What to Wear in Miami

In the lineup of TV shows I watched as a kid, CSI: Miami might raise some red flags for nervous parents. Autopsies, blunt force trauma, and sexual innuendos inevitably primed my love of true crime documentaries as an adult. The American drama series definitely provided my understanding of Miami culture. 

In an effort to beat the cruel summer sun, locals wore dresses, loose button-up shirts, denim shorts, and beach cover-ups. Calleigh, Eva, and Eric were definitely my style icons when I was 12. 

Obviously, we’ve grown out of the mid-2000s aesthetic, but Miami-centric clothing still stands as an iconic style. If you’re planning a weekend trip to South Florida, it’s important to consider fashion and practicality when packing for clothing. You don’t want to stand out as a tourist, nor do you want to sweat in a Juicy Couture set amid 30-degree humidity. 

Consider us your online style guide, as we’ll teach you what to wear in Miami. We’ll provide 12 outfit ideas for tourists and locals to consider. Hopefully, by the end of this article, you’ll understand: 

  • What do guys wear to clubs in Miami 
  • What to wear in Miami beach 
  • What is considered classic Miami style 
  • Popular outfits for Miami 
  • What to wear in Miami in December 

What to Wear in Miami

Miami vacays entail sun-tanning by the shoreline, backstrokes in crystal waters, and timely piña coladas in the afternoon. Naturally, you’ll want to cop that same laidback aesthetic in your clothing.

Considering that most tourists visit during the summer, it’s best to pack an arsenal of breathable garments. This includes shorts, skirts, crop tops, button-down shirts, and dresses. 

Aside from its gorgeous beaches, the city is known for its nightlife. For those wondering what to wear to a club in Miami, it’s always a good idea to opt for a classic LBD or mini dress. Plus, you can never go wrong with a simple black tee and a pair of white jeans. 

In terms of weather conditions, Florida isn’t known to host sub-degree temperatures, so you don’t have to worry about packing a winter coat. 

Still in need of additional specifics? Don’t worry; we’ll teach you what to wear in Miami using 12 outfit ideas. 

12 Outfit Ideas to Wear in Miami

Starting with a banger, canary yellow is definitely a bold choice among fashion elitists. It’s a great hue to wear if you love the center of attention. Plus, this Miami outfit can work as a casual brunch-date outfit or a clubbing ensemble. 

Featuring a well-fitted blazer, a bralette, shorts, and a decorative headwrap, it’s a version of monochrome that replaces muted tones with bright and bold colors.

In terms of practicality, the OOTD strikes the perfect balance between breathability and classic Miami fashion style. Don’t forget to top the look off with white kitten heels and a pair of cool shades. 

Rattan, feathers, and macrame are intrinsic to the boho aesthetic. It’s certainly on-brand with traditional Miami attire, but I’m sure some locals aren’t keen on copying the entire style. If you prefer an outfit free of bells and whistles, we recommend trying this ‘what to wear in Miami’ contender on for size. 

Featuring a matching linen ensemble composed of pants, a bandeau top, and a poofy cardigan, this OOTD brings all the sass and sophistication needed for Floridian trendsetters. Plus, it’s fairly breathable due to the ensemble’s loose fit. 

So, you don’t know what to wear in Miami clubs. The gals are waiting patiently downstairs as you sit confuddled in a messy clothing pile. While most opt for the classic LBD, it’s common to covet a pop of color to help you stand out on the dancefloor. 

Considered the ‘it girl’ outfit, this stunning dress features a bra-like bodice with side cutouts. Assumably satin due to the sheen, this ocean-blue number is bound to look glamorous under the disco lights.

For those wondering what to wear out in Miami, this is the outfit to consider. Oh, and don’t forget to pair your OOTD with a set of strappy white stilettos. 

Miami clothes entail a hodgepodge of mini dresses, crop tops, and skirts. Of course, no Floridian closet is complete without a pair of denim shorts. While it’s common to wear light-wash jorts in the summer heat, we suggest copping a set of white, high-waisted Levis for a more refreshing alternative. 

This outfit features a multicolor halter top and a pair of sunnies, which helps exude that classic, Instagram-gal aesthetic. This is how to dress in Miami if you’re looking for something simple, sweet, and summer-appropriate. 

Nothing screams summer than a floral button-down. Intrinsic to tourist garb, this outfit reinvents the cheesy collared shirt into a fashion statement. The black decals of the tee pair well with the matching shorts. 

The pop of yellow is necessary to the ensemble. Without it, you’ll run the risk of looking too gloomy for the summer. For those wondering what to wear in Miami men, this is definitely a look worth considering. Of course, this OOTD isn’t complete without a pair of comfy Birkenstocks. 

Miami is not the place to don wool trousers or jeans. Unless you love the look of sweat stains, we suggest a more breathable alternative—such as a pair of linen pants. This outfit offers the perfect blend between practicality and style, as it features a set of wide-legged pants with an unbuttoned pinstripe tee. 

Roomy, comfortable, and ideal for 30-degree humidity, it’s a bright ensemble worthy of an Instagram post. To break the monotony of white, we recommend topping this ‘what to wear in Miami’ contender off with a pair of green slides. 

Black is the safest shade when it comes to fashion. Unfortunately, it’s not a practical color to don in scorching temperatures. If you’re wondering what to wear in Miami, there’s nothing wrong with opting for the classic monochrome ensemble. 

For example, this outfit comes with a cream-colored tee, white shorts, a matching tote bag, and a printed headscarf. Perfect for beach days and running errands, this OOTD will help you stay cool. This is what to wear in Miami for guys if you’re looking to keep things practical. 

Sassy attitudes call for a sassy pair of shorts. If you want to spice things up a bit, we recommend swapping your jorts with a set of cheetah-print bottoms. 

Accentuated with a graphic tee, Nike socks, and a matching neckerchief, it’s definitely one of the more daring outfits in our ‘what to wear in Miami’ lineup. For accessories, I’m sure a pair of Gucci slides and a set of Ray Bans will do the trick in exuding ‘The Kid Laroi’ aesthetic. 

If you plug ‘what to wear to Miami for men’ in the search engine, there’s a good chance that 90% of the results will recommend floral button-downs. There’s nothing wrong with a classic printed shirt, but I’m sure most of you are tired of this aesthetic. 

For those looking for a better alternative, how about a basic white tee paired with striped line shorts? Accessorized with boater shoes, a fedora, and a set of sunnies, it’s a great OOTD to consider for June to July. If you’re in the mood for a bit of bling, we recommend wearing a gold pendant necklace on top. 

If you prefer romantic silhouettes over sultry clubwear, then boy, do we have an outfit for you. Featuring a cottage core-inspired dress, this flirtatious number keeps things light and bright for picnic dates and long walks on the beach. 

For those headed off into the city, we suggest swapping your sandals for sneakers and socks instead. This ensemble requires some additional accessories, such as a cute tote bag and a set of minimalist jewelry. 

Can’t figure out what to wear in Miami? If so, there’s always the classic white skirt with a matching crop top set. Sweet, simple, and perfect for everyday use, this ensemble is slightly intrinsic to the ‘my daddy owns a yacht’ kind of look. 

It’s not pictured in the photo, but I’m sure this outfit is paired with white socks and matching sneakers. As a homage to 90s style cheese, we highly recommend wearing a pair of sunnies and a decorative velvet scrunchie.  

This outfit definitely screams ‘shooting hoops with boys later.’ Composed of green printed gym shorts with a black graphic tee, it’s a classic example of streetwear done right. 

We recommend reserving charcoal shirts for cooler days, considering that Miami gets pretty hot during the summer. For extra style points, this look requires matching sneakers, branded socks, and a baseball cap with a logo on the front. 

What Type of Miami Outfits Can You Get?

Miami is in a perpetual state of summer. There is no such thing as a cold winter’s day, as the city’s lowest recorded temperature is just below 0 degrees.

If you were to ask a Canadian or Swede, it’s practically swimming weather. With that in mind, Floridian outfits are often designed to be breathable, comfortable, and of course—stylish. 

If you’re wondering what fashion trends are currently popular in Miami, we’ll highlight a few for those curious: 

  • Denim shorts and crop tops: Considered a go-to for many tourists and locals, this classic combo is offered in various cuts, colors, materials, and prints. Plus, it’s super breathable for humid summer days.
  • Mini dresses: Miami is known for its gorgeous weather. Naturally, you’ll want to spend most of your days outdoors. Instead of opting for jeans, we suggest donning a cute mini as a more sweat-free alternative. 
  • Button-down shirts: Sometimes a crewneck tee is too casual. If you’re looking to spice things up, you can never go wrong with a well-fitted button-up shirt. 
  • Linen pants: Skipped leg day? If so, no worries. You can always substitute shorts with a pair of linen bottoms instead. 
  • Beach coverups: It’s common for locals to wear wrap skirts and tops as outerwear. Trust me, that Miami heat isn’t forgiving. 
  • Clubwear: As we previously mentioned, Miami is known for its nightlife. If you consider yourself a party gal, it’s best to ditch that casual ensemble with something more dressed up—such as a sequin dress. 

How to Choose The Best Miami Outfits

Miami doesn’t operate on a strict dress code. With that being said, there is an unspoken fashion rule—one that prevents unwarranted stares and smirks. If you were to ask a local Floridian, fashion is a celebration of color. Their clothes are vibrant, loose, and summer-appropriate. Basically, you don’t want to be caught dead in a stifling blazer/suit combo or a winter coat. 

Before you jet set off to Miami, it’s important to consider the clothing you will wear. For those who need to do some preliminary shopping, responsible buyers typically assess garments based on 5 things: price, quality, material, fit, and comfort. Don’t worry; we’ll be sure to discuss this in full in the following segments. 

Since Miami is known for humid weather, it’s best to find clothing that’s comfortable and breathable. With that being said, multiple trendsetters prefer body-con silhouettes over loose garments. That doesn’t mean that it skimps on practicality, as these garments are typically short in cut and super revealing. 

In terms of fabrics, you should be on the lookout for linen, cotton, chiffon, and spandex. Textiles such as wool, fleece, and leather should be avoided at all costs—unless you love the look of perspiration. 

Fit is a crucial point to consider. Naturally, you’ll want to find a dress or a pair of shorts that flatters your figure. It’s also important to consider flexibility, as there’s nothing more horrifying than a split seam or a crotch rip. We suggest doing some bends and squats in the fitting room, just to be sure. 

Depending on your budget, you don’t have to spend an excessive amount of money on clothing. There’s a good chance that you already own some high-quality basics. We recommend limiting your spending to $300 if you’re missing a few wardrobe necessities. 

How to Style Miami Outfits 

Let’s say you’ve got the basics down. The ‘what to wear in Miami’ query is finally met with some confidence and creativity. The outfit you’ve planned is an Instagram dream—but wait, what about accessories?

Every ensemble can be improved upon with a few accouterments, which is why we’ll feature some common styling tips to help level up your look. 

  • Sunnies: Not only is this a classic summer accessory, but it’s also a safety precaution. There’s nothing more fashionable than retina protection 
  • Simplistic bling: Beauty is often found in understated things. Instead of opting for big chains and tassels, we suggest wearing minimalist jewelry is a more refreshing alternative 
  • Silk scarves: Considered a highly versatile accessory, the silk scarf can be transformed into a headwrap, a bandeau, a skirt, or a neckerchief 
  • Sandals: If you’re hitting the beach, we suggest leaving your sneakers behind. After all, there’s nothing more annoying than sand in your shoe 
  • Mini bags: For those who can afford a small designer clutch, we recommend that you go for it. Fashioning a Jacquemus or Gucci can help you stand amongst the crowd

Fashion Tips to Avoid With Miami Outfits

So, you finally figured out what to wear in Miami. The flight is booked, the bags are packed, and that Instagram feed is quaking with potential. 

Despite your best efforts, you find yourself at a stand-still. It’s no longer a Pinterest dream of outfits but a horrific photo gallery of regrettable OOTDs. What went wrong? Well, there’s a good chance that it’s one of the few styling no-no’s listed below:

  • Insulated jackets: This includes puffers, trench coats, and dusters. As we previously mentioned, Miami gets pretty hot during the summer. Naturally, you’ll stand out amongst the crowd if you decide to wear a winter jacket 
  • Anything with leather: Unless it’s winter, we suggest leaving your leather pants and motocross coat at home. Leather loves to accumulate sweat 
  • Boots: It’s definitely a fashion statement, but it can quickly become a sweaty and sandy nightmare during humid beach days 
  • Strictly beachwear: Some restaurants and shops don’t allow their customers to wear bikinis and swim trunks. As a form of respect, we recommend packing a wrap skirt and a tee in your beach tote 
  • Hypebeast: Compared to Los Angeles, Floridian fashion isn’t known for branded clothing. Of course, you’re free to wear your Yeezys out in public, but it’s worth noting that head-to-toe logo clothing is a rare occurrence in Miami fashion 

How To Take Care Of Miami Outfits

For those who finally figured out what to wear in Miami, it’s to initiate some basic care and maintenance. If you’re near a laundromat or a bathroom sink, here are some ways to clean your clothes at home or at a hotel. 

  • Separate swimwear with regular clothing. This is especially important for bikinis and swim trunks soaked in chlorine 
  • Depending on the garment, wash in cold water with gentle detergent. Use fabric softener if the garment permits it 
  • Air dry on towel racks. Of course, you can always toss them in the machine if you can’t wait

Best Places to Buy Miami Outfits

In the market for some recommendations? If so, we’ll list down a few reputable stores for readers to check out:

  • ASOS 
  • Nordstrom 
  • Moda Operandi 
  • Urban Outfitters 
  • Free People 
  • Reformation

Final Thoughts

It doesn’t matter if it’s Paris, Tokyo, or Miami. Foreign destinations often bring a level of excitement when it comes to fashion. For trendsetters, it’s always important to blend in. This entails months of background research, Pinterest hunting, and shopping. 

In terms of Floridian clothing, we think we’ve nailed their style down to a science. There’s no need to worry about looking like a tourist here. By using our guide, it’s easy to cop that classic, local aesthetic. 

Hopefully, you’re one step closer to figuring out what to wear in Miami. From mini dresses to linen pants, the outfit ideas are literally limitless. Happy styling! 

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