Best Men’s Boots

Finding The Best Mens Boots

Best Men's Boots

Three things you shouldn’t hesitate to spend money on: a good mattress, healthcare, and excellent shoes. When you wear something everyday, it pays to put comfort and longevity ahead of aesthetics, but in our modern market, you can have both!

When considering the Best Mens Boots, you won’t have to sacrifice style, we’ve got you covered.

How to Choose The Best Mens Boots

Best Men's Boots

It can be a daunting task, researching all the various pros and cons of each brand of Mens boots, not to mention the incredible variety that’s available out there.

You may be looking for Mens work boots, Mens duck boots, or the ever-popular Chelsea boots for men, and there are many things to consider: 

  • Purpose: Will these boots be used for work or for leisure?
  • Climate: Do I require something like cold weather resistant snow boots, or something more like fair-weather Mens combat boots?
  • Ease of Use: Do these boots suit my lifestyle, or will they require specialty cleaning products and services?
  • Cost: What’s my price range?


We have rounded up the most popular brands of Mens boots, from Ugg to Sorrel, and Sketchers to Timberlands. Many of the best mens boots have stood the test of time, maintaining popularity decade after decade, while some designs are newer to the scene, but are busy inspiring rave reviews.


The manufacturing process for mens boots should always be considered purchasing an investment pair. One noteworthy aspect of good craftsmanship includes the addition of a Goodyear welt.

The Goodyear welt, named after its inventor, Charles Goodyear Jr., is a strip of leather that enables the seamless replacement of a sole without damaging the rest of the shoe or boot.

Well-made boots are made to last, and using durable materials like leather and rubber will allow you to withstand inclement weather much better than inferior, or simply unsuitable, materials.

Common materials in Mens boots include nylon, polyester, cotton, and the occasional wool for Mens winter boots. Foam is also often utilised for the interior insole, adding both comfort and support.

There are two types of foam, and without getting into the nitty gritty, one type is more permeable (think of a pair of sleek, breathable dress boots) and the other foam is, you’ve guessed it, more impermeable. The latter foam is what you may find in a pair of Mens Duck Boots, or even work boots, for a bit of waterproof protection and extra support.


Like with any product, Mens boots can be purchased for a relatively cheap price, but you may be sacrificing quality. The Best Mens Boots listed below range from $100 USD to over $570 USD, assuring consumers that an appropriate candidate is within your budget. Without further ado, let’s delve into the Best Mens Boots on the market.

15 Best Mens Boots 

Depending on your needs and desires, each boot listed below includes several pros and limited cons. All sizing indicated under each boot’s writeup is in US Mens shoe sizes, and the price is listed in US dollars wherever possible.

#1 – UGG Biltmore Chelsea Mens Boots

If you are familiar with the Ugg brand, you may be conjuring up images of their luxurious fur insoles, famously worn by women sporting pumpkin spiced lattes, but this company is no stranger to a well-designed Mens boot. The Biltmore is a Chelsea boot priced at $140 USD, and is both stylish and practical.

It comes in sizes 7 through to 15, and although it does lack Ugg’s signature sheepskin lining, this durable boot brags a waterproof leather exterior and the classic Chelsea boot silhouette.

It should be noted that the exterior is meant to protect from milder inclement weather like the occasional puddle, or a light rainfall. Another drawback includes the possible cost of maintaining the leather exterior.

Ugg sells a leather balm product on its own, as well as a Leather Care Kit that will help the Chelsea boots keep their shine.

Although they do not come in wider sizes, the insoles can be replaced, adding longevity to this popular boot. 

#2 – Ariat Rambler Western Mens Boots

The Ariat Rambler Western Mens boot is touted as a Southern staple. Taking the cowboy boot shape with the rugged appeal of distressed leather, you’ll feel right at home on a Texan ranch. This pair is priced at $159.95 USD, and is considered a casual or dress boot.

It comes in sizes 6 through to 15, with the option of a wider insole. Reviewers cite a larger fit, so sizing down may be warranted. With a typical shaft of 11” for a Western boot, the Ariat Rambler looks great styled on either the inside or outside of your pant leg, as demonstrated in several reviewer images.

It comes in three shades of distressed leather for that lived-in feel, and unlike many of the other leather boots on this list, may require less upkeep to the exterior due to this aged aesthetic.

Although not as versatile as other boots we’ve included, Ariat is a reputable company that has been crafting Mens boots since 1993. 

#3 – Sorel Caribou Wool Mens Boots

Canadians and Americans may already be familiar with this Mens winter boot, and its steadfast reputation is justified. This winter staple is regularly priced at $190 USD, but is currently on sale for $142.50

For this particular mens winter boot, sizes come in 7 to 17. It’s also waterproof and fully insulated, a pair of these boots can withstand negative degree temperatures with ease, although Sorel declined to give a specific temperature in that regard.

Reviews also indicate that this mens winter boot runs large, so size down as necessary. The wool interior lining is removable in the event of milder winter days, and the laces allow for a tighter fit.

A potential drawback may be the combined weight of 6.4 lbs, however such a weight is not unusual for a cold weather boot. For ease of care, use a bristle brush to gently slough off caked dirt, while a damp cloth will suffice for any exterior smears. 

Sorel are currently out of replacement wool liners for their Mens winter boots, but they should be back in stock in the upcoming months. The Sorel Caribou Wool Mens Boot remains a favourite for winter climes. 

#4 – Tecovas The Dean Ankle Mens Boots

Tecovas Dean Ankle Boot has the feel of a Western boot, with the shaft height of a classic Chelsea shape. Boasting a handcrafted manufacturing process in Mexico, this artisan boot is priced at $255 USD

Sizes 7 through 15 are available in this style, and feature a resounding 4.8 stars out of 5 from over 3000+ reviews. This casual mens boot can be purchased in brown or black, sporting a low heel similar to the Ugg Biltmore, mentioned above.

One potential benefit is the addition of a side zipper, no shoe horn needed to slip these ankle boots on! Similar to other leather boots on this list, additional upkeep may be required.

Tecovas have helpfully provided directions for product care on their website, indicating that the calfskin prefers cool, dry storage conditions, and full airing out between wears, if possible. Like the Sorel Caribou winter boots, a bristle brush and a damp cloth are all the tools required to keep the boots clean. 

If the reviews are any indication, this boot is a worthwhile investment, should you favour that western style.

#5 – Sketchers Relment – Traven Mens Boots

The Traven Mens Boot is the most utilitarian style of those boots yet listed, and are more akin to a hiking boot. This Sketcher model can be purchased for $100 USD, placing them at the lower end of our price scale.

Featuring a rather limited span of sizes, Sketchers Relment boots are available in 7 through 12. Despite the use of synthetic materials, this lace up mens hiking boot brags appreciable reviews.

You may purchase them in either brown, or in one of two iterations of black, with each pair presenting an exceptionally comfortable memory foam insole.

The Traven Mens Boot is, of course, unsuitable as a dress boot, and has limited cold weather resistance, but the rubber sole provides excellent traction. 

If traversing trails is your thing, this pair is certainly a contender for a more affordable option. 

#6 – Timberland 6-Inch Premium Waterproof Mens Boots

No list of the Best Mens Boots could be complete without adding in a pair of Timberlands. This particular style has been manufactured continually since the company’s inception in 1973. Timberland 6-Inch Premium Waterproof Mens Boots can be purchased for $200 CAD (around $150 USD).

These classic boots come in a range of sizes spanning from 6.5 to 18, and are available in wider insoles. They are both water resistant and insulated, making them suitable for mild winter days.

Reviewers state that this model runs large, and so unless you are pairing them with thick wool socks, going down a size may be required for optimal fit.

Overall, the reviews are heartening, this suitable option for a Mens Winter Boot has been rated at 5 stars in over 3000 separate reviews. It is made from sustainably sourced leather, and could also be a satisfactory Mens Work Boot option for some select fields of work.

#7 – Clarks Desert Boots 2 Mens Boots

Clarks is a popular English brand first established in 1825, so suffice it to say that they may know a thing or two about boots.

They have since expanded internationally, and their Desert Boot (with some variations also known as “chukkas”), is one of their iconic looks, imitated by a variety of brands. This iteration of the Clarks Desert Boot can be purchased for $180 CAD (around $140 USD).

The boot is fastened with laces, and is available in sizes 7.5 through 15. The primary material can be your choice of either leather or suede, with select colour options depending on the material chosen.

Clarks has always prided themselves on providing shoes with excellent traction, and this latest Desert boot model is no different. Care for this shoe is also dependent on choice of material, with Clarks offering such addons as Clarks Water and Stain Protectant spray for a leather exterior, as well as branded leather polish.

For suede boots they offer Nubuck Foaming Cleaner, while outlining a slightly different process for applying the water and stain protector mentioned above.

The minimalist design is a solid choice for pairing with denim or casual suits, but would fare poorly in inclement weather, and is not a good contender for a mens work boot.

#8 – Dr. Martens 1460 Smooth Leather Lace up Mens Boots

Yet another classic, Dr Martens 1460 Smooth Leather Lace Up Mens Boots, known more colloquially as “Doc Martens,” were most notably donned by British skinheads in the 1960s.

This model has also continually sold well for many decades, much like the classic Timberlands listed above. This iconic Mens boot is priced at $150 USD – yet another enduring style at an affordable price.

Coming in sizes 6 to 16, and an array of 12 various colours, this versatile boot can easily be worn for three seasons of the year, but would be ill-suited in heavy downpours or snow. The boot is made predominantly of leather, features laces and their signature yellow stitching.

As with previous leather boots, the Dr. Martens 1460 boot is easily maintained with the purchase of Dr. Martens Wonder Balsam, but a damp cloth and generic shoe brush for buffing should do just fine.

This boot also boasts Goodyear welted construction, much like the Alden 1493 Unlined Chukka Mens Boots outlined below.

The reviews certainly reflect Doc Martens enduring popularity, with an average of 4.5 stars from 3000+ reviews. These would not be a suitable candidate for Mens Work Boots, but could be paired with a casual suit if your style leans more punk rock!

#9 – Frye Bowery Lace Up Mens Boots

The Frye Bowery Lace Up Mens boot is an investment indeed, much like the Beckett Simonon’s boot included below. This model by Frye is on the higher end of our price range at $498.00 CAD (around $390.00 USD), and is considered a suitable candidate for a casual or dress boot.

Although only available in one colour, which is an antique Cognac shade, this mens dress boot comes in sizes 7 through to 14, with no wide insole option.

The general aesthetic is of an aged look, without the distressed appearance of the Ariat Rambler mentioned above. Alongside laces, these boots feature an interior zipper for easy on and off.

The craftsmanship is also apparent when examining the quality of the leather and the solid stitching, but the price tag may be off-putting.

The Frye Bowery Lace Up boot makes a smart, elegant addition to a man’s wardrobe for nights out in a casual suit or spiffy denim, not necessarily for everyday wear. Care is not specifically outlined on the company website, but general rules for leather care should be sufficient. 

With only one colour option, limited seasonal wear, and hefty price tag, this may not be a discerning customer’s first choice, but the style is undeniable. Also worth noting, if purchasing from an authorized dealer, a one year warranty is guaranteed with every pair of boots.

#10 – Alden 1493 Unlined Chukka Mens Boots

Another Chukka-style boot to consider is the Alden 1493 Unlined Chukka Mens Boot. Since the 1950s, fashionable men have donned this style in both combat and leisure, as the desert boot is merely a variation of this popular footwear. Costing a significant $577 USD, this mens chukka boot tops our price range.

The size range is not as extensive as we’ve seen, covering sizes 6 to 13 with various half sizes in between. These well-made boots are constructed with suede coupled with a leather outsole, and come in black, green, and several shades of brown.

Remarkably, this boot comes in narrow, medium, and wide insoles, the first on this list to do so. Eschewing the traditional 3 eyelets per side, this boot features only two lace holes, or four total. Indeed it does possess the famous Goodyear welted construction, as with the Dr. Martens 1460, mentioned above.

Certainly an investment pair, this smart shoe can replace sneakers to elevate your casual outfits, or can simply be worn with a casual suit – no work site for these!

#11 – Diem Balbi Black Suede Mens Boots

A stylish contender for foul weather is the Diem Balbi Black Suede Mens Boot. The company describes the boot as a cross between a robust, duck hunting boot from Maine, coupled with the London faring Chelsea silhouette. Although not insignificant, the pair is priced at 299€ (roughly $350 USD), and sits on the upper mid-range of our price scale.

The size range is unusual for the Balbi, spanning from a European 36 (American size 4) to a 46 (American size 12). This boot is crafted by artisans in Italy and features a thick rubber sole allowing for use in heavier precipitation.

The black suede features an elasticated panel for ease when pulling on a pair. Although not explicitly stated, could be suitable for milder winter climes depending on the sock you pair with them.

We can see these Black Suede Mens Boot really suiting a rainy climate as an alternative to a clunky rainboot.

#12 – Beckett Simonon Douglas Jodhpur Mens Boots

Much like Ugg and pumpkin spice lattes, you may associate Jodhpur Mens Boots with horseback riding in some idyllic English field, and you wouldn’t be far off.

Although established in 2011, Beckett Simonon’s style is based on the classic aesthetic of English horse racing and country life, hence the name jodhpur.

Originally priced at $400 USD, this particular pair of boots is on sale for $239 USD, making it a real contender for the best Mens boots.

It comes in sizes 7 through to 14, and boasts Italian sourced full-grain leather in five shades. The craftsmanship is undeniable, with reviewers raving about the scent of the high quality leather, and the lack of “breaking in” required.

The soles are a combination of leather and rubber, while the interior features breathable leather lining. The sleek silhouette and adorning buckle add a dressier element to this Mens dress boot, allowing it to be paired with casual trousers, dress pants, and denim alike.

Much like the Ugg Chelsea boots, this pair is not intended for heavier precipitation or negative degree weather, and the leather may need additional products to keep its shine. 

A good pair of Mens dress boots should be considered a wardrobe staple, and investing in a pair such as these, which can be resoled, means spending much less in the long run.

The company also prides itself on an ethical business model, with artisan workers in Bogotá, Colombia crafting each pair in fair working conditions. 

#13 – Ace Marks Chelsea Boot Antique Mens Boots

The Ace Marks Chelsea Mens boot is a sleeker version of the Ugg Biltmore Chelsea Boot mentioned above, and this pair is priced at $330.00 USD.

It comes in sizes 5 through to 14, with the option of a wider insole. The Ace Marks Chelsea boot is made with elasticated panels and a rear pull tab to help ease your foot in. It is worth noting that these Chelsea boots are less practical, and are more suitable for dress and casual events, with a round toe and low heel.

They are handcrafted in Italy with Italian calfskin leather, coming in four shades of antique browns and one black shade. It is safe to assume such a pair of boots would likely require upkeep similar to other leather boots on this list to help them keep their shine and extend their longevity.

The Ace Marks Chelsea Mens boot has achieved an average of 5 stars from 21 reviews, with fans of the brand citing excellent value when purchasing this style.

#14 – Wolf And Shepherd Crossover Chukka Mens Boots

Although made in Portugal, the Wolf and Shepherd Crossover Chukka Mens boot is made of Italian leather or suede, and presents as a modern take on the classic chukka. Priced at a mid-range $250 USD, this is an affordable option for men whose style may lean more sporty.

This Chukka boot comes in sizes 6 through 15, with some half sizes available, but no wider insole option. The boot is crafted with water-repellant premium Italian leather for the tan option, and suede for both the mossy green and the warm grey selections.

The interior features memory foam and a sheepskin lining, paired with a distinctive white rubber sole. The laces are also coated in wax, affording them a water-repellant layer.

For care, Wolf and Shepherd do sell their own care kits, with one specifically for suede, as well as their version of a water-repellant  protective spray.

This sporty crossover is an excellent casual boot for a drink in the clubhouse coming off the green, or lunching at a nice restaurant.

#15 – Muckster II Ankle Mens Boots

Last but not certainly not least, we have included the Muckster II Ankle Boot, an affordable foul-weather friend from a company that knows its muck. At $115 USD, this boot is a great contender for climates featuring mild inclement weather, or places with plenty of mud.

This perfect farm or country boot comes in sizes 7 to 15 with a few colour variations. The rubber outsole and neoprene top are 100% waterproof, with an interior of mesh lining to create a breathable boot.

Anyone who has ever pulled on traditionally tall rain boots can attest to the fact that many are notoriously stuffy, but not these ankle length boots!

According to their website, the Muckster II Ankle Boot can also be donned in freezing temperatures, and as an added bonus, the materials make for easy cleaning.

With over 400 favourable reviews on their US site, and roughly 500 on their Canadian, these mucking boots have an established fan base and proven quality. 

What Is The Most Popular Style Of Mens Boots?

Best Men's Boots

Undoubtedly the most popular style of Mens Boots remains any version of the Chelsea boot, which has maintained its favoured status for decades, and has been seen on celebrities and ranchers alike. Many companies produce their own version of the popular boot, it is merely a matter of selecting one that meets your needs within your budget. 

Of course, mens desert boots and their chukka variant are not to be discounted. They offer a stylish alternative to a sneaker for many casual outfits, and are available in a range of colours, and even materials.

Both these popular boots have limited wear in poor weather conditions, but can be afforded some measure of protection by investing in protective sprays depending on the material of construction. 

What Are The Most Comfortable Mens Boots?

Best Men's Boots

What makes boots comfortable? That may very well be up to individual preference, but one unique and highly appreciated property of leather is that it may, over time, conform to the shape of your foot, offering bespoke comfort.

Proper, well-constructed insoles offer arch support, while memory foam can also mold to your foot in a similar capacity to leather. Comfort is an incredibly important aspect that can prove worthwhile if you intend to don your boots for longer hours. 

How Do You Clean Leather & Suede Mens Boots?

Best Men's Boots

There is a reason why the Best Mens Boots are often comprised of leather or suede, their durability, longevity, comfort, and their undeniable style are hard to contend with. It is worth noting, however, that these materials do need TLC to stay sleek.

Many of the companies listed above also sell their own brand of leather balm or suede brushes, and while these kits may be well-suited to their individual brands, a general shoe care kit can be purchased from other retailers at a lower cost.

A bristle brush, cloth, shoe buffer, and leather balm are often included in one handy package, although a simple rubber eraser may be enough to blend minor scuffs on suede. Storing in cool, dry rooms or cupboards is optimal for both suede and leather, and a good quality shoe storage bag may be an additional low-cost investment.

Which Boots For Men Are Considered The Best?

That depends entirely on your needs and your own personal style, but all of the options listed below are sound investments with decades of proven quality, thousands of positive reviews, or both!

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