What To Wear With Khaki Pants

Khaki pants are known as comfortable, beige-colored bottoms that have become a fashion favorite for both men and women. The trousers come in a variety of tan tones, fits, and lengths.

The neutral color leaves some unsure of what to wear with khaki pants. To help you learn the best ways to wear your new closet staple, we’re here to teach you how to style the bottoms and show you what goes with khaki pants. 

After reading this guide, you’ll be a certified pro and know:

  • What to wear with khaki pants
  • How to choose the best khakis
  • Fashion tips to avoid
  • Where to buy the bottoms
  • How to take care of your khaki pants

Soon, you’ll fall in love with the idea of khaki pants. They’re an easy addition to any closet that’ll add some brightness and designer flair—without even trying or breaking the bank! 

What Are Khaki Pants?

Khaki pants are hard to describe since the bottoms come in many different styles for men and women.

Simply put, they are light brown colored pants made from a variety of fabrics but traditionally they are made from canvas. The word ‘khaki’ comes from the tan, yellowish hue of the bottoms. 

If you’re into the history of fashion, you’ll find it interesting to know that khaki pants were created for military purposes in the 1840s.

One theory says that soldiers would dye their white bottoms with tea to camouflage themselves during the war. Another theory speculates that a soldier dyed his bedsheets to wear the lighter material to battle the heat.

After that, khaki pants became popular in military uniforms until they reached the mass population in the 1950s. Since then, the trousers have evolved and are made in many different designs and fabrics (like joggers, cargo, or denim).

Some versions of the pants are no longer khaki in color but still keep the name ‘khaki.’ 

What To Wear With Khaki Pants

Khaki pants are a neutral canvas that will let you showcase your style personality without clashing with other items you wear. This means they will match just about any color or bold print. 

The versatility of the bottoms lets you tailor them to any occasion—whether it be a trip to the grocery store, a business meeting, or even a wedding.

When thinking about what to wear with khaki pants men outfit ideas, there are a few options, and they range from casual to more formal.

You could wear the pants with a basic tee layered with a denim or leather jacket for your daily activities. You could also wear the pants with a more upscale look, pairing them with a button-up shirt or blazer. 

The same flexibility applies to women who are trying to figure out what to wear with khaki pants female outfit ideas. A crop top would pair well with the looser fit of cargo khaki pants.

But, you could also wear them to work if you dress them up with a blouse and dainty jewelry. 

Footwear can make or break any outfit. When trying to decide what shoes to wear with khaki pants, think about the style you’re trying to achieve and the look you’re going for.

If you’re feeling more laidback and chill for the day, wear any type of sneakers. The pants will let any colored detail stand out. If you’re wanting a more glam look, heels can also work! 

3 Outfit Ideas With Khaki Pants For Men

For the guys that are searching ‘what to wear with khaki pants guys’ on the Internet, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got three outfit ideas just for you below.

This model uses the khaki pants’ easygoing look to style an everyday casual outfit. He styled his cargo khaki pants with a basic white tee and layers a simple flannel on top. 

The jogger feel of these pants will guarantee his comfort throughout his daily routine. The basic Nike sneakers tie into the black and white detailing found in his flannel shirt.

This is an easy example of what to wear with khaki cargo pants. Even a basic graphic tee or your favorite hoodie could replace the flannel. This outfit can be tailored to fit almost anyone’s lifestyle.

This model time-traveled back to the 90s with his high-waisted, loose-fitting khakis. The basic white tee picks up the crisp checkered detailing in his high-top Vans. 

If you’re looking to achieve the same kind of laid-back styling, the baggy fit of the khakis will have you looking like the cool guy on the block. 

This is a minimalist, polished example of what to wear with khaki pants. Also, playing with colors and patterns could bring this look to the next level.

This is a fancy example of what to wear with khaki pants suited for a more formal occasion. This model used the neutral tone of the pants to style a more calm, simple outfit

To start, he paired the trousers with a baby blue button-up dress shirt and dark leather belt, which helps break up the two light colors. To complete his relaxed fit, he chose a clean pair of white sneakers. 

So, if you have an upcoming event like a beach wedding or romantic dinner, khaki pants could be a unique twist to men’s formalwear. If you want to elevate the look, choose a shirt with bold colors or edgy prints. 

If you don’t want to wear casual sneakers, try pairing the outfit with dark leather dress shoes when deciding what color shoes to wear with khaki pants. 

3 Outfit Ideas With Khaki Pants For Women

As we’ve mentioned, khaki pants are well-loved by both men and women. So we’ve gathered three outfit ideas women can refer to when they’re trying to decide what to wear with khaki pants.

This model grabbed her flared linen khaki pants to style her breezy, relaxed outfit. The loungey feel of her slightly untucked white blouse adds to the laid-back vibe of her ensemble. 

The darker brown sandals complement the khaki pants’ color and her trendy purse for an elegant what to wear with khaki pants girl outfit idea.

This is an example of what to wear with khaki pants in warmer seasons. The lightweight fabrics of the linen bottoms and blouse will be sure to keep the model cool.

These trousers— with their flared, shorter length—are a great example of the variety of khaki pant styles. 

This fashionista used the brown tones of her clothes to create a monochromatic fit that looks fresh off the runway. Her khaki cargo pants feature a chunky belt attached that accentuates her waist. 

Her brown trench coat elongates her figure and its darker tone highlights the lighter tone of the rest of her outfit. The leather combat boots add a different texture to complete the look.

This is also a great idea of how to style the pants in colder climates. When thinking about ‘what shoes to wear with khaki pants female outfit ideas’ you could even wear boots.

This model showcases her street style by wearing her khaki cargo pants and a black boyfriend tee.

Her crisp sneakers and Nike crew socks lighten up the darker-toned outfit and show us what color socks to wear with khaki pants

She uses accessories to enhance her urban look. The leather fanny pack, aviator sunglasses, and silver chain all add different textures and bling. 

This last outfit idea of ‘what to wear with khaki pants’ shows how the pants can be tailored to any style preference—whether it be street style, modern, or even bohemian (and more!).

If this khaki pants outfit idea is close to your taste, you could try adding a graphic tee or baseball cap to make the look your own. 

What Type Of Khaki Pants Can You Get?

Over the years, khaki pants have taken many different forms and so what to wear with khaki pants has changed and evolved as time passed. Today, some types of khakis you can consider buying are:

  • Cargo
  • Chinos
  • Joggers
  • Classic khakis
  • Khaki jeans
  • Carpenter
  • Canvas

…And even more! 

On top of that, khaki pants are now available in many fabrics suitable for various climates and lifestyles.

For example, khaki pants made from linen are perfect for a hot day when you need your clothing to be more breathable. 

On the other hand, if your lifestyle requires more durable material, khaki pants made from thick canvas might be the best option for you. 

How To Choose The Best Khaki Pants

When trying to find the best khaki pants to purchase, we recommend thinking about which styles would suit your lifestyle best.

For instance, are you full of adventure and love the outdoors? If the answer is “yes,” a pair of breathable linen khaki pants that are easily washable will likely be the best purchase. 

Choosing thick or thin material will depend on the typical weather of your hometown.

Obviously, warmer fabrics are meant for colder climates and light fabrics will leave you sweat-free in the hotter temperatures. And when choosing the material for your pants, the time of year is another factor to consider.

If you’re looking to add khaki pants to your business wardrobe, then a more polished and tailored version will compliment your taste and suit your needs.

This could mean the pants are a more clean tan color without many pockets in the design. 

That said, you know your style better than anyone, so trust your instincts when it comes to choosing the best khaki pants for you. 

As we mentioned, the pants come in a variety of materials and are available at almost any store you can think of. So, thinking too much about price isn’t necessary. The cost will depend on the level of quality you desire

If you’re buying durable denim or soft linen designs, you could end up paying from $60 $80 on average. Certain stores will sell the pants at a more affordable price range but they’ll be made of thinner fabric. Jogger or canvas versions can be bought from just $20 $40.

How To Style Khaki Pants

If we were to tell you every single way to style khaki pants mens outfit looks and women’s outfit ideas, this article would be very long, and you’d be reading for a while. But, this just tells you how versatile these pants are.

So sorry to our rule breakers, there are really no rules to break with this khaki pant trend. But we’ll still give you some quick tips about what to wear with khaki pants! 

When thinking about what color to wear with khaki pants, it is up to you. As you’ve seen, you can choose a brighter color, black, or even go all beige tones.  

The best part about the lighter-toned pants is that they go with almost anything. So you can showcase that bold piece in your closet that you’ve been keeping hidden from the world. Deciding what color shirt to wear with khaki pants is truly very easy.

Choosing what shirt to wear with khaki pants is just as simple. You can wear just about anything in your drawers or closet. For instance, you can choose a basic solid shirt and elevate the look with accessories. 

You could also choose an energetic graphic to stand out against the pants’ canvas material. If you’d like a more formal look, then any type of dress shirt or blouse will do the trick. 

Fashion Tips To Avoid With Khaki Pants

Even though khaki pants are versatile and can be worn in many ways, there are still some fashion faux pas you should be aware of when styling these pants. We’ve listed a few of them down below.

  1. Don’t let the unique color of the khaki pants intimidate you: If anything, get excited about it! It is a refreshing step away from your typical blue or black colored denim. 

Since khaki pants are also neutral, they give you an opportunity to play with other colors or daring prints you’ve been wanting to wear. 

  1. Take advantage of the bottoms’ versatility: The more you play around with styling these pants, the better your skill of knowing what to wear with khaki pants will get. 

Buying a classic version of the pants will let you wear them both casually and formally.

Plus, one interchangeable item takes up less room in your closet, which makes khaki pants a great wardrobe investment piece. So get yourself a clothing item that can be both casual and formal!

  1. Take care of your pants: Since the material of khaki pants is fairly sensitive, learning how to take care of them is important. The last thing we want is for your outfit to be ruined from excessive wrinkles or fading. 

So, learning how to keep your khakis in the best shape possible is important. But, have no fear because we’re about to let you in on all the little secrets about how to take care of the pants. 

How To Take Care Of Khaki Pants

Classic khaki pants made from cotton or linen have a higher chance of wrinkling. That’s why we suggest not washing them too often since this may cause them to wrinkle much quicker.

If your khaki pants do require an immediate wash, try spot cleaning them instead with a stain remover. The sooner you attack the stain, the less likely it’ll soak into the material. 

When you do eventually have to wash your beloved pants, turn them inside out to reduce fading and to make sure the zipper doesn’t get caught on the rest of your precious clothing.

Always wash your pants in cold water on a delicate setting to ensure they don’t deteriorate fast. We want your pants to have the longest life after all. 

Once the washing cycle is completed, skip the trip to the dryer. Instead, hang dry your pants. This will make sure the pants don’t shrink or cause excessive wrinkling.

If you’re in a rush to head out the door and don’t have time to hang dry your pants, put them in the dryer at a lower temperature (gentle is better).

As always, if you’re ever unsure about how to take care of your khaki pants during your laundry day, check the tag attached. This label will give you instructions that you should follow carefully. 

Best Places To Buy Khaki Pants

Since the pants are so versatile, you can find them just about anywhere online or in your local shops. If you’re looking for tailored denim or classic khaki pants for men or women, the best places to start your search are:

  • Abercrombie & Fitch
  • American Eagle Outfitters 
  • Old Navy
  • Nordstrom
  • Express
  • J.Crew

When you’re shopping and trying to figure out what to wear with khaki pants, you can even pick up the rest of the pieces for your outfit at these stores—so buy yourself a whole new outfit! 

If you want to achieve the laid-back look like some of the khaki pants outfits we’ve shown you, wearing cargo pants or joggers is a great idea. And if you’re wondering where to shop, here are a variety of youthful, trendy stores you can choose from:

  • Zumiez
  • H&M
  • Pacsun
  • Aeropostale
  • Forever 21
  • Tilly’s

You could even head to your closest department store to buy your first pair of khaki pants and play around with styling them.

Most of the stores above offer options for both men and women and have an inclusive sizing selection. Some may even have youth sizes—so you and your entire family can match!

Final Thoughts

There you have it, folks. Styling khaki pants—perhaps some of the most versatile, yet uniquely trendy pants on the market—has never been easier. 

Now that you’ve read this article, you should be a fashion pro. So the next time your friends show up wearing the same wash of denim or black pants, you’ll stand out next to them and the fashion spotlight will be glowing on you

You’ve been taught how to style the pants. You’ve seen some examples of what to wear with khaki pants female and male outfit ideas. You’ve been told where to go and get them.

You’ve even learned how to take care of them. So, the final and most fun step is for you to go and buy your newest pair!

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