How To Wear A Hermes Scarf

You’ve seen them all over the runways and on social media—the Hermes scarf is the accessory of the moment.

Whether made in France or a designer dupe you found on Tik Tok, this specific scarf can be styled in a variety of ways, but if you still find yourself wondering how to wear a Hermes scarf, look no further than this informational guide. 

Read on to uncover not only how to wear a Hermes scarf but also: 

  • How to tie a Hermes scarf on bag options
  • The several ways to wear Hermes scarf designs
  • How to wear a Hermes scarf as a top
  • How to wear a Hermes scarf in the summer
  • Keys to tying Hermes scarves
  • The Hermes hair scarf look

What Is A Hermes Scarf?

Before we dive into how to wear a Hermes scarf, let’s get a better understanding of what this stunning accessory is. Simply put, a Hermes scarf is a scarf made by the iconic French fashion brand, Hermes

Hermes is globally regarded as one of the most expensive luxury brands that specialize in leather items, home furniture, ready-to-wear garments, jewelry, and, of course, accessories. 

Accessories have a big market for Hermes and it’s where most of the brand’s most expensive offerings reside. For instance, while a Hermes dress may cost you about $1,500, a Hermes Birkin Bag is priced well over $10,000

Hermes has long been a popular brand for its accessories and, besides the bags, the scarves also do well for the brand. Hermes scarves are extra special since they’re handmade.

It’s said that the original Hermes scarves featured a hand-rolled hem, and this kind of detail isn’t found in many fashion houses—even luxury ones—today.

The Hermes scarf’s popularity is also linked to its price point. While other accessories break the bank (for most of us), Hermes scarves are generally listed under $600

History Of The Hermes Scarf

To understand how to wear a Hermes scarf, it might be helpful to learn the history of the Hermes scarf. 

While the Hermes brand was born in 1837 in France, the scarf was not introduced until 1937. Before the scarf became an international phenomenon, it was named Carré, which is French for ‘square.’ 

The first Carré to ever be produced was called the Jeu des Omnibus et Dames Blanches. It featured a woodblock print on 100% Chinese silk that was spun into yarn then woven into fabric to be screen printed.

At the time, no other fashion house was using Chinese silk and perhaps that’s what placed this scarf miles ahead of the other styles on the market. 

While silk fabric is commonly used in all kinds of design houses, Chinese silk is different. It offered durability the 1930s woman had not yet experienced.

For instance, the late Grace Kelly of Monaco once used her Hermes scarf as a sling when she was injured by a wasp sting. 

As soon as the Carré hit the market, high society Parisian women could not get enough of the fine fabric and burst of color.

And it wasn’t long before the Hermes scarf became the must-have accessory for French women and then later women all over the world. 

Today, Hermes scarves are still made using the same process of spinning and weaving used to make Chinese silk. The entire procedure is done by hand—from the spinning of the yarn to the silkscreening and final stitches.

This could be why it’s reported that a single Hermes scarf takes up to six months to complete

When To Wear A Hermes Scarf

Whether you’re dressed for a wake or your first day of class, there’s never a wrong time to rock a Hermes scarf.

While the scarf has been taken all over the globe to a number of events, fancy and otherwise, it’s safe to assume the following events are the most commonly appropriate times to wear a Hermes scarf:

  1. Date Night or Dinner 

Though a Hermes scarf is regarded as a luxurious accessory, and it is, you don’t need to be fine dining to take this scarf out to dinner. For more formal outings, style the scarf as a chic shawl over your little black dress, or tie it around your evening bag for some added flair.

If you’re kicking it casually, tie the scarf into your ponytail or wear it around your wrist like a bracelet. 

  1. The Office 

Tie your scarf into a Hermes silk knot and wear it around your neck for your 9-5 workday. If fabric necklaces aren’t your style, consider styling this scarf as a belt over your blazer or work dress. 

  1. School

Yes, even students can benefit from knowing a thing or two about how to wear a Hermes scarf. Bring couture fashion to class when you tie this silky scarf to the strap of your bookbag or tie it into a cute bow around your laptop case. 

  1. A Wedding 

You can even incorporate your luscious scarf into a wedding look. For men, wear your Hermes scarf as the finishing ascot to your slick tailoring. Ladies can style this scarf around their necks as well with strapless dresses or square necklines.  

How To Wear A Hermes Scarf

By now you’re probably wondering how to wear a Hermes scarf with a dress or how to tie a Hermes square scarf around your neck.

Well, you’re in luck because the next few paragraphs are all about how to wear a Hermes scarf. 

At this point in the guide, it’s been made pretty clear that a Hermes silk scarf is quite the versatile accessory. Not only is it an acceptable piece for most outings and events, but the scarf can also be worn in just as many ways. 

Consider for a moment the snazzy silk tops that took over the 2000s. Everyone from A-list celebrities to local fashion girls indulged in the trend and it’s one worth revisiting. Reimagine the look with a Hermes scarf. 

There are a plethora of videos available on YouTube on how to tie silk scarves. One specifically mentions the 15 ways you can wear the scarf with instructions on how to wear a Hermes scarf as a top.

It’s important to note that when aiming to wear your Hermes scarf as a top, ensure you have a size big enough to further style as clothing. 

And, if you’re wondering how to wear a Hermes scarf on bag options, you’ll also find lots of style ideas if you do a simple search on Google.

In addition to a top, the Hermes silk scarf 90 can also be worn as a shawl.

Cascade the opulent fabric off your shoulders by holding it in the nooks of your elbow pits or tie the opposite ends together and string your arms through the holes of the chic bolero you’ve now created. 

While the Hermes scarf was originally designed for women, make no mistake that this scarf is welcomed by all genders now.

Men interested in knowing how to wear a Hermes scarf should know that there are several ways men can wear and style this piece as well. 

The male fashion lover with a flair for dramatics might tie his Hermes silk scarf into a chic ascot with a textured polo or double-breasted suit jacket, while the man with a more minimalistic style might still fancy the Hermes ascot, but tied into a more subtle and narrow design. 

If you’re a guy who prefers street looks over polished tailoring, think about wearing the Hermes scarf as a bracelet.

Wrap the luscious fabric around your wrist multiple times and play around with the length of the ends/width of the bracelet itself.

This look is best paired with slouchy knits with your sleeves pulled up to the elbow. 

A style almost everyone can enjoy is the Hermes silk scarf headband. Make sure your scarf is the appropriate size, and try tying this chic piece around your head like a bohemian festival goer, or over your head for an ‘it girl’ approved look.

Consider also wearing the scarf like a silk headscarf and tying it in a way that completely covers your head. 

Though these are all incredible ways to incorporate a Hermes silk scarf into your wardrobe, know that they’re not the only options available to you.

Dive into YouTube tutorials and social media to see how others have styled their Hermes scarf. Depending on the size of your scarf, the number of ways you can wear it increases significantly. 

If the weather is getting warmer and you’re thinking about rocking your silk scarf, you might try Googling “how to wear Hermes scarf in summer” and check out all the stylish looks online.

But if you’d like to see how other people have styled the scarves with their outfits, keep reading this guide.

10 Outfit Ideas With A Hermes Scarf

If you’re wondering about ways to wear Hermes scarf designs, check out the outfit ideas below. Pretty soon you’ll be rocking this scarf and looking very chic and fabulous.

An easy way to style a maximalism look is to keep your outfit simple and chic—you can never go wrong with black on black—so your accessories can do all the loud talking.

Go for a ‘more is more’ look with your next all-black ‘fit and wear a Hermes silk scarf as a necklace and bold bracelet. 

Silk scarves and white poplin blouses have long been an iconic duo. This ultra-French look is taken to more artsy heights when you tie your scarf in a unique and eye-catching way. 

Don’t discount your outerwear when styling your Hermes scarf. Elevate your quilted bombers and other street jackets with a simple Hermes silk knot

Take the Hermes silk scarf poolside when you wear it as a cute crop top. Lounge by the water in the scarf and linen shorts then dress it up for dinner with a blazer and strappy heels. Don’t forget the gold jewelry! 

Style your Hermes scarf with other Hermes accessories like a bag. Wrap the handles in the scarf like a luxury gift from you to you. Note that the bag doesn’t have to be Hermes!

This type of styling works well with most top-handle bags. 

The Hermes Twilly scarf is the most appropriate scarf for slim neckties and hair ties. Lean on the uniform look and style this sleek scarf with a white poplin blouse. Note that men can also utilize this tie in a similar way with dress shirts. 

Go the route of the chic Parisian woman and use your scarf as the finishing touch on a dark monochromatic outfit. Pull in more color when you further accessorize with a bag in one of the colors displayed on the scarf. 

A silk knot tucked into a V-neck knit sweater updates the usual way a silk knot is worn. Pair it with cropped jeans and chunky boots for a casual day look, or a midi skirt and over-the-knee boots for when you’re at the office. 

Carry the Carré into fall when you belt it as a shawl over a knit cardigan. Incorporate multiple textures in your outfit like leather, knit, and nylon to add depth to this sleek look. 

Tame your flyaways the chic way when you wear the Hermes scarf as a headband. A Hermes hair scarf is a fashionable look that will never go out of style.

Let the bold pattern on the scarf steal all the attention when you keep the rest of your look rather simplistic. Top the outfit off with a brightly colored bag. 

What Type Of Hermes Scarf Can You Get?

Now that we’ve covered how to wear a Hermes scarf, it’s time to walk through the types of Hermes scarves that are available.

While the brand is known to retail items so exclusive you need to be personally invited to shop, Hermes’ collection of scarves is available at Hermes boutiques and online for everyone. 

The brand offers a collection of scarves in five sizes that are perfect squares all around. Each scarf has an individual name inspired by its print and ends with a number. The number signifies the size of the scarf. 

The five sizes of scarves available by Hermes are as follows:

  1. The 20 

Known globally as the Nano, Hermes’ 20 x 20cm scarf is the smallest style in its scarf collection. This specific design is most commonly worn as a bracelet or wrapped around watches or bracelets.

  1. The 45

Although small, the 45 x 45cm scarf packs mighty style. This size isn’t quite as versatile as the other designs. There aren’t as many ways to style it compared to its larger counterparts, but there are still a few ways that you can wear this scarf. 

  1. The 70 

A size up from the posh pocket square, the 70 x 70cm Hermes scarves offer more styling variety than the smaller scarves. It’s the perfect scarf for a necktie or ascot if you don’t want a lot of volume. 

  1. The 90

The 90 x 90cm scarves, or as we now know them, the Carré is the most versatile of the Hermes lineup and the most commonly produced.

This scarf is large enough to tie as the usual necktie and headscarf, but it’s also sizable enough to style as a top or skirt. Tying Hermes scarves in various ways becomes easier the bigger they get.

  1. The 140 

The 140 is the largest of all the scarves by Hermes. This is the scarf you’ll find the easiest to style as a shawl or belted vest. It’s also common to see this scarf wrapped around the long straps of a crossbody bag. 

How To Choose The Best Hermes Scarf

Knowing how to wear a Hermes scarf won’t mean much if you don’t know how to choose the best Hermes scarf. Whether online or at the boutique, it’s important to note that any Hermes product requires some budgeting since it’s a luxury label. 

The most important thing to consider when shopping for your first, second, or hundredth Hermes scarf is the price.

While luxury designer brands have an exclusive market, the price range for Hermes scarves is $113 to $5,600. This gives some extra wiggle room for those that aren’t shopping for the highest-end items just yet. 

When it comes to Hermes products, you can always rest assured you’re receiving the best quality there is. The brand prides itself on being one of the few fashion houses left that still believes in producing its pieces by hand

Though the Carré scarf is still produced in 100% Chinese silk, other styles are made with a blend of silk, wool, and cashmere. Polyester is not a fabric the brand is known to utilize. 

So, when it comes time to select the best scarf for you, think about how you might like to wear the scarf. If you intend to style it into more wearable pieces like shirts, shawls, and skirts, pick a larger scarf style and budget for the higher price point. 

If you just want a touch of luxury in your day-to-day life, the smallest size available is the more appropriate choice. Shop through multiple artistic prints in an array of vibrant colors until you find the one that speaks to you. 

How To Style Your Hermes Scarf

We’ve finally reached the fun part of our ‘how to wear a Hermes scarf’ journey. It’s time to talk about how to style that silky, luxurious scarf. 

Whether you’re rocking the smallest size or the largest size, a part of the Hermes scarf’s allure is its versatility. 

The Hermes Nano scarf, for instance, is a small yet mighty accessory because even this size gives off major style.

However, the Nano is too small to be styled as anything more than a hair tie or a bracelet. 

If you’re thinking about grabbing the 45 scarf, consider styling it as a hair tie to top off your polished ponytail, or as a necktie to add a little depth to an otherwise simple look.

This versatile scarf can be further styled as a belt, bracelet, or even a little bow for the handle of your handbag. 

The 70 scarf is the perfect size for neckties and ascots you want a little more full as well as tying into a bandana.

Other types of head styling with this scarf include tying it around your dad hat to breathe new life into another accessory. The same can be achieved when you use this scarf or as a luxurious wrap around your straps or handle. 

Carré scarves are by far the most versatile of all the Hermes scarves. The 90 x 90cm dimensions make it big enough to style as a halter or strapless top, while still having enough room to be further styled as a bolero, skirt, vest, or belt.

All of the aforementioned neck and wrist style ideas are also achievable with this size. 

Hermes’ largest scarf is most commonly used as a cover-up piece—think belted vests, shawls, and DIY cardigans.

However, since it’s rather large you can also style this size as clothing pieces, just like the skirts and tops that were previously mentioned. 

Fashion Tips To Avoid With Your Hermes Scarf

The versatility of a Hermes scarf gives you room to explore the limits of your style and get creative with an accessory.

However, don’t be misled when styling it. There are three practices to avoid when rocking your Hermes scarf.

  1. Firstly, when taking your Hermes out to dinner, if it’s worn around your neck, remove it before you start eating. While the scarf is an essential part of the look, the last thing you want is alfredo sauce on your silk scarf. 
  2. Secondly, avoid any complicated knotting that would severely damage the fabric. Although the scarf is versatile and can be tied in a number of ways, avoid any extremely tight knotting. 
  3. Most importantly, clean your scarf as soon as it’s needed. While dirty clothes are an obvious fashion faux pas, a dirty silk scarf not only looks bad but can cause some serious damage to your scarf. So don’t procrastinate on having your scarf cleaned.

How To Take Care Of Hermes Scarves

Knowing how to care for your Hermes scarf is just as important, if not more so, than knowing how to wear a Hermes scarf. So to ensure your luxury piece lasts you a long time, take note of these important caretaking tips: 

  • Dry clean over machine washing

Pay attention to the washing instructions for your scarf and avoid just tossing it into your washing machine alongside everything else.

Hermes scarves are made of fine fabrics and can only be dry cleaned for the best results. 

  • Forget the fragrances

We all love a little spritz of our favorite Eau de Parfum before we head out, but refrain from spraying fragrances of any kind directly onto your scarf.

Fragrances can cause discoloration so be mindful that you put on your scarf after you’ve already applied your fragrance(s), and try to keep the scarf away from any area where you spray your perfume. 

  • Avoid the rain 

Any Hermes employee will tell you that a key to knowing how to wear a Hermes scarf is recognizing the importance of keeping the scarf dry. This is because water can create stains on silk.

If you’ve accidentally gotten your Hermes scarf wet, lay it flat to air dry immediately. Ironing the scarf on its reversed size without steam can also fix this issue.

  • Careful with the clip

Styling your scarf with a cute scarf clip or brooch isn’t a bad idea but be mindful of your selections. Pieces with pins could puncture your scarf and cause irreversible damage.

Instead, shop on the Hermes website to find the safest scarf clip options for these scarves. 

  • Hang it up

After you’ve worn your scarf, don’t rush to rebox it or put it away. Leave it laying flat overnight and in the morning hang it over a hanger.

Best Places To Buy Hermes Scarfs

We’ve almost summed up all there is to know when considering how to wear Hermes scarf designs.

Now that you’ve been educated on the history of these scarves and the options available, you’ll need to know where you can get one of these opulent scarves. 

The first and most obvious choice is to shop on the Hermes website or visit one of the brand’s many bright orange boutiques.

Here is the only place where you’ll find a brand new scarf. However, if you’re working with a budget and don’t mind buying second-hand accessories there are a number of reselling sites where you might stumble upon the scarf of your dreams. 

Final Thoughts

Now that you’re well versed on how to wear a Hermes scarf, jump into that wardrobe of yours and get styling! Though very trendy currently, rest assured that this scarf will not ever cycle out of style. 

Since scarves are a classic accessory that adds a touch of flair to simple outfits, plus they enhance and elevate more formal looks, Hermes scarves are bound to be kept in fashion conversations for decades to come.

They’re also bound to be kept in many people’s chic wardrobes.

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