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8Greens Powder Sticks Drink Mix 30 Count

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Product Description

It happens to all of us. You're cruising along feeling proud of all the ways you've been prioritizing your well-being: exercise, sleep, time with loved ones, me-time, and even dietary changes that support your new routines. But then life happens. And those minutes allocated to whipping up a green smoothie, crafting your own kale chips, or surveying the farmers market are now claimed by a new work project, after-school activity, or the doggie waiting by the door. That's what we call an 8Greens moment. A moment to grab a glass or bottle of water (eight ounces will do the trick), mix in one of these effervescent 8Greens Powder Sticks (that are beyond easy to stash in your bag when you're on the go), and drink up. A moment to load up on necessary nutrients. (8Greens Powder Sticks are a good source of vitamins C, B5, B6, and B12.) A moment to enjoy some foodie-approved flavor combos. (Pomegranate + Basil? Cucumber + Watermelon? Yes, please!). And a moment to keep your wellness plan on track wherever, and whenever, the moment finds you. And it's all in about the time it takes you to check your email. Brilliant. From 8G.