5 Best Louis Vuitton Sneakers

5 Best Louis Vuitton Sneakers

There’s something to be said about sneakers. Though comfortable and casual, the style they can radiate is impressive, especially when you opt for a luxury pair.

Why not go the extra mile and introduce comfy, casual pairs of the best Louis Vuitton sneakers to your wardrobe? A luxury pair of running shoes ensures you’ll stand out from the crowd.

Though footwear might not be the first thing you think of when looking for designer accessories, my list of the best Louis Vuitton sneakers will change that.

From stunning styles to iconic logos, I’m sure you’ll find something to sport here. Let’s dive in.

Finding The Best Louis Vuitton Sneakers

5 Best Louis Vuitton Sneakers

Finding the best pair of the best Louis Vuitton sneakers for you is harder than you might think, thanks to the wide selection. I want you to feel confident in your purchase, so make sure to answer these questions before pulling out your credit card:

  • Budget: The biggest thing I want to emphasize when buying from luxury brands? Setting a budget. It’s easy to empty your wallet on a single purchase, especially when these shoes typically sit in the $1,000 to $3,000 range. Plan ahead, set money aside, and take time to set a spending limit before buying.
  • Style: The best Louis Vuitton sneakers come in all kinds of styles, so take a few moments to think about your taste and where you’ll wear them. Consider weather types, standard outfits, and the amount of activity these sneakers will see.

The 5 Best Louis Vuitton Sneakers

5 Best Louis Vuitton Sneakers

There’s a lot that goes into finding the best Louis Vuitton sneakers on the market. With such a wide range of styles available, it’s hard to know exactly where to start the search. Luckily, I’ve pulled together a list of a few ideas that should help narrow down your options.

#1: LV Archlight Sneaker

LV Archlight Sneaker

Brand: Louis Vuitton
Retailer: 24S Worldwide
Price: $1005
Color: Blanc

This black and white version of the iconic LV Archlight sneaker was inspired by the graphic patterns of Nicolas Ghesquière's Cruise 2020 show for Louis Vuitton. Crafted from printed leather and technical fabrics, it features the signature turbo outsole of the LV Archlight line. This model is finished with a back loop in Monogram canvas.

#2: Aftergame Sneaker Boot

Aftergame Sneaker Boot

Brand: Louis Vuitton
Retailer: 24S Worldwide
Price: $868
Color: Noir

The Aftergame sneaker boot is a cutting-edge hi-top in black stretch textile. The rainbow-colored Vuitton signature embroidered on the side was inspired by the New Wave handbag. This supple, lightweight sneaker is finished with a white rubber outsole embossed with Louis Vuitton's emblematic Malletage pattern.

#3: Trocadero Slip-On

Trocadero Slip-On

Brand: Louis Vuitton
Retailer: 24S Worldwide
Price: $696
Color: noir normal

This edition of the Trocadero slip-on sneaker comes in pastel Monogram textile, which coordinates with the season's leather goods and ready-to-wear collections. The design is complemented by trim in grained calf leather. Extra-supple elastic on the sides ensures this sneaker slips easily on and off.

#4: Luxembourg Sneaker

Luxembourg Sneaker

Brand: Louis Vuitton
Retailer: 24S Worldwide
Price: $662
Color: Blanc

The sleek design of the Luxembourg sneaker is complemented by a transparent material with Louis Vuitton's iconic Monogram pattern. Coordinating calf-leather trim creates a color-block effect. The matching rubber outsole is debossed with Monogram-Flower motifs, while the House signature is embossed in gold on the tongue.

#5: Tattoo Sneaker

Tattoo Sneaker

Brand: Louis Vuitton
Retailer: 24S Worldwide
Price: $738
Color: Blanc

The sleek, simple design of the Tattoo sneaker is highlighted by iridescent Monogram canvas. White laces and calf-leather trim complement this design, which also features a white rubber toe cap and outsole. It is finished with a Louis Vuitton signature, embossed in silver on the tongue.

What Are The Most Popular Louis Vuitton Sneakers?

5 Best Louis Vuitton Sneakers

Starting with style above all else, I could hardly take a look at the best Louis Vuitton sneakers without actually considering some of the models available.

While there seems to be a growing list over the years, some of the most popular styles have been:

  • Passenger Sneaker Boot
  • Frontrow Sneaker
  • LV Archlight
  • Run Away Sneaker

Do Louis Vuitton Sneakers Run True To Size?

5 Best Louis Vuitton Sneakers

From all that I’ve read online, the best Louis Vuitton sneakers run true to size.

No need to about size up or down for a perfect fit—just go with the standard size (after checking the size guide, of course) and all should be good.

How Can You Tell If Louis Vuitton Sneakers Are Real?

5 Best Louis Vuitton Sneakers

Buying from any luxury brand can cause serious concern surrounding counterfeits. The easiest way to get the real deal is by buying from trusted sources.

Check online to see whether the source is listed as a verified marketplace for the best Louis Vuitton sneakers—if nothing comes up then there’s a good chance they may be fakes.

As for the sneakers themselves, it’s all in the details. Louis Vuitton is known for consistent, thin stitches, so checking the stitchwork is important. Check the logos on boxes for lettering as—counterfeits often thicken certain letters such as ‘s’ or ‘n’ on the packaging.

Can Louis Vuitton Sneakers Be Unisex or Gender-Neutral?

5 Best Louis Vuitton Sneakers

Aside from the sizing which comes in men’s and women’s sizes, the styles for some of the best Louis Vuitton sneakers are quite gender-neutral.

Keeping things simple in color and tone, many of these designs are just about finding personal fashion rather than gendered fashion. Find the right fit and go wild.

How To Style Louis Vuitton Sneakers

Once the money has been spent, it’s important to show off the new stunning sneakers—but how should they be styled? Check out these tips on how to change things up:

  • Add some casual to a business look by pairing fresh sneakers with a stunning suit. This look is a great way to transform your officewear into something sleeker when you head out for a happy hour.
5 Best Louis Vuitton Sneakers
  • Embrace fall fashion by complementing a long coat with bright sneakers. By doing so, you’ll transform an otherwise mundane look into something fashionable.
5 Best Louis Vuitton Sneakers
  • Keep things comfortable with a simple sweater and jeans combo to complete the cozy look. This pairing is perfect for busy weekends—your feet will stay comfy but you’ll still look sleek.

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