Stores Like IKEA

Whether you’re starting a DIY project, need supplies for keeping your workspace organized, or you’re looking to redecorate your living room, IKEA is the name that comes to mind.

With 389 stores in 32 countries, IKEA has managed to establish itself as the global household brand for high-quality products at affordable prices. 

Along with that, its commitment to community initiatives, expanding the home delivery network, and creating furniture from recycled materials places IKEA on the higher ranks of the list of brands that not only envision the possibility of a sustainable future but are also actively involved in making that possibility a reality. 

Of course, with a brand as wonderful as IKEA, there are bound to be customers who would want to look for other options that are similar to the shopping experience.

Based on features such as price, style, quality, selection, and convenience, we have compiled a list of stores like IKEA that provide you with several options to explore for your next home designing adventure.

Overview of IKEA

Founded in 1943 in Sweden, IKEA has journeyed from starting as a small town mail order catalog business to becoming a global brand in home improvements.

With design headquarters still established in that small town of Almhult, Sweden, IKEA worked towards including the world in their vision to “to create a better everyday life for the many people.

As most brands suffer through the highs and lows of the customer shopping experience, IKEA is no outlier when it comes to the general public scrutinizing the pros and cons of spending their time and money at this popular home furnishings brand. With that in mind, here are some highlights of why customers love this brand:


  • Delivers to your home
  • Shop online and pick up in a store location near you
  • Furniture assembly made easy with TaskRabbit, an app that connects you with assemblers best suited for your needs
  • Professional advice for all your custom needs both online and in store
  • Installation services for your kitchen and bathroom renovations
  • Sell-back option to gain store credit for selling your old IKEA furniture to buy new items in store

How We Chose the Best Stores Like IKEA

Of course, when we compare a global brand to its competitors, we have to keep several factors in mind.

While IKEA offers their customers multiple services to provide them with the ultimate shopping experience, there are many things to be considered when customers measure their satisfaction with a brand. 

The thing that is always considered first is the price of a brand. While IKEA promises affordable prices for the everyday working individual, this promise is sometimes met with skepticism from customers when they are able to find similar products at a lower price on another retail platform.

Sometimes, other stores like IKEA promise not only a better price but also offer the lure of variety in style. Customers are pulled in with the offer of custom designs and styles from other furniture stores like IKEA. After all, who doesn’t enjoy choices?

Moreover, the importance of the quality of products sometimes outweighs far more than the price and style options provided.

We understand the value of individual impact and the role of ethical shopping as our world moves towards a sustainable future.

With a wide range of sustainable products in the market, the selection of good products for the value charged becomes essential. 

Therefore, we focus on how different stores like IKEA provide their input on offering their customers a selection of personalized items according to their needs.

Last, but definitely not least, we concentrated on the factor that is essential to all customers around the world in this pandemic era: convenience.

Whether the brand offers home delivery service or pick up at a nearby location, we have developed a list of stores that value your time and convenience. Without any further delay, let’s dive right into these features of comparison.


As affordable prices are the key to customers making a big and/or small purchase for their homes, we take a closer look at brands that offer a similar cost promise as IKEA.

Many online stores like IKEA are not only able to price match, but also sometimes provide sales and discounts for similar products available on their site.

Online shopping portals like Amazon provide similar items at a lower price shipping to and from all over the world in order to provide their customers with the most affordable shopping experience.


Not everyone approves of IKEA’s angular and sleek furniture style. Therefore, for those looking for more traditional, antique, or weighable options, stores like Wayfair provide that comfort of a balance between functional and modern furniture. 


IKEA’s mission to improve the lives of everyday individuals ensures that a quality standard is enforced on all their products.

They understand that when customers spend their valuable time and money on their products, they are expecting quality of the highest possible standard, especially when it comes to ethical and sustainable concerns.

IKEA’s sell-back option for customers ensures that furniture waste is reduced and recycled.  As a result, other stores like IKEA must be able to uphold the same values of producing products that are made from recycled and upcycled materials.


IKEA offers a wide range of selection of their products both online and in-store so that customers have a variety of options to choose from.

They also offer customization services to allow the buyers to make anything according to their needs.

Stores that are similar to IKEA such as Target and World Market offer their customers a range of selection of products for both big and small spaces and ensure that collections such as the “Pier Place” at World Market encompass a wide variety of products suited to individual styles and needs.


IKEA offers three separate types of deliveries based on different types of items bought: parcel delivery (small items), doorstep delivery (small furniture), and in-home delivery (large furniture).

Along with these, the brand ensures that you have the option to pick up items in-store at a location near you or have it delivered to a pick-up location close to you.

We understand that in accordance with the times, convenience is of the utmost priority to buyers, which is why we took the customer experience into account while researching other stores like IKEA.

Both Target and Amazon have great perks for customers who do not wish to go into a store during a pandemic to redecorate their home office space.

10 Best Stores Like IKEA

While there are many benefits to customers buying from IKEA, people like to have a range of brands to choose from.

For the purpose of comparing the features listed above: price, style, quality, selection, and convenience, we have compiled a list of 10 best stores like IKEA that offer you a wide range of options in furniture, home decor, and home improvements.

#1 – Wayfair

Like IKEA, Wayfair began as a home brand and it continues to focus on creating functional and aesthetically-appealing spaces in homes.

It carries a wide selection of high-quality products suited to a variety of individual styles. Being an online superstore, they carry a large stock of several products including furniture in order to ensure that you have all the choices in the world for your next comfy couch. 

Customers enjoy the luxury of setting a budget and being able to stick to it, as there is something for every pocket, and shipping is free if you spend over $50 (which, let’s be honest, it’s not hard to go over that when shopping for furniture).

They also have two-day shipping available for several of their products online. To top it off, they provide expert customer service all seven days of the week, so that you can shop with professional advice on the go, on your own time.

#2 – AllModern

Another store like IKEA is one of Wayfair’s other brands: AllModern. This online store allows its customers to shop for a wide selection of styles within the umbrella of all things modern.

Their motto is to make shopping for products and receiving your purchase as easy and as quickly as possible. They make contemporary furniture accessible to all and aim to make the popular two-day delivery window within the U.S.

Shipping from AllModern is free if you spend over $35, but their selection isn’t as large as its parent company, Wayfair, since styles are limited to the definition of contemporary only.

Along with that, customer service is available all 7 days of the week, but there is a set schedule and it only follows the eastern time zone.

As a result, if you wish to shop past midnight on their site, just know that no questions about in-stock items or delivery times will be answered 

#3 – World Market

Originally from San Francisco, World Market became the house name for collecting antiques and artisans from all over the globe. This online store offers a unique selection of handcrafted and culturally enriched products from around the world.

The brand captures international inspiration for decor in homes and they’re all about curating designs that speak to you.

The prices for furniture and other products are slightly more expensive than IKEA. They do, however, have a Pier Place collection that not only allows you to add culturally unique pieces to your home decor but are also ones that won’t break your budget.

Similar to IKEA, World Market offers to ship but only within the U.S., and there is a delivery charge for most, if not all products. Moreover, items arrive based on their availability in-store or in stock, so you may have to wait for popular items to be back in stock before you can make your purchase.

#4 – Hay

Another store like IKEA, Hay offers a large selection of home design and decor options. The focus of the design lies in the product’s ability to be both functional and creative.

The brand claims to connect with real people by keeping their daily life in mind. Their furniture and home accessories are designed to enhance the small details of your life and what’s important to you.

Working with inspiration from around the world, Hay isn’t afraid to experiment with new materials and technologies. They have some store branches in the United States to showcase their creativity, but customers are able to shop online and order products for shipping and delivery.

The delivery, however, is limited to the U.S., Canada, Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico, and there are delivery charges applicable based on the products ordered.

#5 – Amazon

Amazon has become another household brand for furniture, home decor, and design, similar to IKEA.

With a veritably wide range of products sold by a variety of big brands and small business owners, Amazon gives you the choice to shop small or big depending on your style and needs.

Customers can verify the quality of their selection using the customer ratings and reviews section for each product.

With practices in place to ship worldwide, Amazon offers member perks to those who pay a monthly fee, so that they can access thousands of affordable products with a guaranteed two-day amazon prime free delivery.

You can use a filter function to find products that can be delivered either the same day or the next day, if you are looking to get your hands on an item immediately. 

#6 – Target

Another store like IKEA is the well-known U.S.-based Target for purchasing good quality, affordable furniture and products. With opportunities to shop in-store or online, the brand offers a good selection of comfortable and functional furniture and other products.

Target upholds quality standards by allowing for returns and exchanges of products both in-store and by mail; in fact, you can get free shipping on your returns if you are unhappy with your purchase.

Moreover, you can also get assistance online to help you with any damages to your delivery. Shipping and delivery are available, and like Amazon, Target offers free two-day delivery for members and orders over $35.

They do not, however, ship internationally, so customers outside of the U.S. cannot take advantage of their home furnishing sales and deals on everyday items.

#7 – Structube 

Being a Canadian brand, Structube has flourished in creating contemporary and modern home designs and furnishings.

Similar to IKEA, their style focuses on a balance between comfortable and sleek, and the quality of their products is evident by the numerous happy customer reviews painted across their online store.

Although the brand aims to provide modern furniture at affordable prices, their costs seem a bit more expensive than some of the other stores listed above.

Shipping and delivery are available but have a fee for products under $299, and deliveries are made within a 30-day window after the order has been placed.

If you are looking for a quicker option, then going with in-store pick up for smaller furniture is your best bet, and that usually takes about 10 business days to become available.

#8 – Overstock

If you’re looking for a design that is both rustic and cozy, then Overstock fits the bill and then some. They offer a wide range of products from furniture to home accessories.

Customer ratings and reviews show up with the product description so that you have some knowledge of the product quality before you make your purchase. We love to see it.

Both the furniture and the home accessories are quite affordable for the general public, and there are several items on sale to really guide your ultimate online shopping experience.

Shipping and delivery are available (with a charge based on the item purchased) for international locations outside of Canada and the U.S., but there are some weight and price restrictions in place that customers will need to pay attention to when making an international purchase.

#9 – Floyd

Floyd keeps sustainability at the forefront of their furniture construction and design. They make furniture that can be serviced easily if damaged or broken.

Like IKEA, they have a resale and refurbishment program to ensure that your furniture does not get disposed of in a landfill. Their style and furniture selection focus on functionality, practicality, adaptability, and compatibility.

In other words, you are purchasing good quality furniture, for a reasonable price along with the assurance that you’re contributing to the movement towards a sustainable future.

The cost of their products is similar to those of IKEA, but they have an additional option of paying per month to provide payment ease to all customers. Delivery is within the U.S. for an applicable charge and can take up to 9 weeks for larger furniture items.

#10 – Article

The final brand of comparison with IKEA is Article, a dynamite company that makes the online shopping experience easy for customers due to their established and direct connection with the manufacturers.

Their style centers on uniqueness and durability, and their quality is portrayed by customer ratings and reviews on each product description page.

The cost of furniture and home decor is more expensive than IKEA, but they do have options available for pay per month to make it affordable for customers.

They also claim to deliver within two weeks in the U.S. and Canada except for less populated areas of both countries. Delivery charges will be applicable for anything that is less than $999 in value before taxes.

Which Stores like IKEA have the Fastest Shipping?

From our carefully curated list of other stores like IKEA, we found that Wayfair, Amazon, and Target provide shipping perks for members and offer a large selection of their products available for two-day shipping.

Moreover, both Wayfair and Amazon are able to deliver to diverse locations internationally, while other stores like Overstock and Article are limited to only delivering in the U.S. and Canada.

It is important to note that the other stores listed may be able to provide smaller items in a shorter period of time, but most large product deliveries are kept to a minimum of two weeks.

Which Stores like IKEA are the Most Affordable?

The most affordable choices in stores listed above are Wayfair, AllModern, Amazon, Target, and Overstock.

The reason why these brands stand out in terms of reasonable pricing is that they offer their customers a wide range of choices based on quality, style, and cost-effectiveness.

Also, similar to IKEA, these online portals have either their own warehouses or are connected to house brands that carry their items in stock.

This means that these products are not custom-built, and as a result, will not add the cost of manufacturing, design, and customization to your final bill. So, you can shop for styles best suited to your needs without having to break your budget.

Which Stores like IKEA have the Best Quality Products?

From all of the stores like IKEA listed above, World Market, Structube, Floyd, and Article have the best quality products.

World Market ensures that their products are not only internationally inspired, but are also handcrafted by some of the world’s best craftspeople.

Structube, on the other hand, unleashes their contemporary creativity on their products without sacrificing quality and functionality.

In comparison, Floyd ensures that their furniture is made sustainable by designing products that can be serviced easily, so you never have to worry about the degrading quality of your furniture.

Finally, Article places their focus on building unique furniture that is durable; they are able to ensure this because they are directly connected to manufacturers building these home articles.

Final Thoughts

IKEA has become a very important part of the lives of homemakers and working individuals in the 21st century. It’s a brand that allows people to take charge of their home and/or office space, and design it the way that they deem suitable for their needs.

At the time when the entire world adapted to working from and entertaining at home, IKEA understood the importance of sectioned and organized home space to be able to do both: work and relax.

As more individuals turned to online stores that could build this cherished space in their homes, the need for more stores like IKEA became evident.

Customers looked for more options in furniture stores like IKEA to compare features such as price, style, quality, selection, and convenience.

As mentioned above in our list of stores like IKEA, these features help customers like yourself checkmark your specific criteria for buying home furnishings and accessories.

Whatever your primary concern may be, our carefully constructed list above helps you determine which brands are worth a closer look at according to your needs.

After all, the decor and design for your next home project deserve nothing less than a perfect assemblage of your style and budget.

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