Stores Like Princess Polly

Since the early 2010s, online shopping and the number of e-tailers available have seen a significant boom. Stores like Princess Polly, an Australia-born womenswear brand, have popped up and popped off with trendy clothing and accessories for the fashion-forward millennial and style-obsessed Gen Z. 

Since its launch in 2010, Princess Polly has established a celebrity following with the likes of Ariana Grande, Charlie D’Amelio, and Kendall Jenner all mixing the brand with their favorite luxury pieces. This guide will take a detailed look at Princess Polly and other stores like the Australian fashion giant 

Overview of Princess Polly

Founded in an Australian beachside apartment in 2010, Princess Polly prides itself on being the “go-to place for the newest looks” with a commitment to providing the best shopping experience for their “gals all over the globe.”

Since moving out of its apartment, Princess Polly has employed over 200 staff members and opened offices in Gold Coast, Australia as well as West Hollywood, USA. 

But how can we best summarize all the best parts of our featured brand? With a neat list, of course!


  • Offers a stunning variety of clothing to fill your wardrobe
  • United Nations Global Compact participant 
  • 10% discount for students 
  • Rewards program available 
  • A modest price range of $7 to $200

How We Chose the Best Stores Like Princess Polly

There are quite a few online and physical stores like Princess Polly. However, this guide will only cover the stores that offer similar price points, products, consumer audience, and, most importantly, style. 


Stores much like Princess Polly have young millennial women as well as Gen Z women at the forefront of their minds. Expect to see buying initiatives, rewards programs, and free shipping incentives.

This creates inclusion for their consumers who are just starting out in the career field or are shopping for new threads for school. 


The general style of stores like Princess Polly heavily lean on the popular styles of the moment. Think trendy in every way with a close eye on runway trends and a strong hand on micro trends.

Here is where you’ll find pieces to fulfill the Tik Tok famous ‘avant basic’ look while also spotting an affordable dupe for those shearling Marni slides you’ve been coveting. 


Although the pieces look their best, Princess Polly and co. do operate on a fast-fashion basis. Meaning you are getting what you pay for in terms of quality.

However, Princess Polly does provide ethical sourcing and a collection of products made from sustainable materials. 


Stores like Princess Polly often offer a full range of collections including apparel, footwear, and accessories. Though some stores may take their range further by incorporating home goods as well as skincare and/or beauty.

The stores on this list offer the same Princess Polly lineup of apparel, footwear, and accessories. 


Oftentimes, stores like Princess Polly operate solely online. While this removes the in-person experience, Princess Polly makes up for it with a points system that rewards its users with early access to sales, gifts on their birthday, discounts, and more.

The neatly designed layout makes it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for or just endlessly scroll for inspo. The e-tailer also offers exchange, store credit, or a refund 30 days from delivery if your Princess Polly piece just doesn’t work out. 

Diversity & Inclusion

A quick look through the Princess Polly website or Instagram will tell you that the brand favors the white, thin and blonde archetype with a few models of color sprinkled in.

Stores like Princess Polly will often include a “curve collection” where all the brand’s plus-size clothing lives. Our featured brand, however, offers extended size ranges – up to US size 20 – on several pieces yet plus-size models are a rarity on the brand’s site. 

18 Best Stores Like Princess Polly 

Princess Polly isn’t the only one-stop-shop for the latest trends in apparel and accessories. In fact, there are a variety of stores like Princess Polly offering the newest looks, hottest trends, and most sought-after pieces.

With fashion and style far more mainstream than it’s ever been, it’s good to keep this brand and other e-tailers like our trendy giant on your radar. Thankfully we’ve compiled a list of the 18 stores most like Princess Polly so all you have to do is scroll and take it all in. 

#1 – White Fox Boutique

Founded in 2013, White Fox Boutique is an online e-tailer offering apparel, footwear, and accessories. Like Princess Polly, White Fox Boutique was also founded in Australia, but unlike the Gold Coast native, White Boutique Boutique exclusively designs and produces its products in-house

With its HQ in Sydney and showrooms in L.A, White Fox Boutique started small but has since boomed in business with celebrity endorsements and over 1.8 million followers on Instagram

While Princess Polly provides pieces for the youthful and poppy millennial and Gen Zer, White Fox Boutique hones in on the baddie aesthetic with messaging and products geared towards women in their early 20s to early 30s.

The White Fox woman is often shopping for a few pieces to accent their 9-5 wardrobe but is largely shopping the brand’s cheeky mini dresses for their after 5 or sexy swimwear for a vacation. 

Pricing at White Fox Boutique is a bit lower than Princess Polly. Where Princess Polly has a price range that climbs to $250, White Fox Boutique offers pieces for as low as $10 and as high as $150.

This could be because – unlike Princess Polly – White Fox Boutique does not offer outerwear, an oftentimes more expensive apparel piece. 

When it comes to diversity and inclusion, White Fox Boutique utilizes more models of color in their campaigns than on their social media and website. While sizing is offered up to XXL, there isn’t much body diversity in the marketing or on the website.

#2 – Beginning Boutique

The year is 2008 and the economic crisis is at large. While many businesses were coming undone, Beginning Boutique was founded and has since risen to be a global go-to destination for fashion-forward festival fits and trendy pieces for the weekend. 

Beginning Boutique was built on a boundary-pushing system with a mission to positively impact the world and provide top-notch customer service.

Its commitment to always put the customer first is woven throughout the brand from the literal statement on the brand’s ‘About Us’ page to the rave reviews from customers themselves.

The label’s “next -level customer service” is even mentioned in a Forbes article

Beginning Boutique is transparent about the steps the brand is taking to ensure it positively impacts the world (as its mission statement proclaims).

A full sustainability pledge is available to view on the brand’s website, which is updated with any new practices the brand begins using. The pledge also states that the brand’s Australian headquarters meet the Fair Work Australia requirements. 

Marketed to women 16-30, Beginning Boutique offers a vast selection of dresses, crop tops, bottoms, and more from $20 to $165. Students are also given a discount to further create a more price-inclusive experience. 

Beginning Boutique has an extended size range including up to size US 16. This does provide some body diversity on the company’s social media but rarely on the company website.

The same can be said about racial diversity. Models of colors are utilized in marketing and on the website, but nowhere near as much as should be the norm nowadays. 

#3 – Hello Molly

Wave hello to Hello Molly, an Australia-born fashion hub for the diva on a dime. This brand first launched in 2012 with the belief that every woman should be able to enjoy the must-have styles of the moment without tearing their finances to shreds. 

Hello Molly’s extensive list of fans spans over 130 countries and includes celebrity endorsements from the likes of Kylie Jenner and Emily Ratajkowski

The brand’s vast selection of high glam party dresses, cute crop tops, body-hugging bottoms, skincare, and even intimacy products, ranges from $10 to $200 with plenty of products in the $20-$150 range. 

It’s not hard for Hello Molly fans to find styles they’re typically drawn to alongside trends they’ve never thought to try themselves. With over 100 new releases every week, this company keeps its inventory up to date and of the moment regularly. 

Though Hello Molly sells to a variety of women, their marketing could use a bit more diversity. On the plus side, we are happy to see that pregnant women have graced the pages of the brand’s website. 

#4 – Nasty Gal

Once an eBay store selling second-hand vintage clothing, Nasty Gal is now one of the most popular online destinations for festival-friendly fashion as well as trendy womenswear, footwear, and accessories. 

This brand exists online and has supported a slew of pop-ups in California as well as London since its launch in 2012.

The Nasty Gal woman is in her late teens to mid-20s and has an appreciation for the easy breezy west coast aesthetic as well as London street style. On their website, you’ll find crochet crop tops, star print flared trousers, sheer cardigans, and lots of fringe. 

Typically, items on Nasty Gal are priced between $15-$150 making this yet another brand for the fashion fan looking to build their wardrobe on a budget.

With maternity, petite, and plus-size collections, Nasty Gal showcases a variety of bodies on its website and in its marketing, alongside a variety of racially diverse models. We love to see it.

Founded in 2010, & Other Stories is an all-encompassing store for the modern woman. Working from L.A, Paris, and Stockholm, this brand provides its customers with the latest in womenswear inspired by European street style and designers of the moment. 

& Other Stories retails a wide selection of apparel, accessories, and footwear. Priced around $10-$300, this brand speaks to a plethora of women in their early 20s to around 35 (but don’t let that stop you from buying something that catches your eye).

& Other Stories is where a shopper may find a cute knit for a cabin getaway, work essentials, must-have basics, and a slew of dresses for formal and semi-formal events. 

Racial diversity is something the brand welcomes in its marketing and on its website. However, with a size range that does not exceed XL, body diversity isn’t something you may see from this brand. 

While & Other Stories does have storefronts in the USA, Asia, and all over Europe, this brand also provides international shipping to better convenience shoppers out of the store’s reach. 

#6 – H&M

Originally called Hennes, H&M is might just be of the most widespread retailers to come out of Europe in the last century.

Born in Sweden, and now spanning the globe with stores and an online presence, H&M has been contributing to the accessibility of fashion for over 70 years. 

H&M started as a womenswear brand but has since grown to include menswear, childrenswear, and even a plus-size lineup. 

Due to its large selection, the H&M customer can be a small child to an adult in their late 30s. This store is where shoppers will find casual wear, special occasion looks, denim, knits, and everything in between.

Offering products for all genders and ages, this brand prices its items to the tune of $10-$300. 

The convenience of H&M not only comes from the international shipping and storefronts all over the globe but also its selection. Its wide target market and price range make it a veritable paradise when it comes to shopping for everyone in your family. 


Founded in the U.K, Missguided is a womenswear brand targeting women 16-30 looking for the hottest styles. Since going live in 2009, Missguided has grown substantially and cultivated a massive following which includes celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Megan Fox

The Missguided woman may have a penchant for pink, adoration for glam, and doesn’t mind showing a little leg or a lot of cleavage.

Missguided is also where you’ll find affordable dupes of the hottest heels, dresses super similar to the designer threads you saw on your favorite It Girl, and, of course, a Playboy collab. 

This brand is notorious for its everyday promotions ranging from 30%-80% off. This makes its regularly priced goods – which start as low as $7 and reach as high as $320 – more affordable than other retailers. 

With a modesty collection, maternity collection, and products made shoppable by fit (tall, petite, plus-size), body diversity is something you are going to see from the Missguided brand. We’re also happy to note that racial diversity also abounds at Missguided.

#8 – Sabo Skirt

Sabo Skirt has humble beginnings as a fashion blog before turning into a Brisbane-based online store with a massive following.

Offering light fabrics, cute florals, and soft touches, Sabo Skirt designs with the 15-25-year-old woman in mind, inspired by a love for the modern, fresh, and feminine wardrobe. 

Sabo Skirt’s collection of apparel and footwear, which includes sleep and swimwear, are all designed in-house and exclusively sold on their website. 

Though this brand features lush collections of beautiful fabric, you won’t be spending more than $150 on a wide variety of the brand’s products.  

While the company works hard to bring its customers new styles weekly, Sabo Skirt is still smaller in scope than most fast-fashion brands and even most brands on this list.

However, there are still quite a few pages with a plethora of styles made available for the longtime Sabo Skirt fan or new customer.

As an aside, plus-size isn’t a market Sabo Skirt caters to, so, unfortunately, body diversity isn’t really their forte at the moment.

#9 – Stelly

Stelly started as a small Sydney boutique in 2005 and has since grown to multiple locations across town and a booming online business. 

The Stelly woman is 16-30 and knows this brand is where she can find a dress for any occasion alongside trendy tops, bottoms, accessories, and footwear. Stelly commits to its aesthetic of easy-breezy fashion finds for $10 to $150

Stelly’s selection is at its most plentiful in its dresses categories with a fair amount of options in other apparel categories. We also must note that the brand limited international shipping options, which isn’t as convenient as most of the other stores like Princess Polly on this list. 

#10 – Meshki

Meshki is the online store for the neutrals-loving baddie who likes her simplicity with a dash of sexy. 

The Meshki brand is primarily for women 16-30 with Insta-worth styles from cozy separates to show-stopping swimwear.

Only a select few of Meshki pieces are priced above $150 with a variety of the brand’s selection offered below $100. This allows the savvy shopper to stock up their favorites without breaking the bank. 

Meshki’s sizing is only offered up to US size 12 but the Persian owners do ensure racial diversity is present within the brand’s marketing. 

#11 – Boohoo

Since being founded in 2006, British retailer Boohoo has seen rapid growth. Hosting over 40,000 products on its site, the brand offers apparel for children as well as teens and adults aged 16-30. 

Boohoo is known for its daily promotions, most commonly promoting the 50% off sitewide sale. The clothing is diverse, featuring basics and casualwear alongside party essentials, workwear, and formalwear. It’s not hard to find something for everyone on the brand’s flashy website. 

While pricing can be anywhere between $5-$300, the constant promotions coupled with student discounts (if applicable) will have customers easily shopping in the $160 and below range. 

With multiple fit collections from petite to plus-size, body diversity is something the brand welcomes and advertises. Racial diversity is also a part of this brand’s ethos. 

For UK shoppers, Boohoo offers next-day delivery, which adds extra convenience to the online experience, while international shoppers are treated to duty-free shopping as Boohoo covers all duty charges. 

#12 – Lulus

What began as a small vintage clothing store in the ’90s is now a completely digital fashion hub for women who love luxury that won’t break the bank. LuLus is that fashion hub and has been in booming business for over two decades. 

Since selling all its physical stores and going exclusively online in 2005, the brand has cultivated a following of women aged 16-30. LuLus is where the modern woman finds bridalwear, casualwear, cute and cozy knits, durable denim, and shoes, all bought or designed by the brand. 

With an entire wedding collection offered through the brand, the LuLus price point can climb up to $300 but rest assured most products are around or below the $120 range.

Extended sizing is offered at LuLus which prompts the body diversity you can see on the brand’s Instagram.  

#13 – Garage

Garage is a Canadian retailer creating trendy clothing primarily for women aged 16 to 25. The Garage woman is oftentimes a student in high school or undertaking post-secondary education, but their clothing can be appealing to all. 

The brand prides itself on offering the latest in casualwear as well as seasonless products its shoppers can wear all year long. With a target market largely in school, you’re looking at $10-$150 when shopping at Garage.

With a loyalty program, in-store exchanges, and regular sweepstakes, Garage makes its shopping experience not only convenient but also much more enjoyable than some of its competitors. 

#14 – Dynamite

Operating online and in-store, Dynamite is one of Canada’s most popular retail brands with over 300 stores across North America. 

The Dynamite woman is a little older than the Princess Polly shopper as the brand targets women 25-30. However, just as Princess Polly, Dynamite offers a wide selection of fashionable apparel and accessories. 

The brand offers style-forward workwear, semi-formal events, and 14K gold plated jewelry. While shopping Dynamite, you’ll notice that while the target market has aged up, the prices are still fairly affordable, with pieces priced from $10-$150.

With its headquarters in Montreal, Canada, Dynamite takes advantage of its multicultural surroundings by showcasing racial diversity on its website and in its marketing. As for body diversity, you’ll find more of that in the brand’s marketing than on the website. 

The website editorials add a layer of convenience for shoppers looking for inspiration on how to wear a Dynamite piece or simply do not know what to wear. 

#15 – Mango

Not just a tropical fruit, Mango is an online and in-store fashion destination for women, men, teens, and kids’ clothing. Founded long before online shopping was even conceptualized, Mango was born in Catalonia, Spain nearly four decades ago. 

Since launching its online store in 2000, Mango has grown to over 16,000 employees servicing e-comm as well as the number of physical stores across Europe.

The Mango look is heavily influenced by ready-to-wear seen during fashion week with a penchant for basics and more minimalistic pieces. 

Compared to Princess Polly, Mango offers a wider selection of styles as it does cater to men, teens as well as children.

The price range at this brand is also quite different from the Australian giant as Mango pieces are priced up to $600 though there is a variety of pieces offered within the $20-$200 range. 

In August 2021 it was announced that the brand would be extending its size range while also integrating its plus-size lineup into its general women’s collections.

#16 – Showpo

Previously known as Show Pony, Showpo is a woman-owned fashion brand committed to inspiring and empowering its customers.

Founded in 2010, Showpo offers its customers a variety of trend-focused styles from its very own in-house designs – crafted with care in Sydney – to the 80+ local and international brands it also offers.  

Since 2013, Showpo has operated as an online-only platform though it does hold regular sample sales in Sydney. The brand caters to women 16-20 years old with products designed to appeal to students, the working woman, and even brides and their bridal party.

Style savvy ladies of all tax brackets are sure to find something within Showpo’s $20-$250 price range. 

With pieces that go up to US size 16, body diversity is something you are going to see on the Showpo website and Instagram. Compared to other stores on this list, Showpo welcomes racial diversity in its branding by often utilizing models of color. 

#17 – Tiger Mist

Coming to the scene from Melbourne in 2007, Tiger Mist is your favorite It Girl’s favorite fast-fashion brand.

Birthed out of a garage and now an online hot spot for women 16-30, Tiger Mist owners and sisters, Stevie and Alana Pallister, used their social media savvy to turn this at-home boutique into a fashion empire with a celebrity following and outstanding social media presence. 

Tiger Mist built its aesthetic off It Girls of the moment like Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner.

Marketing to festival-going, rooftop cocktail-having party girls, Tiger Mist’s selection of body-hugging dresses, contouring corsets, sexy swimwear, and more are outfitted with details only the boldest of us would love. 

Tiger Mist is one of the more affordable brands when compared to stores like Princess Polly. With prices starting at $10 and climbing up to only $100, it’s clear this brand knows its market and does its best to cater to those within it. 

While Tiger Mist has partnered with several influencers and celebrities of color, models of color are rare on the brand’s website and marketing. With no plus-sizing offered, body diversity is also lacking from this brand. 

In addition to its own website, Tiger Mist is also sold at other popular retail stores such as ASOS, Urban Outfitters, and Nordstrom.

While these stores don’t carry the full range of the brand’s products, the whole selection can be found in the physical Tiger Mist Store in Melbourne.

#18 – DISSH

DISSH is a women-owned –and led– fashion destination with roots and headquarters in Australia. DISSH caters to the cottagecore woman who enjoys feminine silhouettes without all the fuss. This brand delivers an effortless cool with a specialty in natural fibers and modern design. 

Offering apparel, accessories, and shoes, DISSH’s price range starts at $10 sale price to $330 regular price, though products priced above $300 aren’t plentiful. The brand states that while the design is done by the in-house team in Australia, production takes place in China. 

DISSH is a brand that places the longevity of its product at top of mind.

The brand has made an effort to have a majority of its collections be made of natural fibers as well as other low-impact materials. This company wants their customers to know they can wear their pieces again and again due to the outstanding quality. 

While the brand does have a size range that includes XXL, you won’t find many non-thin models on the company’s website or socials.  

Back to the positives. DISSH is an online fashion destination that ships around the globe, it also has 8 storefronts in Australia. This offers the convenience of being able to return online items in-store for a quicker turnaround. 

Stores like Princess Polly are popular for the accessibility provided. 

Each brand offers the hottest trends for a fraction of the luxury fashion price. With the economy always changing in ways that do not benefit most young people, trendy e-tailers like these allow fashion fans of all tax brackets to enjoy and try the styles of the moment. 

Which Stores like Princess Polly are the Most Affordable?

White Fox Boutique, Beginning Boutique, Garage, and Dynamite are the most affordable stores like Princess Polly as the products sold at these boutiques do not exceed the general $170 price range.

However, with frequent sales, student discounts and loyalty programs, stores like Missguided and H&M also fall under the more affordable umbrella. 

Final Thoughts

Princess Polly and other e-tailers like the brand offer a selection of en vogue styles at prices that won’t break the bank.

While fast fashion is barely a new concept, stores like Princess Polly expand the fast fashion horizons to create an even more inclusive industry.

With a variety of stores like Princess Polly, consumers can shop the aesthetic and style they love at different price points. This variety also gives more choice to the consumer who may like the product being offered but not the brand itself. 

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