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Perfect Formula Gel Coat Manicure

$29.00 USD

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Product Description

Perfect Formula Gel Coat products instantly strengthen, seal, and protect natural nails so they can grow out strong and beautiful. Pink Gel Coat contains an optical brightener to filter out any yellow appearance in the nail. Use Pink or Clear Gel Coat alone or as a base coat. Powder Pink and Light Taupe Gel Coats are the same strengthening formula with color added. These formulas remove easily with any nail polish remover. How do I use it: Apply one coat of any Gel Coat product to clean dry nails. Re-coat anytime. Remove with any nail polish remover and reapply. No soaking necessary. Tip: For easy application of Gel Coat Color, apply just three or four brush strokes and let the product self-level. You may apply an additional coat using the same method. From Perfect Formula. Includes: