10 Brands Like Gymshark

When the world fell in love with athleisure all over again, brands like Gymshark were ready to take advantage of this fashion trend.

Whether you’re actively going to the gym or just like the look, these brands offer a wide selection of fitness-friendly apparel that serves to improve the overall performance of your workout with smart design choices and style. 

Gymshark began as a small brand out of a Briningham garage in the UK. What began as a humble business with nothing but a single sewing machine and a screen printer is now a billion-dollar company that ships worldwide

Gymshark retails clothing you’ll sweat in but without compromising on style. The British brand services both women and men with its huge collection of fitness apparel as well as accessories. 

Gymshark has earned its spot in the world of fitness fashion but there are several brands like Gymshark. And many of them have a similar accessible and transparent company ethos.

If you fancy yourself a Gymshark fan on the lookout for other fitness apparel brands to fall in love with—or you’re simply looking to stack your workout wardrobe—continue reading this guide to learn more about other workout brands like Gymshark as well as:

  • The best gym clothing brands
  • Affordable fitness clothing brands 
  • Popular athletic clothing brands
  • The fitness brands most like Gymshark 

How We Chose the Best Brands Like Gymshark


When sourcing other brands like Gymshark, we considered the major factors that make the brand what it is. For instance, the prices. When it comes to gym clothing brands, there are a plethora of price points on the market.

While brands like Ernest Leoty, Adidas, and Nike charge $250-300 for some of their items, you won’t find anything over $100 at Gymshark.


Like most gym clothing brands, Gymshark’s apparel is made with functionality in mind. But what keeps customers coming back is how that functionality comes with a side of fashion

At Gymshark the colors range from dark and subdued to bold and bright, and interesting prints are also offered. Gymshark isn’t too ‘poppy’ or bold but also strays from being too minimal. When it comes to style, consider their collection a well-rounded compromise for all gym-goers. 


Gymshark is often praised for its quality. Fans of the fitness label usually rave about its long-lasting, durable materials that can withstand rigorous workouts. This could be due to the fact that Gymshark apparel is designed and made so close to its UK headquarters. 


Like most popular gym brands, Gymshark retails both men’s and womenswear. At Gymshark, fitness fans will find a variety of bottoms, tops, and even underwear. Even if you feel fulfilled with your fitness wardrobe, you can still sign onto Gymshark for a peek at their latest collection of accessories.


Gymshark doesn’t have any physical storefronts but it makes up for this by offering worldwide shipping. However, depending on where you’re located, this could possibly come with duty fees the brand does not cover.

This, of course, is less convenient for most but since the brand is so affordable already, the extra charge does not seem like a big deal. 

Diversity & Inclusion

On Gymshark’s social media accounts and website, you’ll see both genders and a variety of races. Of course, these bodies are often toned or buff so if you’re looking for body diversity, this isn’t the place to look. 

10 Best Brands Like Gymshark

#1 – Adidas

When it comes to fitness brands, Adidas is one that many think of first. The German multinational corporation has been a leading athletic apparel brand for decades. With celebrity endorsements and a booming lifestyle sector, Adidas is one of the most defining and iconic fitness brands there is

#2 – Under Armour

Under Armour is an American sportswear company that services the gym-going lady and man. The brand’s ultra-recognizable logo was at the peak of its popularity in 2015. Plus, Under Armour was once regarded as the next Nike. 

#3 – Nike

Out of all the fitness brands like Gymshark, Nike is the most iconic. With a list of athletic partnerships, celebrity endorsements, designer collaborations, and booming subsidiary brands, Nike sits at the top of the fitness apparel food chain.

At Nike, you’ll find lots of tech-infused sportswear, trendy sweat sets, footwear, accessories, and of course, the legendary Nike check. 

#4 – Champion

In recent years, Champion has picked up in popularity. The American brand was once a basic line of activewear that retailed out of Walmart but has since grown to be a major success worldwide. Well-known for its trendy athletic wear, this brand has all the apparel you need for your active lifestyle. 

#5 – Reebok

Reebok is another one of the fitness brands like Gymshark that have been in the athletic apparel industry for a long time. Since being founded in the late 50s, Reebok has been praised countless times for its clean aesthetic and contemporary approach to fitness wear.   

#6 – H&M

H&M is one of the leading fast-fashion brands for women, children, and men. The Swedish retail giant is known for carrying a large selection of apparel—from party-appropriate threads to designer-influenced pieces. Amongst the heavy variety at H&M is a collection of affordable athleticwear

#7 – Ododos

Ododos prides itself on creating athleisure for every day of your life and every moment that you’re in action. The brand features a minimalistic aesthetic with an emphasis on taking its products from the StairMaster to the street. 

#8 – Old Navy

Old Navy has been dressing the modern North American family for years. Alongside its collection of everyday basics and doable denim, the American brand offers activewear for the whole family that’s easy to wear and easy on the wallet. 

#9 – Fittoo

Fittoo is a brand that keeps things sweet and simple. The selection at Fittoo is much smaller than the other brands like Gymshark we’ve featured. Plus, it only retails women’s activewear. And with only three categories to shop—leggings, bras, tops, and shorts—Fittoo makes it easy for you to hone in on the styles you really need

#10 – ASOS

ASOS is an online marketplace for a plethora of brands and it features a wide variety of apparel, footwear, and accessories. There’s hardly an occasion you can’t find an outfit for on ASOS and this includes your weekly gym visit. 

ASOS retails a number of fitness brands in addition to its own house label of activewear. With a selection that spans hundreds of pieces and brands, there’s something for every kind of fitness fanatic. 

Which Brands Like Gymshark Are Closest In Comparison?

When it comes to aesthetics, brands like Gymshark that are most like the British label are ASOS as well as Old Navy. Both brands seem to capture the same versatile style that’s offered at Gymshark. 

As previously discussed, the Gymshark style appeals to both the muscle-building minimalist and those who prefer to bring their bold style to the bench press. These brands are also similar when it comes to affordability.

While some of the aforementioned brands like Gymshark price their items way out of the Gymshark price range, ASOS and Old Navy tend to keep the general bulk of their activewear below $100

Which Brands Like Gymshark Are the Most Affordable?

Out of all the brands like Gymshark, the most affordable one is Fittoo. Fittoo’s straight-to-the-point selection is only better received due to its affordable price tag. Plus, the various opportunities to save make this brand super appealing. 

In addition to the brand’s $15 -$100 price point, Fittoo also offers its consumers coupon codes and frequent promotions for further savings. While some of the other more affordable brands like Gymshark have the same price range, the promotions offered at Fittoo place it a step above the rest when it comes to affordability. 

Which Brands Like Gymshark Offer the Best Quality?

In terms of activewear, quality has been an ongoing issue within the fashion industry. While retail giants like Nike and Adidas have come under fire for utilizing poor manufacturing practices, there are still many fans of both brands that sing their praises.

Plus, the brands are well-known worldwide for selling excellent quality activewear. Under Armour is credited as one of the brands like Gymshark men like for its quality. However, others agree that Under Armour’s quality, although highly ranked, is no match for the high-grade threads and technology of Nike and Adidas. 

With years in the industry, we can only assume that the top-ranked brands like Gymshark—such as Nike and Adidas—became so successful by delivering their consumers the best of the best. 

With that in mind, we can only conclude that Nike and Adidas are the brands like Gymshark that offer the best quality athletic wear. 

Final Thoughts

With restrictions lifting and the endemic near, the current trend cycle is moving towards party dressing and glamor these days. This is an unsurprising trend as we break free from various lockdowns and other restrictions. 

Nevertheless, there is still an abundance of gym-goers and athleisure fans that prefer an active-inspired look. For those individuals, brands like Gymshark help keep their wardrobes full of breathable leggings, easy tanks, supportive sports bras, and other gym-friendly pieces they may need. 

The brands on our list also offer quality basics you can add to your street wardrobe. Layering with activewear tanks and bottoms is a smart styling choice for a day full of running errands or back-to-back activities. 

And since brands like Gymshark design their apparel with fashion in mind, as well as function, taking these activewear styles from the gym to the street is as easy as your first squat.

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