What To Wear To A Casino

You may be ready to risk your money on bets, but we don’t want you to roll the dice when it comes to your casino outfit. Knowing what to wear to a casino is just as important as the rules of the games you’ll be playing. 

Some people struggle when choosing their casino night outfit. Before heading to the slot machines, you’ll need to consider dress codes, weather, and the overall occasion.

To clear your mind and let you focus more on winning and less on clothing, we’re here to help you sort out your closet and find the best look. 

After reading this guide, you’ll know all this and more:

  • What to wear to a casino
  • How to choose the best outfit
  • Fashion tips to avoid when styling your casino attire
  • Best places to shop when buying a casino outfit

What Is A Casino?

A casino is a large entertainment center for gambling. Originally, the buildings were public halls for dancing and music. However, these halls transitioned into a gambling and gaming space in the 19th century.

Now, when gambling at a casino, people risk their money on machines or the banker of the house. 

Most countries have an age restriction on gambling that varies between 18 to 21, so check out the age requirements in your city. 

Casino goers play against the odds in card games like poker, blackjack, and roulette. Some establishments even host tournaments for people to play against one another (and may the best one win!).

Colorful, loud slot machines are lined up in casinos too. So you can pick a machine that’s calling out to you and place your bets. 

Some casinos are viewed as more high-end than others. Of course, you’ve likely heard of the luxurious gambling halls found on the Las Vegas strip or in Atlantic City. Some of these casinos may have a dress code before entering.

If this isn’t ideal for you, there are plenty of smaller casinos scattered around your city where money can be won (and there’s no fancy dress code). 

What To Wear To A Casino

When deciding what to wear to a casino, you’ll likely have to think outside of the box a little and choose something other than your daily attire. If you’ve been wanting to break out or purchase a dressy, fancy outfit then now is your chance. 

If you’ve just Googled ‘what to wear to a casino woman,’ there are plenty of styling options to choose from, such as these popular choices: a shiny cocktail dress, flirty blouse, gentle pants, and a sassy pair of heels. 

On the other hand, if you plan on Googling ‘what to wear to a casino men,’ here are some styling ideas for you: a black-tie suit, thick polo, detailed blazer, dress pants, and a clean pair of dress shoes. 

These casino outfit ideas have one thing in common: a business chic vibe. But, how you style your outfit is up to your creative imagination.

Keep in mind, this is the perfect time to break some fashion rules. You can play with textures, break out that funky print, and shine brighter than those slot machines. 

So, what do you wear to a casino? Wear that daring piece you’ve been hiding away in the back of your closet! 

But if you still need some outfit inspiration, check out the outfit ideas for men and women below. These outfits will also work if you’re trying to plan what to wear to a casino party.

4 Outfit Ideas To Wear To A Casino for Women

This is a polished look for a classy night out. This model goes all out with her low-cut, long-sleeve blouse and black dress pants. And this is a great option when choosing what to wear to a casino. 

The model separates the dark tones in her ensemble by wearing a top with a subtle pattern, which adds some dimension to the ‘fit. The belt attached to the black pants accentuates her figure, and the bowtie adds a feminine touch.

Of course, nothing is more glam than a pair of simple heels to top off the look. 

There’s something about an all-black outfit that screams elegance. And the low-cut top and hip-hugging pants add a flirty flair to this look.

When putting together your casino outfit, the combination of a blouse and dress pants is your best bet—except for the other bets you’ll be making that night. 

This girl brings her urban style to the slot machines. Her pants are relaxed and comfortable, but their leather texture gives them a luxurious look.

She pairs them with a one-shoulder cropped top. Choosing a black shirt allows the pants to make a statement without fighting for attention. Her nude, strappy heels are playful, and make sure the pants are the star of the night. 

We know some of our fashion lovers prefer a comfy, chic look over a full-glam outfit. This idea of what to wear to a casino is an example of how to elevate a loose street-style look.

Also, adding textures and modern colors is an easy way to dress up urban clothing. 

The model increases the stakes and turns away from the trend of wearing all black. Instead, her focal color is a crisp white. She wears a clean, high-waisted pantsuit to blend into the business chic casino crowd.

She adds a sexy addition by wearing a black, lace bodysuit underneath the blazer thrown over her shoulders. 

We aren’t keeping our cards close to our chest for this ‘what to wear to a casino’ outfit idea. We’re revealing everything to you. A pantsuit is a purchase that’ll leave you looking complete with little thought involved.

The matching set is easy to throw on for a cohesive outfit. But, it is a night out so don’t be afraid to be sassy by wearing sexy textures and attire. 

This outfit idea is for our girly girls who want to go all out and place their max bets. This girl models a sequin cocktail dress that she can wear to the gambling tables.

The risky low-cut neckline adds a sexiness to the dress we love. Many women choose to wear a dress when visiting a casino. Plus, this is also a great choice for what to wear to a casino-themed party. 

This outfit ticks all of our boxes. If the casino dress code is more on the black-tie side, a romantic dress is a fun option you can play around with.

If you have a show-stopping sparkly dress hanging in your closet waiting to be worn, it’s time to bring it out!

3 Outfit Ideas To Wear To A Casino For Men

For this fun night out we have exclusive tips for both men and women. This man chose a lighter, breezy look to show us what to wear to a casino during the day.

The clean white pants brighten up the outfit and add contrast to the navy blue golf shirt underneath. He tops it off by layering a jacket over the top that picks up on the white and blue pieces. 

This is a more reserved glam look for men. It takes black-tie clothing pieces but tones them down with cooler colors for a casual final look.

If you still want to look casino ready without going all out, don’t wear a tie. Instead, replace it with a simple polo when choosing what to wear to a casino. 

This model wants all the attention and the full experience a night out at the casino brings. Unlike the previous example, he isn’t shy about going full glam for the evening. He wears a black buttoned-down dress shirt tucked into gray detailed pants. 

The belt and shoes complement each other since they both have the same leather texture. Accessorizing this look with aviator sunglasses gives it a mysterious, edgy vibe—and also hides his poker face, of course!

When it comes to ‘what to wear to a casino night time looks,’ the darker the tones, the more prepared you’ll look to hit the blackjack tables.

A belt and dress shoes are one way to elevate your outfit with a designer, luxurious touch. Also, just because your suit has a matching jacket, doesn’t mean you’re obligated to wear it. If you want, bring it for backup in case the night gets cold.

If you’re heading to a local blackjack game during the day and want to look casual for the outing, you’re probably thinking what should I wear to a casino? 

This man and his outfit are your answer. He styles his casino outfit with basic tones. He layers his denim jacket over a white tee and pairs them with black skinny jeans. He brightens up the look by wearing light brown leather dress shoes. 

If it’s a casual day and not exactly a night on the Las Vegas strip, swap out a suit for a denim jacket. The denim jacket pulls an outfit together but with a more relaxed feel.

The dark pants and dress shoes will likely still meet the casino dress code, but not at the expense of your comfort. 

What Type Of Casino Outfits Can You Get?

There are a variety of outfits you can get that follow the specific dress code at the casino. When thinking about dress code casino appropriate attire, there are a number of designs that accommodate different style preferences for anyone ready for a night of playing cards. 

If you’re considering suits when thinking about what to wear to a casino, there’s an overwhelming amount of colors and prints to choose from.

You can buy a basic color like white or black to complement other tones found in your closet. You could also stand out and model a bolder color or a jacket with playful details and prints. 

For our female gamblers, the dress selection is ever wider. Again, the color scheme is your call. You can even choose a print or sequin pattern.

But, you could also stick to your roots by wearing a solid color if you’d like. If the night is cooler, a long-sleeve dress is a practical choice, or throwing on an edgy leather jacket could get the job done. 

How To Choose The Best Casino Attire

High-quality and reliable material is the most important thing—it’s the ‘jackpot’ when it comes to purchasing casino attire. Good fabrics will come at a higher cost. But, we know the more money you have, the more you can bet at the casino. 

And there are also some similar, lower-quality fabrics you can buy at a cheaper price. Maybe you’ll spend your casino winnings on your next designer look!

If you like the look of a dress suit, polyester material will be more affordable. These suits will be silkier to touch but more lightweight.

If you want to go all out, the highest-quality suits are made from woven fabric like wool. These sets will cost more but the durability of the material won’t disappoint. 

The same rules can be applied to any clothing piece you’re interested in wearing to the casino. A dazzling, bold cocktail dress can be bought anywhere, but not all stores sell them at the same level of quality. 

Choosing the best casino attire depends on your style preference. If you can see yourself venturing off to the casinos often, investing in a higher-quality item is the smartest decision. 

If you can see yourself wearing or needing business chic clothes often, consider buying a basic piece that fits most occasions. But, if this is your first time playing your hand in the gambling world, choosing an outfit with an affordable price tag is the best decision. 

How To Style Your Casino Outfit

When deciding what to wear to a casino, think ‘business chic with a flirty flair.’ For example, a polished blazer and pants suit set but layered with a sassy top and sexy stilettos.

For men, wearing an edgy print detailed on your suit jacket and a mysterious pair of sunglasses is a vibrant casino look.

Don’t be intimidated by a casino’s dress code. You can still look the part while adding your own personal touch. So wear your favorite color or show off a daring print you adore.

You can also express your taste through accessories, hairstyles, and makeup to top it all off. 

Fashion Tips To Avoid With Casino Outfits

Now that you know what to wear to a casino you need to know what not to wear. Here are some fashion tips for you:

  1. Check the dress code at the casino: The last thing we want is for you and all your friends to start your night being turned away because of a style error. Some casinos may not let you wear your trendy sneakers or favorite pair of jeans. Always make sure your outfit fits the casino’s dress code requirements. 
  2. Wear clothing as bold as your bets: There’s no limits for the looks being worn at these luxurious casinos. It may be one of the few times you can wear a funky, electric outfit without looking out of place, so take advantage of it. And leave your regular, everyday clothes at home.
  3. Know the occasion: If you and your friends are going to a local casino on a weekday, a full suit or shiny dress may not be necessary. 

How To Take Care Of Your Casino Outfit

After you’ve figured out what to wear to a casino and chosen your outfit, you need to know how to take care of it. So we’ve got some tips for you in this section. 

Polyester and wool materials that most casino outfits are made from require some special care when it comes to keeping them fresh.

As with the rest of your delicate clothing, always follow the washing instructions listed on the label. Doing this will ensure your casino outfits won’t deteriorate, shrink, and will have the longest lifespan hanging in your closet. 

Men’s and women’s suits need some extra attention especially. Most of the time, people are so cautious they choose to get them professionally taken care of at the dry cleaners.

But, to save yourself some extra cash, we’ll give you some tips to follow so you can care for them at home. 

You’ll be looking polished and fresh in your suit, but to achieve that look you have to make sure your suit itself is looking polished too.

First, make sure your pockets are empty. We don’t want you to accidentally wash a payout slip or some extra casino chips.

Secondly, consistently cleaning your suit is important. Don’t wait for the material to collect enough dirt before you consider cleaning it. 

Invest in a suit brush and brush your suit in a downward motion after every wear. This will make sure the fabric remains in top shape. The suit brush also helps remove any unwanted hair, dust, or debris

If you do need to wash your suit urgently, turn the jacket inside out before throwing it into the washing machine on a gentle, cold water setting.

Never put your suit into the dryer—it will lead to shrinkage and the excessive tumbling will ruin the fabric. Instead, always air dry your suits.

Another great tip when taking care of your suit is to purchase a suit hanger. This hanger won’t help with the cleanliness of the material. But, it will help with the look and maintenance of the suit by preventing it from wrinkling. 

Best Places To Buy Casino Outfits

Finding the best store to buy your casino outfit is like trying to find the luckiest slot machine. But, lucky for you, we’ve done all the work for you. If you’re looking to achieve the full casino glam look and are willing to spend some extra cash, browse through men’s and women’s styles at:

  • Express
  • Banana Republic
  • Zara
  • Nordstrom
  • Frank & Oak
  • Topshop

If you have some extra time and want to shop online, there are many sites that have similar clothing worn in the outfit ideas we highlighted.

A quick search on your computer and these brands will have irresistible sales, lower prices, and identical styles but at a lower quality. 

So, if you want to save your cash when choosing your casino attire, check out the following stores:

  • Boohoo
  • Fashion Nova
  • Pretty Little Thing
  • H&M
  • White Fox Boutique
  • Shein

Final Thoughts

Learning what to wear at a casino is almost as fun as going to one. It’s an opportunity to make your outfit just as loud and energetic as the slot machines around you.

Play with your style as well as you play with your cards and you’ll end up looking fabulous. And now that you’ve finished reading this guide you’ve just hit the fashion jackpot. 

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