10 Brands Like Coach

Are you in love with the New York street style that Coach is known for? Are you looking for good purse brands that you can match with any look? If you’d like to find other brands like Coach that offer a similar selection of styles and options then you’ve come to the right place! 

We have a thoroughly researched list of brands like Coach to give you lots of choices for your next luxury shopping adventure. All of your shopping wants and needs will be met with our purse brands like Coach list below.

But before we reveal our treasured list of brands like Coach, first let’s learn why Coach is such a popular brand. 


Coach became a family-loved brand for its affordable luxury items. It’s a way that all people, regardless of their social status, can treat themselves to something special. 

But Coach has so much more to offer than just a fantastic shopping experience. Their values and ideologies are admirable and attract many customers to the brand. Here are some of the things that customers love about Coach:

  • It’s a brand that’s all about “crafting beautiful things that you can be yourself in”
  • They advocate for social and environmental causes
  • You can schedule a virtual or in-person shopping appointment, so you’ll never be confused about all of the choices they have in their collections of affordable designer bags and affordable handbags
  • Their standard shipping is free on all orders
  • They customize their products and make them on a ‘made-to-order’ basis, which allows you to personalize your items 
  • Coach also runs a program called Coach (Re)Loved where you can trade in your bag so it will be either “recycled or reimagined”
  • They have a repair service known as the ‘Coach Repair Workshop’ so you can send your bag in for repair rather than tossing it in the garbage (to eventually end up in a landfill) 

Now that we’ve listed all of the wonderful benefits of shopping for items at Coach—such as luxury purses or cheap designer handbags—let’s take a closer look at how we found other brands like Coach that share similar qualities with this amazing brand.

How We Chose the Best Brands Like Coach


Coach offers a variety of price ranges for its luxury products. In comparison to other brands like Coach, it’s one of the most affordable luxury brands. So all types of people can buy something special for themselves or their loved ones. 


In order to find other brands like Coach, we had to look for retailers that offer the best mix of modern and traditional styles. Coach makes products that are both contemporary and unique because they want you to showcase your style and yourself in the best possible light. 


There’s no doubt that Coach offers the highest quality of leather compared to some of the other luxury brands. They create unique and genuine products that customers continue to come back for. And it’s the main reason why customers try to find other brands like Coach that offer the same level of quality. 


Coach offers a wide selection of beautiful and practical items that are as good for everyday use as they are for special occasions. Due to their focus on ‘you’ (their customer) , Coach creates both ready-made and customized items.


As mentioned above, you can either buy their ready-to-sell collection or get an item customized and made-to-order. In both cases, standard shipping is free on all purchases, so you don’t have to pay extra after you’ve budgeted for your favorite items. 

Diversity & Inclusion

Of course, when a brand mentions that they have a mission to encourage and empower people from different walks of life, you want to know how it’s meeting this goal.

For Coach, these values are reflected in their team: 60% of their leadership positions are held by women, and 21% are held by ethnic minorities. 

They also support many non-profit organizations that are trying to tackle racial discrimination issues in society and those that are involved in increasing educational opportunities.

10 Best Brands Like Coach

#1 – Bottega Veneta

As a brand that inspires individuality, Bottega Veneta is a great retailer to check out when you’re trying to find brands like Coach. With creativity at its forefront and its roots in Italian culture, Bottega Veneta sells luxury products so you can treat yourself to something exclusive and expensive. 

Due to the brand’s exclusivity, customers have to register to make their purchases and access price details. So, if you’re truly ready for a VIP experience, then definitely register to become part of the Bottega Veneta family. 

#2 – Louis Vuitton

If you’re looking for a selection that is both timeless and modern, then make Louis Vuitton your next guilty pleasure. Similar to other brands like Coach, it’s a fashion brand that focuses on creativity. But it also encourages both its employees and customers to “never stop dreaming”—and of course, to make their dreams a reality. 

Even though their prices are more expensive than Coach’s, their quality is unbeatable. Their products are made with top-notch craftsmanship, high-quality leather, and only the best materials. But, in order to access their exclusive products, you will have to shop in-store (no virtual shopping is available).

#3 – Chanel

In terms of brands like Coach, Chanel carries a similar selection of trendy, high-quality products—even though their prices are a little more expensive than Coach’s. The variety of styles that they carry support women’s empowerment and reflect their commitment to encouraging women to be the best version of themselves. 

Plus, they offer complimentary USPS Priority Shipping along with free FedEx Standard and Ground shipping, so you never have to wait too long for your package or worry about the shipping rates.

#4 – Dior 

If high-end products and quality service are what you’re looking for in a luxury brand, then you must check out Dior. With quality leather from Europe, shoes from France and Italy, and fine jewelry from Paris, you’ll find yourself immersed in an international shopping experience at Dior. 

Also, similar to some other brands like Coach, Dior provides a repair service in-store or through the mail. This service contributes to their “Dream in Green” project for preventing and protecting the planet from landfill waste. 

#5 – Gucci

If you’re searching for brands like Coach that have a similar selection, then you must try shopping at Gucci. With its modern approach to fashion, Gucci claims to be “innovative, influential, and progressive.” And they have perks like free premium and standard shipping available all over Canada and the United States.

Their collection is both contemporary and trendy. And a bit of a romantic flair is usually added to each piece via the small details. Of course, it’s another one of the expensive luxury brands on our list. 

#6 – Burberry 

For those looking for the perfect blend between functionality and fashion, Burberry is a great choice. The brand has a revolutionary outlook on what style is meant to be.

With its focus on being an inclusive brand for all people, Burberry has no room for discrimination against anyone (racial or gender-based). 

Even though it’s a little more expensive than Coach, it offers a wide selection of excellent products. And due to its promise to offer products that are both unique and personalized, these items can be worn by almost anyone. 

#7 – Marc Jacobs

If you’re hunting for brands that have similar prices to Coach, then Marc Jacobs will not disappoint you. The brand sells different types of ready-to-wear items, handbags, fragrances, and cosmetics. Marc Jacobs provides quality products so you can look your best for any occasion.

Plus, it offers complimentary ground shipping. Purchases ship within 1-2 business days for all orders over $50, so you never have to wait very long for your orders to be delivered to you.

#8 – Juicy Couture

If athletic wear and accessories are on your shopping list, then you must visit Juicy Couture. Its vast collection is an interesting blend of both chic and sassy. And, due to its large selection, you’ll find lots of matching apparel with accessories. 

Although there isn’t any cheap designer bag available on this brand’s website, their prices for athletics, loungewear, and luggage are quite affordable. Plus, they have sale offers that you can filter by size, color, or style.

#9 – Michael Kors 

Now, if an affordable luxury handbag is a must on your shopping list, then your next-stop shop definitely needs to be Michael Kors. They carry a wide selection of contemporary, trendy, and chic clothing and accessories.

Compared to other brands like Coach, Michael Kors’ prices are very similar to Coach’s. It’s made a name for itself as an affordable luxury brand that sells items that are within almost everyone’s reach. So you can rock every product in their collection with confidence and experience the glamor that comes with being yourself.

#10 – Prada

With its preference for avant-garde styles and challenging trends, Prada has carved a space for itself in the luxury brands market. It’s a high-end brand that’s coveted by shoppers all across the globe. 

A love for experimentation and a passion for fashion are both values that this brand holds. But, does it really fit everyone’s budget? Well, that depends on how much you’re willing to spend on treating yourself (or a loved one).

Of course, the prices for this luxury brand’s products are definitely more expensive than other brands like Coach. But, if you wish to spend a paycheck on a handbag that you can show off at the next family dinner, then Prada is definitely the label worth carrying!

Which Brands Like Coach Are Closest In Comparison?

In terms of style and price ranges, there are some that are more similar to Coach than others. These brands include Chanel, Gucci, Marc Jacobs, and Michael Kors.

Which Brands Like Coach Are the Most Affordable?

The brands like Coach listed above are all luxury brands so, of course, their items are pricier than the products you’ll find at Target or Walmart. But, there are some brands that are more affordable than others. These include Marc Jacobs, Juicy Couture, and Michael Kors. 

Which Brands Like Coach Offer the Best Quality?

To find out which brands offer the best quality products, we need to consider how they source their materials along with their focus on sustainability. So, based on our list above, the brands that sell the best quality products are Louis Vuitton, Dior, Burberry, and Prada.

Final Thoughts

Of course, with so many affordable options available at a luxury brand like Coach, you’ll want to find other brands that are similar—especially in terms of their styles, selections, and customer service. 

And with our list of brands like Coach above, you can shop for your desired styles all with just a click of a button. Really, that’s it! Just a click of a button! So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and treat yourself to something luxurious. You definitely deserve it!

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