2 Best Louis Vuitton Boots

Embrace a bit of luxury in life by adding the best Louis Vuitton boots to any collection. With bold designs, patterns, and materials, these boots aren’t made for any rainy day. 

Working with quality manufacturing, only the best boots come from this brand, leading to a pair that (when treated right) will last a lifetime.

I know it can be intimidating to shop for bigger brands – especially when looking for something like boots that often see wear and tear from use. 

Leave the mystery of the brand behind – I’m here to lay out some basic info to help customers understand exactly what they’ll get from this brand with products, sizing, styles, and more.

Finding the Best Louis Vuitton Boots

The best Louis Vuitton boots come with a lot of considerations in mind. It’s not just about the looks, but also the feel, the material, and a million other little things. Of course, the biggest considerations when shopping with this brand come from:

  • Budget – budget is the biggest thing to note when shopping from Louis Vuitton. Pairs of boots easily sit in the $500 to $5,000 and higher range – it all depends on the pair. I’d argue that the material and quality are definitely above average, however, not everyone can casually afford these prices. Set a spending limit and try to stick to it.
  • Style – despite being a luxury brand, the best Louis Vuitton boots aren’t all camp or classic. There’s a good mix of styles from heeled with solid colors to platform and patterned to more standard hiking boots. Basically, there’s something for everyone in this category.

The 2 Best Louis Vuitton Boots

I can’t really discuss the best Louis Vuitton boots without actually considering the products themselves. This brand is big on variety, meaning there seem to be endless options to choose from when finding a style that suits the occasion. 

I’m hoping to help narrow things down by the end of this article to guide the way for any purchase.

#1: Rhapsody Ankle Boot

Rhapsody Ankle Boot

Brand: Louis Vuitton
Retailer: 24S Worldwide
Price: $1547
Color: Noir

First seen at the Fall-Winter 2019 fashion show, the Rhapsody ankle boot was inspired by biker boots. It is revisited in black glazed calf leather with a harness decorated with silver-tone studs and secured with a Louis Vuitton-engraved horseshoe. The elastic side panels with the Nano-Monogram pattern ensure easy fitting.

#2: Aftergame Sneaker Boot

Aftergame Sneaker Boot

Brand: Louis Vuitton
Retailer: 24S Worldwide
Price: $868
Color: Noir

The Aftergame sneaker boot is a cutting-edge hi-top in black stretch textile. The rainbow-colored Vuitton signature embroidered on the side was inspired by the New Wave handbag. This supple, lightweight sneaker is finished with a white rubber outsole embossed with Louis Vuitton's emblematic Malletage pattern.

What Are the Most Popular Louis Vuitton Boots?

I’m not always swayed by the most popular pieces, however, I do have to note that when buying the best Louis Vuitton boots, there’s something to be said for their most popular styles. 

Obviously, should other designs suit personal tastes, it’s better to go for those. Individuals who have no idea where to even start can take a look at the most popular styles amongst the crowds for a bit of inspiration and guidance:

  • Silhouette Ankle Boot
  • Pillow Comfort Ankle Boot
  • Star Trail Ankle Boot
  • Wonderland Flat Ranger
  • Trainer Sneaker Boot

Do Louis Vuitton Boots Run True to Size?

As far as I can tell in my research, the best Louis Vuitton botts typically run true to size. There are some notations of sizing running narrow, so keep that in mind when sizing.

How Can You Tell If Louis Vuitton Boots Are Real?

The best way to avoid buying fakes comes straight from the retail source. Buy from trusted vendors rather than sketchy shops and things should be good. 

As for the best Louis Vuitton boots themselves, take a look at stitching and creases – stitches should be uniform, thin, and consistent while creases should be undetectable in brand-name products.

Can Louis Vuitton Boots Be Unisex or Gender-Neutral?

While there are some styles that appear more gender-neutral in design, the majority of Louis Vuitton boots tend to come in gendered sizes and fashions.

Of course, I’d argue that no one should let that limit them. Find something you like and start checking sizes to find a fit – no matter the gender designation.

How to Style Louis Vuitton Boots

I can’t always let the best Louis Vuitton boots speak for themselves. Take a look through these inspirations to see just how we can style looks that suit the occasion:

  • Elevate a casual look by pairing bold boots with a simple shirt and jeans
  • Play with proportions going short skirt, long jacket backed by a solid pair of boots
  • Stay simple by using black and white as a base for the outfit

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