What to Wear to a Teacher Interview

So, you’ve landed an interview for your dream job as a teacher, and are now wondering what to wear to a teacher interview? Well, no need to bite your nails over this and ruin a perfectly good manicure. We’ll bring you a plethora of teacher interview outfit ideas that you can use in order to follow your ‘dress to impress’ interview mantra.

Dressing up for interviews has always been nerve-wracking. You don’t want to be too over-the-top formal and, of course, not too casual either. It’s always difficult to find the most balanced outfit for any interview, and the difficulty only piles up when it’s a teacher interview. 

With so many outfit inspiration guides for teachers, it makes sense that there’s one available for actually landing your first job as one. That’s why we’ve written a detailed guide with tips, ideas, outfit inspirations, style options, and so much more just for you. So you can refer to this guide when you’re trying to figure out what to wear to a teacher interview.

Since interviews tend to cause lots of worries, our goal is to make sure that your outfit isn’t one of them. After reading this guide, you’ll be able to understand:

  • What to wear to a teacher interview
  • What types of outfits make a great, lasting first impression
  • How to style your teacher interview outfits
  • what to take to a teacher interview

What to Wear to a Teacher Interview

Teacher interviews can be a bit daunting, especially with the vice principals and school principal present, listening to your thoughts about teaching and student learning. So, knowing what to wear to a teacher interview can definitely ease some of the worries associated with that big day.

The number one thing you should do for any interview is to plan your outfit ahead of time. You should have your outfit picked, ironed, and laid out the night before, so you don’t have to deal with the hassle of doing this on the day of. Also, make sure to pick out practical, yet presentable shoes that will pair well with your outfit.

The goal is to look neat, professional, and ready to take on the responsibilities of your dream job. Basically, before you even start playing the part of being a teacher, you have to dress the part. This will help you exude the same level of confidence and comfort you would have after residing in that position for a while.

When picking your outfit, choose simple, classic tones. This professional-looking attire will allow you to portray your sincerity about the role. Yet, you want to make sure that you wear something that’s not only professional but also aligns with your style. This way you’ll feel confident and comfortable throughout the entire interview process.

10 Outfit Ideas for a Teacher Interview

Outfit ideas and tips for what to wear to a teacher interview are very important. But, they work best with examples, so you can actually visualize how to perfectly style your teacher interview attire. Below, we’ve collected a range of various outfit ideas for you to consider when choosing what to wear to your interview.

You can never go wrong with a black and white classic look, especially when you have no idea what to wear to a teacher interview. The model above showcases this. Her outfit has the perfect balance of both black and white.

She’s wearing a black pantsuit and a bright, white blouse that provides the perfect contrast to her small, black leather handbag and black, professional loafers.

Keep in mind that it’s better to be professionally overdressed for an interview rather than underdressed. For teachers, that means to wear ‘business-professional’ attire rather than going for a ‘business-casual’ look. You want to make sure that you stand out and make a lasting impression in comparison to the several other interviewees that have come before you. 

This look will provide you with the ‘it’ factor in front of the interviewers because it showcases your professionalism even before they’ve heard you speak. 

For male teachers, a pantsuit is a great option, because it allows you to showcase your most put-together attire. The model above is wearing a gray, tailored-fit suit with a classic white shirt and a matching gray tie to complete the look. His black dress shoes keep the entire outfit composed and looking well put together.

In general, wearing a tie portrays your level of preparedness for any interview, since it shows your dedication to making a good first impression. For a teacher interview, it not only does that, but it also lets the interviewers know that you’re willing to undertake the challenges of the job with an unmatchable level of sincerity.

Essentially, a suit exudes professionalism, confidence, and makes a bold statement. And it allows you to showcase your passion for the teaching career.

If pantsuits aren’t your thing, you can always go for other dressier outfits that provide you with a professional look without the ‘too businessy’ feel.

Full-length, fitted dress pants, a loose-fitting blouse tucked in, and classic black stiletto heels (as modeled above), make for the perfect female teacher interview outfit.

This outfit follows the professional, yet chic vibe that’s perfect for displaying your caring and fun approach towards teaching. It allows you to move with both confidence and flair in your style and, overall, it just showcases you in your element. 

So, the interviewers will see that you’re ready to not only lead the classroom but also create a positive and fun environment for learning.

Finding the balance between showcasing your professionalism along with coming off as a fun teacher can be quite challenging for male teachers, because of limited professional outfit options.

Yet, the outfit above does a great job of playing off this vibe as it pairs a white shirt and navy blue dress pants with a dark purple and yellow print tie.

The tie plays a big role in completing your professional attire. And that role is enhanced when you experiment with one that compliments the outfit even if it isn’t matching perfectly. 

Try wearing prints that don’t stand out to the eye from afar, but catch the eye when looking up close. You’d be surprised how many conversations start with the statement, “that’s an interesting tie.”

For women’s interview attire, the white and navy blue combination looks great—especially with outfits that aren’t showcasing the tailored-fit look.

The outfit modeled above features a white cotton shirt tucked into navy blue flared dress pants, and slip-on heels to give you a bit of length. 

This outfit utilizes the technique of balancing proportions to ensure that it looks sophisticated and fitted, even though it’s not figure-hugging.

When wearing flared dress pants, definitely opt for heels more often than flats. The reason for this is that these loose-fitting pants can take away from your height, so a bit of extra length doesn’t hurt anyone.

Want to wear a tie and dress shirt, but not make it a suit? Then pair a cardigan with your dress pants. As seen above, a white, cotton, crisp shirt with navy blue tie is styled along with black dress pants and shoes. And this attire perfectly complements the violet indigo-colored cardigan. 

This outfit is a great choice for those fall and winter interview days, since it provides an extra layer on top of your dress shirt, so you can skip the hassle of carrying a jacket with you. It also works best for saving your whites from nervous coffee spills (or donut frosting stains if you were craving some sugar to help calm your nerves).

The same style can be followed for women when they’re dressing up for that fall or winter teacher interview. The beige sweater styled on top of a white cotton shirt with black dress pants and heels allows for a neat, layered interview look.

To top it off, the black handbag with sunglasses gets you ready to walk with the stride of success.

If you’re looking for a professionally stylish outfit that isn’t too fitted, then this outfit is definitely for you. The comfortably snug, fit top with the bit of a flare in the dress pants makes this look stand out from the others. To ensure it still looks interview-appropriate, however, make sure your collar is crisp and your sleeves are folded neatly to sit on top of the sweater.

You can still style a suit without matching your dress pants with the suit jacket. Instead, style your teacher interview outfit with a blazer that provides a perfect contrast to your dress pants and dress shirt. Like the model above, style your black dress pants and dress shoes with a dark gray striped blazer. 

You can also wear your white cotton dress shirt with a dark gray tie that matches your blazer to ensure that you’re still within the two-toned color range. When providing contrast in your interview attire, make sure that you don’t go beyond the two (or maximum three) color tones in your overall outfit.

If you want to wear a suit but don’t want the dulled look with dress pants, then pair your suit jacket or blazer with a pencil skirt, instead. The model above showcases this look with a white blazer topped on a pinkish beige blouse and a matching knee-length white pencil skirt.

Her two-toned outfit is perfectly balanced with a small white handbag and beige stiletto heels.

This look is perfect for that spring or summer interview when you want to impress the interviewers with your professional attire without compromising on style or comfort.

It’s important to note that the skirt should usually be knee-length, or just above the knee, to ensure complete propriety and modesty. 

Unfortunately, like women, men cannot ditch their dress pants for a spring/summer teacher interview, but there’s something else that they can give up to change their look. For those of you who love the tailored-suit look but are not a big fan of ties, there’s good news for you.

The model above is wearing a navy blue, tailored suit with a light blue shirt that matches the tones of the suit. His brown dress shoes match his brown belt and watch, giving the overall interview attire some stylish focus. 

In other words, you can ditch the tie during the warmer months to provide some much-needed air circulation which will ease your interview nerves, as long as the suit you’re wearing is nicely fitted to the shape of your body. This creates a sharp, professional look without the hassle of tying formal ties.

How to Choose The Best Teacher Interview’s Outfit

To choose the best outfit when you’re thinking of what to wear to a teacher interview, there are some factors that you need to keep in mind.


Some stores offer a separate collection of office wear that allows you to compare prices with other business attire retailers. This makes shopping for professional attire easier and more convenient for those who prefer lots of pricing options.

For instance, if you were to shop for your teacher interview attire from an online workwear retailer such as Suitably, you’re looking to spend well over $200 on an entire business-centric outfit. However, you’ll be able to save money and spend less when shopping in-store or online from retailers like H&M and Dynamite.

Basically, determine a budget for your teacher interview attire before you go shopping. That way you’ll know exactly which store to go to when hunting for your next, ‘landing a job’ outfit.


Of course, with the right budget, you also need good quality clothes that will last you a while. Look for brands that are known for their office wear collection, so that you can trust the lasting quality of their clothes.

It’s especially easy to overspend on styles you’re not very accustomed to, so try to familiarize yourself with the work clothes that you feel most connected to. This will, in turn, help you determine which clothes have better quality based on brands and materials. 


Interview attire needs to consist of specific materials that look both bright and clean. For instance, when you’re wondering what to wear to a teacher interview, go for cotton, linen, and a mix of polyester shirts that give off that crisp and put-together look when ironed.

The other option is to go for wrinkle-free fabrics for both your shirts (or blouses) and dress pants. This makes it easier for you to get ready in the morning—without any hassles—for your big teaching interview. Plus, you get the benefit of looking sharp all day long!

How to Style a Teacher Interview’s Outfit

Styling options are endless when determining what to wear to a teacher interview. Here are some tips to use when styling your teacher interview outfits:

  1. You can style your pantsuit in different ways by mixing and matching your blazer with similar toned dress pants. This gives an oomph factor to your outfit without compromising on its neatness. 
  2. Another way to style your female teacher interview attire is to pair your loose-fitting dress shirts with skinny-fit dress pants, or tuck your shirt in if you have flared dress pants. This will create a look based on balanced proportions for both top and bottom, so that your outfit looks fitted in some areas and provides a nice flow in others.
  3. For male teachers, style your interview attire with a blazer or a buttoned cardigan to add professional and stylish layers. This makes a great outfit combination with a matching tie, since it gives you all the benefits of a tailored suit without having to actually wear one.
  4. Make sure to give an ample amount of consideration to your footwear when deciding what to wear to a teacher interview. Style your outfit with dress shoes that are both comfortable and professional. This means no strappy sandals, slippers, or funky colors.

Best Places to Buy a Teacher Interview’s Outfit

As mentioned above, there are many online and in-store options for you to consider when you’re planning out your teacher interview outfit. 

The stores mainly vary based on styles and prices, and ones that carry a good selection of both are definitely worth a closer look. Some stores like H&M, Dynamite, Urban Outfitters, Forever 21, Amazon house brands, and Shein provide an excellent selection of both styles and affordable prices. 

Some higher-end brands like Banana Republic, Zara, and Suitably offer styles that are centered around trendy business wear, but they can be quite expensive. These stores offer a greater selection of office wear than ones that have a variety of styles, and are excellent for purchasing clothes that can last for many years.

Final Thoughts

Interviews can be very daunting with all of the preparation stress involved—especially when you don’t know what to wear to a teacher interview.

The key thing to remember is this: to try to dress like you’re going to an office meeting in a highly professional setting to avoid being underdressed for the big teacher interview.

Along with that, try to wear interview styles that you feel most comfortable with. Remember, the goal is to look both professional and confident, and the only way to be confident is to feel confident in your attire. 

That’s not to say that you shouldn’t allow yourself to explore and experiment with different interview outfit ideas, but choose the one that makes you feel like ‘you.’ In other words, let your outfit make a statement about your professionalism before you answer questions about the teaching profession.

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