5 Best Bape Outfits

Hypebeast drip requires a huge dose of braggadocio. In the mix of Off-White, Supreme, and Thrasher, Bape should be included as the cherry-on-top

Definitely a streetwear classic, this Toyko-based brand is known for its unique take on urban fashion. Recognized for its shark hoodies and ape emblems, Bape is what you get when you blend ‘city chic’ with ‘old Hollywood horror.’

Unfamiliar with this clothing brand? If so, think of our short article as a friendly introduction. I’ll delve into the origins of this household brand, and show you some of the best Bape outfits for additional styling inspo. 

What Is Bape?

Considered an acronym for ‘A Bathing Ape,’ Bape is a popular streetwear brand based in Tokyo, Japan.

They blend streetwear classics with music trends and skater culture, which is best represented in the company’s collection of hoodies, tees, and joggers

History Of Bape

Being one of the main capitals of fashion, Tokyo is commonly known to be lightyears ahead of contemporary trends.

Bape, a streetwear brand based in the heart of Japan, is considered another prime example of this, as it’s one of many core aesthetics popular in the country.

Founded by ‘Nigo’ Tomoaki Nagao in 1993, this clothing company joined forces with the critically acclaimed Jun Takahashi in its early development. 

Their combined influences helped to get Bape off the ground. Right from the start, this brand has been universally known to combine modern streetwear with music influences, urban artistry, and 2000s-esque Americana.

Today, Bape is affiliated with many pop culture icons, including Drake and Kanye West. 

What Are Some Popular Bape Outfits?

The best Bape outfits show the company’s branding in full. Fortunately, this clothing brand is anything but shy when it comes to logos and motifs.

Recognized for its loud approach to streetwear, a quintessential Bape OOTD should exude the same amount of bravado that this Japan-based label is known for. 

To illustrate this point, here are a few of the best Bape outfits that I’ve come across so far. 

5 Best Bape Outfits

Traditional streetwear looks often feature the classic matching set. It’s a simple and easy way to get started in hypebeast drip, as you don’t have to worry about OOTD coordination.

If you’re looking to adopt this aesthetic, this ‘best Bape outfits’ review suggests purchasing a sweatshirt and jogger set from the brand’s website. Dyed in pink and blue, this stylish ensemble will definitely stop traffic due to its loud print. 

Y2K fashion is coming back with a vengeance. Given its influential presence on Instagram and TikTok, I think it’s safe to say that this fashion trend isn’t leaving anytime soon.

If you’re looking to join the bandwagon, this ‘best Bape outfits’ guide recommends donning a cute branded hoodie, a Tartan skirt, and a baseball cap for extra pizazz.

The Bape necklace is totally optional, but it helps to add a bit of glitz to the entire fit. 

Despite its name, ‘streetwear’ can also be worn to the beach. This ‘best Bape outfits’ contender features a branded tee, printed shorts, yellow sneakers, and a matching tote bag.

Designed to be ready for summer, all this ensemble really needs is a pair of cool shades. 

Contrary to popular belief, streetwear can look classy. Instead of wearing your usual pair of joggers, I’d suggest swapping them with a leather pencil skirt.

Accentuated with a Bape T-shirt, black sneakers, and an Off-White bag, this ensemble definitely screams “Instagram photoshoot at 12:00 and brunch with gals at 1:00.”

Hypebeast fashion isn’t known to look plain. If you plan on wearing a simple branded tee, I’d suggest jazzing things up by donning a pair of pinstripe shorts.

This ‘best Bape outfits’ contender is further accentuated with a fanny pack, a tie-dye long sleeve shirt, and some lace-up sneakers. 

Fashion Tips To Avoid With Bape Outfits

I’ve shown you some of the best Bape outfits that have ever graced the internet.

Now it’s time to address the worst. If you’re not keen on getting ticketed by the fashion police, here are some styling faux pas to avoid with this clothing brand. 

  • Stilettos: In case you haven’t noticed, a good majority of hypebeast outfits are worn with platforms and sneakers. Heels are considered a major deviation from the aesthetic. 
  • Excessive layering: If your chosen outfit hinders your ability to move, then it’s considered a no-go. 
  • The same brand rodeo: The best Bape outfits usually feature a variety of other hypebeast labels, such as Off-White. This helps to break the monotony of identical brands. 

Best Places To Buy Bape Outfits

So, where can you buy the trendiest Bape outfits? That’s a good question. Before this guide concludes, I thought it best to leave our readers with a few recommendations. I’d suggest checking out the retailers below:

  • Bape 
  • Farfetch 
  • GOAT 

Final Thoughts

It’s no secret that hypebeast requires a certain amount of confidence to pull off. Out of the hundreds of brands out there, Bape continues to be a front leader in logo-first fashion.

Yes, they’re typically considered one of the harder labels to style, but you can rest assured that they’ll definitely warrant some street cred. 

From pencil skirts to matching sets, I’ve gathered some of the best Bape outfits for trendsetters to consider. Hopefully, you’ve garnered enough inspiration to come up with your own unique look. 

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