What to Wear with Grey Sweatpants

Ah, sweatpants: the antithesis of progress and a must-have for couch potatoes. Relaxed, cozy, and loosey-goosey, I’m sure that everyone and their mother own a coveted pair. 

There are hundreds of unique styles to choose from, ranging from the classic tracksuit look to the form-fitting Insta-baddie. If you’re a true homebody, your closet is basically a treasure trove of sweatpants.

We’re not here to throw shade, by the way. It takes effort to collect the creme-de-la-creme of joggers. 

While some opt for white and others black, we’d say that the best hue to fashion is grey. It’s the middle-of-the-road shade that marries sofa spud with effortless athleisure.

If you want to look cool without trying, it’s absolutely necessary to cop a pair. But here’s the million-dollar question, how exactly should you style grey sweatpants?

From city-girl chic to ‘I woke up like this,” we’ll show you what to wear with grey sweatpants. As an added bonus, we’ll also share some history, styling advice, and some fashion no-no’s to consider before you head out the door.

What are Sweatpants?

Sweatpants are bottoms that are worn casually. Offered in a slim or loose fit, there are hundreds of styles to choose from. Most joggers come with elasticated waistbands, drawstrings, and pockets for snack storage.

They’re typically made out of cotton fleece, jersey knit, and polyester. In terms of purpose, some people use them for athletic activities and others just for lounging. 

History of Sweatpants

Like Coco Chanel’s LBD and Christian Dior’s New Look, France is the country of many fashion firsts. With that in mind, it should come as no surprise that they birthed sweatpants.

Invented by Émile Camuset in 1920, the first pair of joggers were a simple addition to his Le Coq Sportif collection. 

At the time, he realized that there was a veritable lack of comfortable, functional clothing for athletes—which led to the first jersey-knit prototype. Ironically, Camuset’s earliest pair was dyed grey. 

Fast forward to the 1930s, the French began to adopt the sweatpants as Olympian attire—which later coined the term ‘the Sunday uniform.’ Several designers took to reinvent the classic set of joggers.

This includes Russel Atheltic’s idea to implement cotton instead of itchy wool and Champion’s shrink-free sweatsuit. 

Sweatpants began a global phenomenon, as the west adopted them as part of their athletic wear. They became synonymous with prestigious colleges in the 1950s.

In the coming years, athleisure started to peak in popularity—and of course, the classic pair of joggers were intrinsic to the look. Today, the traditional set of elasticated sweats continues to be an important part of fashion history. 

What to Wear with Grey Sweatpants

If you’re wondering what to wear with grey sweatpants, it’s important to address the occasions meant for them first. In typical fashion, joggers are worn as loungewear and exercise clothing.

For those looking to hit the gym, we suggest donning a sports bra, loose tee, or a classic hoodie. Whatever you choose, the top should be comfortable and supportive. 

In terms of loungewear and athleisure, we thought it best to answer with a couple of grey sweatpants outfit ideas. Below, you’ll find a selection of stylish OOTD for men and women. Let’s get started! 

7 Outfit Ideas with Grey Sweatpants for Women

For those wondering what to wear with grey sweatpants, the safest bet is to go monochrome. As always, the classic ‘lazy day’ ensemble comprises matching joggers, a crew neck long-sleeve, socks, and a pair of white sneakers. 

To err on the side of boring, we suggest experimenting with various silhouettes. For instance, you can wear an oversized top with high-waisted, tapered sweats. Tucking your bottoms in your socks can help cinch in the entire look. Of course, don’t forget to accessorize with some silver jewelry. 

Nothing’s more classic than wearing a white crop top with grey sweatpants. If you’re in the mood for ‘chic casual,’ we recommend donning this stylish outfit. 

Composed of ripped joggers, a cream muscle tee, and an oversized black blazer—something about this look screams off-day Hailey Bieber vibes to me. To help finish off the look, we suggest a pair of white sneakers, a Prada bag, and a baseball cap as an added accessory. 

Going out for coffee? If so, don’t take it as an excuse to go plain jane. Instead, why not opt for the classic streetwear look? 

Considered a great way to answer the ‘what to wear with grey sweatpants’ question, this outfit features a pair of tapered joggers, a cropped white hoodie, a black leather jacket, and chunky dad-style sneakers to top things off.

The addition of the baseball cap and the Balenciaga handbag help to add a touch of class to the entire ensemble. 

Who says you can’t marry light academia with athleisure? If you want to exude that bookish, athletic vibe, we suggest trying this outfit on for size.

Composed of a sage green sweater, a white collared button-up, and baggy joggers, this ultra-comfortable look is the perfect blend between chic and effortless. For those wondering what to wear with grey sweatpants girl, is the ensemble to opt for. 

I swear, nothing screams ‘city-girl that listens to Drake’ than a branded hoodie, a pair of sweatpants, and an Aritzia-style puffer jacket. Dressed in cream hues, this athleisure-inspired look can help you look fashionable and effortless. 

The sneakers and clutch bag are the perfect examples of ‘soft-core hypebeast.’ There’s really no need to accessorize, but we recommend a silver Cuban chain necklace if you’re up for some glam.

Hey, when we said grey sweatpants—we didn’t mean full-length bottoms exclusively. This outfit is the perfect ensemble to wear if you’re heading to the basketball court or if you’re running errands downtown. 

Composed of capri-cut joggers, a cropped black turtleneck, a white puffer, and a pair of red Adidas sneakers, it’s a super cool look to pull off if you’re an avid athleisure fanatic. Of course, the fit isn’t complete without a matching beanie on top. 

Fashioned by model Irina Shayk, this stylish ensemble features a grey halter top, matching joggers, a cropped hoodie, and a stunning pair of knee-high leather booties. It’s definitely a bold look to pull off if you’re wondering what to wear with grey sweatpants. 

If anything, it’s giving me 2000s Juicy Couture vibes due to the ensemble’s velour-like material. Finished off with a zebra-printed purse and a pair of sunnies, it’s the Hollywood ensemble to don if you’re feeling extra. 

6 Outfit Ideas with Grey Sweatpants for Men

In search of what to wear with grey sweatpants men’s outfits? We suggest keeping things fresh and light by fashioning this monochrome look. 

Dressed in head-to-toe silver, this casual ensemble features a pair of loose joggers, a baggy hoodie, and chunky shoes for added pizzazz. It’s a great fit to wear for lounging, coffee runs, or walks around the neighborhood. For accessories, we recommend a matching tote bag in white cream. 

Come on, guys. It’s relatively easy to don those Cheeto-stained sweats and that holey tee. If you want to look stylish without any effort, it’s time to do some basic layering. 

For instance, this outfit comes with a pair of grey slacks, a black puffer vest, a white button-up, and a plaid shirt underneath. It’s an excellent outfit to wear during the autumn season, as the multiple layers act as added insulation. As always, you can finish up the look with a tote bag and a beanie.

There’s another way to tackle the ‘what to wear with grey sweatpants’ question. In this example, we’re playing around with silhouettes. Since most joggers come with a relatively loose fit, it’s always a good idea to match shapes by opting for an oversized top. 

For example, this ensemble features a tracksuit layered with a puffy blue button-up and a cream blanket scarf. It’s a soft, elegant look that’s perfect for the early winter season. 

Do you know what goes great with grey sweatpants? Print. Part of the Alexander Wang 2018 Menswear collection, this ensemble features graphics on the collared shirt and the bottoms. 

It’s further accentuated with a tan hoodie, an added turtleneck, and a backward cap to really give off that casual streetwear vibe. Considered a look for the cool kids, it’s amazing to see how grey sweatpants haven’t fallen out of popularity over the years. 

Still on the lookout for sweatpants fashion men outfit ideas? If so, there’s nothing wrong with going back to the basics. For example, this outfit comes with a classic set of silver joggers, a white tee, and a dark turquoise half-zip. 

Laidback, casual, and effortlessly fashionable, this is a great ensemble to wear for when you can’t be bothered. For those who live in colder climates, we recommend layering up with a white puffer jacket. 

The rule of thumb with fashion is to match certain parts with your outfit with your shoes or accessories. This outfit is considered a great example, as the white-and-black stripes of the top pair well with the color palette of the sneakers. 

The pop of forest green helps break the monotony of grey provided by the sweatpants. In our opinion, this ensemble requires no add-ons. Remember, simplicity speaks for itself. 

What Type of Grey Sweatpants Can You Get?

Don’t be mistaken. Grey sweatpants can be made fashionable so long as you pay attention to two integral factors: color and cut.

For those looking to jazz up their jogger selection, there are hundreds of styles to choose from. To help our readers figure out what to wear with grey sweatpants, we’ll discuss some popular designs to consider: 

  • Baggy: considered a must-have for daily lounging, these pants offer a generous amount of room. We highly recommend wearing these for snack binging. 
  • Slim-fit: if you want to look sexy, donning a pair of skin-tight sweatpants can help you achieve that Insta-baddie look. 
  • Cigarette: this cut of sweatpants is considered a cross-breed between baggy and slim-fit. It offers that tailored look without the need for any pleats or darts. 
  • Cropped: This mainly includes capri-style joggers. It’s not as popular as full-length bottoms, but it’s at least something to consider during summer. 
  • Graphics and patterns: If you’re not a fan of minimalist designs, prints are a sure-fire way to add pizazz to an outfit. 

How to Choose The Best Grey Sweatpants

I know; grey sweatpants are often considered a mindless purchase. Plain in design, most joggers are offered at a relatively cheap price. But, I’m sure that some of you experienced wear-and-tear with your coveted pair—which is why it’s important to invest in a durable, well-made set of sweats. 

If you’re ready to become a responsible buyer, you should consider three crucial factors: price, quality, and material. 

Quality and material are two sides of the same coin. A good pair of sweatpants should be made out of premium fabrics, such as cotton fleece, jersey, wool, and cashmere. It’s important to find a design that offers some stretch, as you don’t want to run into rips and holes anytime in the future. 

In addition, buyers should also look out for integrated features, including an elasticated waistband and pockets. These two assets are integral to traditional sweatpants. Without them, you might as well say, “so what?”

Of course, a premium pair of grey sweatpants will often entail a hefty expense. But, if you weigh in factors such as quality, material, and how often you wear them, then cost shouldn’t matter. 

How to Style Grey Sweatpants

It’s easy to wear a hoodie and call it a day. It’s basically taking the L in fashion, as we encourage our readers to think outside the box. If you want to spice up your Instagram feed, here’s what to wear with grey sweatpants. 

  • The classic white t-shirt: it’s a styling basic that’ll never go out of fashion. If you want a simple way to wear grey sweatpants, donning a well-fitted tee is always a good idea to have. 
  • Body proportions are important: If you’re not into baggy silhouettes, the easiest way to define your figure is to opt for cropped t-shirts and the classic French tuck. 
  • Sneakers: trainers and sweatpants are the bread and butter of athleisure. According to our observations, it seems that white shoes are a popular choice among trendsetters. 
  • Minimal jewelry: this includes Cuban chain necklaces and dainty hoop earrings. We recommend donning silver instead of gold if you’re wearing grey sweatpants. 
  • Crossbody bags: considered a great way to add style to an athleisure fit, fashioning a fanny pack or a Prada mini can help elevate your look. 

Fashion Tips to Avoid With Grey Sweatpants

Ironically, there are a lot of ‘grey areas’ when it comes to styling off-black bottoms. Not all garments blend with a pair of silver joggers.

With that in mind, we felt it best to inform you of some fashion faux pas before you decide what to wear with grey sweatpants. Here are some no-no’s to consider:

  • High heels: with the exception of thigh-high boots, high heels should be reserved for other types of bottoms, such as jeans and leather pants 
  • Blouses: the frilly nature of chiffon puffs and silk tops doesn’t pair well with the lax attitude of sweatpants 
  • Statement jewelry: the entire purpose of athleisure is to look effortlessly chic. Wearing bold necklaces and earrings definitely screams trying too hard 
  • The hypebeast aesthetic: hey, I’m all for wearing what you want. But honestly, wearing head-to-toe Supreme or Bape often denotes a pretentious vibe to your look 
  • The harness: Popularized by Asian streetwear and Kpop, harnesses can help provide the edge you’re looking for. If you’re going to wear one, we suggest going all out. But, for those who choose to wear a singular strap, it often looks weak and misplaced when styled with sweatpants 

How To Take Care Of Grey Sweatpants

Compared to jeans and dresses, sweatpants are the easiest garment to clean. Oftentimes, they save you the trip of going to the local cleaner. For those looking to maintain their coveted pair, here are some general tips and tricks to implement at home:

  • Like all jeans and pants, sweats should be turned inside-out before going into the laundry machine 
  • Wash in cold water with mild detergent 
  • Tumble low in the dryer. With that being said, we do recommend air-drying them to help prevent shrinking 
  • Stay away from bleach, as this will change the color of your sweatpants 

Best Places to Buy Grey Sweatpants

So, you finally figured out what to wear with grey sweatpants. Now it’s time to invest in a quality pair. For those unsure of where to start, we’ll feature some reputable companies to support online:

  • Girlfriend Collective 
  • Nap Loungewear 
  • PE Nation 
  • Icebreaker Merino Wool
  • Gentle Herd 
  • Uniqlo 

Final Thoughts

Styling grey sweatpants should never be a tedious task. Compared to jeans, trench coats, and ankle booties, fashioning a pair of silver joggers should be a breeze. 

We know it’s common to wear a hoodie, tee, and a set of sneakers—which is why we provided 13 different outfit ideas if you’re bored of the everyday shtick. From Y2K-inspired Juicy Couture to effortless athleisure, here’s to hoping that you’ve gathered enough inspiration for future fits.

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