What To Wear On A Plane

The invasive nature of airport security paired with that stifling six-hour flight requires a comfortable set of clothes.

To the novice dresser, it seems unreasonable to don tops and tails in a facility that doesn’t care about style. That said, airport fashion has become a hot topic in the passing years, thanks to the popularity of K-Pop. 

From Jennie’s red Chanel sweatshirt to Jimin’s leather jacket and flannel button-down look, K-Pop has given us all the more reason to put more effort into our airport ensemble. 

Thankfully, their outfits are nothing like their stage attire—since they offer the perfect mix of fashion and functionality. So with that in mind, can I interest you in this ‘what to wear on a plane’ guide?

Considered a great way to look first-class without buying the ticket, I’ll show you what to wear on a plane using 13 outfit ideas. Hopefully, by the end of this article, you’ll know:

  • What to wear on a plane in summer 
  • What to wear when traveling on a plane 
  • What mask to wear on a plane 
  • What not to wear on a plane 
  • Some comfy airport outfits 
  • Airport outfits ideas 

What Are Airplane Outfits Like? 

Fashion and function have never been so in tune with each other when it comes to airport attire. If you’re gearing up for an overseas flight, it’s important to assemble an outfit that’s both stylish and comfortable. 

It’s worth noting that you’re not required to look your best during the trip, but doing so could help you exude a sense of confidence and professionalism even if you don’t feel it. 

Travel clothes are typically fullcoverage, given that shorts and skirts are at risk of riding up. Plus, airplanes are known to be quite cold, so it’s important to add a few additional layers in case they run out of blankets. 

History Of Air Travel

For most, the aviation timeline starts in 1901 with the Wright brothers. That said, our desire to fly spans all the way back to Leonardo Da Vinci.

He, alongside other notable visionaries, would lay out the groundwork for future flight by providing hypotheses and map-ups that would aid in the invention of the airplane. 

In the decades to come, history would see its firstever hot air balloon and the introduction of aerodynamics.

Wilbur and Orville (along with the help of Henri Giffard) were the first to fly, thanks to the ‘Giffard Dirigible’ airship. This momentous event signified the kickstart of air travel, as it helped other future inventors ‘take off running.’

Commercial air travel was not made possible until 1914 when a St. Petersburg flight bound for Tampa, Florida, carried its first set of passengers. Over the years, aviation evolved into a more refined experience, which we’re all familiar with today. 

What To Wear On A Plane

Travel outfits can showcase a specific fantasy—one that reminds us of Frank Sinatra’s 1958 hit, “Come Fly with Me.”

Styled to look suave, sophisticated, and classy, this attire is definitely a far cry from what we typically wear for flights today. That said, there’s no shame in wearing a new set of clothes for your next trip. 

Looking for some OOTD inspo? If so, this ‘what to wear on a plane’ guide will highlight 13 different outfits for trendsetters to consider. 

13 Outfit Ideas To Wear On A Plane

There’s nothing more troublesome than airport security. While you’re free to huff and puff in irritation, I suggest letting out your frustrations via fashion as a less ‘in your face’ route. 

This ensemble features a fitted black tank top, cargo pants, Rick Owens Converse shoes, and a Gucci tote bag. The sunnies are a must if you want to exude that ‘don’t talk to me’ vibe. Rebellious in aesthetic, this is what to wear on a plane if you’re tired of all the b.s. 

Considered a versatile outfit, the button-down top and biker shorts combo can be your go-to for that six-hour flight. Plus, the relaxed silhouette of the shirt paired with the slim-fit nature of the bottoms can help accentuate your figure. 

Also, it’s a super comfy look that’s easy to snuggle in—but we can’t say the same for skinny jeans and spiked leather jackets. Outfitted with dad-type sneakers and socks, this ‘what to wear on a plane’ contender keeps things cool and casual for the flight over. 

If you’re adamant about wearing jeans, be sure to opt for something loose in shape. For instance, Blackpink’s Lisa chose to pair her baggy Star Wars hoodie with some JNCO-style pants. 

Obviously, it’s not the most flattering OOTD, but it can help you stay cozy and warm during that overseas flight. For added pizazz, this ‘what to wear on a plane’ guide suggests topping things off with white shoes and a cute tote bag. 

Sweatpants are usually the go-to for many travelers. Unflattering?Definitely, but there’s a way to make them more palatable. Out of the airplane outfits I’ve featured so far, this ensemble is the most inventive way to style ‘joggers.’ 

The loose nature of the pleated trousers gives off the impression of sweats, which is further emphasized by the gray turtleneck. Complemented with a matching flannel jacket, this ‘what to wear on a plane’ contender will definitely impress somebody at baggage claim. 

Care for a matching set? If so, this snazzy outfit is the perfect mix between comfort and fashion.

Composed by the legendary Bella Hadid, this ensemble features an orange button-down shirt, cigarette pants, Converses, and a cute duffle bag. It definitely screams ‘firstclass’ due to the designer carry-on bag and the tailored nature of the OOTD. 

Most airplane flights are business trips. With that in mind, it seems distasteful to wear sweatpants on such a corporate occasion. If you prefer something a bit more professional, I suggest this fashionable ensemble. 

Outfitted with a beige top, loose pantaloons, and a matching robe-like cardigan, it definitely exudes a sense of class for overseas workers. Obviously, the heels are totally optional, as you can easily swap them for tennis shoes for a more comfortable alternative. 

As comfy as one-pieces are, they aren’t the most practical if you need to visit the restroom. But for those who covet the ‘singular’ garment look, there’s no shame in wearing a shirt dress. This stylish contender features a black midi number with an added thigh slit. 

Complemented with white sneakers, it offers full coverage without the need for additional layering. To help keep things cozy, I recommend adding an extra sweater on top. 

Designed to look super casual, this airport OOTD is for those who can’t be bothered. It features a black bomber jacket, a gray hoodie, a white tee, gray jeans, and a pair of Converse shoes. 

Relatively free of jewelry and any additional accessories, you can expect a painfree experience at TSA. Since airports allow passengers to lug a few carry-ons during the trip, I recommend adding a tote bag to help store your belongings. 

Relaxed in silhouette, this streetwear-inspired look keeps things casual for commercial flights. The baggy nature of the pants and the oversized shape of the flannel are a musthave for long trips, especially if the cabin starts to get cold. 

Accentuated with a black Balenciaga tee and a leather satchel, this ‘what to wear on a plane’ contender can help you look put together from Tampa to Tobago. 

If you’re traveling from one hot destination to another, it may seem counterintuitive to wear fall-style plane clothing. To keep things summery and light, I recommend donning this playful ensemble. 

Composed of a green collared shirt, white trousers, and beige sandals, it’s the perfect look to wear for summer vacation. The only thing that’s missing is a crossbody bag and a pair of cool shades. 

Taking your shoes off at airport security can be a hassle. If you don’t want to hold up the line, it’s important to wear kicks that feature no excessive laces, buckles, and other accouterments. 

Case in point, this ‘what to wear on a plane’ contender features a simple pair of white loafers. Styled with jeans, a tank top, and a blush pink button-down shirt, this OOTD still showcases a sense of fashion while keeping things minimalistic. 

Hipster in aesthetic, this cool and composed OOTD is perfect for fall vacations. It features a brown puffer-style jacket, a simple white tee, black pants, and a pair of original Converses. 

Designed to look charming, it definitely exudes a kiddish ‘Tom Holland’ vibe due to the stylish simplicity of the entire look. To top things off, this ‘what to wear on a plane’ guide highly recommends donning a cute baseball cap

It’s never a bad idea to bring a sweater on an airplane. Cabins tend to get chilly, especially during lights out. If those complementary blankets do nothing for you, I suggest donning this extravagant number

This unique pullover features a scarf sewn into the design. Paired with black trousers and matching leather boots, this ‘what to wear on a plane’ contender emits a sense of sophistication, even if you’re situated in business class. 

What Type Of Airplane Outfits Can You Get?

There’s no such thing as a traditional airplane outfit. Everyone has their own interpretation of what makes an ideal travel OOTD.

But for those unfamiliar with airport fashion, I understand the need to gather a few solid ideas. So, this ‘what to wear on a plane’ guide will share some notable trends to consider for your next flight. 

  • The matching set: Typically composed of sweatpants and a matching hoodie, this is the easiest way to look stylish without the unnecessary effort 
  • The baggy look: This OOTD features an extra-large top and an oversized pair of pants. If you’re not fond of slim-fit clothing, this is the option to go for. 
  • The fit and flare silhouette: If you’re looking for some extra shape, you can never go wrong with a fitted top and a loose pair of pants. This also works the other way as well. 
  • Streetwear casual: A good majority of trendsetters dabble in streetwear fashion. So, I recommend combining your most comfortable pieces to make the ultimate fit. 
  • The office look: If you’re gearing up for a business trip, it’s important to look composed during the flight over. Instead of opting for blazers and ties, I recommend a simple trench coat, loose trousers, and a turtleneck. 

How To Choose The Best Airplane Outfit

As previously mentioned, airplane outfits must offer a perfect balance between function and fashion.

While it may seem unnecessary to look stylish during that seven-hour flight, wearing a chic set of clothing can help you exude a sense of prestige and confidence. 

I can’t guarantee that you’ll be treated like a first-class passenger by donning a Gucci tracksuit, but it will garner some respect from fellow trendsetting travelers. 

Comfort is key when choosing an airplane outfit. Generally, you should stay away from tight-fitting clothing, assuming you’re bound for a lengthy flight.

Skinny jeans, leather pants, and chiffon blouses will usually provide an uncomfortable experience. Instead, I recommend donning loose, breathable fabrics such as cotton, linen, cashmere, and jersey knit. 

It’s also worth noting that clothing that features additional embellishments (such as tassels, bells, and sequins) should be avoided at all costs. Trust me, you don’t want these to get caught on your seatbelt. 

If you’re into airport fashion, design is an important factor to consider. I recommend sticking to minimalistic silhouettes to help keep things simple and comfortable. 

Ultimately, you’re free to wear whatever color or print you desire—but bear in mind that your mood might change when you finally land. You may find it funny to don a Hawaiian shirt to Manila, but after that grueling 20-hour flight, it might not feel as fun anymore. 

Generally speaking, you don’t have to worry about price when it comes to airport fashion. You can easily find a stylish set of clothes in your current wardrobe.

But for those in need of new pieces, this ‘what to wear on a plane’ guide recommends sticking to a $100 budget. 

How To Style Airplane Outfits

Accessorizing your airplane outfit might seem over-excessive. That said, it’s a musthave for trendsetters who intend on getting that Instagram pic. For those still unsure of what to wear on a plane, here are some styling tips that are definitely worth considering. 

  • Face masks: It’s worth noting that this accessory is still considered a requirement in most airports. Nevertheless, it’s a simple way of looking like a celebrity even if you’ve booked an economy ticket. 
  • Hats: Bad hair days are a given with long flights. If you can’t be bothered to style your hair during the trip, I recommend concealing it with a baseball cap or a beanie. 
  • Jackets and sweaters: Airplanes tend to get cold during the ‘night.’ With that in mind, it’s important to bring some additional layers in case you get chilly. 
  • The French tuck: Airplane outfits are relatively shapeless in silhouette. If you want to accentuate your figure, you can never go wrong with a simple front tuck. 
  • Cuffing: This styling tip applies to long-sleeve shirts and pants. It’s a simple way to elevate an outfit without even trying. 
  • Designer items: A significant amount of outfits I’ve shared feature luxury handbags. Of course, this is totally optional for those who can afford them. 

Fashion Tips To Avoid With Airplane Outfits

It’s a well-known fact that airport security officers aren’t typically friendly.

TSA is a whole other story, given that you’re required to partially strip down. If you’re looking to achieve that painfree flying experience, here are five fashion tips to avoid with airplane outfits.

  1. Metal jewelry: There’s nothing more annoying than removing all of your rings, bracelets, and stacked necklaces at TSA. So I recommend keeping things simple when it comes to jewelry. 
  2. Maximalism: It’s worth noting that I’m specifically referring to over-excessive layers and accessories. This doesn’t apply to print, cut, and color. 
  3. Slim-fit clothing: Restrictive garments such as leather pants and frilly blouses are typically avoided during long flights. I suggest sticking to loose clothing instead. 
  4. Skimpy fashion: This is not the time to wear your sexy LBD or revealing top. As previously mentioned, airplanes tend to get quite chilly. 
  5. High heels: Airports require lots of walking. As a result, it seems like a bad idea to don your Louboutins and six-inch platform stilettos. 

Best Places To Buy Airplane Outfits

Care for some recommended shops? If so, this ‘what to wear on a plane’ guide has got your back. Here are some retailers that are worth checking out. 

  • Everlane 
  • Girlfriend Collective
  • Nordstrom 
  • ASOS 
  • Aritzia 

Final Thoughts

Contrary to popular belief, prepping for a trip requires a lot of work and effort. While most travelers focus on booking the ticket, finding hotels, and mapping out their itinerary, fashion is often a low-end priority. 

In my opinion, that shouldn’t be the case. That vacay to Italy and France should require a suitcase full of closet classics, and that extends to airport clothing as well. 

Here’s to hoping that this ‘what to wear on a plane’ guide has supplied you with enough inspiration. I bid you adieu on your scenic trip and good luck when it comes to outfit coordination.

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