15 Best Louis Vuitton Shoes

Want to appear on-trend and luxurious every time you leave the house? A pair of designer shoes might be just what the doctor ordered.

With the ability to transform your look from boring to fashionista-level in a matter of seconds, shoes can do more than simply product your feet.

To get you started on your journey into the world of luxury footwear, we curated this list of the best Louis Vuitton shoes.

Easy to pair with any outfit or occasion, there’s something to be said about big-name brands and their quality products.

We understand that taking the first step towards a purchase is hard, so we’ll also cover how to choose the right pair of Louis Vuitton shoes for you and your lifestyle, why you should buy them, and what you should wear them with.

Finding the Best Louis Vuitton Shoes

There’s nothing quite like investing in luxury accessories. There are so many options, so to help narrow down your selection, keep these criteria in mind:


We always note this factor when discussing bigger brand names. The best Louis Vuitton shoes can easily go from $1,000 to $3,000 depending on the pair, so be sure to set a personal limit to avoid emptying your bank account.


Designs are endless with this brand. It can be overwhelming to narrow down the wide selection, but we’d argue that this makes it easier to find something that suits your personal taste.


We understand that there’s a pair of shoes for every occasion, but it may not be wise to buy them all from such a big brand.

Instead, think carefully about what activity you may want to tote these quality shoes in. Ensure your choice is appropriate for your location, climate, and lifestyle.

The 15 Best Louis Vuitton Shoes

Buying the best Louis Vuitton shoes can be overwhelming. From differing styles and sizes to materials and prices, there’s a lot to consider. To make the process as seamless as possible, you’ll find our top picks down below.

Remember that the luxury name, materials, and craftsmanship guide the higher costs. But, when treated well, these shoes will last many years.

#1: Rhapsody Ankle Boot

Rhapsody Ankle Boot

Brand: Louis Vuitton
Retailer: 24S Worldwide
Price: $1547
Color: Noir

First seen at the Fall-Winter 2019 fashion show, the Rhapsody ankle boot was inspired by biker boots. It is revisited in black glazed calf leather with a harness decorated with silver-tone studs and secured with a Louis Vuitton-engraved horseshoe. The elastic side panels with the Nano-Monogram pattern ensure easy fitting.

#2: Capucine Flat Ballerina

Capucine Flat Ballerina

Brand: Louis Vuitton
Retailer: 24S Worldwide
Price: $818
Color: Blanc

The Capucine flat ballerina is Louis Vuitton's interpretation of the timelessly feminine ballet pump. Crafted from exceptionally supple lambskin, this style features a pointed toe, which is highlighted by the shiny black toe cap. It is finished with a gold-tone LV Initials accessory inspired by the emblematic Capucine handbag.

#3: Discovery Flat Ankle Boot

Discovery Flat Ankle Boot

Brand: Louis Vuitton
Retailer: 24S Worldwide
Price: $1128
Color: Noir

The Discovery flat ankle boot in black grained calf leather references classic Chelsea boots with its elastic side panels. It is finished with a strap in iconic Monogram canvas embellished with tiny silver-tone studs, which were inspired by historic Louis Vuitton trunks. This boot's treaded rubber outsole makes it the perfect choice for all weathers.

#4: LV Archlight Sneaker

LV Archlight Sneaker

Brand: Louis Vuitton
Retailer: 24S Worldwide
Price: $1005
Color: Blanc

This black and white version of the iconic LV Archlight sneaker was inspired by the graphic patterns of Nicolas Ghesquière's Cruise 2020 show for Louis Vuitton. Crafted from printed leather and technical fabrics, it features the signature turbo outsole of the LV Archlight line. This model is finished with a back loop in Monogram canvas.

#5: Passenger Sandal

Passenger Sandal

Brand: Louis Vuitton
Retailer: 24S Worldwide
Price: $962
Color: Cognac

The Passenger sandal is crafted from smooth calf leather with a front strap in Louis Vuitton's emblematic Monogram canvas. Two rows of metal eyelets embellish the sandal's leather strap, which is embossed with the House signature. A high block heel and a hard-wearing leather outsole complete this design.

#6: Aftergame Sneaker Boot

Aftergame Sneaker Boot

Brand: Louis Vuitton
Retailer: 24S Worldwide
Price: $868
Color: Noir

The Aftergame sneaker boot is a cutting-edge hi-top in black stretch textile. The rainbow-colored Vuitton signature embroidered on the side was inspired by the New Wave handbag. This supple, lightweight sneaker is finished with a white rubber outsole embossed with Louis Vuitton's emblematic Malletage pattern.

#7: LV Escale Stellar Sneaker

LV Escale Stellar Sneaker

Brand: Louis Vuitton
Retailer: 24S Worldwide
Price: $708
Color: bleu normal

For the LV Escale Summer collection, the Stellar sneaker is revisited in cotton canvas with a print of stripes and Monogram Flowers inspired by the classic French marinière. Coordinating with the ready-to-wear, this easy-to-wear style features a Louis Vuitton lace accessory and a color-matched rubber outsole.

#8: Century Ankle Boot

Century Ankle Boot

Brand: Louis Vuitton
Retailer: 24S Worldwide
Price: $1183
Color: Noir

The on-trend Century ankle boot in deep black velvet is distinguished by its richly embellished block heel. Referencing Louis Vuitton's historic trunks, silver and gold-tone studs are applied by hand to create an eye-catching design. The practical side zip features a Monogram Flower-shaped zip pull.

#9: Horizon Flat Sandal

Horizon Flat Sandal

Brand: Louis Vuitton
Retailer: 24S Worldwide
Price: $837
Color: Blanc

The Horizon flat sandal is crafted from supple grained calf leather. This chic, simple design is distinguished by refined details, such as the square LV Initials accessory and the double rows of stitching on the straps. The sandal is adjusted at the back with an engraved, gold-tone buckle.

#10: Call Back Open Back Pump

Call Back Open Back Pump

Brand: Louis Vuitton
Retailer: 24S Worldwide
Price: $799
Color: Noir

The Call Back open-back pump in glazed calf leather is a sleek, elegant style on a feminine kitten heel. It features a ribbon-like ankle strap with the Louis Vuitton signature in graphic black and white. A rubber insert on the tip of the leather outsole ensures improved resistance to wear.

#11: Trocadero Slip-On

Trocadero Slip-On

Brand: Louis Vuitton
Retailer: 24S Worldwide
Price: $696
Color: noir normal

This edition of the Trocadero slip-on sneaker comes in pastel Monogram textile, which coordinates with the season's leather goods and ready-to-wear collections. The design is complemented by trim in grained calf leather. Extra-supple elastic on the sides ensures this sneaker slips easily on and off.

#12: Auteuil Slipper

Auteuil Slipper

Brand: Louis Vuitton
Retailer: 24S Worldwide
Price: $828
Color: Noir

The Auteuil velvet slipper is available in a palette of bright shades in addition to timeless black. Featuring a Blake construction, a quilted lining and a flexible leather outsole, this loafer is embroidered with a winged shield, a playful new interpretation of the iconic LV initials.

#13: Zigzag Sneaker

Zigzag Sneaker

Brand: Louis Vuitton
Retailer: 24S Worldwide
Price: $974
Color: Graphite

Named after the distinctive cutouts on its upper, the Zig Zag sneaker is an avant-garde chunky style with a streetwear spirit. This model features a mix of bold colors and iconic Louis Vuitton materials, including Damier Graphite and Monogram canvas in white and brown.

#14: LV Porto Vecchio moccasin

LV Porto Vecchio moccasin

Brand: Louis Vuitton
Retailer: 24S Worldwide
Price: $581
Color: JAUNE

The LV Porto Vecchio moccasin comes in velvety suede calf leather in a rich palette of colors. Supple and lightweight, this model is characterized by its hand-stitched vamp, tubular construction and outsole with medium rubber nubs. It is signed with a silver-tone LV Initials accessory.



Brand: Louis Vuitton
Retailer: 24S Worldwide
Price: $784
Color: Rouge

The Fastlane sneaker is crafted from a technical knit fabric woven with Louis Vuitton's iconic Damier pattern. This model is characterized by its exceptional comfort and supple, lightweight rubber outsole. It features a Louis Vuitton ribbon on the upper and a V signature on the back.

What Are the Most Popular Louis Vuitton Shoes?

When searching for the best Louis Vuitton shoes, the result will be guided by personal taste and needs. Different styles are popular amongst different people and locations, but some of the most popular options include:

  • Sport X Supreme Sneaker
  • Cosy Mule Monogram
  • Waterfront Mule
  • Bom Dia Flat Mule
  • Waterfront Ranger

Do Louis Vuitton Shoes Run True to Size?

According to Louis Vuitton’s site, its shoes run true to size. Some customers argue that the athletic shoes are half a size big while heels are half a size small, but it seems to depend on the pair of shoes.

Make sure to check the size guide before ordering.

How Can You Tell If Louis Vuitton Shoes Are Real?

The best way to avoid fakes is to buy from a reputable source. Louis Vuitton has approved vendors, so take a look through the listed locations.

If you’ve purchased a pair of the best Louis Vuitton shoes from elsewhere, check the logo and stitching. Compare the logo to that online as the thickness of letters will differ. The stitching should be consistent and clean.

Can Louis Vuitton Shoes Be Unisex or Gender-Neutral?

Aside from sizing being gendered, many styles of the best Louis Vuitton shoes tend to be unisex designs. Neutral in tone and style, these shoes are fit for a diverse crowd.

How To Style Louis Vuitton Shoes

Not sure how to style your new shoes? Take a look through these examples for inspiration:

  • Ground elevated looks by pairing dresses with sneakers. This pairing is a great way to make your favorite dress more casual yet still sophisticated.
  • Have fun with bold styles by adding chunky shoes to counter sleek tops and skirts. We love the juxtaposition featured in this example.
  • Keep things monochrome by styling your entire outfit around the shoes. You can never go wrong with an all-white or all-black look, though we love the pop of color featured here.

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