Stores Like Boohoo

This online British fashion site offers affordable, yet trendy, products for all who type their store name into a search bar. Plenty of women’s, men’s, and plus-size options give clothing lovers an inclusive shopping experience. Stores like Boohoo just don’t come along every day.

The brand has a 10-million+ following on their Instagram page alone where they feature colorful posts showcasing their models, progressive campaigns, and new products.

In between posts of women modeling their individual style are messages promoting self-love. 

This article will compare Boohoo to several similar retailers. We’ll check out many stores like Boohoo, comparing their fashion-forward movements, products, and prices to help you decide which one is better for you and deserves your browsing time.

Overview of Boohoo

After launching in 2006, the UK-based retailer has built a clothing empire. They’ve become one of the best shopping sites for women and men, selling many trendy and fashionable items.

Their fashion-forward campaigns are what define the brand, such as their recycled fashion collection, the #FilterFree takeover on their social media, a student ambassador program, and a number of charity donations.

Since it was established, the company has been delivering vogue fashion to over 100 countries and launches over 500 new products every week. Distinctive collections can be found throughout their online store, like boohooCurve, boohooFit, boohooPremium, and boohooBeauty. 

As with any brand, there are pros and cons to consider. This feature will carefully overview what this retailer has to offer, to ensure that you’ll have the finest shopping experience possible. Let’s take a look at a list of highlights about the company.


  • Shopping sections for women, men, and plus-size customers
  • Constant sales offered (such as 40%-80% off plus free standard or express shipping)
  • Average sale price points of $25 – $30 
  • Inclusive sizing options (sizes 0 – 20)
  • Several reviews praise their huge selection of styles and their well-organized site (to make browsing for products easier)
  • Many reviews applaud their fast shipping and efficient delivery of orders

How We Chose the Best Stores Like Boohoo

After comparing countless online shopping sites, we’ve found the best stores like Boohoo to help you decide which company reflects your personal style the most. 

While researching stores like Boohoo and deciding which ones to add to our list, we’ve considered several major factors, including prices, style, quality, selection, convenience, and diversity. 

After reading this list based on our sharp criteria, you’ll finish this feature ready to browse the retail site most suited for you. And you might have a fashion delivery at your door in the near future.


Let us tell you a little secret: the best time to shop on Boohoo’s site to get the most bang for your buck is during one of their non-stop sale events.

The average clothing price for sale items ranges from $25 – $30, while regular-priced items are listed between $40 – $60 on average. 

The shopping sites like Boohoo in this upcoming list stay within that affordable range and also within your budget. A handful of the stores even have round-the-clock promotions as Boohoo does. After all, the more clothes the better. 


A quick glance at Boohoo is all it takes to notice that they have styles suitable for everyone. They offer some of the best online shopping for women and men alike. Some items feature pops of colors for our loud, outgoing girls and guys, while others have muted tones for the mysterious, classy babes. 

If you need a dress for a night out or a new pair of sweats for lounging, the site has it all— and so do these other stores like Boohoo.


Boohoo has made an eco-friendly stamp in the fashion world since many of their products are made from recycled material. 

Some of these stores like Boohoo preach the same sustainable mantra of putting the environment first with their fashion-forward apparel. That way, you’ll have no buyer’s guilt when shopping from these ethical collections.


Like Boohoo, all of these stores have a wide selection of new and reliable style options to choose from. Gals, guys, plus-size queens, and even kids are featured on some of these stores like Boohoo, with collections made exclusively for them.

We can guarantee that you’ll find what you’re looking for at one or more of these stores.


All these stores like Boohoo offer accessible shopping from the comfort of your own home almost anywhere across the globe. As we know, the love for shopping is a worldwide phenomenon.

Certain companies on this list even offer in-store shopping options for our adventurous shoppers, or for those who need to escape and do some retail therapy.

Rewards programs can be found on some of these platforms, which dedicated fashion lovers will appreciate. Finally, saving the best news for last, all stores offer fast shipping within certain regions, so your purchase can be in your hands within a matter of days. 

Diversity & Inclusion

The most important criteria we consider when evaluating stores like Boohoo is their commitment to diversity and inclusion. This is a priority to ensure no shopper is left behind or unaccounted for.

Whether it be a wide sizing range or showcasing different ethnicities, inclusivity is a must. 

Like Boohoo, some of these stores even go as far as no longer editing the models’ images posted on their social media pages and website.

Confidence and self-love in fashion are crucial and many of these stores are supporting this narrative. We’ve collected a list of some of the best trendy online stores below (and some of them even have brick and mortar stores):

  • Pretty Little Thing
  • American Apparel 
  • Shein
  • Lulus
  • 2020Ave
  • Express
  • Forever 21
  • Fashion Nova
  • River Island
  • Nasty Gal

10 Best Stores Like Boohoo 

The time has finally come for us to dive into the list of stores like Boohoo for men and women that we’ve compiled. 

Get ready to learn about 10 different retailers that compare to – and perhaps even stand out from – Boohoo in terms of price, style, quality, selection, convenience, and diversity. 

#1– Pretty Little Thing

Up first is Pretty Little Thing, which is another UK-based online shopping site founded in 2012. Taking a side-by-side look at both websites, you’ll instantly see big similarities between the two brands. But they each have slightly different designs since Pretty Little Thing’s apparel seems a bit more flirty than Boohoo’s. 

And as a side note, Boohoo now owns a portion of the fellow British company, which explains why the brands are so similar. 

Like Boohoo, Pretty Little Thing is constantly advertising sales across their site and offering free, fast shipping incentives. Their regular-priced items are similarly priced to Boohoo’s and range from around $40 – $60.

What’s the good news? Pretty Little Thing’s sale prices are even lower and are listed on average between $10 – $15. So, it’s time to go and grab your deal, girl. 

Unfortunately, there is no men’s tab found on their site. However, the company makes up for it by offering a unisex section alongside its other inclusive, trendy collections (tall, petite, maternity, shape, and sustainable).

Like Boohoo, Pretty Little Thing commits to social responsibility campaigns and has diverse models representing their brand. 

#2– American Apparel

Another online retailer, American Apparel is a veteran in the fashion world. Since 1989, the company has been selling you countless go-to basics.

There are no patterns, prints, or designs to be found here— just lots of closet staples— such as reliable denim or plain white T-shirts for women, men, and even kids.

Marketing themselves as “Ethically Made – Sweatshop Free,” sales aren’t too common on this site. But don’t worry, the prices are still relatively affordable at between $20 – $40 on average. American Apparel has been widely praised by shoppers over the years for their 100% cotton material.

But the quality doesn’t stop at the clothing. Just like Boohoo, the store has spent its entire existence creating campaigns to demand a better quality of life for humanity, including participating in protests for immigrant and LGBTQ+ rights. 

The store is also recognized as one of the first to stop heavily editing their models’ photos, leaving them bare with imperfections but free from unrealistic standards.

#3– Shein

Have you ever scrolled through TikTok and stumbled across a bulk clothing haul? Chances are they bought it off Shein. This online store makes keeping up with trends easier than keeping up with the Kardashians.

With over seven million users per month, they’ve become a social media expert and they may have even collabed with your favorite fashion blogger for a giveaway.

Perhaps the cheapest store on our list, most items are within a low $10 – $20 price range. But trust us, there are plenty of varying styles to choose from. Like Boohoo, there are products for women and men to wear on every occasion.

A shopper’s favorite word is also found on this site: sale. The discounts seem never-ending, and some are even as high as 90% off!

Frequent Shein shoppers will be recognized by the company. The more you spend, the more discounts are awarded to your account. This retailer even offers incentives for posting reviews or engaging in online web-based campaigns, and buyers will collect points they can redeem towards their upcoming purchases.

#4– Lulus

Founded as a vintage fashion store decades ago, Lulus has since emerged as an affordable luxury retailer, and lots of sophisticated, modern, and chic styles fill their online shop. Prices for their fancy designs vary, but the average cost is around $40 – $70.

Lulus promises daily new arrivals for their customers, easily comparable to Boohoo’s guarantee of a new haul weekly. This store is perfect for our soft, elegant fashionistas with its abundance of items featuring pastels, florals, and feminine styles. Women of all sizes can strut these romantic designs (with sizing ranging from 0 – 31).

While the retailer has products suitable for everyday wear, they also have fancier items for those special evenings that require a little extra glam. Take a look at their wedding and prom sections and “bibbidi-bobbidi-boo!” your fairy godmother might find the perfect dress for you. 

#5– 2020Ave

Have a thing for the underdogs? This next store like Boohoo is an up-and-coming retailer in the online fashion world.

2020Ave is a California-based store targeting laid-back trendsetters with an eye for street style. They offer many basic styles, ranging from $15 – $20, and creative designs with an average price point of $35 – $65.

Quickly browsing through their website and social media sites, we’ll see many minimal, neutral tone designs that are perfect for the girls looking for that effortless look. Like Boohoo, the company shows their inclusivity by offering a Curve section (with sizes that go up to 3XL) to ensure no shopper is left behind. 

Keeping a personable relationship with buyers is a core value at this company, and they claim to try on all their clothes before listing them to ensure they meet quality standards. Their Instagram page also has a section introducing their employees, so you know exactly who you’re buying from and supporting.

#6– Express

We didn’t forget about the mall lovers: this next one offers online shopping and over 600 in-store locations for men and women. Express sells many wardrobe essentials featuring a classy finish and creates versatile designs great for everyday wear.

The average pricing of their clothing is between $60 – $90, but their premium fabrics make the pennies spent totally worth it.

Express offers free standard shipping for their shoppers in the United States and Canada. Each season they invite dedicated customers to test products and offer design input since customer service is valued.

Another core value, like Boohoo, is their pledge to be eco-friendly. Currently, they sell a sustainable collection and have a list of ethical goals for the upcoming years.

They also promote diversity in many ways, such as by their choice of models and styles, their constant support of youth, and various other projects that promote inclusion. And we just love a supportive company.

In terms of convenience, Express is highly recommended. They can be found in your local mall or are only a click away— their name truly lives up to the expectations. 

#7– Forever 21

Forever 21 doesn’t limit itself to one type of style. Like Boohoo, they target the tastes and needs of various style types— whether bold, bohemian, preppy, and more— you name it and they have it. The store offers the latest trends, and a great mixture of daily closet staples for women, men, plus-sized, and even girls. 

Another affordable company with average costs ranging from $20 – $40 per item, they have an online shop and over 600 stores worldwide. Plenty of shopping incentives can be found on their website with new deals added regularly to save you dollars off, and there’s even free shipping. 

The company takes their social responsibility seriously but they don’t stop at silent donations. Forever 21 came up with a unique innovation: they often showcase their social values in their designs. Recently they launched a collection in support of Black History Month.

#8– Fashion Nova

Fashion Nova can be considered Boohoo on steroids. The two companies have a very similar sense of style and a keen eye for the latest trends.

Go on their website and you’ll be greeted with a flashy advertisement showcasing their current sales that always leave buyers knowing they got a great deal. Average prices vary between $15 – $35

Like Boohoo, Fashion Nova has a strong social media presence, with over 20 million followers on their active Instagram page. Hollywood names, like Cardi B and Kylie Jenner, have been caught wearing the apparel. So it’s safe to say, the company knows what’s hot!

They also claim to add over 1000 new products to their site every week, leaving you coming back for more. 

With clothing for women, men, plus-sized, and kids, this company gives off the best inclusive vibes. They even launched Fashion Nova Cares, an initiative promoting social movements within the company. On their site, this message says it all: “regardless of shape, personal style, or gender, we’re here to fit everyone.” 

#9– River Island

River Island has a respected 60 years of fashion retailing experience, meaning they know what they’re doing. The company offers high-street fashion, most of which are designed in-house. 

Differing from others on the list, River Island recognizes the trends and seems to put their own unique spin on them. So there’ll be no more embarrassing moments of wearing the same shirt as a stranger or friend.

Like Boohoo, they have affordable prices ranging from $40 – $60 and offer apparel for women, men, and kids online and in-store (with over 350 locations internationally). 

Admirably, River Island commits to a sustainable relationship with our environment by partnering with a handful of environmental groups. Notably, their list of charitable donations is one of the longest. 

#10– Nasty Gal

Nasty Gal is the earthy, natural version of Boohoo. After being bought by the Boohoo Group in 2017, Nasty Gal reflects similar prices and sales of its owner. Their bohemian styles can be bought from $15 – $35, and there are plenty of deals to add to your shopping cart. 

Identical to Boohoo, the site provides options for women of all sizes which, once again, promotes diversity and inclusivity. They’ve also launched a sustainable campaign in hopes of a more ethical fashion future, similar to many other companies we’ve listed.

Nasty Girl knows that their clothing pairs best with confidence and this is what they advocate. They acknowledge that their fashion is constantly growing, just like their company is. 

To state the obvious, stores like Boohoo are popular for their ability to deliver you the latest trends at affordable prices. Boohoo, and the stores like them, reflect the everyday people of the world— neighbors, colleagues, friends, and family— who are all unique in their own ways. 

Fashion is a method of separating and distinguishing yourself from the rest and expressing your individuality. With the help of Boohoo and company along with their various designs, this is all made possible. 

Which Stores like Boohoo are the Closest in Comparison?

To save you some of the work of typing every URL into your browser, we’ll tell you which stores we think rank the closest to Boohoo by comparing the brands. 

This may not come as a surprise to you but Pretty Little Thing compares extremely well to Boohoo— after all Boohoo does own a portion of the company.

The site layouts, location, price points, and the fact that they follow trends are all obvious similarities between the two brands.

The same can be said for Fashion Nova since both companies use their social media sites to promote their latest designs and upcoming collaborations. So, you’ll never miss a trend!

The affordable prices and constant deals are more incentives, and provide all the convincing you need to buy from either online retailer. 

If you like Boohoo, we’re certain Pretty Little Thing and Fashion Nova will meet all your expectations and more!

Which Stores like Boohoo are the Most Affordable?

Each store on this strategically compiled list is relatively affordable and can give most shoppers a new clothing item to turn them into a trendsetter.

Without the aid of a coupon code, Shein and 2020Ave seem to rank the most affordable. 

Pretty Little Thing, Fashion Nova, and Nasty Gal can’t go unnoticed though. Once you plug in the codes for their ongoing deals, you’ll witness the prices magically drop. 

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it; this fantastic list of stores might just meet all your shopping needs. There is something for everyone within one or more of these stores that will not only reflect your style but also reflect your values, which is the core of who we are as human beings. 

Aside from their alluring low prices and fresh designs for each season, these companies go above and beyond to remain dedicated to social movements and charities that support you, the people you may know, and the communities you may live in. After all, generocity is the sexiest thing to wear. 

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