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About Blue Lotus Tattoos

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If there’s one tattoo trend that will never go out of style, it’s flower tattoos.

Lotuses of any kind are arguably one of the most beautiful flowers and they also carry an even more appealing meaning. Anyone can appreciate the beauty of the lotus flower and get the design tattooed on them. 

Lotus flowers bloom in a variety of colors, such as blue, pink, purple, yellow, or black.

More specifically, a beautiful blue lotus tattoo has its own unique symbolism that might resonate with you more than the others. So, if you’d like to get to know more about the blue lotus tattoo meaning, keep scrolling!

After reading this guide, you’ll know:

  • What a blue lotus tattoo symbolizes 
  • Places to get the design tattooed
  • Average costs you can expect for the new ink
  • A list of the best blue lotus tattoo ideas
  • History of this tattoo design

We hope you have the nearest tattoo studio on speed dial because you might be paying them a visit soon. 

What Do Blue Lotus Tattoos Mean And Symbolize?

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Lotus flower symbolism and meanings are deeply rooted in Eastern cultures. The flower is also heavily present in Buddist beliefs and teachings. In Buddhism, a lotus is a thriving symbol of peace and spirituality. So the blue lotus flower has a dignified religious meaning.

A blue lotus tattoo is designed to represent overcoming physical temptation and focusing on your spiritual priorities. The design usually shows the flower slightly opened. This choice of placement is meant to symbolize the constant growth we experience in our spiritual journey. 

It’s also meant to symbolize that our minds are always evolving to be greater and wiser. Additionally, the blue lotus is a notable symbol of wisdom and knowledge.

So, some elders may get the tattoo to represent the wisdom that comes with age and experience. Or others may get the design to honor a wise role model they have in their life. 

The lotus flower carries a lot of religious connotations. It’s often meant to show how powerful our souls can be when it comes to decision-making. It’s also a way to showcase the inner peace you have within yourself. Plus, it can reflect your confidence, honesty, and individuality. 

A blue lotus tattoo is perfect for anyone who has overcome difficult circumstances like addiction, mental health problems, or other heavy issues. It’s a way to honor yourself and your progress by admiring the strength you were able to find within yourself. 

It’s a design that isn’t meant to erase your past, but rather, it shows how far you’ve come and how far you can go. No battle is ever too big for your mind and soul to conquer, and this tattoo will remind you of this.

Getting a blue lotus tattoo shows that you are in control of your own life—so take hold of those reins and never let go. 

Where To Get A Blue Lotus Tattoo

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Depending on how big you want your blue lotus tattoo to be, there are a few different spots that can accentuate the design perfectly. It’s definitely not a tattoo you want to keep tucked away since it’s both alluring in appearance and has a profound meaning. 

Some areas you can consider getting your blue lotus tattoo are:

  • Wrist
  • Forearm
  • Ankle
  • Thigh
  • Back of neck
  • Shoulder blade
  • Ribcage

Although we just said a blue lotus tattoo isn’t one you want to cover up often, there are still some factors to keep in mind to keep your ink protected. If you choose a spot that is exposed, try your best to keep it safe from the sun. 

Overexposure to UV rays could make your tattoo fade quickly and you don’t want your design to lose the iconic blue color. If your tattoo is in a spot that will be exposed to the elements, sunscreen will keep your lotus flower in good condition. 

Also, be mindful of excessive rubbing or sweat that comes from certain areas. For example, if you wear a crossbody bag across your right shoulder, then it might be a better choice to get the tattoo on your left.

Constant rubbing or friction could also deteriorate the ink and make it fade more quickly. 

Taking care of your blue lotus tattoo is extra important during the healing phase. Your artist will likely give you proper care instructions once your session is finished. So make sure you follow these guidelines carefully.

Keeping the tattoo moisturized with fragrance-free cream will lessen the itching and decrease the temptation to scratch the tattoo. And this makes for a smoother healing process. Plus, if you’re ever unsure what to do, ask your tattoo artist!

How Much Do Blue Lotus Tattoos Cost?

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The cost of your finished blue lotus tattoo will depend on a few different factors.

If you want to know the price before you get the tattoo, consider heading to your nearest studio to set up a consultation with the artist. That way you can tell them what you’re looking for and they’ll be able to visualize it and estimate the cost. 

Otherwise, the price of your ink will depend on these variables:

  • The size of the tattoo
  • Amount of details incorporated in the design
  • Time spent
  • If special skills are necessary 
  • Quality of the ink being used

You probably would have guessed that the bigger and more intricate the design, the higher the cost will be. After all, it’s only fair that the longer your artist spends during the creative and tattooing process, the more they should get paid. 

If you’ve been browsing through tattoo ideas, you may have noticed some styles have different artistic elements. For example, tiny tattoos are super trendy right now. This style focuses on minimalism and stippling effects. 

If you’re loving this style like the rest of us, you’ll want to find an artist who has exceptional skills for those kinds of tattoos. This might come at an extra charge, but it will ensure your blue lotus tattoo is done properly in the style you’re wanting. 

The quality of ink is one of the most important factors that might lead to an increase in price.

Keep in mind that you never want to settle for an artist who uses lower-quality ink just for the sake of a cheaper price—especially since your tattoo will likely be featuring that vibrant, notable blue color. 

Also, the better the ink, the brighter your tattoo will look. If the ink being used is of high quality, it will result in the best-looking design so that your tattoo will look brand new for a long period of time. 

30 Best Blue Lotus Tattoo Designs


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History Of The Blue Lotus Tattoo

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In Ancient Egypt, for thousands of years, the blue lotus has been used in cultural practices, mythology, and even for medicinal purposes.

The blue lotus is referred to as the Sacred Lily of the Nile and it’s common to find it designed on the tombs of pharaohs. It was a symbol celebrating life and a deceased individual’s transition into the peacefulness of the afterlife. 

The blue lotus was also used as medicine. Ancient Egyptians discovered that the flower can have calming effects. Due to the apomorphine in the blue lotus, it can be used as a sleeping aid or for anxiety medication. 

The apomorphine helps trigger dopamine and serotonin production—chemicals in our brain that lead to happiness. Once those neurotransmitters are activated, most will be overcome with a calming sensation, all thanks to the blue lotus flower. 

Over the years, it has also been used as a beauty ingredient. The calming effects of the blue lotus ease the mind and release physical tension.

For this reason, the flower has been used in perfumes and moisturizers. The fragrance of the flower has a calming effect too. Plus, using it in a moisturizer is known to help prevent breakouts and soothe the skin. 

The lotus flower’s ability to bloom in dark and muddy conditions is inspirational for many. In Buddhist philosophy, the lotus has a powerful meaning. 

Buddhist teachings use the flower as a metaphor by saying, “as a lotus flower is born in water, grows in water, and rises out of water to stand above it unsoiled, so I, born in the world, raised in the world and having overcome the world, live unsoiled in the world.”

Which Celebrities Have A Blue Lotus Tattoo?

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Actress Christel Khalil has a couple blue lotus tattoos decorated with flying birds up her back. The Young and The Restless star’s design follows a path from the bottom of her hip up to her shoulder. The incorporation of birds emphasizes the meaning of freedom

Ellie Goulding has an abstract lotus tattoo on her ribcage. This is one of the more popular choices of blue lotus tattoo designs.

Featuring a beautiful array of linework and shapes, this is an example of a design executed by a skilled artist. The gentle lines and needle techniques require a special hand from a proficient tattoo artist. 

Katy Perry has a tiny black and white lotus tattoo on her wrist. Although her design doesn’t include color, the meaning of beauty in a time of darkness is still present.

The singer got the tattoo shortly after her divorce from actor Russell Brand. It has yet to be confirmed by the artist, but it could represent the wisdom she gained through the split.

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