How To Wear An Infinity Scarf

Infinity scarves are convenient, versatile, and a quick way to level up an outfit. But, they can be a fashion faux pas for many.

Though they can be easy to style once you get the low-down on how to wear an infinity scarf, they can also give off the wrong look—many of those who bought the looped accessory back in 2010 have it buried somewhere at the back of their closet.

The fun thing about fashion is that as time goes on, old accessories are reborn. They’re made of new materials and styled in different ways that give life to an otherwise limp and forgotten item. That’s what we’ll do here in this guide.

By the time you get to the end, you’ll have learned:

  • What an infinity scarf actually is
  • What kinds of infinity scarves exist
  • How to wear an infinity scarf in an updated and on-trend way

Just a few scrolls ahead, an entirely new scarf-wearing world awaits you—one that you probably never saw coming.

What is an Infinity Scarf?

So you want to learn how to wear an infinity scarf, huh? Well, let’s start with the basics. The first part of truly rocking something is knowing what it is.

An infinity scarf is a neck accessory that is normally worn to keep the neck warm. Sported on chilly days, it’s a simple addition to a t-shirt and jeans that just adds a little somethin’ somethin’.

They’re made from the same fabrics as regular scarves, but instead of being one long panel of fabric, infinity scarves are knitted into a single loop.

This means you can wear one around your neck without it ever falling off. It also makes styling your scarf easy—one simple wrap around the head usually does the trick.

There are many different ways this accessory can make an appearance in your daily wear, and ahead, we’ll even show you how to wear an infinity scarf on your head. Before we get there, we’ll dive into some more info on this versatile accessory.

In the next section, we’ll run you through a brief history of the accessory so that you get to know its roots and understand its place in the modern wardrobe.

History of the Infinity Scarf

The infinity scarf is a relatively new invention. It became popular around 2010 and the trend fell off a few short years after. But even though that may be the case, celebrities rocked the trend, and a lot of them wore it in a way that works with modern fashion. Though, some of them didn’t.

Since the infinity scarf has just a short history, let’s instead take it back to Ancient Rome when the first mentions of the traditional scarf were found.

Back in Aristotle’s day, a scarf was there as a summer accessory, but it was more of a tool than an accessory. Called a “sudarium” in Latin (meaning: sweat cloth), a scarf was used to wipe off sweat and was fastened around a man’s belt.

Over the years, this same piece of material transformed into something to keep heat in instead. Fast forward to the ‘00s, and here we are teaching you how to wear an infinity scarf.

The reason to choose an infinity scarf over a traditional one may be a choice of fashion, but it could also be one of convenience.

Without loose ends to hang and bulk up the front of your coat when tucked inside, the wrappable accessory can be a smart choice for fashionistas who want the warmth of a scarf but want to streamline their look.

When to Wear an Infinity Scarf

Though they’re traditionally worn for warmth, you’ll find infinity scarves of all materials and weights. Thin ones give dimension to simple outfits for the workplace, while thick, knitted styles keep heat in on the chilliest of days.

Finding out how to wear an infinity scarf has a lot to do with knowing when to wear it—and perhaps more importantly, when not to. A less-dressy item, keep your infinity scarf for more casual outfits or as a removable warmth piece over dressy ensembles. Example:

  • Mini dress + crochet infinity scarf = please don’t
  • Mini dress + long coat + infinity scarf = ok, as long as you don’t wear it past taking off your coat

T-shirt, vest, and jeans on a casual Friday at the office? Throw one on and feel free to keep it on all day. With a bohemian style, the scarf adds an extra flowy look to long, billowing dresses.

Pair with ankle boots and a blazer for an easy fall style to go on weekend walks through the park.

As the seasons get colder, choose a thicker, knitted infinity scarf. Nestling perfectly over your large parka, coat, or jacket it’s an easy grab-and-go winter essential that gets you out the door quickly.

How to Wear an Infinity Scarf

With an infinity scarf, if you choose to wear it around your neck, there are really only two ways to go about it. 1.) Leave it loose and hanging 2.) Wrap it twice to create a bundled look.

The first creates a kind of an unfinished look and isn’t something we recommend doing unless you like the look of a floppy mess of fabric across your outfit.

Wrapping the scarf around your neck twice creates a look that mimics the one you’d get from wrapping a scarf, only, you won’t have the hanging ends to deal with and tuck into your coat.

It turns out that how to wear an infinity scarf isn’t limited to use around your neck only. Our favorite way to switch up the way you wear one is to make it into a top.

Wrapping it over your shoulders and stretching it down to your hips creates a criss-cross design that looks adorable with leggings or jeans and ankle boots.

If you’re interested in finding out how to wear an infinity scarf as a shawl, the process is super easy. Simply slip your arms into the loop as you would a vest. The scarf will cover your shoulders and drape around your back (or bottom if it’s long enough).

Want to wear yours as a snood of sorts? Put your hair into a low bun, place one end of the scarf across your forehead, and then twist the back of it around your bun, wrapping it until securely in place.

Alternatively, you can wrap your scarf once around your neck, then pull the back of it up over your head like a hood.

10 Outfit Ideas with an Infinity Scarf

  1. Jeans & a Tee

When it’s warm but you feel like you need a little extra something, exchange your flip flops for ankle boots and swap your necklace for a patterned infinity scarf.

We love this brown and black patterned scarf Valerie wears above. Brown and black used to be fashion don’ts, but then again, so did the infinity scarf.

Seeing it here dressed down in cuffed jeans and aviators gives us visions of early September baseball games, beers, and cute selfies. Because this look works best for warmer days, you’ll want to choose a material that is light and flowy.

  1. Snuggly Winter Essentials

When winter comes knocking, you need the right pieces that aren’t overly cumbersome. Look, we love traditional scarves, but there’s no question they can be really annoying, fall off of your neck, or are just too big.

The infinity scarf wraps snugly around your neck as an accent piece and lets the rest of our outfit do the talking.

Pair with a white, loose, long sleeve shirt, leggings, and knee boots for a cozy winter look perfect for days spent inside or at the ski lodge. Throw on a pompom beanie and you have a super cute look for any age.

  1. Everyday Attire

On busy days when you don’t have two cares in the world, you need an item that’s going to keep up with you and not leave you irritated as it constantly slips off your neck.

That’s the infinity scarf. The one that stays in place when you juggle kids, errands, and look good.

Pictured here, Jessica Alba wore a grey knitted infinity scarf with a simple jacket, khakis, and boots. This isn’t a ground-breaking outfit by any means, but it is one of the kind you’ll gravitate to on chaotic days. It’s comfy, it’s functional, and it gets the job done.

Keep this one in your back pocket.

  1. Button-Down, Vest & Scarf

This simple men’s look is a real crowd-pleaser. Choose your softest of button-downs and semi-tuck them into jeans or khakis. Throw on a vest and choose a thin infinity scarf that won’t make you overheat. Bonus points if it’s got some color to it.

This men’s infinity scarf look is comfortable and semi-casual, great for those who move around a lot in their day and want to kick up their outfit a notch.

  1. Knits on Knits

Pile on the knits for the office. The infinity scarf shown above is made in a deep, jewel-toned blue that gives a gorgeous, subtle contrast against black and white attire. Ideal for classroom teachers or anyone who deals with the chill of air conditioning, this outfit is warm yet cool enough to not make you sweat on the ride home from work.

Pair it with jeans and mules on casual Friday or pull on a pencil skirt and block heel for dressy weekdays.

  1. Military Coat & Boots

The way a military coat comes up right to your neck leaves little space for a scarf. Enter: the infinity scarf. Choose a thin one for this look and wrap it around your neck for added warmth during your morning commute.

Wear skinny jeans or khakis along with military-style boots for a no-nonsense look. Ideal for men and women, this style looks great on everyone.

  1. Tweed Coat

Leave it to Chanel to bring back an old classic and transform it into a chic wardrobe staple. Pictured here from the Fall 2018 runway, a black and white knitted infinity scarf is worn with a wool coat with large statement buttons and 00’s era-style shades.

An un-makeuped look with a peachy lip is perfect for late mornings when all you have time for is a quick swipe of lipstick and wrap of a scarf. A quick and easy ensemble for the office.

  1. Chambray & Sneaks

Whether you button up or button down your chambray shirt, pairing it with a loose, soft infinity scarf is always a good idea. For days where you want to be able to move and need extra warmth, the convenience of your infinity scarf will see you through.

Throw on some black leggings (or black jeans for men), your favorite low-top sneakers (we’re in love with white right now), and get going.

  1. Leather & Heels

Jeans already give this outfit a casual look, but the infinity scarf serves as an extra layer of casual comfort for days when you want to look like you care, but you want to feel like you don’t.

Dress up an everyday sweater and jeans combination with killer heels, a supple leather jacket, and a sleek ponytail.

This look is great for late afternoon drinks on your favorite patio. Remove the scarf for a look that’s more settled in or keep it on if there’s a chill outside.

  1. Tank Top & Cargos

Not every infinity scarf was built for cold weather. In fact, some were made as accessories. A simple tank is a perfect canvas for a fringed infinity scarf.

Try it with army-green cargo pants, a white tank, and a neutral-colored scarf. Add aviators and simple flip-flops to keep things light and simple.

Great for any summer activity outdoors, you’ll get a little extra coverage from the scarf should the sun go down while you’re out.

What Type of Infinity Scarf Can You Get?

Perhaps more so than regular scarves, the types of infinity scarves you can get are quite vast. Designed more for fashion rather than warmth, you’ll find the style in tons of different fabrics including ones with tassels, pompoms, and even fringe.

If you’re worried about how to wear an infinity scarf with fringe, check out the image below and see that it’s all about what you pair it with. Shown here with a simple white tank, jeans, and a knitted cardigan, as long as you keep the rest of the outfit relatively low-key, you won’t risk looking over-accessorized.

Along with the everyday knits in fabrics like cotton and polyester, now and again, you’ll find a fur or faux fur infinity scarf. These ones are a little classier than your average scarf and can be dressed up as so, almost the same way you would a fur shawl.

Even though fur is an upscale fabric, this one can be dressed down too. Just remember to keep the rest of your outfit nice and simple. An all-black ensemble will do the trick.

Best Places to Buy an Infinity Scarf

So now you know how to wear an infinity scarf. What’s next? Well, if you don’t already own one, then you’ll need to find one.

To zero in on one that’s just your style, we suggest shopping at a retailer that carries a selection. Here’s a list below to get you started:

  1. Nordstrom
  2. Macy’s
  3. Simons
  4. Bloomingdale’s

Looking for one to keep up with your active life? Infinity scarves are in Lululemon’s current winter collection. Sweat-wicking and odor-resisting? We’ll take two for winter hot yoga sessions after which the walk home is brutal.

For less expensive styles, you can find a few at Ardene. Or, hop over to Etsy to shop hand-made selections.

Final Thoughts

Even though some said infinity scarves were out, they’re actually kind of making a comeback. You’ll find at least a handful of options at your favorite department store.

Since we’ve now reached the end of this guide, we hope that now you know how to wear an infinity scarf, you’ll put your knowledge to practice and create home-run looks.

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