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Jantzen Surplice Maillot One-Piece Swimsuit

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Jump right in! Iconic swimwear brand Jantzen delivers a reimagined maillot that's friendly to curves, edges, and all the body shapes (and sizes) we're rockin'. It's their take on the hotter-than-hot one-piece trend and the swim style we think every summer fun-seeker should own (at least one)! Make a splash. Catch a wave. Get back up, do it again. (And save the teeny bikinis and cheeky bottoms for the sundeck.) This stay-put suit's serious about getting in the W-A-T-E-R -- whether you're suiting up for laps, joining a popup game of pool volleyball, floating on a flamingo -- or planning on all of the above. Janzten is obsessed with alll the details that flatter and perform -- both in and out of the cool blue stuff. They've been mastering it for more than a hundred years, so yup, they're pretty much the authority. And us? We're more than happy to join them (and you) for a dip! From Jantzen.