Stores Like Forever 21

The Forever 21 shopping experience is like no other. Shoppers peruse through clothing racks under intense fluorescent lights, with top 100 songs playing in the background (like white noise) as they galavant from section to section in the store, searching for trendy items.

And that’s why stores like Forever 21 (F21) have really made their mark in the world.

From florals to sequins, F21 played an important role in my teenage evolution. The store provided an accessible and cost-effective way to try on the latest trends, and I’m pretty sure many fashionistas agree. 

Despite its name, the brand filed for bankruptcy in early 2019. There are some shops still lingering around in the western hemisphere, but they’re considered a rare find. With an F21 sized hole in hearts, it’s only natural to think “what are some clothing stores like Forever 21?” 

If you’re wondering this same thing, stay tuned. We’re going to count down 13 fashion retailers that offer the same aesthetic and vibe as F21. 

Overview of Forever 21

Forever 21 started off as an immigrant’s dream come true. Founded by couple Jin Sook and Do Won Chang, the boutique made its official debut in sunny Los Angeles after they emigrated there from South Korea. 

What began as a humble, family-owned business quickly transformed into a billion-dollar corporation. Since its establishment in 1981, Forever 21 grew into a global brand that reached the likes of Canada, the United States, and Asia. 

As we mentioned before, Forever 21 is no more. The founder sold the brand to a group of investors in 2020. But, currently, you can still find a few of their stores located in Canada and the United States, and their official website is up and running. 

How We Chose the Best Stores Like Forever 21

Forever 21 was a store that produced lots of fast fashion items and they were, in many ways, at the forefront of this movement.

Of course, this came with several benefits and drawbacks, which in our opinion makes for an excellent learning opportunity. We chose the best stores like Forever 21 based on what this brand did well and what needed to be improved on. 

Below, we’ll touch on topics concerning price, quality, style, diversity, and more. Hopefully, by the end of this article, you’ll understand why we included these 13 select stores. 


Forever 21 was the best and worst thing that happened to my wallet. Their low prices allowed me to invest in the latest fashion trends, but considering that everything was so cheap, it was very easy to overspend. More specifically, it cost around $9 for a dress and $5 for a simple crop top.

Stores like Forever 21 will usually offer the same low cost range in order to reach a wider demographic. 


Forever 21’s core style is all over the place. In fact, they don’t have just one style: from cutesy floral prints to sexy seductress items, you can find multiple aesthetics within F21’s clothing racks. 

But, if we were to describe the brand’s targeted demographic, we’d say that they cater to teenagers and young adults. If you’re thinking of new-age Tumblr, you’re definitely on the right track. 

Nastygal, Romwe, and other stores like Forever 21 will typically target the same clientele. Who are these customers? They’re young, heavy social-media users, and they love to wear different aesthetics (especially the latest trends). 


We’ll be honest: Forever 21 wasn’t known for selling high-quality clothing. Fast fashion will never be detail-oriented, since loose threads, ill-fitting silhouettes, and thinly constructed clothing are usually commonplace within this industry.

Unfortunately, the brand wasn’t very transparent regarding sustainability or ethical labor either. 

Since the company’s bankruptcy, stores like Forever 21 have been implementing some eco-friendly initiatives. This mainly includes utilizing recycled materials, biodegradable packaging, or donating to philanthropic efforts. So now the future’s looking much brighter. 


Forever 21 had a massive selection of clothing. Shoppers could find an extensive range of dresses, shirts, shoes, pants, and accessories to choose from in a variety of styles and aesthetics. The stores we’ve included in our list also provide the same kind of variety. 

Ultimately, stores like Forever 21 target customers who favor retailers with expansive inventories of items, compared to those who prefer more specialized, curated selections. 


There’s a good chance that, at one point, Forever 21 resided in your local mall. Since there were hundreds of shops located globally, we can say for certain that the F21 shopping experience was oh so convenient. 

Aside from great in-store accessibility and fast shipping, the brand’s reward program was also a plus for many customers. Naturally, stores like Forever 21 will try to offer the same degree of convenience. 

Diversity & Inclusion

Compared to other clothing boutiques, Forever 21 wasn’t winning in any categories concerning diversity and inclusion. But, despite the brand falling short in this regard, where they once lacked, stores like Forever 21 can improve upon. 

The 13 boutiques we’ll mention in this review all implement some degree of body positivity and racial diversity in their brand ethos. This is showcased through their product photos, social media marketing campaigns, and artist collaborations. 

13 Best Stores Like Forever 21

Since Forever 21’s departure, stores have scrambled to take F21’s place.

Today, we’re spoiled with hundreds of different options, ranging from cheap and chic Romwe to Insta-baddie Missguided and so many more. To keep our review relatively short though, we’ll highlight 13 stores like Forever 21 for readers to consider. Let’s get started! 


Popularized by Instagram, Missguided is the go-to clothing boutique for hundreds of trendsetters. Everything is designed to cater to your inner insta-baddie, as the brand features many slim-fit silhouettes and bootylicious styles. 

In terms of aesthetics, we’d say they offer a mix of athleisure, urban streetwear, and Tik Tok fashion. Basically, it’s the brand to opt for if you’re looking to induce some major ‘boss babe’ attitude. 

Their prices are quite reasonable, given that customers can spend as little as $4 to as much as $153 for a solid piece. It’s worth noting that their most expensive designs are usually winter coats. 

They seem to be pretty inclusive too, as showcased in the brand’s plus-size category and by their diverse group of models. Missguided, in our book, also scores full points for convenience due to their fast shipping times. 

#2 – Nasty Gal

Nasty Gal provides the finesse of urban contemporary fashion, mixed in with some good ol’ adult rebellious attitude. 

There’s something intrinsically defiant and daring about the brand’s core aesthetic, and it’s probably due to the surge of vintage tees, washed denim, and retro patterns that frequently dominate the website. They’re also known for their wide selection of lingerie, summer dresses, and shoes. 

Price wise, Nasty Gal is relatively active in offering promotions and discounts for their clothing. It’s also great to know that they’re relatively affordable as well, since costs can range from $4 to $110

The brand scores high points for diversity, which is showcased by their inclusive group of models. We’d say that they’re pretty convenient too, given the company’s quick delivery times and option for international shipping. 

#3 – Windsor

Instagram fashion showcases a mesmerizing variety of colors, prints, and patterns. Windsor, a company specializing in trendy clothes, understands this very well. 

Offered exclusively for women, this online boutique provides a dash of romanticism, a pinch of insta-baddie, and a whopping tablespoon of sex factor throughout its entire collection. Customers usually visit Windsor for its formal wear and selection of lingerie. 

After glossing through their inventory, it appears that Windsor is considered one of the more expensive online clothing stores like Forever 21. Prices typically range from $9 to $110, with most items retailing around the $30 mark. 

Sadly, the brand isn’t very inclusive regarding diversity or body positivity, given that most of their models look relatively similar. They also only provide sizes from extra small to large. Fortunately, Windsor scores full points for convenience, since they offer international shipping and Zip as an alternative payment option. 

#4 – Wet Seal

Wet Seal believes that you can dress well for less. Famous for its shockingly low prices, this fashion boutique sells a variety of trendy clothing, ranging from graphic tees to loungewear, and lots more. 

We can’t pinpoint the brand’s main aesthetic, but rest assured that most of their pieces have been inspired by several Instagram posts. Case in point: the Ribbed Wrap Tie Cropped Top should remind you of Zendaya, and Norah Fatehi’s iconic red carpet looks. 

If you can afford to buy a $10 bath bomb from Lush, then I’m sure that Wet Seal prices shouldn’t take you by surprise. They’re definitely considered one of the many cheap online stores just like Forever 21. Customers can find a solid tee for as low as $8 and a coat for only $50

Wet Seal appears to be more diverse than many other brands given their vast selection of models, but they’re relatively sub-par regarding sizing options based on the brand’s small to extra large range. The company does get our ‘seal’ of approval in terms of its shipping times but, unfortunately, they only deliver within the United States. 

#5 – Guess

Despite its name, you don’t have to guess with Guess. You know exactly what you’re going to get with this brand— fashionable, trendy clothing that harbors a touch of old-school Americana. Contemporary, down-beat, and oftentimes subtle, this garment boutique offers an assortment of styling basics. 

They’ve got dresses, coats, loungewear sets, denim, and shoes to fill up your closets. Plus, Guess is one of the few options that fall into the ‘stores like Forever 21 mens section’ on Google search. 

Compared to F21, Guess is quite expensive. You’re looking at a price range of about $16 to $367. Despite its high markups, customers can relax knowing that Guess is a reputable company to support. They’ve been around since 1981 and have grown a significant online following over the years. 

In our opinion, the brand doesn’t range high on the diversity scale, but they’re definitely worth considering if you’re above size six. Options for clothes typically range from extra small to XXL. Plus, you can try items on in-store, since Guess owns multiple shops located worldwide. 

#6 – Romwe

Considered the talk-of-the-town on Instagram, YouTube, and Tik Tok, Romwe is the go-to-destination for cheap and chic clothing. They’re typically favored by teenagers and young adults, but that doesn’t surprise us given their youthful, upbeat aesthetic. 

Romwe offers a colorful mix of sweet, alternative, and vintage-inspired clothing styles. Options range from dresses, tops, sweaters, leggings, skirts, jackets, and more. 

If you’re looking for other stores like Forever 21, we’d say that Romwe is a good choice. They definitely beat F21 though when it comes to inventory size. Their collection is ginormous, which provides users ample opportunity to find something unique that they love. Price-wise, their clothing fluctuates between $2 to $230, but you can find a decent piece for only $10 to $20

Romwe does have a plus-size section, but we feel that they can do more in terms of diversity. A majority of their models look the same regarding race and size. Convenience is what the company excels at though, given its rewards program and international shipping option. 

#7 – PrettyLittleThing

PrettyLittleThing reminds you that you need some loving (T.L.C)— tender love and care” that is— in the form of good ol’ retail therapy.

Michael Jackson references aside, this online boutique offers an aesthetically pleasing array of Insta-baddie fits dyed in monochrome hues. 

You can rely on them to stay atop the latest trends since customers can find beauties such as the corseted top and the leather shacket off their website.

Plus, did you know that Mindy Chen from Emily in Paris fashioned the Orange Tie Dye outfit in season 2? Talk about a company that gets with the times. 

Aside from PLT’s seven seconds of fame, they appear to excel when it comes to quality, customer service, and delivery.

For us, PrettyLittleThing passes the inclusivity test, as the company showcases a diverse cast of models, and also has an expansive plus-size collection. For decently made clothing, we feel that PLT’s prices are semi-reasonable. More specifically, costs range between $30 to $380.

#8 – Showpo

As we wait for winter to blow over, Showpo’s summertime collection reminds us that there’s always something to look forward to. It’s an excellent brand to support if you’re keen on slim-fit silhouettes, sultry formal wear, and Instagram-inspired fashion. 

Based in Sydney, Australia, this clothing boutique provides a broad assortment of dresses, tops, bottoms, shoes, and accessories for customers to buy. Plus, they also carry other brands such as The Ordinary and Levis on their website. 

Showpo is absolutely killing it when it comes to inclusivity. When you peruse through their clothing selection, most product photos provide a side-by-comparison of how the garment looks on an extra-small model and on a plus-sized candidate. 

The company is definitely considered one of the many cheap stores like Forever 21, given its $4 to $270 price range. If we were to mark Showpo in terms of convenience, we’d say that they deserve a solid 8/10 due to the brand’s fast shipping times and an array of available locations. 

#9- Fashion Nova

Worn by the likes of Kylie Jenner and Nicki Minaj, Fashion Nova is considered Insta-baddie central. It’s the kind of brand to opt for if you’re blessed with bootylicious curves, as referenced by their hourglass-shaped models. 

You’d be hard-pressed to find any oversized sweaters or frumpy loungewear sets here, as this clothing boutique is known for its skin-tight cocktail dresses, ‘peachy’ denim, and cleavage-city tops. Fashion Nova is basically 100% sex appeal. 

If you’re searching for ‘stores like Forever 21 plus section,’ Fashion Nova provides a commendable selection of clothing sizes. Measurements typically range from extra small to 3X, which is definitely more inclusive than some of the brands we’ve featured thus far. 

The company is also quite cost-effective, as a simple dress can be as low as $6. The priciest garment on their website, a full-length prom dress, retails at a semi-affordable $133. Plus, Fashion Nova is available internationally, with the added perk of speedy shipping. 

#10 – Princess Polly

Princess Polly will speak to your inner primadonna, which I guess is quite obvious given its name. The company is famously known for its flirtatious mini dresses and Insta-baddie-inspired tops.

Considering that they’re a favorite of the one-and-only Ariana Grande, it should come as no surprise that Princess Polly is hot amongst the young adult crowd. 

Price-wise, they aren’t one of the most affordable stores like Forever 21, but Princess Polly makes up for it in terms of quality and sustainability.

Diversity and body inclusivity are areas that the brand needs to work on though, as shown by their product photos which tend to include models that look quite similar. 

With that being said, the brand goes above and beyond in terms of sizing, as they offer a broad range of sizes for customers to choose from (XXS to 6XL). Lastly, for convenience, Princess Polly gets a gold star based on their international shipping options and their handy mobile app. 

#11 – Zaful

In the race to replace Forever 21, Zaful is considered— by many —to be the next mega fast-fashion retailer. The company’s inventory is massive, and they’re home to numerous different aesthetics, ranging from VSCO, Y2K, to athleisure. 

Trendy, chic, and shockingly cheap, it’s common for influencers to conduct Zaful clothing hauls in the name research. What’s the consensus? It’s really a mixed bag, but you can rest assured that the brand excels in terms of design. 

Zaful’s prices are known to be dirt cheap. More specifically, you can expect a range of about $4 to $51 for their clothing, shoes, and accessories. They also provide a men’s section, which is handy for those Googling ‘stores like Forever 21 guys collection.’ 

Zaful isn’t going to win any award concerning inclusivity, diversity, or quality, but their accessibility is something else. Not only are they available via mobile app, but the company delivers to hundreds of countries worldwide, such as Brazil, Portugal, and South Korea. 

#12 – Lucy In The Sky

“Picture yourself in a boat on a river; With tangerine trees and marmalade skies.” These lyrics capture what Lucy In The Sky is all about aesthetics-wise.

While the diamonds may not be included, this seemingly Beatles-inspired boutique captures the whimsy and romance of the 1967 classic song, “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.” 

They’re famous for their skin-tight cocktail dresses and clubwear. Offered in hues of pinks, pastel blues, and deep reds, Lucy In the Sky appears to believe that Valentine’s Day is every day. 

This online boutique isn’t known for its shockingly low prices but, according to sources online, they’re relatively decent when it comes to quality and customer service. Sizes only range from extra small to large, and they don’t appear to include a diverse cast of models. 

But, for more encouraging news, the company does provide international delivery and Afterpay as an alternative payment option, which is one of the reasons why they’re included in our stores like Forever 21 lineup. 

#13 – Shein

Shein is a clothing company that continues to linger in every social media feed. If you’re an avid user of Instagram, Tik Tok, and Facebook, there’s a good chance that these platforms have recommended this brand to you. 

Known for its low prices and trendy assortment of clothing, the retailer makes it all the easier to deck out your wardrobe for less. There’s a reason why hundreds of Shein clothing hauls are found on YouTube. 

The company’s core aesthetic is a mish-mash of athleisure, flirty summer girl, and Insta-baddie. According to most customers, their product quality is often debatable. But given Shein’s low prices, it appears that the majority of buyers know what they’re getting when they shop here. 

Costs usually range from $1 to $220, with most garments retailing around the $10 to $20 mark. Shein appears to be widely inclusive in terms of sizing, as indicated by the brand’s XXS to 4XL size chart. Convenience is where the company ultimately shines: they provide international shipping, Afterpay, and a nifty mobile app for on-the-go shopping.

Why are stores like Forever 21 so Cheap?

Forever 21 is considered a fast-fashion pioneer. If you’re not versed in industry terminology, this basically means that brands like F21 often cut corners in order to provide cheap pricing for their apparel.

They also usually save money by outsourcing their garments overseas, typically in unregulated facilities that don’t practice ethical labor or eco-conscious procedures. 

This company hasn’t been upfront about addressing its environmental impact, nor have they done anything to improve working conditions for their employees. Fortunately, since their departure, stores like Forever 21 have implemented some sustainable initiatives. 

For instance, retailers such as Princess Polly and Showpo issue responsibility reports in the name of company transparency. This usually includes their use of recyclable packaging and their practice of ethical sourcing items. 

Which stores like Forever 21 are the Most Affordable?

Cheap online stores like Forever 21 are popping up everywhere. But based on the retailers we’ve covered so far in this review, Shein, Zaful, and Romwe top the list when it comes to affordability.

Their price range is quite large, but considering that some of their pieces cost as low as $2, they’re definitely super cost-effective. 

With that being said, garments that fall within the $200 spectrum shouldn’t be looked over. Usually, these markups are attributed to winter jackets and fancy formalwear.

Compared to more ‘high-end’ shops like Aritzia, Marciano, and Frank and Oak, spending $215 on a quilted jacket is considered a bargain. 

Which stores like Forever 21 have the Most Inclusive Size Range?

Stores like Forever 21, such as Shein, Princess Polly, and PrettyLittleThing get two thumbs up when it comes to size inclusivity.

It’s typical for brands to offer an average size range (from small to large), but these three companies go above and beyond when it comes to sizing options. Together, they offer a size range as wide as extra small to 6XL. 

Showpo, in our opinion, is the best out of the three boutiques. Not only do they provide an inclusive side range, but they also offer a side-by-side comparison of how their garments look on two differently-sized models. 

Which stores like Forever 21 are the Best Quality?

PrettyLittleThing and Princess Polly are the best of the best when it comes to quality. From the stores like Forever 21 we’ve featured, it seems that a majority of customers were satisfied with the feel, look, and durability of their clothing. 

It’s worth noting that these two brands are considered more expensive than the 13 other retailers we’ve covered, which may be the reason why they’re high in quality. 

Final Thoughts

Forever 21, while lowered in popularity in recent years, continues to leave an impact in the fast-fashion industry. We won’t go as far to say that they’re the best clothing brand out there since there are so many ways they need to improve.

Yet this provides a great opportunity for other retailers to fill in the gaps, which many have been doing in recent years. 

From affordability to quality, and so much more, the 13 stores we’ve featured embody some of that Forever 21 magic. And we can’t wait to see what other future stores will offer. 

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