do not want the sock color to be so striking, try darker colors such as royal blue, forest green, mustard yellow, magenta purple, burgundy red or rusty orange. These colors are pleasing to the eye and can be a great transition between the blue suit and the brown shoes. Pair your royal blue suit with bright purple socks and medium brown shoes.

You may notice that white socks have been skipped and for a good reason. The only occasion when you can wear white socks is when you are doing a sporty activity (such as tennis or boating). And it is definitely a hard no to go for white socks when wearing a suit.

If you keep your socks in a solid color, you are rather playing on the safe side. You may go for a sharp contrast between the socks and the rest of the outfit, but if you want to take it further, you should delve into the world of patterned socks.

Patterned dress socks can be a great way to accessorize your outfit without overdoing it. For beginners, a classic pattern in neutral or dark colors is a great way to start and pave the way towards brighter and more interesting patterns – and even novelty socks. While styling patterned socks can be tricky for some, do not let that intimidate you. Experiment with the patterns and colors and see what works best for you and your suit. But to help you minimize the risks, let’s break down the types of patterned socks:

  • Classic patterns in dark colors
  • Classic patterns in bright colors
  • Funky patterns
  • Novelty socks

As mentioned above, if you want to break into the world of patterned socks, a good stepping stone are classic patterns such as stripes or argyle in black, navy, brown or grey. So if you are wearing a medium-blue suit, with brown shoes, a blue and brown argyle pair of socks would fit right in. A navy suit and brown shoes can be upgraded with a pair of blue striped socks. As long as you are going for conservative colors and patterns, you are safe to wear them even in more serious environments.

Moving on to classic patterns but in bright colors – how about pink, orange or green stripes on your socks? Add some fun to your outfit by wearing some bright red striped socks or orange polka dot socks. Bright red striped socks would go great with a navy suit and burgundy shoes, whereas orange polka dot socks would be best with an Egyptian blue suit and warm cognac brown shoes. Simple patterns in bright colors can be worn for any casual chic or semi-formal occasion – from a for a date at a relaxed restaurant to the office Christmas party.

Now the real fun is when it comes to funky, unusual patterns, and fun socks. Soxy has a wide variety of socks that come in unique patterns with bright colors – you are bound to turn some heads. And a great pair of novelty socks can be a great conversation starter!

For both funky patterns and novelty socks, while it is true that they may be the trickier to style, that does not mean it is impossible. The first step is to look at the colors on the socks – does the pattern contain the shades of blue and can match your suit? Does it contain shades of brown and it can match your brown shoes? Or perhaps it has a bit of blue and a bit of brown, and then they will be a great transition from the blue suit to the brown shoes. After you figured out the colors, the next step is to look at how serious the socks are and in what kind of situations you can wear them. Crazy patterns in bright colors are for the more relaxed, casual events – like the purple arrow socks that would go great with a bright blue suit and warm medium brown shoes. But when it comes to those in more subtle, neutral colors, you can definitely get away with wearing them at the office – like the dark brown, black and grey zig zag socks that go great with a dark blue suit and burgundy shoes.

Novelty socks are most appropriate in casual, fun events. While you should not wear them at a black-tie event or business meetings at the office, they can be absolutely worn for casual Fridays in the office, a day out with friends, or even your friend’s fun wedding! Novelty socks can have on patterns or pictures on them, that are not usually on socks.

Socks can have food, cityscapes or even holiday themes on them. Check out these Toronto or Russia Socks that would go great with a royal blue suit and medium brown shoes – colors that are both included in the picture on the sock! Or be the next star at your next Christmas parties by pairing a pair of socks from Soxy’s Holiday Bundle with your best dark blue suit and burgundy brown shoes.

Suit colorSock color and patternShoe color
Light blueLight colors (off-white, pastels); plain or patternedLight to medium brown
Medium blueBright or Dark colors; plain, patterned or noveltyMedium, dark to Burgundy brown
Dark blueMedium or Dark colors; plain, patterned or noveltyDark or Burgundy brown

Key takeaways when building outfits with blue suits, brown shoes, and socks

In general, building a wardrobe where all the pieces are going well together can take a lot of time, effort and budget planning. That is why it is important to focus on:

  1. Invest in high-quality pieces that will last you for years and avoid fast fashion
  2. Going to a tailor if needed
  3. Acquiring several great blue suits
  4. Investing in accessories
  5. Building a collection of brown shoes

High-quality pieces can last you for years, and even decades, particularly for shoes if they are well taken care of; try to mostly invest in such pieces and avoid fast fashion, which is often producing low-quality clothing. If your suit does not fit you properly, go to a tailor to have it adjusted. Nothing looks worse than an expensive suit that is ill-fitting. Make your long-term goal of acquiring several great suits that you can rotate throughout the year to avoid intense wear and tear. Try to also invest in building a collection of brown shoes that include both warm and cold weather shoes, as well as casual and dress shoes. Last but not least, make some room in your wardrobe and budget for a few staple accessories, such as the socks.

Socks are super important to an outfit and this should show in the outfit. Choosing your socks is sometimes an unconscious act – you just take an easily accessible pair and put them on without much thought. But socks are more than that. They are a way for you to express yourself without a lot of effort. Not only that, but they can seriously improve your outfit without paying an arm and a leg. And when it comes to choosing the colors and / patterns, it is all about complementing or contrasting with the colors of your outfit.

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