What to Wear to a Summer Wedding

When the flowers bloom, the summer season comes a-knocking. It brings lots of sunshine, picnics, and patio drinks. The warmest days are also primetime for celebrating, and that’s most likely why it’s the wedding season peak.  

Looking through your wardrobe for the perfect summer wedding attire can be intimidating. So, if you’re trying to figure out what to wear to a summer wedding, we’re going to help you out.

Of course, floral dresses and lightweight suits are on your mind, but there are many outfits out there that’ll get you out of the typical choices. Below, we’ve compiled a list of 12 styles to choose from for formal and casual ceremonies.

Choosing What to Wear to a Summer Wedding: A Guide

Before diving into our selection, there are a few things you’ll need to consider before making your final decision. Things like the price, dress code, forecast, and activities you’ll be doing will play a huge role. 

At any wedding, there’s going to be some basic etiquette involved. The happy couple probably came up with a dress code to suit their aesthetic.

Whether it’s glitz and glam with a black tie or a more casual vibe, we find it might be easier to dress up than down. So, when choosing what to wear to a summer wedding, you’ll want to be dressed appropriately for the event. 

Other things like the weather can really be a deciding factor. Whether it’s raining or the temperatures are soaring, you’ll want to check out the forecast before making your decision.

The venue will also be a significant player because those stilettos are out of the question if it’s a beach wedding. 

Still contemplating your final outfit? We’ll go into more detail about things to consider in the following sections. 


Deciding what to wear to a summer wedding will involve thinking about your budget.

First off, how much are you willing to spend on wedding attire? If you’re going to spend more, you’d probably want to pick something that can be worn multiple times. Versatility can go hand-in-hand with how much a new outfit will cost you. 

Of course, the prices will depend on the brand you choose. For example, expect a high price tag if you’re getting something from a high-end designer like Brandon Maxwell. On the other hand, something from the Scandi-inspired brand Ganni will be less expensive and still absolutely fabulous. 

Dress Code 

As we mentioned, there will be some etiquette rules when you attend a wedding ceremony. Figuring out what to wear to a summer wedding includes thinking about the dress code.

This will definitely play a role in what kind of outfit you choose. For example, does the Save-The-Date say black tie? Then, the Indochino Tartan Tuxedo jacket would be an ideal choice. 

For a casual dress code, a Staud mini dress would work nicely. In addition, some weddings may have a theme, so you might want to dress accordingly and prepare for whatever the couple throws at you.  


We all know that summer comes with hot and sunny days. So if you’re going to a summer wedding, figuring out what to wear will also depend on the forecast. Of course, if the temperature is hot and will stay hot, you’ll want to pick the most lightweight options. 

Something like a linen dress shirt will probably be comfortable. There are also linen jackets available if guests are required to be more formal.

Ultimately, pick something that you won’t end up sweating through. For the ladies, you might want to go for a shorter, lightweight dress or jumpsuit. 


Finally, what’s the after-party going to be like? Will there be long hours of dancing? A swanky cocktail hour? If there’s going to be an eventful reception, you’ll want to plan out what you’ll wear to the summer wedding.

If dancing is in the cards, wearing a long silk dress might not be the best choice. On the other hand, if you wear something too restrictive, it’ll be uncomfortable and just not as fun. 

Now, without further ado, ladies and gentlemen, here comes the bri – no, wait. We’re not quite there yet. Here come our top picks for summer wedding attire:

  • Brandon Maxwell Silk Cocktail Dress, $2043
  • Stella McCartney Tiffany Lace Dress, $2506 (Reg. $4177) 
  • Indochino Hampton Tartan Navy Tuxedo Dinner Jacket, $526 
  • Articles of Style Linen Suit, $1795
  • Max Mara Cotton Blend Micro Twill Jumpsuit, $742
  • Ganni Printed Mesh Dress, $227 (Reg. $325)
  • Articles of Style Seer Sucker Suit, $1795
  • Ted Baker Linen Blend Yukka Blazer, $569
  • Staud Mini Wells Dress, $135 (Reg. $195)
  • Dolce & Gabbana Short Cady Slip Dress with Floral Patches, $4245
  • Ralph Lauren Purple Label Linen Shirt, $450 
  • Club Monaco Sutton Linen Stripe Trouser, $129 (Reg. $180)

What to Wear to a Formal Summer Wedding

Now that you’ve gone through what you should consider when deciding what to wear to a June wedding, it’s time to give you some inspiration (or potential winners).

We’ve broken down some options by dress code, starting off with formal attire. Whether it’s black or white tie formal, you can’t go wrong with longer gowns or tailored suits. 

#1 – Brandon Maxwell Silk Cocktail Dress with String T-Strap Back

The Brandon Maxwell Silk Cocktail Dress with String T-Strap Back is glamorous and sophisticated. It’s designed with a relaxed fit and a draped open back, which gives off some sultry energy. The silk material also makes it perfect for a summer wedding. 

This dress is breathable and comfortable. Silk is soft and thin enough to keep you comfortable in the warmest environments. And with an open back, you won’t feel too trapped by potential humidity.

It’s genuinely a beautiful formal dress, perfect for evening weddings and receptions

#2 – Stella McCartney Tiffany Lace Dress 

If you’re invited to a formal daytime ceremony, the bright and yellow Stella McCartney Tiffany Lace Dress is your winner. The high-neck halter style keeps you cool, along with the lace detailing. So, even if it’s a maxi dress, you won’t have to worry about feeling too warm. 

Like the Brandon Maxwell, the Stella McCartney lace dress’s main material is made of breathable silk. The sides are sheer, allowing for a bit of a peek-a-boo moment with the included slip dress, and you also get a gorgeous silhouette with the clip belt.

So, you’ll definitely add some sunny disposition to your next wedding in this dress. 

#3 – Indochino Hampton Tartan Navy Tuxedo Dinner Jacket

Now, for more masculine energy, we have the Indochino Hampton Tartan Navy Tuxedo Dinner Jacket. This traditional pattern has been a part of Scottish formal wear since the 1900s.

It’s made with cashmere-blended wool and is devilishly handsome. 

Because of this jacket’s primary materials, it might be too heavy for an outdoor summer wedding. But, guests at indoor ceremonies will be swooning for this jacket. The blue and green tartan pattern is summer-appropriate and adds flair to the traditionally tailored suit jacket. 

Plus, it’s eye-catching with a contrasting black lapel and suited to look cool and fresh during evening ceremonies

#4 – Articles of Style Linen Suit

Last up in our formal wear selection is the Articles of Style Linen Suit.

Linen is probably the best fabric to wear to a summer wedding. It’s absorbent and strong, making for a breathable wear during humid days. So, of course, this linen suit is ideal for outdoor ceremonies and won’t have you sweating while the couple says their vows. 

You could easily wear this suit at any time. It comes in multiple colorways that’ll work for day or night events.

It also comes with the option of a three-piece suit, which will really add to the formal look. But, if that’s not your style, adding a nice dress shirt and tie underneath will do just fine. 

What to Wear to a Semi-Formal Summer Wedding

For a semi-formal wedding, you’ll want to bridge the gap between formal and casual. The gowns and tuxes can stay tucked away for this dress code, but it’s also not your regular everyday event.

Bright patterns and prints will fare well, and more casual jackets like a seersucker or blazer are perfect, too. 

If you’re still browsing for what to wear to a summer wedding, keep reading! 

#5 – Max Mara Cotton Blend Micro Twill Jumpsuit

You might feel the most comfortable you’ve ever been in a Max Mara Cotton Blend Micro Twill Jumpsuit. Jumpsuits are a great alternative to a dress and allow you to move freely without slip-ups. Plus, it’s just extremely comfortable and practical. 

This jumpsuit is lightweight and breezy with short kimono sleeves and a v-neck design. It also comes with a matching fabric belt cinching your waist for a beautiful look.

Plus, the red geranium colorway is vibrant, bold, and perfect for a bright sunny wedding. The best part is that it could be dressed up or down for any day.

It’s important to note, though, that we would steer clear of wearing this jumpsuit if you’re attending a wedding of a different culture. Brides usually wear red at Chinese and Indian weddings, so it’s only fitting to avoid this option if you’re attending one. 

#6 – Ganni Printed Mesh Dress

In the case of the Ganni Printed Mesh Dress, flower power is everything. This elegant and stylish dress features a square neckline, long sleeves, and some ruching details.

It has a form-fitting silhouette but is made with fluid mesh fabric. So, it’s pretty stretchy and will keep you comfortable throughout the summer evening. 

Bright colors are definitely part of a summer aesthetic. This Ganni Printed Mesh Dress takes full advantage of the pink, purple, and yellow flowers scattered on the white base without taking attention away from the blushing bride. 

And yes, it has long sleeves, but luckily, they’re sheer and made of mesh, so you still have a breathable option. You can even dress it up or down by changing up your shoe selection. 

#7 – Articles of Style Seersucker Suit

Gentlemen, figuring out what to wear to a summer evening wedding can be tricky business. Especially if it’s semi-formal. Do you wear a jacket or not?

Well, the Articles of Style Seersucker Suit definitely sits in the middle of fancy and laidback. It’s 100% cotton, so you’ll definitely get a comfortable wear out of it. 

You can truly wear this Seersucker jacket anywhere. It’s great for a semi-formal summer wedding because of its breathable material and versatility.

With the matching pants and your favorite button-down, you’ll be the talk of the town. Additionally, if you’re contemplating a color, anything lighter and brighter will feel laidback enough for semi-formal attire.

#8 – Ted Baker Linen Blend Yucca Blazer 

As we mentioned, linen is a quintessential summer fabric. So, the Ted Baker Linen Blend Yucca Blazer will suit a wedding guest perfectly.

You’ll look instantly dapper and comfortable in the lightweight material. Plus, its more relaxed fit will excellently match a semi-formal dress code. 

This blazer comes in a light taupe, adding to the chilled-out aesthetic. It’ll almost be a no-brainer to throw this on for day or evening weddings.

Then, once cocktail hour ends and the party begins, you won’t completely sweat it out. And obviously, jackets are always removable if you get too hot, but we don’t think that’ll be necessary.  

What to Wear to a Casual Summer Wedding

We all know that casual means no fuss. But finding what to wear to a summer wedding with a casual dress code isn’t a go-ahead to wear your favorite jeans.

Of course, this could be okay if it’s stated otherwise. But, if not, business casual is the safest guide to follow. This mainly consists of mini dresses and comfy trousers. So, let’s get into it. 

#9 – Staud Mini Wells Dress

The Staud Mini Wells Dress is adorable and flattering. It features a corset-style design and an a-line skirt, making for a charming piece.

It’s also made from cotton, so it’s perfect for the sunniest days and ceremonies. It’s also yellow enough to not get confused with an ivory white. The casual dress has never looked so sweet. 

You’ll also get a lot of movement out of this dress. In other words, you’ll be able to dance the night away with your closest friends at the reception.

If you’re wondering what you should pair with this mini dress, some platform sandals and a small purse will complement it well. 

#10 – Dolce & Gabbana Short Cady Slip Dress with Floral Patches

If you’re more of a bold print girl, the Dolce & Gabanna Short Cady Slip Dress with Floral Patches is covered in embroidered flower patches, creating a unique and feminine look.

The sweetheart neckline and more relaxed fit is beautiful and will leave you comfortable. Ultimately, it could be worn day or night, but we think it’s better suited for the PM.

This ’60s inspired D&G design is also pink and playful. It’ll really let other guests know that you’re ready to have fun and celebrate the marriage of two friends.

Regarding the material, viscose is super breathable and ideal for summer wear. There’s also some stretch to the dress that’ll help when you’re in the middle of the dance floor.  

#11 – Ralph Lauren Purple Label Linen Shirt

We’ve said it over and over: linen is the perfect summer fabric. So, what better way to dress for a casual wedding than the Ralph Lauren Purple Label Linen Shirt.

It comes in six different colorways, so you can easily fit the summer vibe. When it comes to bottoms, you can pair this subtle shirt with some chino pants for an elegant, understated ensemble. 

This will complete a business casual look while comfortable enough for a summer wedding ceremony. Plus, the spread collar adds to the relaxed vibe, but the genuine Mother of Pearl buttons add a dash of high fashion, too. So, it’ll be a pretty balanced and versatile look.

#12 – Club Monaco Sutton Linen Stripe Trouser 

Some people don’t like chinos. In that case, the Club Monaco Sutton Linen Stripe Trouser is another good match. They’re slim-fit, and the pinstripe pattern is a versatile summer design.

Of course, they’re also made of linen, which can become your go-to staple for casual June weddings. 

Not only are these bottoms fit for any occasion, but they’re also very on-trend. But, we think they’ll be able to stand the test of time.

The modern tapered design is flattering and comfortable for anyone who puts them on. It’ll definitely be a part of a good daytime look. 

Which Breathable Materials are Best to Wear to a Summer Wedding? 

Of course, summer weddings will be warm. Checking the weather for temperature changes might save your life while picking out what to wear to a summer wedding.

We’ve found that the most breathable material by far is linen. There are many linen options for men as the wedding attire options can really slim down depending on the dress code. 

Slik is another great option, as evidenced by the Brandon Maxwell silk dress. It feels luxurious and definitely won’t be too restrictive while mingling and dancing.

Finally, we can’t go on without mentioning cotton’s summer popularity. It’s soft, lightweight, and pretty absorbent, so it’ll suit any summer wedding. 

What Colors Should I Never Wear to a Summer Wedding?

We also mentioned a few unspoken etiquette rules to follow at any nuptial ceremony. Besides dress code, when choosing what to wear to a summer wedding, you’ll have to think about the color.

White is definitely out of the question as it implies that you’re trying to take attention away from the bride. That’s a huge no. 

You’ll also want to avoid anything too glamorous, like metallics or gold. This is also because these hues are generally associated with bridal looks.

Sparkly attire also won’t fare well during the day, but couples who have black-tie weddings might be okay with it. Just don’t wear anything that can be mistaken as a wedding dress. 

Black used to be considered a more taboo color, but that’s soon changed for more traditional weddings. But, as we mentioned, there are different wedding cultures out there.

So, if you attend a Hindu wedding, black is considered an unlucky color, so it’s best to steer away from it. Finally, you’ll want to avoid wearing the entourage colors. In other words, don’t look like a bridesmaid if you’re not one.

How Far Ahead Should I Plan My Outfit for a Summer Wedding? 

Let’s say you receive a Save-the-Date, and the wedding is about a year out. Deciding on what to wear to a summer wedding right that second might not be the best plan.

First, weather is always subject to change. And obviously, no forecast will be accurate if the date is far away. It’s also possible that you’ll pick something that you end up not liking later, resulting in another (potentially expensive) transaction. 

We think that you should wait at least a few months before the date just so you can be sure of the day’s conditions. Then, you can start preparation.

You’ll know the venue beforehand with the invitation, so you can definitely have an idea in mind before adding anything to your cart. For example, if it’s in a banquet hall, you know that you can keep your eye out for something semi-formal or formal. 

Not all outdoor weddings will be casual, but you can assume that the dress code won’t be as strict. If anything, you can contact other wedding guests in the months prior (if possible!) to get more inspiration. That way, you’ll all be able to blend in. 

Final Thoughts

Choosing what to wear to a summer wedding can feel challenging. There are many determining factors, and some of them are unreliable (we’re looking at you, Mother Nature!).

But, ultimately, you’ll enjoy the couple’s summer celebration if you wear something that suits your style and is breathable enough for hot weather. 

It’s also important to have fun with it. As we said, wear something that you’ll actually like while following the dress code. That way, you can create beautiful memories with loved ones while wearing an outfit that you won’t regret later on in the evening.

So, here’s to the linen shirts, breathable dresses, and comfy jumpsuits! You’re going to be the best choice for some lovely summer nuptials.  

There’s so much more to consider besides the outfit you’ll be wearing to the wedding. Accessories? Shoes? Wherever will you find your inspiration? With these articles, of course:

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