10 Brands Like Patagonia

Patagonia is an outdoor clothing and accessory company that was founded in Ventura, California by an avid rock climber. Initially, he based his designs on the needs of mountain climbers, but now the company has evolved and designs and sells essentials for all outdoor lifestyles

Patagonia has everything you could need and want for an outdoorsy getaway. Their level of quality, proper material, and extensive list of products have helped build their notable, trusted reputation. The list of brands like Patagonia below also sell products for our nature lovers who want to mix fashion into their next outdoor adventure. 

If you’re new to the Patagonia world, we’ve compiled a brief list of highlights about the brand so you can see why the company is adored by many. 


  • Men, women, and kid’s outdoor clothing for every occasion including ski, fishing, or diving gear
  • Shop by sports including mountain biking, fly fishing, snow, or even kitesurfing 
  • Credited for high quality, durable materials
  • International shipping 
  • Products can be found in third-party stores like MEC, Dick’s Sporting Goods, and more
  • Shop used or pre-loved section for a more sustainable approach
  • Accessible information outlining their environmental footprint and climate goals
  • 1% of every sale goes towards environmental preservation initiatives 
  • Each product has a ‘how it’s made’ section that explains what the materials are and how they were sourced
  • Fun videos that teach you how to repair any possible wardrobe issues (i.e. fixing a button or zipper)

How We Chose the Best Brands Like Patagonia


Given the great level of quality and material used to fabricate their designs, Patagonia’s prices are honest and fair. The majority of their products—including the newest arrivals—can be bought for typically between $60 and $90. If you choose to shop on their ‘Worn Wear’ site, then prices will drop even more. 

These brands like Patagonia will aim to be budget-friendly while still providing practical, premium products. Some of these outdoor brands will be considered more affordable while others will have a more luxurious price tag. 


Patagonia mixes the latest seasonal trends and colors into their active, sporty designs. Each of their products is sold in a variety of colors and prints that will suit the style tastes of everyone. 

The style of Patagonia’s products can be summed up in this way: rich in neutral and vibrant colors made from breathable, strong material to combat any climate the items are faced with. 

These outdoor clothing companies like Patagonia will offer similar designs but they’re still unique. Their clothing and accessories will be made to handle nature and the elements but trendy enough to stay fashionable.


Quality is probably the most notable feature of the Patagonia brand. Personally, anything I’ve purchased from the company has exceeded my expectations of quality. Not only is the material more sustainable than most companies, but it’s also premium quality so the items will probably last a lifetime in your closet. 

These brands like Patagonia will try to match their top-notch quality. Most of the retailers’ products will be comparable, especially if taken care of properly. Others will be slightly less high in quality but priced more affordably. Regardless, the quality of products from stores on this list of outdoor wear brands will not disappoint you. 


Patagonia currently offers its clothing and accessories to a wide demographic including men, women, kids, and babies. Also, their sizing accommodates most of their customers ranging from XXS to XXL. 

As previously mentioned, each product comes in an expansive selection of colors and designs. Their wide collection has items suitable for any climate, lifestyle, or adventurous activity. 

The brands like Patagonia listed below will also have a wide selection of products for a large demographic. Some on the list will offer extended sizing including plus, petite, or tall for those who are looking for a broader selection. 


Since Patagonia ships to remote corners of the world and has websites dedicated to an array of global locations, its products can be bought from and delivered to just about anywhere. This convenience, especially in North America, is a huge check mark based on our criteria. As we mentioned, some of their products can be bought at other retail locations as well as online. 

When it comes to convenience, most of these brands like Patagonia make their products accessible for as many as possible. They will have online stores that ship internationally and certain brands may have retail locations to stop by and shop in.

Diversity & Inclusion

Patagonia is diverse and inclusive in the athletic fashion world. Not only do their models represent different backgrounds, but they also remain inclusive when considering different lifestyles. 

The outdoor clothing company designs practical wear and accessories for even the most eccentric sports and activities. So whether you’re a loyal camper, mountain biker, runner, or climber, Patagonia has thought of you when releasing its products. 

Since diversity was one of our top priorities when compiling this list, these brands like Patagonia will meet high standards for inclusivity. Many of these stores will offer the same sizing range, and diverse products for various athletic lifestyle choices.

10 Best Brands Like Patagonia

#1 – Marmot

Like Patagonia, the founders of Marmot were also avid climbers before founding their brand. Marmot’s designs encourage you to step outside and wander into the backcountry. 

The majority of their selection features products for mountain climbing, snow sports, and camping essentials. Their items made from thick, durable fabrics cost between $100 and $200 on average. 

This is one of the hiker brands that sell accessories and gears alongside their clothing. They make a conscious effort to stay as sustainable as possible as they deliver their fashion to you. Marmot also has a rewards system for loyal customers that gives you perks and early access to sales. 

#2 – Tretorn

This Swedish company is your go-to shop for a solid pair of shoes to rely on and wear during your outdoor ventures. The company sells notable sneakers and rubber boots for men, women, and kids. 

Since being founded almost 130 years ago, the brand can be found online and in stores across the world. Their luxurious, high-quality shoes are priced reasonably, and their styles range from $80 – $100. Trust us, you won’t need to replace these shoes often!

This is one of the brands like Patagonia that focuses on shoes while mixing in some accessories too. This company does an excellent job of taking details from the trendiest boots and sneakers but reinventing them with a practical twist.

#3 – Columbia Sportswear Company

Columbia Sportswear Company is one of the outerwear brands that tailor their clothing, footwear, and gear designs to an active lifestyle.

Like Patagonia, you can also shop based on activity to ensure you’re purchasing the best product for your sport. Luckily, you can buy most of their apparel for an affordable price usually ranging from $40 – $80.

You’ve likely heard of Columbia since this brand’s products are sold at many sporting companies worldwide. This is one of the brands like Patagonia that has an inclusivity guarantee. This company offers plus sizing options and showcases diverse models throughout its campaigns. 

#4 – REI Co-op

REI Co-op is one of the most progressive outdoor companies. They offer a variety of prestigious quality apparel, accessories, gear, and rentals for their customers to encourage them to spend time in nature. 

Like other retailers on our list, at this store, you’ll be able to shop based on different activities for men, women, and children. The company also offers reasonable prices typically ranging from $40 – $60

Not only does the brand support the environment, but they also support each other. It’s a co-op business that is owned by its members and makes decisions based on democratic values.

For example, they say more than seventy percent of their profits are returned to REI members to help with their retirement plans or are donated to nonprofit nature organizations. 

#5 – Mammut

Mammut is a Swiss outdoor apparel company that specializes in designs made for mountaineering. Average basic clothing prices are between $50 and $80 per item. But, their premium quality jackets are coveted by many and are sold for between $200 and $250 on average. 

Like Patagonia, you’re able to purchase lots of different essential equipment for climbing including ropes, backpacks, or necessary safety gear. 

#6 – Arc’teryx

Arc’teryx is a Canadian company that manufactures products for all four seasons and any climate you may stumble upon during your journey into the great outdoors. 

Their apparel and accessories are rich in color, but they still have neutral options for fashion lovers who like to play it safe. Most of their clothing can be bought for around $70 – $100 on average. But, Arc’teryx has an outlet store and used collection you can browse through featuring discounted prices. 

This is one of the brands like Patagonia that has eco-friendly intentions. They fabricate many of their products using recycled materials or organically grown cotton. Also, their website is super interactive with stunning photos and videos. It left me totally excited and planning an upcoming nature getaway. 

#7 – Black Diamond

Black Diamond focuses on giving you the best equipment and gear for your next climbing adventure. But they also offer some apparel for you to wear while on the mountain. The high quality comes at a more expensive price, however, and this brand’s most basic items typically range from $150 – $250

This brand like Patagonia has a dependable selection of items for men, women, and kids. They also provide a unisex collection to shop from. And they have an ‘experience’ tab on their homepage where you can select a sport to delve into. Each sport will have videos and profiles of outdoor lovers testing and recommending certain products. 

#8 – The North Face

This American brand is definitely known as one of the best outdoor brands. Like Patagonia, this company also sells clothing, footwear, and related nature equipment. 

The North Face has grown dramatically over the decades and its products are available worldwide. They ship their products internationally and their items can easily be found in-store at many athletic retailers near you. 

Many of their designs can be bought for between $70 and $100 on average. But, because the company’s products are conveniently found in many different stores, you may be able to snag some deals in person. The North Face is one of the few brands on this list that has a separate plus-size section for men and women

#9 – Helly Hansen

This Norwegian company is not new to the athletic clothing world. With over 140 years under its belt, Helly Hansen releases professional-like products for a variety of outdoorsy activities. The company uses technology to design innovative equipment and apparel for many different sports. 

There is a large number of quality products found on their website at different price points. You should be able to get your hands on a five-star piece for about $50 – $100 on average.

Personally, Helly Hansen jackets are my favorite. They are priced affordably, made from excellent quality materials, and will last through many seasons. 

#10 – L.L. Bean

Instead of selling its products in other stores, L.L. Bean has grown its own large outdoor clothing collection. This is one of the top Patagonia competitors on the list. Their styles and designs are closely similar. Except, L.L. Bean lists its products in a more affordable price range with most items costing around $30 – $60

L.L. Bean is an inclusive brand. Not only do they offer plus sizes, but they also accommodate petite and tall sizing. Like Patagonia and the other outdoor clothing brands, they carry footwear, outdoor equipment, and even home decor.

Which Brands Like Patagonia Are Closest In Comparison?

Two of the best outdoor clothing brands that are most similar to Patagonia are Columbia Sportswear Company and L.L. Bean. Firstly, all these brands have built solid, trusted reputations for themselves and their products. You’ll always know that their high-quality items are made with longevity in mind

However, when it comes to inclusivity and affordability, Columbia is moving in the right direction. Unlike Patagonia, Columbia offers plus sizes so their outdoor apparel can be worn on everyone’s adventures. Columbia’s quality is comparable to Patagonia’s, except its items come at a more affordable price. 

L.L. Bean seems to be a cheaper version of Patagonia. What’s the main similarity between these two brands? It’s their styles and designs. L.L. Bean releases graphic designs and apparel that almost look identical to Patagonia’s products, but they sell them at a lower price. Like Columbia, they also offer extended sizes to make sure their clothes can be worn by all.

All three companies have strong values and are focused on giving back to the environment they promote spending time in. They make efforts to create sustainable products and promote ethical company policies. 

So, to sum things up: Patagonia, Columbia Sportswear Company, and L.L. Bean are definitely the closest in comparison. But Columbia and L.L. Bean have the upper hand in terms of inclusivity and affordable prices. 

Which Brands Like Patagonia Are the Most Affordable?

Patagonia can be on the more expensive side for outdoor clothing. So, if you need some durable apparel and proper equipment for your outdoor getaway and don’t want to break the bank, there are a few cheaper options.

Out of the stores on this list of brands like Patagonia, REI Co-op, and L.L. Bean are the most affordable options. 

Both of these brands carry everything you’ll need for your next adventure, whether it be clothing, accessories, shoes, or important equipment. L.L. Bean specifically has extremely similar products with a much friendlier price tag. 

Which Brands Like Patagonia Offer the Best Quality?

Truthfully, all of these brands like Patagonia meet our standards when it comes to top-quality products. But, if you’re willing to spend some extra cash to add the best quality items to your closet then there are certain stores you should check out. 

Arc’teryx, Black Diamond, and Helly Hansen are three of the best in terms of quality. They each sell lots of luxury designs made from excellent materials. Arc’teryx has tailored all of its items to withstand a variety of climates and weather conditions. 

Black Diamond is dependable for quality. And you know this is true because you can see professionals testing their equipment on their website. So there will never be any surprises when you purchase their products—just pure enjoyment. 

Helly Hansen has years of experience in the sportswear industry, which proves that they know what they’re doing and will provide you with the best clothing and gear you can get. 

Final Thoughts

All of that reading must have you eager to plan your next outdoor adventure—especially since now you know exactly where to buy everything you need. The best part is that all of these stores are environmentally cautious so you won’t experience any buyer’s guilt when you’re venturing into the woods. 

As we’ve seen, there are several brands like Patagonia that cater to and accommodate the adventurous lifestyle. So you can look good wearing styles made from premium quality materials while also feeling good in the fresh air.

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