Best Gucci Sneakers

Shoes are both a necessity and a statement in today’s world. Protecting your feet in comfortable shoes is one thing, but they also can make or break an outfit.

A simple pair of shoes can elevate your tracksuit into something that could belong on the front of a magazine. How we dress not only serves as a commentary on how we want to present ourselves to the world but also what we value when we choose where to shop.

Gone are the days in which sneakers were pushed to the sidelines, gracing only gym floors and wet pavement in the early morning.

It has been decided: fashion is for fun and comfort is key, and Gucci has developed different types of sneakers that focus on protecting your feet and maintaining style.

In other words, the brand has made shoes that get you exactly where you need to go and make you look good while doing it.

Gucci is known for its classic polished black loafers with a shiny gold buckle front and center, which have been in production since 1953.

They have since adapted their style as they stray away from traditional and simple and move towards bolder styles of today.

So, if you’re on the hunt for a pair of designer sneakers for yourself or as a gift for someone you love, allow us to show you the best of the best when it comes to Gucci sneakers.

How to Shop for the Best Gucci Sneakers

Choosing a new pair of sneakers can be difficult. They have to fit right, look how you want them to, last a long time, adapt to different outfits in your wardrobe, and come from a brand that speaks to you.

Plus, it all has to fit within the budget you have set for yourself.

It’s important to keep your expectations high when shopping for shoes, especially since sneakers belong in the “wear daily” category of your closet. So, before we run towards the best Gucci sneakers, let’s walk through how to go about choosing the right pair for you.


All the best Gucci sneakers have some sort of logo or emblem that brands them as Gucci. Most come with embroidery, patches, or studs that outline iconic Gucci symbols.

This can, of course, play a role in which pair you choose, depending on whether you want something that is a little more low profile and neutral or something that is more fun and flashy.

While logos are present in all pairs of Gucci shoes, they are tasteful nods to classic and timeless pieces produced by Gucci. While they may be flashy if that’s the route you choose, they are never gaudy.

If you do prefer a more minimal look, there are plenty of options, such as a small emblem on the heel of the shoe or a subtle striping of the iconic green and red on the sides.


Gucci shoes are often constructed from genuine leather, canvas, or cotton, with rubber soles, all materials of which Gucci claims to use only the best.

The description of each pair states whether or not they have been made from animal materials, which is important as society moves towards a more sustainable future.


The brand’s sneaker styles range from tennis shoes, high tops and low tops, to laceless slip-ons. There are also plenty of different color options to match your wardrobe.

Many of their sneakers come in neutral colorways, which means they are adaptable to different outfits and looks.

The best Gucci sneaker is the one that is best suited for you and your everyday life, as some pairs are more casual than others.

Gucci advises against getting the sneakers too hot or wet, which can be problematic if you live in a warm or wet climate.

The shoes would likely need to be put away during the winter and spring seasons to avoid becoming wet or dirty. Otherwise, they would need to be swapped out for a different pair of shoes when going outside.


Another important feature of every pair of shoes, especially ones that get daily wear, is how long they will last. The best Gucci sneakers need more maintenance than a regular pair of shoes.

The company suggests that the shoes be filled with paper to hold their shape and kept in a box to protect them when not in use.

While owning a pair of Gucci shoes may require a bit more care, it is important to note that following these suggestions can extend the life of any pair of shoes.


The best Gucci sneakers are definitely on the higher side of the price range when it comes to casual shoes.

If you are willing to splurge and invest in quality shoes that are versatile and will last with the proper care, then a pair of Gucci sneakers could be the ones for you. Below is a list of the shoes we will be taking a look at, in order from least to most expensive:

Men’s Gucci Tennis 1977 slip-on sneaker, $580
Men’s GG embossed slip-on sneaker, $620
Men’s Gucci Tennis 1977 sneaker, $630
Men’s Ace GG embossed sneaker, $680
Men’s Ace sneaker with elastic Web, $680
Men’s Ace sneaker with Interlocking G, $680
Men’s Gucci Tennis 1977 GG high-top, $790
Men’s Screener GG sneaker, $870
Men’s Rhyton sneaker with ’25,’ $890
Men’s Gucci Basket sneaker, $950

The Best Gucci Sneakers

Having considered which type of sneaker would be right for you based on your needs, we’ll go through the ten best Gucci men’s sneakers (in our humble opinion).

We’ll take a look at the design and aesthetics of each shoe, as well as what sets them apart from a regular pair of sneakers. One of these options could be your sole-mate!

1 – Gucci Men’s Tennis Sneaker 1977 in Butter Cotton

If you are looking for a great pair of everyday shoes, the men’s Gucci tennis sneaker in butter cotton is for you. They are neutral in tone and yet also bring a pop of color to your wardrobe.

These shoes are a perfect pairing for your favorite shorts on a summer day or for a friendly match on a tennis court, dressing up any casual look for a cool $630.

The classic red and green stripes are showcased on the side of these cream-colored low tops, paired with green trim to juxtapose the white striping throughout.

The shoes are a hybrid of 70s style and today’s fashion: the vintage Gucci Tennis 1977 label and retro color palette are featured on a sporty and modern sneaker.

2 – Gucci Men’s Ace GG Embossed Sneaker in Black Leather

The Gucci men’s Ace GG embossed sneaker is a monochromatic take on the classic Ace sneaker, which is based on the vintage style of the 90s.

With shiny black leather, the GG is embossed all over the shoe, giving a subtle nod to the Gucci name. The heel of the shoe is printed with ‘Gucci’ in a brushed gold finish, interrupting the continuous shade of black and enhancing the luxurious appearance.

The texture of the shoe leans towards vintage, while the all-encompassing black coloring pulls contemporary, creating the perfect blend of classic and timeless.

As the perfect addition to any look with their monochromatic and yet intricate design, these sneakers would run you $680.

3 – Gucci Men’s Rhyton Sneaker with ‘25’

If you are on the hunt for more of a traditional running shoe with ample cushioning for the forefoot and heel and support for the arch of the foot, the Gucci men’s Rhyton sneaker with ‘25’ is a strong contender.

These sneakers are great for exercising, running errands, or pairing with your favourite athleisure wear, all for $890.

The entire shoe is a warm cream-colored material that is crafted from sustainable materials, while the sole of the shoe is a light tan rubber. The right side of each shoe is printed with a navy blue ‘25,’ which is Alessandro Michele’s favourite number.

On the left is ‘Gucci Eschatology 1921,’ eschatology being a doctrine that explores destiny, and 1921 being the year Gucci was founded, linking the past of Gucci to the future of fashion.

4 – Gucci Men’s 1977 Tennis Slip-On Sneaker in Beige & Ebony

Not interested in time wasted tying up your shoes when you’re in a rush?

The men’s Gucci tennis 1977 slip-on sneaker is an ideal shoe for those days when you wake up late and never have the time to tie your laces, or if you prefer something a little more low maintenance that only requires you to slip them on and go.

The warm beige coloured canvas shoe is printed with the GG emblem in a darker shade of brown, with off-white and navy blue accent trim.

The sole of the shoe is a fiery red, adding a pop of color to an otherwise neutral palette. For $580, these sneakers are perfect for spicing up any classy dress wear or even pairing with loungewear, matching perfectly with any neutral-toned items in your wardrobe.

5 – Gucci Men’s Basket Sneaker in White Demetra

The men’s Gucci Basket sneaker in white Demetra is Gucci’s take on a 90s basketball shoe, continuing the trend of sportswear-made-leisurewear-made-fashion.

They are a bright white, wide-mouthed high top sneaker with a contrasting sea blue sole. The shoe is also made from mostly upcycled materials, meaning that they are a great sustainable and renewable option.

The padding around the ankle makes them a great genuine pair of basketball shoes, but they can be worn casually as well, whether you are playing sports or going for an evening stroll.

For $950, the basketball sneakers could be a great addition to your closet, as the neutral white and comfortable design would bring a casual and sporty look to any ensemble.

6 – Gucci Men’s Ace Sneaker with Elastic Web

If black sneakers tend to be your preference due to their durability and longevity, but you are looking for something a little more unique, then the men’s ace sneaker with elastic web could be the right shoe for you.

They would pair well with any casual look but can be dressed up as the luxe details enhance the simple style.

At $680, the shoe offers a twist on a classic black sneaker, implementing an elastic that crosses over the laces. The elastic is the brand’s iconic green and red stripes painted with a row of golden interlocking G’s.

Black is a simple staple in every wardrobe, but Gucci likes to spice things up by challenging traditional styles, rewriting a plain black shoe into a statement.

7 – Gucci Men’s Ace Sneaker with Interlocking G in White Leather

Gucci has been known for their Aces since they came out in 2016, becoming the best-selling Gucci sneakers.

The style isn’t going anywhere any time soon as the brand only continues to reinvent the shoe, as evident through the $680 men’s Ace sneaker with interlocking G in white leather.

The vanilla white low top pair of sneakers feature a rose-red interlocking G patch and a contrasting sapphire blue heel. The shoe is a canvas, painted with streaks of red and blue that make the classic sneaker feel a little more adventurous, bold, and exciting.

The shoes would be a great match for a closet seeking a little pizzazz for the everyday outfit.

8 – Gucci Men’s GG Embossed Slip-On Sneaker

Gucci merges the Gucci men’s Ace GG embossed sneaker and the men’s Gucci tennis 1977 slip-on sneaker, as the men’s GG embossed slip-on sneaker exists as a hybrid of the two.

It has the same appeal as any slip-on as there is no need to spend any time lacing the shoes up, and yet also has the same sleek monochromatic look as their Ace embossed sneaker.

At $620, this shoe is the best of both worlds and would be easy to pair with almost anything. The black tonal leather can match any outfit, while the ease of slipping them on and off would make them a go-to pair in your closet.

9 – Gucci Men’s Screener GG Sneaker

If a perfect new pair of shoes makes you nervous, then the pre-distressed white leather men’s screener GG sneaker might just be your saving grace!

These sneakers look like they are straight out of the 70s, with the enamel double G on the toe of the shoe and the subtle, vintage style interlocking Gs on the navy blue fabric sections of the shoes.

These shoes, totaling $870, are a unique statement piece as they merge sportswear with an old-school silhouette. They would pair well with cigarette trousers and a sweater vest to pull together a classic look or match well with a more modern pair of jeans and sweatshirt.

10 – Gucci Men’s High-Top Ace Sneaker in Black Leather

If distressed vintage isn’t your thing, but you are looking for a pair of 70s style high tops, the men’s Gucci tennis 1977 high top sneaker has a leather finish that promises durability.

These sneakers are a reinvention of the classic high tops from the brand’s archive. Once again, Gucci’s vision of a hybrid of the past and present is evident.

The charcoal black leather shoe is juxtaposed with the bright and cheery green and red striping synonymous with the brand, completed with red and green trim. Ringing in at $790, the high top tennis shoes are perfect for spicing up anything from wide-leg jeans to corduroys.

Which Men’s Gucci Sneakers are the Most Versatile?

For your needs, the best Gucci sneakers to buy may likely be the one that works with most of your outfits.

It’s important that you can slip them on for a trip to the mall, and yet also wear them on a night out that same day to get your money’s worth.

The most versatile Gucci sneakers are the men’s Ace GG embossed sneakers. The monochromatic black is timeless and goes with anything, whether it be an all-white or all-black ensemble, your pajamas when you run to the grocery store, or your favorite jeans and t-shirt.

No matter what you wear, these sneakers will elevate your look and make you feel put together.

Which Men’s Gucci Sneakers are the Most Affordable?

The best Gucci sneakers if you are looking for the most affordable pair are the men’s Gucci tennis 1977 slip-on sneaker, coming to a grand total of $580.

As casual dress has become more mainstream, the price of sneakers has gone up. However, for a designer label and quality materials, Gucci matches the prices of other sneaker brands without sacrificing the quality of their products.

While Gucci may not sell a truly affordable pair of sneakers, if you are looking to invest in a fashionable designer pair of shoes, the men’s Gucci tennis 1977 slip-on sneaker may be the right choice for you as they bridge casual and vogue.

What’s the Best Way to Clean Gucci Sneakers?

When deciding how to go about bringing your shoes back to life, the brand recommends that the best way to clean their sneakers would be with a dry cloth and a soft-bristled brush.

It’s important to avoid getting the best Gucci sneakers (or any sneakers, really) wet to maintain the quality of the fabrics, so the cloth should polish and shine, while the brush should remove any dirt or debris.

If you do happen to step in a muddy puddle, then a mixture of water and detergent should do the trick. Simply dip the cloth and brush in the soapy water and gently scrub the dirt from the shoe. Let the shoes air dry and they should be good as new.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, the best Gucci men’s sneakers are the pair that works for you and fits best with your wardrobe.

Gucci offers plenty of options when it comes to style, color, fabric, and design. This creates a selection of shoes that could easily fit in anyone’s wardrobe.

No matter what you wear, a pair of the brand’s sneakers will likely make you feel like you’re in something a little different, more special, enhancing every item in your wardrobe as soon as you walk out the door.

This esteemed fashion house has sought to merge the classic, vintage pieces and colors with today’s style. They have successfully created a selection of hybrid shoes in which fashionable meets functional.

With quality materials and a vision that pulls the past and present together, Gucci sneakers are a timeless option for feet everywhere.

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