What to Wear With Brown Boots

There’s a lot that lies behind the question of what to wear with brown boots. Brown boots can be the sturdy rock with upholds a flamboyant outfit or they can be the centerpiece.

They can even exist somewhere in-between, working in tandem with every other item in your wardrobe. So, if you’re looking for outfits that go with brown boots, allow this article to show you all the ways you can style them.

20 Best Outfits That Go With Brown Boots

Before we dive deeper and tell you what to wear with brown boots, we want to tell you some guiding principles that should inform each of your outfits. That way you’ll surpass the need to copy each of these outfits verbatim and can instead look to them for inspiration.

While reading through this article keep an eye on these principles:

  1. Material
  2. Shape
  3. Occasion
  4. Season
  5. Attitude

Each of these can impact what matches with brown boots. Store them somewhere in your subconscious so that, if you’re lucky, the fashion fairy will bless your dreams tonight with fashion inspiration.

We’d much rather have her show us what to wear with brown boots than have the tooth fairy come to tell us we’re too old to put dentures under our pillows.

What To Wear With Brown Boots: Outfit Ideas For Women

Allow us to begin this list of brown boot outfit ideas for women with a bold suggestion. This outfit might seem like heresy if you were to look at all the pieces by themselves, but they have a confident allure when combined.

That’s mostly due to the commonality between the colors. The brown high-heeled boots are the same tone as the ankle-length skirt. They’re offset by the puffer jacket’s lighter brown color and the matching clutch.

The shapes might be big, but the intelligent tonal pairing makes this outfit a winner.

This outfit proves that one of the best ways to wear brown boots is by using them to accent another piece in your outfit. Namely, a floral skirt.

As you can see, this entire fit is designed around drawing one’s eyes to the skirt. The brown boots are a paler color and have a less reflective texture while the white lace shirt is cute but doesn’t try to stand out.

That gives the red and pink skirt all the space it needs to shine. This is what we mean when we talk about balance.

Speaking of balance, you can achieve a trapeze artist’s level of it by using this outfit for inspiration. The bright white sweater dress is catching enough, but it’s bolstered by the ubiquity of every other item.

Notice how the belt, clutch, and boots are all slightly different shades of brown. These different shades keep the spotlight on the fetching sweater dress without making it look like this is your first time pairing colors together.

Now it’s time for a look where the boots do the walking and the talking. These crocodile-skin brown boots arrest the eyes with their shape and height. However, they’d be nothing if the brown blazer wasn’t carrying its weight.

There’s also synergy in the similar colors of the skirt, shirt, and clutch. These tame pieces ensure that the boots will walk all over you if you don’t pay them their due respects.

Leather on leather… what is this, a heavy metal concert? No, dear reader, it’s just another great way to play with the materials of your brown boots.

This outfit employs an ingenious off-color pairing of light browns and dark browns. There could be some conflict between these colors were it not for the leather material that the boots and the dress share. 

Our next outfit entry might stretch the definition of brown just a bit but fashion is all about breaking the rules. This outfit, comprised of a matching blazer, trousers, and boots, is a lesson in symmetry.

Every aspect of this outfit is carefully considered. It has to be, otherwise, it wouldn’t make our list! A key element is the white undershirt which provides a necessary contrast to the suit’s bright brown color.

Boots and trenchcoats are a match made in heaven. This outfit shows just how far you can push that romance while still looking chic. 

What we mean is that this outfit shines by using the rarely-seen above-the-knee trenchcoat to conjure a dangerous image. The matching brown boots are key in this outfit. They provide a streamlined look that’s daring and fashionable.

This brown boots outfit proves you don’t need to be Kim Possible to rock a pair of cargo pants. This is a classy interpretation of a typically workwear combination of brown boots and cargo pants.

What would this article be if it didn’t include at least one entry featuring Uggs? These comfy classics persist to this day thanks to their inherent laid-back vibe.

This outfit works because every piece carries that same mindset. The fitted jeans and large camo jacket are as casual as water-cooler conversations at the workplace, but it’s the brown boots that make this outfit seem well-composed.

The final outfit we’ll include in the women’s section of this article is for the people wondering what to wear with brown boots in the summer. 

Allow this simple combination of a bright jumpsuit and light brown boots to guide you to summer paradise. It keeps things easy and breezy so that you can align your mind towards similar thoughts.

What to Wear With Brown Boots: Outfit Ideas For Men

Our first entry into the men’s category of this article is a bit out of the ordinary. However, fashion is all about operating outside of the norm.

For this look, you’ll pair a monochromatic suit with a darker brown boot. In this example, the model opted for a full navy suit and a slightly-roughed-up shade of brown boots.

This example works because it has solidarity thanks to the uniform color of the suit. The brown boots are a great addition because they break up the color without disrupting the suit’s unity.

Here’s a more simplistic way to style brown boots. This look is an easy combination of a beige t-shirt, dark wash jeans, a baseball cap, and pair of brown boots.

It’s sealed together by the outfit’s slim figure. Every item rests firmly on the body, including the tame shape of the boots. It’s not the most-catching outfit, but clearly, it’s not striving to be. That’s what makes us think this one firmly deserves its place on the list of great brown boots outfit ideas.

All this mention of boots might make you feel a bit chilly. In the case that you’re curious about what to wear with brown boots in the colder months then check out how this outfit combines warmth with layers of color.

The brown boots in question are bulkier, but that pairs well with the jacket, knitted sweater, undershirt, and a beanie on the top half. Additionally, they allow you to select a wider-fitting pair of pants. That’s more space for longjohns underneath if things get frosty!

This is a brown boots outfit for the explorers. It’s a so-simple-we-can’t-believe-it-works cocktail of dark green trousers, a loose beige long-sleeve top, a shoulder bag, and a smart pair of brown boots.

What pushes it to the next level is the canvas bucket hat. In a less intentional outfit this could be a dorky addition, but here it communicates intelligence and an adventurous spirit.

Gosh, wasn’t last year’s new Parquet Courts album great? This is a get-up to throw on if you frequent hipster music bars and chug IPAs.

The brown boots and jeans are both tame enough that the flannel varsity jacket and the mustard t-shirt don’t seem as loud as they could. Plus, that black beanie works to tie everything together on the upper body.

Don’t be so surprised that we’re telling you that sweat pants belong in an outfit. Indeed, this controversial item has a place in our What to Wear With Brown Boots article.

The sweats and varsity crew neck promote a comfy vibe. What makes this outfit noteworthy are the outer layers – the flannel shirt, the brown beanie, and the brown boots. These elements elevate this outfit from “lazy freshman” to “that’s one crazy fresh man.”

If you thought our last outfit was cozy then you haven’t seen anything yet. It’s time to highlight an item we believe was scientifically engineered to go well with brown boots.

We’re talking about the fleece jacket. Nothing radiates comfort and confidence like this killer combo of a light brown fleece jacket, dark chinos, dark brown suede boots, and a dollop of white thanks to the beanie.

The earthy tones are doing plenty of work to show off that this outfit is one with nature.

Many people get confused when wondering what to wear with brown boots in the summer. Let this color-blocking outfit act as your guiding shepherd. 

This fit is all about proportions. It employs a tight-fitting t-shirt to balance the casual brown boots and wide-legged trousers. Also of note is how this outfit uses color to tie itself together. The maroon shirt contrasts with the beige pants and beanie while the boots underscore everything.

Boots, and shorts, in this day and age? Yes, dear reader, you can even slap on a pair of khakis shorts and channel your inner Indiana Jones with the right pair of brown boots.

This outfit is as functional as it is fashion-forward. It proves that you can wear tall boots even in the summer by balancing them with an understated pair of knee-high shorts and a fetching flannel.

Will you look like you’re ready for a hike at a moment’s notice? Potentially, but a little exercise is good for the body.

Our final entry in the men’s section is a lesson on how to optimize materials to your advantage. Though it may not seem like it, this outfit is perfect for summer afternoons that bleed into summer patio nights.

That’s all due to the fabrics at play. The dark leather brown boots, fitted denim, and draping linen-shirt provide a modern aesthetic. They each have their own suave nature. When put together like this they form a deadly classic outfit.

How to Style Brown Boots?

There are oodles of fashion noodles with which you can adorn your brown boots outfit pasta with. By that, we mean that brown boots can fit into most fashion mindsets.

The obvious styles are looks like Americana, workwear, and minimalist, but we’ve seen some techwear experts boldly answer the question of what to wear with brown boots.

It’s less so about the style and about the attitude. Don’t ask do brown boots go with everything? Instead, ask yourself if brown boots go with you.

What Not to Wear With Brown Boots – Fashion Tips to Avoid

We know you have a soft spot for rugged workwear, much like us. There’s something charming about brown corduroy pants that communicates toughness and dependability.

However, take it from us, steer clear of pants that match the shade of your brown boots. You might’ve wondered what matches with brown boots. Well, we can say that the same browns on your feet and your legs do no match.

The reason we mentioned workwear is that products from companies like Carhartt tend towards brown colors. They’re not impossible to wear with brown boots, but they’re tough. 

You want to look like you woke up thinking, “what color goes with brown boots,” not “I want to look like a tree stump.”

What Colors Go Well With Brown Boots?

Due to the numerous shades of brown available in most boots, the simple answer to the question “what goes with brown boots” is most colors!

Denim fits very well with brown boots. Pairing these two colors – particularly a light blue – provides a dashing contrast. Consider implementing this color combination with either a denim jacket or a solid pair of jeans.

Additionally, earthy tones naturally go well with one another. And what color is the earth? Take a look outside, Einstein, and you’ll notice there’s plenty of brown out there!

Look to colors like dark greens, burgundies, and greys to pair effortlessly with brown boots.

Finally, the dynamic duo of black and white always looks good with brown boots. What’s even better is that they eliminate thoughts like, “do brown boots go with everything?” 

That’s because all-white outfits, all-black outfits, or fits orbiting somewhere in between these two spectrums all slay when topped off with a good pair of brown boots.

When To Wear Brown Boots?

Here’s when not to wear brown boots:

  • When you’re sleeping
  • When you’re inside someone’s house
  • When you’re already wearing another pair of shoes

The point is that you can think about how to wear brown booties regardless of the time, place, or season. Free boots from their preconceived notion of being heavy footwear. Allow them to flourish in your imagination!

Drink in the liberty of knowing that you can wear brown boots whenever you please, so long as you are intentional in your decision and forthright in your execution!

Can You Wear Brown Boots in Winter?

Of course you can! Brown boots may actually work better than black boots in the winter because they’re less likely to accumulate salt residue.

Just make sure you’re selecting a pair that’s built to keep your feet warm while you’re trekking through the arctic tundras of your local city center.

Can You Wear Brown Boots in Summer?

Summer is often considered the season for relaxation. Sadly, many people adopt that approach when it comes to their outfits too. You already know what we mean: tacky cargo shorts, lazy athletic tops, and open-toed flip flops. 

The good news is that you can wear brown boots in the summer. In fact, donning a pair will help you stand out among the Jersey Shore extras coasting through life with sedentary styles.

You don’t need to scratch your head and wonder what to wear with brown boots in the heat either. Think of the outfits we covered earlier in this article but use looser-fitting clothes or lighter fabrics.

Do Brown Boots Go With Everything?

Conceptually there’s little you can’t wear with brown boots. Heck, you could even look to some of Harry Styles’ gender-bending get-ups as inspiration for brown booties outfit ideas. 

Honestly, depending on the color, style, and season, the best answer we have for “what to wear with brown boots,” is nearly everything. That is, so long as you consider what purpose your boots are serving in the fit. 

We mean, besides the fact that they’ll be serving up looks. Think about whether you want to flex with a unique and pricey pair from a brand like Yves Saint-Laurent or if you want something less flashy like a Timberland brown boot.

Can You Wear Brown Boots With Black Tops?

You’d be an absolute fool to believe you couldn’t wear brown boots with black tops. In fact, our number one remedy to the centuries-old dilemma of what to wear with brown boots is a black top.

They work together like peanut butter and jelly. By that, we mean that there are so many variables that get thrown by the wayside when you combine a good pair of brown boots with a nice black top.

Just like how it doesn’t matter if your peanut butter is smooth, crunchy, organic, or loaded with sugar, it doesn’t matter what style of black top you wear so long as you pair it with a smashing brown boot.

Final Thoughts

As you reach the end of our guide, you’ve probably learned that it’s not so much about the “what” but the “how.”

With that in mind, think less about what to wear with brown boots and instead ponder how to style brown boots. Changing your line of thinking, even that subtly, will redirect you towards total fashion freedom.

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