So you’ve finally decided to embark on your equestrian journey but you’re not quite sure what to wear horseback riding?

While mounting your first horse or learning how to Roman ride requires the utmost patience, bravery, and skill, thankfully finding the appropriate outfit to ride in is not that difficult

Whether you’re new to horseback riding or have been at it for years, knowing you have the needed riding ensemble is sure to boost your confidence on the back of that horse.

Follow this guide to get a sense of what you should be riding in and what you should avoid wearing when you ride. After you’ve read through this article you’ll have a better understanding of:

  • What a horseback riding outfit looks like
  • How to choose the best horse riding outfits 
  • What to wear horseback riding in the summer 
  • How to style your riding ensemble
  • Where to buy horseback riding apparel

What Is Horseback Riding?

To fully understand what to wear horseback riding, we must first understand equestrianism. 

Horseback riding is a global practice that takes place in countries all over the world, from the UK to Italy and the United States. While it has a few different names—‘equestrianism’ in Latin countries, ‘horseback riding’ in the USA, and ‘horse riding’ in the UK—the sport remains the same. 

Horseback riding is a broad term that encompasses the practice of driving, riding, and vaulting your horse. Though there are a number of equestrians throughout the world, the use of their horses can differ.

While some ride horses as means for practical work, others utilize their horse-riding skills for art, competitive sport, cultural exercises, and recreational activities. 

Horse riding for practical work includes police work, controlling animals on a ranch, or even controlling a mass population of people, while competitive riders compete with their horses using a variety of set skills.

Even though riders may wear the same safety equipment, their overall outfits will be different

What to Wear Horseback Riding

The first thing to know when figuring out what to wear horseback riding is that there are safety pieces you cannot ride without unless you are a longtime professional.

The most important safety pieces you need for horseback riding are the following:


When it comes to safety gear, knowing what to wear horseback riding is pretty straightforward. Whether this is your first ride or your hundredth, a helmet is a must-have for any rider

While you may fantasize about hitting the dusty trails in your favorite cowboy hat, it’s better to ride with a helmet approved by the ASTEM/SEI.

If you’re considering substituting your riding helmet for a bike helmet, proceed with caution since this type of helmet does not protect the back of the head or the forehead. 

When horseback riding you should wear headgear that protects the entire head since all parts of the head will be vulnerable in the event you fall off a horse.


While there is no official riding boot style for horseback riding, the general rule of thumb is to select a pair of boots that cover your ankles with a 1-1 ½ inch heel and low thread.

Your boots should also avoid waffle thread. These few regulations protect your feet from any accidents involving your horse accidentally stepping on you while also giving you the needed support to keep your feet from slipping out of the stirrups. 


Of course, a good pair of gloves will keep your hands warm during the colder months but when riding, gloves serve another useful purpose.

Regardless of the weather, a rider should keep a good pair of riding gloves in their wardrobe since they protect their hands and help increase the grip they have upon the reins. 

Although it’s fun, useful, and enjoyed all over the world, horseback riding is a high-risk activity even for the most skilled equestrians. So when considering what to wear horseback riding, know that the safety equipment is the one part of your look that should never be compromised

10 Outfit Ideas for Horseback Riding

Saddle up in style when you add a little plaid to an otherwise simple look. Black skinny jeans make the perfect bottoms for riding since they keep any mess subtly unseen while the fit of the leg fits perfectly into your tall boots.

A fitted tee is an excellent choice for a top and the printed belt adds a little fun to an otherwise simple ensemble. 

Horseback riding is far from boring so your style doesn’t have to be either. Infuse some fun prints into your horseback riding wardrobe for a more fashion-forward approach to the globally known sport. 

Denim on denim is a Western rider’s classic. A denim jacket over a button-down shirt paired with jeans in the same wash is not only a trendy look but also a durable one that’ll keep your skin safe in the event of any falls.

Do it like a real cowboy by topping it off with a sturdy wool cowboy hat, but do proceed with caution if you aren’t a professional Western rider. 

When the weather gets gloomy, ride in a close-fitting windbreaker or riding jacket. Go for one in your favorite color so you can keep the cold and rain off but keep the style on. 

Don’t think too much when considering what to wear horseback riding on the beach. A casual ride seaside (with a professional in tow) calls for a riding look that’s a lot less restrictive

Come summertime, or on vacation, don’t be afraid to mount your horsey in an itsy bitsy teeny weeny bikini or a sundress. Keep in mind that outfits like these are best worn only when there is a professional rider with you or if you are a professional yourself. 

A hunting jacket in a rich jewel tone is sure to have you looking chic while you compete. The exquisite tailoring of any hunting jacket is eye-catching enough but when outfitted in a deep full-bodied hue, you’re a winner even if you don’t place first.

Layering a fitted knit over your turtleneck or thermal isn’t just an age-old style trend that can elevate your look. When riding, this fashion choice also keeps you warm, making this styling choice both fashionable and beneficial to your riding experience.

Don’t camouflage your sense of style when riding. Finding riding pieces in your favorite prints makes the ride all the more fun.

Are you still wondering what to wear horseback riding? You can double up on prints like military camo.

If you’re reading this guide and wondering what to wear horseback riding in the winter, never fear, the answer’s here. Keep the overall look fitted to the body like the other looks we’ve discussed have been.

Plus, keep your body warmed up with a riding coat and cozy winter hat. 

For the full-time fashionista/part-time rider, look to the bohemian babes for style inspo. A lace sheath dress with a knit cardigan and Western belt is a look that’ll make even a horse’s head turn.

What Type of Horseback Riding Outfit Can You Get?

The type of horseback riding outfits on the market depends on the type of riding you’re doing. While safety equipment is recommended for even the most experienced rider, the overall look varies between disciplines. 

Competitive Riding

Even though competitive riders perform in front of a select group of judges and a variety of spectators, the competitive riding outfit does not skimp on safety.

The common outfit of a competitive rider includes an ASTEM/SEI-approved helmet, a hunting coat, dressing gloves, breeches, tall boots, riding spurs, and a dressage whip.


A mountie is a law officer that rides on a horse. You’re most likely to see them during a parade or special event in your hometown or when they’re defusing a riot.

In normal circumstances, a mountie will be seen wearing an ATEM/SEI approved helmet with breeches, mounted boots, and the rest of their usual police uniform. 

In the event of a riot, a mountie will be seen wearing riot gear. It’s also common to see mounties in some kind of reflective gear for late-night patrolling.

Western Riding

Western riders are equestrians who specialize in the traditional riding style of the American cowboy. This type of riding was brought to the USA many years ago by the Spanish Conquistadors and has since developed into a riding style enjoyed across the Americas. 

It’s rare that you’ll see a Western rider in an ASTEM/SEI-approved helmet, or any helmet at all. These equestrians would rather wear cowboy hats in place of protective headgear.

The rest of the Western rider look consists of denim, casual shirts, and cowboy boots. In some cases, Western riders may also wear chaps. 

Competitive Race Riding

The Kentucky Derby is where you’ll find the boldest style choices. While spectators usually arrive in big hats or brightly colored fascinators, horse jockeys have an eccentric look all of their own. 

The attire for a competitive horse racer includes what equestrians know as silks. Silks are the jockey uniform and are often brightly colored and patterned so spectators can tell the racers apart. 

These colors and patterns are typically chosen by the owner of the horse the jockey is riding. In addition to silks, horse jockeys also wear the usual safety equipment any competitive rider would wear: helmet, gloves, breeches, and riding boots. 


Not everyone who rides a horse does it for sport, their profession, or ranching. Some ride for leisure which, of course, requires a different ensemble. When you’re riding for fun, the same safety rules apply and should be utilized

Riders taking their trusty steed for a stroll should still wear an approved helmet alongside tall boots with a 1-1 ½ heel height and low thread.

Leisure riders tend to skip on the gloves since they aren’t being mobile to the point where gloves would make a major difference, but wearing them isn’t a horrible idea either. 

When dressing the upper body, stick to comfortable clothing that doesn’t restrict your movement. Plus, try to stay away from jeans or jean shorts if you’re not used to riding regularly. 

How to Choose the Best Horseback Riding Outfit

Whether you’re riding for fun or otherwise, the most important things to look out for when thinking about what to wear horseback riding are safety and comfortability.

Below, we’ll list the items you aren’t going to want to compromise on or find substitutes for. 

How to Choose a Helmet 

A riding helmet is one of the most important pieces a rider will wear. Since horseback riding is a high-risk activity, the durability of your helmet should not be compromised. Most riders wear helmets approved by a standard safety organization like the SEI or BSI. 

In terms of cost, helmets like these can range from as low as $100 and climb as high as $700+. With such a wide price range, you’ll surely find a helmet within your budget.

It’s important to note that the best helmet, no matter the price, is a professionally approved one

How to Choose Riding Boots 

Riding boots are the next most important piece for any rider. You’ll want to pick a sturdy closed-toe pair designed with ankle support

While there are riding boots on the market specifically designed for horseback riding, those who ride for fun can get away with wearing their most durable pair of tall boots so long as the heel height isn’t below 1” or above 1 ½”

Because riding boots do not acquire a certain professional approval, this broadens the horizons when it comes to finding your boots. So you’ll have plenty of options to choose from, but riding boots typically range from $50-$300+

When it comes to riding apparel, comfort is key. It’s best to wear form-fitting clothing that doesn’t restrict your movement. Plus, you wouldn’t normally accessorize your horseback-riding look so skip the chunky jewelry and whimsical scarves. 

Aim to keep the look casual, simple, and comfortable. For instance, wear a long-sleeve tee and bootcut jeans or a T-shirt and bike shorts for the summer months.

Notably, some people like riding in jeans since it unleashes their inner cowboy and provides some skin protection in case of a fall. 

How to Style Horseback Riding Outfits

Although horseback riding calls for a shortlist of special equipment and restrictions on the types of clothing you can wear, you can still have some fun with your horseback riding style

Searching for ‘what to wear horseback riding’ on the internet may pull up a plethora of uniforms that professional riders wear but, with leisure riding, you can wear more interesting horseback riding looks.

For example, consider wearing a helmet with fun colors or bold prints. Or you can wear tall boots with fringe or a studded trim.

When it comes to apparel, style your look as comfortably and casually as you can. In fact, you can step outside of the box and wear something other than the usual riding attire.

Your favorite T-shirt and straight jeans can be seen as chic in the street and also on a horse. 

Fashion Tips to Avoid With Horseback Riding Outfits

Now that you have a better idea of what to wear horseback riding, let’s get into what not to wear when horseback riding. Whether you’re a professional or mounting a horse for the first time, these fashion tips to avoid will improve your riding experience

Avoid Baggy Clothes 

Nothing is scarier than falling off a horse except maybe getting caught on the way down, tangled in the saddle and then dragged by the speeding horse (yikes!).

So, to avoid any further danger, keep your clothes form-fitting so they aren’t caught in the event you fall.


Horseback riding can be a fun summer activity but even when mister golden sun rolls around, you should only ride in closed-toe shoes.

Sneakers or Running Shoes 

We all have a pair of sneakers we pull out for just about everything. They’re comfy and go with all our favorite outfits but a riding outfit has no place for sneakers.

Due to the accidents associated with horseback riding, shoes that protect and support your ankles are of major importance. 

How to Take Care of Your Horseback Riding Outfit

When you aren’t riding, your helmet should be stored in a cool, dry area unless it’s stored in a helmet bag.

To clean your helmet you will need specialized helmet cleaning products which you will spray on your helmet and rub away with a damp cloth before spraying the inside with helmet deodorizer and letting it air dry. 

No matter how big or small the impact, if your helmet ever undergoes any kind of hit it should be replaced. The impact causes the microbubbles of polystyrene within the helmet to burst and these microbubbles are what protect the head the most in the event of an accident.

In addition to this, you should also replace your riding helmet every five years

How to Take Care of Your Riding Boots

Boots are made for walking and some for riding too but if you don’t take proper care of your boots they won’t last very long. So, after every ride, clean off any dirt with a damp cloth.

Also, use cleaning products specifically designed for boot cleaning on days you want to do a thorough clean. 

To ensure your boots always hold the best shape, use boot trees or stuff them with socks when you aren’t wearing them. This will keep your boots standing tall without creases even when they aren’t on your feet. 

Best Places to Buy Horseback Riding Outfits

The best places to shop for horseback riding outfits are typically stores that specialize in equestrian equipment. Whether you’re new to the sport or a veteran, consider checking out this list of retailers the next time you’re shopping for your riding outfit: 

Final Thoughts

So there you have it, what to wear horseback riding is comfortable and safe attire. Although there is a lot of risk associated with this activity, it’s still an enjoyable sport you can take part in year-round.

And while the dangers of the sport may discourage you from styling your outfit the way you might normally, it’s an activity where you can still look good despite the fact you aren’t dressed to your usual nines.

So, suit up and saddle up once you find the appropriate outfit so you can ride in both comfort and style. 

Need more tips on what to wear horseback riding? Check out these helpful guides:

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How to Break in Cowboy Boots

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When the world fell in love with athleisure all over again, brands like Gymshark were ready to take advantage of this fashion trend.

Whether you’re actively going to the gym or just like the look, these brands offer a wide selection of fitness-friendly apparel that serves to improve the overall performance of your workout with smart design choices and style. 

Gymshark began as a small brand out of a Briningham garage in the UK. What began as a humble business with nothing but a single sewing machine and a screen printer is now a billion-dollar company that ships worldwide

Gymshark retails clothing you’ll sweat in but without compromising on style. The British brand services both women and men with its huge collection of fitness apparel as well as accessories. 

Gymshark has earned its spot in the world of fitness fashion but there are several brands like Gymshark. And many of them have a similar accessible and transparent company ethos.

If you fancy yourself a Gymshark fan on the lookout for other fitness apparel brands to fall in love with—or you’re simply looking to stack your workout wardrobe—continue reading this guide to learn more about other workout brands like Gymshark as well as:

  • The best gym clothing brands
  • Affordable fitness clothing brands 
  • Popular athletic clothing brands
  • The fitness brands most like Gymshark 

How We Chose the Best Brands Like Gymshark


When sourcing other brands like Gymshark, we considered the major factors that make the brand what it is. For instance, the prices. When it comes to gym clothing brands, there are a plethora of price points on the market.

While brands like Ernest Leoty, Adidas, and Nike charge $250-300 for some of their items, you won’t find anything over $100 at Gymshark.


Like most gym clothing brands, Gymshark’s apparel is made with functionality in mind. But what keeps customers coming back is how that functionality comes with a side of fashion

At Gymshark the colors range from dark and subdued to bold and bright, and interesting prints are also offered. Gymshark isn’t too ‘poppy’ or bold but also strays from being too minimal. When it comes to style, consider their collection a well-rounded compromise for all gym-goers. 


Gymshark is often praised for its quality. Fans of the fitness label usually rave about its long-lasting, durable materials that can withstand rigorous workouts. This could be due to the fact that Gymshark apparel is designed and made so close to its UK headquarters. 


Like most popular gym brands, Gymshark retails both men’s and womenswear. At Gymshark, fitness fans will find a variety of bottoms, tops, and even underwear. Even if you feel fulfilled with your fitness wardrobe, you can still sign onto Gymshark for a peek at their latest collection of accessories.


Gymshark doesn’t have any physical storefronts but it makes up for this by offering worldwide shipping. However, depending on where you’re located, this could possibly come with duty fees the brand does not cover.

This, of course, is less convenient for most but since the brand is so affordable already, the extra charge does not seem like a big deal. 

Diversity & Inclusion

On Gymshark’s social media accounts and website, you’ll see both genders and a variety of races. Of course, these bodies are often toned or buff so if you’re looking for body diversity, this isn’t the place to look. 

10 Best Brands Like Gymshark

#1 – Adidas

When it comes to fitness brands, Adidas is one that many think of first. The German multinational corporation has been a leading athletic apparel brand for decades. With celebrity endorsements and a booming lifestyle sector, Adidas is one of the most defining and iconic fitness brands there is

#2 – Under Armour

Under Armour is an American sportswear company that services the gym-going lady and man. The brand’s ultra-recognizable logo was at the peak of its popularity in 2015. Plus, Under Armour was once regarded as the next Nike. 

#3 – Nike

Out of all the fitness brands like Gymshark, Nike is the most iconic. With a list of athletic partnerships, celebrity endorsements, designer collaborations, and booming subsidiary brands, Nike sits at the top of the fitness apparel food chain.

At Nike, you’ll find lots of tech-infused sportswear, trendy sweat sets, footwear, accessories, and of course, the legendary Nike check. 

#4 – Champion

In recent years, Champion has picked up in popularity. The American brand was once a basic line of activewear that retailed out of Walmart but has since grown to be a major success worldwide. Well-known for its trendy athletic wear, this brand has all the apparel you need for your active lifestyle. 

#5 – Reebok

Reebok is another one of the fitness brands like Gymshark that have been in the athletic apparel industry for a long time. Since being founded in the late 50s, Reebok has been praised countless times for its clean aesthetic and contemporary approach to fitness wear.   

#6 – H&M

H&M is one of the leading fast-fashion brands for women, children, and men. The Swedish retail giant is known for carrying a large selection of apparel—from party-appropriate threads to designer-influenced pieces. Amongst the heavy variety at H&M is a collection of affordable athleticwear

#7 – Ododos

Ododos prides itself on creating athleisure for every day of your life and every moment that you’re in action. The brand features a minimalistic aesthetic with an emphasis on taking its products from the StairMaster to the street. 

#8 – Old Navy

Old Navy has been dressing the modern North American family for years. Alongside its collection of everyday basics and doable denim, the American brand offers activewear for the whole family that’s easy to wear and easy on the wallet. 

#9 – Fittoo

Fittoo is a brand that keeps things sweet and simple. The selection at Fittoo is much smaller than the other brands like Gymshark we’ve featured. Plus, it only retails women’s activewear. And with only three categories to shop—leggings, bras, tops, and shorts—Fittoo makes it easy for you to hone in on the styles you really need

#10 – ASOS

ASOS is an online marketplace for a plethora of brands and it features a wide variety of apparel, footwear, and accessories. There’s hardly an occasion you can’t find an outfit for on ASOS and this includes your weekly gym visit. 

ASOS retails a number of fitness brands in addition to its own house label of activewear. With a selection that spans hundreds of pieces and brands, there’s something for every kind of fitness fanatic. 

Which Brands Like Gymshark Are Closest In Comparison?

When it comes to aesthetics, brands like Gymshark that are most like the British label are ASOS as well as Old Navy. Both brands seem to capture the same versatile style that’s offered at Gymshark. 

As previously discussed, the Gymshark style appeals to both the muscle-building minimalist and those who prefer to bring their bold style to the bench press. These brands are also similar when it comes to affordability.

While some of the aforementioned brands like Gymshark price their items way out of the Gymshark price range, ASOS and Old Navy tend to keep the general bulk of their activewear below $100

Which Brands Like Gymshark Are the Most Affordable?

Out of all the brands like Gymshark, the most affordable one is Fittoo. Fittoo’s straight-to-the-point selection is only better received due to its affordable price tag. Plus, the various opportunities to save make this brand super appealing. 

In addition to the brand’s $15 -$100 price point, Fittoo also offers its consumers coupon codes and frequent promotions for further savings. While some of the other more affordable brands like Gymshark have the same price range, the promotions offered at Fittoo place it a step above the rest when it comes to affordability. 

Which Brands Like Gymshark Offer the Best Quality?

In terms of activewear, quality has been an ongoing issue within the fashion industry. While retail giants like Nike and Adidas have come under fire for utilizing poor manufacturing practices, there are still many fans of both brands that sing their praises.

Plus, the brands are well-known worldwide for selling excellent quality activewear. Under Armour is credited as one of the brands like Gymshark men like for its quality. However, others agree that Under Armour’s quality, although highly ranked, is no match for the high-grade threads and technology of Nike and Adidas. 

With years in the industry, we can only assume that the top-ranked brands like Gymshark—such as Nike and Adidas—became so successful by delivering their consumers the best of the best. 

With that in mind, we can only conclude that Nike and Adidas are the brands like Gymshark that offer the best quality athletic wear. 

Final Thoughts

With restrictions lifting and the endemic near, the current trend cycle is moving towards party dressing and glamor these days. This is an unsurprising trend as we break free from various lockdowns and other restrictions. 

Nevertheless, there is still an abundance of gym-goers and athleisure fans that prefer an active-inspired look. For those individuals, brands like Gymshark help keep their wardrobes full of breathable leggings, easy tanks, supportive sports bras, and other gym-friendly pieces they may need. 

The brands on our list also offer quality basics you can add to your street wardrobe. Layering with activewear tanks and bottoms is a smart styling choice for a day full of running errands or back-to-back activities. 

And since brands like Gymshark design their apparel with fashion in mind, as well as function, taking these activewear styles from the gym to the street is as easy as your first squat.

Looking for workout clothing from brands like Gymshark? We’ve got you covered:

10 Brands Like Lululemon

10 Brands Like Patagonia

Stores Like Uniqlo

When it comes to luxury department stores, there are few that offer the stacked variety seen at Nordstrom. Likewise, the retailer’s subsidiary store Nordstrom Rack also offers a plethora of apparel ranging from trendy ‘of the moment’ styles to entry-level luxury pieces. 

Nordstrom Rack takes the stress out of shopping since both the physical stores and e-commerce site operate as a one-stop-shop for all your fashion and lifestyle needs. Luckily, there are lots of stores like Nordstrom Rack that provide a similar shopping experience.

If you aren’t familiar with stores like Nordstrom Rack, you’re in luck. You’ve just stumbled upon a guide that will not only explain the benefits of shopping at this full-service store but also expose you to other retailers and/or brands that offer the same or similar experience as Nordstrom Rack. 

Stores like Nordstrom Rack are where you shop for cheap designer clothes and discounts on some of your favorite labels. Keep reading to learn more about other stores like Nordstrom Rack as well as: 

  • Affordable designer brands
  • Nordstrom vs Nordstrom Rack 
  • Online stores like Nordstrom Rack 

How We Chose the Best Stores Like Nordstrom Rack

There is a list of variables we considered when deciding which retailers are like Nordstrom Rack. The popular American retail chain may seem to resemble many department stores, but there are differentiating factors that set this retailer apart

Here are the factors that we took into consideration: 


When it comes to price, Nordstrom Rack is the cheaper equivalent to designer-stacked Nordstrom. Nordstrom retails popular high-fashion finds at market prices. Whereas the subsidiary Nordstrom Rack’s inventory is filled with out-of-season items and subsidiary labels from about 30% to 90% off the original price.  


At Nordstrom Rack, you’ll find a plethora of styles for women, men, and children. Since Nordstrom Rack is a department store, there is no defining aesthetic for this retailer.

Shopping around at Nordstrom Rack will expose you to athletic favorites like Nike and Adidas while also servicing your more formal needs with brands like Red Valentino and Love by Design. 


Since Nordstrom Rack carries a high volume of brands, the quality ranges from piece to piece. Some brands like Nike have a reputation for quality activewear, but this cannot be said for every brand the retailer carries. 


Stores like Nordstrom Rack build their business on variety. The Nordstrom Rack customer doesn’t want to buy their clothing from a number of stores—they want to be able to grab their apparel, accessories, and footwear all within the same building (or on the same website). 

Retailing apparel of all kinds alongside footwear, accessories, beauty, and home goods, Nordstrom Rack offers its customers a full-service fashion destination


Nordstrom Rack is one of the few brands that has a physical storefront. While most metropolitan cities host a Nordstrom as well as Nordstrom Rack, a lot of people still prefer to shop online. 

However, there are customers, like the Canadian market, who no longer have access to the e-commerce benefits of this department store. This restricts some consumers to in-store shopping which lowers the overall convenience. 

Diversity & Inclusion

Since Nordstrom Rack is a store for everyone, you’ll find a variety of races and faces on the brand’s website and social media pages. The department store also carries a line of plus-size clothing so Nordstrom Rack also promotes varying body types. 

However, even though Nordstrom Rack does cater to men, there is still a dominant female presence in its social media marketing. 

10 Best Stores Like Nordstrom Rack

#1 – Yoox

Yoox is like the younger sibling of the popular NET-A-PORTER. Like Nordstrom Rack, Yoox offers its customers a collection of fashionable apparel for women, men, and children. Amongst its lineup of luxury designers, Yoox also sells its own brand of environmentally-friendly products

#2 – Asos

ASOS has long been at the forefront of fashion e-tailers. The British retail giant carries a plethora of brands—from beloved labels like Levi’s to a list of ASOS brands. When it comes to price, ASOS offers a larger volume of inexpensive clothing compared to Nordstrom Rack. 

#3 – Romwe

Stores like Nordstrom Rack aren’t exclusively luxury department stores. Romwe, for instance, is a Chinese e-giant similar to SHEIN.

Romwe specializes in trendy and affordable pieces for both men and women. Rarely at Romwe are items priced above $100 and on the occasion something is, coupons and daily promotions decrease that price before you checkout. 

#4 – Gilt

Gilt is an online department store that operates a little differently than most of these other stores like Nordstrom Rack. Gilt offers affordable ready-to-wear items and accessories for men, women, and children, much like Nordstrom Rack. 

However, the business was built with an appreciation for flash sales and fear-induced marketing. Customers are granted access to new sales but only for a limited time, and if you’re looking to checkout on your glam Gilt finds, you had better be a member. You can’t shop on this site otherwise. 

#5 – Saks Off Fifth

Saks Off Fifth is a ready-to-wear destination for pieces that are much cheaper than the ones you’d find at Saks Fifth Avenue. Saks Off Fifth offers big-name fashion brands alongside their subsidiary partners. For example, at Saks Off Fifth, you’ll find both Moschino and Love Moschino. 

#6 – Everlane

Everlane is your online destination for modern essentials. The Everlane man and woman flock to the brand’s easy-to-shop site for beautiful basics, durable denim, and a list of other functional fashion pieces. Unlike most of these stores like Nordstrom Rack, Everlane exclusively retails the Everlane brand

#7 – Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters is a popular brand aimed at young men and women in their early teens up to their mid-20s. It specializes in cool Coachella-esque fashion, the vintage aesthetic, and graphic tees for every occasion. 

#8 – Poshmark

Any thrifty fashion fan you know probably has the Poshmark app download. This online marketplace is run by everyday shoppers selling and purchasing preloved fashion finds.

Poshmark doesn’t discriminate on what sellers can offer up for a quick buck and allows brands of all kinds—from fast fashion favorites to vintage designer items. 

#9 – TheRealReal

The RealReal is another online consignment store. However, unlike Poshmark, The RealReal exclusively markets preloved designer pieces.

Here is where you’ll find Tom Ford’s Gucci or Marc Jacobs’ Louis Vuitton. However, shoppers should beware. The RealReal has come under fire multiple times for its lax authenticity checks. 

#10 – Target

Target is a popular big-box department store with something for everyone. The Walmart-like setup means shoppers are exposed to a plethora of goods—from fashion to beauty and homecare.

Of all these stores like Nordstrom Rack, Target offers the most variety when it comes to the range of products sold. 

Which Stores Like Nordstrom Rack Are Closest In Comparison?

Stores like Nordstrom Rack that are most like the retail chain are Yook and Saks Off Fifth. This should come as no surprise since both stores are the subsidiary stores of bigger department stores. Plus, all three stores carry very similar brands, with even a few shared brands between them. 

There’s no doubt in our mind that most Yoox and Saks Off Fifth customers also like to shop at Nordstrom Rack. That’s because all three stores feature a similar price point and have similar discounts in place. 

Additionally, each retailer is free of a core aesthetic since they’re built to highlight, promote and carry a collection of various brands. Even though Yoox carries its own line of sustainability-first clothing, consumers tend to shop the brand’s long list of more mainstream labels. 

Which Stores Like Nordstrom Rack Are the Most Affordable?

Are you wondering which stores like Nordstrom Rack are the most affordable? If so, look no further than Romwe. If you’re familiar with SHEIN, you’ll know that Romwe follows a similar structure.

Since it’s owned by Globalegrow E-Commerce—the parent company of SHEIN— Romwe’s price point will rarely stray from its usual $3-$100 range. 

With daily promotions and third-party apps like Honey, the aforementioned price range is subject to change due to various discounts, which are much bigger than most of these other stores like Nordstrom Rack. 

However, with the pay decrease, keep in mind that you’re getting what you pay for. While Romwe may be listed as one of the stores like Nordstrom Rack—primarily for its discounted high volume collection of menswear and womenswear—it pales in comparison when it comes to the quality of what you are buying. 

Also, other stores like Nordstrom Rack offer discounted designer items, while Romwe pushes its own cheap and chic namesake apparel. 

Which Stores Like Nordstrom Rack Offer the Best Quality?

There are a few stores like Nordstrom Rack that offer the best quality apparel. At Yoox and Saks Off Fifth you’ll find high-quality designer brands, just as you would at Nordstrom Rack. Even the out-of-season products hold up pretty well depending on the brand. 

In addition to this, many of the authentic pieces found on Poshmark and The RealReal are also of great quality. If you want to see the true lifespan of a garment or shoe, sign onto a consignment site and marvel at how decades-old ready-to-wear clothing has held up through the years

Final Thoughts

For some, shopping is a form of therapeutic release—or a coping mechanism they may or may not have a handle on. For others, it’s their least favorite thing to do. 

People who tend to dislike shopping complain that it’s a headache due to a number of reasons. But a common theme among anti-shoppers is the general disdain for having to visit a number of stores to complete one look.

For these consumers, stores like Nordstrom Rack provide them with a sense of peace because they just have to visit one store to find everything they need—and maybe a few extra things they’ve always wanted.

Looking for more rare finds from stores like Nordstrom Rack? We’ve got you covered:

Stores Like Boohoo

Stores Like ASOS

13 Top Designer Brands

If you’ve ever overheard one of your pals say they were ‘born in the wrong era,’ direct them to the vintage-loving brand ModCloth. Launched in 2002 but carrying a retro aesthetic, ModCloth is an American brand that retails indie and vintage pieces. 

One look at the brand’s website transports you to a 50s diner or a 70s music festival—since it has an abundance of high-waisted bikini bottoms and fun flared trousers that took over both eras. While it seems like this brand is utterly unique there are other stores like ModCloth.

The e-commerce boom saw the rise of various trendy fashion destinations but ModCloth owners Eric Kroger and Susan Gregg Koger knew there was space in the market for vintage dresses. 

Even though they were still students at Carnegie Mellon University, the two launched ModCloth as a space to retail the vintage dresses they loved. In 2005, the fashion-forward students experienced major financial success and went on to receive their first round of funding only three years later. 

Since the brand’s initial launch, ModCloth has expanded its product offerings and now has a full collection of apparel, swimwear, accessories, and shoes. The brand has never lost its vintage touch and exclusively sells vintage as well as vintage-inspired pieces. 

If ModCloth is a brand you enjoy and want more of, read on to discover more info about stores like ModCloth as well as:

  • Is ModCloth ethical?
  • Other quirky clothing brands 
  • Unique clothing websites 

How We Chose the Best Stores Like ModCloth

Since ModCloth is a unique brand, other stores like ModCloth are determined by analyzing the factors that make ModCloth as special as it is. 


When it comes to price, stores like ModCloth offer a price range that fits a variety of budgets. On ModCloth’s site specifically, you can shop for pieces as low as $5 and max out at about $330. This price range does include shoes which can drive the price increasingly upward for a lot of brands. 


ModCloth is for vintage-loving gals. From the fashionistas obsessed with Old Hollywood glamor to the bohemian babes all about that carefree old school style, ModCloth has the hottest trends from the 1930s through to the 1990s

Here’s where you’ll find poodle skirts sold alongside the boxy silhouettes that were the highlight of the mod fashion era. While the ModCloth girl can take these pieces and style them into a more modern look, don’t expect to see anything current on ModCloth. 


In addition to the ModCloth brand, the American fashion destination also retails a slew of other brands and branded collaborations. For instance, there’s the ModCloth for Hello Kitty joint venture which features the Hello Kitty imaging, logos, and text on various vintage apparel. 

This makes it difficult to track whether the brand’s quality is 100% consistent across its website. However, the ModCloth brand itself does utilize sweatshops and short-shelf life fabrics like polyester.

So it’s safe to assume that ModCloth isn’t as devoted to providing top-shelf quality as it is to delivering the hot styles of yesteryear. 


Since ModCloth has an abundance of apparel, clothing stores like ModCloth quite often have lots of selection too. Like most fast-fashion brands, ModCloth offers lots of new arrivals on an ongoing basis which adds to its already vast collection.

At ModCloth, you won’t find men’s or children’s clothing but the womenswear collection is stacked with apparel including: 

  • Dresses of various lengths and silhouettes
  • Tops including basics, knitwear, sweats, blouses, and T-shirts
  • Bottoms including pants, skirts, jeans, leggings, shorts, and rompers
  • Accessories including jewelry, bags, hosiery, and scarves 
  • Footwear including heels, boots, platforms, clogs, sneakers, and loafers 
  • Swimwear (both one-pieces and two pieces) 

ModCloth also offers a collection of plus-size clothing alongside a list of pieces under its collaborative collections. If there’s one thing ModCloth is missing, it’s definitely not variety. That’s because the brand always has so many items you can shop for. 


In 2020, the once-booming business experienced some financial issues and unfortunately had to close a number of its physical stores. However, this hasn’t slowed the brand’s continuing sales or changed the convenience customers experience when shopping for their products. 

While there may no longer be a ModCloth store near you, the brand still has its online platform which offers global shipping and returns. Since the physical stores were only located in the USA, the closing of these locations only inconveniences a select number of ModCloth fans. 

Diversity & Inclusion

What ModCloth lacks in quality, it makes up for with its commitment to diverse advertising. In fact, ModCloth was the first retailer to sign the Anti-Photoshop initiative known as the Heroes Pledge for Advertisers. 

Since signing this pledge in 2014, ModCloth has stopped photoshopping models during the photo editing process. Co-owner Susan Gregg Kroger is also an active speaker about the Truth in Advertising Act which promotes honesty in marketing

The year after committing to the truthful representation of models, ModCloth took its pledge of inclusion a step further by launching a swimwear campaign modeled by some of the ModCloth’s employees

That same year, ModCloth aimed to rebrand its use of the term ‘plus-size. This came after it was revealed to ModCloth that most plus-size women feel embarrassed and ‘othered’ when their clothing is hosted on a separate site. In response to these results, ModCloth brought its plus-size product range onto its general site

Although the apparel industry has been making strides to become more inclusive, not all stores like ModCloth share this company’s desire to do better in advertising. 

12 Best Stores Like ModCloth

#1 – Lulus

Previously known as Lulus Fashion Lounge, Lulus is another vintage shop based in California, USA. Like ModCloth, this unique fashion palace also opened physical locations but later shut them down to focus exclusively on its online business.

Today LuLus is shoppable around the world—from the Americas to countries in Asia. 

#2 – Chi Chi London

Chi Chi London is one of the many hot online fashion brands that came out of the UK. It specializes in dresses—from cute and trendy bold shoulder minis to bridesmaid dresses—that’ll make your jaw drop. 

Chi Chi isn’t as vintage-focused as ModCloth but it does offer a few vintage-inspired pieces amongst its collection of currently stylish apparel.

While Chi Chi London does offer international shipping, the only currencies customers can shop in are AUD, USD, EUR, and GBP. So this makes ModCloth a little less convenient for shoppers than ModCloth. 

#3 – Playful Promises

Fancy a bra? Or perhaps some naughty garters? Then Playful Promises is the London-based brand you need on your radar. Unlike the other stores like ModCloth within this list, Playful Promises is exclusively a sleepwear and lingerie brand

PVC bodysuits and lacy knickers take over the site but the ModCloth similarities are seen through the retro balconette bras and corsets. And even though this is a brand loved by a crowd of modern women, the vintage-loving dolls can also find lots of products that suit their throwback tastes. 

#4 – Unique Vintage

Unique Vintage is one of the stores like ModCloth most aligned with the brand’s aesthetic and love for vintage style. The poppy and bright vintage branding is carried from the store’s vibrant site right into its physical store in Burbank California.

Like ModCloth, Unique Vintage retails a wide selection of styles inspired by the ‘It’ trends of the 1920s right up to the 1990s. 

#5 – Chicwish

ChicWish is a fashion mecca of indie designers catering to the vintage-obsessed. It’s one of the small handful of stores like ModCloth that also cater to children. 

The styles range from obviously vintage-inspired to a slew of products that walk the line between retro fashion and currently trendy. The pieces on Chicwish are retailed in a variety of currencies including AED, AUD, BRL, CAD, EUR, GBP, HKD, INK, JPY, NSZD, RUB, and SGD. This increases the shopping convenience for Chicwish customers. 

#6 – Reformation

What started out as a small shop selling vintage fashions in 2009 has quickly grown into an influencer’s go-to brand. Reformation has an abundance of hot styles and trendy pieces inspired by the fun fashions of yesteryear. 

At Reformation, you can shop for wedding wear, apparel, and shoes. Reformation is also a brand that participates in sustainability practices like its shoe recycling program and collaborative efforts with sustainable cleaning brand Blueland.  

#7 – Boden USA

For over 30 years, Boden USA has been serving its shoppers the best in men’s, women’s, and childrenswear inspired by vintage fashion. What started as a dream for an 8-style menswear catalog in 1991 has since grown to include a variety of styles for vintage fashion fans of all ages

Boden also specializes in a range of vacation-friendly fashions—from swimwear and cute cover-ups to men’s cargos and Birkenstock-Esque sandals. 

#8 – Zappos

Zappos started as an online destination for shoes before branching out to become a one-stop shop for apparel, shoes, accessories, and more. The Zappos website looks like an online department store since they carry popular brands like UGGS, Birkenstock, and Nike, to name a select few. 

And although they sell a huge selection of items, the vintage look is not carried throughout Zappos the way it is at ModCloth. 

#9 – Joanie Clothing

Joanie Clothing is another vintage fashion shop where you can scroll through the timeless styles of the 1940s straight through to the 1990s. Similar to ModCloth, Joanie also expresses an interest in body-diverse marketing and offers its plus-size range on its general site

#10 – Everlane

Everlane is for women who value comfort and sustainability as much as style.

The Everlane customer flocks to the site for the brand’s effortless, chic apparel, including their modern knits, classic denim silhouettes, and basics you can count on. And many shoppers love the brand’s signature transparency and commitment to healthier retail practices. 

#11 – Nuuly

Rent, resell or shop to own on Nuuly. The online thrift platform specializes in vintage finds you can borrow for a special occasion or buy outright. On Nuuly’s site, you’ll find pre-loved pieces from vintage-inspired brands like Free People and Anthropologie. 

#12 – Alice + Olivia

If you’re set on finding stores like ModCloth but cheaper, you may want to look away from Alice + Olivia. But this may be difficult to do since the American luxury label is known for its punchy color palette and vibrant patterns. 

The Alice + Olivia collection is a modern take on vintage fashion. Even though its styles are inspired by the ‘60s and ‘70s trends, the designs are fresh enough to stand beside the current trends on the market. 

Alice + Olivia utilizes higher-quality fabric than ModCloth and it’s something the brand considers when pricing its items. While the ModCloth’s price point maxes out at around $330, expect to spend upward of $2,000 at Alice + Olivia. 

Which Stores Like ModCloth Are Closest In Comparison?

When it comes to the overall aesthetic, price point, and selection, Unique Vintage is one of the stores like ModCloth that is most like the American brand

Firstly, the price point of Unique Vintage ranges from $15 (regular price) to around $320. This is fairly close to the ModCloth price point and lets ModCloth shoppers know that they can comfortably budget for this brand’s products as well. 

It’s clear in the name that Unique Vintage is a fashion destination for vintage-inspired finds and, much like ModCloth, Unique Vintage makes shopping extremely easy.

On the Unique Vintage website, shoppers can filter through which eras they prefer—whether that be the roaring styles of the 1920s or the easy-breezy styles of the bohemian-clad 1970s. 

ModCloth fans will also be delighted to find lots of collaborative projects just like the ones they’re used to seeing on the ModCloth site. Cute and cartoony clothing made in partnership with Barbie, Hello Kitty, Strawberry Shortcake, and more, make up a great portion of the brand’s variety of styles. 

Unique Vintage also retails its plus-size collection on its general site and takes part in body-diverse advertising

The apparel sold at Unique Vintage—whether it’s a graphic poodle skirt or floral printed mod dress—is very similar to ModCloth clothing.

Both sites have an abundance of mod-tastic prints, flared skirts, dresses, and trousers, in addition to a list of other styles that took over the fashion scene decades ago. 

So, of all the online stores like ModCloth, Unique Vintage has the most ModCloth-like aesthetic and price range. 

Which Stores Like ModCloth Are the Most Affordable?

The ModCloth-like stores previously mentioned all vary when it comes to price range. But Chicwish comes out as one of, if not the most, affordable stores like ModCloth. 

This could be due to its fast fashion-like practices or where and how the clothing is manufactured, but Chicwish is going to be kinder to your wallet than ModCloth and a slew of the other stores like ModCloth. 

Chicwish is where you’ll find the average price of a dress to be $60 while the average price of outerwear—often one of the most expensive apparel items—checks out around $90. This is fairly cheap not only for a vintage-fashion site but for a general online fashion retailer. 

In addition to the brand’s already affordable price point, Chicwish also offers various coupon codes and loyalty points when you shop for the brand’s items. And these discounts are similar to the promos offered at Shein or Romwe. 

Although more affordable than ModCloth, you aren’t skipping out on quality when you shop at Chicwish since both brands utilize similar manufacturing practices as well as materials.

Chicwish may not offer the most outstanding quality but it’s a great fashion website for cheap and chic pieces inspired by the vintage styles you love

Which Stores Like ModCloth Offer the Best Quality?

Stores like ModCloth with the best quality are the retailers using the best materials. And when it comes to quality, Alice + Olivia is the brand that’s winning compared to the other stores on our list. 

Alicia + Olivia’s collections are designed and manufactured in America’s fashion capital, New York City. Creative Director Stacey Bendet relies on recycled cashmere knits, natural linen, and responsibly-sourced wool to make up the brand’s various fun and dynamic designs. 

And while Alice + Olivia hasn’t always been 100% transparent about its sustainability or ethical practices, the brand is continuously making strides in the right direction to deliver clothing that’s both beautiful and long-lasting. 

Final Thoughts

Stores like ModCloth capture the styles and fun fashions from years gone by that you might not have been around to experience the first time. These stores are important to the fashion market since they provide a one-stop-shop for a stylish niche that has a lot of fans in and outside of the fashion community. 

So, hit up stores like ModCloth when you’re exploring a vintage era for Halloween and want to build a custom with pieces you can wear months after the spooky day is over. Or shop till you drop through a wide variety of rad retro styles to suit whatever kind of throwback gal you are. 

Whatever you decide, know that ModCloth has your back, front, and feet covered when it comes to affordable vintage wear

Looking for more stores like ModCloth? Take a look at these popular brands:

Stores Like Anthropologie

Stores Like Urban Outfitters

Stores Like Zara

Oh Polly is a popular British brand that specializes in the sexier side of current trends. Oh Polly’s owners Mike Branney and Claire Henderson built their business on philanthropy

On the company’s website, it’s stated that Oh Polly was founded as a way for Branney and Henderson to fund the Brannerson Foundation—a charity the two started in Cambodia. This is one of the many traits that separate Oh Polly from competitors and similar stores like Oh Polly. 

Founded in 2015, Oh Polly was retailed on the multinational e-commerce site eBay before moving onto the namesake platform we know today. Three years later, Oh Polly experienced significant growth. So much so that by 2018, the Brit brand had increased its staff size by over 100 people. 

And the following year Oh Polly was ranked as the UK’s 5th most engaged clothing retail social media brand. This is the benefit of Oh Polly’s social-first approach to retail. Today the brand boasts over four million followers on Instagram and the number rises with each collection launch.

In recent years, co-owner Claire Henderson has launched two sister brands of Oh Polly: the athleisure-focused Bo and Tee as well as Neena swimwear. Each brand is an extension of Oh Polly and they have a similar aesthetic throughout their collections. 

Oh Polly is a popular brand with a massive following but there are still other stores like Oh Polly that share a similar aesthetic and/or price point. If you’re new to Oh Polly or have been a fan since day one, keep reading this guide to learn more about the label and other online stores like Oh Polly. 

Highlights will include:

  • Sites like Oh Polly
  • Dress stores like Oh Polly 
  • Stores similar to Oh Polly 

How We Chose the Best Stores Like Oh Polly


Uncovering the price point is what will really set the stores like Oh Polly apart. The infamous label offers its shoppers the option to shop in a list of currencies with products starting below $10 and scaling as high as $150. This is a pretty roomy price range suitable for a variety of budgets, although dresses—an Oh Polly staple—cost about $60 on average. 


Like most UK fashion brands, Oh Polly caters to the high glam sexy aesthetic. The models wear makeup that ranges from soft glam to editorial-level looks and the clothing features plunging necklines, body-hugging fabrics, and cut-outs in all the right places. 

Oh Polly is where you go for that jaw-dropping date night look, dreamy vacay outfit, or even runway-inspired styles for the everyday slay. Whatever the occasion, Oh Polly aims to have a style you can wear for it but do approach with caution since these pieces are incredibly hot


Quality is a major factor that separates Oh Polly from stores like Oh Polly. As listed in the brand’s mission statement, Oh Polly aims to bring its shoppers trendy, high-quality products that are ethically made

Remember that the brand was built to fund a charity in Cambodia founded by the owners. This tells us that fair working conditions, workers’ rights, and human rights are of great importance to them personally and, as a result, their brand. 

Oh Polly is one of the select UK boutiques that designs and produces its apparel in-house. If you shop for an Oh Polly piece, trust that it came from one of the brand’s factories which are overseen and controlled by the company. On social media, Oh Polly is often credited for its superb quality and practices like this are what put that quality in place. 


Oh Polly is popular for the brand’s wide range of dresses but you can also find lots of other apparel on their site. Since going global, the UK favorite has widened its selection to include tops, bottoms, matching sets, and accessories. Since launching the sister brands Bo+Tee and Neena Swim, the Oh Polly collection has only broadened. 


Oh Polly is as convenient as most online boutiques. However, UK fans of the brand have a targeted advantage since Oh Polly offers free standard shipping throughout the UK as well as next-day delivery for a fair price. 

Diversity & Inclusion

Body diversity isn’t something you’ll find a lot of on the Oh Polly website or its social platforms. Although some styles are offered in sizes as large as UK 18 (US 14), the sizing average caps at UK 14 (US 10). This doesn’t offer much room for all body types. 

And even though Oh Polly does promote a range of body types, the slim body, which is the industry standard, is seen most on their site. 

10 Best Stores Like Oh Polly

#1 – Windsor

Windsor started as a hosiery and lingerie store in the late 30s and has since boomed into a fashion destination for apparel and more. The brand has over 200 storefront locations. As a result, it’s one of the stores like Oh Polly that has an added sense of convenience that Oh Polly doesn’t have. 

#2 – Monsoon

Monsoon is another UK brand built on philanthropy. Much like Mike Brenney and Claire Henderson, Monsoon founder Peter Simon saw an opportunity to help others through retail and thus began Monsoon. 

The trendy online store sells women’s and children’s clothing alongside accessories and home goods. A portion of the company’s proceeds is put into the Monsoon Accessorize Trust—a charity that provides aid to disadvantaged women and children across Asia. And although these two brands share charitable characteristics, their aesthetics are vastly different

If you’re looking for the show-stopping-in-your-face sexy apparel that Oh Polly is known for you may want to consider one of the other stores like Oh Polly. Even though Monsoon does offer select sexy dresses, the general aesthetic of this brand is bohemian and romantic

#3 – I Saw It First

I Saw It First is a fun and trendy fashion destination for the latest in micro trends and runway-inspired styles. Like Oh Polly, this brand shares a similar target audience of women ages 16-30. I Saw It First delivers a variety of styles from the flirty night-out fits to sleek pieces for the office. The price range of this boutique is also similar to Oh Polly. 

#4 – White Fox

No crop top is too short nor corset too tight for the Australian brand White Fox Label. You can shop for a variety of ‘too hot to handle’ garments on White Fox Label’s website, much like the steamy styles spotted on Oh Polly’s site. 

The brand has an abundance of apparel—which includes activewear and swimwear—as well as trendy accessories like mini bags and sleek sunglasses. 

#5 – Beginning Boutique

Where to begin with Beginning Boutique? It’s a punchy fashion brand that delivers trendy styles in all colors for women aged 16-30. Beginning Boutique is one of the few stores like Oh Polly that caters to the funky festival fashion scene.

#6 – Meshki

Meshki is one of the boutiques like Oh Polly that offers a similar sultry aesthetic. Where Oh Polly’s sexy style is that of the high glam gal, Meshki follows the soft sexy formula with a love for neutral tones, dewy skinned models, and an emphasis on cozy materials. 

The Meshki brand prides itself on delivering affordable luxe apparel which is designed at the brand’s Sydney headquarters. 

#7 – Topshop

Topshop has long been an iconic British retailer. What started as an extension of department store Peter Robinson soon grew to over 500 stores across multiple continents, a booming online business, runway presentations, and a red carpet presence. 

Today, Topshop is exclusively retailed online and offers a wide range of styles that speak to Topshop’s London street aesthetic. At Topshop, you’ll find outfits for far more occasions than Oh Polly since its selection is much bigger.

#8 – Accessorize

Accessorize London is a modern fashion brand for both the minimalist and the maximalist. It retails a wide range of products—from apparel to accessories, kids’ wear, shoes, and home goods. 

Unlike many of these other boutiques like Oh Polly, Accessorize caters to various aspects of your lifestyle. Whereas other stores like Oh Polly sell lots of apparel appropriate for killin’ it at the club, Accessorize brings you pieces for your closet and your bedroom

#9 – Stelly

Australia’s own Stelly is a fun and flirty fashion brand that speaks to the ease and effortlessness of coastal style. It’s aware of the trends that its audience of women between the ages of 16 and 30 love and offers plenty of sexy, trendy, and cottagecore-learning styles. And not all the other stores like Oh Polly feature this much versatility

#10 – Oasis Stores

Oasis has been a fashion destination for modern women since the brand launched in the ‘90s. It retails trend-focused and easy pieces you can dress up or down for a number of events—from a girls’ night to school, the office, or even a wedding.

The aesthetic of this fashion brand is different from Oh Polly since Oasis is more modern, modest, and versatile. This could be because the Oasis audience is not only the Oh Polly audience but women much older as well. 

Which Stores Like Oh Polly Are Closest In Comparison?

Although the previous list of clothing stores like Oh Polly exposed a great number of online boutiques that share a similar ethos with the brand, some brands come a little closer to achieving the Oh Polly model than others. 

When it comes to charitable efforts and transparency, Monsoon is the most like Oh Polly. Monsoon beautifully describes its story and charity involvement on the brand’s website, much like Oh Polly. 

It’s a detail about the brand that is hard to miss since it is so woven into the very core of the company. And this is something Oh Polly can certainly relate to. Also, both labels engage in environmentally-friendly initiatives which are also made available to view on each brand’s website. 

In terms of style, the stores like Oh Polly that truly grasp the ‘hottie aesthetic’ that overtakes the brand are White Fox Label and Meshki. On any day one can shop at either White Fox Label or Meshki and walk away with a haul as big as the ones they can get at Oh Polly. 

Since the dawn of the Kardashian-inspired, Instagram-focused glam girl, satin corsets, ruched mini dresses, and super sexy two pieces have been a hit for stores like Oh Polly. Online boutiques like White Fox Label and Meshki cater to that audience and do so very well. 

Which Stores Like Oh Polly Are The Most Affordable?

Of all the stores like Oh Polly we’ve mentioned, White Fox Label and Stelly are the most affordable—with Stelly being the most affordable overall.

The Stelly woman can rest assured that even the brand’s formal dresses are, on average, listed below $100. White Fox Label also has a wide range of products for under $100 with the occasional climb towards $100+.

However, both brands retail most of their hot-ticket items—like dresses—for starting at around $40. 

Which Stores Like Oh Polly Offer the Best Quality?

Oasis offers the best quality apparel out of all the stores like Oh Polly. This is due to the environmentally-friendly materials used to make the designs at Oasis alongside the sustainable practices put in place to manufacture the brand’s goods. When you buy a piece from Oasis you’re getting a garment or accessory that’s built to last.   

Final Thoughts

Oh Polly is a popular boutique for a reason and if Instagram is any indicator, then it’s not slowing down anytime soon. The brand speaks to the young millennial woman and the gen Z-er who are stepping into their own sense of style. 

The brand’s charitable background gives it a unique edge and evokes a sense of emotion within the shopper. Yet, even with all the convenience and shipping offers, Oh Polly might not be convenient for every shopper. 

Consider for a moment, the currency. With only one set currency for the Americas (USD), Oh Polly can be excessively priced for Canadian and Mexican shoppers due to conversion fees and duties. So, diversifying your options with other stores like Oh Polly is a good idea. It will lead you to similar brands that offer pricing in your currency.

Oh Polly will always be in a league of its own, even with a slew of similar competitors, but it’s a delight for shoppers to know they can achieve a similar look with options better suited for them.

Looking for more stores like Oh Polly? Check out these popular brands:

Stores Like Pretty Little Thing

Stores Like Princess Polly

Stores Like Forever 21

About Gaara Tattoos

Gaara Tattoo Ideas 1

Any anime fan would know that Naruto is one of the best manga series ever brought to life via an animated retelling.

Besides being popular amongst the manga/anime community, the iconic series has also managed to gain recognition as a top-tier show among all animated programs for children. 

Hands down, Naruto is a great show and that’s probably why the Gaara tattoo has gained the popularity it has. 

Formally known as Gaara of the Desert, Gaara was first introduced as one of the main antagonists of the famous manga/anime series.

His fiery, red spiky hair is one of his signatures alongside the Japanese character marking on the left side of his forehead. It’s a symbol that means ‘love’, which Gaara carved onto himself. 

Although the notorious character has garnered quite the fan club, his devotees often hire professionals to mark their bodies with permanent body art.

If you’re curious about the Gaara tattoo and want to learn more, then continue reading this guide for a not-so-formal education on this wicked tatt. 

What Do Gaara Tattoos Mean And Symbolize?

Gaara Tattoo Ideas 2

Like most pop culture leaning tattoo designs, the Gaara tattoo meaning could symbolize a number of different things. It usually depends on the wearer. However, although vague yet obvious, we can assume a few meanings for this specific tattoo.

  1. They’re fans of Naruto 

The most obvious reason someone gets a Naruto character permanently tattooed on their body is that they are fans of the cult classic. Naruto has captured the hearts of many anime and cartoon fans so a Gaara tattoo could be the perfect piece in a full sleeve dedicated to the show or anime in general 

  1. Gaara is their favorite character

This is also a no-brainer. If you’re a fan of Naruto and the deep deceptions and painful backstory of Gaara speak to you, you may be a candidate for a Gaara tattoo.  What shows greater fan dedication than a permanent inking of your favorite character?

  1. It’s a metaphor

Sometimes the meaning of any tattoo is deeper than meets the eye (or first impression). Judging by Gaara’s overall personality, one might get this tattoo as a symbol of their calm yet unbalanced nature, much like Gaara himself. 

  1. A symbol of their own painful backstory 

We often pick our favorite TV characters based on attributes we enjoy or based on the qualities we feel we can relate to.

Gaara’s not the most liked character in the Naruto universe but his unfortunate upbringing filled with abandonment and neglect is unfortunately one many can relate to. This could encourage someone to source Gaara tattoo ideas of their own. 

Where To Get A Gaara Tattoo

Gaara Tattoo Ideas 3

We know what you’re thinking, you just received all this Gaara tattoo-related information, but now you don’t know where to put it. Never fear! Thankfully, we’ve thought of everything. 

Of course, we can’t dive into the great world of Gaara tattoo designs without telling you where to place your Gaara tattoo. That’s definitely understandable.

Personally, I could never dream of letting you sip from the fountain of knowledge and then cut you off before you get to the good part. But, that said, there isn’t a definitive answer when talking about tattoo placements. 

Ultimately it’s up to the wearer to decide where their tattoo will be placed. Like the artist you’ll be working with, we can suggest some prime areas for your design but the final decision is all yours.

Depending on the design of your Gaara tattoo, your tattoo artist will advise you on the best place for your ink. 

The hand has become an increasingly common tattoo placement for ink addicts of all kinds. The back of the hand and palm offer sufficient space for script work, imagery, and even colored work. 

Like the hand, the neck is also a popular placement for a variety of tattoos. On the neck, your Gaara tattoo is given a 360-degree surface which grants you the freedom to get even more creative and detailed. 

Here are some other great places for your Gaara tattoo: 

  • Arm

The arm is a great place for tattoos due to the amount of free space. You can go for a detailed half sleeve that coats your biceps to your elbow pit or go for the full thing. Arm tatts also look great as single pieces of work placed anywhere in the area. 

  • Shoulder

Our shoulders are often responsible for carrying weight so why not reward them with a makeover? Whether the front, back, side, or top, the shoulder is another prime area for a Gaara tattoo. 

  • Back 

Consider your back your largest canvas. The back offers the most space for a large, continuous piece of work. Yet, the big space also serves as a great backdrop for smaller designs. 

  • Leg 

Legs are like arms you walk on. And, like the arms, legs often offer enough space for a full or half sleeve. Incorporating the knee into your design may be painful but it’s totally worth it. 

How Much Do Gaara Tattoos Cost?

Gaara Tattoo Ideas 4

In a perfect world, I could give you a straight answer to this question. However, as long as the powers that be are what they are, a perfect world this is not. 

Basically, the cost of any tattoo, a Gaara tattoo or otherwise, isn’t as black and white as sourcing the price of a new car or concert ticket. The price of a tattoo is based on a number of factors—some of which even occur before any work is done. 

The deposit, for instance, which most artists require, is a set price that must be paid before any work can begin. This deposit is not the same across all parlors and artists and can start as high as $100

In addition to the deposit, these other factors will determine the final price of your tattoo: 

  • The artist: It should come as no surprise that the artist’s skill set and history of work come into play when determining the price. Every artist is different and rarely is there ever an artist well versed in all styles of tattooing. 

Some styles are more expensive than others to tattoo and this is taken into account when considering the price of your design. 

  • Size: The bigger the tatt, the bigger I hope your budget is. Larger work usually comes with a higher price tag. It’s something to consider if this is your first piece of body art. 
  • Color: As we mentioned, some styles of tattooing are more expensive than others. Colored work is one of those skill sets that cause an increase in price.
  • Time: Time is the biggest factor influencing the cost of your tattoo. Some designs require several hours or multiple appointments. And designs like this are far more expensive than 1-2 hour designs. 

When it comes time to take care of your tattoo, heed the advice of your artist. No one is going to know more about aftercare than a professional. 

Plus, you’re investing in a permanent piece of artwork so ensure you get your money’s worth by taking care of your tattoo. This means receiving the necessary touch-ups, and keeping your skin hydrated and protected from the sun all year round. 

31 Best Gaara Tattoo Designs


Gaara Tattoo Ideas 5


Gaara Tattoo Ideas 6


Gaara Tattoo Ideas 7


Gaara Tattoo Ideas 8


Gaara Tattoo Ideas 9


Gaara Tattoo Ideas 10


Gaara Tattoo Ideas 11


Gaara Tattoo Ideas 12


Gaara Tattoo Ideas 13


Gaara Tattoo Ideas 14


Gaara Tattoo Ideas 15


Gaara Tattoo Ideas 16


Gaara Tattoo Ideas 17


Gaara Tattoo Ideas 18


Gaara Tattoo Ideas 19


Gaara Tattoo Ideas 20


Gaara Tattoo Ideas 21


Gaara Tattoo Ideas 22


Gaara Tattoo Ideas 23


Gaara Tattoo Ideas 24


Gaara Tattoo Ideas 25


Gaara Tattoo Ideas 26


Gaara Tattoo Ideas 27


Gaara Tattoo Ideas 28


Gaara Tattoo Ideas 29


Gaara Tattoo Ideas 30


Gaara Tattoo Ideas 31


Gaara Tattoo Ideas 32


Gaara Tattoo Ideas 33


Gaara Tattoo Ideas 34


Gaara Tattoo Ideas 35

History Of Gaara Tattoos

Gaara Tattoo Ideas 36

Normally popular tattoos pinpoint a certain era in pop culture history and come with a detailed history. The same cannot be said about the Gaara tattoo.

Even though the series is popular amongst the anime and manga communities and often discussed thoughtfully by these same groups, there is really no recorded history of this tattoo

An educated assumption leads us to believe that the unique design choice is no older than the series itself, but when it comes to the originator or when the tatt began to increase in popularity, a Google search won’t turn up too many answers. 

Which Celebrities Have A Gaara Tattoo?

Gaara Tattoo Ideas 37

Sixty-two photos and several paragraphs later, we’re sure you can agree that the Gaara tattoo is a unique design choice.

Whether you find yourself drawn to the contemporary cartoon character or still don’t get the hype, there’s simply no denying that this tattoo is a special one. 

Anime and manga fans have long ago agreed that Naruto is an ‘It’ piece of media. Even the New York Times has sung its praises. So you have to wonder if there are any celebrities with Naruto-dedicated ink. 

As far as we know, there is one celebrity on record with a Naruto-friendly tattoo. Slim Jxmmi—one half of hip-hop duo Rae Sremmurd—is no stranger to cartoon ink. 

The Mississippi wordsmith has a few animation-related tattoos, like Invader Zim’s GIR inked on one side of his upper body, but none are quite like the Akatsuki design he has tattooed.

While it’s no Gaara tattoo, it’s related to the character since the Akatsuki is the logo of the main villain organization in the Naruto series. 

While Slim Jxmmi is one of the few celebrities with a Naruto tattoo, this isn’t to say that anime-inspired tattoos aren’t popular in La La Land. 

Singer Ariana Grande is the proud wearer of two anime-related tattoos—one being the beloved Pokémon character Evee and the other a beautiful depiction of Spirited Away’s Chihiro. 

Actress Ruby Rose is another A-lister with an appreciation for anime. The Orange Is the New Black actress has two anime tattoos herself: an adorable inking of Polly y Esther from Samurai Pizza Cats and another of Metro City’s favorite A.I, Astro Boy. 

Lastly, former rapper Kreayshawn is a wearer of many tattoos. Like Rose, Kreayshawn is covered in images and is scripted from shoulder to shoulder and down both arms. Amongst her many designs is an adorable rendering of Serena Tsukino, a.k.a Sailor Moon.

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The Best Sasuke Curse Mark Tattoo Ideas

About Mandalorian Tattoos

30 Best Mandalorian Tattoo Ideas 

You don’t need to host a big debate or pool a massive amount of data to know that Star Wars is the most successful sci-fi franchise to date.

Whether you’re a full-out Star Wars fan or prefer tearjerkers to the tales of Tibor, there’s no denying the unmeasurable influence of this space adventure brand. This is why the Mandalorian tattoo is so popular. 

When Disney launched The Mandalorian series in 2019, fans of this space franchise rushed to download Disney+ (if they hadn’t already) so they wouldn’t miss a minute of the latest installment of their favorite film series. 

The Mandalorian follows a lone bounty hunter as he makes his way through a lawless galaxy after the fall of the Empire. It’s the franchise’s first live-action series and it has garnered quite the following. However, that’s to be expected when discussing the unique universe George Lucas created. 

Star Wars is a huge hit for many film enthusiasts and general media fans so the idea of any Star Wars-related tattoo is barely groundbreaking.

However, the unique design and appeal of the Mandalorian tattoo make it just too good not to talk about. 

Whether you’re a fan of sci-fi or tattoos, continue reading this guide to learn more about the Mandalorian tattoo and why it’s a prime design choice. 

What Do Mandalorian Tattoos Mean And Symbolize?

30 Best Mandalorian Tattoo Ideas 

There are many, many reasons one might get a Mandalorian tattoo. Since the Star Wars universe and characters are so complex and interesting, one could think of a plethora of Mandalorian tattoo meanings.

We’ve listed a few of them below so you can choose the Mandalorian tattoo meaning that resonates with you most.

  1. The force is with them (i.e. they love Star Wars)

Oftentimes people who get tattoos that are a tribute to their favorite film, book, series, etc, have them beautifully designed into a leg or arm sleeve where multiple characters and/or settings are featured. 

When thinking of Mandalorian tattoo ideas for yourself, it’s not required that you wear your love for Star Wars on your sleeve, but it is a fun idea if you’re a dedicated fan. 

  1. They’re mad about Mandalore

Star Wars features a slew of interesting characters but Mandalorians are among the most unique. For readers unfamiliar with the series, Mandalorians are natives of the planet Mandalore.

They are tech-savvy warriors who, upon seeing what the Jedis could do with the force, created gadgets and artillery to counter them. 

Fans of the series might find this sector of the universe their absolute favorite or perhaps they relate to the hardworking characteristic of the Mandalorians. Both of these are reasons one might get a Mandalorian tattoo. 

  1. Who doesn’t love Din Djarin?

Din Djarin (aka ‘The Mandalorian’), is the series’ brave and bold protagonist. Throughout the series, you are introduced to various aspects of the dedicated warrior’s life, including his tragic backstory

Through seasons of drama and significant storytelling, Djarin’s traditional ways are exposed and explained while his ruthless demeanor is juxtaposed with his empathy for those who come from a similar background. 

These details make Djarin a complex character you can’t help but love. So if people get their favorite phrases tattooed on themselves, why not get their favorite TV characters inked as well? 

Where To Get A Mandalorian Tattoo

30 Best Mandalorian Tattoo Ideas 

Consider your body the canvas for your Mandalorian tattoo. Since our skin is our largest organ, there’s an array of places to stick your sci-fi tattoo.

When meeting with your artist you’ll discuss the best place for your design depending on your desires alongside the expertise of your artist. 

We aren’t here to sway you to choose a particular placement, but we do have a few ideas in mind to help inspire your Mandalorian masterpiece. 

  • Hand

Let the world know where you stand as soon as they reach for your hand. While hand tattoos aren’t always the best received, the placement is much more popular than it used to be and provides a great space for a certain helmet.  

  • Neck

Neck tattoos are common amongst many modern entertainers. This spot provides a 360-degree area for a continuous design or optimal space for multiple designs. 

  • Arm

The arm is probably one of the most popular places for a tattoo. The bicep to wrist area provides a great amount of space for a large connected piece of work or even a subtle tattoo idea on the inside of the arm. 

  • Shoulder

The shoulder is an ideal location for tattoos that you may not always want on display. Cover your bold design with your everyday long-sleeve tee and then show off your sci-fi tattoo come the summer season. 

  • Back 

The back is a prime location for large and highly detailed designs but smaller-sized tattoos look great here too. Whether you’re planning to scale your Mandalorian tattoo to great heights or keep it more moderate, know that the back offers an immense amount of creative freedom for whatever design you choose. 

  • Leg 

Like the arm, the leg also has a ton of continuous space for a sleeve or half-sleeve design. Plus, you can incorporate your knees into your design for an even larger tattoo.

How Much Do Mandalorian Tattoos Cost?

30 Best Mandalorian Tattoo Ideas 

Unfortunately, not even Yoda could give you a straight answer to this question. The cost of a tattoo depends on a number of things. One of which occurs before you even feel the sharp needle decorating your skin. 

Deposits are often required before any work can be started on your design and these deposits can range in price from under $100 to easily $100+.

However, this price is usually determined and agreed upon before you book your tattoo appointment.

Here are a few factors that influence the final cost of your tattoo:

  1. The artist: Just as you cannot have a Jedi without a lightsaber, you cannot have a Mandalorian tattoo without a tattoo artist (well, we suppose you could but we strongly advise against it). Your artist, whether independent or at a shop, will have a rate that’s determined by their history, skill set, and skill level.
  2. Size: The bigger your design is, or the more detailed, usually increases the price of any tattoo. Large-scale designs and complex work take a lot of time to finish which brings us to the next determining factor when it comes to the price of a tattoo.
  3. Time: The longer a tattoo takes to complete will also increase the price of your work. Some artists charge by the hour for incredibly detailed work and other designs require additional appointments. If you’re considering how long your Mandolarian tattoo will take, ask your chosen artist for a quote or estimate beforehand.
  4. Color: Colorwork is a skill not all artists are well versed in. It’s also a skill that impacts the final cost of your Mandalorian tattoo. Adding color to your design usually increases the time it takes to complete the work as well. 

After you’ve walked away with the Mandalorian tattoo design of your dreams, heed the advice of your artist when it comes to aftercare. Tattoos are meant to be permanent but with time, aging, and environmental influences, our skin is prone to change. 

To secure the best outcome for your tattoo, keep your skin hydrated, commit to your touch-ups and keep the SPF handy. Follow these steps on how to keep your tattoo in good condition and it’ll look great for years to come.

30 Best Mandalorian Tattoo Designs


30 Best Mandalorian Tattoo Ideas 


30 Best Mandalorian Tattoo Ideas 


30 Best Mandalorian Tattoo Ideas 


30 Best Mandalorian Tattoo Ideas 


30 Best Mandalorian Tattoo Ideas 


30 Best Mandalorian Tattoo Ideas 


30 Best Mandalorian Tattoo Ideas 


30 Best Mandalorian Tattoo Ideas 


30 Best Mandalorian Tattoo Ideas 


30 Best Mandalorian Tattoo Ideas 


30 Best Mandalorian Tattoo Ideas 


30 Best Mandalorian Tattoo Ideas 


30 Best Mandalorian Tattoo Ideas 


30 Best Mandalorian Tattoo Ideas 


30 Best Mandalorian Tattoo Ideas 


30 Best Mandalorian Tattoo Ideas 


30 Best Mandalorian Tattoo Ideas 


30 Best Mandalorian Tattoo Ideas 


30 Best Mandalorian Tattoo Ideas 


30 Best Mandalorian Tattoo Ideas 


30 Best Mandalorian Tattoo Ideas 


30 Best Mandalorian Tattoo Ideas 


30 Best Mandalorian Tattoo Ideas 


30 Best Mandalorian Tattoo Ideas 


30 Best Mandalorian Tattoo Ideas 


30 Best Mandalorian Tattoo Ideas 


30 Best Mandalorian Tattoo Ideas 


30 Best Mandalorian Tattoo Ideas 


30 Best Mandalorian Tattoo Ideas 


30 Best Mandalorian Tattoo Ideas 

History Of Mandalorian Tattoos

30 Best Mandalorian Tattoo Ideas 

Star Wars has been a popular franchise since the late 1970s, so one could assume that the history of the Mandolarian tattoo spans decades.

On the other hand, it would be an educated guess to attribute the rise of the popular series—which was launched in 2019—to the development of this sci-fi tattoo.

When Disney+ first launched The Mandalorian series fans flocked to social media to sing its praises and those praises continued for the following season.

However, the Star Wars franchise is huge and includes several series in addition to movies

The first appearance of a Mandalorian character dates back to the 1980s flick, The Empire Strikes Back. This was the second film to be released in the Star Wars series.

It’s also one of the most popular films of the series with fans referring to it as a part of the ‘orig trig’ also known as the original trilogy

Although there’s no official record of the Mandalorian tattoo’s history, we believe that the tattoo idea has a history as long as the Star Wars series itself. 

Which Celebrities Have A Mandalorian Tattoo?

30 Best Mandalorian Tattoo Ideas 

The Star Wars fandom is huge. It reaches countries around the world and includes fans of all ages, races, and nationalities—plus it includes Hollywood of course. 

While there’s really only one celebrity we could find with a Mandalorian tattoo, there are a couple of others with sci-fi-specific tatts dedicated to their favorite film franchise.

We’re still open to seeing more stars sporting Mandalorian tattoos, but for now, we’ll give a shout-out to the one that does, alongside the couple with Star Wars designs. 

  1. Halsey

    When it comes to Mandalorian tattoos in Hollywood, singer Halsey is the only one that has this unique design. On her right elbow, the edgy popstar has a tattoo of the Mandalorian emblem. It’s a beautiful design that’s said to be a collab between herself and her artist Darci Munster.
  2. Zayn Malik

    Former One Direction crooner, and current solo artist, Zayn Malik is covered in tattoos. From the eyes of his ex-model girlfriend Gigi Hadid on his chest to the skulls on his shoulder, there’s a lot of body ink to count. 

    Featured amongst all his dynamic ink is an extra special Star Wars tattoo on the side of his middle finger. Etched with steady lines is a lightsaber that actually glows under UV light. 
  1. Paris Jackson

    In 2016, Paris Jackson—the musician and daughter of the iconic Michael Jackson—got two tattoos to honor her little brother. On her ankle in white ink, she had his initials etched into her skin, and right above it sits a design of the legendary Millennium Falcon, a.k.a the sweetest ride in the whole galaxy. 

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About Heartless Tattoos

Heartless Tattoo Ideas

Despite all of life’s miracles, joys, and happy moments, there’s no denying that we’re living in a cold world.

With countless wars, and segregation based on sex, race, and class, it should come as no surprise that some people have completely given in and given up on having any kind of heart. 

However, can we blame them? When life’s cruelty is non-stop, can we be shocked that some people choose to proudly wear their lack of a heart with a heartless tattoo? 

Consider the heartless tattoo the complete opposite of wearing your heart on your sleeve.

This tattoo is one that will receive more questions than praise (depending on how well it’s done) but that doesn’t make it any less unique and desirable for many ink addicts and people looking for the perfect first tattoo. 

Nonetheless, a heartless tattoo is not for the faint of heart. It’s a specific design with a lot of connotations yet it still remains a popular tattoo.

Whether you’re deciding on your first tattoo design or simply enjoy satisfying your own curiosity, continue reading this guide to discover more about this tattoo.

We’ll give you some heartless tattoo ideas, explain the meaning of the tattoo, and show you several heartless tattoo designs.  

What Do Heartless Tattoos Mean And Symbolize?

Heartless Tattoo Ideas

Before you race down to your local tattoo parlor to get your own heartless tattoo, it’s best to know what this specific design means or symbolizes. So we’ll explain the heartless tattoo meaning below.

To be frank, this tattoo isn’t the most poetic or complex. Some actually find it rather arrogant or trollish but rest assured that even the most unusual tattoos mean something to the wearer.

Although there’s no recorded or official meaning for this contemporary design, we can form our own conclusions. 

  1. The most obvious reason one might get a heartless tattoo is because they’re heartless. If the inhumanity of the world isn’t enough to drive the warmth out of one’s heart, the world’s viciousness coupled with the wearer’s own personal history and tribulations could cause this reaction. Unfortunately, not everyone gets a chance at a love-filled life.
  1. Another reason one might get a heartless tattoo is for the conversation. Believe it or not, many people have taken to permanently inking their bodies with whacky images or sarcastic slogans as a way to break the ice with new faces.

While one could debate that a heartless tattoo isn’t the most approachable design, there’s no denying it won’t raise a few questions

  1. Sentimental reasons are often common causes for a slew of tattoo designs. Whether the word ‘heartless’ is a play on words from an instance in their past, or simply a word associated with the name of someone they adore, even a heartless tattoo meaning can be rooted in love. 

Where To Get A Heartless Tattoo

Heartless Tattoo Ideas

Tattoos are rather expensive, so you’ll want to take good care of them. Staying hydrated, listening to the aftercare advice of your artist, and not skipping out on the SPF (yes, even in the winter) will make sure your tattoo has a long lifespan.

Now, if only selecting a placement for your tattoo was so easy. While some people walk into their tattoo appointment with a vision of their design and placement, others only make it to the design aspect of the planning process.

This should come as no surprise since the skin is the largest organ meaning it’s also a large canvas. So there are many spots you can choose for your tattoo. In fact, a heartless tattoo can live on any of these places: 

  • Face 

A face tattoo sounds like a terrifying process, and it has been reported to hurt more than most common tattoo areas, but it’s not impossible. Plenty of entertainers have face tattoos and some have multiple face tattoos. 

While I could never suggest etching a heartless tattoo across your forehead—unless that’s your style—there are plenty of other areas where this tattoo would be a cute addition. If you find the forehead too forward, opt for your cheeks, cheekbone, above your eyebrow, down the side of your face, or right underneath the eye.

  • Neck 

Your neck isn’t only for nuzzling. Consider it real estate for your heartless tattoo. With the sides, back, and front of the neck, there’s a variety of tattoo styles you can place there. 

  • Shoulder

The front, back, and side of the shoulder make great places for a heartless tattoo. You can scale the tattoo wide enough to go from shoulder to shoulder or start the design on one shoulder and have it continued on the other. 

  • Back 

Design options are endless when you consider tattooing your back. With a canvas so large you’ll have ample opportunity to get as massive, artistic, or as aesthetically pleasing as you wish.

While the lower back has been considered a tacky place to tattoo, don’t let that discourage you from incorporating it in your design. A heartless individual wouldn’t mind naysayers anyway. 

  • Arms 

Arms are a no-brainer for tattoos. This is often due to the massive amount of area your arms possess. From the biceps to the wrist, you could create a very big design, tattoo multiple micro designs, or create a script that wraps around the entire arm. 

  • Hands 

Hands are for shaking, clapping, praying, and tattooing. Hands were once considered an unprofessional area for tattooing but in recent years we’ve seen more than just creative professionals with hand tatts

The sides of the fingers offer enough space for a delicate script while the palm and back of the hand are perfect for larger scaled heartless tattoos. 

  • Leg

Like the arm, the leg offers a vast selection of space for your heartless tattoo. Consider an image of a heart on your upper thigh with a seductive script underneath or stretch your hardcore tattoo across both of your knees. Don’t count out your ankles or your shins either. Both places make great canvases for tattoos of any kind. 

  • Foot

Stand on your cold heart statement when you get a heartless tattoo on your foot. A tattoo on the top of your foot is one you’ll always have a great view of, but the bottom of your foot makes for an even cheekier tattoo. 

How Much Do Heartless Tattoos Cost?

Heartless Tattoo Ideas

There’s no simple answer to how much a heartless tattoo costs, or any tattoo for that matter.

A tattoo purchase is far different than buying a brand new car or the latest trendy sneakers and this is due to the many factors that determine the final cost of your tattoo.

In addition to this, most—if not all—tattoo artists require a deposit before they begin any work

Even still, these factors play a role in determining the price of your tattoo: 

  • The artist: First and foremost, every tattoo artist is different. Whether the artist you’ve selected is self-taught, self-employed, or tattooing out of a parlor, each one has a set price list they determine based on their skillset, tattoo history, and the other following factors.
  • Size: Go big or go home—but be prepared to pay the price. Oftentimes, the price of a tattoo will increase when the size of the design is large or extremely detailed (i.e. a large back piece).
  • Color: Coloring your tattoo requires a different skill set and oftentimes more time. Both of these components result in a pricier tattoo.
  • Time: When it comes to the price of your tattoo, time is one of the biggest deciding factors. Some designs are so detailed they require more than one appointment—in which case the artist will charge by the hour.

28 Best Heartless Tattoo Designs


Heartless Tattoo Ideas


Heartless Tattoo Ideas


Heartless Tattoo Ideas


Heartless Tattoo Ideas


Heartless Tattoo Ideas


Heartless Tattoo Ideas


Heartless Tattoo Ideas


Heartless Tattoo Ideas


Heartless Tattoo Ideas


Heartless Tattoo Ideas


Heartless Tattoo Ideas


Heartless Tattoo Ideas


Heartless Tattoo Ideas


Heartless Tattoo Ideas


Heartless Tattoo Ideas


Heartless Tattoo Ideas


Heartless Tattoo Ideas


Heartless Tattoo Ideas


Heartless Tattoo Ideas


Heartless Tattoo Ideas


Heartless Tattoo Ideas


Heartless Tattoo Ideas


Heartless Tattoo Ideas


Heartless Tattoo Ideas


Heartless Tattoo Ideas


Heartless Tattoo Ideas


Heartless Tattoo Ideas


Heartless Tattoo Ideas

History Of Heartless Tattoos

Heartless Tattoo Ideas

While I would love to spin a dramatic and scandalous tale about the history of the heartless tattoo, there isn’t one. The tattoo has no recorded origin, nor does it date back to a certain era. 

As for history, we do know that the heartless tattoo was a design choice in the 90s.

Late West Coast rapper Tupac Shakur was known to have the word ‘HEARTLESS’ tattooed just above the skull and crossbones he had tattooed on his right bicep.

Tupac had his own personal yet poetic reasons for this tattoo but this doesn’t determine the design’s history.

We can only assume the tattoo has been around for years. And with no official reason for the body art idea, the lack of history comes as no surprise. 

Which Celebrities Have A Heartless Tattoo?

Heartless Tattoo Ideas

Celebrities may not be just like us but we do seem to share some similarities with Hollywood stars. For instance, one thing we have in common is tattoo ideas. 

It seems that even the rich and famous go after tattoo designs that appease us regular folk. Heartless tattoo designs aren’t a common design amongst stylish social circles in Tinseltown but there are a few celebrities with the unconventional design. 

“Said Sum” rapper Moneybagg Yo is known for his vast collection of tattoos which nearly cover his entire body. Amongst his money bag tattoo and other unique designs, the Memphis rapper has a heartless tattoo right below his hairline

Gone but never forgotten, Tupac was another rapper with a heartless tattoo. The California-loving artist is most remembered for his iconic ‘THUG LIFE’ abdomen tattoo—which has been duplicated in a variety of ways. But this wasn’t the only design on his body.

While his stomach tatt remains as legendary as he is, the heartless tattoo that once branded the late rapper’s arm is just as noteworthy.

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About Playboy Bunny Tattoos

Playboy Bunny Tattoo Ideas

Throughout pop culture history, there has never been a brand as scandalous yet iconic as Playboy.

Although Playboy started as a lifestyle and entertainment publication for men, the brand eventually blew up and became a worldwide sensation. In fact, it grew to such prominence that the Playboy Bunny tattoo became a common body art design. 

Despite it being a popular tattoo design, the Playboy Bunny tattoo is not for the faint of heart.

The Playboy brand carries a lot of weight in the form of scandal, discrimination, and sexism. However, these things seem to matter not to those who can’t help but display their love for the popular brand. 

With many modern tattoos taking the look of unconventional designs, it’s no surprise that the Playboy Bunny tattoo has taken off.

However, like most tattoos, this tatt does require a good amount of thought before it becomes branded on your body. 

If you’re currently considering getting a tattoo for the first time or adding another tattoo to your collection, allow this guide to expand your options. After reading through the text, you’ll have a better understanding of:

  • Playboy Bunny tattoo ideas
  • The Playboy Bunny tattoo meaning
  • Various Playboy Bunny tattoo designs
  • Cost of the tattoo
  • History of Playboy Bunny tattoos

What Do Playboy Bunny Tattoos Mean And Symbolize?

Playboy Bunny Tattoo Ideas

The Playboy tattoo’s meaning isn’t as black and white as many other tattoos, instead, it’s a design that could mean a number of things. 

One of the most obvious reasons one might have a Playboy Bunny tattoo is that they’re a fan of the notorious brand.

While the brand is synonymous to some people with everything wrong with pop culture, there’s no denying the influence, impact, and cultural significance of Playboy

What might seem like a lowbrow magazine for men for some is seen as the golden age of journalism to others. 

If you ever spot a fashion fan with a Playboy Bunny tattoo it could be due to their love for Zelda Barbour Wynn Valdes.

The late fashion designer made history as the creative mind behind the Playboy bunny costume as well as being a Black woman designing for a major label in the ‘60s. 

Another reason one might have a Playboy Bunny tattoo design is an ode to the early aughts.

While Juicy Couture sweatsuits were on every Los Angeles corner and Paris Hilton was at her popularity peak, the Playboy Bunny logo was as trendy as the Razr flip phone and the multicolored Louis Vuitton monogram. 

The Playboy Bunny is as important to the early 2000s as denim mini skirts and lowrise jeans. It’s a sign that promotes Playboy but also speaks to the nostalgia of the Y2k era

Lastly, a Playboy tattoo could simply mean the wearer is all about shock value and starting the conversation. The Playboy Bunny is an undeniable logo that most people recognize. 

While you might wonder if this tattoo symbolizes that the wearer is pro-sex-work, anti-sex-work, or simply a troll, there’s really only one way to find out and that’s by asking.

If the person with the Playboy Bunny tattoo got the design to get people talking, well then, they’ve succeeded. 

Where To Get A Playboy Bunny Tattoo

Playboy Bunny Tattoo Ideas

While John Mayer considers the body a wonderland, most tattoo artists will tell you that the body is a canvas.

With skin being our largest organ, consider your earthy shell a large slab of real estate for all your tattoo ideas. However, when it comes to the Playboy Bunny tattoo, here are the best placements: 

  • Hand

Hand tattoos were once considered a taboo exclusively reserved for bad boys and rule-breakers but lately, hand tattoos have increased in popularity. Utilize the sides of your fingers for a micro Playboy Bunny tattoo or scale it large enough to cover your entire hand. 

  • Face 

Okay, it may seem crazy due to how sensitive the skin on our faces is in comparison to elsewhere, but don’t count out your moneymaker as a tattoo placement.

The forehead may seem rather forward but the high check and side of the eye have been known places for smaller scaled designs. 

However, you’re free to get crazy and creative with a cheek tattoo or two.  

  • Neck

Neck tattoo designs have seen all kinds of images and scripts. So a Playboy Bunny tattoo on the back, side, or center of your neck wouldn’t be so far-fetched. 

  • Arm

The arm is commonplace for tattoos due to the massive amount of area. Throw a medium-sized Playboy logo on your biceps for a design that winks when you flex or go a little more subtle and tatt the design on your inner forearm. 

  • Shoulder

Jay-Z once advised us all to “dust our shoulders off” and perhaps it was because our shoulders make great canvases for tattoos. Whether extra-large, wide or small, the shoulder holds a lot of room for you to get as creative as you want with your Playboy Bunny tattoo. 

  • Back 

The back is always a great placement for a tattoo. The massive amount of room gives you even more freedom to get creative or even scale your design tall and wide. 

  • Lower Back

Okay, a tramp stamp isn’t for everybody but with a Playboy Bunny tattoo design, you’re hitting the nail on the head with this placement.

Call us scandalous if you must but if you’re going to get a Playboy Bunny tattoo why not be incredibly on-brand with it?

  • Ankle 

The Playboy Bunny is a nod to the early 2000s so why not get the most early aughts placement you can get and tattoo your ankle. Whether you’re loud and proud about your tattoo or a little more conservative, the ankle offers the space to suit both needs. 

  • Leg 

The leg has a vast selection of places you can tattoo. If you’re a hardcore ink fan, go for the knee. If you prefer tattoos that hurt a lot less, try tattooing the upper thigh or shin. 

How Much Do Playboy Bunny Tattoos Cost?

Playboy Bunny Tattoo Ideas

While we would love to tell you that finding out the cost of your tattoo is as simple as Googling your favorite band, that would be dishonest. The truth is, tattoos aren’t a complicated purchase but the final cost is determined by a number of things: 

  1. The artist – It’s a no-brainer that the artist plays a major role in determining the final price of your Playboy Bunny tattoo, but it’s because every tattoo artist is different. While some have been tattooing for years, others specialize in certain skills. So the price of your tattoo is going to depend on the skill level of your artist or how they rate their work.
  2. Size – At a bakery, the bigger a cake is the more expensive it ends up being, and tattoos are the same. The size of your tattoo determines how much time and work go into the design which, of course, affects the price.
  3. Color – Coloring a tattoo usually increases the price of the work since colored tattoos require a different skill set.
  4. Time – Lastly, time is a major contributor to the final price of your design. Some tattoo ideas require multiple appointments or long hours spent in the tattoo parlor and ‘time is money’ as it’s commonly said.  

Before any work is started, expect to pay a deposit that’s often $100+. Depending on where you get the work done, this number can decrease or increase. 

31 Best Playboy Bunny Tattoo Designs


Playboy Bunny Tattoo Ideas


Playboy Bunny Tattoo Ideas


Playboy Bunny Tattoo Ideas


Playboy Bunny Tattoo Ideas


Playboy Bunny Tattoo Ideas


Playboy Bunny Tattoo Ideas


Playboy Bunny Tattoo Ideas


Playboy Bunny Tattoo Ideas


Playboy Bunny Tattoo Ideas


Playboy Bunny Tattoo Ideas


Playboy Bunny Tattoo Ideas


Playboy Bunny Tattoo Ideas


Playboy Bunny Tattoo Ideas


Playboy Bunny Tattoo Ideas


Playboy Bunny Tattoo Ideas


Playboy Bunny Tattoo Ideas


Playboy Bunny Tattoo Ideas


Playboy Bunny Tattoo Ideas


Playboy Bunny Tattoo Ideas


Playboy Bunny Tattoo Ideas


Playboy Bunny Tattoo Ideas


Playboy Bunny Tattoo Ideas


Playboy Bunny Tattoo Ideas


Playboy Bunny Tattoo Ideas


Playboy Bunny Tattoo Ideas


Playboy Bunny Tattoo Ideas


Playboy Bunny Tattoo Ideas


Playboy Bunny Tattoo Ideas


Playboy Bunny Tattoo Ideas


Playboy Bunny Tattoo Ideas


Playboy Bunny Tattoo Ideas

History Of Playboy Bunny Tattoo

Playboy Bunny Tattoo Ideas

It’s hard to track the exact history of the Playboy Bunny tattoo, despite its popularity today.

While you may have come face to face with a few of these designs in your own life, there is no recorded history of this scandalous tattoo

What we do know is that the Playboy logo has been associated with lust, erotica, and fantasy, for decades.

It’s one of the defining symbols of sexual liberation in pop culture so although we are unaware of how the Playboy Bunny ended up tatted on bodies across the globe, it’s evident that this isn’t a tattoo design we’ll probably ever stop seeing. 

Which Celebrities Have A Playboy Bunny Tattoo?

Playboy Bunny Tattoo Ideas

There are quite a few celebrities who share an appreciation for the iconic bunny branded label.

Although some remain quiet on what attracted them to the Playboy Bunny tattoo design, others have been shamelessly vocal about loving everything Playboy stands for—from sexual liberation to the brand’s founding father Hugh Hefner

When it comes to celebrities celebrating the Playboy brand, singer/songwriter Halsey wears a Playboy Bunny tattoo on her arm.

Her design is intricate and different since the solid silhouette of the iconic bunny is tattooed within the back pocket of tattooed Levi jeans.

Rapper Post Malone is also a proud supporter of the Playboy Bunny. He has the notorious logo tattooed on his face! As I said, face tattoos are not so far-fetched.

Another rapper with this iconic tattoo is the infamous Bhad Bhabbie. The fiery redhead beauty has a Playboy Bunny tattoo on her wrist.

Also, beauty maven and viral sensation Bretman Rock commemorated his Playboy cover with a sultry Playboy Bunny tattoo on his hip. 

Looking for more inkspiration? Say no more:

The Best Larkspur Tattoo Ideas

The Best Akatsuki Tattoo Ideas

The Best Smiley Face Tattoo Ideas

When Alessandro Michele was appointed Creative Director of Gucci in 2015, there was no question he’d supply the brand with a few more ‘It’ bags to add to its collection. He was the former head of accessories, after all. 

Under Michele’s direction, the fashion industry has witnessed the reimagining of older styles, modernized with Michele’s minimalist touch, and the birth of brand new styles that breathe new life into the brand. 

Named after and inspired by the Greek god of wine, fertility, and excess, the Dionysus shoulder bag is one of the most popular designs to come out of Alessandro Michele’s career. 

It’s a versatile, elegant bag, and since being launched, there are several variations to choose from

Dionysus has also garnered quite the A-lister Fanclub—which includes our beloved queen Beyoncé and former royal Megan Markle

However, what makes this bag so special, and what are the best Gucci Dionysus styles on the market? Keep reading this article and we’ll answer all your burning questions.

Finding The Best Gucci Dionysus

To find the best Gucci Dionysus bag for you, first, you must decide what you’ll be using your bag for. 

If it’s going to be your new everyday bag with a little ‘It’ factor, you’ll probably prefer the Dionysus small GG shoulder bag, featuring the GG Supreme canvas. It’s a much-talked-about design that has been featured in street-style shoots since its release. 

On the other hand, if you’re a modern professional looking for a new work bag to flaunt at your office every Monday to Friday, the best Gucci Dionysus bag for you would probably be one of the medium-sized versions

And if you’d like a fancy bag to bring to formal events, the Dionysus also comes in more formal styles like the small velvet Dionysus evening bags. 

With a variety of prints, sizes, patterns, and colors available it shouldn’t be hard to find the best Gucci Dionysus bag for you. 

The 20 Best Gucci Dionysus

Deciding which Gucci Dionysus shoulder bag is the best out of all the designs available is next to impossible. And the variety of designs, coupled with its large fanbase, make it even more difficult for us to choose just one bag. 

Basically, we couldn’t pick the ‘best’ Dionysus bag design and we don’t think you should either. We could, however, round up a few styles we feel stand out amongst the rest

#1: Gucci mini Dionysus chain crossbody bag - Grey

Gucci mini Dionysus chain crossbody bag - Grey

Brand: Gucci
Retailer: Farfetch
Price: $1650
Color: Grey

Grey leather mini Dionysus chain crossbody bag from GUCCI featuring silver-tone hardware, pebbled texture, signature Tiger Head motif, foldover top, chain-link shoulder strap, partitioned compartment, internal card slots and internal zip pocket.

#2: Gucci Dionysus bag - Green

Gucci Dionysus bag - Green

Brand: Gucci
Retailer: Farfetch
Price: $3500
Color: Green

Inspired by the Greek god Dionysus who is said to have crossed the river Tigris on a tiger sent to him by Zeus, this bag is fit for a goddess. Crafted in Italy and expertly constructed from deer skin and phyton skin, this Dionysus bag from Gucci features a silver-tone chain shoulder strap, a foldover top with magnetic closure, a signature Dionysus tiger plaque, an interior zipped compartment and a structured design. Please note that this item cannot be shipped outside the E.U..

#3: Gucci Black Dionysus embellished Large Tote bag

Gucci Black Dionysus embellished Large Tote bag

Brand: Gucci
Retailer: Farfetch
Price: $5200
Color: Black

Luxurious embellishments elevate Gucci’s 'Dionysus' tote bag to a profoundly prestigious rank amongst other bags. This black leather and cotton accessory is accented with a mix of modern and vintage detailing. Originally designed for practicality, the handbag features multiple internal compartments and a detachable shoulder strap sprinkled with some of Gucci's signature appeal.

#4: Gucci Dionysus jumbo GG chain wallet - Brown

Gucci Dionysus jumbo GG chain wallet - Brown

Brand: Gucci
Retailer: Farfetch
Price: $1600
Color: Brown

Tan brown/dark brown canvas/leather Dionysus jumbo GG chain wallet from GUCCI featuring Jumbo GG canvas, silver-tone hardware, foldover top with press-stud fastening, detachable chain-link shoulder strap, accordion design, internal zip-fastening pocket and internal card slots.

#5: Gucci Blue & Beige Super Mini Dionysus GG Supreme Shoulder Bag

Gucci Blue & Beige Super Mini Dionysus GG Supreme Shoulder Bag

Brand: Gucci
Retailer: Ssense
Price: $960
Color: 4075 Beige Blu/Blu

Coated canvas shoulder bag featuring logo pattern in blue and beige. Grained leather trim in blue throughout. · Detachable curb chain shoulder strap · Signature hardware at face · Accordion panel at sides · Foldover flap with press-stud closure · Detachable keychain with lanyard clasp at interior · Microsuede lining in beige · H3.25 x W6.5 x D1.5 in Supplier color: Beige/Blue

#6: Gucci super mini Dionysus bag - Brown

Gucci super mini Dionysus bag - Brown

Brand: Gucci
Retailer: Farfetch
Price: $975
Color: Brown

Beige canvas/leather super mini Dionysus bag from GUCCI featuring silver-tone hardware, Jumbo GG canvas, signature Tiger Head motif, foldover top, chain-link shoulder strap, keyring attachment and main compartment.

#7: Gucci - Dionysus Crystal And Leather Cross-body Bag - Womens - Black

Gucci - Dionysus Crystal And Leather Cross-body Bag - Womens - Black

Brand: Gucci
Retailer: MatchesFashion
Price: $775
Color: Black

Compact and perfectly formed, Gucci's black grained-leather Dionysus cross-body bag features an antiqued-silver tiger-head plaque encrusted with sparkling grey crystals.

#8: Gucci Blue & Beige Small Dionysus GG Supreme Shoulder Bag

Gucci Blue & Beige Small Dionysus GG Supreme Shoulder Bag

Brand: Gucci
Retailer: Ssense
Price: $2550
Color: 4075 Beige Blu/Blu

Coated canvas shoulder bag featuring logo pattern in blue and beige. Grained leather trim in blue throughout. · Sliding curb chain shoulder strap · Signature hardware and partially concealed flap pocket at face · Accordion panel at sides · Foldover flap with press-stud closure · Cotton canvas lining in beige · H5.5 x W10 x D3 in Supplier color: Beige/Blue

#9: Gucci Brown & Beige Dionysus Jumbo GG Shoulder Bag

Gucci Brown & Beige Dionysus Jumbo GG Shoulder Bag

Brand: Gucci
Retailer: Ssense
Price: $1600

Canvas shoulder bag featuring logo pattern in brown and beige. Hand-painted edges and grained leather trim in brown throughout. · Detachable curb chain shoulder strap · Signature hardware at face · Accordion panels at sides · Foldover flap with press-stud closure · Sixteen card slots and two note slots at three-compartment interior · Detachable zip pouch at interior · Moiré lining in brown · H5.25 x W8 x D1.5 in Supplier color: Camel/Ebony

#10: Gucci mini Dionysus chain bag - Neutrals

Gucci mini Dionysus chain bag - Neutrals

Brand: Gucci
Retailer: Farfetch
Price: $1565
Color: Neutrals

Wine red/beige straw/leather mini Dionysus chain bag from GUCCI featuring woven raffia design, signature GG Supreme print, tiger plaque detail, chain-link shoulder strap, foldover top with press-stud fastening, partitioned compartment, zip-fastening compartment, internal card slots and silver-tone hardware.

#11: Gucci Dionysus GG shoulder bag - Blue

Gucci Dionysus GG shoulder bag - Blue

Brand: Gucci
Retailer: Farfetch
Price: $2550
Color: Blue

blue Dionysus GG shoulder bag from GUCCI featuring decorative plaque, classic GG canvas, contrasting trim, foldover top, main compartment and chain-link shoulder strap.

#12: Gucci Dionysus medium GG shoulder bag - Neutrals

Gucci Dionysus medium GG shoulder bag - Neutrals

Brand: Gucci
Retailer: Farfetch
Price: $5900
Color: Neutrals

The Dionysus shoulder bag with the now defining textured tiger head closure. A tribute sequin "Elton" embroidery contrasted by floral appliqués. The layers of appliqués over the GG pattern is an essential part of Alessandro Michele's designs. Please note that this item cannot be shipped outside the E.U..

#13: Gucci Dionysus Super straw mini bag - Neutrals

Gucci Dionysus Super straw mini bag - Neutrals

Brand: Gucci
Retailer: Farfetch
Price: $935
Color: Neutrals

Neutral/red straw/calfskin leather mix Dionysus Super straw mini bag from GUCCI featuring signature Tiger Head motif, jacquard G monogram motif, foldover top with press-stud fastening, main compartment, keyring attachment and chain-link shoulder strap.

#14: Gucci Red & Pink Super Mini Dionysus Bag

Gucci Red & Pink Super Mini Dionysus Bag

Brand: Gucci
Retailer: Ssense
Price: $1050
Color: 6664 N CHE R WIL R O

Grained leather shoulder bag in red and pink. Burnished edges in black. Detachable curb chain shoulder strap with toggle fastening. Signature hardware at face. Foldover flap with press-stud fastening. Logo embossed at interior. Microsuede lining in pink. Antiqued silver-tone hardware. Approx. 6.5 length x 4 height x 1.5 width. Supplier color: Red/Pink

#15: Gucci Green Super Mini Dionysus Bag

Gucci Green Super Mini Dionysus Bag

Brand: Gucci
Retailer: Ssense
Price: $1050
Color: 3765 NEW SHAM EMER O

Grained leather shoulder bag in green. Burnished edges in black throughout. Detachable curb chain shoulder strap with toggle fastening. Signature hardware at face. Foldover flap with press-stud fastening. Logo embossed at interior. Microsuede lining in beige. Antiqued silver-tone hardware. Approx. 6.5 length x 4 height x 1.5 width. Supplier color: Emerald

#16: Gucci Dionysus leather mini chain bag - Red

Gucci Dionysus leather mini chain bag - Red

Brand: Gucci
Retailer: Farfetch
Price: $1650
Color: Red

A structured leather chain mini bag or wallet with textured tiger head spur closure-a unique detail referencing the Greek god Dionysus, who in myth is said to have crossed the river Tigris on a tiger sent to him by Zeus. The tiger head closure is enriched with Swarovski crystal stones. Made in resistant textured leather. Antique silver and gold-toned hardware, a tiger head spur, hand-painted edges, hand-stitched details, sixteen interior card slots and two bill compartments. A chain shoulder strap with 23.5" drop. Snap closure. 8"W x 5"H x 2.5"D. Made in Italy POSITIVELY CONSCIOUS: This product contains leather made through an alternative metal or chrome free tanning process, reducing the environmental footprint compared to traditional methods.

#17: Gucci Dionysus leather shoulder bag - Red

Gucci Dionysus leather shoulder bag - Red

Brand: Gucci
Retailer: Farfetch
Price: $2890
Color: Red

The Dionysus shoulder bag with the now defining tiger head closure-a unique detail referencing the Greek god Dionysus, who in myth is said to have crossed the river Tigris on a tiger sent to him by Zeus. The closure is further enhanced with black Swarovski crystals. The sliding chain strap can be worn multiple ways, changing between a shoulder and a top handle bag. Made in textured, resistant leather. Hibiscus red leather. Pin closure with side release. Tiger head closure. Hand-painted edges. Interior zippered compartment. Pocket under the flap. Double gussets. Sliding chain strap can be worn as a shoulder strap with 38cm drop or can be worn as a top handle with 22cm drop. Small size: W28cm x H17cm x D9cm. Microfiber lining with a suede-like finish. Made in Italy. POSITIVELY CONSCIOUS: This product contains leather made through an alternative metal or chrome free tanning process, reducing the environmental footprint compared to traditional methods.

#18: Gucci Dionysus leather mini chain bag - Blue

Gucci Dionysus leather mini chain bag - Blue

Brand: Gucci
Retailer: Farfetch
Price: $1650
Color: Blue

A structured leather chain mini bag or wallet with textured tiger head spur closure—a unique detail referencing the Greek god Dionysus, who in myth is said to have crossed the river Tigris on a tiger sent to him by Zeus. The tiger head closure is enriched with Swarovski crystal stones. Made in resistant textured leather. Blue textured leather. Palladium-toned hardware. Crystal details at the closure. Moiré lining. Tiger head spur. Hand-painted edges. Hand-stitched details. 16 card slots and two bill compartments. Three separate interior compartments. Zip coin pocket. Chain shoulder strap with 23.5" drop. Snap closure. Made in Italy. POSITIVELY CONSCIOUS: This product contains leather made through an alternative metal or chrome free tanning process, reducing the environmental footprint compared to traditional methods.

#19: Gucci Small size metallic Dionysus shoulder bag - Silver

Gucci Small size metallic Dionysus shoulder bag - Silver

Brand: Gucci
Retailer: Farfetch
Price: $5400
Color: Silver

The Dionysus shoulder bag is presented in shining metallic silver lizard leather. The now defining tiger head closure—a unique detail referencing the Greek god Dionysus, who in myth is said to have crossed the river Tigris on a tiger sent to him by Zeus—is further enhanced with sparkling crystals. The sliding chain strap can be worn multiple ways, changing between a shoulder and a top handle bag. Please note that this item cannot be shipped outside the E.U..

#20: Gucci Dionysus leather shoulder bag - Brown

Gucci Dionysus leather shoulder bag - Brown

Brand: Gucci
Retailer: Farfetch
Price: $2890
Color: Brown

Orange-brown leather Dionysus leather shoulder bag from GUCCI featuring silver-tone hardware, metallic snake detail, front flap closure, zip-fastening compartment and chain-link shoulder strap.

What Are The Most Popular Gucci Dionysus?

The most popular Gucci Dionysus bags are the styles outfitted in the GG Supreme canvas

The GG Supreme canvas is a popular material for Gucci and can be seen across a number of the brand’s bags. As logomania began to trend upwards, the GG Supreme canvas styles became highly demanded. 

The celebrity influence could be the reason this classic design is seen as the best Gucci Dionysus bag or it could be the versatility of this style. Even though this version of the bag is outfitted in a neutral color scheme, the lavish bag pairs well with most outfits. 

Is The Gucci Dionysus Bag A Classic?

The house of Gucci is home to a few classic bags. The 1955 Horsebit bag has been a timeless fan favorite since the ‘60s while the Diana has recently made a modern comeback. Since its 2015 release, the Dionysus has maintained its ‘It bag’ status. 

With its shape, size, and color variety, the Dionysus is a bag that is admired by a large group of fashion fans and non-fashion fans alike. 

Its enticing appeal keeps it on the shoulders of celebrities, monarchs, and professionals—both young and old. And that’s why this bag has quickly become a classic

Why Is The Gucci Bag Called Dionysus?

Creative Director Alessandro Michele has an appreciation for ancient mythology. This admiration came into full bloom while designing the Dionysus collection. 

The Dionysus collection is inspired by Greek mythology, which is where the name ‘Dionysus’ came from. Dionysus is the god of fertility, agriculture, and wine. He’s a fun-loving deity with an appreciation for a good celebration or two. 

So this bag, in honor of the Greek god, is appropriately adorned with an embroidered rose, animal skin detail, eclectic bolts, and funky patchwork which is seen across the Dionysus collection. 

At the end of the day, the name became very fitting, as nowadays the Dionysus bag is widely worshiped—much like the deity himself. 

Should I Invest In A Gucci Bag?

If you find yourself styling your outfit with a handbag often, you might want to consider investing in a Gucci bag. 

Gucci has long been renowned and admired for its impeccable quality, especially when it comes to the brand’s accessories category. 

Plus, since Gucci began as a luggage manufacturer, bags are the brand’s specialty. Know that when you buy a Gucci bag you’re investing in a beautifully handcrafted piece straight from the historic hometown of the brand. 

In terms of durability, it’s a bag that will hold up over time and most designs won’t ever go out of style. So, if you’re looking for a timeless piece you can wear for years to come, you should absolutely invest in a Gucci bag. 

How To Style Gucci Dionysus

The Gucci brand is built on the idea that ‘more is more.’ Their maximalist aesthetic isn’t suitable for everyone but the Dionysus bag is easy to style with most outfits. 

So you can style your GG Supreme canvas Dionysus with any street style, smart, or casual outfits. It isn’t the best bag for formal evening outings but it’s stunning when styled with denim, t-shirt dresses, jumpsuits, and even an elevated athleisure look. 

Reserve your evening wear attire for a velvet Dionysus clutch. This style pairs perfectly with cocktail dresses, well-tailored suits, and even some gowns. 

Additionally, the solid leather medium Dionysus bags are great for workwear outfits. Midi dresses under slightly oversize blazers with kitten heels are perfect for the office but make the look an after 5 ‘fit by swapping the heels for fresh kicks. 

Keep the Dionysus on your shoulder to give your entire ensemble a luxurious vibe

Looking to up your fashion game? We’ve got Gucci galore:

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The Best Gucci Hoodies

About Berserk Tattoos

30 Best Berserk Tattoo Ideas 

If you’re a fan of the hit Berserk series and you’ve been mulling over Berserk tattoo ideas, this guide is for you. The Berserk series is a dark and twisted fantasy that’s considered an acquired taste. 

The story is set in a middle-earth European-inspired world, which is certainly different from most popular mangas.

Once you start reading this adventure-driven series, you’ll be transported into a world with unique characters and dark storylines that touch on themes of free will, causality, and destiny. 

Berserk is so interesting that it was adapted into not one, but two anime series alongside a feature film and video game.

A series this unique is common in the world of manga and series are often turned into onscreen anime shows or films for further enjoyment and a variety of storytelling

With Berserk being as popular as it is, a few Berserk-inspired tattoos have popped up among both the ink and manga communities. Berserk tattoo ideas are special and could have a number of meanings to the wearer. 

Read on to discover more about the Berserk series and learn why Berserk tattoo ideas are as appreciated and common as they are. 

What Do Berserk Tattoos Mean And Symbolize?

30 Best Berserk Tattoo Ideas 

Firstly, what are Berserk tattoos and what do they mean? The most obvious answer is that this tattoo means the wearer is a fan of the show or the original manga. Although, we can only speculate what the actual Berserk tattoo meaning is. 

In line with the series’ themes, one might research Berserk tattoo ideas because they appreciate the deeper ethos of the show. For instance, if you’re a lover of liberty and free will a Berserk tattoo would certainly be appealing to you. 

An artistic meaning could be that you have an appreciation for the show’s animation style. As an artist yourself, the thick to thin lines may speak to you in a language that non-creatives don’t speak. 

Another reason one might want a Berserk tattoo is that they consider themselves a philosophical person. The series deals with themes that are rooted in humanity and often morality.

If these are topics that interest you—especially if you often question your own existence or the current state of the world—a Berserk tattoo design might be perfect for you. 

Where To Get A Berserk Tattoo

30 Best Berserk Tattoo Ideas 

But where should you place this poetic tattoo design? Ultimately, where you choose to place your tattoo is up to you but there are a few spots that are perfect for Berserk tattoo designs. 

Consider the human body a walking talking canvas for tattoos—even Berserk tattoo ideas. If you’re a longtime fan of the series or are simply curious, these spots are the best places for a Berserk tattoo. 

  • Hand

In both the show and the manga, the hand of God is mentioned more than once. Coincidentally, this was the show giving you a subtle hint about where your Berserk tattoo ideas should go.

Both the palm and the back of the hand have enough space for an ‘egg of the perfect world’ design or even a Berserk wolf tattoo. 

  • Neck

Tatt a quote from the series’ leading man Gut or go for something more artistic like a tattoo of the dragon slayer sword. On the neck, both of these designs will shine.

  • Arm

Anime-inspired tattoo sleeves are popular amongst manga and anime fans.

While some dedicate their entire arm to one series and another for the opposing arm, some fans like to tattoo a creative hodgepodge of various characters from their bicep right down to their wrist.

This is easy to attain since the arm offers tons of space to get plentiful with your design. 

  • Shoulder

Wear your anime-loving heart on your shoulder with a Skull Knight tattoo that goes from the front of your shoulder to the back or get innovative with a cool design of the series’ character during one of his insane phases. 

  • Back 

Tatt all of your favorite characters or symbols—when you’re tattooing your back, there’s more than enough space. However, do not feel pressured to create an extra-large design to cover up all that real estate. Dainty and smaller-scaled tattoos also look great on the back.

  • Leg 

Leg tattoos are a killer but definitely worth the pain. Like the arm, you can tattoo a whole sleeve down your leg as it offers even more space. From the upper thigh right down to the ankle, your Berserk tattoo ideas are given optimal space to be as unique as the series itself. 

How Much Do Berserk Tattoos Cost?

30 Best Berserk Tattoo Ideas 

Now that we’ve properly discussed design ideas, symbolism, and placement, let’s talk about the cost. While I’d love to tell you that tattoos are an inexpensive investment, most tattoo artists will tell you that ‘cheap tattoos aren’t good and good tattoos aren’t cheap.’ 

Since you’ll most likely have the tattoo for the rest of your life—unless you remove it—it makes sense that this is a costly masterpiece. However, depending on what you get and where you get it placed, you won’t be breaking the bank too much. 

With that said, the breakdown of the tattoo’s cost is dependent on a variety of variables. The first and most obvious is the artist. Whether your artist is independent or a part of a parlor, their price range will be based on their skill level and tattoo history.

For instance, a more skilled artist with a long history of tattooing is going to charge more than one who is just starting out. While the green artist may be highly skilled, it’s to be expected that they won’t charge as much. 

When totaling the price of your tattoo, here are some other factors to take into consideration:

  1. Size: Go big and go home to get your wallet because the larger your tattoo, the more it will likely cost. Large back pieces or full sleeves often require multiple appointments that can span over months and sometimes years. The length of the work ultimately results in a higher price point.
  2. Color: Colorwork requires a special skill set. And not every artist is capable of or comfortable doing this work. So, it’s important to look out for colorwork in your chosen artist’s portfolio if that’s something you’re interested in. In addition to this, be prepared to spend more since most artists do charge extra for coloring your tattoos.
  3. Time: In the end, the more time a tattoo takes, the more expensive it will be. Time is money after all. 

In addition to these factors, most artists require a deposit before they can begin work on your tattoo. Usually, this deposit is non-refundable and averages around $100

30 Best Berserk Tattoo Designs


30 Best Berserk Tattoo Ideas 


30 Best Berserk Tattoo Ideas 


30 Best Berserk Tattoo Ideas 


30 Best Berserk Tattoo Ideas 


30 Best Berserk Tattoo Ideas 


30 Best Berserk Tattoo Ideas 


30 Best Berserk Tattoo Ideas 


30 Best Berserk Tattoo Ideas 


30 Best Berserk Tattoo Ideas 


30 Best Berserk Tattoo Ideas 


30 Best Berserk Tattoo Ideas 


30 Best Berserk Tattoo Ideas 


30 Best Berserk Tattoo Ideas 


30 Best Berserk Tattoo Ideas 


30 Best Berserk Tattoo Ideas 


30 Best Berserk Tattoo Ideas 


30 Best Berserk Tattoo Ideas 


30 Best Berserk Tattoo Ideas 


30 Best Berserk Tattoo Ideas 


30 Best Berserk Tattoo Ideas 


30 Best Berserk Tattoo Ideas 


30 Best Berserk Tattoo Ideas 


30 Best Berserk Tattoo Ideas 


30 Best Berserk Tattoo Ideas 


30 Best Berserk Tattoo Ideas 


30 Best Berserk Tattoo Ideas 


30 Best Berserk Tattoo Ideas 


30 Best Berserk Tattoo Ideas 


30 Best Berserk Tattoo Ideas 


30 Best Berserk Tattoo Ideas 

History Of Berserk Tattoos

30 Best Berserk Tattoo Ideas 

Berserk is credited as one of the greatest manga series of the ‘90s. As a result, we can assume that Berserk tattoo ideas gained popularity in the late 1990s/early 2000s.

The second release of the anime series aired from 2016 to 2017 which could account for the more recent tattoo designs we see today. 

However, since the series touches on universal romantic and philosophic themes, we’ll likely continue seeing Berserk tattoo ideas in the future since the metaphors will connect to people years after the series has ended. 

While Berserk tattoo ideas may have been around for decades, the stories in the series and the messages still ring clear to many people nowadays. And so, it’s important to note that we are far from seeing the end of this tattoo trend. 

Which Celebrities Have A Berserk Tattoo?

30 Best Berserk Tattoo Ideas 

People often say celebrities are just like us, and in a lot of ways that’s true. Unfortunately, though, it’s never in terms of their wealth or their access to the most exclusive items or events. 

Celebrities, however, are just like us in the sense that we often share a similar appreciation for certain tattoo ideas—for instance, anime-inspired tattoos.

While it may be hard to source the web for the hottest stars sporting Berserk tattoo ideas, there are quite a few that enjoy a good ol’ anime-inspired tattoo. 

Although no stars to our knowledge have etched any cool Berserk tattoo ideas to their pristine bodies, the following celebs have other anime-inspired artwork:

  • Ariana Grande

Grande is known for her appreciation of Japanese culture. The singer has a tattoo of Japanese text on her palm, which she was roasted for on the internet by Japanese fans for thinking her tattoo says ‘7 Rings’ when it apparently is another word for barbeque. 

Plus, she has a Pokémon tattoo and a tattoo inspired by the iconic Studio Ghibli film Spirited Away

  • Ruby Rose

Rose first made hearts melt in prison drama Orange Is The New Black, where her numerous tattoos and two tattoo sleeves seemed to fight right in amongst the show’s list of creatively styled characters. 

Amongst her tattoos of a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, script work, a massive color swatch piece, and more, the Australian actress has two anime-inspired tattoosSamurai Pizza Cats’ Polly Esther and Astro Boy on her forearm. 

  • Kreayshawn

Kreayshawn may not be creating in the rap game anymore but all her intricate tattoos seem to be intact. This includes a crying kitten tatt, a wicked chest piece, a Sailor Moon tattoo, and more.

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About Kakashi Tattoos

Best Kakashi Tattoo Ideas 

If you were to ask any anime addict, Naruto is a prime piece of television.

In fact, the popular series was once voted 38th on IGN’s Top 100 Animated Series, and the New York Times claims that it’s much better than American animation for children.

And with all the fanfare and critical acclaim, it’s no surprise that the Kakashi tattoo is as popular as it is. 

Kakashi is a unique character who has garnered his own following. And while Naruto is the main character of the series with popularity all his own, to some Kakashi is more appealing.

This explains why there are so many Kakashi tattoos etched onto bodies all over North America and Asia. 

Whether you’re a Kakashi fan or a Naruto fan, there are lots of things to learn about the Kakashi tattoo. Luckily, this guide has all the info you need to know.

We’ll be giving you the breakdown of the tattoo itself, showing you several Kakashi tattoo ideas, and explaining the Kakashi tattoo meaning. So let’s get started! 

What Do Kakashi Tattoos Mean And Symbolize?

Best Kakashi Tattoo Ideas 

If you’re looking for a deeply profound Kakashi tattoo meaning then you may be out of luck.

Depending on what you find deeply sincere, the Kakashi tattoo would symbolize various things. Here are a few things the tattoo could mean:

  • You’re a fan of the show

The most obvious reason you might get a Kakashi tattoo is that you love the Naruto series or manga in general. It’s a common design idea to tattoo your favorite piece of media on your body and anime/manga is no different.

Since Kakashi is one of the most compelling characters in the series, it makes sense that he has many fans who want a tattoo of him.

  • It’s metaphorical

Kakashi is a ninja and teacher who, despite his apathy and dry demeanor, values teamwork and encourages his students to work together.

These personality traits aren’t exclusive to cartoon characters, and people who relate to this side of Kakashi may get a tattoo to honor these values since they’re important to them as well. 

  • You’re a big anime/manga fan 

Maybe you like Naruto but it’s only among your top 5 or 10 favorites. You may be so inclined to get a slew of anime-related tattoos and have your Kakashi design set amongst your other favorite characters

Where To Get A Kakashi Tattoo

Best Kakashi Tattoo Ideas 

Tattoos are an investment best taken seriously. Since these designs are meant to be permanent fixtures on your body, you’re going to want to keep them in good condition. 

The best way to get the intended lifespan out of your tattoo is to listen to the aftercare advice of your artist.

It’s also important that you keep the skin hydrated and protected from harmful UV rays by utilizing SPF daily. 

Now that you’ve gotten an idea of how to care for your Kakashi tattoo, you can start thinking about placements. Where you place your tattoo will have a long-lasting effect on the design and how you feel about it. 

However, you don’t need to make this decision alone since most artists will have a consultation with you before any work is performed.

During the consultation, you and the artist can talk about various Kakashi tattoo designs and decide how big or small you’d like your tattoo to be. 

Extra-large pieces are often reserved for the back since there is optimal space for larger tattoos in this location. Large designs are also perfect for the arm or leg because they both offer a plethora of space. 

When tattooing your arm or leg, you have the option to do an entire sleeve design which can work out to be really intricate and storytelling.

Do keep in mind, however, that the larger and/or more detailed your tattoo is, the more expensive it will be

Other places you can tattoo your Kakashi tattoo are: 

  • Neck

The neck is a common spot for tattoos. It’s a placement much loved by entertainers and can host a variety of designs. Depending on the size of your design, your Kakashi tattoo can look pretty sweet on your neck. 

  • Shoulder

“Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes” is a popular nursery rhyme that points out another great placement for a Kakashi Tattoo: the shoulders. With two shoulders it’s easy to get really creative with your tattoo design. 

  • Lower Back

Since this spot has an optimal amount of space for any tattoo, it would be a major misstep to overlook it.

The lower back grants you the creative freedom to get really cheeky with your design or create an unconventional tattoo that stretches down to your derrière.

How Much Do Kakashi Tattoos Cost?

Best Kakashi Tattoo Ideas 

I would love to give you a set price range for a Kakashi tattoo but, unfortunately, it’s not that simple. Like any permanent piece of body art, the final price of this tattoo is highly dependent on a list of factors

Unlike buying a new shirt or book, purchasing a tattoo requires more planning, research, and budgeting. While the cost of tattoos varies from artist to artist or parlor to parlor, the bottom line remains that tattoos have a rather versatile price range. 

Every independent artist operates with a set price list they create themselves in addition to the deposit. The deposit is sometimes a percentage of the final price but some artists create their deposits differently. 

These deposits are required before any work is done and are not refundable in some cases. In addition to this, the following factors also affect the price of your Kakashi tattoo:

  1. The artist: As we’ve mentioned, the artist will determine the price of your tattoo. The number they quote is often based on their skill level and experience in the industry.
  2. Size: Like most things, the bigger it is, the more expensive it is. This also applies to tattoos. Larger tattoo designs require more work and time which will lead us to the next deciding factor.
  1. Time: Some tattoos require more than one appointment to complete and adding color will increase this time. The more time a tattoo artist spends on your tattoo the more money you’ll be required to spend.
  2. Color: If you’d like to add some color to your Kakashi tattoo, you may be looking at a more expensive piece of work. Colored tattoos often require artists who are skilled in colorwork so be mindful of that when looking for a tattoo artist.

Getting a colored tattoo will increase the final cost since this work often adds to the time it takes to complete the design. 

30 Best Kakashi Tattoo Designs


Best Kakashi Tattoo Ideas 


Best Kakashi Tattoo Ideas 


Best Kakashi Tattoo Ideas 


Best Kakashi Tattoo Ideas 


Best Kakashi Tattoo Ideas 


Best Kakashi Tattoo Ideas 


Best Kakashi Tattoo Ideas 


Best Kakashi Tattoo Ideas 


Best Kakashi Tattoo Ideas 


Best Kakashi Tattoo Ideas 


Best Kakashi Tattoo Ideas 


Best Kakashi Tattoo Ideas 


Best Kakashi Tattoo Ideas 


Best Kakashi Tattoo Ideas 


Best Kakashi Tattoo Ideas 


Best Kakashi Tattoo Ideas 


Best Kakashi Tattoo Ideas 


Best Kakashi Tattoo Ideas 


Best Kakashi Tattoo Ideas 


Best Kakashi Tattoo Ideas 


Best Kakashi Tattoo Ideas 


Best Kakashi Tattoo Ideas 


Best Kakashi Tattoo Ideas 


Best Kakashi Tattoo Ideas 


Best Kakashi Tattoo Ideas 


Best Kakashi Tattoo Ideas 


Best Kakashi Tattoo Ideas 


Best Kakashi Tattoo Ideas 


Best Kakashi Tattoo Ideas 


Best Kakashi Tattoo Ideas 

History Of The Kakashi Tattoo

Best Kakashi Tattoo Ideas 

Although there is no official history of this particular tattoo, we can only assume that it’s as old as the manga itself. Fans of the manga know that Naruto first came to be in the late 90s before it became a hit series in the early 2000s. 

It would be an educated assumption to believe that the Kakashi tattoo gained traction once the show became an international phenomenon.

Although the series ended in the spring of 2017 (with a total of 500+ episodes!), it still has a ton of devoted fans as well as new ones that have dived into the series recently. 

With a hardcore following to this day, it’s clear that this tattoo may still be popular in upcoming years. 

Which Celebrities Have A Kakashi Tattoo?

Best Kakashi Tattoo Ideas 

While Naruto is a popular show, and Kakashi a popular character, the Kakashi tattoo doesn’t seem to be too popular in Hollywood circles. However, that’s not to say A-listers don’t indulge in anime or manga series. 

When it comes to anime, there are a few celebs who have honored their favorite series and a small group with Naruto-influenced work.

Nevertheless, if you’re moving forward with a Kakashi tattoo but need a little celebrity inspiration, the following stars have anime-inspired body art:

  • Slim Jxmmi: The other half of rap duo Rae Sremmurd, Slim Jxmmi seems to be the only celebrity with a Naruto-inspired piece. The American rapper has a tattoo of the Akatsuki symbol—the logo of the series’ main villain organization. 
  • Ariana Grande: The child actor turned songstress has been vocal about her love and appreciation for Asian culture—more specifically Japanese culture and media. If that wasn’t apparent with her Japanese character hand tattoo, it’s definitely obvious with the Chihiro tattoo on her forearm. The singer also has a tattoo of the Pokémon Eevee. 
  • Ruby Rose: Australian actress Ruby Rose has two anime-related tattoos. One of which is Polly Esther from Samurai Pizza Cats alongside an Astro Boy tattoo on her forearm. 

    Both tattoos are a part of Rose’s signature tattoo sleeve which also includes other animated characters like Leonardo from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. It’s clear the actress has an appreciation for crime-fighting heroes
  • Kreayshawn: West coast rapper Kreayshawn is known for her colorful rhymes and unique personal style. So it should come as no surprise that the Go Hard rapper has a colorful Sailor Moon tattoo on her forearm. 
  • Manny Gutierrez: Makeup artist Manny Gutierrez is known for his blending skills and controversial social circle, but the popular MUA also has an appreciation for anime. The contour connoisseur has a pair of anime eyes tattooed on his forearm

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About Monarch Butterfly Tattoos

Best Monarch Butterfly Tattoo Ideas 

The monarch butterfly is one of the most popular insects on this planet. It’s highly recognizable and well studied around the world. So there’s no surprise that the monarch butterfly tattoo is just as popular. 

While butterfly tattoos have been a favorite choice since the early ‘90s, the monarch butterfly tattoo is an extra special design.

And when done with the butterfly’s red/orange/yellow hues on its wings, this is a tattoo that stands out and will also stand the test of time. 

If you’ve been thinking about getting some new ink of your own, the monarch butterfly tattoo is an attractive option. And we’ve got 41 tattoo photos below to give you some design inspiration and convince you of just that. 

What Do Monarch Butterfly Tattoos Mean And Symbolize?

Best Monarch Butterfly Tattoo Ideas 

I know that you’re probably thinking, what does the monarch butterfly tattoo mean anyways? Well, the butterfly itself is a highly symbolic creature.

So, when discussing the monarch butterfly tattoo meaning, it would be helpful to also discuss the meaning of the butterfly. 

Butterflies are most commonly known to symbolize beauty because of the unique and beautiful design of their wings. So, it’s not unlikely that one might get a monarch butterfly tattoo because of their love for aesthetics and all things beautiful. 

Since butterflies are born as caterpillars that eventually cocoon themselves before breaking free as beautiful butterflies, these majestic beings also represent rebirth and change.

This meaning might lead someone to get a monarch butterfly tattoo after a major life change—whether it be emotional, personal, or professional. 

Freedom is another common meaning of the butterfly. The interesting insect is equipped with wings that carry them wherever they choose to go.

This might tempt an independent person into getting a butterfly tattoo to honor their free spirit. However, this tattoo could also act as a reminder to the wearer to live more freely. 

Where To Get A Monarch Butterfly Tattoo

Best Monarch Butterfly Tattoo Ideas 

Butterflies are often associated with freedom so it’s no surprise that you have the freedom to place this unique tattoo anywhere you want. Consider the human body to be a large canvas with endless possibilities

Since there are many areas where you can place your monarch butterfly tattoo, it might be difficult to pick one. But with the help of your tattoo artist, we’re sure you’ll find the best place for your monarch butterfly tattoo designs.

Nevertheless, whether you have your placement all picked out or you need a little inspiration, consider the following places for your monarch butterfly tattoo: 

  • Hand

Hand tattoos have only grown in popularity since their first introduction into the world of tattoos. Fingers make a great place for dainty and smaller designs. It’s also a placement adored by celebrities from Lana Del Ray to Rihanna. 

  • Face 

Don’t discount your face for tattoos. The placement is popular amongst many in the entertainment industry but it can also make a great place for a tattoo of your very own.

A small micro design beside the eye is cute and quaint but a larger design on the cheek is also a cool look. 

  • Neck

The neck is another placement appreciated by Hollywood’s elite. The 360-degree area offers plenty of space for a slew of creative designs.

Tattoo a design of a monarch butterfly flying around your neck or keep it contemporary with a medium-sized design at the center of your neck. 

  • Arm

Wear your love for monarch butterflies on your sleeve and tattoo your arm. With optimal space, the arm is another great placement for a monarch butterfly tattoo.

From the bicep to the wrist, the arm offers more than enough space to get extremely creative with your designs, 

  • Shoulder

Your shoulders aren’t just beneficial in keeping your tank top straps on, the helpful body part also offers optimal space for tattoos. Utilize the front, back, or the top of the shoulder for your monarch butterfly tattoo.

  • Back 

The back is always a great placement for a tattoo. The massive amount of room gives you even more freedom to get creative or even scale your design tall and wide. 

  • Lower Back

In the early 2000s butterfly tattoos were known to grace the lower back or even backside. While it did come with a few judgemental looks, the times have changed and lower back tattoos are a little more embraced than before.

  • Ankle 

The ankle is a popular placement for a monarch butterfly tattoo. Tatt the outside so others can easily view your adoration for the flying insect or tatt the inside of your ankle for a more subdued design

  • Leg 

Like the arm, the leg offers a lot of space for a tattoo. With the thigh, knee, and shin there’s no telling how creative you and your artist can get. 

How Much Do Monarch Butterfly Tattoos Cost?

Best Monarch Butterfly Tattoo Ideas 

It’s rather difficult to offer up a price point for a monarch butterfly tattoo, since it would be challenging to quote the price of any tattoo. Like all other body art, the cost of a tattoo is determined by several factors.

In addition to this, you might also need to consider where you live and what the competition is like for tattooing. Basically, these are the factors that determine the price of a tattoo:

  1. Deposit: Most, if not all, tattoo artists require a set deposit before they begin any work on your tattoo. This deposit is decided by the artist themselves or the parlor in which they work. 
  1. The artist: The more skilled or seasoned your artist is will affect the price of your monarch butterfly tattoo. 
  1. Size: Size is another determining factor when considering the price of your tattoo. However, do not be mistaken. A small tattoo can also be costly if it is very detailed.
  2. Color: Coloring is a skill set that not every tattoo artist is versed in. Coloring also requires more appointments in some cases. Both are reasons why coloring your tattoo will increase its price.
  3. Time: The longer it takes to complete your tattoo, the pricier the design will be. Consider this when you’re thinking about how detailed or intricate you want your design to be. Time is money and that’s something tattoo artists know well. 

When it comes time for aftercare, follow the advice your artist will give you. Be diligent in keeping your skin hydrated and dry when it needs to be.

Utilizing SPF all year round will also increase the lifespan of your monarch butterfly tattoo ideas.

While tattoos are considered permanent pieces of art, the skin is a complex organ. And with aging and the everyday effects of the climate, there’s just no telling how your tattoo will look as you continue to change and grow.

Taking care of your tattoo ensures that it’ll look the best for all of your days.

30 Best Monarch Butterfly Tattoo Designs


Best Monarch Butterfly Tattoo Ideas 


Best Monarch Butterfly Tattoo Ideas 


Best Monarch Butterfly Tattoo Ideas 


Best Monarch Butterfly Tattoo Ideas 


Best Monarch Butterfly Tattoo Ideas 


Best Monarch Butterfly Tattoo Ideas 


Best Monarch Butterfly Tattoo Ideas 


Best Monarch Butterfly Tattoo Ideas 


Best Monarch Butterfly Tattoo Ideas 


Best Monarch Butterfly Tattoo Ideas 


Best Monarch Butterfly Tattoo Ideas 


Best Monarch Butterfly Tattoo Ideas 


Best Monarch Butterfly Tattoo Ideas 


Best Monarch Butterfly Tattoo Ideas 


Best Monarch Butterfly Tattoo Ideas 


Best Monarch Butterfly Tattoo Ideas 


Best Monarch Butterfly Tattoo Ideas 


Best Monarch Butterfly Tattoo Ideas 


Best Monarch Butterfly Tattoo Ideas 


Best Monarch Butterfly Tattoo Ideas 


Best Monarch Butterfly Tattoo Ideas 


Best Monarch Butterfly Tattoo Ideas 


Best Monarch Butterfly Tattoo Ideas 


Best Monarch Butterfly Tattoo Ideas 


Best Monarch Butterfly Tattoo Ideas 


Best Monarch Butterfly Tattoo Ideas 


Best Monarch Butterfly Tattoo Ideas 


Best Monarch Butterfly Tattoo Ideas 


Best Monarch Butterfly Tattoo Ideas 


Best Monarch Butterfly Tattoo Ideas 

History Of The Monarch Butterfly Tattoo

Best Monarch Butterfly Tattoo Ideas 

While some might argue that Mariah Carey invented all things butterfly, it’s hard to exactly pinpoint who or what made the monarch butterfly tattoo popular.

All we know is that the design never stopped recruiting followers and fans and we’re quite sure it never will. 

You can date the monarch butterfly tattoo as far as the early ‘90s and some might date it back further than then. It’s a common design with a lot of significant meaning so it’s no wonder why this design is so popular. 

Which Celebrities Have A Monarch Butterfly Tattoo?

Best Monarch Butterfly Tattoo Ideas 

If there’s any group of people that love tattoos as much as your favorite ink addict, it’s celebrities. Nearly every modern entertainer has some form of body art these days—ranging from script tatts to hilarious imagery. 

In between the vast collection of celebrity tattoos, butterfly designs seem to have made quite the impression on the A-listers.

While the monarch butterfly tattoo is a specific butterfly design, there are lots of celebrities with general butterfly tattoos. When it comes to this unique and beautiful tattoo, the following celebrities are proud wearers:

  • Mariah Carey: Since the early days of Mariah Carey’s career, butterflies have made their way into press photos, music videos, styling, and more. Her sixth studio album is even named after the peaceful insect.

    It’s no surprise that she also has a butterfly tattoo on her lower back. However, she does regret it since it was meant to symbolize the love between herself and her now ex-husband.
  • Shawn Mendes: Canadian singer Shawn Mendes is another wearer of the butterfly tattoo. In 2019, the “Señorita” singer tattooed a unique butterfly design on his upper arm. The design is extra special since it was sent by one of his fans.
  • Noah Cyrus: The younger Cyrus sister, Noah, has never been shy about her love for butterflies. In fact, the singer has two butterfly tattoos—an orange one placed between her left wrist and forearm, as well as a large black one on the top of her left hand. 
  • Lea Michelle: Another singer with multiple butterfly tattoos is Lea Michelle. The Glee alum has three blue butterflies on her right foot while the right side of her lower back also houses a butterfly tattoo. 
  • Keke Palmer: Emmy award-winning actress Keke Palmer has a large and intricate tattoo located on her side. Amongst the daisies and other detailed artwork, Palmer has a butterfly tattoo. 
  • Vanessa Hudgens: Tick Tick Boom’s Vanessa Hudgens also has a butterfly tattoo. Large, colorful, and located on the back of her neck, Hudgens’ tattoo can only be seen if the actress wears her hair up.
  • Harry Styles: A singer that shamelessly marches to the beat of his own drum is Harry Styles. Like many of his former One Direction bandmates, Styles has a plethora of tattoos on his body. However, amongst the birds, anchor, and script designs, the British singer has a large butterfly tattoo on his stomach.
  • Travis Scott: When rapper Travis Scott fell in love with the youngest Jenner sister, the two famous lovebirds commemorated their love with matching butterfly tattoos. The tattoos are both dainty designs located on the back of their ankles.

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Preparing for a wake is an emotional experience on its own, but when you add in the stress of putting together an outfit, it can be even more overwhelming. 

Although the event is rather somber, planning what to wear to a wake doesn’t have to be sad, frustrating, or difficult. To help ease the stress of your already emotional event, we’ll be breaking down the dos and don’ts of wake wear so you don’t have to.

By the end of this helpful guide, you’ll walk away knowing more about these topics:

  • The best wake attire 
  • Wake outfit ideas for both men and women
  • How to style your wake outfit 
  • What to avoid when dressing for a wake
  • Where to buy your apparel

What Is A Wake?

A wake is a social gathering held after a loved one has passed. It usually takes place before the funeral although in some cultures the wake is held afterward. 

In the early history of the wake, it was customary for mourners to keep their deceased loved ones at home and watch over them until they were buried after the funeral.

This aspect of the wake has since become less common in Western society but it is still practiced by many in England, Ireland, and Scotland

Wakes also have a history associated with prayer. Originally, the austere event was an annual occasion that took place on the feast day of a particular saint (which is a day derived from the calendar of the saints).

As time passed, however, the wake’s association with prayer has been removed from the forefront of the event. Although the religious aspect is not completely gone for most, it has taken a backseat at modern wakes and social interaction is now the main focus. 

In some instances when the wake is held before the funeral, it’s common for the casket or urn of the deceased one to be on display.

In a more religious family, a small bench may be placed in front of the casket or urn for guests to kneel in prayer before the deceased individual if they so choose. 

A wake can also be seen as a ‘celebration of life’ where guests take turns sharing the loving memories and special moments they shared with the departed.

On the other hand, some wakes carry a severe tone throughout the gathering and instead use that time to mourn and lean on one another while grieving. 

Although wakes are commonly held in the home associated with the dearly departed, modern wakes are often held at funeral homes

What To Wear To A Wake

Trying to figure out what to wear to a wake can seem like a daunting task but it doesn’t have to be.

While there are standard guidelines in place and a common dress code, don’t let the event discourage you from remaining true to yourself and your sense of style. 

Although a wake is not a funeral, you should style your outfit with the same decorum you would if you were going to a funeral.

Whether you’re wondering what to wear to a wake in the summer or fall, the idea is that you should be, above all else, respectful

Whether you’re a man, woman, or child, it’s best to keep your color palette dark or muted.

Since this isn’t a funeral, you aren’t chained to the all-black dress code many follow when attending funerals. But, quite often, those attending wakes will wear darker attire (and this may even be an unspoken dress code).

Although some wakes operate under their own personal or sentimental dress codes, the common idea is to always wear dark colors when attending a wake. And this is a good rule of thumb to keep in mind when planning your wake attire.

When it comes to styling your outfit, you can never go wrong with wearing a business casual look. Think slacks, a pretty blouse, or a smart knit are all great options to consider.

These pieces are easy and effortless for wakes although business casual isn’t the only acceptable aesthetic. 

For the men wondering what to wear to a wake male style, your favorite solid dark suit is a no-brainer while dark dress pants and an equally dark button-down shirt are also appropriate.

Additionally, wearing a tie (where appropriate) is a good look to further dress up your ensemble. 

5 Wake Outfit Ideas For Women

If you consider yourself a fashion aficionado with an appreciation for the dramatics, you don’t have to compromise that for a wake. A knit dress with a bold corset belt and structured coat makes a polished ‘wake look’ that is sure to speak to your sense of style. 

Suits are an easy choice for wake attire—whether you’re a man or a woman. Well-fitted tailoring is always polished and pairing the suit with a delicate yet frilly blouse gives the look some added interest and femininity.

It’s important to note that a blouse with a high neck is an optimal choice for its modesty but also for added chicness

A black leather midi dress makes an appropriate wake ensemble. Accessorize the look with suede thigh-high boots for the fall/winter or platform mary jane pumps for the spring. 

You can wear your favorite black silk dress to a wake when you style it over a black turtleneck.

Further accessorizing with different textures like a suede clutch or a black fur coat will enhance the ensemble. Easily take this look into fall by swapping out your long leather boots for black pumps or strappy sandals. 

Jeans are typically a faux pas for a wake or funeral but a black pair of jeans can be styled for the event when paired with a dark blouse that elevates the jeans.

Steer clear of ripped denim but don’t be hesitant to consider billowy blouses with chic prints. 

5 Wake Outfit Ideas For Men

Tiptop tailoring is always an excellent choice no matter the occasion. When you’re wondering what to wear to a wake, a dark suit is often the first choice for men and it’s a great one. 

You can take your streetwear look to the pews when you style your athleisure attire in an elevated way.

Pair your track pants, sneakers, and dad hat with exceptionally tailored formal outerwear to camouflage the casual appearance and make the outfit look sleek.

For the minimalist, a simple black crewneck knit with black pinstripe trousers is an easy ensemble. Smarten up the look with loafers or give it a dash of edginess with platform boots.

While sneakers are often styled with simple outfits, be mindful of the silhouette and color you choose. A darker shoe that doesn’t steal the attention from the overall look is an optimal choice. 

Consider mixing proportions when you’re pondering what to wear to a wake.

For instance, wide-leg trousers and a fitted jacket can make an ideal ensemble so long as they’re both a dark shade. Keep the look smart and polished by further styling it with a dress watch and loafers. 

If you consider yourself a low-maintenance kind of dresser, don’t sweat it. An ensemble for a wake can be just as easy and as simple as wearing dark trousers with a black varsity jacket.

What Type Of Wake Attire Can You Get?

As previously mentioned, attire for a wake should be, first and foremost, respectful. However, modesty does not mean you have to override your own personal style.

Aim to be your most authentic self while also remaining respectful to your surroundings

Remember, a wake is not a fashion show but it is a place you should present a more somber side of your style. 

If you find yourself needing to update your wardrobe before the wake, consider these core pieces:

  1. Black Turtleneck 

If the wake you’ll be attending is in the fall/winter, or even early spring, a black turtleneck is a no-brainer option. This polished wardrobe essential can be worn with black or gray slacks for men.

For those wondering what to wear to wake woman style, take this simple black turtleneck and pair it with a dark pencil skirt or trousers. 

  1. Dark Midi Skirt 

Whether pleated, asymmetrical, navy, or black, women and little girls alike can easily style a dark midi skirt for a wake. During the warmer months, this piece is best paired with a dark blouse.

Carry it into fall by pairing your midi skirt with sheer nylons, over-the-knee boots, and a dark mock neck top or chunky knit sweater. 

  1. Dark Trousers 

When searching the web for ‘what to wear to a wake men styles’ you’ll come across an array of looks including those with black trousers.

Slacks present a more refined look than jeans so they’re the better choice for wake attire. The leg of the trousers—whether wide, flared, straight, etc—doesn’t really matter as long as the overall outfit is polished and refined.

Like men, women can also wear trousers at a wake. Their easy elegance and comfortability make them a top contender for events such as this. 

  1. The LBD (i.e. The ‘Little Black Dress’)

If you’re a woman with a basic little black dress hanging up in your closet, consider wearing it for a wake. So long as the dress is appropriate, the little black dress is a top choice for wake attire. 

However, there are a few things to consider when thinking of wearing your little black dress for a wake.

Firstly, the dress should be no shorter than midi length. Also, there should be no cutouts of any kind, and the sleeves do not need to be restrictive so long as the neckline is appropriate. 

For example, a spaghetti strap dress with a plunging V-neckline would not be the most appropriate choice whereas a spaghetti strap dress with a square neckline is more suitable.

If you’ve found a dress that’s perfect in all ways except for the sleeves or neckline consider styling your little black dress with an oversized blazer. 

How To Choose The Best Wake Attire 

Now that you’ve been given our top choices for what to wear to a wake, you might be wondering one thing: how do you choose the best wake attire?

To answer that question you’ll need to understand that choosing the best wake attire is much like choosing the best attire for an interview or your best mate’s wedding. 

We suggest trying to pick out your wake attire just like you’d choose any other outfit—but with more restrictions. First and foremost, the wake attire you choose should always be a dark color unless stated otherwise by the hosts.

While some hosts encourage guests to celebrate the deceased person by wearing color or loud clothing, the most common practice is to honor them by wearing darker hues.

When putting together your outfit, black is the ultimate no-brainer choice for wakes while gray and navy are also acceptable colors. 

When thinking about what to wear to a wake, it’s a good idea to consider your own wardrobe before heading out to buy something new. In a lot of cases, the most common wake ensembles are made up of wardrobe essentials most of us already own.

For example, the popular little black dress or a black turtleneck with black or gray slacks are all classic options.

However, if you do find yourself without these pieces in your own wardrobe, consider all the black clothing you own and if you can create a respectful look with those pieces. 

With fashion trends ever-evolving, the modern wake ensemble might look much different than what you’re used to based on the wakes you’ve been to in the past.

In this day and age, many wake attendees have opted to style fresh new trends in an appropriate way.

For example, a crochet halter dress may be your favorite flirty go-to for spring/summer, but when styled over a black turtleneck and black sheer nylons, this dress can easily be taken from the poolside to the pews. 

Also, don’t be afraid to get creative with your layering and accessorizing to breathe fresh new life into the pieces you own and also save yourself a shopping trip.

For instance, wife trousers, and a velvet crewneck sweater can make great pieces for a wake look although you may never have considered them before. So long as the items are black, don’t hesitate to make an outfit out of them. 

How To Style Wake Attire 

Knowing what to wear to a wake is merely the beginning, but knowing how to style your wake attire is when the ensemble will all come together.

Styling is how you infuse life into any look and your wake look shouldn’t be any different. Although this event is somber and subdued, you’re still allowed to be true to who you are.

So, when styling your wake ensemble, think about how you would style any other of your more polished looks and examine how you can tweak it to be more wake-appropriate. 

For example, if you’re a maximalist with an affection for big chunky jewelry, consider your darker or transparent pieces. Styling a black turtleneck with clear acrylic hoops would pair better than a colorful or boldly sequin pair. 

If you love to layer, you’re in luck. Layering is still allowed and can be done tastefully and thoughtfully for your wake outfit. A corset worn alone is a prime contender for a hot happy hour look but even this trendy piece can be styled for a wake.

Layer your corset over a button-down blouse or a sleeveless mock neck bodysuit with a blazer over top.

The key is to take a sexy piece and add some modesty.

Although you’re compromising on the sultriness of the look, you do gain a sense of chicness with this look and also get to transform one of your favorite pieces. 

The rule of thumb for styling all wake attire is to keep it consistent with your overall look—and also keep the outfit polished and respectful

Fashion Tips To Avoid With Wake Attire 

What to wear to a wake may be the question but learning what not to wear to a wake is just as important. Fashion faux pas are often a learning experience and something even the most stylish of us grows through.

Although this minor fashion disaster is a common experience, one of the most awkward places to experience one is at a wake. 

To avoid judgemental eyes, gasps, and gawks from loved ones, try to follow these fashion tips:

  • Crop Tops

Although highly trendy and easy to style, it’s best to avoid any midriff-baring styles for a wake. However, there is a way to rock your favorite top even if it is cropped. Consider layering your crop top over a longer blouse/shirt for a stylish compromise. 

  • Offensive Logos/Graphics 

A cheeky graphic tee or profanity-baring joggers can make stylish statement-makers. Even so, pieces like these have a time and place and, unfortunately, that place is not at a wake. So aim to keep your style clean in all respects. 

  • Bright Colors/Loud Patterns

Throughout this guide, we’ve reminded you to keep the colors in your wake outfit dark. This advice also extends to any loud or bold patterns.

While wakes are not devoid of all patterns, it’s best to choose patterns that have a darker hue like a gray and black houndstooth or a navy tartan. 

Although wakes are a rather serious event, not all wakes are the same. The common attire for a wake is smart, serious, and modest although other wakes may have pre-established dress codes.

Unless the host has already indicated a dress code to follow, know that dressing in dark colors and sticking to a respectful style/attire is a safe bet. 

Best Places To Buy Wake Attire 

Simply searching for ‘what to wear to a wake’ on the internet may pull up a list of style and fashion choices but, unfortunately, there are no mainstream retailers or e-tailers that specialize in wake or funeral wear.

Thankfully, wake attire is hardly a custom costume or special garment that is hard to find. When shopping for a wake look, first seek out your favorite brands and/or stores. This will help you pick a look that’s both in line with the event while also not compromising on your style. 

Regardless of where you shop, here are some retailers you can source your wake ensemble from: 


Unisex and Childrenswear 


Final Thoughts

Now that you have a better idea of what to wear to a wake, attempt to create your ensemble with a clear mind even though your heart is heavy.

The idea of styling a look for an event so melancholy can be overwhelming but know that with the tips and styling advice in this guide, you can put together a stylish yet respectful look for any wake you may attend.

And here’s our number one tip: remember to keep the event in mind while styling your outfit but don’t let that discourage you from arriving in a look that’s still 100% you

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The Super Bowl may have come and gone but we can still look ahead to the upcoming football season.

Whether you’re a fan of the ol’ pigskin tossing spectacle, or know you’ll be seeing a game or two this coming fall, it’s never too early to start thinking about what you’re going to wear. 

Sporting events seem like a no-brainer to dress for, but if you still find yourself wondering what to wear to a football game you’re not alone. 

By no means do football game outfits require the planning and thought that goes into an outfit for a wedding or graduation. But, understandably, it’s still confusing territory if you’re dressing for your first game or even an important game like the Rose or Super Bowl. 

To build the best game day outfit for yourself, you’ll need to understand a few key style tips first.

Lucky for you, this guide has all the advice you need. We’ve put together a list of several football game outfit ideas and, after reading the guide, you’ll know the following info and so much more:

  • What to wear to football games
  • What to wear to a football game in hot weather 
  • What to wear to a cold football game
  • Football outfits for ladies 
  • College football game outfits

What Is Football?

Football, also known as American football, is a sport that evolved from two other sports: rugby and soccer. In a football game, there are two competing teams aiming to gain control of the ball.

That seems easy enough until you factor in the fact that players kick the ball through the goal post or speed across the field to throw the ball down in the opponent’s goal area. 

Also, opponents keep the ball from touchdown status by tackling each other to the ground in an attempt to secure the ball for themselves. In short, football is a sport that requires a lot of physical activity.

History Of Football

The invention of America’s great game dates back to the college years of Walter Camp—although the first official football game was played a decade before Camp’s contributions to the game.

The first recorded football game took place in 1869 between New Jersey’s Rutgers University and Princeton University.

In essence, the game was rugby with a few football-like attributes, such as each team having 25 players. Yet, football didn’t gain popularity until the 1880s

Walter Camp was one of Yale University’s best rugby players during his enrollment. Camp had an idea to modernize the game of rugby so he began editing the rules.

With help from the IFA (Intercollegiate Football Association), Camp’s changes to the rules of rugby led to the invention of a whole new game (American football). 

Although football has experienced many changes throughout the years and has grown even more popular, Camp’s influence is still felt. For instance, he is the originator of such positions as the ‘quarterback.’ 

Towards the end of the 1800s, football started gaining popularity with the mainstream public.

The first professional game was held in 1892 between the Allegheny Athletic Association and the Pittsburgh Athletic Club. The game was rigorously intense but ended in a tie of 6-6. 

This game also produced the first professional football player—William Heffelfinger—who was paid $500 to play the game. 

The first professional football league came later, but before the NFL (National Football League) we know today, there was The Ohio League (the first founded league) and the APFA (American Professional Football Association). 

The APFA was founded after four teams from The Ohio League left to form a league with better standards. The APFA is regarded as the first professional league since it was the first to use schedules and accurate payment systems for its players.

By the 1900s college football was still going strong. But in the 1950s, the NFL began to push the college games to the backseat while the professionals took center stage. And this trend has continued to this day.

What To Wear To A Football Game

Figuring out what to wear to a football game doesn’t have to be hard. In fact, dressing for sporting events in general—as long as you’re not playing—isn’t too difficult. 

Remember that the point of the outing is to have fun and get as riled up with team spirit as you can.

For this, the most obvious choice is sporting team colors, jerseys, or getting wild by wearing supportive makeup. However, there are a variety of cool and laid-back ‘fits you can rock in the football stands. Here are a few ideas for you:

  • For the all-out sports fan

So you’re a superfan and you aren’t afraid to show it. You get loud at games, you know all the cheers, and your favorite colors just so happen to be the colors of your favorite team. 

For the people that want their love for their team to shine through, the jersey of your favorite player is an easy choice.

Pair the jersey with jeans or joggers for chillier season games then swap out the leg warming styles for shorts or cropped trousers during the warmer games. Fashion-forward sports fanatics can still rock a jersey with style. 

You can also grab a jersey in a size or two up from your regular size and sport the jersey as a dress or layer it over a sleek turtleneck

  • For the minimalist 

So dressing up for the game isn’t your thing but you’re still wondering what to wear to a football game?

Thankfully, football games don’t require spectators to come fully decked out in their team’s threads. If you love the game but appreciate your own sense of style more, don’t be discouraged. 

There are lots of looks appropriate for a football game. The key to dressing for any sporting event is to keep it casual.

Jeans and a T-shirt are a common and flawless choice while tracksuits and fleece co-ords also make a great look. 

If you’re feeling an ounce of team spirit, throw on a team hat for a supportive look that doesn’t compromise your ‘less is more’ aesthetic. Also, you could consider incorporating team colors into your outfit to show your team spirit. 

  • For the fashionista/o 

Fashion has a place at all functions or events, even an old-fashioned pigskin game.

So if you’re a fashion-forward individual and wondering what to wear to a football game, or even what to wear to a college football game, know that you don’t have to sacrifice your killer sense of style.

Dressing it up for a football game can be approached in a variety of ways. If you’d like some more detailed advice on what to wear to the game, check out the outfit ideas below for some fashion inspiration.

5 Outfit Ideas for a Football Game (Women)

While us mere mortals can only hope to be as iconically stylish as Rihanna, we can look to the singer/renaissance woman for inspiration.

Ditch the heels and the opera gloves (although you don’t necessarily have to) for more casual accessories like sneakers and your favorite jewelry for a gameday look that is ‘street style fabulous.’ 

Don’t forget your sexy side when thinking about what to wear to a football game. Infuse your sultry aesthetic with a casual vibe by pairing a cropped corset with relaxed cargos and fresh kicks. 

Kick it comfortably from the stadium seats in a cozy fleece set.

For the games that fall during the transition of seasons, pair a crewneck sweater with matching shorts for a warm and trendy look. Top your outfit off with sneakers and pull up your socks to increase the trendiness of your look. 

Sport your sleek minimalist look by wearing relaxed trousers, a cropped knit top, and trendy white sneakers.

Up the fun factor and swap the kicks out for a funky platform sneaker, and take this look into the warmer game season by trading the knit for a cropped tank or jersey. 

For the dolls that like to bring a little slay to gameday, consider layering a relaxed blazer over a tracksuit.

Perfect for the fall/winter games, this look is as cozy as it is chic. You can further stylize the ‘fit with retro sunglasses and dainty gold jewelry. 

5 Outfit Ideas for a Football Game (Men)

For the style-forward minimalist wondering what to wear to a football game, look no further than Noah Beck’s simple yet effective layering.

Piece your favorite knit with cargo shorts and a utilitarian jacket for a look that’s cool and casual. Keep the outfit monochromatic if you’re going for a trendy look. 

Jeans and a white T-shirt is a classic casualwear go-to. It’s a default look for running errands, hitting up the post office, and attending football games.

Add some flair to your look by tucking in your shirt and wearing a thick belt. Bring along your favorite bomber jacket for style or warmth. 

No matter your gender or age, a sweatsuit makes a perfect ensemble for a football game. Enjoying the game in a cozy set is not only in line with current trends, it’s effortless and comfortable.

Keep the look cool and simple by rocking it alone or further stylize the look with trendy fall/winter accessories or simplistic jewelry. 

Wondering what to wear to a football game? Why not overalls? The iconic one-piece ensemble has long branched out from the workwear scene and into the fashion landscape. 

Overalls are another easy breezy option for football games as they require minimal thought.

Simply pair your favorite T-shirt or sweater with a pair of overalls and finish the look off with a trendy pair of kicks. 

Simplicity is key when considering what to wear to a football game or even what to wear to a high school football game. 

Slouchy trousers in the color of your favorite team paired with a plain white tee will showcase your team spirit without fully immersing yourself in sportsman-like style.

Finish the look off with sunglasses and a gold chain to show you’ve still got style even on game day. 

What Type Of Football Game Outfits Can You Get?

If you’ve come this far and you’re still unsure about what to wear to a football game, don’t worry because you’ve got options. And we’re going to tell you all about them.

The superfans know they have a wide range of choices and retailers that cater to their football fashion needs.

As previously mentioned, these outfits typically include a jersey of the team you’re supporting paired with bottoms of their choosing—or à la Rihanna no bottoms at all. 

Another way to show support for your team and still look stylish is to wear a team headband paired with an all-black look so the accessory really stands out. 

Other fans get really creative when considering what to wear to a football game. For instance, the LA Rams have long been called ‘melonheads.’ Because of this, some fans hollow out large watermelons and wear them as hats to hometown games. 

Like any other sports game, the outfits you can wear are really dependent on your own sense of style.

If you’re willing to be really showy and flashy with your team spirit, there are some pretty whacky football ‘fits you can wear. 

However, the common spectator can rest easy knowing they can wear an outfit similar to the ones they’ve worn before on days off or hanging out with their friends/family. It’s really that simple.

How To Choose The Best Football Game Outfits

Choosing the best gameday outfit can be an effortless process. Some often find the issue comes when they begin to wonder what to wear to a football game girls styles or if they’re considering gameday outfits college looks.

Whatever the football function, picking an outfit is not difficult

Jerseys and other sports team merch can be found at a list of retailers at multiple price points. Football jerseys are sold in four models:

  • Elite 

Elite jerseys are considered the highest-ranking jersey model. Elite is the model worn by all NFL players, which makes Elite jerseys the highest in quality and the fit slimmer than the average jersey (since they’re made for athletes).

The best finishes are reserved for these jerseys which feature premium stitching, stitched graphics, and authentic paneling. In short, Elite jerseys are the best of the best, hence the price point of $325$370

  • Limited 

The next best jersey model is the Limited jersey. Priced between $150-$170, Limited jerseys are not true authentic jerseys like the Elite model but they do share features with the Elite jerseys.

Like the Elite model, Limited jerseys also include stitched graphics. In fact, Limited jerseys are the most affordable stitched jersey you can buy. 

  • Game 

Game models are the most popular jersey style amongst sports fans—typically due to the lower price range ($120$140).

These jerseys are considered replicas of the above models and are designed without stitching. Game jerseys also come in a breezier, slightly oversized fit

  • Legend 

Lastly, the Legend jersey is the most affordable jersey model. It’s absent of stitching and other premium features seen on an Elite jersey and it doesn’t have an oversize fit like the Game model.

Also, Legend jerseys are the easiest models to wear since they fit like a T-shirt and can be effortlessly styled with your everyday pieces. 

You can find all of these jersey models at sportswear retailers like Nike.

How To Style Football Game Outfits

Don’t hesitate to add some fashion flair to your football ‘fit. Take a cue from courtside sitting celebrities and dress it up! 

If you’re steady on your feet then don’t discount your high heels. Tons of style stars have hit the stadiums in style with stiletto boots in their home team’s colors.

Look to the cast of Euphoria for makeup inspo and get creative with team colors for a look that’s just as stylish as it is supportive. 

Think outside the box when styling your game day ensemble. If LA Rams fans can hit every home game with hollowed-out watermelons on their heads, the options for styling your football game ‘fit are nearly endless.  

Fashion Tips To Avoid With Football Game Outfits

Despite all of the easy-to-wear outfits previously discussed, there is still a list of looks to avoid when considering what to wear to a football game.

Although the spectators’ sport is all in good fun, some ensembles/clothing pieces are better worn outside of the roaring stadiums. 

When thinking about what to wear to a football game, do not consider these styles:

  1. A Suit 

Leave the professional dressing for the board room. There’s no denying the sleek appeal of a well-tailored suit but stadium seats aren’t that big and the games aren’t too short.

So you’ll want to enjoy the game in something you can comfortably sit in for over an hour while also sitting beside rowdy fans drinking and cheering. 

  1. A Jersey From the Wrong Sport 

This one is a no-brainer but just to make sure, let’s go over this gameday faux pas. Wearing a jersey to a sports game is common practice for most fans cheering from the seats.

However, it’s important you ensure the jersey not only belongs to one of the teams playing but that it’s also a jersey that belongs to the game you’re viewing. 

In short, don’t show up to a football game in a jersey that isn’t a football jersey. While other sports are also entertaining, don’t set yourself up to be a showy Blue Jays fan at a Giants game. 

  1. Misspelled Jerseys 

Jerseys can be expensive and sometimes getting a dupe is more cost-efficient than investing in an authentic piece.

There are plenty of suppliers that retail inauthentic jerseys that look like the real thing (without the authenticity patch).

But be mindful of the details when purchasing a non-authentic jersey—especially details like the name on the back. Also, double-check the spelling on your inauthentic purchases to eliminate any possible embarrassment. 

How To Take Care Of Football Game Outfits

If this guide has inspired you to snag a jersey of your very own, be mindful of the care instructions before purchasing it.

Each jersey has a detailed list of washing instructions printed on the tag inside of the piece. 

It’s extremely important to pay attention to the care instructions of any garment but considering that an authentic jersey can cost you a few hundred bucks, it’s best to take the utmost care of your garment

After the highs or lows of gameday be sure to pre-soak your jersey before washing it inside out in cold water.

Jerseys wash best in detergent designed for cleaning jerseys and air drying them on a hanger as opposed to the inside of the dryer is a good idea.

In fact, here’s the best advice: avoid putting your jersey in the dryer altogether

These instructions are specifically for Elite jerseys but it’s always wise to read the washing instructions included within the piece you’ve purchased. 

Best Places To Buy Football Game Outfits

Whether you’re wondering what to wear to a football game girl style or considering your options for what to wear to a football game woman’s style, you’re going to need a place to shop for the perfect ‘fit. 

Thankfully, you most likely already have a plethora of pieces suitable for gameday outfits in your closet, whether they be big NFL showstoppers or a college game. 

However, when it comes to the superfan ‘fits, there are a few trusted retailers that specialize in sports team merch—from hats of all kinds to other apparel (i.e socks, sweats, jerseys, etc). If you’re looking for sport-related fashion, look no further than these stores:

Final Thoughts

Getting all dolled up for any event can be daunting but deciding what to wear to a football game doesn’t have to be. Remember, the key to putting together the best gameday outfit is to keep it casual and comfy

Of course, casualwear is the most common attire at such events, but you can add a fashion-forward spin to your look because casual outfits are often easy to build upon. 

Also, don’t hesitate to get creative and think outside of the box to complete your look. Wild makeup and whacky accessories are often spotted at sporting events and warmly welcomed.

Although, if face paint and food-based hats (remember the LA Rams fans?) aren’t your cup of tea, don’t sweat it! You can still comfortably cheer from the seats in a casual look that is all you.

Yet, remember the number one fashion faux pas: steer clear of anything semi-formal and forget the black-tie attire altogether. 

In the end, gamedays are meant to be good fun so as long as you’re comfortable, you’re winning even if your team isn’t.

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Overview Of Nasty Gal

E-commerce has come a long way since it first started. What began as only a few online stores has blossomed into a multi-million dollar industry featuring a variety of online shops.

Stores like Nasty Gal—and Nasty Gal itself—are amongst the plethora of online businesses that sell fashionable apparel. 

Unlike many other fashion destinations, Nasty Gal was one of the first fashion brands to boom as an online business before launching a physical storefront. 

And within its sixteen-year history, Nasty Gal has experienced both success and scandals. It’s been a brand that was at the top of the fashion e-tailer landscape before we were given the number of online shopping options we are today. 

Today, Nasty Gal is still a profitable business offering women in their late teens to mid-twenties trendy pieces featuring a breezy, vintage-inspired west coast style

Whether you’re a fan of the longtime brand or are simply looking for stores like Nasty Gal, read this guide to find other brands you might like. Plus, you’ll learn the following info and so much more:

  • All about Nasty Gal clothing
  • Cheap stores like Nasty Gal
  • Online stores like Nasty Gal 
  • Best-quality retailers like Nasty Gal

How We Chose The Best Stores Like Nasty Gal


Stores like Nasty Gal are most recognizable by their price point. The Nasty Gal brand started as a vintage clothing seller on eBay before it branched into its own online platform but the sense of affordability never left the brand’s mission.

At Nasty Gal you’ll find styles under $5 and up to $450.


Style is another key factor when looking for the best stores like Nasty Gal. As previously mentioned, the brand started as a vintage apparel seller before it became the fashion destination it is today. 

However, the Cali brand never lost its love for the vintage look. Although it’s no longer a vintage seller, the Nasty Gal aesthetic still caters to vintage lovers—especially those with an appreciation for the Americana look that swept the 60s and 70s.

Also, consider Nasty Gal your go-to place for cowboy boots, fringe, flared trousers, and sick leather jackets. 


The quality at Nasty Gal is similar to the quality at most fast fashion stores.

The brand operates with quantity in mind over quality and with 500+ new styles uploaded onto the website daily, you have to assume the materials that are used are most likely unsustainable. 


If there’s one thing stores like Nasty Gal have in common it’s their selection. Nasty Gal, and all other brands like it, carry trend-driven womenswear designed through a vintage lens.

Nasty Gal alone offers a large number of new arrivals daily which include apparel, accessories, and shoes.


In 2017 it was announced that Nasty Gal closed all of its physical storefronts. However, the brand is still available online and ships globally.

While this puts all Nasty Gal consumers on the same playing field, it did remove the small slice of added convenience. 

Diversity & Inclusion

Before the nosedive the brand took into bankruptcy, Nasty Gal came under fire for discrimination in the workplace.

It was reported that employees of color were not treated the same way as their caucasian counterparts alongside other sad and disappointing revelations about what went on behind closed doors. 

Today, however, the brand is seen celebrating models of all colors and even carries plus sizes

10 Best Stores Like Nasty Gal

#1 – Reformation

Reformation started in a similar fashion to Nasty Gal. Based out of Los Angeles, California, the It Girl-approved brand started as a retail destination for vintage clothing.

The brand’s storefront was established in 2009 before it became an online store selling clothing designed by the brand with a focus on sustainability

#2 – LuLus

LuLus has been NorCal’s one-stop-shop for vintage wear since the mid-90s. Today the brand is completely digital and retails its own styles under LuLu Label.

Unlike some of the other stores like Nasty Gal, LuLus also caters to consumers shopping for bridalwear

#3 – Mango

Most stores similar to Nasty Gal specialize in womenswear but Mango is a fashion destination that caters to women, men, and children.

Mango is where you’re sure to find runway-duped styles in an aesthetic similar to Zara or Bershka

#4 – Pixie Market

Pixie Market is an online brand that features cheap and chic ready-to-wear items.

Fans of The Row or Phoebe Philo’s Céline are sure to find the downtown cool aesthetic they love for a fraction of the luxury fashion price. 

#5 – Boohoo

Boohoo has long been a popular online brand. Offering free shipping, frequent promotions, and duty coverage for international shoppers, Boohoo is similar to a few stores like Nasty Gal but cheaper. 

Boohoo is where kids, students, and young professionals can shop for affordable and trendy apparel, shoes, and accessories for a variety of events whether they are formal or casual

#6 – Missguided

The year 2009 birthed a lot of successful e-tailers, one of which is Missguided.

Established in the UK before taking off worldwide, Missguided’s pink branding and lively social media presence are hard to miss. 

At Missguided, you’ll find trend-driven pieces that tend to have a sexy aesthetic. Shop for everyday styles as well as pieces for school, work, a night out, and vacation. 

#7 – Akira

Akira is Chicago’s retail treasure. The brand started as a storefront in the Windy City and now has stores across the United States as well as a booming online business. 

The Akira aesthetic is high glam with an appreciation for maximalism. If you’re into bright colors, the highest heels, and rhinestones, you’ll love this store brand.

#8 – Princess Polly

Princess Polly is the go-to fashion destination for trendy pieces made with sustainability in mind.

At Princess Polly, you’ll find Nasty Gal-like clothing made with stronger materials and in a safer environment. 

#9 – AllSaints

AllSaints is one of the more expensive stores like Nasty Gal.

It sells both women’s and menswear and its cool rugged aesthetic is loved by celebrities like Selena Gomez, Eddie Redmayne, and Rihanna. 

#10 – Pretty Little Thing

Pretty Little Thing is a global brand loved by everyday shoppers, influencers, and celebrities. The British brand is known for its pink branding and influencer/celebrity collabs.

PLT is where you’ll find affordable styles for all areas of your life—from formal events to brunch with your babes. 

Which Stores Like Nasty Gal Are Closest In Comparison?

When it comes to aesthetics, all of the previously mentioned stores like Nasty Gal carry the vintage-inspired looks that make the California retailer what it is.

However, there are clothing stores like Nasty Gal that are most similar to the brand and come closest to Nasty Gal’s signature style. 

Blame it on that coastal energy but the stores most like Nasty Gal—in looks and style—are Reformation and LuLus.

This should come as no surprise since both brands started selling vintage clothing before branching out and designing pieces of their own.

This is also how Nasty Gal began its business before becoming the Nasty Gal we know today. 

Both Reformation and LuLus design items with their love for vintage clothing in mind. All three stores are no stranger to flared trousers, fringe details, or the cutesy floral prints that have resurfaced in recent years.

So, Nasty Gal fans are sure to find the effortless bohemian looks that they love alongside poppier Y2K-esque fashions at these other retailers. 

Which Stores Like Nasty Gal Are The Most Affordable?

While most stores similar to Nasty Gal are perceived as affordable, some are a little more cost-effective than others.

With international shoppers and lots of promotions offered, Pretty Little Thing works out to be the most affordable retailer amongst the stores like Nasty Gal. 

Pretty Little Thing’s constant promotions and free shipping initiatives are convenient and budget-friendly for all shoppers—while UK shoppers even get the benefit of one-day shipping. 

The reason stores like Akira and Missguided are not as affordable, although being within the same price point, is because of the international duties some of the out-of-country shoppers have to pay.

These duties can be up to $100 in the shopper’s home currency which significantly adds to the total price of your order. 

Which Stores Like Nasty Gal Offer The Best Quality?

Quality is one thing that largely separates these stores like Nasty Gal. It’s no secret that a fair share of these stores are fast-fashion retailers, which comes with the usual fast fashion issues.

While we all enjoy these trendy shops that offer high-fashion inspired styles at below-market prices, these styles are usually lacking in quality. 

Common stores like Nasty Gal aren’t entirely focused on quality but rather quantity. These stores thrive on offering a plethora of new and exciting styles they can pump out daily as opposed to taking the time to hone in on a curated list of styles they can perfect. 

However, at Princess Polly, quality is just as important as quantity. All their styles are designed and manufactured in-house where a team of designers is managed and works out of an in-house studio where worker’s rights are applied.

These practices allow Princess Polly to create clothing that’s just as durable as it is trendy and affordable. 

Final Thoughts

As you’ve just learned, brands like Nasty Gal are plentiful. The demand for trend-driven and inexpensive clothing will never go out of style and, as studies show, consumers will never grow tired of options. 

While stores like Nasty gal may remind you of other online retailers, it’s key to remember that the Nasty Gal aesthetic has been duplicated throughout the fashion industry but Nasty Gal itself can never be completely duplicated. 

If you’re a Nasty Gal fan, we hope you enjoyed this guide and it only reinforced your positive relationship with the brand, alongside giving you other e-tail options to dive into.

If you’re new to the brand, we hope we’ve encouraged you to explore new shopping options and even find your new favorite place to shop. 

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Brands Like Gucci

Overview Of Gucci

When it comes to designer brands, Gucci is among the most prolific of the bunch. Founded in Florence in the early 20s, Gucci started as a family-owned label until controversy caused ripples within the family and the business. 

Since its controversial beginnings, Gucci has amassed a global following of people both in and out of the fashion industry. So it’s no surprise that many fans try to find other brands like Gucci for all their wardrobe needs.

Gucci’s monogrammed designs and fresh floral print—that span their apparel, home goods, and accessories lines—bring a dynamic flair to both the home and wardrobe.

It’s a brand built on the idea that while less is always more, one could also argue that more is also more. The Gucci way is to mix prints, fabrics, and patterns. 

Gucci certainly isn’t a brand that’s right for everyone, but if you love the brand then you’ll probably like other brands like Gucci.

These brands have a similar ethos to the iconic label and comparable price point without fully resembling the house of Gucci.

Whether you’re a Gucci fan or Gucci curious, this guide is here to inform you on the highlights of the Italian label as well as uncover:

  • Other brands like Gucci
  • Information on high end designer fashion
  • Other luxury clothing brands 
  • Best clothing brands 

How We Chose The Best Brands Like Gucci


Luxury brands like Gucci aren’t as accessible as the average clothing brand. When buying from brands like Gucci expect to spend $1,000$11,000 on apparel and over $300 on accessories such as sunglasses, scarves, and jewelry. 

Handbags collect a lot of revenue for the brand since Gucci handbags—from OG styles like the Jackie to more modern styles like the Marmont—are popular pieces amongst all consumers. Gucci handbag prices range between $800$9,000.


Gucci is one of the top designer brands that leans heavily on maximalism. No matter the season or current state of fashion, Gucci is true to its elaborate ethos and bold signature designs that make the fashion house what it is. 

Throughout the years, the Italian label has had four Creative Directors, each of which told the story of Gucci through their lens while staying true to the house and not losing the brand’s ornate aesthetics that are its signature. 


In most cases, designer brands sell better-quality apparel than fast fashion brands. Top fashion brands like Gucci have better resources available to them and use quality fabrics like silk and velvet. Gucci is also committed to using materials that are kinder to our planet. 

In 2016, Gucci became the first luxury brand to utilize ECONYL® (regenerated nylon yarn) within its collections. Gucci has stated that 100% of its goods are produced in-house within the brand’s atelier.

This also enhances the quality of their pieces since designers are not working in harsh and/or unsafe environments. 


Gucci, and other brands like Gucci, offer a wide range of products so you can outfit your wardrobe and other areas of your life. Gucci, for instance, releases four collections of apparel a year. 

These collections are fully styled with shoes as well as accessories, and often span 50+ looks for each collection.

In addition to the stacked selection of clothing, Gucci also sells fragrances, cosmetics, and a list of home goods ranging from flatware to furniture. 


It doesn’t get any more convenient than a globally recognized brand. There are over 500 physical Gucci stores worldwide in addition to the number of luxury department stores that carry the brand. 

Gucci is also retailed through the brand’s own e-commerce site as well as a number of digital stockists like SSENSE and Moda Operandi. This is the usual practice for most highly recognized fashion brands. 

And Gucci is a popular brand at most consignment shops. These are places where people outside of the usual Gucci target audience can shop for the brand’s products below market price. 

Diversity & Inclusion

Like most designer brands, diversity and inclusion is something Gucci has had a rocky road trying to achieve. 

In 2017, the brand made headlines for plagiarizing a design from Black designer and Harlem icon Dapper Dan.

For the Gucci Cruise Collection 2018, Gucci’s creative director Alessandro Michele sent a bubble-sleeved fur bomber jacket down the runway that looked outstandingly similar to the jacket Dan designed for Olympic medalist Diane Dixon in the late 80s. 

Gucci soon took accountability for this incident and offered to work with Dapper Dan as well as underwrite his Harlem atelier. However, it wasn’t long until the brand was in hot water again—this time for releasing a sweater that resembled blackface. 

Today, Gucci is known to utilize Black models and creatives in their branding and continues its relationship with Dapper Dan.

When it comes to body diversity, however, don’t expect to see much here. Gucci’s womenswear does not exceed a women’s US size 12 and men’s US 46. 

10 Best Brands Like Gucci

#1 – Miu Miu

The little sister of Prada, Miu Miu is an Italian label founded by Prada’s Creative Director Miuccia Prada. Miu Miu is known for its fun and flirty style that is often referred to as a younger Prada offering. 

#2 – Dior

Dior’s history as a notorious fashion brand is filled with controversy and couture. Unlike some of these other brands like Gucci, Dior is a French fashion label and one of the oldest fashion houses

Founded by Christian Dior in the late 40s, the Dior name is most associated with the New Look—an ultra-feminine way of dressing that the brand introduced during a time of utilitarian uniforms, sartorial restrictions, and shortages.  

Today, Dior is still true to their hyper-feminine look that celebrates the feminine silhouette, narrow waistline, and they design lots of knee-length skirts that the New Look birthed.

#3 – Prada

Prada is one of the few designer brands that has been kept within the family it was founded by. Not even Gucci could accomplish this feat, though there was a time when multiple members of the Gucci family took part in the business. 

Today, Prada is led by founder Mario Prada’s granddaughter Miuccia Prada. Prada broke through the impressive 90s fashion scene with its introduction of ‘ugly chic’ designs.

A fashion phenomenon started by Prada, ugly chic is the exploration of often dismissed styling choices. 

From mixing colors that rarely complement one another to layering contrasting patterns, Prada is the side of Italian maximalism that blurs the boundaries of fashion and fashion faux pas

#4 – Dolce & Gabbana

You can’t have a conversation about name-brand clothes without including Dolce & Gabbana. Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana founded their infamous label in the mid-80s.

Like Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana also offers a theatrical aesthetic that features elaborate Mediterranean characteristics. 

Though the brand caters to women, men, and children, Dolce & Gabbana is highly credited for their men’s designs that feature exquisite tailoring

#5 – Valentino

Valentino is the love child of designers Pierpaolo Piccioli and Maria Grazia Chiuri before Chiuri’s exit to head Dior in 2015. Before the two split, the Valentino aesthetic was sophisticated, elegant, and often romantic in a way that’s soft and delicate. 

Under Piccioli’s solo direction, Valentino is vibrant, dynamic, and bold. Today’s Valentino is more aligned to Gucci’s eye-catching aesthetic, though the former is far more scaled back and polished. 

#6 – Saint Laurent

Saint Laurent has long been the brand for the woman or man aiming to emulate that sultry Parisian style. It’s a brand that revolutionized suiting for women and encourages the sexy side of dressing for men. 

#7 – Louis Vuitton

What started as a luggage brand in 19th century France is now a globally recognized fashion brand with stylish selections in apparel, accessories, footwear, furniture, and lifestyle goods

Like Gucci, Louis Vuitton is a celebrity-loved brand that is synonymous with luxurious living. 

#8 – Bottega Veneta

Bottega Veneta has had a recent reimagining that has placed the 56-year-old brand at the forefront of Instagram. 

This Italian label is among the hottest brands in fashion right now with a list of celebrity and It Girl fans wearing their apparel, including Hailey Beiber and Rihanna.

Fashion fans will tell you that not a day goes by on Instagram that we don’t see the brand’s coveted footwear or its bags. 

#9 – Salvatore Ferragamo

Salvatore Ferragamo started as a shoe brand for wealthy and powerful women. Today, the brand services both elevated women and men with its vast selection of shoes, apparel, and accessories. 

The Ferragamo consumer is often sleek and polished with an appreciation for refinement. Although this is unlike the Gucci brand ethos, Ferragamo is still a respected Italian luxury brand. 

#10 – Versace

Name brands like Gucci don’t get sexier than Versace. The Italian label was built on encouraging women to lean into their sex appeal and celebrate it. 

Launched in the late 70s, Versace has amassed a major celebrity following—from actors to entry-level influencers.

It Girls are commonly indulging in the short and sassy mini dresses that fill Versace boutiques while men can barely resist the silk logo boxers, sweet-smelling cologne, and branded hoodies. 

Which Brands Like Gucci Are Closest In Comparison?

Brands like Gucci, though similar, could never truly replicate the Gucci look but they can offer the same feel. 

Dolce & Gabbana is the brand that is closest in comparison to Gucci’s elaborate style.

While Gucci has leaned on American style influences for a few collections, there’s no denying the obvious Italian street style ethos throughout the brand. Both D&G and Gucci excel at offering the most in a look without sacrificing a put-together finish. 

Prada is also closely aligned with the Gucci aesthetic since both brands often present wayward layering that somehow works.

While Prada is the originator of the ‘ugly chic’ look, it would be incorrect to say Gucci has never tried this trend for one or many of its collections. 

Which Brands Like Gucci Are The Most Affordable?

Luxury brands are expensive brands. This much we know is true but even within the luxury fashion space, there is a list of brands that have a lower price range than the average designer brand.

However, of all the brands most like Gucci, Miu Miu is the most affordable

Miu Miu is a subsidiary brand of Prada, which already brings its price down from the usual luxury market price. Sub-brands are often created to reach a new audience the main brand cannot. 

For instance, Prada’s target market is the modern professional—sleek and established in their career or life—while Miu Miu hits a younger target audience with a less established bank account. 

However, make no mistake that the Miu Miu girl is still working with a few zeros in her bank account.

While Prada and Gucci customers can spend upwards of $10,000 at their favorite boutiques, the Miu Miu girl is maxing out at around $6,000

Which Brands Like Gucci Offer The Best Quality?

Gucci is a brand known for its leather goods. This is due to their leather items being amongst the first successful products for the brand.

Brands like Gucci often offer the same level of quality leather goods. Although some argue that these brands offer even better quality leather items—such as Louis Vuitton. 

Louis Vuitton has long been praised for its iconic line of leather accessories.

From the multicolored monogram collection that took over the early 2000s to the OG trunks that are still considered an ‘It’ item for travel to this day, Louis Vuitton has provided nothing but quality leather goods much like Gucci. 

Final Thoughts

Brands like Gucci are amongst the most iconic and historic brands in the fashion world.

Through years of design and innovation, these luxury brands have started trends that defined decades as well as trends that are still recognized today. 

Luxury fashion is not fit for every consumer but whether bought brand new at market price or pre-loved at a discounted price, these pieces are stylish investments built to last.

There are Gucci bags on the resale market that have held up through years of different fashion landscapes and are still in great condition. 

Though these name-brand clothes are expensive brands, don’t let that discourage you from sourcing some vintage pieces from brands like Gucci and wearing them for decades to come. 

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Best Solar System Tattoo Ideas

About Solar System Tattoos

Best Solar System Tattoo Ideas

Sometimes it’s hard to believe we’re just a tiny fraction of the great big universe we live in. Galaxies span for miles and planets triple the earth in size. 

It’s no wonder some people are hooked on this great wonder of the world the minute we learn about it in elementary school science class. Some people are so hooked they celebrate our great big universe with a solar system tattoo. 

Solar system tattoo ideas may seem like a farfetched design choice—but the cool designs of the cosmic world make pretty surreal art—unlike any other tattoo design.

Now, I can’t force you to permanently etch the solar system onto your body but if you’ve been considering getting some new ink, you might want to think about getting this tattoo. 

This guide will show you some really cool solar system tattoo designs, so you can admire their amazing features.

What Do Solar System Tattoos Mean and Symbolize?

Best Solar System Tattoo Ideas

To say a solar system tattoo has some kind of deep and utterly profound meaning with a rich and beautiful history would be dishonest.

The truth is, like most tattoos, the solar system tattoo meaning is up to the wearer. However, here are some reasons one might get a solar system tattoo.

  1. Love for Space

The most obvious reason someone might get a solar system tattoo is simply that they love space and what’s not to love! The mysteries associated with its endlessness, and the mystery of the uncharted territory captivate many.

In fact, space is one of the biggest mysteries revealed to us as children so there’s no surprise that our solar system has the fan club that it does. 

  1. Sentimental Value 

Tattoos often get their meaning from their sentimental value. Whether space is an interest you and a special someone shared or it reminds you of a relative that has passed on, even a solar system tattoo can have a deep and affectionate meaning

  1. Personal Reminder 

Some people get tattoos as personal reminders. While a heart on the wrist might remind the wearer to always approach situations with love, a solar system tattoo might be the finger ribbon they need to remind them of the world’s endless possibilities.

Or, like a gentle nudge, it could remind them to never stop dreaming. 

  1. Keeping the Peace

While no one really knows all that goes on in our vast solar system, some people view the cosmos as a big symbol of peace.

After all, there’s nothing more relaxing than looking up at the stars and wondering how quiet and peaceful space must be without all the earthly interference.

Where To Get A Solar System Tattoo

Best Solar System Tattoo Ideas

Our skin is our largest organ which means you’re dealing with a large canvas for your solar system tattoo.

While the arm and back are the most common places for solar system tattoo designs, it’s entirely up to the wearer to decide where they’ll be hosting their galactic tattoo. 

Here are some other placement ideas: 

  • Arm

Whether the right or left arm, this part of the body holds a lot of real estate for a solar system tattoo. You could use your entire arm and have all eight planets cascading down your limb from your shoulder to your wrist. 

  • Shoulder

Shoulders are another great place for a tattoo such as this. You could utilize the space of each shoulder for a solar system tattoo that stretches across the backs of your shoulders or the front.

This is also a great space for a dainty tattoo of smaller planets that rest right on top of the shoulder. 

  • Back 

The back is another popular placement for a solar system tattoo. Consider your back the largest canvas on your body so you’re free to scale your tattoo as big as you want.

You could make your design wide and have the planets orbiting around a huge sun at the center of your back or do something slim and stylish and have the planets in a vertical line right down the middle. 

  • Ankle

As Y2K trends have cycled back into style, so have ankle tattoos. While our solar system is massive, a small depiction of it on your ankle is just as major and could be the right choice for you. 

  • Leg 

Like your arms, legs offer up a substantial amount of space for a solar system tattoo.

You could have your tattoo running down the side, front, or back of your leg, or get creative and have your tattoo start on one leg and finish on the other.

For those with a delightful sense of humor, tattoo the sun on your foot and bring a new definition to ‘walking on sunshine.’ 

How Much Do Solar System Tattoos Cost?

Best Solar System Tattoo Ideas

Honestly, any tattoo you get is going to cost you. With the required deposit in mind, you’re looking to spend around $100 for the final product and over $50 before the work even begins.

This is due to the deposit required by most artists before they start working on your tattoo. 

In addition to the deposit, tattoo artists charge their clients based on a number of factors: 

  • The artist – Every tattoo artist is different. Some specialize in a set skill like watercolor or script tattoos while others are well versed in other kinds of art.
    With that in mind, each artist knows their skill set, how long they’ve been tattooing, and the intricacy of your design. And all of these things will be considered, by the artist, when charging you.
  • Size – Like a number of things on sale, the bigger it is the more expensive it is. Tattoos also follow this rule. So if your tattoo is bigger it will require more time and “time is money” as they say.
  • Color – Coloring a tattoo usually increases the price since colorwork is another special skill set and it requires more time to do.
  • Time – Whether your tattoo is big and wide or small and extremely detailed, the time a tattoo takes will affect the price—especially when getting tattoos that require more than one appointment. 

When on the hunt for your solar system tattoo artist, be mindful of the above list.

Also, consider how big you’d like your tattoo to be and what kind of work must go into it (script, color, surrealism, etc.) so you know what to look for within the artists’ portfolios.

This will also encourage you to ask questions before the work is done to better help you determine a set budget for your tattoo

The 31 Best Solar System Tattoo Designs


Best Solar System Tattoo Ideas


Best Solar System Tattoo Ideas


Best Solar System Tattoo Ideas


Best Solar System Tattoo Ideas


Best Solar System Tattoo Ideas


Best Solar System Tattoo Ideas


Best Solar System Tattoo Ideas


Best Solar System Tattoo Ideas


Best Solar System Tattoo Ideas


Best Solar System Tattoo Ideas


Best Solar System Tattoo Ideas


Best Solar System Tattoo Ideas


Best Solar System Tattoo Ideas


Best Solar System Tattoo Ideas


Best Solar System Tattoo Ideas


Best Solar System Tattoo Ideas


Best Solar System Tattoo Ideas


Best Solar System Tattoo Ideas


Best Solar System Tattoo Ideas


Best Solar System Tattoo Ideas


Best Solar System Tattoo Ideas


Best Solar System Tattoo Ideas


Best Solar System Tattoo Ideas


Best Solar System Tattoo Ideas


Best Solar System Tattoo Ideas


Best Solar System Tattoo Ideas


Best Solar System Tattoo Ideas


Best Solar System Tattoo Ideas


Best Solar System Tattoo Ideas


Best Solar System Tattoo Ideas


Best Solar System Tattoo Ideas

History Of The Solar System Tattoo

Best Solar System Tattoo Ideas

There’s no real history lesson on solar system tattoos though some ink addicts and artists will tell you that the design idea has been around for decades.

Artists also note that within the history of the solar system tattoo (however long that may be), the design has changed over time

Some space fans design their tattoo with all eight planets orbiting around the sun while others prefer to see their planets in a neatly lined row in front of the sun.

Other designs have included all the moon phases, a confetti-like design of planets sprinkled amongst stars and comets, as well as designs bursting with color to illustrate nebulas surrounding constellations. 

In the early 2010s, space was having a movement and this did include solar system tattoos. If you were to log onto the blogging site Tumblr in the early days of its popularity, you didn’t have to scroll far on your dashboard before seeing a moon tattoo. 

However, we cannot say that this is when solar system tattoos began to take off, only that they were also popular during this time. 

Although the history of solar system tattoos is unknown, we can only assume (and rightfully so) that the tattoo style won’t be obsolete in the coming years or decades. 

Which Celebrities Have A Solar System Tattoo?

Best Solar System Tattoo Ideas

When it comes to the influence solar system tattoos have had on celebrities, well let’s just say that it’s very big.

While you won’t spot a ton of celebrities with the whole solar system inked to their bodies, you’ll see a fair collection of A-listers with space-inspired ink

Stars are the easiest and most aesthetically pleasing space tattoo you can get, and celebrities Kat Von D, Rihanna, and The Game all have the iconic five-pointed figure inked on their bodies. 

In terms of micro planets permanently placed onto the skin, singer Miley Cyrus is a poster girl for a collection of small tattoos which does include a small image of Saturn. Other celebrities with planet tattoos are singers Adele and Halsey

Moon tattoos are also a popular choice when speaking of space-inspired body art.

Billie Lourde has a crescent moon amongst stars on her ankle in honor of her Star Wars starring mother Carrie Fisher. Other stars with moon tatts are Adele, Emma Roberts, Lily Collins, Megan Fox, and Pink. 

While tattoos aren’t uncommon amongst the rich and famous—especially those in the music industry—space tattoos seem to be amongst the most popular designs Hollywood’s elite take part in. 

Small planets on the fingers and arm are among the most loved design/placement for female entertainers while a collection of stars seem to appeal to both women and men in the industry.

And although the listed celebrities haven’t yet inked themselves with the entire solar system, who’s to say they won’t? Or, at the very least, haven’t thought about it. 

If any of the 31 designs listed above have inspired you to get your own space-influenced ink, or a full-on solar system tattoo, know that your art will be trendy amongst the stars (outer space and otherwise).

Looking for some inkspiration? Say no more:

The Best Bumblebee Tattoo Ideas

The Best Santa Muerte Tattoo Ideas

The Best Jimi Hendrix Tattoo Ideas

About Bumblebee Tattoos

30 Best Bumblebee Tattoo Ideas 

Since the popularization of body art, tattoos have become a highly common way to express oneself. And in your everyday life, you’re bound to come across one or more people with a tattoo, even if it isn’t plainly visible. 

Script tattoos are fairly popular and pop culture tattoos are also quite common. However, one of the most underrated—yet incredibly adorable—tattoos is the bumblebee tattoo. 

Bumblebee tattoos are cute, fun, and sure to capture the eyes and hearts of whoever glances at them. While we can’t make your body art decisions for you, we can help you explore this adorable tattoo idea to see if it’s a good option for you.

However, it’s widely understood that tattoos require some careful thought and thorough planning. So, if you’re trying to choose a tattoo for yourself or are looking for a way to honor your love of the bumblebee, keep reading this guide. 

By the end of this article, you’ll understand all these and more:

  • Bumblebee tattoo ideas 
  • Bumblebee tattoo designs 
  • Bumblebee tattoo meaning 

What Do Bumblebee Tattoos Mean And Symbolize?

30 Best Bumblebee Tattoo Ideas 

Although there are no official documents explaining the meaning of a bumblebee tattoo, we can use the information readily available online to draw our own conclusions. 

With the symbolism attached to the iconic creature, bumblebee tattoos can represent a celebration of community. The bumblebee is also the metaphorical mascot for personal power

This tattoo could also symbolize something sentimental or nostalgic for the wearer. Bumblebees are often associated with spring and flowers so seeing a bumblebee tattoo inked alongside a blooming bouquet or a summer-like setting (i.e picnic) isn’t unusual either. 

A sports fan might also find interest in a bumblebee tattoo if the animal is associated with their favorite team. Iconic boxer Muhammed Ali’s most notable quote is “float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.” 

It’s a poetic one-liner that describes how the athlete moved in the ring. Finishing the quote is “the hands can’t hit what the eyes can’t see”—a statement that proves Ali is quick in the ring like a butterfly but delivers his hits like the piercing sting of a bee. 

Fans of Ali, or fans of the 2001 sports drama Ali, might look into getting a bumblebee tattoo design alongside one of a butterfly. 

Plus, there are ink addicts who may just love the bumble and have a special appreciation for the insect carrying the fertilization industry on its back. Whatever the reason why someone chooses to get a bumblebee tattoo, there’s no denying its unique appeal. 

Where To Get A Bumblebee Tattoo

30 Best Bumblebee Tattoo Ideas 

The human body is a canvas and like most tattoos, bumblebee tattoos can be placed in several places.

However, the arm seems to be the most common space on the body where a bumblebee tattoo is inked.

Although the placement of this tattoo is entirely up to the wearer, here are some ideas to help you choose where your buzz-worthy tattoo will be living: 

  • Hand

Once upon a time, hand tattoos were considered an irresponsible decision for working professionals. Today you can find hand tatts on a number of working people across various industries. 

Depending on your lifestyle (and pain tolerance) the hand can house a large bumblebee tattoo or a small one fit for an individual finger.

Despite being only a small part of the body, the hand has several parts—from fingers to the back and the front side of your palm—in which you can place a tattoo.

  • Face 

It may sound horrifying to you but face tattoos have only increased in popularity. From singer Kehlani’s multiple dainty face tatts to Amber Rose’s iconic forehead script, ink enthusiasts have proven the face is just as capable of being inked as anywhere else. 

A small bumblebee tattoo underneath the eye (much like the placement of Kehlani’s paper plane tattoo) would make a cute addition to the face.

However, this placement is not for the faint of heart. Keep in mind if you have sensitive skin before boldly sitting your face underneath the needle. 

  • Neck

Celebrities from Aaron Carter to Rihanna appreciate a good neck tattoo. The neck is prime real estate for a number of tattoo designs whether your ink is a script, watercolor, or tribal-inspired piece.

A bumblebee cascading in flight down the neck (similar to Rihanna’s iconic star tattoo) could be a cool addition to your collection of tattoos or a cute place to start on your ink journey. 

  • Arm

The arm is a common spot for most tattoos due to the options the arm provides. With space from your biceps right down to your wrist, there are a number of bumblebee tattoo designs you could ink on your right or left arm.

The arm also offers placements that are hypervisible for the proud ink aficionado who can’t wait to reveal their new ink, as well as discrete places for those with more personal tattoos. 

  • Shoulder

Like the arm, the shoulder also offers a variety of placement options. You could ink the side of the shoulder to wear your love for the bumblebee on your human sleeve or ink the front of the shoulder beside your collarbone.

Don’t forget options like the back of your shoulder or even right on top of your shoulder beside the neck. 

  • Back 

A bumble bee’s always got your back when you tattoo the contemporary design on your literal back. The back offers a lot of space so feel free to get creative with your bumblebee tattoo and scale your tattoo, making it as big as your heart desires. 

  • Ankle 

Wear your tattoo idea like a fun anklet when you tattoo your bumblebee on your ankle. Tatt it on the outside of your ankle for a fun look or on the inside for a look that’s a little more discrete

  • Foot

Foot tattoos are reported to be amongst the most painful but the pain does pay off. In the end, a fun little tattoo staring up at you every time you look down is like a personal reminder of joy. 

  • Leg 

Much like the arm, the leg also has a selection of places you can get inked. The upper thigh is the perfect placement for anyone looking to have their tattoo covered most of the time while the shin is a popular place for leg tattoos in general.

If you’re feeling extra bold, get your bumblebee tattoo on your knee. 

How Much Do Bumblebee Tattoos Cost?

30 Best Bumblebee Tattoo Ideas 

Figuring out the cost of a tattoo isn’t like sourcing the price of a dress or even a brand new car.

The cost of a bumblebee tattoo, like any other tattoo, is contingent on a number of factors, including the artist performing the work.

It’s also important to note that most, if not all, tattoo artists require a deposit before they begin working on your ink.

Tattoo artists often quote that a “good tattoo ain’t cheap and a cheap tattoo ain’t good.” So, expect to be spending around $100 or more on most tattoos, even the micro ones. 

The following factors will influence the price of your bumblebee tattoo: 

  1. The artist – Whether you’re visiting a salon or personal studio, no two tattoo artists are alike. Every artist is equipped with their list of rates in addition to what they require as a deposit. The number given is oftentimes determined by the skill of the artist and/or the prestige of the salon.
  2. Size – The bigger the tattoo, the bigger your budget must be. The size of any tattoo greatly affects its price so keep that in mind when coming up with your bumblebee tattoo design. However, note that the size of the tattoo doesn’t necessarily affect the deposit price.
  3. Color – Whether the artist specializes in color tattoos or simply offers this line of work, coloring a tattoo usually increases the price. Coloring the tattoo also requires an entirely different skillset and more work which naturally increases the price.
  4. Time – Time is one of the biggest factors when totaling the price of your tattoo. If your tattoo is a design that requires more than one appointment or a set number of long hours, this will increase the price. 

No matter what your budget is, pay attention to the work of the tattoo artists when sourcing someone to ink your design. Although there are a variety of artists that cater to multiple budgets, the most important factor is the quality of the artist’s work. 

Best Bumblebee Tattoo Designs


30 Best Bumblebee Tattoo Ideas 


30 Best Bumblebee Tattoo Ideas 


30 Best Bumblebee Tattoo Ideas 


30 Best Bumblebee Tattoo Ideas 


30 Best Bumblebee Tattoo Ideas 


30 Best Bumblebee Tattoo Ideas 


30 Best Bumblebee Tattoo Ideas 


30 Best Bumblebee Tattoo Ideas 


30 Best Bumblebee Tattoo Ideas 


30 Best Bumblebee Tattoo Ideas 


30 Best Bumblebee Tattoo Ideas 


30 Best Bumblebee Tattoo Ideas 


30 Best Bumblebee Tattoo Ideas 


30 Best Bumblebee Tattoo Ideas 


30 Best Bumblebee Tattoo Ideas 


30 Best Bumblebee Tattoo Ideas 


30 Best Bumblebee Tattoo Ideas 


30 Best Bumblebee Tattoo Ideas 


30 Best Bumblebee Tattoo Ideas 


30 Best Bumblebee Tattoo Ideas 


30 Best Bumblebee Tattoo Ideas 


30 Best Bumblebee Tattoo Ideas 


30 Best Bumblebee Tattoo Ideas 


30 Best Bumblebee Tattoo Ideas 


30 Best Bumblebee Tattoo Ideas 


30 Best Bumblebee Tattoo Ideas 


30 Best Bumblebee Tattoo Ideas 


30 Best Bumblebee Tattoo Ideas 


30 Best Bumblebee Tattoo Ideas 


30 Best Bumblebee Tattoo Ideas 

History Of The Bumblebee Tattoo

30 Best Bumblebee Tattoo Ideas 

Tattooing is an ancient art that dates back thousands of years. However, there is no real recorded history of the bumblebee tattoo

The ancient Druids (high ranking class in ancient Celtic cultures) believed that the bumble be was symbolic of community, celebration, and the sun.

This could be due to the nature of bees resurfacing in the spring after winter’s hibernation. This is a beautiful way to perceive the insect although we’re unsure if this is the exact origin of the bumblebee tattoo. 

However, even with no real history, the bumblebee continues to be a tattoo design that is done on a variety of people in a variety of places. 

Which Celebrities Have A Bumblebee Tattoo?

30 Best Bumblebee Tattoo Ideas 

When it comes to celebrity influence, the bumblebee tattoo has quite an impressive collection of fans. Game of Thrones’ Emilia Clark is one example of a celebrity with a bumblebee tattoo.

The English actress has a number of tattoos, one of which is a bumblebee on her knuckle. 

In honor of the late Joan Rivers, rocker daughter Kelly Osbourne got a white ink bumblebee tattoo on her shoulder.

Former Disney star Brenda Song has seven tattoos, one of which is a bumblebee tattoo on her wrist. In addition to these bumble bee enthusiasts, singer Lauren Jauregui also has a bumblebee tattoo.

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You’ve seen them all over the runways and on social media—the Hermes scarf is the accessory of the moment.

Whether made in France or a designer dupe you found on Tik Tok, this specific scarf can be styled in a variety of ways, but if you still find yourself wondering how to wear a Hermes scarf, look no further than this informational guide. 

Read on to uncover not only how to wear a Hermes scarf but also: 

  • How to tie a Hermes scarf on bag options
  • The several ways to wear Hermes scarf designs
  • How to wear a Hermes scarf as a top
  • How to wear a Hermes scarf in the summer
  • Keys to tying Hermes scarves
  • The Hermes hair scarf look

What Is A Hermes Scarf?

Before we dive into how to wear a Hermes scarf, let’s get a better understanding of what this stunning accessory is. Simply put, a Hermes scarf is a scarf made by the iconic French fashion brand, Hermes

Hermes is globally regarded as one of the most expensive luxury brands that specialize in leather items, home furniture, ready-to-wear garments, jewelry, and, of course, accessories. 

Accessories have a big market for Hermes and it’s where most of the brand’s most expensive offerings reside. For instance, while a Hermes dress may cost you about $1,500, a Hermes Birkin Bag is priced well over $10,000

Hermes has long been a popular brand for its accessories and, besides the bags, the scarves also do well for the brand. Hermes scarves are extra special since they’re handmade.

It’s said that the original Hermes scarves featured a hand-rolled hem, and this kind of detail isn’t found in many fashion houses—even luxury ones—today.

The Hermes scarf’s popularity is also linked to its price point. While other accessories break the bank (for most of us), Hermes scarves are generally listed under $600

History Of The Hermes Scarf

To understand how to wear a Hermes scarf, it might be helpful to learn the history of the Hermes scarf. 

While the Hermes brand was born in 1837 in France, the scarf was not introduced until 1937. Before the scarf became an international phenomenon, it was named Carré, which is French for ‘square.’ 

The first Carré to ever be produced was called the Jeu des Omnibus et Dames Blanches. It featured a woodblock print on 100% Chinese silk that was spun into yarn then woven into fabric to be screen printed.

At the time, no other fashion house was using Chinese silk and perhaps that’s what placed this scarf miles ahead of the other styles on the market. 

While silk fabric is commonly used in all kinds of design houses, Chinese silk is different. It offered durability the 1930s woman had not yet experienced.

For instance, the late Grace Kelly of Monaco once used her Hermes scarf as a sling when she was injured by a wasp sting. 

As soon as the Carré hit the market, high society Parisian women could not get enough of the fine fabric and burst of color.

And it wasn’t long before the Hermes scarf became the must-have accessory for French women and then later women all over the world. 

Today, Hermes scarves are still made using the same process of spinning and weaving used to make Chinese silk. The entire procedure is done by hand—from the spinning of the yarn to the silkscreening and final stitches.

This could be why it’s reported that a single Hermes scarf takes up to six months to complete

When To Wear A Hermes Scarf

Whether you’re dressed for a wake or your first day of class, there’s never a wrong time to rock a Hermes scarf.

While the scarf has been taken all over the globe to a number of events, fancy and otherwise, it’s safe to assume the following events are the most commonly appropriate times to wear a Hermes scarf:

  1. Date Night or Dinner 

Though a Hermes scarf is regarded as a luxurious accessory, and it is, you don’t need to be fine dining to take this scarf out to dinner. For more formal outings, style the scarf as a chic shawl over your little black dress, or tie it around your evening bag for some added flair.

If you’re kicking it casually, tie the scarf into your ponytail or wear it around your wrist like a bracelet. 

  1. The Office 

Tie your scarf into a Hermes silk knot and wear it around your neck for your 9-5 workday. If fabric necklaces aren’t your style, consider styling this scarf as a belt over your blazer or work dress. 

  1. School

Yes, even students can benefit from knowing a thing or two about how to wear a Hermes scarf. Bring couture fashion to class when you tie this silky scarf to the strap of your bookbag or tie it into a cute bow around your laptop case. 

  1. A Wedding 

You can even incorporate your luscious scarf into a wedding look. For men, wear your Hermes scarf as the finishing ascot to your slick tailoring. Ladies can style this scarf around their necks as well with strapless dresses or square necklines.  

How To Wear A Hermes Scarf

By now you’re probably wondering how to wear a Hermes scarf with a dress or how to tie a Hermes square scarf around your neck.

Well, you’re in luck because the next few paragraphs are all about how to wear a Hermes scarf. 

At this point in the guide, it’s been made pretty clear that a Hermes silk scarf is quite the versatile accessory. Not only is it an acceptable piece for most outings and events, but the scarf can also be worn in just as many ways. 

Consider for a moment the snazzy silk tops that took over the 2000s. Everyone from A-list celebrities to local fashion girls indulged in the trend and it’s one worth revisiting. Reimagine the look with a Hermes scarf. 

There are a plethora of videos available on YouTube on how to tie silk scarves. One specifically mentions the 15 ways you can wear the scarf with instructions on how to wear a Hermes scarf as a top.

It’s important to note that when aiming to wear your Hermes scarf as a top, ensure you have a size big enough to further style as clothing. 

And, if you’re wondering how to wear a Hermes scarf on bag options, you’ll also find lots of style ideas if you do a simple search on Google.

In addition to a top, the Hermes silk scarf 90 can also be worn as a shawl.

Cascade the opulent fabric off your shoulders by holding it in the nooks of your elbow pits or tie the opposite ends together and string your arms through the holes of the chic bolero you’ve now created. 

While the Hermes scarf was originally designed for women, make no mistake that this scarf is welcomed by all genders now.

Men interested in knowing how to wear a Hermes scarf should know that there are several ways men can wear and style this piece as well. 

The male fashion lover with a flair for dramatics might tie his Hermes silk scarf into a chic ascot with a textured polo or double-breasted suit jacket, while the man with a more minimalistic style might still fancy the Hermes ascot, but tied into a more subtle and narrow design. 

If you’re a guy who prefers street looks over polished tailoring, think about wearing the Hermes scarf as a bracelet.

Wrap the luscious fabric around your wrist multiple times and play around with the length of the ends/width of the bracelet itself.

This look is best paired with slouchy knits with your sleeves pulled up to the elbow. 

A style almost everyone can enjoy is the Hermes silk scarf headband. Make sure your scarf is the appropriate size, and try tying this chic piece around your head like a bohemian festival goer, or over your head for an ‘it girl’ approved look.

Consider also wearing the scarf like a silk headscarf and tying it in a way that completely covers your head. 

Though these are all incredible ways to incorporate a Hermes silk scarf into your wardrobe, know that they’re not the only options available to you.

Dive into YouTube tutorials and social media to see how others have styled their Hermes scarf. Depending on the size of your scarf, the number of ways you can wear it increases significantly. 

If the weather is getting warmer and you’re thinking about rocking your silk scarf, you might try Googling “how to wear Hermes scarf in summer” and check out all the stylish looks online.

But if you’d like to see how other people have styled the scarves with their outfits, keep reading this guide.

10 Outfit Ideas With A Hermes Scarf

If you’re wondering about ways to wear Hermes scarf designs, check out the outfit ideas below. Pretty soon you’ll be rocking this scarf and looking very chic and fabulous.

An easy way to style a maximalism look is to keep your outfit simple and chic—you can never go wrong with black on black—so your accessories can do all the loud talking.

Go for a ‘more is more’ look with your next all-black ‘fit and wear a Hermes silk scarf as a necklace and bold bracelet. 

Silk scarves and white poplin blouses have long been an iconic duo. This ultra-French look is taken to more artsy heights when you tie your scarf in a unique and eye-catching way. 

Don’t discount your outerwear when styling your Hermes scarf. Elevate your quilted bombers and other street jackets with a simple Hermes silk knot

Take the Hermes silk scarf poolside when you wear it as a cute crop top. Lounge by the water in the scarf and linen shorts then dress it up for dinner with a blazer and strappy heels. Don’t forget the gold jewelry! 

Style your Hermes scarf with other Hermes accessories like a bag. Wrap the handles in the scarf like a luxury gift from you to you. Note that the bag doesn’t have to be Hermes!

This type of styling works well with most top-handle bags. 

The Hermes Twilly scarf is the most appropriate scarf for slim neckties and hair ties. Lean on the uniform look and style this sleek scarf with a white poplin blouse. Note that men can also utilize this tie in a similar way with dress shirts. 

Go the route of the chic Parisian woman and use your scarf as the finishing touch on a dark monochromatic outfit. Pull in more color when you further accessorize with a bag in one of the colors displayed on the scarf. 

A silk knot tucked into a V-neck knit sweater updates the usual way a silk knot is worn. Pair it with cropped jeans and chunky boots for a casual day look, or a midi skirt and over-the-knee boots for when you’re at the office. 

Carry the Carré into fall when you belt it as a shawl over a knit cardigan. Incorporate multiple textures in your outfit like leather, knit, and nylon to add depth to this sleek look. 

Tame your flyaways the chic way when you wear the Hermes scarf as a headband. A Hermes hair scarf is a fashionable look that will never go out of style.

Let the bold pattern on the scarf steal all the attention when you keep the rest of your look rather simplistic. Top the outfit off with a brightly colored bag. 

What Type Of Hermes Scarf Can You Get?

Now that we’ve covered how to wear a Hermes scarf, it’s time to walk through the types of Hermes scarves that are available.

While the brand is known to retail items so exclusive you need to be personally invited to shop, Hermes’ collection of scarves is available at Hermes boutiques and online for everyone. 

The brand offers a collection of scarves in five sizes that are perfect squares all around. Each scarf has an individual name inspired by its print and ends with a number. The number signifies the size of the scarf. 

The five sizes of scarves available by Hermes are as follows:

  1. The 20 

Known globally as the Nano, Hermes’ 20 x 20cm scarf is the smallest style in its scarf collection. This specific design is most commonly worn as a bracelet or wrapped around watches or bracelets.

  1. The 45

Although small, the 45 x 45cm scarf packs mighty style. This size isn’t quite as versatile as the other designs. There aren’t as many ways to style it compared to its larger counterparts, but there are still a few ways that you can wear this scarf. 

  1. The 70 

A size up from the posh pocket square, the 70 x 70cm Hermes scarves offer more styling variety than the smaller scarves. It’s the perfect scarf for a necktie or ascot if you don’t want a lot of volume. 

  1. The 90

The 90 x 90cm scarves, or as we now know them, the Carré is the most versatile of the Hermes lineup and the most commonly produced.

This scarf is large enough to tie as the usual necktie and headscarf, but it’s also sizable enough to style as a top or skirt. Tying Hermes scarves in various ways becomes easier the bigger they get.

  1. The 140 

The 140 is the largest of all the scarves by Hermes. This is the scarf you’ll find the easiest to style as a shawl or belted vest. It’s also common to see this scarf wrapped around the long straps of a crossbody bag. 

How To Choose The Best Hermes Scarf

Knowing how to wear a Hermes scarf won’t mean much if you don’t know how to choose the best Hermes scarf. Whether online or at the boutique, it’s important to note that any Hermes product requires some budgeting since it’s a luxury label. 

The most important thing to consider when shopping for your first, second, or hundredth Hermes scarf is the price.

While luxury designer brands have an exclusive market, the price range for Hermes scarves is $113 to $5,600. This gives some extra wiggle room for those that aren’t shopping for the highest-end items just yet. 

When it comes to Hermes products, you can always rest assured you’re receiving the best quality there is. The brand prides itself on being one of the few fashion houses left that still believes in producing its pieces by hand

Though the Carré scarf is still produced in 100% Chinese silk, other styles are made with a blend of silk, wool, and cashmere. Polyester is not a fabric the brand is known to utilize. 

So, when it comes time to select the best scarf for you, think about how you might like to wear the scarf. If you intend to style it into more wearable pieces like shirts, shawls, and skirts, pick a larger scarf style and budget for the higher price point. 

If you just want a touch of luxury in your day-to-day life, the smallest size available is the more appropriate choice. Shop through multiple artistic prints in an array of vibrant colors until you find the one that speaks to you. 

How To Style Your Hermes Scarf

We’ve finally reached the fun part of our ‘how to wear a Hermes scarf’ journey. It’s time to talk about how to style that silky, luxurious scarf. 

Whether you’re rocking the smallest size or the largest size, a part of the Hermes scarf’s allure is its versatility. 

The Hermes Nano scarf, for instance, is a small yet mighty accessory because even this size gives off major style.

However, the Nano is too small to be styled as anything more than a hair tie or a bracelet. 

If you’re thinking about grabbing the 45 scarf, consider styling it as a hair tie to top off your polished ponytail, or as a necktie to add a little depth to an otherwise simple look.

This versatile scarf can be further styled as a belt, bracelet, or even a little bow for the handle of your handbag. 

The 70 scarf is the perfect size for neckties and ascots you want a little more full as well as tying into a bandana.

Other types of head styling with this scarf include tying it around your dad hat to breathe new life into another accessory. The same can be achieved when you use this scarf or as a luxurious wrap around your straps or handle. 

Carré scarves are by far the most versatile of all the Hermes scarves. The 90 x 90cm dimensions make it big enough to style as a halter or strapless top, while still having enough room to be further styled as a bolero, skirt, vest, or belt.

All of the aforementioned neck and wrist style ideas are also achievable with this size. 

Hermes’ largest scarf is most commonly used as a cover-up piece—think belted vests, shawls, and DIY cardigans.

However, since it’s rather large you can also style this size as clothing pieces, just like the skirts and tops that were previously mentioned. 

Fashion Tips To Avoid With Your Hermes Scarf

The versatility of a Hermes scarf gives you room to explore the limits of your style and get creative with an accessory.

However, don’t be misled when styling it. There are three practices to avoid when rocking your Hermes scarf.

  1. Firstly, when taking your Hermes out to dinner, if it’s worn around your neck, remove it before you start eating. While the scarf is an essential part of the look, the last thing you want is alfredo sauce on your silk scarf. 
  2. Secondly, avoid any complicated knotting that would severely damage the fabric. Although the scarf is versatile and can be tied in a number of ways, avoid any extremely tight knotting. 
  3. Most importantly, clean your scarf as soon as it’s needed. While dirty clothes are an obvious fashion faux pas, a dirty silk scarf not only looks bad but can cause some serious damage to your scarf. So don’t procrastinate on having your scarf cleaned.

How To Take Care Of Hermes Scarves

Knowing how to care for your Hermes scarf is just as important, if not more so, than knowing how to wear a Hermes scarf. So to ensure your luxury piece lasts you a long time, take note of these important caretaking tips: 

  • Dry clean over machine washing

Pay attention to the washing instructions for your scarf and avoid just tossing it into your washing machine alongside everything else.

Hermes scarves are made of fine fabrics and can only be dry cleaned for the best results. 

  • Forget the fragrances

We all love a little spritz of our favorite Eau de Parfum before we head out, but refrain from spraying fragrances of any kind directly onto your scarf.

Fragrances can cause discoloration so be mindful that you put on your scarf after you’ve already applied your fragrance(s), and try to keep the scarf away from any area where you spray your perfume. 

  • Avoid the rain 

Any Hermes employee will tell you that a key to knowing how to wear a Hermes scarf is recognizing the importance of keeping the scarf dry. This is because water can create stains on silk.

If you’ve accidentally gotten your Hermes scarf wet, lay it flat to air dry immediately. Ironing the scarf on its reversed size without steam can also fix this issue.

  • Careful with the clip

Styling your scarf with a cute scarf clip or brooch isn’t a bad idea but be mindful of your selections. Pieces with pins could puncture your scarf and cause irreversible damage.

Instead, shop on the Hermes website to find the safest scarf clip options for these scarves. 

  • Hang it up

After you’ve worn your scarf, don’t rush to rebox it or put it away. Leave it laying flat overnight and in the morning hang it over a hanger.

Best Places To Buy Hermes Scarfs

We’ve almost summed up all there is to know when considering how to wear Hermes scarf designs.

Now that you’ve been educated on the history of these scarves and the options available, you’ll need to know where you can get one of these opulent scarves. 

The first and most obvious choice is to shop on the Hermes website or visit one of the brand’s many bright orange boutiques.

Here is the only place where you’ll find a brand new scarf. However, if you’re working with a budget and don’t mind buying second-hand accessories there are a number of reselling sites where you might stumble upon the scarf of your dreams. 

Final Thoughts

Now that you’re well versed on how to wear a Hermes scarf, jump into that wardrobe of yours and get styling! Though very trendy currently, rest assured that this scarf will not ever cycle out of style. 

Since scarves are a classic accessory that adds a touch of flair to simple outfits, plus they enhance and elevate more formal looks, Hermes scarves are bound to be kept in fashion conversations for decades to come.

They’re also bound to be kept in many people’s chic wardrobes.

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The Best Designer Slip-On Sneakers

The Best Gucci Hats

Whether you love to shop or only make the trip for the essentials, Uniqlo, and stores like Uniqlo, should be on your radar.

Uniqlo is a Japanese casualwear brand that has collected a mass following since being founded in Japan in 1974

What started as a single storefront for high quality and performance-enhanced styles has now expanded to over 1,000 stores all over the world with 500 locations in its home country of Japan. 

In the beginning, Uniqlo was a menswear brand named Men’s Shop OS. Upon opening a unisex casual wear destination in Fukuro-machi, Japan, the brand name was changed to Unique Clothing Warehouse.

In 1988, as the brand began to pick up steam, it was registered in Hong Kong and when someone misread the C in clothing as Q, the brand name Uniqlo was born. 

Uniqlo is led by its charismatic owner Tadashi Yanai, who has made headlines for his unique approach to business and fashion.

While fashion brands scramble to stay on top of current trends, Yanai encourages a clear vision towards casual pieces that are designed to last

He has been reported to be a hands-on leader who made the decision early on to conduct all Uniqlo business in English. This small but highly beneficial change is credited as one of the main reasons this brand has international success. 

Although Uniqlo is an utterly unique brand, there is still a slew of other stores like Uniqlo. And while the Japanese label does well at what it does, it doesn’t hurt to broaden your shopping horizons.

So, whether you’re a longtime fan of Uniqlo, or dying to know what all the hype is about, stick around and read this guide to learn more about stores like Uniqlo and: 

  • Cheap clothing websites
  • Stores similar to Uniqlo
  • Men clothing websites and brands
  • Stores most like Uniqlo
  • Retailers with the best quality apparel

Whether you’ve been looking to update your wardrobe on a dime or widen your knowledge of the retail market, this guide was written just for you. And when you finally reach the end, you’ll know all about Uniqlo and stores like Uniqlo.

How We Chose The Best Stores Like Uniqlo

Uniqlo similar brands possess a common theme that separates them from the ready-to-wear market. This theme is price.

Retail products in stores like Uniqlo are priced within a wide range. making these stores a prime choice for multiple budgets. However, Uniqlo is known to approach pricing differently than its competitors. 

Take for instance H&M, one of the stores like Uniqlo. A brand that also offers casualwear, H&M offers a wide price range starting below $10 and reaching as high as $500.

Uniqlo also starts its minimum price range below $10, but their products usually max at $200. This price range does broaden when Uniqlo drops a high-end designer collab which H&M offers as well. 

Quality, in addition to affordability, is another one of Uniqlo’s winning characteristics. The brand specializes in knitwear with almost 70% of its sweaters being made of natural fabrics.

In comparison to its fast-fashion competitors, Uniqlo utilizes far less polyester in its designs. This is something that sets them apart, since polyester is a popular material amongst brands like this. 

This brand also uses innovative fabrics. Uniqlo’s own HeatTech fabric is one of the brand’s most popular innovations.

Designed with the aid of a material science firm, Uniqlo’s HeatTech fabric turns moisture into heat. The fine fiber is outfitted with air pockets that then retains the heat. 

It’s a comfortable and beneficial fabric that Uniqlo designers use to craft styles that are not only warm and functional, but also more sleek and chic than your usual winter wear.

Since its initial launch, the HeartTech fabric has only improved in design. A wildly impressive feat considering that in 2003, Uniqlo sold over 1.5 million HeartTech items. 

Getting innovative with fabrication and using high-quality materials enhances the cachet of the brand, and makes the garments more long-lasting.

This is something very important for the brand and their reputation. The idea is to keep coming back to Uniqlo because you want to, not because your clothes have fallen apart in the wash and now you have to. 

The selection at Uniqlo, and most stores like Uniqlo, is very vast. Uniqlo in particular carries clothing for men, women, children, and even infants.

Within these collections, you’ll find everything you need to build a standard wardrobe alongside trendy pieces like graphic tees and essentials like underwear. 

However, unlike most fashion retailers, Uniqlo isn’t victim to the quickness of the current fashion landscape.

While other retailers get by on hundreds of new arrivals each day, Uniqlo is more thoughtful in their approach to clothing. 

The brand opts out of a plethora of daily new releases by being intentional in its design process and commitment to be a more sustainable company.

This allows each product to be made with extra care and attention, resulting in a longer lifespan for your Uniqlo pieces. 

Some Uniqlo-like stores participate in designer, celebrity, or artist collaborations.

While H&M has tapped a slew of high-fashion designers and Pretty Little Thing keeps its pulse on working with the hottest influencers, Uniqlo collaborates with artists as well as fashion designers. 

Uniqlo fans might remember the many joint ventures between the Japanese brand and American artist KAWS. 

In-store customer service and behind-the-scenes operations are another quality that sets Uniqlo apart.

Around the globe, Uniqlo employees are expected to uphold the same standard practices of the employees in the first original store. 

This includes introducing themselves by name to every customer they help, and also handing back charge cards as they do in Japan.

This also includes handing it back with both hands and staring directly at the customer’s face.

What may seem like an over-the-top customer experience is just one of the many things that secure Uniqlo’s continued success. 

When it comes to style, Uniqlo places functionality, comfort, and sustainability over the most current or hot trend. Uniqlo’s pieces are minimalistic, well made, and designed for a more simplistic wardrobe.

This isn’t to steer any fashion lovers away from this brand. At Uniqlo, you’re sure to find basics or layering pieces you can style within your more trend-focused ‘fits.

10 Best Stores Like Uniqlo

#1 – Old Navy

Old Navy has been a fashion destination for the whole family spanning multiple decades.

Its fun and welcoming approach to summer dressing is highly advertised and well-known across North America.

Here is where you’ll find affordable basics and minimalistic pieces similar to Uniqlo but trendy pieces as well. However, you will not find the Uniqlo quality here. 

#2 – Shein

Shein is an online retailer that puts the fast in fast fashion. The Chinese fashion giant is known for its high-fashion dupes, its massive selection, and incredibly low prices.

If you’re looking for cheap clothing websites, any shopaholic will tell you that Shein is a go-to for menswear, womenswear, and childrenswear. 

Shein takes it a step further by also offering home goods, tech accessories, and even products for your pets! 

#3 – boohooMAN

Boohoo has long been a fashion platform with lots of cheap and chic pieces for women, men, and kids. However, if you’re shopping for affordable men’s styles, boohooMAN is a great choice.

This menswear line, which is offset from the Boohoo brand, features a wide selection of styles—ranging from fun and graphic to sleek and muted. 

In fact, boohooMAN is one of the stores like Uniqlo that offers a dash of maximalism alongside its minimalistic pieces

#4 – Frank And Oak

Calling all Canadians, here’s one for you. Founded in 2009, Frank And Oak is a sustainable fashion brand designed in Canada.

Of all the stores within this guide like Uniqlo, Frank And Oak is most similar in aesthetic, and they also have a similar mission statement. 

Both brands utilize natural fabrics and ethical sourcing, which encourages shoppers to make conscious shopping choices and develop healthier clothing habits.

And this is something both Uniqlo and Frank & Oak believe in. 

#5 – Bershka

Like its sister-store Zara, Bershka has an abundance of runway-inspired designs.

The price point is also similar to Zara which, in turn, exceeds the max price of Uniqlo. However, at Bershka you’ll find simple yet stylish casual pieces, much like Uniqlo. 

#6 – Mango

Mango has long been a fashion destination for trendy, designer-inspired styles you can wear in a plethora of places.

Like the other stores like Uniqlo, Mango’s price point is pretty affordable, which will suit multiple budgets. 

#7 – J.Crew

American multi-brand J. Crew retails apparel, accessories, and footwear.

Although this is another one of the clothing stores like Uniqlo, the price point at J.Crew greatly exceeds the price point of our featured brand’s pieces.

In addition to this, casualwear is not all that J.Crew sells. 

The modern working woman or man can find workwear essentials at their local J.Crew or online, alongside semi-formal pieces and other styles for more formal outings. 

#8 – Bonobos

Menswear brand Bonobos is for the fashion-forward man and the laid-back one as well.

It has plenty of bright and bold pieces as well as the neutrals and simple tailoring like you’ll find at Uniqlo. However, unlike Uniqlo, this brand caters to only one sector of the Uniqlo market (men).

So, if you’re looking for affordable women’s and childrenswear, Bonobos isn’t the best choice. 

#9 – H&M

H&M is one of the most similar stores like Uniqlo, since both brands have similar markets and participate in designer collaborations.

And even though the H&M price point exceeds that of Uniqlo, H&M still offers a multitude of products within the Uniqlo price point. 

#10 – Banana Republic

The sleekest of The Gap Inc. brands, Banana Republic is a fashion brand that aims to establish an emotional connection between its customers and its clothing.

Although Banana Republic retails workwear, night-out pieces, and trendy styles, it also carries a slew of affordable casual styles much like Uniqlo. 

Which Stores Like Uniqlo Are Closest In Comparison?

By now you’ve gathered that Uniqlo is a one-of-a-kind brand. Even so, this brand still has lots of competitors. And these competitors are a lot more similar to the brand than many other retailers on the market.

Although no one comes to being 100% like Uniqlo, there are a couple of the aforementioned brands that are the most similar to Uniqlo. 

When it comes to brands that are most similar to Uniqlo, Frank And Oak takes the cake. The sustainable Canadian brand has the same conscious, casual mission as Uniqlo, and they also share a simple chic and casual aesthetic. 

Frank & Oak is where you’ll find quality pieces made of quality materials just like you would shopping at one of Uniqlo’s many locations.

The brand promotes the concept of better living and healthier shopping habits, something Uniqlo also aims to inspire within its consumers. 

Although this is the brand closest by comparison, Frank And Oak does not carry childrenswear as Uniqlo does. 

H&M is the second and final brand from the list most like Uniqlo. Both Uniqlo and H&M participate in designer collaborations while also supplying customers with chic, casual pieces. 

Uniqlo is one of the leading mainstream brands when it comes to sustainability, and while H&M still contributes to fast fashion, the European retail giant also has a sustainable collection that’s made of high-quality materials. 

Which Stores Like Uniqlo Are The Most Affordable?

When it comes to affordability, stores like Uniqlo are your best bet for securing the latest or best styles without breaking the bank. However, make no mistake that the term ‘affordability’ is highly dependent on the bank account in question. 

On a grand scale, a store like Uniqlo is already affordable, because it sells a variety of styles under $200. However, there are other stores like Uniqlo that offer an even wider range of casual styles for under $100.

Take, for instance, Shein. On a global scale, Shein’s popularity has been growing each year—not only for its plethora of styles—but for the unbelievable prices these trendy pieces are retailed for. 

Similar to Uniqlo, Shein also participates in artist collaborations but, unlike Uniqlo, these joint venture items are rarely priced above their usual price point.

While Uniqlo begins retailing items for under $10, Shein retails items for as low as under $5. Currently, on the Shein website, the most expensive item is $250 which does exceed the price of the most expensive Uniqlo item. 

Shein, however, offers lots of coupon codes, shipping initiatives, customer loyalty programs, and flash sales that significantly reduce the prices of even the most expensive items. 

Outside of the promotion model Shein follows, the brand also utilizes third-party services that can make shopping with Shein even more affordable.

For the big hauls you’re unsure about, Shein offers Afterpay and Paybright so consumers can buy now but pay later.

The Shein eCommerce site also allows the Honey extension to pull various coupon codes from the web to ensure you’re getting the best deal for your fashion finds.

So, if you’re looking for cheap clothes for men, women, and children check out this retailer. 

All these factors make Shein the most affordable of the stores like Uniqlo, but it should be noted that when you compromise on price your apparel will lack quality.

While Shein’s items are affordable for students, young adults, and more, it’s important to note that this is majorly due to the quality of these pieces. 

That’s because Shein is one of the many fast fashion brands that still use subpar materials and construction practices that aren’t built for long-lasting wear. 

Be aware that although Shein is similar to Uniqlo overall, these retailers are not similar when it comes to quality. 

Which Stores Like Uniqlo Offer The Best Quality?

If you really want to capture the ‘Uniqlo look’ you’re going to have to shop where the top-notch threads are. Uniqlo doesn’t compromise on quality materials and sustainable practices (much like Frank And Oak). 

Frank And Oak’s mission statement details its commitment to inspiring better living through more conscious clothing choices. On the brand’s website, you’ll find pages that explain its sustainability practices much like Uniqlo. 

Uniqlo prides itself on using natural, high-quality fabrics like wool, linen, and cashmere.

On the other hand, Frank And Oak uses natural fibers like hemp, ethically sourced yak wool, kapok (as an alternative to cotton), and a list of recycled materials. 

Even though some Frank And Oak items are made of recycled polyester and recycled polyester blends, you can still expect these styles to outlive most of your fast-fashion pieces. 

Final Thoughts

Uniqlo is a fashion brand as unique as its name. This is a one-of-a-kind brand—not only for its success in delivering stylish apparel—but for its many working parts that make the brand what it is.

From the technical requirements to the materials used, this brand is committed to not only creating quality products but also creating a quality shopping experience for their customers. 

We should all aim to make better fashion choices and brands like Uniqlo are a great place to start.

As the fashion industry continues moving forward with its obsession with quickness, brands that still cater to slow fashion that create more thoughtful designs are greatly appreciated and offer a refreshing take on clothing and style. 

If more brands focused on high-quality pieces—as opposed to constantly churning out the micro-trends that don’t last long—we could see a great improvement in the fashion landscape as well as on our planet. 

As new designers continue to reach new heights and new brands break through the noise of already established retailers, we can only hope that somewhere amongst all the new development that there will be more stores like Uniqlo coming soon. 

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About Money Bag Tattoos

30 Best Money Bag Tattoo Ideas

Consider the money bag tattoo a permanent financial symbol on your body. It’s exactly what you think it is and nothing less—it’s a literal tattoo of a money bag. 

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly when this tattoo style came into popularity, but there’s no denying its impact and trendiness.

From celebrities to the average Joe, this tattoo has covered many bodies and many body parts. So it would be no surprise if you’re thinking about getting a money bag tattoo.  

The style is often that of an animated money bag (think Scrooge McDuck) although some ink addicts have opted for a more realistic-looking cash bag. 

Whether you’re debating your first, second, or last tattoo, consider for a moment a non-conventional image like the money bag. If you’re still on the fence about which tattoo to get, allow this guide to be your decision-maker.

Read on to learn more about money bag tattoos:

  • Money bag tattoo ideas
  • The money bag tattoo meaning 
  • Tattoo prices
  • Where to get inked
  • Money bag tattoo designs
  • History of this tattoo

What Do Money Bag Tattoos Mean and Symbolize?

30 Best Money Bag Tattoo Ideas

The money bag tattoo, whether done ironically or unironically, could mean a number of things depending on the wearer. In the end, this specific piece of bold body art revolves around status, worth, and, of course, the dollar dollar bills y’all. 

Anyone with a money bag tattoo understands that cash rules everything around them and whether they have a lot of zeros in their bank account, or only zeros on their bank account, money is something important to them. 

In a more ironic sense, one might get a money bag tattoo if they study or work in finance or if their favorite rapper shares a name with the cash-holding item.

It’s not the most prolific or profound tattoo, but it certainly gets noticed no matter the reason why it was inked. 

Where to get a Money Bag Tattoo

30 Best Money Bag Tattoo Ideas

Money bag tattoo designs can be placed on a number of body parts. While some wearers might wear their love for money on a tattooed sleeve running down their arm, other places one can get a money bag tattoo are: 

  • Hand

The hand is a common canvas for a number of tattoos and this does include the money bag tattoo. Cover the entire backhand with a money bag bursting with cash, or design it small and get it on one corner of the backhand. 

  • Chest

The chest is a no-brainer area for money bag tattoo ideas. Since the area is rather wide, it gives you and your tattoo artist more space to get creative with bigger design ideas. 

  • Neck

Popular neck tattoos seem to be a pair of lips, cursive text, or a galaxy of stars that cascade from the ear (shout out to Rihanna). But the neck can also host a beautiful money bag tattoo.

Tatt it right on the center of your neck so people know right away that you’re fluent in the language of cash money. 

  • Arm

As noted before, a money bag tattoo would make a sick addition to a full, quarter, or half sleeve design. However, if you aren’t up for a full arm of tattoos, consider getting a money bag on your biceps, wrist, or forearm. 

  • Shoulder

The back and side of the shoulder are great places for most tattoos. The added room gives you space to get really creative with your design ideas, and they’re also areas you can cover up in your everyday life. 

The life of any tattoo, money bag or otherwise, is dependent on the wearer’s commitment to upkeep. A tattoo with fine lines can last up to fifteen years while a bigger, bolder tattoo can last forty to fifty years without looking faded. 

Of course, this won’t be the case if the wearer is less inclined to have their tattoos touched up. 

How Much Do Money Bag Tattoos Cost?

30 Best Money Bag Tattoo Ideas

The cost of a money bag tattoo is dependent on a list of things, and all of them have to do with the kind of tattoo artist you chose. 

It’s also important to note that most, if not all, tattoos require a deposit before any work can begin. These deposits are determined by the artist or the owner of the salon in which the artist works. 

While it’s difficult to estimate the cost of the deposit since every artist is different, note that the deposit will most likely start at around $100.

In addition to the deposit, here are other things that affect the price of your tattoo: 

  1. The artist – Every tattoo artist has a list of rates they follow, as well as an initial deposit that’s required before the work begins. This number is usually determined by how skilled the artist is and what kind of work they must do.
  2. The size – The size of the tattoo greatly affects how much it costs due to the amount of time it takes to complete the work.

    While two clients could both get the same money bag design, if one gets a smaller wrist sized version and another gets a larger full back image, the smaller design would be significantly cheaper. 
30 Best Money Bag Tattoo Ideas

It’s important to note that in most cases the tattoo deposit does not fluctuate or change based on the size of the tattoo.

  1. Color – Some artists specialize in color tattoos and base their pricing on the design, time, and their skill level. Other artists, on the other hand, might just charge you for the time it takes to complete the tattoo.
  2. Time – Every tattoo is booked in as a session and some tattoos require more sessions to complete than others. If your tattoo is a design that requires more than one session or a session that’s extensive, know that the cost is going to go as a result. 

Be diligent when doing research to find a tattoo artist. While good tattoos aren’t cheap and cheap tattoos aren’t good, you’re bound to find an artist that can work within the budget you’ve set—especially if you consider all of the above factors when budgeting. 

30 Best Money Bag Tattoo Designs


30 Best Money Bag Tattoo Ideas


30 Best Money Bag Tattoo Ideas


30 Best Money Bag Tattoo Ideas


30 Best Money Bag Tattoo Ideas


30 Best Money Bag Tattoo Ideas


30 Best Money Bag Tattoo Ideas


30 Best Money Bag Tattoo Ideas


30 Best Money Bag Tattoo Ideas


30 Best Money Bag Tattoo Ideas


30 Best Money Bag Tattoo Ideas


30 Best Money Bag Tattoo Ideas


30 Best Money Bag Tattoo Ideas


30 Best Money Bag Tattoo Ideas


30 Best Money Bag Tattoo Ideas


30 Best Money Bag Tattoo Ideas


30 Best Money Bag Tattoo Ideas


30 Best Money Bag Tattoo Ideas


30 Best Money Bag Tattoo Ideas


30 Best Money Bag Tattoo Ideas


30 Best Money Bag Tattoo Ideas


30 Best Money Bag Tattoo Ideas


30 Best Money Bag Tattoo Ideas


30 Best Money Bag Tattoo Ideas


30 Best Money Bag Tattoo Ideas


30 Best Money Bag Tattoo Ideas


30 Best Money Bag Tattoo Ideas


30 Best Money Bag Tattoo Ideas


30 Best Money Bag Tattoo Ideas


30 Best Money Bag Tattoo Ideas


30 Best Money Bag Tattoo Ideas

History of the Money Bag Tattoo

30 Best Money Bag Tattoo Ideas

Although the art of tattooing dates back up to 10,000 years ago, it’s largely unknown when money bag tattoo ideas became trendy. However, it’s been proven that this tattoo style is here to stay.

Finance-forward tattoos have long been common in the entertainment industries, and a long list of rappers sport money-related tattoo designs. 

Regardless of the curious history of this tattoo design, it’s been a staple in the body art community for quite some time.

It’s also important to note that while money bag tattoo ideas are popular, money bag tattoos are not the only tattoo design that’ll put dollar signs in your eyes. 

In addition to the money bag tattoo, here are some other finance-focused tattoos: 

  • A Dollar Sign

The dollar sign is a popular tattoo amongst money maniacs, folks in the entertainment industries, and the everyday person. It’s a clean tattoo design that can be stylized in a number of ways and with different fonts.

Dainty tattoo lovers might find this style more appealing than the money bag tattoo due to its petite size. 

  • Rolls of $100 Bills 

‘Money talks’ but perhaps you prefer it to speak a little quieter when it’s tattooed on your body.

When a money bag tattoo design is far too maximalist for you, try a roll of $100 bills instead. This tattoo is most commonly designed to look like American currency. 

  • The Monopoly Man

A cheeky spin on economic tattoos, the Monopoly man (Mr. Monopoly) is a cute and cartoonish portrayal of everything the money bag tattoo represents. The Monopoly man is a more nostalgic or ironic approach to finance-friendly body art. 

  • Money-Focused Text 

Whether the word ‘money’ or money-related text, there’s nothing more straightforward than words on a page or, in this case, words on the body. 

Like the money bag tattoo, these other cash-related tattoos are also popular within the entertainment industry.

Perhaps you may not see your favorite actor, influencer, or model with a money bag tattoo, but you’re likely to see another money symbol tattoo on their body. 

Which Celebrities Have a Money Bag Tattoo?

30 Best Money Bag Tattoo Ideas

The most prominent celebrity with a money bag tattoo is most likely ‘Scorpio’ rapper Moneybagg Yo.

It’s a no-brainer that an entertainer that goes by the name Moneybagg would have this particular tattoo, but he isn’t the only one. 

Moneybagg Yo wears his pride for money and his namesake on the center of his neck, and it has been reported to be one of his most popular tattoos.

The Memphis rapper’s ink addiction started at 16-years old but even his other tattoos can’t steal the limelight away from his money bag tattoo. 

Other celebrities that have money bag tattoos are also rappers. Chicago native Lil Durk may have the name of his son tattooed on his body in two separate spots (one being his face), but the money bag tattoo on the back of his left hand is just as attention-grabbing. 

When it comes to the money bag tattoo, Atlanta rapper Soulja Boy would rather ‘tatt that’ than ‘crank that.’ In 2020, he made headlines for his decision to have his face tattoos removed.

While the term ‘RICH GANG’ is no longer cascading down the side of his face in block letters, his body tattoos appear to be in their rightful places. 

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Watches have been an accessory worn around the globe for a long time. Whether attached to a vintage chain or featuring a wide touchscreen, this efficient accessory is worn by people of all ages. 

Although they’re common and popular, many people still aren’t sure how to wear a watch. They might even think it’s an intimidating accessory, or consider it something they couldn’t pull off themselves. 

Perhaps you’re considering upping your accessory game and buying a watch, but are unsure where to start. Luckily, that’s why we’ve written this guide.

We’ll help you narrow down your options and choose the best watch for you. It’s important to not only know how to wear a watch but which watch to wear. So keep reading if you want to find out.

After reading this guide, you’ll understand:

  • Which wrist to wear a watch
  • Tips on watch fitting 
  • How to accessorize with a watch 
  • Different watch styles
  • How to take care of your watch
  • Fashion and styling tips
  • Watch brands and price points

What is a Watch?

Before you can tackle how to wear a watch, you’ll need to know what it is. Simply put, a watch is a portable timepiece. 

Throughout history, the watch has been developed from a simple handheld device that was used in the old days and has evolved into a stylish, efficient, modern accessory. Watches are available in a wide range of price points and are designed in a variety of materials. 

Though watches were once something only worn/carried by men, today all kinds of people wear watches—everyone from primary students to business owners, athletes, and so many more. And why shouldn’t they? A watch is one accessory that’s not only stylish but it’s also useful. 

History of the Watch

The watch has a complex history that dates back to the 15th century. Since its initial invention, it has continued to evolve. Over the years, it’s had many faces. In the beginning, it was a miniature clock small enough to hold in your hand or store in your sack, but there were no attachments so you couldn’t wear it. 

Eventually, these watches became known as clock watches and, as time passed, the clock watch became a pendant on a necklace that people could easily wear. 

During the Victorian period when waistcoats became popular, the pocket watch was born. Then, during Prince Albert’s reign, the Albert chain was developed. This chain gave the pocket watch a useful and stylish upgrade. 

Historically, the switch from using clock watches to pocket watches is well documented. However, the exact year of the invention—and the inventor—of the first wristwatch is a debate amongst historians. While some credit Nuremberg’s Peter Henlein for the invention, others claim Swiss watchmaker Patek Philippe invented the wristwatch. 

While there is much to argue about in regards to who invented the most common watch style of the day, there’s no debating how common the watch has grown to be. It’s definitely one of the most popular accessories.

When to Wear a Watch

When thinking about how to wear a watch, it’s crucial to also consider where you’re wearing your watch. Typical places you might see a watch are at work or at a sporting event, but there are many other places you can rock your watch. We’ve listed a few of them below:

  1. The gym: With the rise of Fitbits and other fitness watches, it’s not uncommon to see tech-focused timekeepers during a workout or sport practice.
  2. To brunch: Sunday brunch is another place you can confidently wear your watch. Whether on a rooftop, at the patio bar, or at your favorite table, your Sunday best ‘brunch look’ is bound to look even better with a watch. How else are you supposed to count down the minutes till your mimosa arrives? 
  3. School: Wearing a watch to school is a no brainer. This applies to students of all ages and teachers too. A watch will compliment most school-day outfits, and helps countdown the minutes till that pop quiz is over. 
  4. Social events: Whether you’re having a girl’s night out or checking out the local fair, an outfit can be styled with any watch. So, if you’re attending a social event, wearing a watch is a great idea. 

When thinking about wearing your watch, consider practicality as well as the style. While wearing your new Bulova piece to the office is a choice that makes sense, it might not work at other times. 

In fact, wearing a watch isn’t always a good idea. For instance, a watch might not complement the softer palette of your outfit at a maternity shoot or be appropriate for your wedding day. 

How to Wear a Watch

It’s not hard to grasp how to wear a watch, but there are a few things you should consider. So, to ensure you’re rocking your watch the best way possible, keep these tips in mind. 

Fit is everything when it comes to wearing a wristwatch. How tight should a watch be? Well, it shouldn’t be tight at all. Aim for a comfortable fit when wearing your watch. You’ll know your strap is too tight if it’s leaving impressions on your skin. 

But, if the strap is too loose the watch will be sliding up and down your arm. A watch with a perfect fit sits on the wrist snuggly, and stays in place.

On the wrist, the watch should sit at the tip of the protruding bone on your wrist (otherwise known as the ulna). If you’re wondering which wrist to wear watch styles, there is a well-known tradition. It’s customary to wear your wristwatch on your less dominant hand. So, if you’re right handed, you should wear your watch on your left wrist. 

If you’re considering wearing your watch with a cuffed shirt, one rule applies. The watch will be mostly covered by the cuff when your arms are down, but when your arms are bent we should be able to see a peek of your watch. 

Though it’s largely considered a fashion faux pas in men’s fashion to wear your watch over your sleeve, many fashionistas have adopted this styling trick for themselves. 

10 Outfit Ideas with a Watch

Now that you know a bit about how to wear a watch with long sleeves, exhibit that knowledge the next time you find yourself in a well-tailored suit.

A dress watch pairs well with most formal attire, including suits. But you can shake things up by wearing a monochromatic gray suit ensemble, finished off with a sleek, silver watch. 

Even when it’s cold, a watch can make your outfit hot. Plow through the usual winter accessories, and style your ‘slopes look’ with a bold and gold timepiece. 

Layer your thicker watches with a beaded bracelet, and leave room to further accessorize on your opposite wrist. Finish the look off with attire in rich colors appropriate for the season. Add some pants, or a jacket, featuring contemporary tailoring to really up the look. 

Channel your favorite rapper and get loud with your watch styling. A fully blinged-out watch is nice, but it truly shines with blingy bracelets stacked behind it. 

Complete this maximalist look with an even louder outfit. Pile on the patterns and lots of color for a real ‘more is more’ look. Or, you can let the watch do all the talking by wearing it with a more muted look (such as an all-black ensemble). 

For the mini fashionista, you can’t go wrong with a beautiful, floral blouse. Tone down the outfit by adding jeans, or take the look up a notch with an elegant gold-band wristwatch.

Even a formal dress or black-tie look can be accessorized with a watch. Pair your favorite A-line gown with a dazzling timepiece. Try to keep the wrist bare (besides the watch) to avoid looking too casual or crowded. 

If you consider yourself a minimalist, carry that energy throughout your accessorizing. It may seem like you’re adding more to your outfit, but a simply-styled watch only ups the elegance of your clean, sleek look. 

For summer days at the office, or outside the office, pair a well-tailored white suit with a croc leather strap analog watch. Also, add a minimal gold bracelet. It’s a little touch that leaves a major impact. 

Style your watch to bring out your shoes and make them pop. Whether you’re wearing the trendiest sneakers or sleekest Chelsea boots, use your watch to pick up on the colors or general aesthetic of your footwear. 

Don’t forget to pack your watch when you’re going on vacation. A cool, short-sleeved button-up top and trendy frames make the perfect look for a wristwatch. Finish this outfit off with necklaces and bracelets—you’re on vacay after all. 

What Type of Watches Can You Get?

There are various kinds of watches. To know how to wear a watch, it’s beneficial to have some understanding of the timepieces on the market. 

  • Analog: The analog watch is the oldest watch style to date with the most recognizable clock face. You know you’re looking at an analog watch if the hours are sequenced from one to 12, and there are three hands (one for the hour, the minute, and the second).
  • Automatic: The automatic watch is popular amongst most luxury watch brands. It’s a self-winding piece that’s best identified by the second hand. If this hand is sweeping through the seconds, as opposed to ticking, it’s an automatic watch. 
  • Chronograph: A chronograph watch is probably one of the most specific watches. While other pieces in this guide are used to tell time, the chronograph is a stopwatch most often used to time races.
  • Digital: The modern upgrade to the analog watch, the digital watch is a timepiece designed with a digital timeplace. Instead of hands that circle a dial, the digital watch displays time with digits.
  • Diving: The diving watch was developed for deep-water diving. Though some may be pretty, it’s unusual to wear a watch that’s water resistant up to 300 meters outside of the water.
  • Dress: A dress watch is a piece reserved for semi-formal to formal occasions. Dress watches are designed in various styles, from minimal to fully blinged out. This is the piece you wear to a formal dinner or a wedding. 
  • Smart: Everything is getting smarter these days—from mobile devices to TVs and even watches. The smart watch isn’t an innovation as old as the analog or digital watch, but it has lots more high-tech features. 

While any watch can display time, a smartwatch does so much more with its support apps and touchscreen design.

  • Quartz: A quartz watch is a unique timepiece designed with the most intricate power system. It’s powered by a pulsating quartz crystal which is energized by an electronic oscillator. The frequency of the crystal is released via a small stepping motor which puts the hands in motion. 

How to Choose The Best Watches

By now, you know there’s much to consider when thinking about how to wear a watch. In addition to this, there’s also much to consider when picking the right watch for you. 

Before you buy your perfect watch, remember the climate in which you live. If you live in a dry climate you’re better off with a cool watch strap that’ll keep the heat off your wrist, so your sweat doesn’t ruin the mechanics of your timepiece. A leather strap is a go-to for watches since they hold up in most climates. 

In the world of watches, the more you spend, the more you get. The market for luxury watches is vast and for $3k+ you can have your watch outfitted with real sapphires, like a Cartier creation, or up your budget to $12k to get a Rolex designed with diamonds. 

Both of these options provide a sense of flash and heightened value you can only achieve when spending the big bucks. However, there are still a variety of brands that offer stylish and efficient timepieces at lower price points. 

The materials a watch is made of are also important. This will give you a better idea of how much the piece will cost. For example, quartz watches and stainless steel watches are generally the least expensive type of watches you can get.

Metals like lightweight titanium and carbon fiber cost a little more since they’re more durable and sustainable than stainless steel. 

Knowing about watch brands will also help you pick the best piece for you. You don’t have to commit to any of the big brands, but it’s best to know what the major watch brands are. It’s also a good idea to have a general idea of price points before buying your timepiece. 

Finding the best watch for you may take some time and trial and error, but it’s worth it once you find a timepiece that suits you. 

How to Style a Watch

Wearing a watch is only half the fun. Styling a watch to your personal taste is the best part of accessorizing. Yet, if you don’t know how to wear a watch, styling a watch may seem a little outside of your comfort zone. However, there’s no complicated formula to styling your watch. 

Watches can be easily added to most outfits. But not every watch goes with any ensemble, so make sure you’re styling the type of watch appropriately. 

  1. The Dress Watch

Whether your dress watch is analog or digital, keep in mind that this style looks best with tailored suits, business wear, and other formal attire. A dress watch is a typical accessory for the 9-5 grind but can we be worn outside of your back-to-back meetings. 

If the dress watch is an elegant analog, feel free to wear this piece with jeans and a button-down shirt, or even with a blazer over a lovely mini dress.

If you find yourself wondering how to wear bracelets with a watch, lean into that curiosity! Bracelets are best worn with analog or quartz watches and can be layered behind, in between, or in front of your favorite bracelets. 

  1. The Diving Watch

Some dive watches are rugged and bulky, while others have a more sleek look. Take the sleek look from sea to land by wearing it with your casual pieces. Think basic trousers and polo shirt, or comfy sweatsuit. Diving watches were designed for deep-water diving, so consider wearing this watch with athletic outfits. 

  1. The Smartwatch 

While the futuristic look of a smartwatch is a statement maker, you don’t want to style this piece with anything that overshadows or competes with the high-tech design. Smartwatches look best with casual outfits that consist of jeans and a T-shirt, or more office-friendly looks that are business casual. 

  1. The Digital Watch

Unlike the smartwatch, the digital watch has a variety of faces. When shopping for a digital watch you may come across some that look as futuristic as a smartwatch, while others are more refined and elegant. 

Digital watches that have a more retro design are best paired with jeans, sweats, and other classic, casual attire. However, a more sophisticated digital watch looks better with tailored suits or semi-formal outfits.

Fashion Tips to Avoid With a Watch

I encourage you to explore different ways of wearing watches that suit your own personal style. But, I must advise that there are a few things to avoid when wearing a watch. 

  • Size matters: Think of watches like sunglasses—they’re not one size fits all. When considering how to wear a watch, keep in mind that the dial of the watch should be proportional to your wrist size. As mentioned earlier in this guide, the strap of the watch should also fit snuggly. 

The fit of your watch is key. You don’t want your watch to look so heavy it weighs down your look. You also don’t want it to be so dainty that it gets lost in your look. So, choose a watch that compliments your outfit and matches your style. And make sure your timepiece doesn’t compete with you or overtake your look either. 

  • Consider the colors: Today’s watches come in a variety of styles and colors. Be mindful of the colors you’re pairing your watch with. If your watch features heavy metal and dark colors, perhaps it wouldn’t make the best accessory for a bright and airy cottagecore look. 

On the other hand, if the watch is a creamy pastel color, it won’t pair well with a dark and dynamic suit. You want your watch to complement your outfit, so also consider the season and time of day when styling your watch. 

  • Switch it up: A versatile accessory is a great accessory—but don’t deny yourself lots of options. A small collection of watches will help you keep your favorites around longer. When you have a roster of stylish timepieces that suit your various needs, you don’t always have to rely on the one you love most.

How To Take Care Of a Watch

Whether your watch is entry, mid or high-end luxury, you’ll want to take care of it to ensure it’s keeping time for a long time. Besides knowing how to wear a watch, you must also know how to take care of your watch. The best way to keep your watch in top shape is to follow these simple tips:

  1. Wind It Up

Keeping your watch wound keeps your watch working well. Get into the habit of winding your watch regularly (i.e. once a week) to avoid issues with your piece. 

Iconic watch brand IWC Schaffhausen recommends winding your watch at the same time every week (they call this the ‘wind day’). For example, if you’ve set your ‘wind day’ to Monday at 10 a.m., it should always be on that specific day and time. 

  1. Wind It Up…Off the Wrist 

Be mindful of where you’re winding your watch. Winding the watch on your wrist may cause you to tilt the crown of the watch upwards. This tilt creates pressure on the stem that results in a bent stem (with the worst-case scenario being a broken stem).

  1. Keep It Clean

Like anything you want to have for a long time, you’ve got to keep it clean. Watches are no different. When your watch needs a little rub-a-dub use a microfiber polishing cloth and a little water. 

Soap is to be avoided at all costs when cleaning your watch. Although it’s made to keep your products clean, soap can seep behind the crown of your watch and ruin the mechanics of your timepiece. 

  1. Take It In For a Tune Up

Not all watches can be taken into a watchmaker for fine-tuning, but the ones that can be should. If you’ve invested in a mid to high-end watch, go the extra mile to have it periodically serviced by a watchmaker. 

Though there is no set time when you should be servicing your watch, keep a close eye on it and pay attention to any signs. If your watch is running slow or fast don’t hesitate to get it looked at. 

Best Places to Buy a Watch

Now that you know how to wear a watch, maybe you’re ready to buy your own timepiece. You’re probably wondering which brand is right for you. Perhaps you’re familiar with the fine craftsmanship of popular brands like Cartier or Rolex. 

Though extremely beautiful, these brands are considered a luxury, and their watches retail for over $5,000. Whether your budget can allow the extra zeros on a Cartier price tag, there are a plethora of other options to choose from.

There are lots of timepieces available at lower price points, as well as a few at mid-range price points. Here’s a breakdown of several brands.

Luxury Watches:

  • Breitling 
  • Cartier
  • Chopard
  • Hublot
  • Jaeger-Le Coultre 
  • Rolex
  • Piaget
  • TAG Heuer

Entry-Mid Range Watches 

  • Breda 
  • Bulova
  • Casio
  • Citizen 
  • Fossil
  • Diesel
  • Michael Kors 
  • Nixon

Watches Under $100

  • ALDO
  • Anne Klein
  • ASOS
  • Calvin Klein 
  • Fitbit
  • Swatch 
  • Timex 
  • Walmart

Watches for kids 

  • Casio
  • Disney
  • Fitbit
  • Freestyle
  • G-Shock
  • LEGO
  • Timex 
  • V-Tech

Final Thoughts

Accessorizing can be a fun way to further elevate a look, or bring new life to an outfit you’ve already worn. The next time you get dressed, consider adding a watch as a final touch to complete your look.

Not only will it maximize your style, but it will help you keep time too!  

With the number of styles on the market these days, and the variety of models available, there’s no shortage of options. So, you should be able to find a watch that works for you.

Whether you’re trying to break a bad streak of tardiness, or just like the look, a watch is an accessory that won’t let you down.

You’ve got the watch on lock, but what about the rest of the outfit? Here are a couple more articles for your consideration:

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How To Wear Overalls

How To Wear A Baseball Jersey

The transitional months can be hard to dress for. Whether you live in a city that experiences all four seasons, or only two per year, there comes a time when we all wonder what to wear in 60 degree weather. 

The most common problem people run into when dressing for this weather is the duality of the temperature itself. While we all experience temperatures differently, it’s safe to assume that 60 degrees is one of those instances where it isn’t quite hot but it’s definitely not chilling to the bone.

So, this is a temperature that can feel just right to some but feel a bit cold to others. 

It’s a confusing weather forecast that leaves room for many spring to fall fashions to be worn. But thankfully this guide will narrow down the best outfits to wear when you just aren’t sure about the temperature outside.

Buckle in and get ready to read and learn all about what to wear in 60 degree weather. In this guide we’ll be covering:

  • How to dress for 60 degree weather 
  • The best 60 degree weather outfits 
  • Fashion dos and don’ts 
  • How to take care of your outfits
  • The best places to shop for clothes for 60 degree weather 

What to Wear in 60 Degree Weather

Outfits for 60 degree weather can include a variety of looks. Depending on whether the wearer runs hot or cold, a 60 degree ensemble is what I consider a warm weather-inspired fall look.

When thinking about what to wear in 60 degree weather, first decide how 60 degrees feels to you. This will aid you in your fashion-based decision-making. 

Layering is a common style tip for this kind of weather. For example, the sweater vest had a major moment last summer although it’s a piece most commonly designed for fall. 

When the sun went down and the temps dropped just a bit, style stars and fashion aficionados alike layered their sweater vests with long-sleeve tees, crop tops, and even turtlenecks. The rest of the outfit, however, remained summer-friendly with shorts, skirts, or distressed denim rounding out the look. 

Another common style tip when considering what to wear in 60 degree weather is to wear a denim jacket. A unisex piece appropriate for all ages, the denim jacket is a timeless staple worn from spring to fall. 

When the thermometer starts to creep towards that questionable 60 degrees, a denim jacket is the perfect go-to due to the versatility of the style. Try wearing a shearling-lined, trucker-style jacket for optimal warmth. 

Hoodies also make a great styling piece for the slightly cooler weather. Another unisex item for all ages, hoodies have long been no-brainer attire for summer nights, spring afternoons, and, of course, days and nights in the fall/winter. 

Style a hoodie with your denim cut-off pants, pleated skirts, or distressed denim jeans. Hoodies that are part of cozy sets are also an appropriate choice for 60 degree weather. 

10 Outfit Ideas For 60 Degree Weather

Below we’ve gathered lots of outfits for 60 degree weather for you to check out. So next time the temperature feels slightly cool but isn’t quite cold either you’ll know exactly what to wear. You can personalize any of these looks based on your own unique style.

If you’re a fan of texture mixing, bring your favorite style trick into the cooler temps by layering your fun fur over a knit dress. Style it up even further by mixing patterns like horizontal and vertical stripes. Finish the look off with sunglasses for the sunshine and rain boots for any possible downfall.

Pink is a power color and the power of a good look is sure to warm you up no matter the temperature. A textured pencil skirt and cap sleeve blouse keep you looking stylish, while a vibrant light overcoat is sure to keep you warm. Add sheer nylons to the look for added warmth. 

Black on black is a timeless style tip that works throughout the year. For the 60 degree weather, pair a black tee with your favorite joggers and fresh kicks. Finish the look with a puffer vest and you’ll be all set. 

Don’t be afraid to dress it up by wearing a dress. Explore vibrant colors and patterns to brighten up your look, and elevate your style by mixing in exotic over-the-knee boots. Even if it’s cloudy outside, you’ll bring a dose of sunshine wherever you go.

Sleek tailoring is another prime choice if you’d prefer a more formal look. When considering what to wear in 60 degree weather, don’t discount your favorite tailored pieces. Relax the look with an oversized, quarter-sleeve tee or tank. 

Consider wearing a soft skirt set for 60 degree weather. In a matching monochromatic tone, this outfit is equal parts trendy and also weather appropriate. Top it all off with feathery strappy sandals for a statement-worthy look. 

If you find the outfit a little too baring for the chilly temps, style it with nylons or over-the-knee boots to increase the warmth factor without compromising on style. 

A fun varsity jacket and wide-leg jeans are a comfy and cool look for 60 degree days. Keep the fresh style going with brightly colored kicks. 

Utilitarian-style outfits are also appropriate for this kind of weather. So style your safari jacket with shorts and boots or a skirt with strappy mules. Consider adding nylons if this outfit makes you feel cold by just looking at it. 

For the minimal guy unsure what to wear in 60 degree weather, consider sporting your favorite black skinny jeans, a black graphic hoodie, and a killer overcoat.

You’ll get bonus points if the overcoat is tailored to your measurements since it will majorly elevate your simple look. Add a chunky chain necklace to this outfit to create a little interest. 

Here’s a bold look for 60 degree weather: keep your shirt summery and light, and style it with straight-leg trousers and western-influenced boots. Top the outfit off with a brightly colored bag because, why not? 

What Type of 60 Degree Weather Outfits Can You Get?

We’ve covered lots of style tips and showed you visual examples of what to wear in 60 degree weather. Now it’s time to go over the types of outfits you can wear when the temp hits 60 degrees. 

When building an outfit for this particular temperature, consider both your fall and spring wardrobes. A 60 degree weather outfit doesn’t have to be complicated, but it should be comfortable.

When thinking about comfortability, consider whether this temperature speaks to you on the warmer or colder side. Deciding what to wear when it’s 60 degrees will depend on how warm or cool the temperature feels to you.

You don’t have to completely disregard your winter wardrobe either. Heavy parkas and cropped puffers can still find themselves useful during this kind of temperature and can be worn alone without your common winter accessories (i.e. hat, gloves, scarf). 

An unwritten rule about what to wear in 60 degree weather is to complete your outfit with a good coat. A coat can save a lot of looks and even elevate the most simple outfits. 

For men, this could be a simple tracksuit worn with a cool bomber jacket or a crewneck shirt and straight jeans combo with a graphic trench coat.

For women, this could look like a midi weather dress with a plaid wool overcoat, or a cropped sweater with a leather skirt and a maxi denim coat. 

The benefits of a good coat during 60 degree weather are that it not only keeps you warm but also adds style and dimension to your outfit. 

When in doubt, wear something simple and top it off with a great coat. Go for coats with texture or bright colors to create an attention-grabbing look, or pull out your best well-fitting coats for a look that’s polished and chic. 

How to Choose The Best 60 Degree Weather Outfits

Considering the previously mentioned unwritten rule, there are plenty of great coats on the market built for the chilly 60 degree days. However, during temps like these and depending on the kind of person you are, you don’t want your coat to be too heavy. 

There is no official rule on how to shop for 60 degree-appropriate coats or jackets but here are the top five coat styles perfect for this kind of weather.

  1. Trench Coat 

A trench coat is a classic coat style you can wear for all seasons depending on its weight, design, and fabrication. The trench silhouette is available in men’s, women’s, and childrenswear styles, and it’s a coat most people can wear during temperatures like these. For 60 degree weather specifically, aim for a light-midweight wool coat. 

  1. Bomber Jacket 

The bomber jacket has long been regarded as one of the key players in streetwear, but it’s also a great piece for 60 degree weather. Like the trench coat, the bomber jacket is also a unisex style available for all ages. 

Since the rise of athleisure, this style is now available at a list of retailers— from fast fashion to high-end luxury. Bomber jackets look great with tracksuits and hoodies, but can also add a little edge to denim-on-denim looks as well as dress and skirt looks.

  1. Overcoat

The classic overcoat, especially when tailored to your measurements, is a wardrobe essential you should have on hand no matter the season. Whether midi, maxi, or waist-length, there’s no denying the chic refinement of a clean overcoat. 

Style your overcoat with dresses, jeans, or even your favorite cozy set. Go for a brightly colored overcoat and style it with subdued black-on-black pieces for a statement-making look. 

  1. Denim Jackets 

From spring to fall, you’re bound to see denim jackets in the streets. For the cooler 60 degree days, gravitate towards lined denim jackets like the classic Levi’s Sherpa Trucker Jacket, and style it with your casual outfits like a turtleneck neck and your favorite skinnies.

  1. Puffer Jacket

The puffer jacket is a common winter essential but when lightweight and barely filled, the puffer can make a great piece for 60 degree weather as well. Wear a mid length puffer jacket and throw it over your favorite denim looks, or let the dynamic piece speak for itself and wear it belted with over-the-knee boots. 

How to Style 60 Degree Weather Outfits

If you find yourself unsure of what to wear in 60 degree weather, you’re probably not sure how to style your outfits either. Don’t think about this like it’s a rocket science exam, because it’s not. Our style tips and tricks are easy to follow, so you can put together your best 60 degree weather outfits in no time. 

When the weather starts to inch towards 60 degrees, in many places this means nature is transitioning from winter to spring and a sense of renewal is in the air. Consider your style much like this if you live in a place with a cold winter season.

As the temperature slowly starts to rise we begin to peel back winter layers to reveal a more lightweight sense of style. 

Styling 60 degree weather outfits means simply stripping back on the thicker layers you wear all through the coldest months of the year. Think about layering your cropped sweater over high-waisted cropped jeans and low-top sneakers, or taking your longline tee out over joggers with a quilted bomber jacket. 

While layering is still encouraged and accepted during these temps, layer with less heavy fabrics so you don’t overheat. And you can also still wear your heavier fabrics unlayered. 

For example, your wool sweater vests you would normally pair with turtlenecks can be layered this way but the rise in temperature also allows the trendy piece to be layered with a cropped or relaxed t-shirt. 

When it comes to footwear, you can start stepping out in sneakers during 60 degree weather so long as it’s not wet outside. Boots and loafers are also a prime choice for this weather. Sandals aren’t ideal, but can still be worn if the styling is right. 

While bare feet in strappy, open-toe heeled sandals can make quite the look with a denim jacket and jeans, consider rocking this style with socks and nylons if you want the sandal look with 60 degree weather-appropriate warmth. 

Fashion Tips to Avoid With 60 Degree Weather Outfits

So far this guide on what to wear in 60 degree weather has covered styling tips and examples of the best ways to outfit yourself during these temps. But, it’s also important to cover what not to wear when in 60 degree weather. 

Flip flops or sandals of any kind are a pretty obvious ‘no’ when it comes to styling for this weather. However, rest assured there is a chic compromise in case you just cannot wait to wear your favorite mules or strappy sandals. 

For women, consider styling your peep-toe platforms and open toe, heeled sandals with tall socks or nylons. Add some depth to the look by choosing fun patterned hosiery.

For men, consider this styling tip for yourself as well. Textured knit socks with chunky dad sandals were once a fashion faux pas, but today the style is welcomed as a contemporary fashion choice.

Swimsuits are another piece to avoid when thinking about what to wear in 60 degree weather.  While bikini tops worn as the common crop top have cycled back into style, when it’s 60 degrees outside you might want to take a raincheck on that trend. 

Lastly, try to avoid pieces that might be too heavy. While these temps aren’t exactly warm, you might overheat in full length fur with multi-layering underneath.

How To Take Care Of 60 Degree Weather Outfits

Whether you’re wearing comfy cute outfits for 60 degree weather or something a little more fashion-forward and stylish, you’re going to want to keep your pieces in good condition so you can wear them for more than one 60 degree day. 

Like most clothing pieces, the best way to take care of your clothing is to, first and foremost, pay attention to the washing instructions. Many clothes have been taken to wastelands due to poor washing. 

While it may be easier to throw all your laundry in the washing machine and go to work, every item has its own recommended washing instructions that will keep your clothing lasting longer. 

Also, take your pieces to a seamstress or tailor whenever they undergo any wear and tear, or even when you grow out of them. A simple stitch, patch, or remaking will keep your clothing looking polished and brand new. 

Keep a steamer, lint roller, and iron on hand to ensure you’re getting the absolute best presentation out of your pieces. Keeping a small alterations kit is also beneficial and learning to do a quick stitch will help you keep a number of pieces in your wardrobe up to snuff.

A button-down blouse or shirt will always look better pressed than wrinkled and worn out. 

Best Places to Buy 60 Degree Weather Outfits

The most common stores you’ll find outfits for 60 degree weather are most likely the places you’re already shopping at. While there’s no store that specializes in chilly weather clothing, the following retailers sell a variety of pieces you should view when thinking about what to wear in 60 degree weather:


  • Abercrombie 
  • Akira 
  • Cos
  • Fe Noel 
  • Hanifa 
  • Kate Spade 
  • Nasty Gal
  • Nordstrom
  • Ted Baker 
  • Tiger Mist 


  • Adidas 
  • Aimé Leon Dore 
  • ASOS
  • Boohoo
  • Laur 
  • Levi’s
  • Nordstrom 
  • Shein 
  • Wales Bonner 


  • Camber 
  • Indochino 
  • J. Crew 
  • Muji
  • Organic Basics
  • Polo Ralph Lauren
  • Reigning Champ
  • Stüssy
  • Tentree
  • Zara


  • Amazon
  • Black Sheep Mob 
  • Gap
  • H&M
  • Meme Kidswear
  • Mango
  • Paper Plain Brand 
  • Rockets of Awesome
  • Shein
  •  Zara 

Final Thoughts

If you still can’t make up your mind on what to wear in 60 degree weather, consider the easy-breezy coat hack or simply keep the outfit effortless and basic then dress it up with cool accessories like a dad hat, sunglasses, or a textured bag. 

The main key when dressing for this kind of weather is to remember that, although the temps may be rising, it’s still a colder day, so don’t let this discourage you from mixing in some of your all-time favorite spring/summer clothes.

With the right kind of layering, the pieces you hold onto for the warmest months of the year can be restyled for the chilly temps. 

Obviously, some styles like swimsuits and flip-flops are hard to restyle for the warmer season and should be kept exclusively for the hottest times of the year or vacation. When in doubt, remember that dressing for 60 degree weather is actually quite easy and does not require any overthinking. 

So, stay warm and stylish by trying some of the styling tips in this guide, and step into the chilly weather looking hotter than ever. 

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About Trust No One Tattoos

30 Best Trust No One Tattoo Ideas 

Ah, trust… It’s the key factor in any relationship, whether it be romantic, platonic, or professional. 

Some people have issues with trust, and they question the idea that anyone should be trusted. This could be a general belief they have, or it could be a mantra they live by.

If that’s the case, they may want this belief to be the first thing people know about them. For those people, a trust no one tattoo might be a unique tattoo idea that’ll pique their interest. 

Whether you’re inking up for the first time, last time, or millionth time, this guide is here to inspire and educate you about trust no one tattoos. 

So read on to learn all about the trust no one tattoo. This guide will cover these topics and so much more:

  • Trust no one tattoo ideas
  • The trust no one tattoo meaning 
  • The best trust no one tattoo designs 

What Do Trust No One Tattoos Mean and Symbolize?

30 Best Trust No One Tattoo Ideas 

The trust no one tattoo isn’t your usual proverbial or metaphorical script tattoo, like some you may have seen. This particular tattoo is a symbol of loyalty to one’s self and one’s self only. 

Ink addicts with a trust no one tattoo may consider themselves to be a lone wolf. They might also have a past history of being taken advantage of one too many times. While others may have gotten the tattoo because ‘trust no one’ was something they were raised to believe. 

While there is no one-size-fits-all reason for getting this tattoo on one’s body, you can rest assured that regardless of why someone may have this tattoo, it lets onlookers know that, while trust is something earned, you won’t be receiving it from them no matter how hard you try. 

Where to get a Trust No One Tattoo

30 Best Trust No One Tattoo Ideas 

If you want to let people know right out the gate that they won’t be earning your trust, the chest is the perfect placement for this tattoo. Other regions of the body a trust no one tattoo can be placed are: 

  • Neck

Neck nuzzling may be a favorite pastime of yours but with a trust no one tattoo, you may be sending the message that this act of intimacy won’t be a recurring thing. 

  • Arm

You’ve heard of wearing your heart on your sleeve but what about your bold opinions? The trust no one tattoo is a prime script tattoo for the shoulder, or it could be the main message in a super sick sleeve of body art. 

  • Shoulder

Brushing your shoulders off has been a statement-making action since Jay-Z’s ‘03 hit “Dirt Off Your Shoulder.” However, you’re more likely to show off your shoulder with a trust no one tattoo beautifully written across it. Whether the front of the shoulder or the back, the shoulder is prime real estate for this bold tattoo. 

  • Back

Scaled large and wide or micro and in the middle, the back makes a great canvas for any tattoo. Since the back has the most canvas space— whether you’re an ink addict or not— the tattoo artist will have a plethora of space to get creative with your tattoo. 

  • Wrist 

The wrist isn’t reserved for small and dainty tattoos anymore. This bare space that unites your arm and hand is a great place for this tattoo since you can raise your arm at any moment so others can catch a glimpse of your awesome tat. 

  • Face 

The face is probably the boldest place for a tattoo placement. However, when you’ve got a message to tell and a pain tolerance through the roof, why not? 

Properly caring for your tattoo will keep it looking good and extend the life of your body art. It’s commonly understood that tattoos are pieces that stay with you for life.

Yet it’s not widespread knowledge that any tattoo can fade or start to look different over time, as a result of our physical growth. 

So to keep any tattoo looking great for as long as you live— not just the direct messaging ones— you’re going to have to diligently upkeep your tattoo.

Follow these steps to get the most out of your body art: 

  • Follow the after-care instructions provided by your tattoo artist 

Listening to your artist is the most important part of caring for your tattoo. The artist is the expert and is equipped with vast knowledge about skin, ink, and equipment.

Pay attention to everything they expect of you, including their after-care instructions, after you finish your appointment. 

  • Be diligent about your touch ups 

In an ideal world, a tattoo would last a lifetime and look good forever with little to no returning appointments.

Unfortunately, this just isn’t the reality. Tattoos begin to fade as our skin continues to grow, and so they require touch-up appointments to keep the tattoo looking vibrant for a long time. This is especially true for colored tattoos. 

  • Layer on the SPF sunscreen

SPF sunscreen isn’t just a defense against sunburns and skin cancer, it also aids with tattoo upkeep. The sun is a prime culprit for causing tattoo fading, so ensure your tattoo is lathered in quality sunscreen before heading out. 

Also, note that this practice isn’t exclusively for the summertime. Keep your SPF on hand all year round. The sun peeking through the overcast clouds is still shining on your tat, just like it does on a clear day. 

  • Keep your skin hydrated 

You’ve heard it before for a number of reasons but, when it comes to tattoo care, hydrating your skin is key. Not only does this practice promote healthy skin, but it also increases the life of your tattoo. 

  • Keep your skin clean 

Like most things worth having, a tattoo should be kept clean. The skin is our largest organ and it undergoes a multitude of attacks on the daily.

So, keep your skin clean, especially the area where your tattoo is placed, to protect you from any infections that could ruin your body art. 

How Much Do Trust No One Tattoos Cost?

30 Best Trust No One Tattoo Ideas 

A trust no one tattoo, although unique, isn’t a piece that a tattoo artist can specialize in. While some artists are highly skilled in script and text tattoos, there isn’t one cost for a trust no one design. 

Like any tattoo, this design is dependent on a variety of things. Of course, the cost will depend on how the artist runs their business or charges for their work.

When researching an artist for your own trust no one tattoo, consider the following factors that can and will affect the final price of your tattoo: 

  1. The artist: Tattoo artists often create their own rates based on their skill level. You may need to shop around to find an artist whose rates align with your budget, but know that there are a plethora of artists working within a number of budgets. If you’re considering traveling out of state or country for your tattoo, also factor in your commuting costs. 
  2. The size: Tattoos take time and artists definitely consider that when determining the cost. The bigger and more detailed your tattoo is, the more appointments it will require to complete it. 
  3. Color: A splash of color is bound to make any design more fun and interesting, but understand that coloring your body art is an additional charge for most artists.

    Also note that some tattoo artists specialize in colored work, and a subcategory of artists specialize in specific colored work such as water color or bande dessinée. If you’d like to incorporate color into your design, budget extra for this. Also, be diligent when researching artists since you’ll most likely want to find someone with a more diverse set of skills. 
  1. Deposit: It’ll be hard to source a tattoo artist that does not require a deposit before the work begins. So be mindful of this charge and look out for it when browsing through potential artists’ websites and/or portfolios. 

30 Best Trust No One Tattoo Designs


30 Best Trust No One Tattoo Ideas 


30 Best Trust No One Tattoo Ideas 


30 Best Trust No One Tattoo Ideas 


30 Best Trust No One Tattoo Ideas 


30 Best Trust No One Tattoo Ideas 


30 Best Trust No One Tattoo Ideas 


30 Best Trust No One Tattoo Ideas 


30 Best Trust No One Tattoo Ideas 


30 Best Trust No One Tattoo Ideas 


30 Best Trust No One Tattoo Ideas 


30 Best Trust No One Tattoo Ideas 


30 Best Trust No One Tattoo Ideas 


30 Best Trust No One Tattoo Ideas 


30 Best Trust No One Tattoo Ideas 


30 Best Trust No One Tattoo Ideas 


30 Best Trust No One Tattoo Ideas 


30 Best Trust No One Tattoo Ideas 


30 Best Trust No One Tattoo Ideas 


30 Best Trust No One Tattoo Ideas 


30 Best Trust No One Tattoo Ideas 


30 Best Trust No One Tattoo Ideas 


30 Best Trust No One Tattoo Ideas 


30 Best Trust No One Tattoo Ideas 


30 Best Trust No One Tattoo Ideas 


30 Best Trust No One Tattoo Ideas 


30 Best Trust No One Tattoo Ideas 


30 Best Trust No One Tattoo Ideas 


30 Best Trust No One Tattoo Ideas 


30 Best Trust No One Tattoo Ideas 


30 Best Trust No One Tattoo Ideas 

History of the Trust No One Tattoo

30 Best Trust No One Tattoo Ideas 

The trust no one tattoo has no clear history. However, the imagery of the snake is a symbolic portrayal of what transpired in the Garden of Eden. Many believers and non-believers alike are familiar with the origin story of human existence. 

Here’s a synopsis of this story: a man named Adam and his partner Eve are created then placed in the Garden of Eden and they’re told they have the whole world to themselves, so long as they stay away from the forbidden fruit. 

But it wasn’t long until a snake convinced Eve to eat the fruit, which then led to the couple’s downfall and expulsion from the Garden of Eden. As such, the snake became a symbol of dishonesty and betrayal, which is why you may see it included in many trust no one tattoo designs. 

Which Celebrities Have a Trust No One Tattoo?

30 Best Trust No One Tattoo Ideas 

The trust no one tattoo is not a new concept or trend. While we cannot exactly pinpoint when this tattoo rose in popularity, we do know it’s a common script design amongst a plethora of social groups. 

So it’s no surprise that even celebrities have this statement-making ink permanently placed on their bodies.

Rappers are amongst the most popular celebrity groups to have this tattoo. For instance, rappers like Compton’s YG and southern belle Latto both have this tattoo. 

Other celebrities that have this tattoo are sultry songstress Lana Del Ray and highly talked about drummer boy Travis Baker. Although none of these trust no one tattoos is alike, it’s clear that the upfront message seems to resonate with all kinds of people. 

Whether you’ve long been considering this tattoo due to your own experiences, or you enjoy a good conversation starter in the form of blunt and bold body art, know that you won’t be alone with this design.

Although the message may seem a bit harsh, that doesn’t stop it from being a highly sought-after tattoo.

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30 Best OTF Tattoo Ideas

30 Best Laugh Now Cry Later Tattoo Ideas

About Sukuna Tattoos

30 Best Sukuna Tattoo Ideas

Calling all Jujutsu Kaisen superfans, this one’s for you. If you’re looking for a new way to show off your adoration for your favorite manga series, you’ve found the right guide. Within the next several paragraphs you’ll be completely informed about Sukuna tattoo ideas and ready to get your own.  

Though there is no definitive information on the origin of this specific tattoo, there’s no denying that this ultra-unique imagery has become quite the trend amongst manga maniacs and even general ink addicts. 

Whether large or small scale, the Sukuna tattoo is based on the Sukuna character in the manga series Jujutsu Kaisen. He’s the series’ most dynamic and polarized villain with a sad and sinister past. 

If you’re no manga fan but appreciate the art of tattooing, you may also find this guide useful. We’ve collected only the best Sukuna tattoo ideas to give you some inspiration for your next—or first—trip to the parlor. After reading this guide you’ll have a better understanding of:

  • The history of the Sukuna tattoo 
  • The symbolism tied to the Sukuna tattoo meaning 
  • The best Sukuna tattoo designs 

Read on to find out more as we dive into this anime world, and get to know this deeply disturbed character. We’ll also find out why some have decided to immortalize him on their bodies. 

What Do Sukuna Tattoos Mean and Symbolize?

30 Best Sukuna Tattoo Ideas

Ryomen Sukuna, generally known as Sukuna, is a spirit so cursed he’s known as the King of Curses. In the manga series Jujutsu Kaisen, Sukuna is the primary antagonist and he was apparently an ‘imaginary demon’ many years ago. 

However, we find out later on that Sukuna was actually a powerful human sorcerer. After being defeated by other sorcerers, Sukuna became a cursed spirit. 

As a demon, he appears with four arms and two faces. Yet his host form—which is the appearance most often tattooed—is that of a human man with pink spiked hair and unique markings on his forehead, nose, cheeks, tongue, and torso.  

Sukuna is also what I would consider a ‘chic’ demon. His everyday look includes a soft-colored kimono with black trim paired with a black scarf and black shoes.

His human form is a twisted take on the appearance of his host – and the series protagonist – Yuji Itadori. When Yuji is not being possessed by Sukuna he appears without the markings on his face and body. 

The Sukuna story arch is one of the most popular and rich stories told within the Jujutsu Kaisen series. It’s one of torment, evil, and despair. And some even argue he became a cursed spirit on purpose because the evil within his human form was far too great. 

If you come across Sukuna tattoo ideas or see a Sukuna tattoo on someone else, know that it could hold a number of meanings. 

As mentioned, Sukuna is one of the series’ most complex and unique characters with a storyline that’s both twisted and horrific. Some people approach the Sukuna tattoo with respect for this story, and the depth of this deeply disturbed character. 

Sukuna tattoos can also symbolize an overall adoration for the show. Some people showcase this admiration with a tattoo of their favorite character.

While Sukuna has harmed many, many people throughout the series’ multiple volumes, some people can’t help but root for a well-written antagonist. 

A Sukuna tattoo could also represent controversial ideals linked to some of the decisions the character makes within the series. Though the most common meaning and purpose of a Sukuna tattoo is simply to show appreciation of the popular manga series. 

Where to get a Sukuna Tattoo

30 Best Sukuna Tattoo Ideas

Though many have gotten this tattoo over the years, there is no official spot on the body for a Sukuna tattoo.

Like many other tattoos, depending on the size and style, there are many places you can get a Sukuna tattoo. However, these are the most popular spots where these tattoos are placed. 

  • Arm 

The arm may be the most common place for anime-related tattoo placements. While some opt for a whole sleeve of characters, others have placed their Sukuna tattoo design on the arm, ranging from the biceps to the forearm.

  • Hand

The back of the hand is another popular spot for a Sukuna tattoo. While some people prefer large sale designs that also cover their wrist and forearm, others are satisfied with just Sukuna’s sinister tongue-revealing smirk on the back of their hand.

  • Shoulder 

The back of the shoulder is another common location for a variety of tattoos—whether manga-related or not. The back of the shoulder provides a larger canvas for much more elaborate or intricate Sukuna tattoo designs.

  • Leg

While some people say that leg tattoos are amongst the most painful, it doesn’t stop Sukuna fans from taking the risk. Don’t be surprised if you see that iconic Sukuna smirk on a shin, or the demon/host mash-up of both Sukuna and Yuji on someone’s calf. 

The life of your Sukuna tattoo is entirely dependent on how committed you are to taking care of it. Any tattoo artist or ink addict will tell you that getting tattooed is only the first step in a lifelong process.

Like most things you want to get the most out of, tattoos require upkeep to ensure you’re receiving the best life out of your ink.

To ensure your tattoo is always as vibrant as it was when you first received it, keep the skin hydrated, protected from the sun, and don’t miss your touchup appointments.

How Much Do Sukuna Tattoos Cost?

30 Best Sukuna Tattoo Ideas

The cost is dependent on the Sukuna tattoo idea design as well as a list of other factors. It’s also worth noting that most tattoos require a deposit that comes with stipulations detailed by the artist or organization the artist works for. We’ve broken down a few of these key factors below.

  1. The Artist

    No two tattoo artists are alike and every artist has a rate they base their services on (which is based on a host of things including their own experience and the intricacy of your design). Remember that tattoo artists are artists as well. So oftentimes they can help you pick a premade design or customize a design for you based on what you want.
  2. Time

    Just like other parlor or salon services (i.e. hair or nails), when listing a price, tattoo artists consider the time the design will take to complete. While some tattoos can be completed within an hour or less, other more intricate or larger scale tattoos can require more than one appointment.
  3. Color

    Some artists specialize in colored tattoos while some artists don’t offer color services at all. The artists that do may also consider this when pricing, since coloring a tattoo requires a different set of skills and work. Coloring the tattoo also adds to the time it takes to complete the work, which can also increase the price. 
30 Best Sukuna Tattoo Ideas

A veteran tattoo artist may tell you that good tattoos aren’t cheap and cheap tattoos aren’t good. Tattoos are a lifelong investment and can be rather expensive, climbing to $1000+ depending on the size of the tattoo and techniques used. 

When doing your research on pricing, work within your budget. A highly experienced artist who owns a salon may be out of your budget. 

But there are plenty of skilled, self-employed, freelance artists that are more affordable. They can also work with you, and come up with a design based on what you’re looking for. So do some research on social media to locate more artists in your area or other areas you’re interested in. 

Also, do your due diligence and extensively research the work of all the artists you’re considering.  

30 Best Sukuna Tattoo Designs


30 Best Sukuna Tattoo Ideas


30 Best Sukuna Tattoo Ideas


30 Best Sukuna Tattoo Ideas


30 Best Sukuna Tattoo Ideas


30 Best Sukuna Tattoo Ideas


30 Best Sukuna Tattoo Ideas


30 Best Sukuna Tattoo Ideas


30 Best Sukuna Tattoo Ideas


30 Best Sukuna Tattoo Ideas


30 Best Sukuna Tattoo Ideas


30 Best Sukuna Tattoo Ideas


30 Best Sukuna Tattoo Ideas


30 Best Sukuna Tattoo Ideas


30 Best Sukuna Tattoo Ideas


30 Best Sukuna Tattoo Ideas


30 Best Sukuna Tattoo Ideas


30 Best Sukuna Tattoo Ideas


30 Best Sukuna Tattoo Ideas


30 Best Sukuna Tattoo Ideas


30 Best Sukuna Tattoo Ideas


30 Best Sukuna Tattoo Ideas


30 Best Sukuna Tattoo Ideas


30 Best Sukuna Tattoo Ideas


30 Best Sukuna Tattoo Ideas


30 Best Sukuna Tattoo Ideas


30 Best Sukuna Tattoo Ideas


30 Best Sukuna Tattoo Ideas


30 Best Sukuna Tattoo Ideas


30 Best Sukuna Tattoo Ideas


30 Best Sukuna Tattoo Ideas

History of the Sukuna Tattoo

30 Best Sukuna Tattoo Ideas

Though there is no detailed history on who was the first to receive a Sukuna tattoo, we can assume the trend dates back to the origins of the series. 

Jujutsu Kaisen first began as a published comic series in 2018 and was a sequel to Tokyo Metropolitan Curse Technical School. It follows the adventures of its young and helpful protagonist Yuji Itadori as he gains acceptance into a secret organization of Jujutsu sorcerers. 

With the help of the sorcerers, Yuji aims to defeat the powerful curse Sukuna. Later Yuji becomes the host for the vile curse and the series takes off onto an adventure of horror and hope. 

The anime adaptation debuted in 2020 which then created an even bigger fan base for the Jujutsu Kaisen series. However, it has been reported that anime-inspired tattoos did see a surge in popularity around 2019, so it’s possible that early fans of the manga series were the first ones to get this specific tattoo. 

The series does, however, feature 18 volumes worth of unique characters, but fans still seem to gravitate towards designs of the graphic novel’s dangerous and cold-hearted demon. 

Which Celebrities Have a Sukuna Tattoo?

30 Best Sukuna Tattoo Ideas

A quick search on the Internet won’t pull up any results of celebrities with Sukuna tattoos. However, don’t let this discourage you if you’re considering the unique body art for yourself.

You may not see your favorite rapper, actor, or influencer sporting the sinister Sukuna smile on their body, but you may find it popular amongst the manga and cosplay communities. 

Keep in mind that the Jujutsu Kaisen series is still rather young. Though the series itself is a collection of 10+ volumes, the anime show did not air until 2020. With the show gaining more fans as it goes on, your favorite celebrity may get a Sukuna tattoo in the future. 

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Since the early 80s, baseball caps have been a hot-ticket accessory, worn by many far and wide. Yet, despite this, many still wonder just how to wear a baseball cap.

You might think your head is too big or your style is too elevated to wear one, but there are so many options these days that you’re bound to find one that suits you and your personal style. 

To help encourage you to try the trend this season, we’ll go over lots of useful info about baseball caps. After reading this guide, you’ll know:

  • When to wear a baseball cap 
  • How to wear a baseball cap
  • Which baseball cap is right for you 

What is a Baseball Cap?

The technical definition of a baseball cap is that it’s “a fabric cap originally worn by baseball players, with a large visor and an adjustable strap at the back.” This is a pretty standard definition for the head-topping accessory. 

Since baseball caps have begun trending in the fashion world, the common hat has now shifted from being a headwear staple worn by athletes, to an of-the-moment accessory worn by everyone from all-star outfielders to scandalous celebrities.

Outfits with baseball hats are all the latest rage so if you want to keep up with this trend, keep reading.

History of Baseball Caps

The baseball cap has a long history dating back to the 19th century. Amateur baseball team, the Brooklyn Excelsiors, wore the first baseball cap on record which, unlike today’s cap, featured a shorter brim, a floppy structure, and a button top.

It wasn’t until the 1940s that the baseball cap we know today was born. Latex rubber became the go-to material for stiffening the inside of the hat, and the overall design became more structured. They also included a longer brim to protect the player’s eyes from the sun. 

Usually, a baseball cap is fashioned in team colors with a logo, mascot, or team initial placed somewhere on the hat. Today, athletes and fashion lovers alike can find a variety of baseball hat styles (with or without sports affiliation). 

Though the initial intent for the baseball cap was to help aid the athletes playing the game, this common hat was taken off field in the 80s and became a big hit in the fashion world. Today we can accredit a variety of reasons for this.

  1. The influence of streetwear displayed through hip-hop media. 

In the 80s, it was common to see your favorite MC or femcee performing in a baseball cap. NWA’s Eazy-E was notorious for keeping a rotation of caps, which included L.A Raiders and Chicago White Sox hats, alongside his iconic ‘COMPTON’ cap. 

Rappers Eazy-E, and the rest of NWA, play a major role in the beginnings of streetwear and we can still see some of their style ethos in today’s trends. 

  1. Director Ron Howard. 

In the 80s, Ron Howard wasn’t exclusively known for his work on Happy Days. The American filmmaker became a baseball-cap-wearing icon for the variety of truckers and dad hats he would wear on and off the set. 

  1. Magnum P.I’s iconic Detroit Tigers hat

Magnum P.I was committed to wearing his Detroit Tigers hat all eight seasons. It became a staple for his character and a fashion statement amongst viewers and fans alike. 

The 80s paved the way for how we see and wear dad hats today, and because of this, the places we wear baseball caps have significantly expanded. Once a protective piece of headwear designed for the field, it’s now a trendy accessory you can find almost anywhere. 

When to Wear a Baseball Cap

Many students have taken to incorporating baseball caps into their daily wardrobes, while adults have been spotted taking dad hats to games, dates, and all over the city when running errands. 

Due to the protective properties of baseball caps, kids are always big fans of the trendy accessory. They can wear them to school, playdates, and extracurricular activities.  

With caps ranging in styles and sizes, a good baseball cap can complement all sorts of looks—from high-street fashion and hyper-feminine outfits, to preppy styles, and so many more.

A quality baseball cap is often trans-seasonal as well and can be worn from the first day of spring right into fall/winter. 

How to Wear a Baseball Cap

Are you wondering how to wear a baseball cap? Baseball caps are commonly worn with streetwear looks. Think of a cropped hoodie with cozy cool joggers or your favorite tracksuit with the latest sneakers. 

However, this isn’t the only way one can style a baseball cap. Outfits with baseball hats can take a more feminine approach as well when styled with satin, slip dresses or pleated skirts.

So, if you’re wondering how to wear a baseball cap girl style, it should be pretty easy to figure out. That means even fashionistas can rock this trend.

When wearing this stylish head-topping accessory, it’s important to keep baseball cap hairstyles in mind. Don’t let the hat discourage you from sweeping your hair back into that low ponytail you love or go for a sleek look by looping your ponytail through the hole in the back. 

Below, we’ve gathered lots of outfit ideas to help you decide how to wear a baseball cap. So, the next time you need some style inspiration, refer to this list.

10 Outfit Ideas with a Baseball Cap

A sweatsuit, sneakers, and baseball cap are part of the common streetwear formula. It’s a reliable and unisex outfit that echos the fly fits of the 90s.

Pairing this effortless look with a leather trench coat, and a cross-body bag, adds a touch of femininity without sacrificing its streetwear edge.  

When in doubt, wear all black. Thankfully, this age-old styling tip applies to baseball caps too. When wearing a black-on black-outfit, think of adding any accessory with a pop of color, such as a bubble gum pink baseball hat.

Accessories, including hats, are a perfect opportunity to introduce some print, pattern, or color to your outfit.

Double denim never fails. It’s a refined yet relaxed look that’s loved by all, from local fashionistas to A-list celebrities. With fresh white kicks and a trendy Yankee hat, this look is a go-to for jet-setting at the airport during vacation season. Take this outfit into the fall by pairing it with your favorite Docs. 

Who says you can’t take your baseball cap on vacation? Whether you’re biking, hiking, or strolling through your favorite destination, a baseball cap is a must. This classic hat also makes great resort wear when you pair it with boardshorts, trendy kicks, and a distressed crew-neck top. 

Don’t be afraid to layer garments with different aesthetics when wearing a baseball cap. Wearing a sporty Yankees hat doesn’t mean you have to compromise on sexiness. A crop top, a pair of cargos, fresh white kicks, and a fitted cap is exactly how to rock this look.

Get funky and fun with your style. Try wearing a checkered pattern trouser, plain white tee, and pile on the pearls. And don’t forget the colorful baseball hat! It’s a show-stopping look you won’t regret. 

You can always count on a cap to make even your most basic looks as stylish as ever. On the days you just feel like chilling in your ball shorts and cropped hoodie, throw on an animal-print dad hat to add some depth to your look. 

This outfit is cozy yet oh so cool. Take your dad hat into the chillier months with statement-making sweats and bright outerwear.

It’s often said that ‘less is more.’ And when it comes to fashion, if that ‘less’ is a simple look consisting of cropped trousers, a white tank, a designer dad hat, and a gold chain, well, what more is there to say? This outfit is definitely fab.

A white baseball cap and pastels—can you name a better duo? Outfitted with wide trousers, which are pristinely tailored, makes this a look fit for the London runways. 

What Type of Baseball Caps Can You Get?

In the end, no matter what, it’s always good to have options. The baseball cap has gone through many makeovers throughout the years but today, fortunately, there are a variety of styles to choose from. Which makes deciding how to wear a baseball cap so much easier.

When considering how to wear a baseball cap, be mindful of the sizing options.

  • Medium (mid-crown) – a medium-depth cap designed for small to average heads 
  • Full (high-crown) – a full-depth cap made for the average head
  • High – a hat with a trucker fit designed for larger heads

In addition to sizing, you’ll want to know about style options. While the average baseball hat is a curved-brim cap with a mid-crown and adjustable strap, there are a few other styles you can choose. One or more of these options might appeal to you.

  • The Fitted – a flat-brim cap with no adjustable straps 
  • The Trucker – a foam-front hat that often stands taller than most other caps with an adjustable snapback closure and a netted mesh back
  • The Multipanel – a four-panel hat with a stiffened brim and an adjustable strap
  • The Dad – currently it’s the most trendy of the baseball caps, outfitted with six unstructured panels and an adjustable strap

Also, remember there are different types of adjustable straps on baseball caps. They can range from plastic snap buttons, fabric velcro closures, buckle closures, to hook and loop fasteners. This is important to keep in mind when shopping for one of these styles. 

How to Choose The Best Baseball Caps

If you’d like to try out the baseball cap trend, there are a few things to consider when choosing the right cap for you. A high-quality baseball cap will hold its shape and look great far longer than a hat of lower quality. 

When shopping for a baseball cap, pay attention to the structure of the hat. Also, ask yourself a couple of key questions: How sturdy is it? Is the brim abnormally bent in a weird direction?

A good-quality cap will not only look great, but it will also be durable. And the hat should fit like a glove. You don’t want your hat too small, but too big isn’t a good look either. 

Like anything made with quality in mind, a good cap will cost you. While it’s possible to spend as low as $5 on a basic dad hat, a good-quality cap can cost up to $60. When thinking about the price, try to remember what you’ll be using the cap for. 

If you’re trying to build a wardrobe with pieces that’ll last you some time, it’s a good idea to invest in a good cap, but if you’re one to cycle through trends, a less expensive option may be better suited for you. 

How to Style Baseball Caps

Figuring out how to wear a baseball cap shouldn’t be rocket science. But, if you need some help, we’ve gathered a few tips for you. 

Outfits with baseball hats vary in aesthetic and style. So, consider your personal style when styling a baseball cap. Wearing one of these hats doesn’t have to change how you dress. 

For the minimalists, try styling your hat with cuffed, single-pleat trousers, a longline button-up, your favorite tote bag, and a baseball cap of your choice.

If your hair is long, swap out the button-up for a turtleneck and tuck your lengthy tresses into the neck of the top for a slick city look. 

If you consider yourself preppy, go for a sweater vest, straight-leg jeans, sneakers, fun socks, and a trucker hat of your choice. Long hair can be styled in a variety of ways, but wearing it down and behind both shoulders is a great look. 

For the fashion fans with a more hyper-feminine style, you can certainly add a baseball cap to your cycle of cute ‘fits. Try pairing a dad hat with a cropped fuzzy cardigan, a pleated skirt, and platform Mary Janes.

If your hair is voluminous, try braiding it back into two french braids before tossing on your cap. 

Men can also benefit from a few baseball cap styling tips.

For the guy who doesn’t let style interrupt his chill vibe, try layering your favorite hoodie over a turtleneck for that cozy feel and pair it with a relaxed, tailored trouser. Let your favorite kicks, a chunky necklace, and a solid hat finish the look. 

If you consider yourself a dandy, don’t be discouraged! Baseball caps are for you too! Modern suit styling is on-trend right now, so pairing your checkered suit with a dad hat and white sneakers is a welcomed look. 

Throughout time, children have been fans of the baseball cap. While girls and boys of all ages have welcomed the trendy accessory into their wardrobes, like adults, there are many ways for stylish kiddos to jump on the trend. 

When dressing a little fashionista in a baseball cap, consider a denim jumpsuit that is equal parts stylish and comfortable. With a tiny trucker hat in tow and fun sneakers, this kid is ready to slay the sandbox. 

A cool and comfortable baseball cap look for kids can also include jeans and hoodie, a tracksuit, and the classic T-shirt with jeans. Give each outfit a further nod to streetwear by pairing it with sneakers. 

Fashion Tips to Avoid With a Baseball Cap

If you’re still not sure how to wear a baseball cap, the dos and don’ts are fairly simple. But if you find yourself a little lost on what’s considered a baseball cap faux pas, here’s a shortlist of what to avoid when rocking your baseball cap: 

  • Avoid a sloppy fit. An ill-fitting cap creates an overall ill-looking outfit. Your hat should fit like a glove, otherwise it will steal the attention from your entire look and not in a good way.
  • Do not wear it to the side or the back. Unless you’re an extra on the yet-to-be-announced fourth installment of The Sandlot, your baseball cap should always face the front. 
  • Avoid heavy fabrics if you run hot. If you’re a big sweater, there’s no shame in that but be mindful of this when hat shopping. Invest in breathable caps made of cotton to avoid any sweat stains that could spoil your look and your hat. 

After taking this all in, deciding how to wear a baseball cap shouldn’t be a mystery anymore. We’re sure you’ll look great the next time you don one of these hats.

How To Take Care Of a Baseball Cap

When it comes to hat care, keeping your baseball cap fresh and pristine is far easier than it sounds. When you aren’t wearing your hat be sure to keep it on a shelf in your closet, hung up in your closet, or stored away in a cap carrier.

This will help keep dust and lint from gathering on your en vogue accessory while maintaining its shape. 

When it comes time to clean your cap follow these instructions:

  1. Fill a clean sink with cool water and a touch of mild laundry detergent
  2. Dunk the hat into the now soapy water and let it sit for 5-10 minutes
  3. Rinse your hat with cool water 
  4. Gently wring out any excess water but be sure not to twist the brim
  5. Pat down the hat with a clean towel 
  6. Hang it to dry or let it sit on a towel to dry
  7. If you’re looking to reshape your hat, let it dry on a mannequin head 

Best Places to Buy Baseball Caps

There are several e-tailers and retailers that offer a variety of baseball hat styles. If you’re looking for a sportier option the best brands to check out are below:

  • Lids
  • Sport Chek
  • New Era
  • Amazon

If you’d prefer a baseball cap that’s a little more fashionable try these brands:

  • Zumiez
  • Fashion Nova
  • Urban Outfitters
  • Champion

Final Thoughts

Baseball caps are an easy accessory that can elevate and complete your look. Whether you’re dashing through the city getting errands done, sitting front row during fashion week, or simply trying to keep your unwashed hair from the public eye, outfits with baseball caps can be just as stylish as any other fashion-forward look. 

And when deciding how to wear a baseball cap, if you keep the above style tips in mind, you’ll always look your best.

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