What to Wear to a Fall Wedding

The days grow shorter, the weather grows cooler, and the weddings seem to grow to an endless list of required attendances.

We all love the stunning sun and charming weather of a summer wedding, but when that sun starts to fade away into the new season, the question of what to wear to a Fall wedding begins to pop up in everyone’s mind.

While we’d love to say that the dress code remains the same for any event, we all know that would be a lie. Fall weddings require a bit more planning than the strapless or backless options prevalent in warmer months. 

With a new seasonal dress code comes elements of weather, setting, and so much more before determining what would be appropriate.

To help everyone along, we’ve gathered all the information out there on what to wear to Fall weddings (since they always seem to pile up).

What to Wear to a Fall Wedding: A Guide

When it comes to dressing for any wedding, there are distinct elements that must be kept in mind before making that ultimate decision.

Really read over the invitation, talk to family and friends, and research the situation before investing in an outfit for the occasion. When it comes to what to wear to a Fall wedding, there is a myriad of factors in place.

We’ve broken down some of the top concerns to keep in mind before shopping for that high ticket item. While these aren’t necessarily the answer to every wedding struggle, they’re generally good pieces of advice to keep in mind when shopping for a big event.


Before buying anything, figure out the budget. How much are you willing to spend on that item as it will translate to different styles and brands. While going expensive isn’t a requirement, it’s always good to have a limit in mind before shopping.

When it comes to what to wear to a Fall wedding, the proper dress, suit, or another style can be costly.

It’s been said that the average wedding guest will spend between $150 to $200 on a new outfit for weddings. That’s not taking into account bigger brand names or trending styles.

Bottom line – always have a price range ready before hitting the stores for the newest look.

Dress Code

The key to any event – dress code. Whether deciding what to wear to a September wedding or planning for a late November experience, it’s incredibly important to know the dress code in mind and style according to that.

There are three key tiers when it comes to event fashion: formal, semi-formal, and casual.

All three stretch across a wide variety of outfits and ensembles, so be sure to identify exactly what level this wedding is on and if there are any overarching themes that need to be followed. (Not all weddings do it, but occasionally there’s a color palette or theme running throughout the day.)


We’ll admit that this is more prevalent when determining what to wear to a Fall Outdoor wedding than any indoor event, but it still needs to be considered for all occasions.

When it comes to indoor weddings, the only thing to really think about is rain or snow and how to make it inside without any water spots ending up on the fabric.

As for what to wear to an outdoor fall wedding, there’s far more to keep in mind. This season is known for changing weather, so be sure to check the forecast for temperature and expected weather types.

Even with clear skies, the air can still be chilly. The best bet is to plan ahead with layers that can be discarded when the warm sun appears or tossed on when the wind starts blowing.


It may not always be possible to check with the bride or groom directly, so try to find out about the activities involved at the wedding.

A lot of events these days include a reception with – you guessed it – dancing. Think about that large (and sweaty) dance floor when deciding what to wear to a Fall wedding.

Do you want to be able to move freely? Dance? Bounce around between tables to get the latest gossip and pose for pictures?

Try to keep these events in mind when selecting an outfit as some fashions, while stylish, are quite constrictive in their movement. Great for a showpiece, not for a dance.

While we can’t answer all questions (or simply tell you what to wear), we are available for some inspiration. We’ve thrown together a quick list covering formal, semi-formal, and casual options to create some idea of what to wear to a Fall wedding:

  • Alexander McQueen Lace Corset Evening Dress: $4,469 (regular price $7,450)
  • Dolce & Gabbana Long Cady Dress with Side Slit: $3,395
  • Maison Margiela Double-Breasted Tuxedo Suit: $4,708 (regular price $7,847)
  • Max Mara Envers Satin Jumpsuit: $535 (regular price $765).
  • Brandon Maxwell Wool Dress with Flutter Hem and Capelet: $1,269 (regular price $1,990)
  • Articles of Style Alsport Plaid Suit: $2,295
  • Sandro Short Tweed Coat Dress; $395
  • Black Halo Brooklyn Jumpsuit: $390
  • Tom Ford Single-Breasted Corduroy Blazer: tantalizingly unavailable

What to Wear to a Formal Fall Wedding

When the tuxes are out and the class is high, there’s a whole different dress code. There’s no getting around the fact that formal weddings take a bit more preparation than a casual get-together. 

While there are hundreds of options on the market, we’ve thrown together a quick list of examples of what to wear to a Fall wedding with a formal dress code.

#1 – Alexander McQueen Lace Corset Evening Dress

When it comes to what to wear to a Fall evening wedding, look no further than the Alexander McQueen Lace Corset Evening Dress.

With this luxury brand constantly being named for their classy designs, this elegant formal attire takes a turn by wrapping up the wearer in a luxurious black lace surrounding a flattering corset.

A beige-tone wrap underlines the lace, leaving a modest but delectable appearance of the lace simply falling away.

Held up with a single strap that doubles as a tulle scarf, this cotton corset offers warmth and fashion. Perfect to pair with a shawl or jacket, this evening attire will blend into the night with its dark floral fashion patterned across the lace.

This piece is currently on sale for $4,469 (regular price $7,450).

#2 – Dolce & Gabbana Long Cady Dress with Side Slit

Keep comfort in mind while checking out the Dolce & Gabbana Long Cady Dress with Side Slit.

When it comes to cocktail dresses, these designs were made for a purpose: cocktail hour as time fades from afternoon to evening.

Focusing on comfort, class, and crossing casual day designs into formal attire, this Dolce & Gabbana cocktail dress is one for the ages when it comes to enchanting emerald attire.

Crafted from a stretchy viscose and spandex combination, this rounded neck and capped sleeves keep all appearances modest. Don’t worry about attention though – the side slit shows off just enough leg to keep things interesting.

Wrapped in green, you’ll be sure to be the envy of everyone else attending.

This dress is available for $3,395.

#3 – Maison Margiela Double-Breasted Tuxedo Suit

When it comes to formal fashion, nothing quite screen black tie like the Maison Margiela Double-Breasted Tuxedo Suit. A design worthy of James Bond himself, this suit is all about heavy materials that will last through the cold Fall night.

With wool and cotton as the warming base, this suit uses silk to bring out that stunning shine on the deep black material (we need to acknowledge that darker colors tend to work for the colder months while summers get the lighter shades).

At the peak of fashion with its peak lapels, this suit knows how to make an entrance. Whether as the groom or in support of his marriage, this Italian suit is ready to dance the night away.

This suit is currently on sale for $4,708 (regular price $7,847).

What to Wear to a Semi-Formal Fall Wedding

Going down the line and moving a step closer to ultimate comfort (we acknowledge that formal clothing can and should be comfortable, but we’re casual people all the way), we’re taking a look at that semi-formal style.

It doesn’t matter what Autumn month it falls under, these looks are sure to steal the show (from the guests, never the bride!) at any event.

#4 – Max Mara Envers Satin Jumpsuit

Perfect for that mid-temperature Fall day, the Max Mara Envers Satin Jumpsuit offers all the movement, style, and grace one could need for a semi-formal wedding.

We will say that this isn’t really one to consider when wondering what to wear to a November wedding, but those early Fall days with the warm afternoon sun and changing leaves will appreciate this number. 

Playing with asymmetry, this jumpsuit varies strap width to make an emphasis. Featuring one standard shoulder strap and one wide one to truly embellish the design, this navy number stands out for its casual flaunting of formal fashion.

We’d be remiss to only include dresses for the women reading this article, so this jumpsuit makes an appearance for those looking for an escape from tradition. 

High-waisted, this acetate and viscose jumpsuit allows free movement, constant coverage, and a fashion that stands alone or layered depending on the forecast of the day.

Grab this jumpsuit while it’s on sale for $535 instead of its regular $765 price.

#5 – Brandon Maxwell Wool Dress with Flutter Hem and Capelet

Blend in with the changing colors around you with the stunning red Brandon Maxwell Wool Dress with Flutter Hem and Capelet.

This dress is a fairy tale in and of itself. Using a sheath silhouette to trace the body and its natural curves, this dress fades away with its flutter hem that dances around the feet for a rush of movement during every step. 

Fashioned from 100% wool, this evening attire is perfect for cooler nights or evenings where the party just refuses to end.

Our favorite part of this design? The capelet. Inspired by the elegance of capes and shawls, this piece lays attached over the shoulders for an additional layer of both warmth and style.

This piece is currently available for $1,269 (regular price $1,990).

#6 – Articles of Style Alsport Plaid Suit

While we understand the need for a tux and the appeal of standard black suits, we have to say that our favorite on this list is the Articles of Style Alsport Plaid Suit.

Not for the most formal of occasions, this suit manages to combine fun style with a semi-formal cut to create that ideal experience for those looking to branch out from tradition. 

Perfect when looking for what to wear to an October wedding, this British wool suit retains its shape, refutes wrinkles, and showcases a pattern subtle enough not to steal the show, but powerful enough to show off personality.

Available in two-piece and three-piece options, this suit is preferable for day wear due to its lighter colors. With that being said, the wool will definitely keep you warm when the sun goes down and the party lives on.

This suit is available for $2,295.

What to Wear to a Casual Fall Wedding

We’re keeping things nice and casual with these selections. But remember – just because it’s casual doesn’t mean guests don’t have to try. Styles can be low-key and still look great.

Looking at what to wear to a casual Fall wedding, we’ve got some pieces that suit style, occasion, and (even better) can be re-worn to later events. Who doesn’t love getting more than one use out of an item?

#7 – Sandro Short Tweed Coat Dress

Short, sweet, and full of style, the Sandro Short Tweed Coat Dress is a cute mid-thigh size with warmer materials for cooler weather.

Simple and to the point, this dress takes a turn on Fall fashion. Preferable for before the cold winds really set in, this mid-thigh dress is fashioned from comfortable tweed, securing warmer wear that’ll easily make the move from afternoon to evening.

Short sleeves match the length with a fashionable cut out at the waist to flaunt curves without holding the body captive to constricting material.

Paired perfectly with tights or leggings for those cold nights, this fancy buttoned coat keeps things original with its pleated appearance.

Grab this casual look for $395.

#8 – Black Halo Brooklyn Jumpsuit

One more jumpsuit for the road before ultimately deciding what to wear to a Fall wedding – the Black Halo Brooklyn Jumpsuit.

We will say this name is a little misleading. While it is available in black, this dress also comes in blue, white, and red options. 

Rocking the 3/4 sleeve look, we absolutely love the cuffs that ruffle out and flow with every move. A hidden zipper in the back ensures a fluid appearance to make it seem as though you were born wearing it.

Mid-weight, this jumpsuit is all about comfort and ease throughout the event. Side pockets to store the phone (who wouldn’t be taking pictures of their loved ones drinking the night away?), this jumpsuit knows how to create a form that fills every need when it comes to fashion. 

Ideal for evening wear due to the covered sleeves to combat the cool night, this piece works well into the late season, so start doubling up on wedding fashion.

This jumpsuit is available for $390.

#9 – Tom Ford Single-Breasted Corduroy Blazer

Coming in for our final spot on this list, we had to end with the Tom Ford Single-Breasted Corduroy Blazer.

Deep in color and solid in its weight, this one can easily hold up against those colder winds. We’ll say right now that this one is more of an evening attire due to the thicker corduroy material as the foundation of the piece.

Slick in appearance, soft in feel, there’s no beating this casual blazer. Great for weddings, meetings, or really any event that requires a bit more than just a button-down and jeans, this blazer is a purchase that will come in handy for days on end.

Currently, this piece is currently out of stock.

What Colors Should I Never Wear to a Fall Wedding?

You got the invitation, saved the date, and now you’re wondering what to wear to a Fall wedding. There are certain rules in place, but we need to begin with the most obvious answer – don’t wear white.

White is reserved for the bride only and the day really belongs to those getting married, not those attending. Avoid white and you’ll be safe for any wedding.

We’ll also add gold, neon shades, and whatever the bridesmaids and groomsmen are rocking to this list. No one wants to be blending in with that elite crowd when they weren’t invited to the party.

As for what colors are available, when it comes to Fall weddings, darker jewel tones are a great option.

Fall is about deepening colors and transition, so darker tones of red, blue, and green are always a safe bet when it comes to guest attire.

Matching seasonal shades of dark yellows, reds, and browns also work as an option. But remember – no white or any pale colors that might steal the bride’s thunder.

What Accessories can I Wear to a Fall Wedding?

When it comes to accessorizing, the goal here is to blend personal style with top fashion. Don’t go over-the-top with your own ideas, but adding some custom touches will make a big difference not only to the look but also to the feel.

It entirely depends on the dress code, but a typical rule for accessories (and not just when it comes to what to wear to a Fall wedding) is to keep it small for a bigger impact

Sounds confusing? It’s not at all. A simple bracelet or necklace that means something personal can add so much to any ensemble. It’s quick to add on, it doesn’t steal the show, but it’ll be a nice pop of personality.

Another fun twist is in the jacket. This works better for casual and semi-formal events, but throwing a leather or suede jacket over the shoulders can really toughen up a classy look into a fun new take on tradition.

No matter the gender, fun twists can be made to customize the look through easy accessories. Whether it’s a hat, pocket square, jacket, or scarf – just remember to stick with small pieces that only add and nothing big enough to contrast or steal the show.

How Far Ahead Should I Plan My Outfit for a Fall Wedding?

While it’s always good to plan in advance, wedding guests typically don’t need the same preparation that the wedding party requires. When determining what to wear to a Fall wedding, don’t plan months ahead and be unmovable regarding the choice made.

Fall is a tricky time of year, so it’s good to be flexible with layers and materials depending on the forecast. An ideal time would be a month in advance.

This allows time to try on the outfit, make sure it fits comfortably, and avoid the stress of last-minute shopping. As an added bonus – this allows a rough forecast to be in place when planning.

Remember, be open to change. Should the day chosen be much warmer than expected, don’t suffer sitting there in the heat. Try to have an alternate option to cover wandering weather.

Final Thoughts

There’s no complete guide on what to wear to a Fall wedding. When it comes to that final choice, just keep in mind that there are multiple factors at play. Focus on budget, activities, setting, and forecast as you plan and be open to change depending on the weather.

Add some personality, keep it clean, and above all else, have fun celebrating those you love getting married to the person of their dreams.

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