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Overview Of Hobby Lobby

Do you love family-owned and operated businesses that make you feel at home every time you visit? Hobby Lobby is a great example of a small-scale family business that expanded into a large network of stores. 

They still, however, continue to incorporate the same values that they started off with. So, every time you feel like shopping in a welcoming environment, you’re bound to try and look for stores like Hobby Lobby.

Hobby Lobby makes shopping fun, organized, and convenient, and you can shop either in-store or online.

With all of these perks, you’re bound to want to find other stores like Hobby Lobby that allow you to enjoy all of these benefits.

This is especially true if you’re an artist or crafter that is constantly looking for a place to get your hands on high-quality arts and crafts supplies.


Here are some reasons why Hobby Lobby has become one of the leading stores in home decor, arts and crafts, and design and improvement supplies: 

  • Started off as a small at-home business making miniature picture frames in 1970
  • Opened a 300-square foot store in Oklahoma City two years later (named Hobby Lobby)
  • Offers more than 70,000 items in-store and online in various departments
  • Operations are conducted based on following and valuing Biblical principles
  • Affiliated with and supports many Christian organizations, including Mardel Christian and Education Supply, which offers items like books, bibles, gifts, and homeschooling curriculums
  • Take only 2-3 business days to process your order before shipping it to you
  • Ships within the United States and has varying shipping charges based on your order and location

How We Chose The Best Stores Like Hobby Lobby

Before we show you the best alternatives to Hobby Lobby, we’ll give you some intel on how we chose each one.

First, we’ll focus on price. Then, we’ll get to style, quality, selection, convenience, and diversity and inclusion. 


Hobby Lobby has price ranges that are convenient and affordable for artists at different stages of life.

They offer reasonable prices for arts, crafts, and home decor supplies, and also have a clearance section available where you can shop for your favorite items in-store at low and reduced prices.


With a family-owned background, Hobby Lobby has a very homely style where joy, comfort, and warmth are both welcomed and encouraged. Y

ou can find products that fit your needs based on your personal style and way of living. And, you can find a variety of items that cater to almost every aspect of your life.


When you have over 900 stores across the United States, you know that quality is something that must not only be maintained throughout the locations, but also upgraded to ensure that your customers are getting the best buy for their buck. 

Hobby Lobby manufactures most of its products to ensure that high-quality standards for all items on their shelves are met.


Hobby Lobby stores have a large selection of products.

In each store, there are over 70,000 items (to put things into perspective) in the following categories: home decor, seasonal decor, tableware, floral, art supplies, craft supplies, yarn, fabric, jewelry making, and products for other hobbies.


When a store is available to shop online, then convenience is something the brand must take into consideration to ensure customer satisfaction.

Hobby Lobby makes sure to get your products to you on time by offering delivery across the US within 1-7 business days

This timeframe can extend if your order is larger than usual and, of course, shipping charges will be applied to the subtotal of your order (and will vary depending on the total amount).

Diversity & Inclusion

With over 43,000 employees in 47 states, it’s essential that a business as large as Hobby Lobby ensures that diversity and inclusivity are both valued and respected.

As stated on their ‘About Us’ page, Hobby Lobby operates based on key Biblical principles to ensure that their employees and customers get a healthy environment to grow and succeed in. 

10 Best Stores Like Hobby Lobby

#1 – Blick Art Materials

If you’re looking for stores like Hobby Lobby that are family-owned and operated, then Blick Art Materials is a must for you to check out.

This store offers a wide selection of high-quality art supplies to help all artists work on their craft with the right resources.

They work with local artists and organizations all over the US to ensure that every artist—regardless of where they are in their careers (i.e. students, teachers, etc.)—feels supported and encouraged throughout their artistic journey. 

Their prices are affordable and always kept in check to ensure that you’re getting the best possible deals on your art supplies.

Shipping and delivery are free for orders over $69, but that doesn’t include shipping outside of the continental US to places such as Alaska and Hawaii.

You can also choose the option of expedited or two-day delivery if and when you’re super excited to begin your next art project.

#2 – Pop Shop America

Do you have a love of crafting and creating DIY projects? Then, Pop Shop America is definitely the place for you!

You can order arts and crafts supplies along with kits for various crafting activities, so you can create all of your favorite projects with ease and in the comfort of your home. 

They also offer a subscription for monthly craft supplies where they deliver a surprise crafting project for you to complete every month!

To top it off, you can attend in-person crafting events in various locations across the US by following their events page—so you can socialize and create with a community of crafters just like yourself. 

Shipping and delivery are available within the US only. So, only customers who are living in America can take advantage of the affordable prices on arts and craft supplies at Pop Shop America.

#3 – Michael’s

Looking for an arts and crafts supplies store that organizes items by activities, events, and seasons? If so, Michael’s is definitely a store that you should check out! 

Whether you’re trying to find stores like Hobby Lobby or looking for a list of craft stores, Michael’s gives you the opportunity to find everything you’re looking for right in-store (or online, if you wish to shop from home).

With an abundance of products in stock to satisfy all of your arts and crafts cravings, you’ll probably feel extra excited to start all of your work and leisure activities.

You can find a wide selection of products that you need both in-store or online, along with items you never thought you needed. 

They offer shipping within the United States only with different options for delivery (expedited or standard) with of course applicable delivery charges.

If you live in Canada, then you can take advantage of shopping either in-store or through curbside pick-up.

#4 – Nordstrom Rack

On the hunt for stores like Hobby Lobby, but with a greater focus on home decor and design? Nordstrom Rack is a great option for you to consider when you’re trying to search for “stores like Hobby Lobby decor” on Google.

Their arts and crafts supplies selection isn’t that extensive since they offer more home decor products.

So, if you’re looking for specific supplies for your next DIY project, you may have some difficulty finding them all in this store. 

Their prices for most home decor, however, are reasonable and they offer sales throughout the year to make your shopping experience affordable and convenient.

Also, shipping and delivery are only available in the US ever since Canadian deliveries had been discontinued in 2021 due to the lack of infrastructure during the pandemic.

#5 – Burlington

If you’re looking for home decor and supplies for your next redecorating project, then you don’t want to miss out on the enticing deals of Burlington!

Once known as the Burlington Coat Factory, Burlington stores have expanded their selection to include home and beauty products along with clothing for men and women.

With a section for store deals and finds, you don’t want to miss out on their affordable prices for every category in-store. This is a great option for when you’re looking for other stores like Hobby Lobby, but mainly for home decor deals.

You can find home decor items for as low as $4 in-store with lots of other great deals on trendy clothes and beauty products too.

There is, however, no shipping or delivery offered by this store so you’ll have to find a location near you (within the US only) to take advantage of their great sales and deals.

#6 – Jo-Ann

Another great option for when you’re looking for stores like Hobby Lobby is Jo-Ann.

It’s a great retailer for arts, crafts, and fabric varieties, and has a wide selection of each item to ensure that you have several options to complete that next creative project of yours! 

Jo-Ann offers you the chance to explore a creative niche, and you’ll never feel like there is a lack of resources for your projects.

They are a brand that values artists and their inspirations, yet their main focus is on supporting diversity and inclusivity.

In fact, they have a teacher’s discount, military discount, and even a health care worker’s discount, which ensures that members of the service industry feel welcomed and appreciated.

You can shop both in-store and online. And there is an option for scheduled curbside pick-up to reduce wait times for your items.

Shipping and delivery are available within the US and Canada along with several other international locations through their partnership with eShopWorld. And shipping charges are applicable based on the total amount you spend.

#7 – Factory Direct Craft

Looking for a family-owned business that makes you feel like a part of their family? Factory Direct Craft is a wonderful retailer to explore if you want to feel a part of a community and get a homie experience while shopping. 

It has a wide selection of craft supplies, home decor, and seasonal items for you to complete all of your projects with ease and, of course, with lots of fun.

They sell their items at an affordable price range because they believe in working with and encouraging designers and artists from all walks of life.

They offer their items to individuals like yourself along with wholesale programs for artists, professional crafters, and designers.

They also ship within the United States, Canada, and other international locations (for applicable charges based on the total order amount). 

Or you can get free shipping within the US for orders over $50 (which isn’t a difficult amount to reach when you have so many options!).

#8 – Big Lots

Big Lots is a great answer to this big question of yours: What stores are like Hobby Lobby? You can find most, if not all, things you need for your big and small projects.

It offers a unique selection of home decor and improvement items along with accessories that you can purchase at a discounted rate.

With a wide selection of items in various categories, you can purchase products that suit your needs with ease. They have an option for in-store pickup, same-day delivery, or standard shipping for customers within the United States.

Shipping and delivery costs are calculated based on your purchase total and location—just like some of the other stores like Hobby Lobby listed above.

#9 – Create for Less

Searching for craft stores like Hobby Lobby that encourage artists and crafters from all fields? Create for Less is a brand that values creativity, quality, and convenience.

Their goal is to ensure that artists and crafters find the best supplies in bulk quantities for the best prices.

To top it off, they make your online shopping experience easy, convenient, and fun.

With order tracking and over 70,000 brands in stock, who wouldn’t want to shop at this retailer? Especially when you’re trying to find stores like Hobby Lobby that carry a wide selection of various crafting equipment.

They do offer shipping and delivery to some countries outside of Canada and the US but there is a charge depending on the weight and price of your total purchase. 

#10 – A.C. Moore

A.C. Moore is a great retailer for when you’re looking for stores like Hobby Lobby and Michaels. A branch of Michael’s that is specifically for arts and crafts, A.C. Moore offers a great selection of all things crafty and artsy.

From teachers to students to families, A.C. Moore attempts to include everyone in their mission to make crafting both engaging and entertaining. You can find lots of items for home crafting projects, or to keep the kids busy with kid-friendly kits. 

And the best part? They have great quality standards and supply items for artists and crafters at any stage of their journey.

Shipping and delivery of products are the same as Michael’s. You can choose different options for delivery within the United States (with the applicable charges).

But, you will have to shop in-store at Michael’s or get curbside pick-up service if you’re in Canada.

Which Stores Like Hobby Lobby Are Closest In Comparison?

When you’re looking for stores like Hobby Lobby, you might want to find retailers that are closest in comparison. 

The stores that are closest to Hobby Lobby are Blick Art Materials, Michael’s, Jo-Ann, and Big Lots since these stores sell similar products and have a similar price range for all of their arts, crafts, and home decor items.

Which Stores Like Hobby Lobby Are The Most Affordable?

There are some stores that offer pricing that is either similar to Hobby Lobby, or even more affordable than other Hobby Lobby-like stores. 

When compared to Hobby Lobby, some of the most affordable stores are Pop Shop America, Burlington, Factory Direct Craft, Big Lots, and Create for Less.

These retailers provide the most affordable pricing for artists and crafters to get their hands on the materials they need faster and with better deals.

Which Stores Like Hobby Lobby Offer The Best Quality?

Of course, with so many Hobby Lobby similar companies to choose from, we also want to consider which ones offer the best quality. 

Michael’s, Blick Art Materials, Factory Direct Craft, Create for Less, and A.C. Moore offer the best quality products—probably because of their keen interest in encouraging every crafter’s journey to success.

Whether these businesses are family-owned and operated or wholesale retailers, they ensure that every artist is supported and respected

Final Thoughts

Hobby Lobby has managed to carve a special space in the lives of artists, crafters, and decor professionals. They ensure that the field of creativity never lacks resources, and the creatives never lack inspiration.

With all of these great qualities, it’s no surprise that customers like you and I would look for other stores like Hobby Lobby that showcase the same level of enthusiasm and respect for arts and crafts. 

With the list of similar stores above, you can expand your shopping experience—which we think is very exciting!

And you can explore so many arts, crafts, and design and decor supplies that will both inspire and motivate you to create the best quality work you possibly can.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get shopping with less hassle, no stress, and an abundance of creative possibilities!

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