What to Wear with Camo Pants

Memes and fashion aren’t two sides of the same coin. But, in the era of bizarre Y Project oddities, controversial fanny packs, and endless ‘Wednesdays we wear pink’ reposts, some Internet historians like to say otherwise.

Arguably, the most ‘cultured’ meme in clothing are camo pants. Intrinsic to redneck style, these bottoms were mocked as the new invisibility cloak. Yep, it’s a stupid trend, but it’s hard to turn a blind eye to such an iconic print. 

Despite the meme, camo pants continue to be a coveted favorite for many trendsetters. I’m sure most of you aren’t keen on the country bumpkin aesthetic, considering that cps are commonly worn by huntsmen. If you’re struggling to see past deer, tactical sunglasses, and guns, we’ve developed a helpful guide on what to wear with camo pants. 

From turtlenecks to leather jackets, there are hundreds of ways to circumvent the aesthetic. Hopefully, by the end of this article, you’ll understand:

  • Some trendy camo pants outfit ideas 
  • What shirt to wear with camo pants guys 
  • What shoes to wear with camo pants 
  • Some popular camouflage pants for women 

What are Camo Pants?

Before we address what to wear with camo pants, we thought it best to define the garment to avoid confusion.

Short for camouflage, these bottoms are commonly worn by soldiers and huntsmen. They’re designed to blend amongst the foliage with a purpose to hide from enemies and prey. 

Those used for traditional purposes are often printed with green, brown, and beige swatches. In fashion, camo pants vary in color, such as orange or pink. They’re typically baggy in silhouette, but it’s not uncommon to find a leggings or sweatpants version online. 

What to Wear with Camo Pants

In the field, camo pants are typically paired with a jacket, a vest, and a matching hat in the same print. I know, it’s not an aesthetic that blends well with everyday fashion—which is why we created this nifty guide for trendsetters to follow.

You don’t have to don a military-type coat or a pair of tactical sunnies here unless the gram demands it. 

Below, we’ve rustled together 12 camo outfits for all genders to enjoy. You’ll also find some styling tips, shopping advice, and basic care instructions in the segments to come. Without further ado, let’s begin the ‘what to wear with camo pants’ runway!

6 Outfit Ideas with Camo Pants for Women

Slightly Kim Possible in aesthetic, this camo pants outfit strikes the perfect balance between spy girl chic and streetwear. It features a zip-up cream long sleeve, straight-legged cps, platform sneakers, and a pair of Matrix-approved sunnies. 

Compared to the traditional set of camo pants, these bottoms rest wonderfully on the hips, creating an hourglass effect. You won’t catch any deer wearing this outfit, but there’s a good chance you’ll rope in potential suitors. We recommend finishing this ‘what to wear with camo pants’ contender with a stylish crossbody bag. 

Attention! The military-inspired outfit is a no-go for combat, but it definitely gets the ‘Bravo Zulu’ in fashion. The wide-legged camo pants pair well with the forest green cargo jacket and the yellow sunnies. 

It’s an excellent example of how oversized clothing can look flattering, as this OOTD creates the illusion of a slim figure due to the cropped hem of the pants and the exaggerated sleeves of the coat.

While it’s common to wear a pair of combat boots, we recommend turning the tables by donning some white stiletto heels instead. 

For those wondering what shirt to wear with camo pants, there’s nothing wrong with opting for a classic white tee. Loose in silhouette, this alabaster button-down is complimented with wide-legged cps, white heels, and a 3-compartment utility belt. 

If Miranda Priestly had an important meeting at a military base, she should definitely wear this outfit. It’s certainly one of the more daring camo outfits women’s styles to consider, which is why we recommend donning this OOTD only for Instagram posts and fashion week. 

In pop culture, femme fatales are often depicted beating up misogynistic men while indulging in one or two snake bites at the local tavern. 

If you want to exude the same vibe, we recommend trying this ‘what to wear with camo pants’ contender on for size. Featuring a pair of form-fitting cps, ankle booties, a black shirt, and a leather jacket, it’s the ideal outfit to wear for aspiring Charlie’s Angels. 

For those wondering what to wear with camo leggings, it’s always a good idea to opt for tailored clothes. It does wonders in evening out your proportions. The Louis Vuitton carry-on is definitely an added flex, which adds the perfect amount of intimation to the overall look. 

Camo pants naturally exude a ‘hardcore’ attitude. Naturally, the best way to wear cps is to opt for the vintage grunge aesthetic. Styled with a retro band tee, lace-up sneakers, and space buns, this outfit is perfect for Ed Hardy types and streetwear fanatics. 

Plus, it’s a super comfortable OOTD to wear, as the bottoms feature an elasticated waistband. It’s the kind of outfit you’d want to fashion to a hipster cafe or at a tattoo appointment, as the ensemble imbues that coveted ‘don’t mess with me’ kind of vibe. If you’re wondering what to wear with camo pants, this is the outfit to opt for. 

Tank tops and army pants are a match made in heaven. This ‘what to wear with camo pants’ contender features a pair of cps and a sleeveless crop top. It’s a simple outfit that goes back to the basics, which makes it perfect for everyday styling.

 If you’re not comfortable showing your midriff, you can always opt for a longer shirt. We recommend topping the look off with a set of sneakers, a crossbody bag, and a gold-tinted necklace for a touch of bling. 

6 Outfit Ideas with Camo Pants for Men

Compared to the designs commonly featured in our ‘what to wear with camo pants’ lineup, this print is definitely more traditional. This pattern features the iconic twig and leaf motif, which is blended with swatches of beige, brown, and green. 

While you’re welcome to don the full huntsman aesthetic, we suggest opting for the streetwear look for a more wearable ensemble. This entails a graphic hoodie, a white tee, sneakers, and an embroidered baseball cap. In our opinion, it’s the perfect look for casual hangouts and dates. 

For those Googling ‘outfit what shirt to wear with camo pants,’ most results suggest a classic graphic tee. It’s an excellent choice if you can’t be bothered to wear fussy clothing, as crew neck shirts are considered one of many wardrobe basics. 

Featuring a magazine front with red typography, this top pairs well with the green bottoms. If anything, this OOTD is a loose interpretation of Christmas wear due to the classic color combination. For shoes, we recommend a pair of kicks offered in the same hues. 

Kanye was known for his fashion sense before Yeezy. Obviously, he’s stepped up his styling game since then. 

This outfit is a simple take on camo pants, as it comes with an oversized graphic hoodie and, of course, a pair of matching Yeezys.

Perfect for running errands, lounging, and casual hangouts, this is how to best approach the ‘what to wear with camo pants mens’ query. For accessories, why not go all out with a bucket hat and a techwear-inspired utility belt?

Streetwear will never go out of style. With that in mind, it’s probably best to stock up on some wardrobe basics. Camo pants and graphic sweatshirts should certainly be on your shopping list, with the addition of sneakers as well. 

Take, for instance, this outfit, which features this ‘holy trinity’ of closet must-haves. Edgy, cool, and Instagrammable, it’s the ideal look for hypebeasts who love to make a statement. Don’t forget to top this ‘what to wear with camo pants’ look with a crossbody fanny pack! 

Justin Bieber loves three things: Hailey Baldwin, music, and streetwear. We’re here to address the latter, as in this photo—he’s sporting a pair of cargo pants with an oversized black sweatshirt. 

Complemented with a white shirt, sneakers, and an olive green beanie, it’s the JB equivalent of skater-boy chic. If you want to jazz up your look, we highly recommend opting for a different color of camo, such as orange or deep purple. 

So, you’re wondering what shirt to wear with camo pants. If you can’t find a solid contender in your closet, we suggest ditching the tee altogether and opting for a hoodie instead.

Considered a great example of classic streetwear, this OOTD features a pair of orange army bottoms, a black sweatshirt, and a puffer jacket for extra pizazz. 

It’s a solid look for everyday use, as it’s casual and stylish enough for any occasion. The shoes provide an additional pop of color, just in case the orange wasn’t enough to draw you in. 

What Type of Camo Pants Can You get?

Camo pants feature a camouflage print; surprise, surprise. Aside from the pattern, there are dozens of designs to choose from.

It’s important to consider the look you’re going for, as this will help determine the right type of color, style, and silhouette fitted for your aesthetically-inclined needs. Below, we’ll feature some popular cuts for trendsetters to consider:

  • The traditional design: This entails the basic twig and leaf print that soldiers and huntsmen wear. They’re not meant to be fashionable, but it’s a solid choice for those looking to make a statement. 
  • Multicolor: Tired of the usual green and brown? If so, you should opt for other colors such as neon orange and purple. 
  • Baggy trousers: A majority of camo pants come in an exaggerated silhouette. Not only is it stylish, but it’s super comfortable for those who hate form-fitting bottoms. 
  • Leggings and cigarette pants: If you belong in the 5’3” and under club, we highly recommend wearing slim-fit camos instead of baggy bottoms. Trust me, they do wonders in elongating your figure. 

How to Choose The Best Camo Pants

For the purposes of this article, we won’t delve into military-grade camo pants. These bottoms are designed with special materials and assets to help soldiers and huntsmen perform better in the field. 

I think it’s safe to say that they differ from cps meant for fashion purposes only—as they don’t offer the same level of durability. With that being said, it’s still important to consider quality and construction when choosing a pair of camo pants, whether they’re approved in tactical situations or not. 

Responsible shoppers look for three things when it comes to clothing: material, quality, and price. The best camo pants are made out of cotton twill fabric; if you’re looking for a sturdy pair of bottoms, that is. 

Some designs are offered as leggings or sweatpants. In that case, it’s probably best to look for more comfortable textiles, such as spandex and fleece. At the end of the day, buyers should be on the lookout for strong, resilient fabrics that won’t stretch or rip over time. 

High-quality camo pants can ring up a hefty price. We suggest operating in a ballpark between $50 to $100 for a decent pair of bottoms. Of course, this depends on your overall budget, the brand in question, and the materials used in construction. 

How to Style Camo Pants

So, have you finally figured out what to wear with camo pants? We featured over 12 outfit ideas for trendsetters to consider, so we’re pretty confident that our readers have a general idea. But, for those still stuck in the styling slump, we’ll feature some common ways to fashion camo pants. 

  • White tank tops: Considered a simple way to style camo pants, white tank tops provide a solid foundation for the loud print to shine through. You don’t have to worry about outfit clashing here. 
  • Graphic tees: Don’t just opt for any old image or motif. We highly recommend wearing a vintage shirt or a band tee to really give off that retro vibe. 
  • Sneakers: A majority of trendsetters opt for a pair of Yeezys or Adidas sneakers when it comes to styling camo pants. It’s a match made in heaven. 
  • White stilettos: In a strange twist of events, the refined silhouette of stilettos pair surprisingly well with the streetwear nature of camo pants. It’s just another example of fashion juxtaposition at its best. 
  • Utility belts and crossbody bags. Aside from streetwear, camo pants are considered a part of techwear. Naturally, they’ll pair well with compartmental bags and fanny packs. 

Fashion Tips to Avoid With Camo Pants

In meme culture, camo pants technically pair with anything given its ‘invisible’ nature. Trust me, there are hundreds of styling no-nos attributed to cps. From the redneck aesthetic to Y2K cringe, we’ll share some clothing tips to avoid if you want to stay clear of the fashion police. 

  • Head-to-toe camo: In rare instances, the full camo get-up can look fashionable. Unless you’re a veteran trendsetter, a soldier, or a huntsman, we suggest ditching that complete camouflage garb altogether. 
  • Blouses: Frills, lace, and ruffles don’t pair well with the edgy nature of camo pants. There’s a reason why most trendsetters prefer white tees over bishop sleeves. 
  • Kitten heels and flats: The dainty nature imbued in these shoes clashes with camo pants. The only option you have are boots, sneakers, and stilettos. 
  • Sequins: This applies to jackets, tops, and shoes. It borders on Y2K fashion, and not in a good way. 
  • Excessive jewelry: There’s nothing tackier than a pair of camo pants styled with an exorbitant amount of stacked bracelets, rings, and necklaces. We suggest keeping things light with a simple chunky chain or sterling silver hoops instead. 

How To Take Care Of Camo Pants

Camo pants have a knack of hiding stains. After all, they do come in a camouflage print. With that being said, you can’t call mustard spots and ketchup splatters ‘foliage.’ It’s important to conduct some routine care and maintenance to ensure continued wearability. 

Fortunately, most cps require no professional-level cleaning, as you can simply wash them at home using these key steps: 

  • Wash as little as possible. If anything, you should treat them like a pair of jeans. 
  • Toss them into a freezer to remove unwanted odors and bacteria. 
  • Turn them inside out to protect any added embellishments or embroidery. 
  • Wash in cold water with gentle detergent. 
  • Dry on a gentle cycle. You can also opt to air dry them instead. 

Best Places to Buy Camo Pants

At this point, consider yourself versed in the ‘what to wear with camo pants’ debate. Now it’s time to cop a pair. For those in need of recommendations, we’ll spotlight a few stores for shoppers to consider:

  • Urban Outfitters 
  • ASOS 
  • Nordstrom 
  • Amazon 
  • Moda Operandi 
  • Target 

Final Thoughts

Compared to jeans and joggers, camo pants are usually considered the ‘bottom of the barrel’ when it comes to styling. They require a bit of effort due to the loud pattern and baggy silhouette. 

Thankfully, you don’t have to don the traditional military or huntsman uniform, as they’re now adopted as a wardrobe basic. Intrinsic to skater culture and techwear, there’s a good chance that camo pants will be around for decades to come. 

From tank tops to button-down tees, we’ve featured 12 different outfit ideas for trendsetters to use. Hopefully, you drew some inspiration from our article. If not, it acts as a compelling argument that camo pants don’t deserve their ‘invisibility’ status when it comes to fashion. 

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