30 Best Sharingan Tattoo Ideas 

About Sharingan Tattoos

30 Best Sharingan Tattoo Ideas 

Calling all diehard Naruto fans! If you’re thinking of getting a Sharingan tattoo you’re in the right place. We’re here to fill you in on everything you need to know before your inking session. If you’re new to the world of anime and are here to learn what this Sharingan stuff is all about, welcome.

Sharingan tattoos are representative of a special power in the world of Naruto, where a ninja can mimic their opponent’s fighting technique. When this power is activated, the ninja’s eyes turn red and are shown to have a swirling tomoe symbol in them.

This is very visually striking, which is why many fans are choosing to get the image tattooed on their bodies. 

In this article you’ll learn the history behind this symbol, and also get some awesome Sharingan tattoo ideas. 

What Does Sharingan Tattoos Mean and Symbolize?

30 Best Sharingan Tattoo Ideas 

You might get a Sharingan tattoo because you’re a big Naruto fan, or simply because you like the aesthetic. Either way, it’s important to know what your tattoo symbolizes, since it’s an eye-catching image (pun intended) that will definitely spark a conversation. 

In Japanese, Sharingan (写輪眼) means ‘copy wheel eye.’ The symbol resembles a wheel since three commas are spinning in a circular shape.

This definition describes the function of the Sharingan power as displayed in Naruto. In this series, a ninja with the Sharingan power can copy the abilities of their opponent, remaining one step ahead of them. 

It’s through the changing of the eye that watchers/readers of the anime are alerted that Sharingan is being used. The symbol itself, which is called the tomoe symbol, has a plethora of meanings. It has been linked to Shinto shrines dedicated to Hachiman, the god of war and archery. 

The shape also resembles swirling water and has been placed on roofs as a protection against fire. This alludes to a connection to the world’s natural elements, which can oppose each other yet also work in harmony, much like the ying-yang symbol.

The tomoe symbol has also been adopted into Japanese family emblems and ‘Tomoe’ can even be used as a name!

30 Best Sharingan Tattoo Ideas 

As shown in Naruto, the Sharingan is a dominant power that assists ninjas in combat. In the anime series, Sharingan is a symbol of strength, courage, and control. Not everyone can activate Sharingan, making it an exclusive power. 

This meaning can extend to your Sharingan tattoo, adding a lot of depth to your design. It can symbolize your unique power which others could never mimic, so it’s completely your own. We can’t think of a better Sharingan tattoo meaning! 

In general, eyes are common symbols with deep meaning and symbolism. An eye tattoo can symbolize clairvoyance, intelligence, truth, or a gateway to the soul. Eyes are also commonly associated with authority, a meaning that was popularized by George Orwell in his novel 1984. 

Where to Get a Sharingan Tattoo

30 Best Sharingan Tattoo Ideas 

A Sharingan tattoo can be placed on any part of the body: 

  • Back of the hand
  • Wrist 
  • Calf 
  • Forearm 
  • Torso 
  • Back 

The most unique spot for a  Sharingan tattoo, when compared with other tattoos, is on the back of the hand. Placing the Sharingan eye on the back of your hand means you can place your hand over your actual eye, which creates the optical illusion that you have the Sharingan eye. 

Remember that tattoos are permanent (unless you laser them off), so make sure that you’re truly a diehard Naruto fan before you get inked with a Sharingan tattoo. Also, since your tattoo will likely draw some attention from others, be ready to explain the significance behind your ink. 

Getting ink is quite painful but numbing cream can be used to ease the process. Also, it’s a good idea to speak to your doctor prior to the procedure to make sure you won’t have an allergic reaction. 

How Much Do Sharingan Tattoos Cost?

30 Best Sharingan Tattoo Ideas 

There are a few factors that influence the cost of a tattoo:

  • The size of the tattoo
  • Design 
  • Colors, ink, and equipment used  
  • Placement
  • Experience of tattoo artist (an experienced artist will cost more) 
  • Hourly rate 
  • Location of tattoo studio (city studios are most expensive)

When getting any tattoo, the way to calculate the cost is similar. You should be prepared to spend around $100 for a good tattoo.

A small tattoo (2-4 inches) can fall between a range of $50-$250, a medium-size tattoo (4-6 inches) can be $150-450, and a large tattoo (over six inches) can fall between $500-$4,000

Sleeves and full-back tattoos will cost you a couple of thousand dollars and will probably take multiple sessions to complete. Tattoos with numerous colors will also cost you more.

Every studio varies in how they break down prices, so make sure to chat with your tattoo artist before your inking session to ensure that it falls within your budget. 

A Sharingan tattoo will almost always include colors since the eye is identified by its red hue. Therefore, when determining your budget, you need to factor in multiple colors. Colorful tattoos also tend to fade more quickly, so keep that in mind. 

We’ve gathered seven Sharingan tattoo ideas for you to look through. So, if you want one of these tattoos, refer to this list first for some design inspiration.

30 Best Sharingan Tattoo Designs

The list of possible Sharingan tattoo designs is below. Remember that tattoos are vessels of self-expression, so you should choose one that best represents you as an individual. 

#1: Eye Paired with a Character 

30 Best Sharingan Tattoo Ideas 

As the Sharingan is a symbol from Naruto, it makes sense that many fans choose to add the titular character to their tattoo designs.

However, Naruto himself does not have Sharingan. If you want to include a character with your Sharingan eye, the best option would be to pick one that has this power.  

#2: Manga Style

30 Best Sharingan Tattoo Ideas 

Your Sharingan tattoo can reflect the classic manga style from which this symbol originates. This is a common approach to Sharingan tattoos, as the imagery is taken directly from the anime.  

If you want to take your design one step further, you can structure your tattoo in comic panels. Multiple panels can be used to show the transition into Sharingan, as the character discovers their power. 

#3: Just the Eye 

30 Best Sharingan Tattoo Ideas 

If you want to keep your tattoo on the simple side, choose a design with the red eye, with no additional characters or images. As mentioned above, eyes themselves hold many meanings and can be filled with symbolism. 

If any of these meanings speak to you, sticking with just an image of the eye may be the proper approach. The eye can still be done in the manga style, showing the red color and the swirling commas in the eye. 

#4: Tomoe Symbol (no eye) 

30 Best Sharingan Tattoo Ideas 

An even simpler version of a Sharingan tattoo is cutting the eye out altogether and just showing the tomoe symbol. You may not be a diehard anime fan and that’s alright! The tomoe symbol has a deep and mysterious history that would be beautifully displayed in tattoo form. 

#5: Blades 

30 Best Sharingan Tattoo Ideas 

A common addition to the Sharingan eye is a blade, either placed next to the eye or slicing through it. The Sharingan power is used in battle, so the addition of a weapon is very fitting, especially if you’re getting the tattoo to symbolize strength in the face of adversity. 

#6: Red Eye vs. Purple Eye 

30 Best Sharingan Tattoo Ideas 

A more advanced state of the Sharingan is Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan, which is when the eye turns purple. This may be an option for your Sharingan tattoo, adding another color to your image and making it a little more complex. 

#7: Part of a Larger Scene 

30 Best Sharingan Tattoo Ideas 

Finally, your Sharingan eye could be just one component of a larger anime scene. You could depict a whole battle, multiple characters, or other imagery from the series. It’s your Sharingan tattoo so you can get as complicated as you want! 


30 Best Sharingan Tattoo Ideas 


30 Best Sharingan Tattoo Ideas 


30 Best Sharingan Tattoo Ideas 


30 Best Sharingan Tattoo Ideas 


30 Best Sharingan Tattoo Ideas 


30 Best Sharingan Tattoo Ideas 


30 Best Sharingan Tattoo Ideas 


30 Best Sharingan Tattoo Ideas 


30 Best Sharingan Tattoo Ideas 


30 Best Sharingan Tattoo Ideas 


30 Best Sharingan Tattoo Ideas 


30 Best Sharingan Tattoo Ideas 


30 Best Sharingan Tattoo Ideas 


30 Best Sharingan Tattoo Ideas 


30 Best Sharingan Tattoo Ideas 


30 Best Sharingan Tattoo Ideas 


30 Best Sharingan Tattoo Ideas 


30 Best Sharingan Tattoo Ideas 


30 Best Sharingan Tattoo Ideas 


30 Best Sharingan Tattoo Ideas 


30 Best Sharingan Tattoo Ideas 


30 Best Sharingan Tattoo Ideas 


30 Best Sharingan Tattoo Ideas 

History of the Sharingan Tattoo

30 Best Sharingan Tattoo Ideas 

Sharingan is the ability that allows ninjas to copy their opponents, gaining reflexes and perceptive abilities. This is a fictional term/power created for the manga/anime series Naruto

Sharingan is first mentioned in the Naruto manga when the character Kakashi uses it to save his students. This power causes the eyes to turn red and black with a comma-like pattern, resembling the tomoe symbol. Watchers/readers are alerted of the activation of Sharingan by the change in eye color/design. 

Not all characters are able to access Sharingan, and many fan theories exist about who else could possibly have it. The Sharingan is also referred to as an ‘eye that reflects the heart,’ since it often takes a moment of elevated emotion, such as following a loss, to activate it. 

After activation, the character is aware of their power and can use it freely in the future. The Sharingan will strengthen over time, and the ninja will become more and more powerful. 

30 Best Sharingan Tattoo Ideas 

The term Sharingan was not used until the origin of the Naruto series, which aired in 1999 and was brought to the United States in 2005. However, the comma symbol seen in the eyes resembles the tomoe symbol, which has a rich history. 

The exact origin of the tomoe symbol is uncertain, but the two-comma tomoe has been found in ancient cultures all around the globe. The design has been found on a Yangshao bowl that dates back to 2,000 BCE.

A similar image of two encircling dolphins can be found on Cretan ceramics during the Minoan Period, spanning 1700-1400 BCE. 

In China, the ying-yang symbol resembles the tomoe and represents two opposing principles working together in harmony. In Japan, the tomoe symbol was a common household emblem during the Fujiwara ascendency of the late Heian period (10th-11th centuries).

Which Celebrities Have a Sharingan Tattoo?

30 Best Sharingan Tattoo Ideas 

To public knowledge, no celebrities currently have a Sharingan tattoo. 

However, many celebrities are open fans of anime, including Ariana Grande, who has two anime-inspired tattoos. She has a tattoo of the character Chihiro from the classic anime movie, Spirited Away, and a tattoo of the Pokémon Eevee.

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